Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Monday, May 25, 2015

Family first, the rest, next ..........................

i am very much interested in essaying about 'Children' but i am not an expert to write about them because i am not a parent, i am not a child care specialist.

i thought it is good to write something about the 'children of broken families' the way i can

i cannot say that i enjoy a happy childhood. The Reasons, i cannot really name or list. Perhaps, one of the reasons i can think of is poverty.

financial stability plays and important role when it comes to 'families, children and their 'happy childhoods' and most importantly such secures the family ties to some extent other than the social, internal bonds and needs

if a child belongs to a poor family, child doesn't get what she or he asks from their parents.

Such things leads to situations such as 'unhappy parenting' as well as 'unhappy childhood of the children of families.

So to avoid such situations it is really essential to 'aid the financial difficulties of any family structure'

i don't think that it is  a sole responsibility of a government to look after each and every family of a country.

but providing necessary environment is important , for that no government can pay attention to individual family unit but to whole economic, social, and cultural needs of the society including  freedom for them to experience.

hazel free Job opportunities  for who ever expecting jobs would help 'families to provide their children better shelter, education, and to provide other needs

strengthening and protecting and securing what ever facility that a government is delivering for free
, for the people of the country, we can protect and develop the children of the country .

Education  for instance

Free Education is no doubt provides secure childhood and no stress adulthood directly or indirectly the society would benefit from that.

The child should enjoy every right of children, no matter whether such mentioned in local manuals or books of child development

Gaining education through 'Formal Education' , Free education , according to the education system we have and respect  the child should enjoy totally

comparing your child with the children of other families is no good, yet there is no harm in comparing the children of happy families and with broken families to learn something good or to pick and choose something relevant or useful for your child

i think due to 'financial incapability' of parents, lack of stability in the financial department of privacy homes, the families may tend to ' break' into pieces, face problems when trying to find needs and wants of the children 

so such families may not enjoy 'peace and harmony' within

so the child who step out of such family background and join the other part of the world as a learner, peer, may show differences ,( issues, lack of confidence in what they do, aggressive behaviours, neglected sort of behaviours etc) compared to the other children  they move, associate with

childhood cannot be rearranged or refixed

therefore it is advisable to let them enjoy secure childhood

it is something that they should enjoy thoroughly and happily

Happy family units always produces a complete child to the society

during 'socialization process' it is so important that child should enjoy the results of happy parenting, happy relationships of parents

sometimes people face social issues related to family, not because of the attitudes of 'self' but because of the mis reading abilities or ill perceptions of the mass society we live

ruining your family can be easily done by the society we live

They are very capable in doing that other than fixing or adjusting or 'rearranging' or soothing your beautiful family

mostly or often 'the family' becomes a ' billa' of the hacking methodologies of the mass society we live

and same happens also due to 'tapping' agendas of rumors or gossippers

But  nobody is using such methods to provide a secure childhood for the child of a country

if you can think of the child, vindya incident happened in Jaffna recently and other incidents happened or reported in other parts of the country, you can have an idea about what i am saying

Gossipers wants something fresh everyday to talk or to discuss , if something happens within a family, that is enough for them

if such situations arise due to what so ever reason, within a family, that may damage the father mother relationships , father child  , mother child relations ships of the family

The society might or might not enjoy such situations, but you cannot forget your responsibilites as a parent

am i accurate?

i can remember everything about my childhood, how we ate, how we taught things, how we were sent to school with limited resources available , 'with the few coins that our parents managed to save

you cannot think of creating an extra ordinary children or adults if you forget the universial theory called ' family first',  the rest, next

It is sad though we sometimes forget our true desires but think of other priorities

i cannot changed my childhood that i was destined to enjoy 

Destinies of children of this country can be changed by providing better secure, happy place for the child to learn at every level of their development

mothers or the wives needs fullest attention of their husbands that may helps 'every member of the family' to enjoy a 'secure and happy family life', socially, culturally and otherwise

Working Mothers , working parents often face social issues due to lack of time they have to spend with the family

