Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Aiyoooooooooo 29 Percent is that all, why the number has decreased not incresed?

let me start this small essay just by quoting a statement of the leader of SLMC just before he resigns from the ministerial position. the few lines  of the letter of resignation was published in Daily News Paper, Monday, 29, 2014) the news was reported following way

 " SLMC leader & Justice Minister Rauf Hakeem who yesterday resigned from his portfolio , the Justice Minister of the ruling UPFA government noted in his resignation letter that president Mahinda Rajapakse is an exceptional Political Leader. so here are the thoughts of Ex Minister Hakeem;

" I believe that our Nation has made great strides under your leadership. I leave with a deep sense of gratitude & hope" 

so what else can a nation expect from any leader? so i can ask this from any group, right?

by now everyone understand what he hopes i discussed yesterday.

And there was another thing that reported in Divaina Daily Paper (Monday, 29th December, 2014) penning the ideas of the superior of the America & Canada Buddhist Cooperation, the venerable Walpola Piyananda compiling them into an article.

some of the ideas of the Thera, quoted in the article are as follows;

In 1971, about 400 Buddhist monks were arrested by the then authorities , the current president Mahinda Rajapakse was the person who took action as a leader to get them released. and the Thero further reveled that he went to America during the period where there was a war in Vietnam. he has stated that once the war was over in Vietnam the contributors, the heroes of the war fronts lost their jobs and started hanging around here and there started using harmful drugs, for example. so obviously becauseof such reasons the Maha Sangha that understand now and then of society in its every corners support President Rajapakse.

what does such information really revels, i keep some space for you to analyze ...............        

Alright lets talk about some figures and percentages that the opposition use so tearfully . where is the handkerchief by the way? to wipe off the tears in eyes? : -)  

i saw and advertisement about couple of days ago it is about some percentage that has given by the group of negativity. sorry to say i use that word because you never see anything positive or good about this country.

So this 29% that they have given is so good and is a very good verification because that it self gives a brilliant picture of the standards of living of people of this country COMPARED TO THOSE DAYS, THOSE YEARS. So the number figure that the oppositions used in earliest years was not 29% during their election campaigns. The figure was very high compared to this 29% that they produce and fabricated and keep before the people of this country.

i believe that they say this figure without really thinking too much or without really studying any situations.  I am certain that they have not done any surveys on this 29 percent number that they use with regard to living standards of people.

i say if you are so sure about this figure PLEASE GO AND COMPLAIN IT TO THE MINISTRY OF LABOUR because if they do any jobs at any reputed company, private ( because any idiot know that any government cannot pay their government servants of any level less than the minimum wage) they are truly breaking some labour laws. so get the list and hurrrrryyyyyyyyd to the labour minsitry please.

let me give you some calculations but not to please your hearts but to promote your maths skills a bit :-)

If you say that they spend Rs. 100/= each day that means the total amount of their earning is Rs. 2900/= :-(  that is against minimum wage of this country. And believe me if they are earning by any chance less than Rs. 3000/= they are for sure is eligible for SAMURDHI BENIFIT. AND  Dear Sir Rs. 2900+ the Samurdhi = what is the total amount of their what so ever earning. so your calculations HIGHLY INACCURATE and the figures cannot be trusted.

And if they are by any chance daily paid wage labourers of  any building constructing site ( these days you find many constructing sites if you are using any proper spectacles to see things properly) they earn ( not the big basses)  minimum 600 Rupees a day. even if they earn 600 x 30 = what is the total amount they earn 18 000 / = a month Now it is not just a  single man who earns in a family now a days.

And what you sometimes forget is for instance my mother is 64 years old and if you think of her schooling days the Socio, Cultural, Political Economical situations are totally different to the situation today' she cannot be a competitor of today's' job market. So if they, that you take so tearful, dark pictures ( what picture laboratory you go to?) that does not show any signs of happiness ( what do you do to edit pictures, i mean what software you use, Photoshop?) for your election campaign is so sympathetic really. sympathetic not about them but abut you who uses such pictures in selling mode.

selling the innocence of those people to get vote. that is something unacceptable. Those days when there was no action but talking only era and the years that the LTTE was very strong in their positions thanks to some, such pictures were so demanding to earn some ' dollars or what so ever currency to set up an NGO. Look these people have this and that ailments due to war trauma they write in their reports, showing a picture of children who cry sitting near a fence or something (no entry territory) that is for sure the LTTE have taken their lives, could earn a lot of money. such pictures of those days every demanding and earn-able. Now there is no war you cannot take any such pictures to set any NGO or something.    

when editing such pictures did you cry, don't cry i am sure you can remember how the so called crocodile tearly dearly NGOs earned money those days ( big sorry this is not applicable to good hearted NGOs)

so women and men of those days cannot really compete with the current world that expect from their workers , even from skilled or unskilled laboures high qualifications so they cannot get what you get these days, as a minister. it is not everybody gets chance to start a rice mill, or a television or radio institution, channel.

so for such category that cannot engage in modern job categories given an option , one of them is ' Samurdhi benefit. do you understand that also gives not to the category who earns their own money engaging in any self employments an pay bit of taxes. understandable No. if you talk about the samurdhi there are jobs that arose through the concept. there are about 5000 ( please correct if i am wrong) jobs in permanent position thanks to this concept. here in this they don't feel dependent because of the way that it is functioning , for instance divi neguman ( life uplifting ) programme


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Oh! SLMC what is this that you are demanding ?

