Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Friday, February 26, 2016

Russian Army to Introduce Robot Worriers – (Moscow times 23 / 02 / 2016)

(For all WORRIERS Human and innovators of Robot Technologies) 

Robot Technology, Rocket science is no longer new to this world full of newest innovations, the seekers of new routes of Innovations.  The robot technology, about sometime back took in charge of not only of some places of work but also of some Modern Domestic Environments that accepts, acknowledges  and value such kind of technology in their day today lives.

Introducing ‘Robot Worriers’ into the areas of Armies/ Inland Armed Forces is something new to me and i have not heard about such things using instead of Human Worriers before. Yet, using advanced Technology is not something new or something that surprises me. Perhaps, it is true that in the Asian regions, long before the WW1 and WW2 was in process and in the era of its practices, was not using the Tech of Wars as such by the involved parties, I guess. Yet, I say not that we lack anything with regard to the intelligence or the Knowledge and it’s the need or the requirements arising, applicability of the armies of the countries leads into using such practices. 

I do not like to rank the Armies / Inland security Forces considering its sizes, force, technology used, Knowledge, resources (Human and Otherwise) etc. sometimes it is no fair to rank them since each and every country has its own geo, political, social back grounds , including effects of Histories of the countries.

I like to think of the ‘Limitations and the Benefits’ of using such technology. Before moving on to that, keep this in mind ‘Robot is a machine innovated by Humans considering many things.  What are they; I am sure you have a lists of things?
I cannot even think of the questions I should ask without really knowing the  a b c d ‘s of the tech that the Russia talks about.   

Are these robots to be controlled by any ‘tech units’ handled by humans, established somewhere in the same region or outside to the Premises of wars? 

What are the capacities of ‘IDENTIFYING THE ENEMIES’, how to target the target accurately?  

What information should it carry? What is the tech to be used? How does it get the pictures?  

What are the bottle necks, constraints predictable when using such mechanisms?

What if the robot faces any technical failures / constraints during a peak of a mission?

Do you have plans to minimize such issues, practical?

How fast can it be fixed?  Can it be fixed without reaching the machine?

What is the metal / iron using that has the ability to face ‘modern tech attacks”

What if the computerized controlled areas attacked using invisible mechanisms to destroy the machines and the robot?

Do you have solutions for that?  

Any hidden robot technology in place?

Is the Size of the robot easily visible to the other party?  

What technology can be used to destroy such robots, this isn’t something I must ask, I know. Yet, for the protection of the robots that is planning to be introduced, to be used in the areas that too is something important to be considered. Am I right?

Does it provide any License and should it get any permission from somewhere before using such technologies?  Perhaps, this is a silly question I am asking. Who owns the patent and the right to manufacture ‘Robot Worriers’ in the world?

What money does it cost?

Is the NATO or the UNHRC is planning to introduce any new set of laws such as ‘Robot Rights’ other than the existing ‘human rights’ / ‘soldiers rights to safe guard their Nations and their own Lives from invaders / invasions?

Does the robot have the right to use any ‘fighting mechanisms / strategies depending on the situations in the war Zones, in order to protect them while fighting against, especially because ‘situations in the war zones of any on going process are UNPREDICTABLE’?  Though they always carry a plan made with them, based on the information they have gathered on the groups of invaders / nature of fighting / strategies / tack ticks used earlier, the situations in such environments are unpredictable. Am I incorrect?

Seriously I am thinking of how the UN files cases against the armies, who are facing battles within battles?  I often wonder, whether the UN is suggesting that ‘no matter what ever happen to the lives of the soldiers, do only the what we ask you to do / say’?
Often, I wonder whether it is possible to change the tasks of work just to get an idea before ‘planning or righting sentences of laws, writing policies, for instances.  Do not laugh at me for saying this; I am wondering whether it is possible for the Commissioner of Human Rights for example, to be in any battle field before releasing any statements on certain things related to the subject I write today.
I think that is the problem we mostly face because some take decisions, write policies just sitting at an entirely different area / environments to the subject they deals with. I think some have no clue about what the armies face during a battle. They take decisions release statements based on the secondary data they gather from various sources.  Sometimes it is a matter of sources they get information from, rely on?  

