Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The deaf and the blind ..................................

Ahanna mage Honda punchi puthe numbe athe mathu anagathe
Listen, my little clever son, the future lies in your hand

To listen to what others say, to grab what others mutter, to extract what others exchange with each other, to say what you have to say in response to what others say to your face, in your absence, DEAFness could be a barricade and it would not help to enhance or to promote your personal or carrier or even your public life. There are methods that the deaf /s can use in order to know what others say if only, this sentence; ‘what others say’ is immeasurably important to your privacy or carrier life. Otherwise you can ignore what others say or what others discusses

These, ‘what other discuss’ or ‘what others say’ often not only important for your private life or carrier life but also such important for you, as a member of a common society, public society, member of the global community. I know that one can say 09. 11 only important or was a hazard only for the people who suffered from that inhuman attack.  It is same with any historical hazards here or there in Hiroshima or Nagasaki, Near Berlin wall or any postponed (?) or plans dismissed, in Vietnam or in Afghanistan, or in any part of the world. The outside world could have stayed ‘as deaf/s or blind /s’ but is that what you called ‘the responsibility of human’? Just by listening or reading about what is happening globally, what are the things that an innocent citizen could do? Is that what you think? No citizen of this global community we live are neither innocent nor illiterate there are things they can do but before that conscious listening and reading is important. Half reading or half listening would not help to reach your aims of life or to act or react as a global member of a global community.

Liberty of reading or liberty of listening should not be stolen from its members for any reason.  Unfortunately I have this phobia over technological gadgets, ailment has to be solved immediately, I know. watching or listening to NEWS was what I did almost everyday giving it a priority but today I am trying to staying away I know that this won’t help to reach my target of life in order to try to understand the globe we live at least 000.1%         

 How such things become important, what can you do knowing, how such become an important matter for you as a member of a global community. So this deafness or blindness is obviously an obstacle for everyone not just in its literal sense but also in its deepest sense I believe that is if you are aimed at something important in your life.

Artist : Mekala Gamage
Lyrics: Indrachapa Liyanage

Ahan inna ahagena inna ...
Mage hitha monawada mumunanawa............ //

Listen, keep listening, my mind, something is whispering

Yaaya pura neka neka paatin mudhu mal pethi ahrenawaa ...
The soft petals, all along the flower fields, are opening its eyes

Poda wassaka seethala awidin hithata ebenawa ...
the coldness of a pothering rain, examining the mind

Kodukaara mal renu agin suwanda bedanawa ...
The shy stamen spreads its fragrance

A suwandin mage husma rataa mawanawa ...
From that fragrance of shy stamen, the breath of mine weaves patterns

Ahan inna ahagena inna ... 
Listen, keep listening

Sili siliye hamana sulanga koduranne apatamai ...
The breeze is whispering to us, it’s whispering to the ears of the novice that is us

Sathuta misaka duka mokatada senehasa mahamerai
Why embrace sadness unless happiness, the affection is mountain high

Amaawake duka duralana dahask tharu kata numbatai
Thousands of shining stars that erase away the sadness on a moonless night, all for you

A eliyen dalwena lokaya magemai matamai .....
The globe that shines, from the light of the stars, is mine, mine only
Ahan inna ahagena inna ...  
Listen, keep listening
Tell me …………………….

