Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hi ……. You have a caller 'FRIEND' ……… (can we ……..?)

Ayubowan priya mithuru mithuriyani! …………

 ‘WE ALL MADE OF FLESH AND BLOOD’ this is an universal theory.  This universality can not be broken for any reason.
I am different to you. You are different to her. She is different to them. She is different to her. That is true.  When we are fighting or talking or working towards one particular ‘aim’ then we are not different.  If we all hold similar ‘ideas’ ‘ visions’ ‘attitudes’ we can say that we all similar to each other to a certain extent. 

Young girls and boys they are so energetic, dynamic, and their amazing interpersonal skills, very attractive ways of communication, those things really keep my eyes and mind stick to their hours of sharing.  ‘hiru wiyana’ yata ‘Nugasewana’ yata Mondays, Tuesdays to Sundays I enjoy my moments when ever it is possible.

I was not really surprised to see how brilliantly they, the young dynamic talented girls and boys handle their ‘vocal abilities’. ‘Voice’ is certainly a gift for a person who loves and knows to maintain its balance and impartial approaches towards all levels of people ‘educated’ ‘less educated’ etc. 

The whole world is watching you. They analyze you and your skills the way they can, using their own measurements of talents. I am only a one of them.
Not everyone gets chances to shine around the globe or across continents. You are one of the privileged ‘youth’ of this world. 

This sometimes is a good chance to re connect with your old friends via different media even the distanced ones. That is one of the advantages of this beautiful world of communication. Old is not something bad. All the old ones may have some things to share with you especially the ones who are in the same field.   
Ms Indunil Dissanayake ( she is not old she just completed her 20th birth day very recently ask her if you meet her) is one of my favorite ‘communicators’ and benefactors of youth or I like to use the word amateur’ no harm using such a word I believe. I like to visit her ‘SALMAL YAAYA’ she is so beautiful there.

Ms. Noelin Honter’ she is huge like a ‘Nuga tree’.  Mr. Richard de Soysa one can always visit the archives/libraries of the corporation and can surely learn amazingly fruitful lessons. The owners of the academies of life. 

Premakeerthi De Alwis ( all time favorite ‘THANI THARUWA’- my sister likes to call him a thani tharuwa)a legend and he is still the tallest amongst all.  Some of these are old names yet so much younger than any younger ones f today even before the personalities yet to be born.
‘Learn from the young’ my teachers used to say this. Very true. They teach us life lessons.  Chandana Sooriya Bandara I like the way he handles all the ‘millionaires to be’.  ‘Surya’ is ‘hiru’ = ‘sun’, we never can measure or explain the importance of this beautiful creation of this universe.

awwata wessata huru minisunge
Dathe sawiyeni
Gam bim negune …………… 

Mr. T. M. Jayaratne The legendary vocalist explains this beautiful truth in a beautiful way.

‘Ira handa wendala’ this is how our farmers plan their days before everything else. 

Mr. Rosmand Senaratne, I am thinking how far he has come from the first day of telecasting the first live program of the rupavahini maha gedara to this stage of ‘the chairman of the ITN’. 
You have a wonderful country now freed from all terror but I like to think of the legends like Premakeerthi de Alwis and Mr. Richard de Soysa of those beautiful but very challenge days of history and all the others who are still amazingly surviving and shining in their fields of dreams and realities ‘who have faced all the sufferings and indescribably hateful eras of terror for more than three decades.   

Mr. Bandaranayake,  the very intelligent and handsome thoughtful hunter of ‘ wild Asia’. ( one of the programs of rupavahini corporation)Very economical and talented in using his voice and words. Hello sir!

They are the mobile libraries we have. It is worth catching them when ever you see them and keep them under your house arrest and once you learn everything they have learnt so far and then release them.  They carry and bring so much when ever they move from here to there ‘ I know that it is impossible to steal’ the things they own, what they have gathered or we can not even dream of harming the knowledge’ they have stored in their hearts and minds.

