Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Oh! God, did you write to the God of human rights as well?

Very Dear Member of Tamil Alliance,

i read that you have written a letter to the government requesting 'to immediately stop building Buddhists Shrines in the Northern and Eastern part of the Island.

Have you copied the same letter to the UN Human Rights agents? i am sure you have sir, but in the same letter did you ask the government to remove  or stop building any other Hindu Shrines in the other parts, e.g. NCP, Central, Southern etc of the island as well? i saw someone or a group or a responsible building a very new Shrine building  between Maradana and Colombo Fort. did you hear anyone writing or holding a banner or a poster before the shrine asking not to build it?

Thank you for reading.

Friday, May 4, 2018

The batten stick

a few days back, on a front page of a daily paper,  i saw a picture of a big officer raising a large stick against some women. 

Beating women, physically or psychologically is something you & i must hate. 

i didn't read the news clip, in a way it is good because the names of the person involved, i do not know. i am not interested in knowing either. it is good because i can freely concentrate only on the incident when writing this essay, without trying to memorize the face of the person. But i must say i felt really sad about the women affected. 

The officer must know that there are people beaten very many, several ways here and there of the world. 

If a person raise even a single finger against 'poor' or against any social or cultural segment known or recognized as 'beaten class' or poor or what ever term you use to highlight them or introduce them, is not a crime but is a unforgivable sin. 

Do you know how some earn their living, not only in this country but also around globe? 

Some men and women beaten by socio- economic, political and otherwise injustices across globe and that isn't something applicable only to this part of the world, region. 

I didn't like the stick, 'the batten stick' that the police officers used in the past. 

Is it something banned by now, because i have not seen any police officers wearing it with the uniform. 

What was the purpose of giving the police officers the batten sticks?  

The batten sticks, no officer uses to apply oil or for something else. 

It is a stick given for them to hammer or beat wrong doers.

How do you define 'wrong doers'?, the book of law provide us descriptions.

It was a stick lawfully handed over to the police officers in the past? 

The law explains, in some pages of the books of the laws, unless a decision given after hearing a verdict, suspect is not a criminal and in some other pages it says that 'every human creature should be treated humanly' not harshly and mustn't torture. 

human rightly speaking , the police station should be the first place where any man or a women can be entered with no fear in their minds, specially when seeking for some justice. 

Crime , i am not going to think meaning of the term or legal definition of the term. 

If the police can identify the things leading to crime, the police must take actions to eliminate those issues other than trying to beat the 'beaten' or those who were already beaten various ways by various socio-economic etc. 

The police officers are 'Peace facilitators' and are not the group established to spread or improve or encourage crimes. 

If a person raise a knife or a pen or a voice against something beating them in everyday lives, even as self defense mechanism or as something to protect their and of others reputation, there is a little chance that he or she gets protection from the law, i believe because 'money is the king' of this world, not abilities or skills or honesty of a person. 

The money has become the most powerful thing of the world, sadly. But what do you find, written in big books of laws, human rights?

The human rights laws. behind every law fact written in books there is a right behind it. 

the term 'Human rights' has become a joke by now. Most people across world by now consider  the term human rights is something that is applicable only to certain class of people not for poor or women, sadly. 

But those who were beaten or ill treated cannot be identified easily not only because they go and file case against 'the relevant' but also because of the 'psycho-physical ailment or hazard called 'law blindness', according to my level of awareness.

If the world say that the law treat everyone equally is a bullshit. 

If you have money, oh yeah, you are treated equally and brilliantly by law. 

The lawyers are expensive, one mustn't forget, the poor treated the way that the rich want cannot hire a lawyer to earn some justice other than praying the 'God'

Who introduced the batten stick, by the way? the law must try to arrest the law who has introduced batten stick type tools encouraging the police officers to beat so called 'wrong doers'.

If there are no punishments explained in books 'e.g. if a person take a bribe he should eligible for minimum 100 batten stick punishment. 

There is a conflict between the way law describe laws or punishments, and the protective or guardian tools given to them to 'protect law and order of the society from crime and other issues. 

There are ways how the law justify things in this world. One can say that the batten sticks are given for them for 'self defensive mechanism purposes, am i incorrect here? 

If a group of really poor people (no politicians involved) decided to organize a rally against 'gas price rise', what do you do? sending tear gas tanks or sending some constables with batten sticks? Because for politicians and for certain economic class , gas price rise' or bacon price rise is something nothing but for poor, if you raise bread or rice even from a 20/= is a big issue.

If they eat bread everyday, Rs.20x30= 600/= rupees they will have to earn 600 hundred rupees extra every day to feed their children.

From 12 mid night today, the prices of milk powder that you purchased so far for about 320/= rupees (400 gram packet) will be increased by 50/= according to some sources.  if you give cow and gate for your kids, or cow's milk, how does it affect your monthly expenditure, if you belong to middle, middle class or poor class?