How to listen to a Keechi beechi of a libertiful bird, if you are deaf or pretending to be deaf
How to read the secrets hidden behind the petals of a fresh flower of a fresh dawn, if you are blind or pretending to be blind
The deaf can not whisper or mutter anything to the ears of the globe; it is we who should represent them  
I am talking to the ‘pretending deaf /s
It’s a gift, because of that gift you talk, you discuss
Often you hammer, the others, misusing this gift what term you can give it? shall I call it, ‘gossips’
Conscious listening or conscious reading, one can easily use, to enlighten the globe and its people not to harm insult them or laugh at them
How accurate I am on this analysis, I am little unaware
Mid forties;
When you are a child your vision is very poor but in what way? Answer is very simple, though we are very lazy to admit that we lack in knowledge, information to understand the real meaning of blindness. Vision is not what you call ‘seeing’ things through your eyes in its literal meaning. I often feel that nature is occasionally very unfair to its creations. The way things have set in this universe we live. How good it is if you can see things properly in all ages of your life, better. Even as a child, or as a very old adult. Some adults can see things properly but they are lack in physical ability to see things better, because of weak eyes. Some adults like a good deed that comes behind you following you where ever you go some have no issues in seeing things any of the ways. Their vision is full of vision in all ages of their lives. You see things better when you are a child because your eyes are in better position to read what you see from clear point of view. You get very clear pictures of what you read. But you do not grab what you see in a proper manner in its deepest meaning. That is because according to the scholars explanations, some ages or periods that we have to go passing called, ‘childhood’, ‘immature ‘, ‘amateur’, are learning stages but you slowly get chances to understand things better when you see things from your own eyes with witnesses.  You learn to differentiate colours, trees, real things, toys, and siblings, actually everything when you gradually become mature from the stage of childhood to stage of old, thankfully. By the time you become mature or become old you lose your physically enthusiasm to read things better of the things of your outskirt, yet you become poor in getting the pictures of your lenses naturally received as a newly born child. You don’t see your surroundings better then you do not see the changes when you become agely mature but fortunately you can read things from your senses again thankfully I guess.
  I often feel that people who have born with all eyes with a genuine vision are fortunate than the people with hearing difficulties. But I know that almost every matter can be cured using right aid. For instance correct hearing aids and right spectacles. Then you get chances to hear things from four eyes actually and with four ears.
Lets assume that they see things better than the ones who do not get any support from any hearing aids or spectacles.

Have a picture perfect day!     

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Credible Cloves and Sincere Cinnamon

I think, spices get one of the most important places in the racks and cupboards of the genuine department of the kitchen of most Ladies. That does not mean it is only the ladies who fall in love with spices there are men too who runs hospitality departments- global, with so much dignity.    The Asian Women uses varieties of spices than the European Ladies, do not know whether the ladies of that part of the globe would agree with me. The queen of all spices, chilly and flowery queen, turmeric, cordial coriander, tasty curry powder, mustard, sincere cinnamon, polite pepper etc

Cloves and cinnamon; I guess are a little expensive flavory components compared to the other types of spicy components in the Global Markets. In the colonial periods, mostly the Islands and countries like ours were focused and later captured due to their own specific interests and reasons, it is true but one of the reasons apart from the reasons such as;  expanding the colonial kingdoms in any region or in the continents ‘where they could see some specifications or benefits’ economically or politically. Apart from the reasons known and unknown, it is alright to say the islands like ours were dominated by the traders of the worldwide from time to time, coming to an agreements, various, again thinking of the benefits that they could get easily from this part of the world, with the rulers of the particular eras under some conditions (give and take) such as, ‘we provide this service’, ‘you provide spices such as cinnamon’. Sincere cinnamon was actually a good sources of income for them because not like other spices, this sincere cinnamon is used worldwide by almost all the women in their stylish cooking.

Let’s have a look at the pictures of some colonial rulers of this part of the world, Portuguese for instance, they were very fond of sincere cinnamon because they knew the worth and price they could get from selling it in the global market even back then. They knew what method and strategy they should use to get what they wanted, in quintals or in what quantity they need them.

I know that it is the nature of trading. Who does trading without expecting any profit? Cloves obviously a queen of spicy queens and even back then I am sure, she has dominated the markets, famous, of this spicy globe.

You can get any hot or spicy spices of your choice if you have the pocketful of love towards tastes and flavours and fond of stylish cooking  

Markets are full of agreements, dealings and profits. Who is unaware of that? According to the agreements made between almost all or most the colonial emperors and empires, one of the significance of the agreements were, trade oriented. Almost all had plans, ideas as to what they can get from this soil and should send back to their kingdoms to widen and fatten their financial safes.

To defeat an enemy often the history witness that some of the rulers have requested help from another enemy actually all that were happened without knowing ‘how harmful sometimes to seek help from a little known or totally unknown. The Portuguese, the kings of trade were totally strange to the people of our country but for them ‘trading was very familiar and no strange thing.     