Mr. Asela Bandaranayake is another nayaka that I like very much who Knows to maintain ‘ the patience’ through out the program live or recorded. 

Mr. Jackson Anthony was the first to sit under the huge ‘Nuga tree’ am I right? I know that he watered the ‘tree’ with so much care and love. 

Dear Mr 9.05, are you hiding under the heritages of this country or are you hosting any cultural programs right now? Let us know. 

The very talented voice machine the painter of the‘Ata Pattama’ Mr Hasantha recently revealed and shared some important ideas with us. This is a general idea that I manage to store in my mind after watching ‘ the DORAMADALAWA’ 

Apata samahara welawata eka eka ‘dura kathana amathum’ enawa lipi enawa samahara ewa apiwa agaya karala thawath ewa apita benala ‘a vachana bhawitha karala thiyena widiha’ api ewa ape program ekedi katha karanne neha. Api ewa methandi katha keruwoth eyalage aramuna issata wenawa’ eyalata Honda prasiddiyak labenawa. Apita owne nam shakshi thiyenawa. Eth api ewa thiya gena innawa. Api meka karanne Honda aramunakin api iwaseemen bala gena innawa’ 

‘Hondai mahacharya thumani api den katha karamu tikak ……… minis manobhawayan …… ‘adyapanaya kshethraye unnathiyata yoda ganna owne kohomada kiala”……. Kalayak thibuna kathawak ‘kolombata kiri gamata kekiri kiala’ …… aththa kathawa thamai ape hamuduruwane ape samahara paasal walata thawamath adu paadu thiyenawa’ ………….. (These are not the exact words he used but I tried to remember the general ideas when he conducts the program please forgive if I have misreported any of your wordings but I am sure of this words) 

PROMOTING THE VILLAGE LEVEL SCHOOLS IS A MUST. we can reduce the other problems then, INCLUDING 'nagaraye paasal wala thada badaya' etc ....... it is so good to hear that children are moving in to the 'town schools' yet ...........
Yes! It is good to explore our minds towards this ‘anadyana saha adyana karya mandala wenasa’ ‘the differences of the academic staff and the non academics. The differences of the tasks and even the roles they play. ( these things came to my mind after watching the last week 'dora madalawa')

‘Yes I can’ (mama wasana wanthai) thank you for encouraging all the citizens of this ‘DERANA’ Mr Mohan Palliyaguru with Ms A. Dynamic Pieris. Take care of your talents and good name. One of the routes of the very talented ‘Pieris family of different voices’  

I do not mind signing under ‘the red line’ rathu ira) once in a way but do not think that I report late to office (I do not go to any office but I was before) and I always like to cross the ‘kaha ira’ that is not a bad thing to do. 

‘His nethi his walata kirulak’ Mr. King +sly do you think that it is possible to crown a person who does not have a head? I appreciate your effort meet us with different vocal tones please. Wish you luck!
Api den patan ganne ‘sooriya sirasai!’ – I was one of the luckiest persons to hear your young but very energetic voice on the very first day of the program broadcasted. 

Where is Mr. Nimal Lakshapathiaarachchi these days?. No! no he is not the Lakshapathi ‘ok tell me Obada Lakshapathi mamada lakshapathi’?. I will come and visit you one day is the seat still hot? 

I can just close my eyes for a moment and visit ‘AMA DAHARA’ as a ‘BAUDDHAYA/ BUDDHIST’ I feel happy afterwards. 

Thank you all FM s Sri Lanka for giving me a little chance to come and visit your studios of recording Over to you Mr Dharma Sri ……………

‘wimasuma’ pita patha Mahinda Abeysundaragen …………….
Mama obata katha kala Dharma Sri Wickrama Singhe’ (VOICE OF SRI LANKA – OUR LAK HANDA’)…………..