The Busyness of the parents often leads to slight issues specially when the children are taken care of by the nannies not by their parents

this isn't applicable to non working mothers

with a good plan of the parents , supporters, well wishers, the children can fully enjoy their childhood

if you can think of the types of the families of a country like ours, in an Asian community you can think of practical difficulties that parents face in child rearing or caring

 the children of The Male Headed Families, The Female Headed Families ( single parent, widowed) show some differences in physical and moral, motor, cognitive development, what ever way you describe the 'development of the child' 

in some families, you find children with special needs, in some families you find parents with disabilities, in what ever situations as such, directly or indirectly affect your child

children within any war zone shows differences with regard to their learning abilities, behavioral patterns

child is a duty of a society. Selfishness of some parents of the society, perhaps, steals the childhood of children

if you take children of an extended family for example, compared to the children of a nuclear family the child is surrounded by many who helps the children voluntarily, helps parents numerous way, positive way in order to develop or to look after the children and such brings positive results at the end

if you take the child of pre- industrial era, the child was known as an immature adult, but , now we know child is a child, an adult is an adult

lets protect the bondage of children  in its fullest way.

And please remember child is a world heritage and a responsibility of the entire universe 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Whether it is aaaaararo ariraro or onna babo ethinniya it is not what really matters

what really matters is how you look after your child. 

Lullabies shows no ethnic differences or language differences . The child care specialists do not tell you different methods to look after children of different ethnic groups or children of different communities. They do not say, this is how you should look after an English Child, this is how you should look after a Dutch Child, this is how you should look after a Sri Lankan Child, this is how you should look after a French Child , an Indian Child, they say this is how you should take care of your child. Yes it is true you need to understand the socio cultural perspectives of the communities you live to understand the families or the society you live, that would give you better motivation or better understanding when you begin to socialize your child , during the process of 'socialization' 

other than such things 'child is a child', no definition can demand the real meaning of childhood or child

child is an universal property , wealth of entire world, though often we hear they called children of slums, dogs but the world now know they are millionaires in knowledge 

The society has a huge responsibility over any child and creating a complete child, a child toward a better adulthood, it is not just a responsibility of their parents or teachers.

a child should have the every right to enjoy their childhood in its pure , fullest way. The outer or inner society cannot really steal the right of child of hazard free childhood

Childhood is not about feeding or giving formal education what about his right to live without any fear of any social or any other harassment

Jaffna is a city slowly rejuvenating from a night mare called 'terror', i do not know how Jaffna describes it though. i do not know whether they have any other definitions. But i do know majority of Jaffna believes ' Flowers blooming are not red or blood spotted these days' , they have their original colour shades.

yet, it is sad to know the people of Jaffna do not have time to look after the buds, the children, do not know whether they are engaged more in other activities 'claiming other rights , aiming at their other dreams 'other than thinking of their children'

it is no point becoming arrogant afterwards 

i read the editorial of Divaina ( 22/ 05/ 2015) allocated for the little child , Vindya and for the incident happened.

i believe that it is true the civilians do not have the right to say 'what to do', when it comes to something related to law and order of a society. Specifically about a society where you find a specific governing system other than the social laws specific to their societies, other than the social norms and values, taboos etc.

we do not have panchayak sabha  system in this country. The Village headman do not have the right to give solutions or decisions , though they are informal leaders who helps to look after the law and order of the society. There is a certain system in this society established and everything is written in books as well.

so either a governor nor a local politician given right to say ' do as we say'. The politicians are not the sole decision makers of the societies. They are under the laws and order of the society. They are given certain power to work within the given or described power frame. It depends on the position they hold. 

I do not think that the society or the needs anybody who just preach but no plan to look after their tiny provincials, morally and ethically, culturally. The people need no leaders who just scream after any incident happened but do not think of implementing any programmes to improve their 'social standards, safe guard their cultural demands other than consulting the leaders next door during theit tiny health ailments such as cough or cold, for aches and pains.

i am trying to memorize of any leader who have come up with any plans to protect the culturures , the demands and values of the people of Jaffna other than screaming giving wrong pictures to outer world.

Think of promoting 'one blood, one country, one flag' theory of living. Then you, we all can protect 'the child of this country'

And the other thing is when a specific system is established to protect peace and harmony of that society ' the civilians are not given right to handle situations though as humans they often behave aggressively. but that is socially and even lawfully Unacceptable

i personally cursed them, the rapists silently while reading the editorial. unfortunately i do not have ability to control myself in certain situations automatically certain words comes in to my thinking panel. 

Dear honorable Judges should give the decision as soon as possible not only to punish the victims but also to calm the society

i am not going to compare the society now and then with this and that but i have a feeling that such incidents might  lead to frighten not only the kids but also the parents.

