Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How does the new drug control act affects others?

Above is a question that i have in my mind that require an answer.

first and fore most, let me tell you that i too think that there is no harm in having such a system that supports the customers, patients in particular.


Does this act / law / practices protects the drug manufacturer/s?

How does it affect each and every singular party that are in the health sector dealing with drugs / Medicines?

According to the ideas of one of the Pharmacists i spoke to today, in order to know whether the new practice / act affects / affected them / their businesses ?

one of them said that it won't affect them that much but it affects the companies 

i assume that what he meant by 'companies' is the suppliers , drug importing companies / manufacturers.   

And i stepped into about three pharmacies to buy panadol , one of the famous brand that is generally available in any of the shops in the ordinary market (Local Market) and in small shops, boutiques without any 'out of stock' issues.  only one of the pharmacies had panadol, i purchased couple of panadol for three rupees. That is the newest price. 

Earlier, to buy two panadols the customer needed Rs. 6 / = and now to buy two of them the customer needs only a three rupees that is a relief no doubt but if you analyze it from the company point of view, the rupees that the company is loosing due to price reduction  after selling two panadols is three rupees. 

My question is how does the company manage to cope with the situation and is there a way that they can internally survive without trying any other solutions, stopping supplying drugs to the shops / pharmacies, for example?. 

And is there a way that the drug manufactures can easily buy the medicinal stuff that they need for their drug manufacturing processes for a lower price and supply what the local market needs without embracing any headaches , aches and pains? any aches and pains directly affect their 'profit'? 

Can the government supply what they require for drug manufacturing for a reasonable price? and everything they need?

if the government drug manufacturing agency , factory has the capacity , ability to supply every singular drug need of the citizens , the pharmacies that request depending on what they sell?

what are the ways they can access the government drug manufactures / relevant authorities to get the required support?

if government has a particular , certain procedure that they follow in order to import drugs / medicines that require to cater the drug needs of the local citizens , can they provide the lists of the drug companies they deal with?  

And can we know , how does the government deal with the drug exporting companies outside to country and under what conditions and criteria?  

what is the nature of the agreements made between the drug suppliers , if there are any as such?  

what is the proceedure that the government follow currently to check the 'quality of the drug?

according to what one of the pharmacists reveled, there is a difference between the drugs that the customer purchase from the 'original drug innovator', company that owns the original patent to deal with , manufacture particular drug / s and the drugs that the customer purchase from a company that does not belong to that drug manufacturing category. 

According to what he said because of that difference between the original drug and the copied drug, the patient will have to intake more dose than the dose he / she was prescribed depending on the illness / status. 

i.e if the patient was prescribed to take 500mg of a particular drug, and if that particular original drug is not available in the market for example, and if the patient trying another copied drug, instead of the original that is available in the market supplied buy any of the companies of the world, to get expected result (cure / control) the same patient / another will have to purchase 1500mg because of the way it reacts / works within the human body. i.e 'side affects' may leads to other illnesses.?

what is the solution that the patients have to cope or deal with such situations? 

this essay is to be continued .................


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Droughts and the lives of our people

On going Drought according to what i heard have already damaged the lives of our people mostly in Polonnaruwa and most part of NCP and in South, right? . 

So that has Ruined day to plans , cultivation plans of our people. 


And People in Tissa - Kataragama Route protested against the water issues they face. if drought is the main cause for the issue , what is the solution or what are the solutions that the people in the area suggesting as a solution / solutions.  

Drought is not a strange thing or something new we hear. so when a situation like that arises , how we should face it?

what are the solutions so far practiced or applied?

Do we need more accurate plans?

Man Made Tanks?

If we use  more water for , to produce  electricity other than or more than the amount we consume daily, lets say amount required for all humanitarian needs, and if the remaining not sufficient to address the need specifically during a drought, what are the alternatives we have to address the issue? 

what i meant is a permanent solution. 

International Water Management Institute locate, based in Sri Lanka. What type of (effective) connection the government maintain with them?

