Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Paths and perceptions >>>>

No path is a path if you see no people walking or moving here and there

There is very little that you can learn if you see no people around
because .................
People bring things and carry things when they travel to their preferred destinations , via paths 
By walking,  driving or sailing

So, during these journeys of them, The things that they carry are not necessarily the goods or the objects
Some things that they carry have names given by the societies, the people, by the Philosophers or by
Friends or by any other in the universe we live
The things that they carry within are invisible Yet, measurable in other ways

During these journeys of ours,the journeys of travelers, Pedestrians, Passengers, we hold things, remove or add things
Embraces the ones we like or neglect the ones we less prefer
Ignore the ones that block our paths
Chasing behind the things  that are unreachable or uncollateble 
forgets or memorize things
we walk back and forth , here and there to achieve things , learn things
And often, we travel without thinking of the results of our walking, traveling, journeys or without having an objective within 
Yes, it is true that lonely paths too teach you things but, those are different things
The paths provide you different pictures at different stages of a day
During morning it is very different, bright and shining 
During darkness it is unbelievably unexplainable,  the pictures are often unclear 
The things that one can read during dark is totally different to the things that one can read with the help of a lantern

During any of one's journeys, one shouldn't forget the term 'self', forgetting the term 'self' one can not proceed any further
Proceeding and moving ahead doesn't always mean achieving ones goals and aims external to internal  

You see no end point in analyzing the travelers, the people and these paths
i am poor in giving you the number of  facets of  these paths , i can think of 

look at this path

it looks calm and quite, no sign of people moving from here to there or there to here
can we say that this path is no use?
The uses of things or individuals are different, or i guess such are various , enormous or perhaps very little  

Likes and dislikes or such, above depends on individuality of each and everyone, the interests, desires of loved, near or dear ones, self,  the needs of the world   

The trees shaded , slight sun rays, wishes of people, praises and curses, have brighten this path
Have a closer look at it , the path is earthy
The more you face more you get and become clearer
The more you learn more you absorb 

During any of the journeys of ours, the paths are something inevitable or unavoidable

haven't you thought about it before?

The paths are not always the gravel, foot, carpeted, tared or concreted
life paths and carrier paths are different and there are very, many and various of them
we shouldn't forget that
So, choose your path intelligently

Have a peaceful day!





Monday, February 17, 2014

Channel ‘S’

Life is so dull and hectic these days.   I thought it is good to change my profession (?) not professional , essay writing to  presenting this and that from here and there on Channel ‘S’, if the channel takes me in (but I got the programme with me, hacked) 
It is like eating an Ice cream or Helapa for a change without eating cakes or biscuit for tea at every tea break 

Don’t ask me how to make helapa, to learn how to cook helapa  you can watch  ‘Cook with ‘S’ every morning 6.30 – 7.30 

But let me cure your doubts until you watch cook with ‘S’ helapa is a eatery very locally made and cannot be found in the tables of English’s , Parties of French ‘s  
Yes I know, that you already aware, ‘cook with S’ presents and guides only to cook eatables  
So helapa can not be cooked with American Flour to get the real taste you need to add ‘ Kurakkan Flour’     

And there is very specific, specialty in this cooking you can not wrap helapa  with Banana Leaf if you wrap with banana leaf ‘ you will have to give it a new name not the same name’
So dear, viewers of Channel ‘S’ don’t ask any stupid questions during the session of question turn 

Like our Sri Devi asked her English Sir in English Vinglish ‘ , Why only kurakkan why not American Flour’

Please avoid asking such questions from the chef of cook with ‘S’ 

I am sure Mr. K3 G,  Very handsome , one and only Karan Johar or Muditha and Lahiru will not get angry with me for asking this ‘ shall we meet for a ‘ Polpala with Hakuru’ , again on Channel ‘S’ at not any pm but at suitable am ‘ 1 am’

Again POL PALA can not be found in the forests or jungles outside to Sri Lanka perhaps in Himalaya that too I am not quite sure 

Maybe you can browse the variety (POL PALA) dried version, nicely packed in the Markets such as Super markets  

and don't think of the literary meaning of the POL and Pala also  it is not POL and Pala it is POL PALA 

( POL = Coconut, Pala = Greens)
Not to worry I will not put you in to trouble asking ‘very serious’ questions like you guys ask your invitees  

I only ask very simple questions like ‘What is K 3 G’  

Alright let me give you the answer on the spot, channel ‘S’ always have very ‘direct answers’ not indirect versions 

The answer is ………………….