But remember The SOLDIER is not your enemy if you do not understand it,who would? 

It is truly sad specially if you are a Sri Lankan who experienced the terror fear more than three decades

i like to know what Mr. Samnandhan have in his future list of working for the benefit of the people of this country, to uplift the moral and educational values of the children of this country, What Plans he has to protect and improve, enhance the cultures we have other than doing politics on his own way

'Open Your Eyes', says Vindya the little BUD, and taught the entire world a lesson, don't you think so? 



Thursday, May 21, 2015


Foot Path Wishes Trinisha & Samith A Happy Wedded Life
& A beautiful life Ahead ,
Meaningful Togetherness!!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Blossoming days are yet to be arrived .................................

Yesterday (16/05/205), i saw one of the main news published in the Lakbima paper, for me, it is not amazing or surprised to read.

The news reveled something similar to below, according to my own political awareness 

Most the parties that supported current president during his presidential campaign, now is supporting Eksath Janatha Nidahs Sandhanaya  (UPFA)

It is good to think of the reasons for such an reaction, for such a change

i can think of few reasons, from a civilian point of view.

i think some members of the current government 'over acted' or 'over reacted' to some of the situations or things, plans, working strategies of the former government.

Some are over optimistic, that is what i personally believe 

for some, the roles given assigned or appointed, the way that they represented the government, how they represented before the public, how they reacted to matters that some kept as matters before public, looked like something 'katussage kare raththaran benda wage', for some others, it is like 'wandurata deli pihiya hambuna wage'

what would happen if you give a shaving knife to a monkey ?

i think, some are so depressed the way some reacted to the incidents of past, 

what i say here is inapplicable to all yet even few is enough to ruin what ever you have been building, you have been constructing socially, or economically, or even politically over years. Some decisions taken politically or else temporarily to enter 'the zone of political power' after a longer period of 'power- muted', were, i cannot say inappropriate at that moment, according to their judgments, yet, i beleive not worth to betray any 'party ethics', generations of dignity or sacrifice all such for a temporary achivement.

for some , what went wrong is ' they thought that some people do not know to weigh or to measure things happening or happened, they thought what the public always believe is what they say.

Saying 'Ehei mathiduni' , ' Yes master' for everything that the politicians say is gone days strategies of this society, which were forcefully handed over to people by some, some not aware of

some think or thought that the public do not know the difference between injustice and justice.

'Betraying', some practiced, as a routine, i noticed,  thanks to the changed sentences of the constitutions, previous.

Some thought 'taking a common man before the committee or before a commission 'what ever' ' name given, fraud investigations panel' , bribery commission or what ever commission, is a good way to 'earn votes in the forthcoming elections'.


for an example, according to some , there were no apparent plus point taking former president before the bribery commission, they have setup or established ?

Some idiotic statements that some releases to the public become reasons to detach people from some of the groups.

People weigh things or measure things - current, considering the previous working agendas plans of the roles played by the reactors', or actors', their previous records as well. They do not just justify, clarify, or look in to the ways they handle things within the hundred day plan, foolishly, for example.

Other than moving on to their 'hundred day plans, some of them wasted their time unnecessarily, commenting on other people's duties. criticizing other people's roles and behaviours of political world, rather than thinking of polishing their roles - political or as politicians, taking the chances given to them to represent current government as some ministers, or as top officials.

giving political decisions to some of the major sections of the country is forggoten or neglected.

The Students of Kelaniya , the University (still?) and the Students of the Open University , Nawala is protesting against ' current educational strategies. Some misread things, it is not against the top chairs of the university.

They are helpless

i think if the management say they cannot lower the fees, then the government should listen to them and raise the FUNDS they allocate for education

What Plan you have discussed with the Students, what did you discuss with the top management, how many rounds of discussions taken place since the problem created or started?

Do not wait till the day of election to arise to say your decision, don't keep this issue to use during election campaign

Give a solution for the sake of Education not for the sake of political survival  

They have lost faith in you , i believe , current government

Do not say that we didn't interfere because it is a matter , internal, don't be that cunning

FUNDS , ALLOCATIONS are exclusively to the salaries of lecturers, i am talking about

Nirmal Sir, after all, FUTA is silent after getting the salary increment of the Lecturers NO?

and compared to past, during former government i came across few protests taken place. I cannot remember any protest tear gased during the era of  MR But very recently, protestors acted aggressively


Is that a change? 