Is your batten stick polished and ready? 

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A salary with some respect

Salary or a payment, an individual do not get or receive for free but as a pre fixed rate for the labour contributed or service provided. Unlike in the past, today, you do not hear of workers get a bit of food and a torn cloth for the labour contributed.

From ‘slavery’ of miserable an unforgiving past to the post of labourer or wage labourer or any other category of job of workers, white colar or other positions recognized by today’s world, secured and protected by rules and regulations implemented time to time. The employers and the workers are whether they like it or not are force to follow the rules and regulations popularly or lawfully known as ‘labour rules’, mentioned in the books of laws.

Amongst the rules and regulations already in practice (?) worldwide, THE SALARY of a worker was something that was given very much attention when fixing or preparing laws, other than explaining other benefits that they should or must get along with the basic salary.

The salary according to the laws or rules and regulations should be paid ‘accurately calculating the number of hours that a worker contribute their labour or work per day, week, or a month, including or excluding ‘public or bank holidays and inevitably the rules and regulations applicable for the basic salary too.  

Every worker should be paid their salary according to the existing labour rules and regulations local or international and this is something that almost every employer of today know or aware of, except very few, unfortunately or do not respect or care about.

According to the current laws a worker should work 8 hours a day including tea and lunch break(?) and every hour exceed eight hours of work are considered as ‘overtime work’ and for every hour that the worker work as ‘over time work’ should be paid according to the laws. There are fixed rates that the law describes, how a worker should be paid for their overtime hours.

Other than the letter of contract, there is another document that a worker should receive that is known as ‘pay slip’ and is a document secure the dignity and honour of both the employer and the employee for various reasons. In a pay slip there are facts that the employer must include or mention. Except few workers, most workers are aware of these things, I believe. Some do not fight against those who do not provide what laws explains fearing of losing their jobs. Again it is a matter of workers’ lack of awareness of labour rules and regulations. Following is a model of a pay slip.

·       The name of the company
·       The name of the worker
·       Age

·       The basic salary (Rs.)
·       The number of hours worked a week or a month
·       Over time hours worked (on normal days and on special or on other public days)
·       Rate (Rs.)
·       Cost of Living allowance
·       Incentives (attendance etc.)
·       Bonuses
·       Compensations paid , if any
·       For leave not taken

·       EPF (employer’s provident fund)
·       ETF (Employer’s Trust Fund)
·       Salary advance
·       Loans etc.
·       Insurance
·       Leave taken (other than sick, annual leave described in law)
·       Other
Total earnings

The Pay Slip that a worker receives from his or her employer may vary depending on the agreement made between two parties and the employer’s vision and mission over his/her ‘enterprise/services providing.’

Due to the existing competition in the job market, between entrepreneurs/enterprises most employers try to provide maximum benefit for their workers yet a very few you may find do not care about any of the above mentioned. Still, in this modern and educated world, there are workers do not receive contract letters, pay slips, etc as mentioned in the book of labor laws.

If we find employers who do not think or know that the worker who serves them is taking , getting or receiving their payments not for free or as a donation but after contributing their labour for hours and hours and days and days of a month, is an issue or an issue that we must think of solving sooner not later for the sake of not only of the worker but also of the future and good name of the company, enterprise, of the service gainers as well and also as a whole, for a world free from ‘full and total slavery and for the peace of mind of the worker’.

Kindly give your worker the salary they earned with facing all the obstacles known or unknown to you, when handling the service gainers or providing the service at least with a smile, kindly do not keep the salary on your table for them to take and do not ask your worker ’come take this’ with a horrible disrespect voice or in a unkind manner.

A worker you have is an important asset, resource, and they are the soul contributors of the profit you earn and spend for the comforts of your family, current or future investments, for your child’s education, carrier development and their marriages, I believe, dear sirs and madams.   

On this May Day I wish all employers and employees a peaceful working future and profitable future.   

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

This picture is a dedication for Mrs. Sumithra Pieris for her solely poetic and indescribably beautiful movie 'Vaishawanee' and the essay is for my readers.

Dear readers of foot path, sometimes you brought 'moisture' into my life responding your ways to the essays i write and post here.  i believe that my words are sometimes not smooth or soft but harsh. yet, you all stayed with me all these years encouraging me directly & indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly. though i am not fully political or apolitical, i know that you judge or weigh or measure what i write, the way you believe and responded accordingly. 

this my child, footpath, still a kid and often i feel tired and ignore posting essays though i have many things unrevealed and unwritten, within. 

i want this child, footpath to mature slowly yet consciously. every person takes time to mature intellectually.  

No path should be blocked or barred, true. must remove all the things that obstruct them but do we know or aware of the actual things that obstruct humans and their true development. do we know what steals our peace of mind. is it always lack of concrete paths or lack of transport?   

i think development is a battle between nature and man. 