Noap you are not watching any ‘Grand Finale’s on Channel ‘s’ this moment, you are watching ‘Mehuna’ on Channel ‘S’ , will not repeat telecast , watch now not later 

So the answer is ‘ Kabhi Kushi Kabi Gam’ ( K3G) ,  I am personally very seriously proud about my mathematics Skills and talents,  who else will no?  (Don’t ask me to multiply million by million in public though)  

I am not sure about the Lahiru and Muditha I have a feeling that they might put me in to trouble because they are so used to questioning

‘Kawi Request Show’ – LIVE, Only on Channel ‘S’ 

‘ Maa weni bilinda wara wara langata Kenda duk sepa kumanda asana mithuro wena koinda ‘
Who will inquire ‘how are you’ from a child like me, like you do my friends 

You can dedicate any poem you like to anyone in the country or in the universe without really thinking too much  

I like to dedicate above kawiya to ‘Gajaman Nona’, the lady of yesterday 

I hope, Elapatha Mudali will not get angry with me for not dedicating the kawiya to the lady gajaman not to his handsome name 

Dear Viewers, Elapatha is not equal to Langa patha (near, very near) Often students misused language terms, I don’t lie check Oxford English Dictionary if you are not sure about it 

You can ask your Selestina to watch the programme  
Tram Car eke gihin Kawi Ahamuda Selestina  
Ada hawasata kawi maduwak channel S ekedi pewethwena
(There will be a poem, reciting gathering on Channel ‘S’, this evening)

Channel ‘S’ ‘Book Lovers’ specifically created for book lovers
Two good hearted teachers will be invited to hold a discussion about the two good books, that is Professor Chandra Gunawardena & Professor Mrs. Lekamge

Please Madame , Please do not refuse this invitation of channel ‘S’

These good books are ‘Written by ‘ Shashika & Rasika of the department of Secondary and Tertiary Education, OUSL  

Mrs. Rasika discusses education systems in three good countries (A comparison) The Japan, India, And America

And Mrs. Shashika discusses the importance of MOTIVATION in relation to management
Pardon me book lovers, will meet you with the Titles of the two books’ in the next Channel ‘S’ programme

Salon of Channel ‘S’ will describe ‘Bangles for party’, including how good it is to wear the bangles of peace, Nippon Walalu crafted by the gentlemen near river

Let’s move on to a short commercial break

Thank you for watching channel ‘S’, stay tuned 


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Statues in memory of the LIVED ………………………. In Memory of gorgeous Whitney Houston

We will Always Love you 
Tell me Whitney who took your life away from you and your loved ones?

Name the murderer, is it Cocaine, Marijuana or Ganja? 

lets build a school of music in the name of Whitney Houston other than building a sta

I began my day, little later than usual.  After listening to my sister’s usual this and that talks of every morning other than the ‘TEAAAAAAAAAAAA’ command, took me this far of my thinking, keeping a question mark in a one side of my mind on building statues
So after listening to all what she expressed today morning, I picked my today’s topic that is ‘STATUE’, Statues in memory of the LIVED >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 

( > = sign of the continuation in the paths of the sansara, personal to me)

Why one should build statues or expect others to build statues in memory of their names?
 I think that is because they expect to be sustained in the hearts and minds of the living even after their dates of expirees, that is what I believe

I have not heard of such though the normal situation is different, about the people those who have written their last wills, mentioning the wills of building statues in memory of their names

I know that my sister was teasing me and sharing a bit of sense of humor with me in order to refresh my morning YET I thought there is a lot to think within in what she shared with me and expressed to me

I think building a statue in memory of a lived is not a big task yet I think my sister should live like a woman that others can remember without taking any efforts to remember her name

Normally it is a little difficult for me to convince things for her because she often shows a little that, ‘what I say is right’ kind of a personality

I have observed the statues built in memory or in remembrances of the huge personalities of this country we live and the fate and results behind the idea of building statues in the names of the lived

What I say is not applicable to the dear and near ones who follow such procedures as a family tradition or as a customs, norms or as values

I know any one who arrange official tours in and around of cemeteries must have noticed some of the things that I essay here, today

I remember reading few articles written exploring the cemetery in Borella , famous, the place that the most the famous’ , tall and huge personalities have decided to relax in peace

I know and have heard and read about the tomb of the H R Jothipala the singer of the hearts of people.

The tomb that have built in memory of him examples many things  And it shows how he understood and measures the size of a heart, wallet of a poor lover that don’t have the financial ability to build any Taj Mahal or buy BMW, Diamonds or pearls for the lover  

He is H R Jothipala pardon me if the idea belong to the lyrists   

 ‘ Taj mahalak thanawanna beha mata obey senehasata himi
His ahase gewenna tharamata hee seyak bandimi
I can’t build a Taj Mahal in the name of your affection, love
I can build something that reaches and touches the empty sky on the day of your departure

I like that song    

Essaying songs or analyzing songs that I already have heard  and love is not the vision of my day, today, let me move on to my topic of the day ……………………..

I have few questions in my mind, after building statues who reaches to venerate or salute those lived, the living, the friends or the relatives?  