Yesterday i missed writing this essay because i went to strengthen the  force of the Presidential campaign of the President Mahinda Rajapakse organized by the Kaduwela Pradesheeya Sabaha. i didn't stay there for long due to some practical reasons but i happy with just joining them even for few minutes.

Oh! it is really unfortunate the situation that SLMC has faced though it is not something surprised to hear that s the way that they have been conducting or practicing their political strategies ever since i can remember though the good papers revels enough of political analysis on SLMC's Political Behaviours.  i don't understand apart from their demands such as 'separate admin division district' for Muslims of the country i don't understand the kadikulappuwa of SLMC. Look ! how good it is if you sort reside in a permanent place, and try to stabilize politically somewhere there or here. but it is not so happy to see jumping here and there from time to time. what is unfortunate is according to political sources every time when you join a certain group it collapses or do not win and what you so shamelessly follow afterward is re joining the betrayed or previous Party and enjoy any ministerial position.

Am i wrong?

so if you expect a separate admin system that means you want your people to sort of cornered from the main country or from the other parts of the social, economic, cultural, and even political life.

What you have not understood according to my personal knowledge is ' that in each the inch of this country there are MUSLIMS stabilized in many ways. For instance they have huge COMMERCIAL establishments, and they have big residences, Schools, and they are part of the GOVERNMENT Service everywhere of this country.

If you sort of asking a separate UNIT what would happen to the rest of the people ' how practical it is if you think of all those? So for everything they have to come to your dream admin division and if the dream demand granted by the present President what would happen to the earliest request of the LTTE ? Do you want them to fight again for giving you a separate admin division not for them? What is this you are doing sir? If every other Nationality start requesting separate Unit like you what would happen to this country? can you provide us a little clue about it though we understood and and it is no possible to fool others? What you initially asking is a separate admin system (?) it is not that you want what you want is a and what you are asking is a separate plot of land for you like what LTTE requested and fought for for decades. Knowing that the present Government did not want to break this land in to multiple Pieces for any reasons how shameful it is to request something. Any idiot can understand that the every person of this country can live in any inch of this land with no hazards.

i don't believe that every single Muslim is thinking the way that you think. we don't think of the Nationalities when what ever service is provided in a brilliant way whether it is an entity of a Hindu or of a Sinhalese or of a Muslim every person of this country for instance commercial entities highly dependent on every individual , buyer, customer of this country. each of them have improved under that 'theory' because this is a tiny country if you try to sort of cornered your people there is  a threat that the mass society may refuse certain things from you. SO i beg do not create issues and don't try to alienate from the big community you live. And Please don't try to break the HARMONY between you and others ( every group).

I believe that you can do some justice to your people by trying to be a good leader who has some stability in his political thinking. I guess it is good if you don't try to show others that yours is a broken vessel and you are failed to repair ever since you have joined the SLMC leadership. And take the SLMC Political vessel or ship to a destination where you find some secure environment for your people. That is the Place where you reside for all those years holding the ministerial position as a minister of justice.  if you are a real leader that expects nothing but happiness, their peace and security, their improvements in every other business or anything they do, 'harmony within each and every community of this country, ( They are ours , you have forgotten there is no separate terms when it comes to country matters ' we all Sri Lankans'  you are trying to create a big issue in the future.


FOR SAME REASONS THE TA JOINED THEM, i have a feeling.  if they are promising something for MUSLIMS can he avoid others demands, not give the same to others, other minorities ( i hate this word)    

People of Jaffna i m thinking whether you have correctly understood the political desires of TA. Do you believe that they think of ONLY about you not thinking of the luggage full of currencies they get from who ever just because they show them , pretending that they represent you. Do you believe in them?

if they do so they don't think of ' getting any currency during peace talks of any type. How to believe that you are not happy about your THAMBY , ANNA, AKKA, THANGACHCHI, APPA, AMMA now safe because there is no LTTE threats like before?  do you voluntarily donated your sibling , your anna thamby to die commit suicide using a cyanide?  i do not believe in that , you did everything because you were given no alternative but follow the commands of them. and what are they doing now, the TA uniting with the common candidate? do you have any idea?

you don't want to practice patience like you practiced for 30 more years? you want everything , who does not understand that ' your residents will be yours' this land, your motherland too, and it takes time babes to get the deeds that you lost due to the situation of past, but please don't expect 'instant results' have faith on this government they might for sure do justice for you not injustice to you like some did in the past. don't you think that you are already enjoying it, PEACE was the main thing that what was lacking in Jaffna? Now you say this and that how fare is that dear children, youth, adults?  
alright think of your political heroes what they did to you? did they even inquire of your food and heath all those years or were they enjoying other political safeness from other part of the world, did you see them all those years? where were they before? in Canada, Englnad, USA, RUSSIA, YOUR GOD FATHERS, were they with their political GODDESSES , GODS of South India ( pardon me for saying this) i am saying this because the team leaders of TA even if they suffer from minor cough or skin irritates come looking for you. how brave is that? isn't that something silly? is that what you expect from them? it is for me looks like a joke

so intelligent people of this country use your vote with intelligence question them who ever all of sudden become your ' Aladines miracle lamp', ( common candidate for instance) weighing what they say intelligently putting them in to the brain , the scale of justice.

have a insightful life ahead!