During all these unending conversations, what I fear is ‘whether the world will have to unstoppably innovate, introduce new technologies to face wars and when is the day that we can use the same tech for the sake of ‘sustainability of peace’ staying away from battle fields? One can, for sure argue that ‘what we are doing right now is ‘safe guarding the peace fighting against the enemies of peace or terrorists (identified or named by the authorities relevant)
What answer I should give them, I am wondering.

This is the other news I read, Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces to test-fire new RS-26 missile in 2nd quarter of 2016. And at the other end the White House have said that ‘Afghan forces need more training equipments.  (

Two different countries with two different armies, with two different mission styles, and visions and aims inside, doing their work in Syria and in Afghanistan. The UN on the other side planning Hybrid courts, visiting the countries that they have not been before during any wars, releasing their statements on the missions mentioned above and on the missions already achieved and there is peace and no fighting / battle to be seen or practiced, without really ‘praising them for stopping the wars years old.

Who were the partners of the WW1 and WW2? Who were the allies, coalitions supported I am not trying to dig out the buried past. All what I am trying to do here is trying to realize, find answers as to how do you justify wars of those days and the wars just ended, the wars on going?

Lets burry terrorism and let the buried be buried and stay in peace without really trying to torture them from time to time and fearing of what?

Let’s pray for a war free world, what else can be done?

Monday, February 22, 2016

Dreaming of reaching 'top' levels in the areas of your business interests, then how do you plan to face the competitors? Lets analyze it?

I remember reading the Japan Times about few weeks ago.  One of the articles in the paper captured my attention and was about ‘the Ford Company deciding to withdraw its business from Japan and from Indonesia (?) due to the less profit that the company has earned in the countries mentioned, compared to before.  The article was specifying the reasons; the local manufacturers or the competitors were one of the reasons for the Ford to stick to that decision. 