Who visits the statues not daily but at least regularly or often, the statue crafter or the ones who build such using the money of the public?

I believe that they some, or one of the near and the dear visits such places only on the days of the death anniversaries. That is the biggest insult that one can do to the ones who lived somewhat good or totally good in the country serving their people, honestly but so memorably in the hearts and minds of near and dear

Just take your mo- bike guys and gals and have a visit to the places of statues and just observe the fate of such ‘look what has happen to them can they rest in peace, who think of cleaning the dusts and pisses of the animals? If you plan to visit such places, you may also get chances to observe the broken edges of some of such statues

Who should do clean and take care of them?  

Are there anyone in the name of dust because I hear some kasu kusu about dust during my on and off of the opportunities get to hear the conversations of my benefactors, well wishes

Oh! Bad me, did I ever think of thanking them for their strategies of convincing what they have heard or read from the others, who ever  

Let me take this opportunity to THANK my benefactors who have been supporting and helping all these years opening the gates and doors for me

Thank you ONCE AGAIN   

Oh! My topic of the day, I mustn’t forget

What I ask the authorities and the loved ones who do not think of building statues here and there in order to seal the names of the good ones in the hearts and minds of the people of their area or in that area in the villages or in any of the global territories, or in towns or in cities, do something heavier and can be easily measurable that is to mark or to seal the name of the service provider. I guess such might shows the real weight of the service rendered to their service gainers, benefactors  

What we should do is to try to build something within the hearts and minds of the people, expecting something total to happen in the future, aiming some benefits to achieve for the beneficiaries, country members, and village members other than building anything concrete

Concrete or establish something better than a statue    

I have seen the statues of late president Mr. R Premadasa in some of the areas of the country for instance in Mawanella town, if my memory is accurate

I can’t talk of the statues in the other territories or the statues in the madame Tussauds Museum, London or about the statue of Charles Dickens with the children around him listening to his story telling 

i know there you can see the statues looks so live built of some specific wax ? most the ones are of the living 

I can talk about the personality of the heart of the students Mr. Lalith Athulathmudali , the founder of the scholarship scheme ‘ MAHAPOLA SCHOLRSHIP’ I guess the statue looked alright I observed the statue from a distance

You need to take care of your things now that the state (?) or the foundation has built such statues your foundation has to take the responsibility of maintaining without really insulting them

I guess any government or the state has plenty of things to do , I don’t mentioning this as a major task of a state what I suggest and my question is ‘ why build statues’ ‘why not something sustainable in the name of the good ones

Ok why build statues? Is it because that is the tradition or the custom so far followed not only here in Sri Lanka but also in the world?

Thank goodness that OUSL authority has taken a decision to prohibit smoking in the zone of OUSL by noticing it to the visitors, students professionals   


Thank you for the Decision taken SIR

How to find money to build too many statues for the deaths happening faster than the normal due to too much smoking

Oh! Who will build my statue, the ‘Cigar COMPANIES’ for essaying such things?

Not worthy right? : - )  

I can’t remember the name of the person or the incident totally, I have read that one of the daughters have file a case against a ‘Cigarette Company one or two decades back not here but somewhere in the globe because her father used to smoke only a one particular Brand ever since her father started smoking and finally suffered from Cancer and died
If my memory is accurate, the daughter who filed the case against the company, cigar won and was eligible to gain ‘compensation’ from the company

I guess that is the one and only incident reported in the entire field of court systems of the world

I am not quite sure whether she built any statues using the money granted or taken from the company, I suppose she didn’t

So in memory and respect of all the suffered and troubled or lived happily and totally I like to suggest ‘don’t ever think of doing something against what your heart evidences says or proves

Leave all the statues alone, should I write that way?

NO I should say ‘ Let the Living or half dead the way they like without trying to spoil their living agendas I guess for them it is no easy to bear

Forgetting building statues how about thinking of charging some fines against for the ones who put all heavy garbage in to the drainage systems in the towns, that is to avoid the worries of the townies and floods during heavy rain also to maintain the accuracy of the town needs   

Thank you for reading me my dear friends!  




Saturday, February 15, 2014

Facets of Faces



You have been reading

Am I Right

Inner Faces; Have you ever tried to READ ?

Read the following 



Wednesday, February 12, 2014


This is regarding the previous essay posted, titled as 'Little, little advises from big little places'

According to my favorite BPO's second visit to the same bus on his evening business journey of the road, the chains that he was selling were not made of five rupee coins. That was an error in reporting please pardon.

But he didn't mentioned whether the product was made of zink or copper or something else like Iron but gold plated ? Not sure

 Let me report something that i missed to report in the previous essay

Sale price of a chain was not millions or trillions it was sold for a cheap price Rs. '100 / = '

i am sure the customers are happy for the price fixed


corrections has to be made that is essential i guess in any reporting or any essaying when any mistakes done , learned from good reporters  

Surprised , don't be surprised today's essay is shorter compared to previous essays do i have to apologize? 