Monday, December 29, 2014

Where have some shanties (not aunties) gone?, I have another question about some meetings and rupee # ($), the Journeys of Senthilnathan’s

Journeys are not something smoother. Every journey begins with some difficulty. Now the journeys to some or most destinations have become smoother like never before, thanks to the smoother high way strategies, the high way Policies. That provides no hazels to any Buzzing. That provides no hazels to any meeting, gathering of future, for instance if you are willing to go for next ‘Galle Literary Festival’, you can drive smoothly than those days. What do you say?     

The Yaaldevi, the most stunning lady of this decade, who has just begun her journey after a dead silent of decades, brings what issue to your Journey these days?  Even if you are willing to arrange any trips to Jaffna today, like the sort of an official trip you made in July (?) 2010 with difficulty you’ll find no check points to win.

Unbelievably or unfortunately, no one is APPRECIATING such things. I wonder what has happened to the thinking of some of our people. I cannot believe how some always use nasty words, the most negative or the harsh words when ever the opposition addresses the ‘Nation’.

I believe though you have an AIM in POLITICAL Carrier, will, Service, like every politician or most politicians has ‘to be the head of this country’, it is natural but for god sake ‘think of the words you guys are using before public. I wonder whether you lived in this country or elsewhere all those years. That ‘s about journeys of this decade. Travel plans of this decade, the removing Slums and replacing with sky tall schemes for ‘UNDERPRIVILEGED’, remember this word that most the NGO’s always so fond of using, hammering then governments?

Now what can you say about removing slummerings and replacing it with housing for all slum girls and slum boys of those years giving them a special Name ‘PRIVILEGED
How sensitive are you the common opposition candidate, I like to ask you?
Doing all those things within 9 years of presidency ‘is a bad thing’ some people say.   

Some of the achievements are as follow .........

·        Planning the humanitarian war
·        Leading the entire forces, very including the POLITE POLICE, the civil security groups, the People of this country towards defeating the terror and winning the humanitarian war
·        Changing the cracked ways in to the high ways
·        Harboring the global connection with Harbors like Hambantota
·        Changing the ‘ underprivileged attitude into privileged belief of the tormented set of groups for years
·         Creating no bombing environment to live, at the same time removing the tears from the eyes of wives, parents of ALL ARMED FORCES, including POLICE and other  
·        Aviation is equally important like ‘ navigation when it comes to ‘ economical achievement of  any country, MATTALA is one of them , MIHIN LANKA

I learnt , ever since I understood at least a bit about politics and the ways of governing strategies of  leaders of here and there of this globe, you cannot expect ‘ divinity’ in governing, achieving targets, aims, visions and the missions. Yet, compared to all those who lead this country for years before 2005, including the leaders who embraced happily the Executive Presidency Garland of those years, and the very same set of leaders, who never thought of diminishing the Executive President SHIP’ now want to abolish. Why, they have already worn it earlier and got use of every bit of its power. Why should I give examples? What happened to the sons and daughters or the ex JVPians . Ah! Brilliant!  Now they are worshiping the aunts and uncles of those days who came behind them how did you manage to escape babes?, do I have to say any further?

So worship babes worship them, PRAISE THEM that shows ‘WHO YOU ARE’
Alright Mr TILWIN tell me ‘why did you all fight those days” what were the reasons that you to become such arrogant, to have killing mentality?
Will you kindly provide reasons to your public?  Ask Mhr Somawansa Amarasinghe to accompany you in answering. Where is he now in ENGLAND or in Afghanistan?

What were the numbers that you mutter even in your dreams those days?

17 years
Class mentalities
NEW Imperialism
Why MRAX said so and why Lenin did so
Ooooops! The Urban Labour theory
Underprivileged groups

THE rights of UNIVERSITY STUDENTS (you cannot see any difference, have you change your spectacles of looking at the people of this country)
What did MARX said about religions, CLASS , hey !!!!!!!!! What is this discrimination about the term BIYA, what were the moralism you talk all those days, shame on you for Insulting people. I never expected such things from you, especially because of the reason why you fought, what you fought against?

So you pray, so you worship them good for you

Now all the ones who support the common opposition leader wants him to be no active in the future but to act like Pambaya because what the entire group dream of doing is ‘donating the EXCECUTIVE PRIME MINISTERSHIP to the LONG LIVED IN THE UNP LEADING CATEGORY but unable to keep the UNITY of the PARTY Mr Ranil Wickramasinghe be in the decision making position knowing that the common candidate has less qualifications to hold such position before the international arena. Please pardon me Mr Maithrepala Sirisena for saying such a thing I say holding such a big position is no easy especially before the very complex global society. And I believe that is why they want you to be in the Noactive presidency position and they want the PRIME MINISTER position.

You can have your own explanation with regard to what I just mentioned, but I definitely feel that way      

The UNP party knew for another years to come they cannot get any top positions because of the way they lead the party.  So therefore they wandered here and there, everywhere, in search of a person to present as a contestant to the presidential candidate thinking of achieving never met target of political seats, positions, like Executive Prime Minister position, now they found betrayer to the present government staying with the present government for whole 9 years, believe it or not.   

You have no gut to move forward or competing with the present global political, social, economical and don’t have the gut to accept challenges that is why you want to abolish the executive presidency from this country. Instead of adjusting it if you want. Specially in the world the terror has become a prominent factor in some part of the world, everything is so competitive you may realize ‘ like the decision taken to fight until achieving the target of removing the terrorism from the country forever USING THE EXECUTIVE POWER of the EXECUTIVE PRESIDENCY that is the only thing that according to my common sense and common societical knowledge that the President used for.
So you can say that it is a bad decision and praise the other group.

