Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Friday, February 23, 2018

A tab

Giving a tab for school children is not a bad idea. yet kindly start giving it from the schools situated in remote areas with few resources, facilities, equipment etc. ( teachers , libraries, laboratories, IT units , play grounds and any other resources etc) 


providing a tab for school children, if you monitor them adequately is something brilliant because that may help children with some abilities and face financial difficulties to purchase one in order to tap and touch  and enhance children's spirits and abilities in education

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

?. or ?X?

i was wondering whether all matters and questions related to politics and elections over or still exists or else yet to be solved? 

one of the elections thankfully over and now all masters and ministers can possibly look after or take care of other matters, departmental or magisterial peacefully. 

i read what some newspapers reported with regard to party (political) decisions over establishing single government divorcing the current affiliations with allies established solely to win elections and run governments. 

and in another newspaper i saw the president of he country asking for another month to decide what? , i could not catch the idea because i couldn't read the news clip except the title. 

The president and his team was given five years (?) or six years officially to decide over things and matters existing or existed unsolved, introduce human friendly things such as acts rules, implement good useful things necessary in order to maintain good governance and better economic development mechanisms etc. Another couple of years remaining for the the allied or collision government popularly known as 'yahapalana aanduwa'. 

If you analyze election results of the little election held recently, what can you see? what are the things that can be seen, predicted, if you think of future for instance when analyzing the results? happy or disappointed? some foresee things , good. yes, absolutely good if you foresee the things that are not apparent easily to all of us, so that we all can think of possible mechanism that brings positive useful results for the sake of human kind or mankind. 

let's see no.

some have seen things for decades and decades yet stay mute doing nothing. 

i often see things that you sometimes never see and you see the things that i have never seen or see.  if we as human creature see everything and able to do everything do we need a government or so called superiors? 

yesterday, i visited Galle Fort , there i saw a public educationally useful notice not readable, the relevant have not seen it.

where is the flat-foam for all of us to discuss or share what we all see and that some do not see properly?

for those things kindly do not say 'will see' or 'let us see' or let's see.

and there is another question came into my mind this morning 'why we really need a timber corporation? pardon me for asking this question without really studying your missions and visions totally? i fully aware of the need and importance of having 'the environmental authority, department of wild life and forestry etc. what cooperation you all provide for each others tasks and in order to provide useful service? Do you fully aware of the importance of the linkages , cordial-ships, how each other's visions and missions affects the total package of reaching the objectives of a particular ministry or department? 

Do you, timber corporation by any chance support 'forestry cultivation', what plans you have for such?  

what are the true meaning of the terms, corporation , cooperation? 

Corporate , and support , we can corporate in many ways for many things, true what is the best way to corporate if you think of betterment of mankind?

let's .? or - ? at least. 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Many Happy Returns of the Day Brother !

මල්ලි ටෙරාන් ට සුභ උපන් දිනයක් !

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The most famous saint of the world, Valentine.

I do not know how much a shop owner earns on valentine day from selling greeting cards in rupees or in dollars or in yen or in pounds. Yet, on this particular day that most young ones praise or worship, St. Valentine, i can assume that unlike in other days they earn a good profit by selling various things that comes with the label or tag , love. 

If you read zodiacs of the entrepreneurs dealing with this subject February 14th is a very favorable day for them. 

I know nothing about valentine other than his religious position in the world.  

Saints unlike other personalities or individuals, according to what i have heard and read before, they have lived a different life. It is no easy for an ordinary person to come to that level or position called saint'. Can you think of any saints alive, in this world we see or read issues with regard to the subject of every day life or lives of human creatures? 

In this world that we try to religiously division, categorize or group, since the very first day of birth of human creature, as Buddhists, Christians, Catholics, Islam, Hindus, etc. almost all the people who at-least have heard about the name, Valentine show no hesitant to support or celebrate the day secretly or publicly, keeping no religious agendas in their minds. That is the only good thing in  celebrating this day,  weighing or measuring the cultural or economical importance of celebrating other 'days, international days such as 'mother's day , father's day and children's day etc., i believe. 

Anyhow, in this highly commercialized world we live, i see how some struggle to live due to lack of money. i read and often watch and experience how young girls suffer because of the terms such as 'dowry' etc though it is known as something abolished or eradicated totally from the current society by democratic saints, those who sacrifice their lives for a economic development of a country paying very high attention to 'equal opportunities', equal distribution of resources. 

I see how some in this valentines full of universe psychologically depressed or tortured or oppressed at various levels of society because of this term that they identified as love but is their for sale in shops at markets world wide. 

On this day i visited the University of Jayawardena Pura for some purpose and i saw a notice of a very young girl who is critically ill seeking for some help in 'Kidney Transplant'. If anyone of you interested in helping this girl dial the number mentioned below and get information relevant. 071 4109000 

I do now know how many females alone, without their so called lovers, will come to your clinics seeking help or advice, to abort their children conceived on this day, legally or illegally. i do not know how in such difficulties St. Valentine can help those other than their parents. 