The agreement made between the King Keerthi Sri and the Dutch was specific and important because of many important reasons and it contained 25 sentences of various political and economically important sentences, such as, specific consideration was given, regarding the freedom of trade activities in the Island. Including, Paying a tax to the king of Kandy from the income of coastal areas, the Sinhalese should be given the right to get salt from the farms of salt without paying anything, the company should be given permission to get the cinnamon grown in all the areas of the Low country, and from the harvest of the cinnamon grown, in the up country area, the Dutch should be given 5 pagodi of cinnamon and the spices such as , ariconut, athdath, enasal, pepper should not be sold to any outside traders other than to the Dutch, as agreed. Main reason to agreeing to such an agreement was to get rid of Portuguese  
The spicy spices not only fills the safes of the entrepreneurs but also such fills the taste buds of the hot or spicy customers.

So with or without agreements, the rulers of colonial kingdoms sailed back to their trade kingdoms, taking the spices in quintals or pagoda from Sri Lanka, touching the Indian routes taking what they could cotton for instance.
Hot and spicy spices sailed, through continents until the ships full, reaches the popular Market of London, the Old and antique Constantinople; the emperor of ancient Trade markets

Credible Cloves and sincere cinnamon, travel across continents passing the households of poor, the middle, the high, emperors, popular, Brahmins, Smiths, the Niters, Admirals, governors, Hiltons, Taj Samudra, cinnamon lake, meets at cafeterias, Ala Cates, Buffets. Cloves and cinnamon, spices in particular, gives sort of an advice as to ‘too much of them spoil your cuisine’ ‘take and add only what is required to flavor your dish of choice.
I am not going to write anything about ‘the uses of cloves’. Every bit of information regarding the uses and benefits are moduled in the modules of graffiti, text books, in the nets of internets, in the curriculums, in the secrets of the chef’s – cuisines, in the books of indigenous medicine, in the leaflets of the entrepreneurial agendas, beneath the trees of cloves, in the research of agrarians, in the diaries of traders – only the published. Are there anything written in the reports of Iban Batuta? Yes, I believe. What did Lorenzo De Almaida have reported to their king of Ocean about Credible clove and sincere cinnamon, interesting to know?

My mind goes back to several eras of history without really following any particular order of colonialities. I already talked about the agreement between the king Keerthi Sri and the Dutch (1658 – 1796) but before that there were agreements made between the Portuguese (1505 – 1658) who set foot here as the first group to enter this Island from that part of the globe.  

One of the conditions that were kept before the crown of the king of the Kotte back in 1505 by the Portuguese when they freshly trying to enter the country, through the agent Payo de Susa was purely I was trade oriented though their desires and objectives of settling down here on a permanent basis thinking of the benefits not only trade but also ‘the total package of benefits’. Sincere Cinnamon was one of their objectives of trade from this part of the world. Cinnamon; as a price for protecting (?) the country from the enemies that they assumed would come to capture the Island, through the naval routes, the king of the Dutch, Portugal back then known as the emperor of the Ocean were promised to give 150 quintals of cinnamon, annually.

Every route was specifically important for traders and the natural harbours that they could easily protect their ships from natural hazards such as storms until they finish their dealings. And the natural harbours around the country were given all the traders the opportunities to easily reach India when ever wanted to visit their admin areas and to other administrative points.

Credible cloves and Sincere Cinnamon has shown them not only trade paths but also political paths to fatten their colonial kingdoms, I believe      

I believe it is no harm to close your shops of cloves and cinnamon for few days under what ever conditions or in what ever situations but I guess it is no good in the long run of enterprise and for the so far satisfied customers of the so far fair dealings, around the Island and across continents. Protests, I like to say sincerely, must not only spoil our dishes and cuisines but it mustn’t spoil our trades. Compensate and compensation is nice pair of terms that entrepreneurs can go for as a harmonious alternative. Often customers ask for fair dealings like they always want the best and if you close your shop for even for a few days, they would ask you to compensate, I do not know how though.
And please Pardon the sinful if anyone of you thinks that there are some who enjoy spoiling the plates of others putting too much of spicy or hot ingredients unnecessarily. Lets colour our plate of hard work by adding the colours of Credible clove. And lets share a good plate of good wills sincerely adding some sincere cinnamon to your thoughts as well.    