And i believe, the protestors of any sort, should keep that in mind, NO political body would come to save you, once you are fall in to a pit they dig for you, take care of education from politcal traps.

And the other things is , like some say, they were not come up with any strong future plans. All what they were muttering or mantraring before public is very old fashioned for any politicians.

Since few years, people of this country is practiced to expect something bigger from the politicians.
some political promises like 'salary increments were numberly so huge and attractive , yet, planned aiming at presidential election, basically and in a way without thinking of future obstacles or practical difficulties when practically implementing such plans.

Often, people, practically, internally questioned ' the roles of political hierarchy' - current, of their 'political representation, and question them, as to know ' who is on top'? , why some sit on the seats allocated for presidents' to be seated, why some take decisions unaware to the top seat of the country.

can you think of examples?

How some outsiders reacted to internal matters were curious and lead people towards 'suspecting' some of the roles of the government.

i do not know whether this is right or wrong, i did not hear him saying anything like that, but i am sure the news people know , if something happened like that, or any back home statements released by the Secretary.

Some think that after the recent visit of State Secretary , he has promised to support to full fill the dream of diaspora to build their dream empire , separate state

Is that right or wrong?

Obviously or naturally people , other than diaspora and the set who are supporting their desire, to have a separate state are oppose/d to such mentalities of not only secretaries of that sort but also any diplomat etc.  

Can you think of earning votes in an enviornment like this?

It is alright our president, that the people of North and East were given the right to vote or voting rights, it is 'a must',that is good, yes perhaps , most them who expected a ' King Prabhakaran to rule the state they desired, never ever vote for President MR.

sometimes you lose things because you cannot wait people adjusting their minds  to live in a no terror zone, because some of them are that used to such a life.

Naturally he loses the votes of such groups,

It is something happened in the past. Past cannot be changed.

i do not think that the President Sirisena ever had a chance to work with a group , very green (UNP) over generations and generations before they setup sworn government?

i don't know whether the groups matches with each other, faces difficulties practically when working with each other.

i think it is a mismatch

i think it is a soup cooked with wrong ingredients adding 

Do not know whether 'working strategies of both colours or symbols clashes with each other,when thinking of ways of working, of the parties supported to establish sworn government, when thinking of their missions and visions - political specific to their parties.

i think people like to know the decisions taken within the parties, though people well aware that 'behind every politcal happening there are hidden stories' to reveal to public or people like to know

boasts of some is also a reason to lose the support of some

lets talk about somethings common to all allies or coalitions exists or existed in this political world  

if you think of Political Allies worldwide, you find some allies or coalitions successful, succeeded in their missions or well worked, functioned longer years in the political world.    

Similarly, you find some allies didn't last long, due to various reasons, such as; unmatched ideas or perceptions of members of allies is one of the reason for such

Sometimes, such allies collapses due to the disagreements with regard to plans of  the parties or ally and strategies chosen to achieve their missions and visions, objectives, politcal desires, aims , hopes temporarily or long term of the allies established.

if the reasons to setup an ally is temporary, or once the objectives are achieved or gained, obtained, the members of the ally automatically redirected to their own paths 

and also if the things were not up to expected standard naturally the members of the ally or coalition built, return to their original places or their ancestral homes.

so some reasons are public and some reasons why some detach from an ally is personal or to specific to their parties - unique.

competition , selfishness are other reasons for a ally to expire.

Anyhow, the public can think of a strategy to divorce the unmatched bond within the sworn party and think of a matching couple to lead the party missions and visions ahead

do not let your people to believe that' the dark days are ahead'

let them think and believe;  blossoming days are yet to be arrived !

Thursday, May 14, 2015

COMMISSIONIZATION & Commissionerization of State activities in Sri Lanka

i think about couple of days ago (12/05/2015), i read the main news, published on the Lankadeepa daily Paper; appointing about 270 special commissioners to look after provincial activities(?)

i understand 'commissionization' of Sri Lankan top Admin systems, very including some of the  duties previously handled by the Executive Presidents of the country since 1978 (?), facing the changes from time to time, constitution to constitution, is in progress.

i am talking about specifically the 270 roles to be assigned

so the commissionization or commissionizing state activities officially began after slicing the wings of previous constitution, numbered as 18, not solely into pieces but keeping some wings for the bird to fly with no specific difficulties, thankfully. Anyhow, the Bird is breathing we can see from outside. i do not know whether the bird has any issues internally.