Though according to some modern thinkers, Gods and Goddesses that take the side of women in need of help in certain complex situations mentioned above, such things are not identified as crimes but as something that need some justice, legal advice, the situation outside to such frames it is different. the reasons are vary from society to society. In some societies, women face difficulties in taking care of father-less children not just because we live in a society full of religious and cultural values and norms but because we live in a society where 'cash' or money is playing leading roles. 

What are the steps that can be taken to avoid such issues such as young girls or women those who are not socially or economically or biologically premature become pregnant in the future?

Can adequate awareness on the subject , stop or minimize such complexities of a society? 

How a society or a country that talks about human rights everyday and in every possible moment possibly address certain issues or constraints that come wrapped with the subject nicely tied with laces and ribbons, without harming the needs and wants and rights of human creatuers?  

what are the better ways that a parent can protect their young girls at premature ages, who mostly misunderstand or misread or mislead by wrong definitions of love, in this lustful , glamour , glitter world,?   

i take this opportunity to CONGRATULATE young Waruna and Chethanee for their newly born child on this special day, Valentine. Congratulations!

Friday, February 9, 2018

A peasant govern by peasants

What do you think, is democracy cheaper or expensive to handle?

what benefit / facilities a government has to provide for those who born to serve their nations?

how about handing over power to village level CBO's to list, report and support in governing the needs and wants of the peasants?

if such systems to be introduced or established in a society, how much money a party / a candidate possibly can save in rupees?

The rules

The CBO management ( the office bearing positions rotates in this particular model) should be free from active political participation ( they cannot be engaged in any party political activities)

The CBO must work cordially with the village level admin officer, the grama sevaka

The grama sevaka must get more power than now in order to support village level organizations.

The government must link local level societies with the Government Agent ( role of GA is to monitor the CBOs.

what are the benefits of establishing such a system? 

The governemnt/s get no complaints or fewer complaints from peasants / villagers of representatives that do not or never visit their village or communities to inquire about their needs wants urgent or otherwise ( assuming a peasant even today maintain better and close relationship with each and every village member.

A government do not need to provide luxuary facilities for their survival (representatives of parliament / provincial councils).

above is what came into my mind and i posted them without really elaborating it any further.

if certain democratic methods that the world have been using is less beneficial , the experts must think of alternative methods, i recon.

Thank you for reading.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Beggar; as a self-employer

Beggar’s community is not a small community and is a very well organized social network. I know that there is only a very little sociological research done to understand these communities often show some differences depending on the rank of the group they belong to.

I have read only the research analysis that the Sri Lankan Sociologists presented as books. I haven’t got any opportunity to read the rest done outside to country.  The beggars cannot be identified always as ‘poor’, if you can imagine of the amount they earn, daily, weekly, and monthly and annually but they aren’t tax payers because they have no registered companies. According to the studies so far done, there is mostly a person who provide survival opportunities to many who either don’t have any physical or otherwise ability to get a job and or for the groups socially, culturally or even politically neglected.

Who are those groups? You cannot fully or totally identify them just by viewing them from outside or talking to them for few hours. To get a holistic idea about these groups, you need to study them for a longer period of time and analyze them carefully.

What are the importance of knowing them or studying them thoroughly?

If the governments / international organizations dealing with eradicating poverty, solving social or cultural issues it is important for them to pay attention to each and every facet of the existing , socially or politically, culturally apparent issues, implement accurate sustainable solution plans, to get fullest results at the end, I believe.

If you see more people begging at public places, what are the ways that the outsiders weigh them at very first glances? They might weigh them as socially disturbing groups or very importantly as part of obvious political or obvious local admin issue, perhaps as facts related to ‘polices of local governments’. None cannot be blamed for such judgments of outsiders because very often they weigh or measure them just by looking at things from surface level not from any deep levels.

·         Every poor is not a beggar.  
·         Every beggar is not a rich, self-employer/employee.

I do not like to analyze it as an urban sector issue either.

·       Beggars are a buy product of a mass or massive issue (product of pre and post-colonial administration mechanism, global policies, international attitudes towards some issues regional and strategies so far established, used, implemented as solutions)  

·       They are a group not very well recognized or identified as important part of an issue of the inserted or enclosed or not inserted, sentences of constitutions, amendments, and acts.

·      It is not always an issue specific only to racial, regional, continental, colour oriented or language oriented a matter of geographical, zonal land ownership but global that need careful attention and an issue to be solved as immediately as possible.

The poor have their own strategies of living or surviving you cannot say that they always follow or use the mechanisms introduced by local governments, for i.e. saving money through somewhat or very well organized samitees (CBO level / village level groups), small group activities.

Below, I can recognize as some of the strategies they follow.