It is we who grow cloves and cinnamon here and don’t you think that we understand our soils and geo metric conditions better than the others? When the cultivation is spoiled or disturbed or infected by any hazards, such can be cured using some good thoughts of fertilizer and pesticides. But use them as required but do not forget you need to use them intelligently. The agrarians know how to deal with them than the people who do not know how to grow credible cloves or sincere cinnamon. Therefore, on behalf of the sincere customers I like to note here and remind though we know that you have not forgotten anything of the old routes and ways of trading and the battles faced to protect all our low country cinnamon and up country cloves, please try to get advice from the knowledgeable, rather than jumping in to your own methodologies to solve the viruses related to any cultivation

Ethically we must let the people who love to use cloves as they wish and cinnamon as they preferred no outsider can interrupt their taste buds and strategies of cooking and interest of tasting them, joyfully not any other fully or forcefully

The trade lanes of cloves and cinnamon should not be bannered with the black flags other than the flags of their nationalities and the home pages should be designed, edited with the pictures of smiling faces of traders of cloves and cinnamon    
Let’s enhance the credible cloves and sincere cinnamon

Let’s high lighten the enthusiasm of the growers of the credible incredible cloves
Let’s try to share the thoughts of lanes of people across the globe for a better purpose, including the thoughts of people of ‘Sal Mal Lane’ for a peaceful and sincere journey of credible cloves and sincere cinnamon           




Thursday, June 19, 2014

Searching for (a) heaven?

Hi guys, how are you these days? I have a list of questions to ask you? Is it alright with you? 

What are you searching for these days, are you searching for something exciting, something refreshing, something that you have never tasted before, something that fills your heart lanes with joy and fun, anything that gives you some pleasure like poetry , a novel to read, a fiction perhaps? 

What are you searching for?

Let me guess, a new home to move ahead and stay? , Mapping and snapping around, the world with loved ones and why not chatting around with friends?  Planning your wedding? , A tour to Nayagara , Ella wellawaya, Hikkaduwa Ah! to Taj Mahal?  

What is a heaven, by the way?

Do you know?

I know what heaven is but why should I tell you the heaven I have seen? And (I know that no one asked me) I have visited?

Ha ha aha aha I know that you will laugh if I say ‘I have visited the heaven’ then how is it possible that am I here, not there?

You can shift from heaven to heaven. Didn’t you know this before?  

You can do anything there because it is only the privileged get chances to visit heavens  

You can return and reverse if you like, from heaven towards ‘here’

What is ‘here’? The earth, my dear friends …………………

Am I accurate people?

You can do anything as you please when you are in a heaven? Did I say something that you guys don’t know? See how clever and knowledgeable I am : - ) ‘coz I know everything about heaven and are you jealous of me because I know everything about heaven though I know nothing about ‘earth’?   

‘People’; this a heavy word isn’t it? Heaven or opposite all these places are for whom, Dear Friends? For ‘people’ NO? therefore I guess I do not want to minimize the meaning saying that all the singulars have the chances to visit the heavens all plurals can visit the plurals can visit 

heaven as a group if they all get the visa and (get)together  

Have you already structured your answer or not yet?  What is a heaven?

What are the walls are made of?

Are those made of feathers, dreams, clouds, leaves, wings of butterflies, wings of grasshoppers?

Oh cadjan; - (?

“Impossible”, did I hear someone said so?

It is Possible, any doubts, who answered?

Was it an angle who delivered the answer that I am unaware of or haven’t met?

A heaven, let me think of the shapes and sizes of a heaven? There are few heavens in this universe, I reckon 

Who opposed?

NO body, thankfully

The shape? Can’t remember

A heaven is where stars are resides, a heaven is where the moon peeps through the Banyan trees, heaven is where the grass hoppers read the silence and heaven is where the night begins to mature, is it?

Heaven is where the squirrels are conferencing in the dawns of a young day

Heaven is where the mother birds teach her kids ‘how to fly’

Heaven is where the rain drips and drips over to the fences of fields of paddy

What is a heaven?

Have you scripted your answer or not yet

A heaven is where little fishes dance in a corner of an oya (a little stream)

Heaven is where drops are dying and flowers are blooming

Who says no?

Heaven is where my nangi often comes and fight with me of ‘making tea in the morning’ regarding the turns of making tea and share her whole heart embracing me with a pure heart

Some say heaven is where your heart is but I do not know how accurate it is

Heaven, I find when I really want to be alone with a book to read that I prefer very much

Heaven you find where there is no gossiping or no satellite to interfere the privacy of a person.