Obata Jaya Sri!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

this is the paper that i print ' YESTERDAY' ....... read more >>>>

‘Yesterday’  ……………

Ehi passiko ( Ewa balawa) ‘do not believe anything unless you go and see it your self’.  We live in a very complex and timed out world we will have to trust the near and dear ones in most of the things of our life. They go search knowledge, life and news for us. They do it on behalf of all of us.  I thought these few lines applicable to each and every thing of this wonderful and magical world.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow I like these three words but I have preferences. I like the word ‘yesterday’ more than I like the word ‘tomorrow’.  Children will build their ‘tomorrow’ walking along concreted well built no cracks to be seen roads of yesterday.  They will write their ‘future’ reading those ‘yesterdays’ things. They will for sure go to the archives’ of all historical writings of yester years and of today.    

Yesterday was not so bad. Weather was calm and peaceful.  Cool and sometimes warm ‘moderate’.  This was the situation here in Nugegoda how is the situation in ‘ Kalawewa’ area?  Don’t worry you will soon be back to normal life style which will bring ‘the tractors full of paddy’ to your ‘hearts’ at home. 

I was thinking about mage ‘ada’ ‘dawasa’ thinking of all the ‘miniketa’ like ‘dinamina’.  I thought it is good to be a good citizen of this Nation. How can I do that I think I should observe everything that I see in a little calm way.  ‘Time’ is the mirror that sometimes gives me the picture of my own face daily . This Island is generally have no problems in selecting ‘the leaders’ we need I thought last Sunday after reading my favorite editorial in ‘The Nation’.   

Me ape ‘mawbima’ this is our mother land we should tell this to all who were opposing the visit of the leader of the country.  I think we should send our invitations asking all the  ‘rata giya aththo’ including ‘the Dias’ families, Weeramuni families, Gurusinghe Families to come back to our country and do the needful if there is something remaining to promote cricket or well being of all the minorities and majorities of this country. 

 ‘Mahameghaya’ will not only produce the weather reports but also other information such as ‘current economic situation’ of the society. I do not know whether it is alright to ask you this ‘How old are you now? Some say ‘the way that one talks, the things he/she prefers to discuss says something about the age of someone. 

 ‘maanchu’ I have only seen these equipments J only on television channels those things are  there to use when ever necessary.  We should always expect a society which really does not need such equipments. This is not impossible. 

‘Give him a mask he will tell the truth’ why do we really need masks to tell a truth we should unmask every masks and we should tell the truth ‘eye to eye’ ‘ face to face’ heart to heart’ ‘ mind to mind’ brain to brain’ shall we send a ‘rawaya’k on this particular thing? We should not hide our real faces from anyone we should have the ‘courage’ to tell any truth before everyone. Generally hearts do not tell lies I believe.  Still surviving amazing in a field like this and still young 25 years is not old but young.
Is ‘manasa’ the correct Sinhalese word for ‘Mind’?  I don’t mind asking you this ‘how did you find those brilliant speakers of the buses?’ they are doing a good job.  They do not need any microphones I like the way they speak. 

‘Kaw Silumina’ is one of the greatest piece of work if you can just go back a little bit to ‘the Polonnaruwa era’ even today that maintains its good name that is what the readers believe.  The ‘Mihira’ group how can I forget them I love the way that they bring us ‘happiness’ to our kids.  

Engreesi kathawatath lakunu labena kramayak’ -  24 June 2012 ‘Silumina’
That is so wonderful 

‘sampath bank’ is not the only ‘Sampatha’ we have how are you generally check your day’s horoscope reading. ‘Ira handa’ will also guide you just check with them for more details.  If you don’t know Ira handa sampatha go to ‘Rivirisi’.  What is the Sinhala meaning of the word ‘rivi’ 
After reading the river guide lines of Mr Sripathi I thought to ask ‘Kadawara’ some questions but could not ask. 

‘I do not like to compare ‘yakhanda with morning inspection’. How bad it is you know sometimes to compare this with that.  Every particular thing has its own shapes and sizes and demands colours. And more importantly they are Unique.