So it is good for some others as well, if they think of their selfish desires not the future of people of Jaffna, I have a feeling you don’t care about the people of Jaffna either the Sumanthiran group nor the common candidate group, they want the VOTES OF THE PEOPLE OF JAFFNA, if they want something else they would have acted in a different way.  I don’t understand why the very good Mr Sambandan want to always get advise from the SOUTH INDIAN parties , SO DO YOU THINK THAT THEY WILL HAVE TO HELP IN ADMINSTERING THE JAFFNA PENINSULA why cannot you decide anything yourself. So Mr sambandan decided to reach Indian and came back on 27th thinking of releasing his position ‘whom to support’ NOW he is back and got the pack of dollars or rupees (please read the following for more information

I am thinking of the ways to become a million dollar babies like the boys in the slumdog millionaire , and the ways that how  TA became millionaires all of a sudden  to enhance this my saying here are the facts …………   

So what is that some good papers report about taking some millions from some? Let me come in to that strait away. It is not Senthilnathan of Ritual ( originally titled as Sadangu (1971) an Authorly contribution of Mr S. Ponnuthurai, translated by Chelva Kanaganayakam) who has taken loan from a loan provider of those days as a government servant) so further let me explain,  after having not transparent but secret meeting with Tamil Alliance who has taken 6 millions or is it billions Trillions not as a LOAN but as a lump sum of promised $ or rupees , The RIVIRA ( weekly paper) reported
For more information please log on to 

It is so good to see that you are not afraid of any threats of some who threatened your reporters in a more sunly way. God bless your reporters of Rivira and others!

So about the dealings without really producing any documents (Afraid of documenting because they all somehow come to surface cannot hide?) happened between former president CBK, Mithree Pala Sirisena (Ex minister of health of current Government), members of TA , Mangala Samaraweera ( one of the ex ministers of CBK government) and according to the paper they have also pre requested the ministries they want from the common candidate one of them is Ministry of Justice. Planning to change the LAW and order of the Country my dear friend ( can I call you a friend ) Mr Sumanthiran?  Please don’t let your people think that you are an avtar or aathma of Prabhakaran dear friend I know bit about others but have not heard much about you. Anyways I hope you feel not sad about because Jaffna is now free from ‘TERROR’

It is interesting to know what thoughts, facts you feed the people of Jaffna when you are meeting them to support ‘the common candidate’. Do you Promise the people of Jaffna that ‘you definitely support the common candidate to take the heroes of all Armed forces before the International Criminal Court?

MURUGA! never ever support such mentalities and POLICIES I beg you Mr Sumanthiran if you want your people ( all nations) to live peacefully.



Sunday, December 28, 2014

OH! you very well Remember ‘constitutions’ BUT forgotten CONVENTIONS? Bad no!

You may find no order in this essay when it comes to organizing my words but I am sure those who knows A- Z of the alphabet ( English) can understand what I am trying to say through this essay)

Not only about ORU, PARU but also about big SHIPS I learnt not from anywhere else but @ the SCHOOL as a kid. But @ the other Schools and at the latter stage of life, I learnt that there are other SHIPS other than TITANIC, like RELATIONSHIPS, FRIENDSHIPS

For any ship to proceed any further, TO LEAD any FURTHER a good Navigator WITH ALL RELEVANT SKILLS is an essential factor. And then what comes to my mind other than the SHIPS and oru paru are ‘passengers’, travelers, and pilgrims. In any of the cases all above I mentioned , the nature of them is that they are not objects but creatures with all human features that  shows tendency to move from place to place with a GOOD PURPOSES NOT WITH BAD INTENTION. ( NOT FOR KRONE OR DOLLARS, EUROS)  In the ancient eras of Human History there were group of people called ‘GYPSIES’, (I believe they still exist) they don’t stick to one place , their nature is travelling that is something that they have been practiced due to their ethics and practices of the group. We have no objections me lord!

Also there are other groups that shows similar qualities that as a habit they move from place to place (excluding the groups, that rents commercial entities or other entities for their business or otherwise) They don’t just stick to one particular place other than their ‘Permanent Destinations’ , the nature of them is ‘ moving ahead’ while travelling they collate experiences they travel ahead , proceed ahead, and journeying ahead within the given responsibilities achieving targets goals, objectives of their missions and visions

Any doubts ?

Though some collate things during their wanderings and roaming what a real passenger, travelers does is, though it is true that they are travelling and is a visible unique factor but they ‘do something concrete’ before they departing any destination of their travels towards their destination of aims
MInisterships , is not something worth if the ministers don’t do anything sustainable during their ‘ given period for the people of this country.

Compared to a big position called ‘PRESIDENCY’ it is a comparatively small position that has lesser responsibilities

Any opposition?  

My mind goes to not towards ‘constitutions’ but towards ‘conventions’, this some forgets. When you are madly discussing and thinking of ‘constitutions’, its facts (it is important I agree, yet) years, sentences, passages you tend forget other things that you should remind yourself.

CONVENTIONS, this I like a lot specially when it comes to child rights conventions ( I discuss something below as well, be patient) and conventions related to WORKING CLASS, LABOURERS , WAGE LABOUERS IN PARTICULAR

Labourships is something very important if you say that THEY ARE THE BACK BONE OF A COUNTRY. What percentage represents LABOUR FORCE other than the other working categories, the relevant details can be downloaded from internet.