Heaven is where you do not get pictures or clips of a wet pant/s of a child and insult her / him when you meet them on the way or meeting them purposely waiting them to come or waiting near or there somewhere until the person pop in  

Heaven is where you do not find people fond of knowing or furious of what underpants are there on the driers for drying of some women or men?

Heaven is where you find ‘no unnecessary tapping is functioning

Heaven is where you find people who respect the right of others (political rights including) without really doing something that can not be considered as good

Heaven is where you find people and friends who comes to support you not to pull you backward or put you in to false holes

Heaven you find people who understand you better other than hammer you from behind

Heaven is where you find people who say ‘ same’ thing to your face and even when you are not around

Heaven is where you find people who think ‘knowledge is to be shared’ not to be hidden

Heaven is where people think every man or a child or a woman is made of ‘flesh and blood’ not of anything else

Heaven is where people understand that every person is made of sensory, that they feel anger, hurt, sorrow, sadness, happiness, fear, like everyone else of this universe born as ‘human’

Heaven is where you find people that know, ‘Religion is; ‘understand each others religion of respecting every ones’ right to ‘Pray’, read stanzas ‘ Buddan saranan, Damman saranan, Sanghan saranan gaccami , read al Quran, say Gayathri mantra as they please

Heaven is where you find people who think that they can die for their motherland and do what ever good to protect it and refrain from harming it, like patriots, heroes and Heroines of our era

Take care all of you!   




Tuesday, June 17, 2014

We (no) quarrel over NO Corals

1 i like to dedicate this essay for the people who die for conserving coral and staying away from quarrels

Back in 1995, in the third year of the University of Peradeniya, we were taken to a few specific locations of the southern part of our country, for a field trip. One of the places that we went through was Hikkaduwa and we were given chances to view ‘Coral Reef’. I did not get in to the boat because I was afraid but others had no such Phobia, I saw, were enjoying happily. Even after, I remember they discussing it with smiles and amazement
Hikkaduwa is one of the tourists attract places known globally. And in every season Hikkaduwa is full of visitors and travelers of local and international. The side businesses apart from the main businesses related to tourism brings additional notes and currencies to the livelihoods of the people of that area.
What is the most beautiful word coral or quarrel?  who supports corals and who oppose quarrels? interesting to know. this essay is not a psychological analysis or scientific analysis. i thought it is good to talk about something that i have not tried to learn reading materials available. i know that OCEAN is a wealth for this universe, many depends on its resources and Sailors bring things in and take things out, Travelers and Traders fond of exploring Ocean and its routes not only today but also in the history of entire expeditions and travels    
How corals bring money, I guess I do not have to explain. Corals, not like quarrels give pleasure and happiness to the eyes of those who fond of diving or observing the corals as a hobby or as a person who loves this universe we live.
Corals not like quarrels, there are plenty of things to learn, not only for ocean scientists or any other non scientists or young scientists.
did i say that you can not learn things from quarrels. i am wrong. we all can learn things from corals but you lose more than you earn from quarrels and the percentage of what you gain from quarrels are comparatively very very less. and i guess you do not have to quarrel and learn because this universe is full of lessons of all types. what is lacking in this universe if you think of learning something. can't you learn something from the quarrels and battles of history here or there , in any part of the globe?
we live in a country where you read and write very well meaning, literacy rate high compared to some of the communities of the globe. so i am sure that all who live in this big society called Sri Lanka knows the difference between corals and quarrels, a woman like me do not have to write anything about it.  i am extremely sorry if i have written anything to hurt anyone i like to analyze things keeping my head and brain in a moderate position rather than going in to any of the extreme corners. 
Do not forget Deshaya ( mother land ) is different and opposite to the literal meaning of the word dweshaya (Hate / Anger) any Deshaya which has Coral reefs is beautiful according to my knowledge others do not look at coral reefs in a anger way or Dweshayen other than out friends visit Sri Lanka to see coral reefs because they value them. 
to gain a single dose of calmness, dear friends i suggest you all to visit Hikkaduwa and other places. please view the map to get an idea.           
Quarrels bring no peace but corals no need to say bring not only peace and harmony to ones inner sides psychologically and some currencies economically. Continuous research would help to protect corals reefs of the ocean in any part of the continents and to conserve bio diversities of the complex and decaying ( sorry to write) universe we live. compare things of past and now. what are we having now? what percentage is remaining and of what. do you think that all the corals that were there about a decade ago still exists there? No     
Corals are also subject to decay, though it is very sad to know.  The corals die, obeying the rule of the universe;
‘Every born and created, crafted or manufactured are subject to decay’
Not only the ones who quarrel over nothing mostly, often for silly things. And rest in what peace, finally with empty minds and empty hands, in a six feet or less sized coffin. what bag or container can we carry on the days of the farewells of human beings  
Thank goodness that quarrels are also subject to this reality of ‘dying’ not sustaining or long lasting for ever. i.e. all wars in Germany or in Sri Lanka or in any part of the world, in Vietnam, in Burma, Afghanistan had a beginning and an End. View history of these countries. Do not worry if you find any minor or big disputes in any parts of the world, will vanish (lets pray) like bubbles but what last is peace not like corals but like good hearts ( lets pray) 
Corals bring some extra income to those who manufacture ‘Jewelries’ using corals. And my question is what garland can be made or crafted of a quarrel other than from a beautiful coral that is harvested without harming.
Replanting corals are excellent but not quarrels, thank goodness!
Replanting or sawing seeds we do in cultivation ‘NO quarrel cultivation is required in this universe we live. cultivate good wills and harvest good hearts. i know nothing is easier because we have to deal with a huge society with various mind sets and values and attitudes. you find all sort of people some may adjust your mind and brain while some others trying to harm it or trying to include poisons in to your mind. 
carefully analyze what i say. we do not have to hurry and come to conclusions. we need to understand 'people's objectives and aims in the public arenas sometimes to understand their wants and needs in a broader sense.  those who spoil and try discard corals should be punished  
For some quarrels bring additional income in to the pockets and accounts of personal but them also subject to decay and die ‘who knows how’? Perhaps God Knows.
How to earn and lose money from quarrels is easy.  (please give no importance to ‘how the sentences are structured )
You quarrel while others steal your corals