our ancestors have gained enough of experiences facing the mudliyars of past though we do not have.
now the role only existed in the books of histories of the country, as 'Pittala bottam kedichcha muladeni',the person who lost his bronze buttons of the coat worn. 

let us pray and wish; such era would not come again to the door steps of our admin and living systems

we do not want to see the avtar of old niladaris again , their fashion and passion of admin strategies methodologies

Those days are gone days. The society stood against all the slavery ( not all though) attituded Mudliyars or Muladeni's Nilames, welwidane's all village level officials, who were officially or unofficially appointed by the Queen of England during the era of Colonization. such existed other than what was practicing, as norms and values, administering strategies, during the era that the society was castely divisioned.   

so those' aristocracization' is sealed and coffined. it is not anymore functioning in this society. 

what we need is to live a peaceful life with no reading or watching 'every day botherings or sufferings of insiders, part fighters of diyawanna, the mansion of administers  

we can see that 'election battle has started after muting period of about 5 months

actually some people suffer from 'election Phobia' so let them live peacefully, finishing the election quickly

we thank you government , if you can come to such a decision 

i might not talk about the topic of the day flowfully i might say something else in between, so pardon me for that. 

Today, the society we live is different compared to then. we talk of rights though most of us are little lazy to talk about responsibilities or about duties. 

Now people have the questioning ability, questioning rights practicing world wide ( at least in the books published by the UN). I believe i say what i want to say, no one so far told me 'Shut up'

i say anytime i want, to the OUTSIDERS ' take your hands off from local admin systems'
if any member of world promising anything to anyone , go ahead and give , we do not care but do not promise anything that we own as a country. You have no right to do so.

i think we can look after things internally, am i right?

what i am trying to say now is not directly relevant to the topic of the day, 'commissionization'

i am wondering under what circumstances that the Banks releases the account details of their customers and how and what are the procedures that the banks follow the protect the right of the customer.

i do not know how and what right the 'ministers of Foreign affairs given to inquire any bank, about the account or currency details of their customers?

i don't think any bank want any information to leak, of their customers, because they surely know that would black label their 'reputation' , that would tarnish the name they have earned over years. in the future, people might not trust the banks

i think any local or international activities , in that case threatened by 'wiki - leaks' attitude or methodology of not Asante but others. So the world should be very careful of that.

if any person, lets say 'People' of the country, asks the bank to publish the account details, including available money in the account  would it possible to 'read and see'

I think if a person says in public that he knows the bank balance of a certain customer of a particular bank , the people have the right to know ' how they have gained the details, why or when the bank has released such information or given such information to a person ( diplomat or civil servant, or any person works for state, any other)

i am not talking about any officers of intelligences ( CIA or FBI) even for them there are certain procedures to follow.

what right a civil person or a diplomat has to talk about such things without getting permission of the relevant authorities , if any investigations are going on. What law says that they can publish such information before finalizing anything.

Government, Please tell us how you are going to take the responsibility of the statements you are releasing about any PUBLIC figure of then and now

Are you saying or releasing statements after justifying or with proof all the time?

How responsible are you of such Statements releasing to the public, people through daily papers, media DO NOT FORGET media reports what you say

If anyone releasing information that is relevant to any person mostly dealt with People , the case become different. if the information they are sharing with the public is inaccurate, the damage cannot be calculated in currencies.

let me come back to my topic of the day ...............

i think we know what this means; ' inguru deela miris gatta wage', exchanging ginger with chilly

i know peopleization or globalization is different to commissionization or commissionerization

do not let people to say ' changing 18 in to 19 is similar to 'inguru deela miris gatt wage'

270 special commissioners, can the government look after them, financially?

how are you going to define the role of these special commissioner

So, Government, how are you going to aid the thirst of 'salary increment of your workers as promised , the remaining payment?

Are the Misters ready to donate their salaries, as a temporary solution : - )?

Any way Good Luck Government !


Sunday, May 10, 2015


About couple of days ago,I read a note composed and published on Ada paper, about a journalist and a Photographer,who is wiling to sell her photographs taken in the Nepal, to raise funds to 'rebuild' the country affected by recent Natural Disaster

i thought that is handy and beautiful. 

let US join hands in her effort. 
We should appreciate her effort. 

i think the world is not poor in understanding the Nepal and is very well aware about the country and the importance, values, demands, heritages, value of humans.