As a minister to the ministry of Labour of the governing party of HAND or chair of yester years, Present President of the Present Government ( President Rajapakse), I can very well remember INTRODUCED , THE LABOUR CONVENTION
 (lïlre m%{dma;sh ) so it is something TRULY IMPORTANT FOR ANY LABOUR categories, working categories to PROTECT THEIR RIGHTS WITHIN THEIR RELEVANT and specific JOB’. So that is something sustainable for years to come. So I like to question the so called ex ministers , CROSSED OVER HAPPILY TO ATTAIN NIBBANA  via PRESIDENCY ( I MILLION TIME PARDON FOR USING THE SACRED TERM NIBBANA FROM THE ALL SNGHA AND FROM THE LORD BUDDHA IN MY EFFORTS OF TRYIN TO CONVINCE THINGS OF THE PEOPLE OF THIS SANSARA) for example ‘ minister of health (HOW IS YOUR own HEALTH SITUATION BY THE WAY?) of the present government ‘name a single thing ‘ that you introduced as a minister RESPONSIBLE of the ALLOCATED TASKS. At least,‘I personally believe, I do not know about big thinkers, that he was not a successful minister when it comes to achieving given tasks and responsibilities. ( HOW MANY YEARS HE WAS IN THE MINISTERSHIP AND IN THE POLITICAL ARENA , DEAR EX MINISTER YOU SHOULD HAVE LEARNT MORE BY NOW 9 HOW MANY YEARS IN THE SYSTREM OF POLITICS, NOT LEARNT SUCH THINGS IS A SIN)  

Take DENGUE’ issue for instance, he was given the information as to how to control the issue by importing relevant ‘is it a virus’ or something that has the quality to FIGHTING AGAINST detecting ‘harmful effect of mosquitoes by diminishing, clearing (using the remedy) the mosquito breathing places. I believe the remedy was to import from not space or from any other planet or from moon but from SINGAPORE (right?)

It is just a tiny task though the expected outcome, result was immensely massive

I as a Citizen of this land, our motherland, I say that I am not satisfied of the role you played as a MINISTER of HEALTH, dear common candidate of opposition. I believe how good it is if you could stop worrying about ‘other people’s Families but about your FAMILY, the ministry of health affairs/ tasks. I am wondering whether the ex minister can name a single executive or otherwise President that don’t own a Family. And in Sri Lanka it not a strange factor that you those days lived not as  a nuclear family but as a EXTENDED family( helped each other in their not just household chores also in their improvement of life), if you know bit of history with regard to family units of the country.

So each member even now or then FOR GOD SAKE THEY HAVE TO EARN THEIR LIVING, I FIND NO NOTES OR EVIDENCES THAT KINS OR RELATIVES OF A PRESIDENT of any country ( where executive presidency exists) just stayed at home without earning anything JUST because their KIN or member of family has become A PRESIDENT OF A COUNTRY’

Can you laugh?

It is silly to think that ‘they have no right to education’, they have no right to apply for any jobs, they have no rights to engage in enterprises if they have full filled the relevant qualifications can a president of a country say, using his executive power ‘YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WORK’ you stay at home I feed your family.

So these saints who are worrying (seemed) using a memorized, set of NEGATIVE WORDS loudening the version before any public gathering thinking that the people they are addressing are idiots what things they have forgotten, I am wondering.

Don’t make them fools, don’t inject poisons in to their hearts, minds, brains yes as the head of the government say it is a SIN. What happened within the ministership of  Patali Champaka Ranawake, who ever has taken money of people ( IS HE SOMEONE FROM THE RAJAPAKSE FAMILY?) couldn’t justify his duty and NOW gives BIG TALKS about taking this country towards a uncorrupted society. SO unless the Ministress Mrs Pavitra Wanniarachchi reveled it to the PARLIAMENT the Minister RESPONSIBLE didn’t know anything about the money gone missing. How was it possible

Were jogging not administering the ministry given?

Good exercise isn’t it?
Perhaps spending access ENERGY through exercise

So about your ministries, dear EX ministers CROSSED OVER if you were unable to look after your ministries responsible PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT GOVENNING A COUNTRY. What qualifications you have gained, what IS THE SUCCESS RATE you shown to add to the list of qualifications to hold the position?

I ask, you answer

And I say using my poor knowledge (I don’t have a degree in English, political Science or  of any Global science) I say if you are unable to taken care of a tiny part of a big admin system of a country you are a disqualifier to hold any position higher like ‘PRESIDENT OF A COUNTRY ( OF THIS COUNTRY)

I am thinking of the people (excluding the reporting parties, papers , media who calculate things accurately, some) who make big ha ho about 2/3 ( I am not say that this isn’t unimportant) whether they have tried to fulfill 2/3 of their duties, responsibilities assigned or expected by the people of this country. 


How good it is if they could manage to fulfill at least 50% of what they were assigned as tasks to full fill

Was it a bad question?

I request the people of this country TO NAME A SINGLE EXECUTIVE PERSONALITY of this COUNTRY, MOTHERLAND that SENT A SINGLE SON OR A DAUGHTER of their very own nuclear family TO THE BALLTE FIELD.
I know, I know that you can name the parents who sent their children OVER SEAS, ABROAD DURING DIFFCULT PERIOD OF THE COUNTRY but not to the battle front

Am I a bad essayist?