On Sundays my heart is busier than my brain and my mind ‘ lahipita’ reads the ‘itupita’ luckily I have some time ‘free’ for that. I can not undo what I already posted on my footpath I thought after roaming around ‘kollupitiya and Galle face area with Carol Aloysius last week end.  it is so easier if you hire a tuk tuk no to travel from here to there?

I sometimes think about many things before I leave my house to ‘sathara’ atha of this town.  If you go to ‘sathara’ atha of this motherland you will get a chance to learn things ‘scientifically’
 ‘Jeans’ is your baby my friend take care of her. And we can not compare ‘junior ones with seniors’ bad I believe.  Shall I tell you a secret sometimes juniors are better than seniors.  Why? Do you think the ‘juniors do not have the ‘patience’ compared to the seniors? NO! the reason is something else guess what?   

Who ever buys what ever paper I can say that you are definitely taking a good girl friend home and how wonderful if she can be a ‘Sirikatha’ to our women.  Not easy no? Is a wife ‘a sirikatha’ ? what do you think ‘dear Tharuni’?   
‘ Me ‘tharunaya’n samahara welawata naheta ahanne nethi jaathiyak ne’  do you think that they are aggressive all the time or they are just ‘curious’ of everything and always expect to hear the ‘truth’ and do not like to accept ‘ unrealistic’ things.  How did you generally react to the things you saw and heard when you were first join this field? 

Menik Sir, I have heard that you were a teacher to many of the top personalities of this field is that true. I am sure about that but I just thought of asking you. How do you see things now sir? 

‘ Ms Anjela Seneviratne’ how is your writing work going on?  Are you still watching your images ‘daily’ on your ‘mirror’?

The daily mirror says ‘work stops at mineral sands factory in Pulmude’ (read more) Hello friends let’s go back to work.  

Thank you for reminding us once again the rules of good governance ‘dasa raja dharma’ this series of articles are better than ‘sansaara aarannaye dadayakkaaraya’ the English version.

 ‘Man charged in Lankan smuggling case nabbed at Toronto airport’  read  ‘The Nation’  to know more on this issue.  

I think I should not always stick to ‘www.malindapoems. com but I should also visit ‘Montage poetry’ page to read ‘balance views’ of most of our people on most of the things. 

Oh! How can I forget our ‘match makers’ ‘itu dewiwaru’ for most of our genu pirimi of my era. ‘the marriage proposals’ the one of the most important pages of all news papers but the charges are little high no why is that’ ?  The advertising departments are really demanding.  You are not very supportive in that case. I am so sorry to say.

My goodness ‘the Lake House’ is so huge is that the world’s tallest building? I am so happy to hear that they are celebrating the 125th birth year of the true owner of the ‘Paththara Maha Gedara’. Mr. D. R. Wijewardena. 

How can I really forget my dear friend ‘Magazine’ who knows to observe better than me?  
Ladies it is so intelligent and worth to buy a news paper than taking a loaf of bread after work. Rs. 10 – 50 maximum we have things to read.  That is something like you have ‘Sarasawiya’ dewiya at home.  Who leads your Sundays these days? 

Lankadeepa is a good friend of ‘Vijaya’ I can assure you that.  ‘ peni walalu’ did you receive the letter I sent that was long time back actually I sent it after reading your first article on peniwalalu’ I sent it by ‘normal Sri Lankan thepelen’ ?

Dear ‘Disobedient girl’ when can we read your next interview?  I loved the cover page though I did not get a chance to read it. Is it possible to meet ‘one of the members of Abu Jamal family?

I actually need some more information on ‘deforestation situation of the world and ‘water management systems of old Sri Lankan society’ is that really possible to know sir?

How are you going to use your antenna next week?  Can you please let us know the results or the people’s opinion as soon as possible on  Mr Sambandan’s talk? Let me tell you that is a brilliant idea how can we wait until an election come to know the public opinions on some of the things of a society.

