Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Monday, September 30, 2013

A Traveler .......................

There is no one in the house it seemed
I must sit and relax for a minute
To think about wars?
Why should I think of wars now?
This 2000 not 1959 or 1970
Thank god for that
Do not know whether the owner comes and chase me out
NO! I suppose
This is not a colony anymore
Thank goodness for that

Few minutes is not enough to memorize,
How I made the tomb of my ancestor -One of them
A soldier of inevitability  
Where did I build it?
Oh No ! No!  Not near the Pearl – Harbour
It is within, in my heart
Don’t ask me why
Yet I can tell the French and the Japanese and also to all US
That is because no one can break it when I am away – to build a different one
We are not enemies
Not at all
That is what ‘History is all about’
My Brother lives in Chicago now
My sister now is in Osaka
I am dreaming to view the Eiffel

There is a bit of a revolutionary within
There are so many questions to be solved
I need some dong
To prepare some ‘Nem cuon’ for my kids
Any travelers come this way?
These cranes are stronger
Crafts are good
Who wants our crane crafts?
No one?
The French, the Japanese?
Why do they need my crafts now?
They have the more modern ones now
After all revolutionaries
It is alright
revolutionaries are good,
French or Green
colour No matter

No I am not Sad
The bicycle will it hold all of them until I finish my journeying – within
Here and there
Within Tokyo,
Around Paris
In Miami

How am I looking in my hat?
No! That is not an English one
This, I made with care
Will they recognize me?
The designs mine?
I am sure they can

Tomorrow will be a new day

Sunday, September 29, 2013

WIGS and masks

I am thinking this moment that often people have to use various or different strategies of life in their processes of living. Some strategies are inevitable that people have to follow or have to use. So to get a right picture one has to unmasks or remove the wig and show the ‘look as it is’ until then identifying universality, uniquenesses of our own lives  is no easy. 

I remember reading or watching  a particular photo shoot of our melody of silver screen Sangeetha Weeraratne taken at their very own studio – Thimothy Studio I can’t memorize the exact dates or year I read them. She has used various wigs very fashionable ones of course and they were very well matched with her features, body shape etc. That is because she is a celebrity and was in the fashion arenas those days than now days.  and I have seen some other celebrities here and there have used fashionable wigs on and off screen , here and there of celebrity world , occasions, events.

So these Wigs any fashionable figure of any industry ( mostly star arenas) has to choose them ‘intelligently otherwise their whole look of the faces and figures may show not any difference for good but some no matching looks. That is bad for them especially when they have to maintain their body shapes and figures of talents in a very careful manner. 

You know the fans are very much concern about how they not only look but also how they live.  The fans here or there are like that, they sometimes bothers you in some other times give you a very positive feed backs to promote or demote your carrier specialties.

But the masks are different the celebrities can’t use any masks in their real eventful occasions,  dinners or at anytime parties unless it is a dancing occasion that the partners cover their eyes mainly with a very fashionable or creative masks that is the style of such dancing items. I do not know whether in such dancing movements whether the other dancing partner does not know ‘with whom they are dancing with’ just because they are wearing eye masks and dance. I doubt I am sure they anytime can identify their ones though they use such masking when partner – dancing.  They can read eyes I am sure.

I remember sometime back, our Honda daruwa ‘Deepthi ( Ms Nilmini Thennakoon) of Du Daruwo  ( daughters and sons ?)  directed by veteran small screen personality Mr. Nalan Mendis. So this Honda daruwa Deepthi used to style her hair in a very stylish way the style chosen was very well matched with her looks. And we were very curious about her hair and style and were wondering what had happen to her hair or how she tied her hair that way. Anyways after sometimes she explained how she tied or styled her hair that way through a newspaper interview given to a paper. The cut was known as ‘Bob Cut’ Deepthi‘s cut’: -)

Wigs and masks are like that

I know some use wigs to cover ‘hair loses’ some really have to because of the health conditions that some suffer from, illnesses like ‘Cancer’ and because of the treatments that they get, hair loses I have seen some uses. It is not compulsory or one really have to use it but you know even knowing that they don’t live longer they ( such patients) like to live even one more day in this world and they like to see themselves in  a at least some pleasant way.