Did IWMI suggest anything long lasting , sustainable for the issue, are those different to the mechanisms , solutions suggested by the experts of GO departments, relevant ministries, well wishers?

Do you maintain a healthy relationship with the Institute?

what are the Projects functioning currently, or they maintain, implemented in the country in order to manage water , resources in the country though they are global and helping globe to address the issue? 

Any on going Projects?

Is the program implemented by former government, to protect , rehabilitate ancient weva or tanks, to repair abandoned tanks still functioning ? 

Present government layered foundation stone for a new development project, Moragaha Kanda, if such projects requires water immensely for suggested or expected needs,  how are we going to find the water we need for other consumer needs. we know that both equally important. 

Is the rising (?) population  a challenge or is it worsening the issue, water scarcity, if you have identified or consider it as a chronic situation , problem we face  ?

i cannot think of an immediate solution for such issues. 

Yes, sending water bousers for the areas that has no other solution or alternative is good.  but i am thinking of something sustainable.  i know that you have addressed the issue compared to the situations decades back , i am thinking of the the remaining parts of the issue.

i hope and wish that it will rain soon to heal the drought/s we face numerous ways. Perhaps we might have to organize some Bodhi pooja , prayer programs to heal the hearts and minds of the people and the lands cracked.

wish you all a rainy future!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

i lost my Spectacles Dear & Sincere ......................

Brothers , Sisters,

i lost it somewhere between Vijaya Raja Dahana and Walpola. On this Day i was traveled by Train, Fort to Rambukkana, that was scheduled to depart @11.35 pm from fort. Since about three weeks time, i started a small business, selling Children's Books by visiting Households, little, little shops etc.

So on this day,  i mistakenly got down from Vijaya Rajadahana but went little interior passing the little hotel ( Tea kade) and rest of the shops near the Mahendra Wijeratne Mawatha.

It was not that much of a financially benefited day therefore i decided to visit another village, again by train. The train on that specific day was about 20 minutes late but managed to reach walpola before it was too dark. Again there was no change but received and faced same results  & decided to return home.

There i found out that my Spectacles was missing from my bag and i couldn't locate it. since it was already 6.00 pm i decided to not to return to village in search of the specs and returned home. the following day, i visited same areas searching my spectacles i.e. visiting the houses i stopped for sales. unfortunately i couldn't find it.

one thing i can assure you that the specs and the tiny purse i have sewn to keep it was with me until i visited the hotel (Vijeratne Hotel?) for a tea before visiting the village because i have kept some money in it. that was the lat time i wore it to read the prices of the books because the lady of the hotel was keen on purchasing some books from me.

My kind request is that if any person found it or have seen i losing it, kindly inform through this number
0 77 6148709

i think that i walked passing some of the CCTV inspected areas if my memory is good enough and  i do not know whether i went passing any spy cameras hidden areas because according to what i believe for security purposes or traffic reasons the police maintain cameras in certain areas, i guess,  without any struggles they can locate it, if my guess is accurate.

Thank you.

May You all Gain Peace & Harmony within!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Dearest Malaysia ………..

It is truly sad to see you burning our Temples & to hear you beating our Ambassadors. 

Dearest Malaysia, i think it is your responsibility to protect the ones who reside under your wings. i can very well remember what happened during the process of last presidential election; angry birds burning the pictures of former president, the former leader, head of the country. 

You have every right to oppose if you have any issues or if you are against any policies, ethics, ways of we respond to your admin or otherwise procedures but you are not given any authority to beat or harm any individuals or any property belongs to not only Sri Lanka but also to any other country. And if you have any such issues let your leaders, responsible to discuss with relevant sections, departments or individuals. 

Ambassadors have certain duties to fulfill. One of them is to protect the property of country, human and otherwise, other than fulfilling diplomatic duties and responsibilities.  It is their duty to make necessary arrangements when ever country’s leaders, any VVIP persons visit them or the country they hold official positions. 