 ‘Thinakaran’ how are you friend? i miss what you write due to my ‘no knowledge’ on the language. Pity. 

And how can I forget to thank you for bringing all the fresh ‘news’ ‘daily’ every mornings.  I do not generally like to compare things. What is the best ‘today’s news or ‘daily news’? I should try to find an answer ‘ada’ adama ‘this moment is the best moment to start or go find new knowledge ‘ I saw a book on the ‘Buddhist publications section of the ‘Sri Dalada Maligawa’ this particular book was titled ‘the moment is knowing’. Please pardon me for millions of times I really can not remember the author of the book right now and if I have written the title in a wrong way.  That was written by a well known Ven. Thero . 

Yesterday’ actually the whole day I was ‘fine’. For a better ‘functionality’ of our hearts, minds and brains we should read good stuff. All the children should follow this rule for better learning I learnt this from you.

Oba semata ‘Budusarana’ wewa!

Monday, June 25, 2012

‘The masters of all walls’ ………………..

Suba sendewak! Ladies and gentlemen learn good spoken English ‘Suddek Oba Amathai’ this evening at where ? go and check the nearest wall and if you have some more time learn Korean Language from a Sinhalese  next day morning that too you can check if you go to 'jubilee post' just look around that is all you will have to do. 
I do not think that I confused you but to tell you frankly I sometimes get confused whether I should learn Korean and go to Korea or whether it is better to learn some good English and Stay here in Sri Lanka or go to Japan. I did not see any notices like ‘ come and learn Mandarin, learn it from  the world best teachers and try go to China and then you can bring the Nokia Chinese phone parts that we do not manufacture here’ ………… I do not think that I should learn Korean to go and listen to ‘Andarela’ what do you say? This Andare is not Adam Smith (grand son of Andare Smith our friend) OK!  He is a guide he takes you around the world what is he doing right now? I am wondering. ‘Wondering’ is the only thing that I sometimes do I am wondering how I should learn to walk away from that habit.  After reading the note on the ‘history of dolls I again had to wonder and wonder finally …… I thought …… how wonderful it is to be a Barby doll if possible.  
Knowledge is something to share not to bear alone. Thank you for sharing ‘Senel Wanniarachchi and his friends’ in particular, all the possible information on ‘Road to Rio 20’ Where are you now in Dubai or still in Rio, back in country?  I enjoyed reading them the series of articles. Sharing and bearing – are these words similar to each other or does it hold two different meanings?  No matter let me try to be little serious this time ……………………
Shall I take you to a wall near by?  Just to check weather we can get any information on ‘Vijaya Kuweni’.   
Walls, interesting creations huge, tall, smart, short cracked, shining, you see all sort of walls.
Again I wonder …………… why did the German build the ‘Berlin wall’? ‘ the Chinese built the ‘great Chinese wall’ I am thinking of the money spent, labour, I do not know whether our people have contributed some ;labour or knowledge otherwise how come they have built such a huge walls? ( See I am a Sri Lankan don’t be surprised even if I tell you that ‘I don’t believe that the Chinese Built the great Chinese wall it is the Sri Lankan who built it’ ‘ how come each and every citizen of a country always try to think that ‘our nation is the best nation of all? Is this because every citizen is selfish when it comes to their own country matters and do you understand what I am trying to say here?  The Indians think that the India is the best. The Americans think that ‘United States Of America is the best. Are you Germans thinking the same? Dear Mr. President Holande do you have something to add?  
I don’t like the idea of building ‘walls’ not because I have nothing valuable at home but for other reasons.  But I respect the ‘technology’, the creativity and the technique of getting the maximum use of the available resources human and otherwise I am amazed with those creations ‘ Berlin and the great Chinese wall’  but I hate when the word’ barriers’ and territories’ comes to my mind.   