·         Skipping meals as a coping strategy.
·         Borrowing money either from local money lenders, or from relatives,
·         Buy daily necessities/ needs on credit from local boutiques.
·         Seeking for external sources of money.
·         Stop sending their children to tuition classes as it has become a socially or educationally important or essential/ a must thing to do.
·         Depends on social or charity or welfare donations, services (using free health care facilities, libraries etc.)
·         Visit cheap markets.
·         Buy cheap clothes (used or pre-worn)
·         Trying to find jobs before completing formal education.
·         Delay marriages/pregnancies (pregnancies mainly due to bondages of employments)

What are the apparent characteristics of such groups?

·   Suffer from malnutrition/ poor mental health due to social, economic, political oppression, avoidance (depression, aggressive behavior) personal level of debts, and unequal distribution or abilities of obtaining of existing resources (land , housing due to the economic group they belong to)

·         No white collar jobs or highly paid salaries

·         Issues related to pregnancies for delaying marriages for example. etc.

·         What are the social issues a person can imagine of?

·   Theft and number increase of dangerous drug addiction (dangerous drugs were introduced to these groups mostly as a mode to earn peace of mind/ a way to forget day today social or economic issues)

Can any local administration solve such issues just by electing new government always or every five years?

Just pleasing citizens or voters by mind blowing speeches?

Banning them entering public places (i.e. railway station) begging can you solve this issue?

Can creating movies addressing such issue solve the issue other than forwarding the attention of the relevant to the issue? (Address neah (no address), slum dog millionaire, karka mutti (crow’s eggs) and or composing colonial songs about poverty about and just by organizing global summits and seminars?

The answer is NO, According to what I believe.  

Then what are the solutions that can be implemented, introduced to tackle such social or economic or political issues? 

Some of the ways i can think of are mentioned below to scholars to comment. 

·    By changing, removing or deleting existing POLICIES (both local and international) that support or nourish or improve sustainability of such issues. (take above mentioned as sources of information providing facts)

·  Educate effectively every person employed of relevant authorities, department, ministries, citizens about the policies strategies, plans etc.

·   Change mind set of local members of parliament, local citizen representatives and allow them to spend more time with each sector people without sitting at offices planning or thinking about mechanism.

·         Get or collect information, advises from every possible scholars, individual.

·         Listen to what citizens say during their meal times.

·    Read newspapers ( written aimed at economic and political issues, they play an important role in revealing such issues) research findings of research organizations, scholars etc.

May every government of the world current and to be elected or selected in the future get wisdom every time they require them to solve every existing issue local and global. 

Thank you for reading.            


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

a library for every school / village

i do not know how many of you have given such promises mentioned in the title to your urban or semi urban voters this election season. Refer your own list contained the promises of the election prepared by you aiming at the election to be held 10th February this year, only if you think that such efforts or promises are important. 

Dear central government are you please with the money allocated for the development or improvement of the library segments of the country? do you have any plans to increase the amount you allocate for such activities of the country? 

The teachers and scholars always say that it is very important that you ( every learner / educator/ tutor teacher) update your / their knowledge with new knowledge / findings etc. in order to enhance/ improve level of subject knowledge.  i believe that a library is a better place, mechanism for poor children to borrow and read books by spending only a few coins. 

i am not aware of  the strategies used in the library system , segments to collect (new or old) books other than purchasing copies from the authors took some efforts to publish a book facing all the obstacles possible.    

what are the issues normally faced by an author (amateur with loads of interest towards publishing a book or a person who tries to aid her / his thirst towards becoming an author or publishing a book in the current socio, economic and political context?

The cost to print at least a minimum number of copies due to what the offset print sector charges again due to high rates / the prices of inputs/ materials? paper, ink etc. 

i do not know whether existing government has any plans to decrease the prices of such materials in order to improve the segment of PRINT MEDIA as a mechanism to encourage those who wish to enter / engage / join in the sector as authors or as publishers. Yet i like to suggest it to the current government not only as a well-wisher and as a person interested in authoring and self publishing or publishing books getting a help from a publisher but also as a person who spends most my time selling books.

If it is possible to purchase materials necessary for a cheaper price, the publishers or authors they will think of  writing and publishing books without giving it a second thought or any hesitations. If they write and publish, the segment of people, entrepreneurs who sell books to their readers will not have to worry about the sustainability of their sector and of the job security of their workers, i believe. there are many middle men who depends on the 'print media / sector of publishing books. it is i believe is not a small network or community not just because each and every person of the segment depends on one another because it directly helps improve 'sector of education without any doubts. 

i believe that it is very important for any government to pay attention to this segment unlike in the past, considering every aspect , facets of importance of eliminating poverty permanently as well.

there is a saying; ' close a prison by implementing / starting a school' i like to note that for betterment of those who enters schools must get chance not only the books / text books provided by the government for free but also other good books publish locally and globally to nourish and support above wish, the saying.

wish you all every success in every good deeds you think of or planing ahead!