 BUT ONE OF THE FAMILY MEMBERS, ACTUALLY ONE OF THE SONS OF PRESIDENT RAJAPAKSE HAS JOINED THE NAVY. What are the things that the people, the sworn group can say about that?   Please remember it is not just the grass root level battlemen who died because of the culprit dream of having an empire of terrorism, the LTTE, I can name give the list of big officers who sacrificed their lives because of this land, her protection.

Any other thing I should mention…………….?

I don’t know whether the MEN who know very well about ALI MANKADA KNOWS what I just mentioned in earliest paragraphs?  
By the friends overseas it is not about MOHOMAD ALI JINNAH, ALI MANKADA is a area of this motherland, Sri Lanka

Is my memory cells looks malfunction or very bad with regard to memorizing some facts of history?

Life is sometimes a ribbon of politics though as a whole it is a game of games

If you talk about PAKISTAN there are JINNAHS who fought against protecting their lands, and there are other ALIs who fought to own the trophy of BOXING game

Am I look sporty? Ha ha


By the way those are areas of this country as well every muls in Sinhala is not always ROOT or beginning ( mularanbhaya) in its meaning

What do you think about my word knowledge? (Stolen from dictionaries – human and other)

Those days it was not easy for anybody to commit suicide it was that expensive (OOOOOPS committing suicide is a crime by the way, and a SIN according to the law of nature, some religion) ‘THE FERTILIZER AND PESTICIDES those days (you know the days and months or even years), mind you

I am thinking how they found money to commit suicide OH! Before I forget let me remind you, I am talking about the goviyan (the famers) of Polonnaruwa who committed suicide because they were unable to pay back the loans taken to buy specifically ‘fertilizer and pesticides’, seed paddy not to give away their daughters to a safe hands?

Are you taking care of fact stored in devices, re read them?

Goviyage hitha mithura not lankem (sorry Lankem, you are one of them) but it is this government (the friend of farmer is not Lankem( sorry Lankem you are one of them)

f.dúhdf.a ys;ñ;=rd ,kaflï fkfuhs fï rch ù iy;sl ñ<g ÿkafka fmdfydr iyk ñ<g ÿkafka
fmdf<dkakrefõ fu;ais;a we;a;d rc fuda,a ysñhd fkfuhs fï rch fudflda lshkafka ux jeroso
Tn lshkak

wfka ,xflï ;ryd fjkag tmd Tn;a fydo flula ;uhs t;a uu lshkafka we;a;

Who gave a certify price, reasonable satisfied price to the harvest (paddy) to the farmer (agri, in particular) , this government not the common candidate , it is not who owns the big paddy ( and other) grinding MILL authoritarian power of Polonnaruwa( common candidate) not the small mill owners

I feel SAD how about you?

Ah! my goodness what this government has done is giving a bag of fertilizer is for Rs. 350/= and it is been distributed through the presidents of FOs ( farmer Organizations) I don’t know whether there is any middle man who steal such things from the packs given for goviya. I must ask my big uncle in kelediwul weva. I hope he at least remember the difficulties he faced with regard to buying fert and pesticides those days

How bad is it? can you calculate? ( do you have a good calculator, even later)

So, those who don’t know to handle their own ones at family level and shows inabilities of protecting or taking care of their own daughters and wives, or women part of the country at their family level (to a big extent it is a responsibility of a mother, father to take care of their families and children, I believe) says and expect ‘ A president to do everything’.

I suggest …………..

 If your daughter does not comeback home until midnight please INQUIRE her make a complaint at the POLICE, if she has not informed you about her latenesses or late night agendas prior to their outdoor trips. And please ask her to follow what you have taught her (the daughters in general) during her childhood. The presidents of the country cannot do everything that you should do at your family level. We cannot say that the literacy level of women of this country is ZERO’ its high compared to most the regions of the globe.

Can take decisions independently and libertifully NO? (Liberally too)

The women of this country have had not some education but education to a satisfactory level other than ministresses, directresses there are many other positions like University Teachers, lecturers, (they aren’t small not in age also in size of education they have gained) have learnt at least some social ethics NO?

If not apply to a any MORAL university of this or that part of this globe. not a bad idea right?

 I stress that instead of worrying about the matters of others ‘PLEASE TRY TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN FAMILY’ WITHOUT LETTTING YOUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS TO just partying only or live outside whole night. if you think that it is good, what can we do or I do? NO?

 Inquire them; it’s a responsibility of you as well. it is not just a responsibility of a Mdam Montessori’s to teach your child everything , don’t forget the role of you as a parent.

Am I wrong?

If you, the parents think that your daughter should enjoy all the features of LIBERALISM then forget other things let them enjoy it why make Shooooooooo all the time?

And the husbands and wives who care less about the desires of their a better half for better and worrying  tooooooo much about other ones then stop talking about other things, ethical or moral, you have no right to do so.

I am glad that the first lady of the Present President of the country doesn’t misuse, like some in the past, the prestige and the money of people to ‘JEWEL HERSELF BEFORE THE PUBLIC’ I FROM MY WHOLE HEART RESPECT YOU MADAM RAJAPAKSE FOR MAINTAINING SUCH ROUTINE





Don’t you feel like re thinking madam, CBK ?

Have a good day!





Saturday, December 27, 2014

We know the difference between fire crackers and cream crackers DO YOU?

wfka lreKdlr l=udr ix.laldr uy;auhdf.a wef.a l=Kq .Efuka j,lskak mq¨jkao , ia;+;shs !