 Some walls for me are ‘showing off places of ‘art’, knowledge’, marketing, creativity, faces, political and apolitical.  ‘Showing off’ I do not know whether these are too big words that brings us too much of arrogance. Are we really dependent on walls? Is this a cheapest way for advertising, are these places give you ‘names’, ‘status’ ‘money ‘power’ carrier? What are these walls NO! I am not thinking about the ice cream company that we have heard for years?   The word wall has some associations with the associate experts of the existing associations am I right? Or am I talking of nonsense? 

What is my focus today? ‘Ageing’ I forget things easily these days. Are there any government maintaining walls and privately maintaining walls? Private or public or PPP I have little knowledge on these things but I know this for sure ‘Every rupee is at work’
 I also know that some walls look so arrogant and sad.  Is it because‘ nariyoth ekka beha’ ‘ balloth ekka beha’?  10.30, 1.30, 2.30 , 6.30 ‘apata puthe magak nethe’,  ‘Wiyath Sinhala magen obata’ , ‘lokaya penna jeewithaya dunna’, ‘minisath kame ithiriyak’ ( anna ithiru karanawa nam yamak) ‘nari who (?) kiyathi ( can we expect them to bark? I wonder)
I remember my grand father once teasing us ‘mama ogollanta engreesiyen hoo kianna kiala denawa oyala mata monawada denne? We were so amazed because we did not know how to (we were thinking of the Sinhala hoowa) do that in English.
W…… H….. O…. he started saying letter by letter. He said ‘W” draging his voice a little and stopping a bit and then again ‘H”……… ‘O’! ………..  Finally he said the word with ‘heavy voice ‘W… H… O = WHO this was his answer I still remember his smiling face.
Aiyooooo eka api dannawane
Ithin mama kiwwe nehane neha kiala ithin ahagena hitiye ?

We all got angry with him we were expecting something ‘exciting’ but he taught us something different, a different lesson  knowingly or unknowingly, I can understand now. We were kids then. We understand some things now though we do not understand everything as adults. ‘I think that is advertising’ (current) I do not try to compare the creativity with the product that is silly I know.  ‘Advertising’ is wonderful I am thinking how can it be ‘harmful’ do you think that we can use all the existing walls to post the posters we create sleeplessly using different colours like bright ‘Red’ bright ‘Blue’ or dark ‘Green’ ‘Yelllow’ is this a commonly used colour in Advertising or is this a new idea to use ‘Yellow’ and which advertising company prefers to use ‘Yellow’? I like to know.
when the masters of creative sciences planning to post their final outcome on privately and publicly maintained walls and never thought of cleaning them ( well I think that we should maintain clean and tidy walls) We like keeping them until even the next sessions of clasess or the drama starts sometimes we read the ‘expired notices’ what do you think about that? What can you do with the ‘expired notes’? you may be planning to show your next show in ‘ Kurunegala or in Polonnaruwa’ but we still read the old notices unless some other groups come and stick their posters on top of the old ones. ‘if you think of ‘beautifying the cities’ or if you are willing to support the ‘nagara alankarana’ projects we all should corporate. 

and i love all the advertisements that have created in a so brilliant way thinking not only about promoting the 'product' but also 'improving the minds of our children giving so much of knowledge on 'culture, norms and values'. thank you for doing such good work.  

The smiling faces with tons of makeup that generally use only by the world best makeup artists will come and appear on your privately or publicly maintained walls but that yet to happen No?

‘hunuwataye kathawa’ ‘Sinhabahu with Sinhaseewali’ near ‘kelani paalama’ what more with Pakistani teams unhappy groups ( NO this is not advertising) are they angry with their teachers? I am thinking ‘right now’.  We were so grateful to our teachers’ even back 1994 these things are not advertising or nothing to do with wall matters or money matters. Dear Sir how many outstanding catches our kollo took this time in Galle?. I missed the commentary these days.
Mr . R.R. Samamarakoon who saw the life and related battles near ‘kelani paalama’ with his wide opened eyes I do not think that others ever can see or read the minds of them so clearly.   