The detectives have to use them for various reasons; some thieves I am sure use them to cover their real faces until they finish their stealing thinking that others can’t recognize their faces. Every stealer keeps at least single evidence unknowingly of course that very same evidence would help any detective to catch any stealer, them that is how this world is formed though it is most the times very strange and difficult to understand.

Some use them to cheat others or for good of the others. Every action of every human being of this world depends on their inner ‘wills’ and aims of their lives. They use their strategies of living accordingly. Threatening who ever using masks is a very ugly way of dealing things. Scaring little ones are very and very ugly thing to do in any of the dealings of carrier or otherwise. This world is cruel sometimes that too we have to admit again it is little difficult to understand the entire facets of this world we live.  So such masking or wiggings of dealings of life one has to expect or should not be surprised even experienced.  Life worth more than any other vital or otherwise information, documents no need to explain.  We are not all the time intelligent or clever (sthanochitha prannawa) but that is what one has to maintain throughout their lives, dealings.

One need to use what is truly applicable to what so ever moment fearful or eventful or joyful.

Some I am sure use masks to mislead people, groups, and individuals. Never last long such things.  That is not very original ways of dealing things, find solutions face to face dealings are always fruitful and useful that is my personal thinking.

Both wigs and masks ‘creating’ is an art. One needs to have enough of talents to create such things.
One can use them, the masks in a way to express something in a meaningful way – Yak Handa (Mr. Malinda Seneviratne’ s column) for an example.   

bali thowil ( traditional methods of healing used in now and then society of ours, that some say is not scientific) is good for some diseases. Bali thowil is one of the informationful sociological and anthropological 'research topic as well.  many researchers have done many research under this topic one can explore if necessary or interested to know, via the nets. 

Both wigs and masks helps people for their livelihoods. Some make a living making or creating masks and wigs it is like knifes and mammoties when one uses any of the existing tools for ‘good only’ there is no harm manufacturing them it is foolish to say ‘stop manufacturing wigs and masks because people use them for ill will purposes.

Nothing of this world that exists so far here or anywhere of the world I do not think easy to eliminate when you find the ones who always support such actions or procedures rather than thinking and supporting to stop such things. It is no easy to convince people as to this what we called ‘good’ or this is what we think is bad.  Until the last day of this world people may say, preach, argue, discuss various things, issues, but can anyone find such moments or will there be any single day without any of such disputes or hazards of life in this world that people can embrace with no hesitations. I am wondering.

We need to understand the fashions behind the wigs and masks and true uses of such things in a very clear way. The faces, objectives of using wigs and masks in life of people one must understand then that would certainly help all to understand not only each and every dealings of life but also each and every single living creatures of this world to at least some extent.

it is easy to go with the faces that we are destined to own rather than using a mask and appear before the society  i like to think and practice. but i very strongly like to emphasize that labeling is something that one must exclude in what so ever dealings of their lives. 





Friday, September 27, 2013

‘Silence’ is the word that we write – together

‘Silence’ is the word that we wrote – together
‘Darkness’ is the word that we discuss – together
‘Listening’ is the word that we admire – together
‘Quietness’ is the word that we love – together
‘Calmness’ is the word that we drew – together
‘Understand’ is the word that we learn - together
‘Fear’ is the word that we hate – together
‘WIN’ is the word that we mutter – together

b;s¡  Bg ulA fõo

yd;ami w÷reh
wid isákqfhao ke; lsiSfjl=;aa
w,,dmhkA  iy i,A,dmhkA wmf.A  

th tfiA jQjo 
ulA fúo
wm wfmA f,dfõh
TjqkA Tjqkf.A f,dfõh

w÷rg wm ìhjkqfhAo ke;
is; wmf.A fndfyda  t<Sh jk fyhskaa
fujka jQ ksfïIhkAyoS

w÷r jqj
>k÷r jqj
ulA fõo
wm wfmA f,dfõh
TjqkA Tjqkf.A f,dfõh

ksi, osh ksfid,AufkAh
wid iSáho
wfm yoj;A .efykd rdjh
wid iSáho
ish¿ foA
fydr ryisk