Malaysia is a friend of Sri Lanka, i do not like to note it in a different way opposite to that. Malaysia is a member of the globe, world we live, like every other community, country.
For any selfish reasons let us not harm the relationships or the bonds we have been maintaining over decades and decades. So foot path like to say ‘try to control your anger or aggressiveness dearest Maylasia’. 

Let us be friends. As a global partner help this globe, world to keep, maintain, and protect Peace & Harmony across societies, communities, countries. And we hope that you will take every step to do justice and protect every Sri Lankan in Malaysia. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Chapel Lane, Nugegoda, Pedestrian Crossing should be re coloured as immediatly as possible.

To whom it may concern

The Yellow ‘Pedestrian Crossings are highly important if you think of the safety of the pedestrians. Legally it protects the lives of not only big ones but also of the small ones.
There is one yellow pedestrian crossing that i notice very often that require the attention of the relevant authority immediately or as soon as possible. This specific pedestrian line i mentioned above is the crossing appearing before the Public Library located in the popular ‘Chapel lane’, Nugegoda. This lane is a highly busy lane, morning to late night and there after as well.

Why this specific pedestrian crossing is highly important compared to other crossings is that it is not only safe guards hundreds of people that use the ‘Public Library’ everyday but also it safe guards the lives of hundreds / thousands of little ones, school children of the Royal Institute, the International school locates on both side of the library other than the children and the people of the residents of the lane and every person who leads to there specific objective areas passing or crossing the mentioned lines. 

The danger here is that the yellow lines of the pedestrian crossing is not clearly visible and only a few lines of the crossing is existing. According to my personal awareness in about few days time, there will be no pedestrian crossing for people to cross the road safely because of its present condition. 

So my request is that it should be repaired, re coloured using permanent colours that may last at least a few months or years. And there is no point trying to charge the drivers that breaks the traffic rules, if the authority do not monitor relevant other things that protects the lives of the road users. Even for drivers attention it is important that you re colour every pedestrian crossing that you have not taken time to monitor after years of its original implementations.  Other than the pedestrian crossings ……………functioning The Traffic Signals are also equally important.

 The Traffic signal-pillars must be functioned accurately taking regular intervals and that should do justice to both drivers and the pedestrians. And after monitoring them the authority should pay their attention to place, replace or build a traffic pillar where it is important.

The other important thing is, according to my personal belief, some of the drainage lines in Nugegoda also should be cleaned not just because it directly or indirectly safe guard the health of the people but also it helps to keep this ancient, popular trade and residential city clean. 

I can name a few for your perusal.

The drainage system beside the public fair (Janathapola) in Nugegoda close to the Rail Way Station and the drainage lines before the public Devalaya in Devala Para (road) Nugegoda. These blocked drainage systems may lead to health hazards of the people of the residents of the area.  

The foot path wishes to see things corrected as soon as possible. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Inevitable Yesterdays ................

I can think of the yesterdays;
spent with at least few hopes, simple,
went passing me teasing and smiling,
disappeared like bubbles,
relaxed like butterflies,
massively supported my day to day plans,
did nothing but thinking or dreaming about the passages ,the pages uncompleted, ( if life is a book)
completed aims and objectives that took years to accomplish,
Wandering here and there seeking for an opportunity to earn a few rupees,
thinking of the moments unused or wasted.
about the decisions taken foolishly, years ago,
the people lived in tears and a hope , light of peace,
not posted a single sentence on footpath or on SLap or in the Junction ...................


i can think of the people who used their yesterdays in a fullest and meaning full ways,
the yesterdays that coloured our lives because of their courage and steady plans, the reason why this tiny country of this big world is smiling,

There is always a better tomorrow though every tomorrow becomes a yesterday ...........

world, let us save the tomorrows of  every single inch of this world by using your day intelligently.

Monday, August 1, 2016


Please accept Foot Path's Congratulations for the Success of Joint Opposition's massive March lead towards KANDY from various directions!