See I see sometimes CIC vehicles too many of them actually do you maintain a branch office in Ampitiya, Kandy? That is good all vegetarian products or CHICKEN stuff only?
 I don’t see any ‘fertilizer or pesticides’ advertisements these days? Is there a reason for that?  Are we cultivating paddy ‘nature’s way’? Wonderful ‘kruminashaka walata thitha’ I love that. 

‘Shall I note that we do not need any pesticides or weedicides  because ‘Thanamalwila is not the area that we saw and learn long times back? 

Wrushabharaaja, heena horu aran ‘janelayen paninnnada ( I have no such plans :)) i love the view Andarela?

I sometimes forget my ‘original idea of writing this little note’ ‘stage drams’ are truly an amazing ‘form of art’ I love some of the songs. The magic of using ‘mind, body and word’ that is performing art, if I try to understand these three words in another way I can note that it is  the magic of using human brains.  

‘kumatada sobaniye kandulu salanne
Hethuwa mama nodanim
Girihel arane ethi mage niwasata
Mama oba gena yannam
Ehi ethi sema sepa mama dennam

I am trying to remember that lovely lady our ‘sobani’ ( Not Ms. Sobani Amarasinghe) the most talented and beautiful ‘Ms. Sriyani Amarasena’ was she the lady who performed the character there ?

I have something to ask from dear Grusha 

Dear Grusha ‘the Caucasian chalk circle’ that you draw somewhere in Germany how come that we sometimes try to draw the same here in our society? How come the ‘life therory’ is very much applicable to my society as well? Do you know? ‘Please do not ask me to go and ask ‘Bertolt Brect’.  How is Asadak could you please tell ‘our Sudu Seeya that we owe him so much. Sir Henry Jayasena I don’t think that I did any mistake calling him Sir.

Gowe genu paradai 

Look! I am not the one who says so ask Mr Sandun Wijesiri. Is it really true sir? When did you last visit ‘Gowe’ with your crew?

Premayen mana ranjitha we pushpayen wana sundara we lankrutha we aalayen weli sedi me latha 

I have no words to explain the how much I like those wordings

Dikiri – dikiri genawa dikiri mihipita kaatath guna dena dikiri’

‘Drink a glass of fresh milk everyday’ that is a very good advise I suggest we should open few more outlets in both sides of each street. At least one outlet in each street it is so good if we can buy a glass of milk instead of cola beema ( sorry friends i know that you all support our 'sports' i know that you even try to improve the abilities of our kids in Jaffna about cricket) for a ‘welfare price’ is that alright to ask you too much sir even after you have reduced the prices of ‘children’s milk’ ( ladaru kiripiti) for about 19 products? My goodness sir this much of products / brands, from where are you exporting them? those are truly our products I am sure. NO that is not a problem sir i just ask how can we do everything alone we need to maintain good 'relationships' with 'world markets' really. Thank you dear minister that is a wonderful a decision. I think we should continue to buy ‘SATHOSA” kiri piti and we can buy it for 245 rupees for a cheaper price compared to the other products. And  I believe that you are not planning to increase the price of ‘SATHOSA’ kiripiti let us drink a glass of milk ( the doctors say that even the adults should drink a glass of milk everyday)with ‘so much of sathosing’ ( Sathose/a is santhosaya’ the happiness’ am I right J.B. Sir?)

 Dear Ms Jayasena you took me back to few years from now.

Yuda bataya yana yudayata hindenemi oba ena thura
Yanuwa  nopekila Satanata leyin nehawunu kuriru yadha bima
That was then.

I am at ‘Lumbini’ now watching how ‘ Jayalath Manoratne Sir is giving instructions to his crew’ No! He is not with ‘balloth ekka beha’ group he is with his old group ‘sudarshiye issara hitapu kattiya mage hithe’ write to you later …………….