The Nepal is not only geographically, politically or socially an important community in this world, it is religiously important for the Buddhist communities as well. 

i think she is a Nepali Journalist. The world is enormously RICH in such human Resources with tremendous talents. So why not invest them for such an effort.
i guess for any community affected by any, various natural or any other disasters, it is little difficult to recover quickly or as they expect or hope.

it takes time to recover. 

According to some, TIME IS A PAIN KILLER. 

So we know that time would definitely heal NEPAL from the wounds and its pain faced due to the disaster yet we can use some strategies to quicker the process.

Any community affected by even wars were not uplifted within a day or so. Take Nagasaki , Hiroshima, The Germany, all other parts of the world affected by WW1, WW2 for example, all somehow recovered yet took some to rebuild or recover, other than the what sustained or not easy to erase. 

Think of this country, i am not going to repeat it in every essay that i write to remind the world,rather, i like to suggest, 'refer old files or clips of videos to understand them instead.

i think in about another few years the whole world might not think that there were such issues in this tiny land , like LTTE issue. 

Nepal is not an isolated community or a community that doesn't have any international affiliations. 

So world, it is time to help NEPAL, any who wish to help can raise funds in a very transparent way, i am saying this because some people affraid to donate or to to give any money because people raise funds for many reasons. 

The Cricketers, the cricket associations of the world can organize friendly  matches , including any other sports stars,the dramatists can donate at least a 1% from what they gain by organizing 'Events', stage plays, movies.

we all know that Some politicians maintain personal social community helping projects, some individuals and non governmental organizations also have setup such 'social welfare projects, charity organizations, to help who ever in need of help'

The AVAAS community, the world PLUS to name few international communities that always help people in need of various help.

Helpage Sri Lanka , The LIONS clubs of Sri Lanka , Thaarunnayata Hetak' (A Better Tomorrow for Youth) to name few local welfare and social organizations.

i can remember how the world helped us during Tsunami recovery processes, similarly the world can help, i know that have already began the mission

'ReBUILDING NEPAL' is not a project that cannot be achieved 

Wish You all the success NEPAL

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Made in Sri Lanka?

This essay is a tribute to Garment Workers' ; lets appreciate their work and talents

There was a song that we used to hear and watch very often. The song is 'made in INDIA', the name of the song too is popularly known as 'Made in India'.

i liked the song because of a special reason. i like the actor who acted in the visual, plus of course because of the voice range and the talent of the female vocalist ( pardon me for not memorizing the her name) She herself appeared in the visual.

Oh! let me tell you the name of the actor, model he is very stunning Milind Soman. Have you heard about him?

So, the visual was brilliantly crafted. You get various visuals made in India for this specific song but i liked the one that artist Milind Soman Appeared

I do not know what other things he is really involved in other than modelling and acting , perhaps, producing anything ?

So................. let me link the reason why i fell in fanning him it was really because of a Television Drama i watched during my school days. The character played by Milind Soman, that is Akash , if my memory works properly.i cannot remember the name of the televised drama.

There were two other characters in that drama, one is called 'Pruthvi'. The actor looked very professional so i cannot memorize his face right now. The other character is 'Pawan', my goodness he is very stunning in Screen if you think of his ACTING talents.

 e played the leading role in 'The Japanese wife'. i always have an issue, with regard to my memory his 'in trying to remind his name, until i read it on screen.

So yesterday, one of our consultant of our Department, OUSL, Mr. Ranganathan was teased by his colleagues of his very modern clothing attitude. He looks very smart in that outfit. so everyone admired it. So he said that he bought it from LONDON.

so that incident took me around world for few minutes. i  do not think that he has ever had time to read the 'tag' that indicate the washing instructions' and 'made in where?' details.

i thought, do not know whether it is made in Sri Lanka, or made in India, Made in Bangladesh or perhaps in China. The Most the garments are made in the countries where you get loads of factories - garments. But you have the chance to buy them wherever you go.

You can purchase them in LA or in Tokyo , Amsterdam, Paris, Alabama, Selma

So sometimes  give we our fullest attention to 'from where we purchase what so ever' but we miss mentioning 'the country made in'

all what i am trying to reveal here is that often or very often we forget to  appreciate or respect the sweats of the CREATOR'

what do you say?