Bg ulA fõo

fpdaokd lsisjl=o fkdue;Af;Ah
wf¹akd lsisjl=ÿ fkdue;af;Ah
fifkyi muKlAh

lshk ° fndfydah
fkdlshk °o fndfydah
fkdlshQ ish,a,
,shkqfhA fofkf;Ah
is;=foA a,shjqfkA yojf;Ah

flfiA lSjo
flfia jQjo
ljqre lSjo
fudkj lSjo

b;s¡ Bg ulA fõo

wm wmf.ah

TjqkA Tjqkf.Ah 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

guiltiness & IMPRISONMENTS ....................

I can’t imagine of a country where there is NO PRISONS. I like to guess at least 198 of prisons in the world in total.  I know that in some countries the total number of prisons exceed the very first number of the any mathematical analysis that is the ‘1’.

People become guilty before many institutions in many ways. Some become guilty before the ‘self’, their loved ones, friends, co – workers, relatives, neighbours, world and there is the all know, popular, lawfull ways of becoming guilty that is before the book of the ‘law’.

We, You, I, they, she, he, judge people the way they like or prefer other than the ‘JUDGES OF THE COURTS’.  I do not know how ‘fair’ we are in our JUGDINGS. The judges of the recognized institutions called courts judge people according to the books of the laws local or international, udarata district or provincial laws (?) according to my understanding they don’t judge or give their decisions according to the ‘societies’ Norms or values, that is not possible.  But we judge ‘people’, person, a man, a woman, based on what? Following the laws written on books? We never do judging that way. Our judgings mostly based on ‘assumptions’  we like to assume things.

In courts after writing ones destiny ( I apologize for using such words other than the words and terms attached to the books of the laws, I am unaware of such terms) let  say ‘hang till death’ the judges break the pens they used, to write such decisions. What do we do?  We do not follow any such procedures after writing or sending ones ‘life’ in to the prisons of our illusionary , to the places where they think that ‘impossible to return to good status’.   

After imprisonments, in most the incidents heard at courts, the situations where the judges don’t write ‘hang till death’ statements, there is always a hope of returning in to their homes.  But in our judgings and after creating or labeling others, person ‘guilty’ do we follow such proceedings to ‘forgive’. We as normal human beings that do not belong to any ‘saints’ or Arhat’ categories don’t think of aiding our thirst until the person die physically or mentally.

I remember trying to interview few prisoners at ‘Welikada’ for my third year dissertation thinking that I went to the prison with one of my neighbouring friends ‘Kumudu’ she was graduated from the University of Jaywardenapura we are in same age category.  I met the Commissioner of the prison at that time in end of ’94 or ‘95. He kindly advised, looking at both of us ‘I think you should change your mind and think of another research topic’. I don’t think that you can interview prisoners here with ease of mind, peace of mind I think it might be little difficult for you to continuously do that.  He told us for our own good. 

Most them are defensive because of the way that the societies’ look at things , the way they look at the ones imprison.  Do you think that we look at such people in a way that we look at other people who have not imprisoned for any reasons? NO. We keep things in side and we talk of such people in our day today conversations, discussions, groupings, at our lunch or dinning tables.   Why we do so? We do so because we forget the meaning of the term ‘unpredictable/s of life’. You never know how life sometimes treats you. What way the destinies of our life ‘written’.  Some has to follow ‘self defensive methodologies’ in life but the ones of the societies we live that judge our ‘self defensive methodologies or strategies will they say that you are not guilty and followed such things to ‘protect own life’.  They imprison you in the courts that they have built in their imaginaries or illusionaries, unrealistic lives.  

Who suffer because of all this and that judgings ?