You quarrel while others destroying your corals and then you have to invest all your money to restore corals if you think of protecting corals 
You quarrel while others make necklaces from corals and catch the markets, global
Some burn corals stupidly while some others adding something to worsen any discarding of corals  
What colour that you can not find within a reef or communities of corals? You find all colour ranges of all parties and old parties

Can you observe any isolated corals though you can find slight distances between each coral. The quarreled are normally distanced and should get no awards but let’s rehabilitate those who involved like we replant corals. Actually, the individuals and groups or institutions those who fight against the people who are polluting and discarding the corals should be awarded and appreciated not prosecuted.

let's save this universe for the children of this universe , for the children yet to be born
 (Pictures and map Courtesy Internet)  


Monday, June 16, 2014

Fathima and Nazliya are good friends of Dharmasena, Shiva and Mary

(Following essay was first posted on footpath on 1st June 2012)

Shiva lives in Batticaloa. He comes all the way to Kochchikade to meet Anthony and then the two of them plan their day intelligently and they proceed to Ragama, Thewatta to meet dear Mary and then to Nallathanni to meet Dharmasena their dear friend who helped them during the time of their difficulties. Actually what they all want is to meet Fathima and Nazliya in Darga town  

What do they really do when they meet each other after a long time missed.  who wants to know? 
i am sure all who loves peace and peace and peace and peace like to know what their plan and why want to move ahead to meet Fathima 

Do you know what they do when they meet? They talk, they laugh together, they share the things they have carried all the way from the areas of their past.  Sometimes they cry but happy at the end. Thinking of the moments they shared before. And they forgive each other for the reasons and eras that they do not meet each other. They also forgive for the mistakes they made together.  Anthony one of the kindest of all explains things to his dear and near friend Mary, Ganesh the son of Shiva, Nazliya and Fathima the old friends of Mary and to all sometimes the importance of having ‘two hands to clap’ ……. They all listen to each other and respect everyone's ideas  i.e. they do not hesitate to respect the ‘ideas’ of shiva. They are good listeners. Thought Anthony. 