Though we, the human creatures technically win,building this and that of material needs and the things that comfort their lives,  according to the laws of nature, what i believe is humans are losers.  

To build or create paths often we remove vital resources, trees without thinking what bondage the communities, tribes, people urban or village maintain with those.  

i think there are very many things that we must think prior to our development plans other than the budgets. 

to be continued ................ 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

our vote is not for sale

These days are SALE days. stocks arrived from here and there of the material and thread world including all fancy and non-fancy things, essentials now can be seen in the popular market outlets or shops or at super shopping malls , including road side sale outlets and all of those are there for you and for your distanced or close kin and kith, for fit-on purposes.

Depending on your budget you can purchase the outfit you want or the toy you prefer to purchase for your children, little, young or teen. 

If you have more money or at least enough of money you can choose your place to shop, independently or economically freely.   

Are we, the people of the country, totally or fully enjoying the freedom to shop or purchase in this both political, commercial world we live? 

i think it is something we must think about, freedom to shop or right to right or affordable prices, headaches free shopping or banking or saving money, in this glittery festive season. 

Ever since the very honourable democracy actively started playing the main role or actively entered into our lives price of something material or of objects or of eatable or drinkable started saying or revealing something about our vote, how much our votes worth or how much that it was respected or honoured. 

Prices of something always say not only about the worthyness or validness of our votes but also it says many things about 'achievements of economies of a particular government of any country. 

In a  tag of something (price or otherwise) that you purchase, you can read many things other than the numbers , if you think a bit, the country of origin for example and many other information such as the things it contained, if it is a garment, whether it is made of wool or cotton. 

what i mentioned above are something that we all know or very well aware of. yet some of the other important information that such revels, we often forget to memorize. That is the story of taxes that are attached with the price tags of everything that you & I purchase.  

Every bit of information that the tags carry along with the object or the cloth or any other material you purchase is no uncommon to  this part of the world or to that part of the world, it is common to every piece of land and its people of this geographic & commercial world we live. 

Unless you are an entrepreneur or a poor, middle income earner others do not worry or talk much about the taxes. 

am i wrong here?

But if you are a politician (except the ones banking big money), i doubt not, you talk about taxes very before an election like you talk or think about your personal health and wealth. 

For an opposition if a government raises the rates of taxes it is something very mind pleasing because all of them know that they can take such government actions or implementations, decisions as something to earn votes from people and or they know that they can use the tax policies, if it is not people friendly to secure their political positions in the forth coming elections. it is common in every part of the world , i believe though i know nothing or know very few things about how tax policies of other countries works or affect their people, entrepreneurs. 

who are these others i mentioned above by the way?

The rich.

But how does it affect the rich or middle income mainly?

if you do not invest your money in other projects or if you keep them still or muted in your banks without using them though the bankers very well know how to use them or earn profit from the money that you saved in their banks,  according to new tax  policy, you get no good profit. 

If the government charging high taxes from the customers that saves big money in the banks, the customers may request the banks to increase the interest rates that they pay for the money that the customers are saving in their banks. 

If they do so, the private banks mainly will have to lose some money or they have to spend their money, the profit  that they earn mainly among two categories of people; for the government as a tax paying entrepreneur and for the customers as their 'interest' as a trust-able banker/commercial institute. to earn it back, the bank will have to charge high interest rates from those who borrow money from them. i.e. from those who are seeking for opportunities to start small or medium enterprises.  

Is it something mind pleasing for a government who always worry about 'good living' of their people? 

If the customers started withdrawing their money from the banks just because of the high taxes they have to pay , the banks may face trouble in the future, according to my personal knowledge on the bank systems and taxes. if they started saving their money in the foreign banks our country in particular lose a lot of money and it may badly affect our economy, i guess. 

During festival seasons the bankers, we all know, use various commercial strategies to get the attention of not only of their regular customers but also of the other people to increase the total amount of money they own or have or increase their customer base. attractive gifts schemes or mechanisms for example yet what is the point doing so, if the money they pay as taxes is higher than the profit they earn from saving money in banks and investing the money that their customers saving in their banks, as entrepreneurs.  

i think that the taxes are both political and economical. it will not be easy for any person of the country to decide over their 'vote' in the future , if the current government very strict or do not think about the 'little person or citizen'  who will have to pay direct and indirect taxes due to your current tax policy and we like to remind you all that our vote is not for sale.   

Friday, February 23, 2018

A tab

Giving a tab for school children is not a bad idea. yet kindly start giving it from the schools situated in remote areas with few resources, facilities, equipment etc. ( teachers , libraries, laboratories, IT units , play grounds and any other resources etc) 


providing a tab for school children, if you monitor them adequately is something brilliant because that may help children with some abilities and face financial difficulties to purchase one in order to tap and touch  and enhance children's spirits and abilities in education