Yes it is true most the things that we sometimes buy are assembled here or there or somewhere nearer community

The songs that are made in where ever community, country in their local languages, you always get the patent from the fans , even before asking or requesting it.

you can create such things sitting where ever you like, yet the things you use for something local are always local

Some individuals / people are made in Sri Lanka, or in America, you cannot change the genes or the Blood groups of such or them

But, money may wander or float or bank here and there in this world because of the garments or things made in 'wherever', though they enhance the Economy of related countries.

Take care Workers ! 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Saturday, May 2, 2015

We Welcome You Mr. John Kerry

Bureaucrats diplomats visit this country and other countries as Representatives, as Agents with a set of objectives visioned and compiled by their own countries or clarified or classified as duties as well as 'Communicative Partners' between the countries. Other than what their roles describes i can think about their their roles that way

As a citizen of this country, what is important for me is not what the state or the government think of these representations or visitations , that is their job.

yet , i think what they bring here is important firstly and foremots

Whom they meet, that is equally important

Then what they distribute or share, the content of what they share, during their visit, that too important 

How vulnerable or flexible they are to 'our visions and missions', objectives of the country, how they cooperate 

we all know that if you take Mr. Kerry's Visit for example, He represents USA ( United States of America), popularly or politically or otherwise known as 'The Policeman of the World'.

People name people or individuals or else places or what so ever thinking of their 'nature' or else of their previous records of how they dealt with others with regard to their described roles,  how they politically, economically, socially and even culturally dealt with others , often people continuing using what so ever naming if they do justice such naming thinking of their 'current dealings with others ( countries) example America as a member country of the world we live

i can think of two previous examples why as a student learner or a woman who is interested in learning such things, of world situations , political or historical, economical happenings .

One is the incident or the situation regard to 'Former President Sadam Hussen, and the other thing is how they deal - currently with ISIS groups creating an ally that is of course sort of a different matter compared to the previously mentioned ' Sadam Hussen' incident

hats off to America for what so ever action they take against Terror , it is something that we too tried not only to safe guard 'internal peace' but also to safe guard ' Peace within the Region, and most definitely to safe guard the Global Peace Situation' 

The Leaders of this country, luckily didn't handed over the rights to 'handle LTTE situation', we managed or won within the geo political frame work, using local strategies security or defense mechanisms.

though it is ethically or politically invalid , considering fatness of  America in any many things, our leaders should have asked 'help' or to work as mediator with regard to eliminate the issue we face, just because the USA hold the tag or the label above mentioned ' The Policeman of the world'  

well , i am not going to take any examples from history of America , within, the struggles or revolutions to justify or clarify or else to describe or share my views of  the global views with regard to above naming or tagging.

i do not know whether America like that naming or tagging or description how they accept or welcome that, anyways according to what we know' America wants the 'CROWN of the EMPEROR of the WORLD' ( Political, Social, Economical and other)

Do you agree America?

Now, you do not find 'Slavery thinking' exisiting in this world', let me take few minutes from this writing to salute President Abraham Lincoln for his effort with that regard. but slavery thinking is not similar to what President fought against within America back then. 

I think world should manage or try to sustain or continue, safe guard the thinking of 'Independent thinking' , even with regard to diplomatic relations or internal political otherwise matters

if world is thinking of managing ''Dependent thinking' ( local or otherwise) perhaps, the countries like America, or regional countries, communities can maintain the 'dream of becoming regional emperors or world emperors'

People, what we need to do first and foremost is 'Eliminate dependent thinking', that would do wonders in what so ever you do    

The roles of the Secretaries of State/s is very much broader or it is a widen role compared to the roles of the other diplomats or bureaucrats of the countries or world

specifically i cannot refrain from thinking how America responded to our reason matters , how they responded to internal matters, the matters discussed at the UN with regard to ' HUMANITARIAN War' against ' Terror ( LTTE)

i do not know whether the dealings are now easier or not tufter with the SWORN government compared to the representations with Former Government, i do not know.

Transparency and No unnecessary distribution of survey questionnaires within the country to learn people's perceptions on various things or subjects local or international would definitely help for the SUSTAINABILITY and SOLID relationship between two countries, i like to note.

And Mr. John Kerry ' what you are taking away tomorrow, brief-casing what you collated' , that too important not only for America but also for us.

Thank you for your Visit, Mr. Kerry



Friday, May 1, 2015

For the HEARTS of NEPAL .................................


May you get loads of strength &Courage!  ..........................