Dharmasena is so tender and always generous to  the ones come to his residence and thinks Mary is the most kindest but dear Mary does not agree to Dharmasena thinks Dharmasena is the most kindest of all.

Time flies listening to all these heart felt discussions of all the heartiest group of friends.
Shiva decides things for his friends the meeting days, solves problems of Dharmasena, Anthony and even Mary’s.

Anthony the most  clever in thinker of all thinks that Shiva is always ‘right’ in his decisions. Mary, the beautiful heart loves to hear all these things that the others prefer to discuss all the time and thinks the world is so beautiful like her and even when others bring news about any fight , any sort of she does not believe.  She always says ' we are not born to fight' 'we are born to become friends' we are here to love everyone not to fight with each other' 

All of them respect each other and they never forget to respect all the souls of their other lovely friends who helped them during the initial stage of their life and carrier.  Nazliya, and Fathima the dear neighbors the owner of another very talented friend ‘Luxmi ’ offers kindness and love to the entire world of their friends happily and tenderly. Mary thought quietly but thankfully.

All of them try to read their own images reading the faces of their friends and never forget to thank for the knowledge shared with them, from the bottom of their hearts and minds.
They talk of skies, the rain, trees, oceans, temples ( Purana and new)  churches, mosques mainly because Dharmasena always collects information of the OLDEST SHRINES of the country, because he is a student of history. and Nazliya knows this and always cut the pieces she reads and keeps them for him and give them when they meet for a chat. And Fathima's brother Hakim always likes to help her sister and give what he has collated as a student for his history and Peace and harmony development lessons at school, with no stingy feeling he gives all of them to her sister knowing that Dharmasena gets them. All of them do these having no jealousy or anger, in the hearts and minds of them that they have carried forward from the past they protected within for years, and years. Mr. Abdul Carder was one of the good principals they knew and was a good friend of the Nayaka Thero of the temple of 'Elamuthugama' of Beruwala. 

All these beautiful friends often visit the 'Dawatagaha gama' situated along the 'peace avenue of Aluthgama town and these friends do not have heard the word 'the tyrant' called ‘anger’ always likes to whispers the word ‘love’ to the hearts and minds of their fellow hearts, the never changing friends.

They fight over childish and silly things is normal …………. ‘This is yours’ says Mary…… showing a pen on a table NO! NO that is yours you can keep it………….. Anthony says ‘NO that is ours’ this pen belongs to all of us’ we all can use it. Dahrmasena smiles accepting all these
These are their moments, the memorable moments of sharing good thoughts and ideas together even during the times of their difficulties.

Anger gives nothing’ Dharmasena mutters this all the time …he is handsome and very smart in thoughts this is Shiva’s Judgment about Dharmasena … ……

when ever they get chances all listens to the Prayers of Mary, together when ever they meet each other especially in the nights. 

Shiva thinks the words that Mary speaks are so beautiful and admit that the words have some healing power. Anthony thinks the words that were written for great Vishnu years and years ago by their ancient teachers bring peace of mind to all of them.

Shuklam – baradharam Vishnum
Sashivarnam chathurbhujam
Prasanna vadanam dhyayet
Sarva vignopa shantaye 

Dear Mary understands things better than her other friends  Nazliya thought later listening to her explanation of the Vishnu Gaatha
‘ We really do not need to understand the meaning of the words to understand the things like ‘music’ sloka etc just listen to the tune composed that is enough.  
She is right no doubt thought Dharmasena and he tried to understand few words of ‘Geethanjali’ thinking of the Tagore the great poet of their neighboring vicinity.
Mary tried her best to explain the gatha from Sutta Nipata to Anthony and Shiva, Nazliya and to Fathima and to all of them ………

The future Buddha, Pearl of pearls
For peace and weal is born as man,
A Sakyan in Lumbini,
-      And thence our jubilation  springs ………… 

These are only a few words from the Sutta Nipata i think i need to read them again to recite before you when we all meet again for a chat, explained Mary.

What does the Bible say about ‘freedom from fear in troubled times?
Asked Radha (the dear wife of Shiva) 

Mohomad who joined them during their walk towards the temple answered

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind/'//'/ (2Timothy 1:7).