Guys, if possible could you please try not to apply any garbage on the proficiency and gentlemanly acclaimed character-ship PERSONALITY of MR KUMAR SANGAKKARA Thank you!  

(This is an unedited version therefore you may find grammatical errors in this essay. Compared to some errors of past, grammatical errors are something pardonable, i thought)    

We know the difference between fire crackers and cream crackers. During each, common celebrations, festivals of the country, for instance, Tamil and Sinhalese New Year! Fire crackers become the friend of all age types. But during such festive days, the medical parties normally spread the message for Kiddy parties reminding them

“Look KIDS you need to be careful when you are using fire crackers”.
“Always get the help of big ones who knows how to fire the crackers of any type”

So that Celebrative crackers (did I mention it before) provide fun for all type of people. For some people, one of the themes of ‘ruling countries’ is giving their people sort of thrills or fun, ( according to some explanations of members of common opposition)   ‘so fire cracking is seem to be a good option. But using too much of them give troubles, I believe, especially if the kids don’t follow the given health precautions, given by their parents, adults, teachers, also by the traders or the fire cracker manufacturers.

Any fire cracking stores should be definitely follow safety instructions during their manufacturing processes because any explosives don’t bring any good to any type of people. Remember your dynamite past, Babes that you associate with too much explosives? I am not specifically talking about galkatas, T56 that were hidden under bed linen of some.  Also I am not specifically talking about the dynamite weaponry solutions that some thought of dealing with, let me give just a tiny example babes, if you have forgotten what is the name of the luxury Housing Scheme that situated little away from Kolamba‘ is it Athurigiriya’, there what did you find? Some weapons or some chocolates or perhaps some fire crackers?  

Look it is not just the LTTE the buggers who tried to invest their fullest efforts to hold the ‘terrorism’ close to their left side of the chests, you can easily find other buggers called maskisms ( NOT MARXISM) who let you cyaniding yourself, their name also begin with SIN. So careful of such bullets that looks like local but have purchased from elsewhere. But don't think that every SIN is a SIN you perhaps have heard sing with SINGH. so there are melodically singable that begins with above term. 

lets be respectable SINHALA if you guys want to give it a accurate look it is no point born in to a parents who is nationality is Sinhala / Sinhalese 

So even if you people say that I am singing the same song of peace how we won peace like you have the song that you sing before public more than you sing the National anthem ‘ the Maithree Song’ 

By the way shall i ask you guys a question who composed National Anthem ? will you kick my memory lane if possible sending the details of 'who composed , who is the Lyricist, since my memory is disfunctioning due to fire cracking 

i can tell you that the wording were not done by very soulful Rabindranath Tagore 

i request beautiful vocalist Elton John to  melodized another version of sacrifice  

Sacrifice its a sacrifice
'Sacrifice' its not a simple word , in this complex globe
sacrifice is not a simple word 
Elton dear Elton
Sacrifice is not a simple word
its a peaceful word 
its a heroic word
dear Elton, 
its not a simple word at all 
its genuine
a genuine peaceful word 
Achievement another name for sacrifice 
'Sacrifice' done by heroes 

That is not just a song that big and small babes knows to sing it is a song of Sacrifices of all lead intelligently by this government who is currently governing the country.
So it is a entertaining some times to hear POLITICAL Crackers that the political kids use when ever there is a cross over.  That is called childish political crackers’ , so they enjoy politicrackering using fire crackers or ahas kuru just to give their party members some thrill.

What a thrill this cross overing. We no idiots understand who is who, therefore no trying is good to give miserable messages to your ‘no followers’ convince everything with regard to ‘popular naming’.  SAD is SAND , she is CHUTY for some kalpana for most, palama for some other and linda maha muhuda, ira handa , shining solar, eclipses, thundering lightening those too we very well understand, so it is no possible to cross puzzling the set who owns at least few brain cells are very well functioning.
 I can count 1 – 46 numbers without getting any help of others because I am a part of this Apolitical and Political world since I was 18 years , since age 18 I have been voting  - Provincially and Nationally all who had marks what ever had a number NO?  Some use BONES, some use born marrows, some use squirrels as their Party signs who does not know that.

And this is the country where some not just tried but took action to ban the community rights of some good ladies of this big community sometime back though the big daughter and in laws (?) of that lady worship the ones who banned the rights of their MOTHERS clamming the ‘good wills’ of such gangs or sorry ‘regimes who thinks and trusts that blood bondage is no worth compared to the bondage of unknown or less known. 

I don’t mind using brand names we have world best cream crackers that is MUNCHEE and MALIBAN that the pair normally travels across globe

What other crackers you know?

Cracker sellers, please don't get upset with me alright don't get annoyed i have no intention to spoil your self employments ( if there are people to buy Crackers why not manufacture , why not sell but i beg careful in using them, kids) 

Have you seen the floors cracked? Such can we call ‘floor crackers’   

Too many celebrations with fire crackers would perhaps give you tears nothing else so save some crackers for your kids to use when New Year Comes
While singing

“Erabodu mal mottu mottu avuruddath kittu kittu” 

What do you say? 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

How about Saying NAMASTE namaste way and AYUBOWAN ayubowan way ? Any Opposing perceptions ? ?