The price ranges, the levels of affordability of the customers, how the product matches with the needs / requirements of the customers etc, I think are the basic factors that leads to ‘competition among/ between the manufactures. How they address or how they deal with such things is important for the sustainability of their businesses.  
For local manufactures, other than the taxes etc. no other big issues prominent compared with the outside investors, The Ford in Japan kind of businesses and for them no additional expenses, if the product is manufactured locally.   If the product is assembled here locally for instance the cost of importations saves within.  So when deciding the Price of the product, the manufacturer or the company has the chance to price the product avoiding / excluding such expenses.  Then the benefit goes to the customer.
Again what I have discussed above is just a single side of it.  There are many very facets, reasons of withdrawing or sustaining businesses, though you see local manufactures doing the same business providing their customers ‘ a better service’
The facilities of the product, comfortness, the appearance of the product, perhaps are also deciding factors when it comes to businesses.
 As we all know, the Ford is one of the oldest companies in the world and is still leading the business world in their specific sector of business though we see many companies arising day by day here and there of this world.  Yes, the Japan too is a giant in most the business / enterprises that has everything to do with technology of today. So when Ford was thinking of establishing their business in Japan, I assume that they very well knew the competition before them.  Withdrawing a business from its established premises isn’t a good solution to raise the profit / income, I like to believe.  What if the Ford faces the same issue in another premises/ country that they are planning to be established their business, would they think of following the same strategy?
Yesterday, in Ceylon today, I read an article written on the subject ‘implementing housing projects in the Northern and the Eastern parts of the country, specifically mentioning two names of  two big contractors (The Mittal and the Ceicil Balmond) that were submitted their proposals to the then government , I think awaiting / hoping to get the contract. 
See the difference, though they belong to entirely different business fields (car manufacturing & Building buildings etc); the Ford is moving out of the Japan due to the competition arose within, from the local car manufacturing companies and the two famous entrepreneurs (Steel manufacturing; the Mittal company) foreign trying to get the contract in order to build the number of houses (65 , 000 houses within 6 years ) that required to be built in the mentioned districts.  That is the nature of business and the ways of doing businesses.  Who doesn’t want their business to be expanded? Who wants their businesses stagnant?  They keep trying until they succeed. Nothing wrong in it.
Why, if possible, if we have the capacity, skills plus the knowledge, the government must give the contract to one of the local builders?   What are the benefits we are getting by taking such decisions?  If the contractors who have submitted their proposals are planning to be used ‘local labour’ for the project, what else is lacking with the local contractors?  Is it the Skill what is lacking with local companies, or is it the capacity, the quality assurance, the Knowledgeable / experts on the subject, the Capital / the initial investment?
I am not writing this against any of the mentioned international companies, I am thinking of the possibilities of keeping our money within, without letting it moved to the other pockets.   
How and why we should try to keep our money within the country is worth analyzing, I guess.  When ever I see a huge building is building, most the names displayed were of the contractors either unfamiliar to me or foreign to me.  
That is one thing, keeping the Rupees within.  Other than that ………..  
In order to develop any enterprise culture here, to promote and to improve local businesses, to provide them necessary, suitable environment for the local businesses in the country, you shouldn’t let the businesses go into the hands of the outsiders, to the other countries, other than expanding purposes. 
No matter whether you made other agreements instead of ‘ETCA’ or establishing any other projects giving it a local name, I believe that we have the ‘knowledgeable’, right?  What other ways you can think of building technological cooperation between the two countries, I do not know.  If you hesitate to trust the experts or the knowledge locally have what technological improvement can be expected?
You need to take every action to keep the business within.  If any business goes to any other person or to any other company, I doubt there is no assurance of returning it to your hand / place.  
Once you made a deal with any person, you cannot say ‘you have no time to complete the businesses, full fill their requirement.  You must delete the word sett ‘we have no time’ from your business vocabulary, if you are thinking of expanding and improving the business any further, you will become more and more engaged with your work , become busy.  Therefore you need to find a solution to ‘manage your time’.
If you say you are ‘satisfied with what you have, then there is no chance for you to expand or improve your business, I believe. I think it is good to have a thirst to seek other options to improve it, sub areas that you can think of adding to the business you have implemented.  ‘Satisfaction’ applies to the product you are dealing with, the service you provide for your clients / customers. In other words ‘customer satisfaction is very important than the satisfaction you will be earning at the end of every deal/ service, regarding the profit or the efforts you have invested.  
According to what I think, it is little hard to find 100% satisfied customers or entrepreneurs. But, it is an advantage for an entrepreneur.  Then the somewhat, 90% satisfied entrepreneur automatically tries to achieve the other 10% by trying to find ways to improve the business further.   
Let’s try to improve a better enterprise culture within the country

Monday, February 15, 2016

Little Squirrel is for all the babies of the universe

Little squirrel, little squirrel
Where do you live?

Little girl in the valley
I live on Trees
Little squirrel, do not quarrel
Have you got any friends?

Little girl with a smile
You are my friend

Little squirrel, like to swing
Would you like to sing?

Little girl likes to read
I know some songs

Little squirrel, with some stripes
Did you see my kitten?

Little girl do not cry
What is your name?

Little Squirrel, little squirrel
My Name is Vianne

Little squirrel, Thank you so much
You are so kind

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Knowledge cannot be murdered, imprisoned or buried. Yet it can be insulted or oppressed (easily?).

Knowledge is something that cannot be stolen easily. That is a very old saying, I know. Yet, is it applicable to the modern day world we live? It is a question often appears before us. Modernity is something created on the knowledge bases of past. What you see today is a changed or modified version of the knowledge of the ancients.  In other words, according to my knowledge, it is a copy paste of the knowledge invented by the people of yester years, slightly adjusted according to the needs and wants of the people of today. 

Technology connects people with each other. At the same times, does it helps or provide environ to depart people from each other, if so in what ways? Isn’t that something that we should pay attention to when dealing with people or with technology, especially when every action has a result?

And, what else these technologies, the men or women of yester years have innovated, good in doing, in the modern day world? If I say that it allows people to depress or oppress or depress people in various or numerous ways, other than impressing each other from their findings or innovations, what would you say? 