“How did you really remember all these? Mary was so surprised of his ‘memory’.
Dharmasena smiled and asked Mohomad ……. ‘Shall I tell you what I read recently’?
Ok listen ……

 Nun. By the Pen and what they write down! By the blessing of your Lord, you are not mad. You will have a wage which never-fails. Indeed you are truly vast in character. So you will see and they will see which of you is mad. Your Lord knows best who is misguided from His Way and He knows best those who are guided. (Surat al-Qalam: 1-7)

Shiva smiled at all of them so tenderly and appreciated and thanked all of them for all the contribution they made during the time of his mothers illness, without forgetting to thank them.

And friends do not forget that he also stated the best people are those who are useful to others’ these are not my words my friends ……..

The Prophet (saas) explained all these to me……. Shiva was so happy explaining all these to his friends. 

Every meeting is a life lesson; every shared moment is a lesson unforgettable.  Forgiving and Smiling are the most beautiful words I have ever learned from my friends and parents, thought Ganesha………….

May All beings be Happy!  
Sabbe Satta Bhawatnhu Sukhi Tatta ! 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

On a Pleasant Morning

Like a material,
Like a lesson for a life,
The buds are released from the place of born.
Reminding …………
The Pali stanza, preached, long ago by Lord Buddha  
The born, the becoming, the produced,
The made, the compounded, the unstable,
Subject to decay and death …………..’
 Like a lesson for a life,
The decayed are relaxing,
Fertilizing the earth,
Like a woman honoring a goddess of her faith.
Awaken nidikumba lined at a corner
Surprisingly, like an (in) active child
that refuses to go to school,
Until mama comes and kisses his forehead
“Wakeup child its time to go to school”   
In this very, almost Morning
The drops were cemeterized,
leaving the space for an unknown fauna
No ‘Sabba paapassa akaran’ was heard or preached,
And no ‘aniccawata sancara!’ were bannered,
Unless ‘good mornings’, shared
With few,
Unknown, yet faces known 
Inevitable mornings, afternoons, and nights
The known are expressible
Am I relaxed?

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Pink shoes

The Small pink shoes, with a ribbon,
Were smiling at me
Peeping through the glass of the shop, so relaxly,
So proudly
Took me around the nets of my sister (in law)
And inquired’
“How are you these days?”
And tried to read, not just her face,
Her whole sole
Have I succeeded?
No matter
I read, continuously, her thoughts
And tried, to see through her, through the threads and wools
Chosen and knitted
“What is she weaving, whole heartedly ?
What is the colour of the chosen thread?
Is that her choice, pure?
Is it inevitable?
No! That is her samsaric wish
I read her, (not) enough
No! could not estimate anything accurately
And yes, the materials, soft or silky?
I got no answer
The Pink Shoes took me around the nests of neighbours
Unethical, I know
Yet I continued went around, peeped through the windows,
Listned through walls  
Unethical, I know
 “What is she sewing”?
“What colour she has chosen”?
They must have asked
I thought,
For a moment,
Sitting at the edge of a house (neighbour’s),
Unethical I know
Yet ………………….
Tried snapping
I tried mapped, their curiosities, their weights of mind?
Anxious Neighbours', I thought
My imaginaries floated, eneldlessly here and there,
around her nest of love
The Pink shoes took me around the mind of my brother
I scripted, the lines  
”shall we scan”
“No need to scan”
“Your features says who will come”
“I can’t wait”
“No let’s wait”
“What is your choice?”
“I want a child”
“Son or daughter no point knowing”
“Child is a child”
The pink shoes took me around the nest of sister’s sister (in law’s sister)
“Did you go to the clinic?”
“What does the kind mid – wife tells you?”
What did the good doctor tell you?
“Is the weight enough”?
“What did you eat?
“Shall I bring you something to eat?”
The pink shoes took me around her (my sister’s in law) world
“Did you get the Rubella?”
I adviced her like a mother of a hundred
Did you take your calcium supplement?
No! Do not go for supplements
Eat a right diet
Ah! Do not forget your iron and Zink
Fresh greens
And a glass of MILK  : - )
The pink shoes took me around book shops,
Shopping Malls world wide
‘What should i buy?’
A book, a fairy tale?
And a little booklet of Sibil wettasinghe
What should I buy?
A bag of toys?

The Pink shoes took me around the universe