NO i guess

Thank you for reading my error correction report


Monday, February 10, 2014

Little, little advises from big, little places

During my rushing back to home or going back to work I meet many people, hear many things but I do not essay everything that I hear on unless the right moment arises for me to essay them

I know that normally right moments arises because the world we live is full of various and different, unpredictable unexpected happenings  
Bus journeys always fascinate me and bring unbelievable experiences as well

Also, bus journeys, often brings exiting experiences. You meet not only travelers but also sellers or business promotional officers during these bus journeys

You meet various sellers in a one particular bus journey some comes and sells you ‘refreshments’, Oranges, lottery tickets, grams and nuts, little , little ornaments etc

So these business promotional officers that I meet on roads or on buses are different to the ones that I normally meet in the professional fronts, I learnt    

So the man that I met today…………….

Man is not a bad or unethical term to use in unprofessional or non academical essays, right?

I do not know whether there are Masculine ways or Feminine ways to sell ones products in the subject of Marketing

Every manufacturer can’t be a good Marketer , right but rarely you find ‘ all in one’

Some manufacturers have every skill that they need to well market their product

Sellers can’t sell gold the way that the coconut sells coconuts
And a person who needs some coconut does not go to a wear shop
So the man that I met today in the bus who was trying to sell his ‘‘items’ (this too isn’t a bad term right?) or should I use the word ‘products other than using the term item?

What is most ethical and professional to use, product or item?
Pardon me for interrupting your reading repeating the same sentence again and again

So the man that I met today in the bus who was trying to sell his ‘‘items’ I think is a good business promotional officer

I guess he has the basic qualifications to hold such a position even in any professional arena, institutions  

So this business promotional officer managed to sell two of his items in a very effective manner before the bus starts its evening journey from Nugegoda to Kotahena (168)

That is Amazing Business : - )    

What is business ‘solely’? If you keep the term ‘service’ a side

Business is ‘Profit’, right? If you are unable to show your abilities in business promotions in what ever item or product you are dealing with you are unworthy for such institutions that are aimed at profit or some money or getting grants or donations

But this particular man that I met used his skills or trained manuals very effective way and were suitable to use in such a background, bus  
Only business promotional tool that he had was his ‘voice’

There were roughly about 20+ passengers in the bus he had to rewind his pre fixed sentences two or three times to sell his items  

According to his explanation, the item he was trying to sell was a particular chain that was made of five rupee coins by a company called TC Company in Chennai, India

I feel that this seller is different to the other sellers of the same product
I have seen many sellers who try to sell same type of products or items using different wording or business strategies in the buses and other public, people gathering areas such as ‘ Bus stands, on streets   

This particular BPO used a little advance technique to sell his items
He knew who the manufacturer is, the country of the product, the things used to produce the particular product

To get the trust of his customers he showed the company name that was crafted some where around the chain

I guess the things that he knew was enough and useful to sell his chains
What I am trying to say is that there are ways , ethical or professional related to every business that you handle, no matter whether you are trying to sell a particular hard product or a soft wear ‘You need to use the ethics that you have learned’


No matter what business you do such things are important
Your client may question you, about your product they have right to do so, right?

The customer, your service gainer may refuse the product you produce thinking that it is unworthy to buy or no use that does not mean that your product is a bad one

All products or what so ever you buy depends on your sole needs and wants, right?   

And if you are unable to explain what you expect or what you are trying to sell, what goodness or benefits that your client is getting ‘You never can sell your product’

Selling needs different tack tricks

 I don’t think that everything in this universe can be categorized in to these two categories; ‘buying and selling‘

When you are introducing your new product to the particular needy groups, you have to use every specific strategy you have learned
Don’t expect everyone to come and embrace your product  

The Language and the tone of the language you use is immensely important in what so ever business you are dealing with

I don’t think that every language style we know is appropriate or applicable to every business we do

I guess, you can’t use the language style you use to sell your product to the peers you know when you are trying to sell the product to a different group of people / individuals

I do not think that selling a product is a battle at all, if you know what strategy you should use

Keeping combs along roads or path ways that you walk or on your professional tables will not make any difference in your business of selling combs, if you are a comb seller

What profit you ‘ ll earn by using such strategies, warning you may loose customers if you use very unethical strategies to sell or promote your items

One has to use direct and firm strategies to deal with your product and with your customers

There are ethics related to every profession, right

Can you remember our very first few lessons discussed on ethics about three years ago?

Sometimes unprofessional ‘sub dealers’ may SPOIL your business if you don’t train them before releasing to the field of markets, commercial spheres

To be continued ………………………