Some people who boast or talk about all existing ethics and rights of knowledge or of all other things in public, use the tech we know or have learned to peep into other people’s lives. Though we are experiencing or embracing so called ‘modernity’, modernization’, or advancement of sciences, technology today, what some people have not understood yet is that they can not control other people’s lives through this very same tech we boast about. But for sure, it can be used to disrupt, disturb but it is solely depends on again mind sets of people, mental status of human lives.
The other thing what some people do today or most people do today is that they are so fond of using modern hybrid tech in its high demand or highest forms, levels, to collate , collect various information related to lives of relevant or often irrelevant people in various ways yet from surfaces , picking one or two things that were flown towards then else where or from a known places, use to depress or oppress people, using their own intelligent strategies. 

Unfortunately, people rarely, or at least half of the population or more than that do not use technology for something useful. There is a category, I can name that for some use technology for other things totally irrelevant or inapplicable or bring no results to their lives in its total meaning or to the lives of the associations, associates but some pleasure temporary.

Oppressing can be done very many ways or even mobbing comes under same category with a different package though.

What we are do using the modern tech, role modeling before the children of today, you need to think what results it would bring at the end.

Technology is one of the most powerful tools that the students of today or people of the modern day world own and use.

People always or mostly or often, rarely holds the opinions opposite to each other. But that doesn’t provide anyone the license to oppress or depress anyone. Alliances arise on various reasons, aiming at various targets, objectives. Even a small ally plays an immensely important role in promoting things, such as knowledge packages, at the same time formal or informal allies known locally or internationally can be used for various purposes. If you take village level ‘seetu kandayam (one of the savings group, an informal ally) or there are other informal allies or groups called ‘gossips’ ( I think it’s a world wide ally). The special features of these groups depending on the aims or nature of the group, objectives of the groups, they are temporarily and do not lasts for long.  What I am trying to say picking these examples is that ‘people can use the same tech or strategy they use for such purposes obviously can be used for something very prominent or useful for the group they are working or doing on be half. Completion or gaining or collating knowledge on the subjects you deal with certainly should be ‘healthy’ I must say, for all the parties involved in. your objectives or your aims cannot be full filled or your aims cannot be achieved or even your enemies cannot be defeated using unhealthy or unethical strategies, that is the wonder of technology or sacredness of knowledge.

Yes, it is true that some of the ancient, great cities no more appearing or visible, do not exist before us, for all us to travel around or journeying around picking and choosing what ever facts or knowledge bases we like, in its original format, what I believe is that what you don’t see today is only the structures or what they have built originally , the ruins or what ever remains witnessing, shares every or most knowledge fact with others, or helps to see through the knowledge of past and that cannot be stopped or buried, I realized after watching the documentary of Ms. Hughs. 

I have not been to Egypt or to any ancient or modern city other than to the Maldives. So this amazing technology that the past has innovated helped me to live a few moments in Great Alexandria. It is amazing to read or view that ‘how difficult it is to build something and how fast things decay or destroy or collapse. So thanks to this amazing technology, we get chances to share this information, knowledge innovated or surfaced in another region or zone or continent. Yes, according to what the emperor of Alexandria or Ms. Hughs believes, it is true that ‘Knowledge is power’, and I like to add something to what they believe that is ‘very same knowledge rules the world’. Just think for a while, how dependent are we on this ‘technology called internet, information technology.   Therefore there is no harm in saying that ‘there is no power above the knowledge power’. Sustainability of any other power depends on the power, knowledge, how they basically use them. 

Yes, great histories cannot be buried in tombs. I say no point doing so because it is something no man can do easily or purposely.

I must say, that I didn’t target anyone by writing this. This is a topic chosen to look at the technology and its uses in a different angle.

Intentionally or unintentionally or else tensionally oppressing others on what ever purpose, kills or murders the essential cells of the human brain and that leads to disasters, nothing else.   Let’s use the technology for a better purpose, for its own enhancement, development and for the enhancement, in its true meaning, for the mankind.

Actually this is a subject that you can talk about endlessly. You can think of many facets of it. 

Let's save 'technology' by using it for a better purpose