I am thinking of the ways that a particular country can protect their identities. I am thinking whether it is possible to convert any continent in to something entirely different, without really respecting the ‘identities of the continent’, Asian or African for instance. Even if it is possible what is the point in creating too many duplicates of a single thing, even of an object, unless if it something to do with ‘any business manufacturing’.  

These days, everyone can see that the common candidate of opposition representation of the Presidential Election, M. Sirisena appearing before the local public with his newest changed look.  Don’t be mistaken I am not talking about his talking, I have not started to talk of what he speaks before our people , I am talking of his costumes ( the outer shape of what he wears) the ways of greeting people , the way he sits with a cup of ( Kanji/ lassi/ European wine) coffee? I don’t know what his in the cup. So everything reminds me of a popular modal (An Indian version though) It is good, yes it is good, and the outfit matches with the shape of his figure. I wonder whether he received any invitations from any Indian Model Agencies / India, to showcase their designs in Public. I don’t know why he has chosen Indian way to appear before the Public of the Sri Lankan communities? It is truly interesting to know.

Yes, I have seen many not only the candidates of Presidential Elections, locals and international, but also other candidates of tiny elections to choose big people for their provinces, appearing before their public using their own styles. But this is the first time that I saw a candidate of a Presidential Election of Local (Sri Lanka) trying to imitate some Indian Politicians, The ways that the Indian Politicians wave their hands when they say Namaste to their ‘PUBLIC’ and even before any ‘world gatherings. Am I accurate?

I can think of a public gathering that Honorable Prime Minister Modi appeared in America after a long period of silence as a representative of Gujarat Pranth, he didn’t began his greet the public in American way, what do you say?
I believe what you need to understand is ‘we don’t want any style of working or thinking of other politicians of other part of world. As I always say, we want everything in Sri Lankan way protecting our identities (We are a Multi National Country) Mutual Understanding of each other of the Regions, Globe is something different to understand or act or react , when ever necessary or appropriate. 
Saying Namaste in Ayubowan way or saying Ayubowan in Namste way is not what we want. What do you say people? We want to say Ayubowan in Ayubowan way and we know that the Indians never want to say Namaste in any other ways other than their way. What do you say good people of India?

Who has not watched ‘Raj Kapoor’s Mera Bootahe Japani ……………. Meri dilhe Hindustani movie clip, let me know I can send the link

What is the name of the film by the way, I guess it is Sri 420? Right?

They may wear the Japanese Boots, they may wear the American clothes but what about their Hearts (DILS) their hearts are always ‘Hindustani’ that is the universality of Indians

I have not seen any Indian Politicians trying to wear any National Costumes of other countries before their public. Why we need a photocopy of someone to lead this country?  I always respect India as India not India as America of Afghanistan. We know that Afghanistan is Afghanistan and Afghanistan is not Pakistan.    
But what is happening when someone of a ‘trying to be a big politician in the future’ of this country,is appearing before their local public, showing other people’s costumes, ways of greeting , talking the words lending from others 

udf.a weÿu bxoshdfjks ñ;=rks ud f.kdfõ
w;a fol udf.a tijqfka wfka ;df,g fkdj wkqkafka
fokakx Tkak w,a,, f,dl= fudf,au fmdf,daishg weursldfõ
n,x bkag úrejks fu;a jvkd;=re ux isrsfiak - od,d hqO Widú .ï .ï .dfka
Thumpaasa aaye
yu muskuraye
jaane kya ………………
kuch kuch hotahe

I believe that is one of the long ran movies of Indian cinema, staring Kajol and Sharuk Khan. That is their films they have their own actors though they don’t hesitate to introduce little Sarala’s of our country (water) though our people go their to makeup their big artists like Kamal Hassen (He is a big actor though he holds different views with regard to people of our country when it comes to national matters)

America is watching us. Don’t you America? The Russia is watching us. Don’t you Russia? India is watching us. Don’t you India?


Answer is simple they want to know the intelligences of the Presidential Candidate, what they talk, how they react, what agreements they sign


Again the answer is simple. They can plan their Foreign Policies that has some ii importance to their internal, regional or otherwise dealings according to the policies of foreign (guesses are always possible) of other country’s 

Am I accurate?

I believe that any dealings outside to any local community can be easy or very difficult depending on the leaders (their Political identities, their policies) external to their communities. You find very difficult leaders that don’t easily agree to things if the things that comes from outsiders that don’t match with the local identities, POLICIES in particular.

I am thinking how the common candidate of Presidential Election, Mister Sirisena, obtained sil for all those nine years without really quitting the government ( Current Government ) if the government policies or working procedures, strategies, don’t match with what he believes.  He get Paid of the position he chaired as a minister of the present government. Now all of a sudden he says that he don’t agree to the plans and actions of the government, so this Saint or arhat or Bosat (?), who says that he is very pure of his work, never even dreamt of quitting the government and so saintfully used all the VIP facilities that the government provided as a minister of the government (it is similar for every position) why didn’t he quit? Why he waited until the UNP party administration came looking for a candidate and invited him?    

So he is a PUREIST ha? I cannot say that he is a baby who didn’t understand how the Heroes won this humanitarian war against LTTE?

I say we don’t want a leader who disrespect the war heroes     

(I thousand times beg the pardon of the spiritual leaders, including the Maha sangha for using the words such as Saint, Arhat, Bosat for this type of essay)

We don’t want any duplicates of any nations to replace with the positions of any hierarchical positions of Local Governing system , Sri Lanka

Lets respect the Identities of every Nation of this globe