The ‘guilty’ only? (the rightness or wrongness of judging/s forget for a moment )

We sometimes forget our loved ones how they feel during all these situations that we don’t like or never expect to face such moments in any moments of our lives other than the embracings. We don’t think of ‘how the person’s’his/her family might feel if we say things to their faces, when we insult them saying their names , reminding the activities or what so ever they may have done. We at least do it behind their back even if we can’t say it to their faces. We enjoy their guiltynesses other than trying to heal the wounds of the same person or of the loved ones of the person.  

‘ oya koluwage thaththa horek’
The father of that boy is a thief

Ara kellage amma ganikawak hire indala aawe
That girl’s mother is a prostitute recently released from the jail’

Some say or use such wordings in straight before their faces.
But you know what ‘they never change the places that they hold within for their loved ones’

A daughter never calls a smuggler the person is always the father’ for a daughter not a smuggler, murderer, killer or any person guilty. They still call them father mother sister son daughter they don’t call them using the number given at the prison.

I think we must get at least a single chances to hear the ‘conversations’ at prisons when they come to meet their loved ones , imprisoned.  Get a close up of the eyes during their conversations.

Never think that I am going to say something that we should release all the prisoners harmful to the societies all what I am saying is ‘WE NEED TO CHANGE THE WAY THAT WE LOOK AT SUCH PEOPLE, THE WAY WE TREAT THE REST OF THE MEMBERS OF SUCH FAMILIES FACED ANY SUCH SITUATIONS.

I can’t imagine or dream of a day that there is NO PRISONS IN THE WORLD, or no imprisonments
Can we imagine of a place where there is no prisons
Do you think that we who are not among the bars of the prisons are always ‘not guilty’
Can we think of a moments that we don’t do ‘crimes’ to pollute other people’s hearts and minds at least in a tiny way?

Don’t misjudge me for writing this my essay that way I think we all should be imprisoned for sometimes insulting, spoiling, misjudging, gossiping, wishing ill wills, hurting the hearts and minds of our loved ones, breaking hearts, hacking the hearts and minds of personalized arenas of people’s lives,  and using them to throw stones at them.

No one in this world we live is ‘PURE’ no one as such.
We all guilty at least for something the only difference is that we have not taken to any custody, courts or sent to any prisons.

We mostly engage in such what ever crimes knowing that we are doing something wrong but finally we like to put the whole blame in to one person’s pocket, or in to the bags that we carry in this sansara thinking that we are not guilty.

Come before me if there is anyone who have not done a single crime (the weight, measurement, capacities differ from each and every thing we do major or minor) to spoil , hurt any ones mind one way or the other. if you have not contribute even in teeny weeny way to support the ones who organize hurting campaigns, if you have not given a single phone call to insult any of the ones you think is your enemy (assuming) and if there is anyone who have not laughed at any person behind their backs please come before me.

I can’t make any vows before any mirrors of truth saying that ‘I am not guilty totally or fully in my life dealings because I have hurt my loved ones many more times in uncountable number. I say I m guilty in most the things doings of my life at least a tiny way.

I don’t visit my relatives who are in pain sometimes in their lives now and then therefore I am totally guilty. I am not going to justify such my actions to ease my mind. I can not do that.

I have not visited the hospital where my father’s (one and only) brother was getting treatment for his cancer therefore I am hundred percent ‘guilty’ before my own heart.

This note is to be continued ………………..

mshd iy oshKs

ks;shg  Tyq uerfhls
usksiqkg kreufhls
fidhqrsh , oshKsh

Taang  Tyq
fifkfyjkA; msfhls
ksfodiA , ksle,e,A, usksfils

f,d oyfuys yegs tf,ih

tf,iu ………………..

Tyqg Taan
ieuod Tyq oqgq lsrslegs oshKshhs
tu oyu fkdfjkiAh

Taan ksre;A;rh
lshk l:d wefik l;d wNsuqfjys
msh fifkyi uy fur Wigh

f,d oyfuys yegs tf,ih

Mjk jŒ
f,dj ish¿ ÿ mq;=kg
iekisu m;kq yer
fkdfjs l, yels wkA hulA
ud yg

wjeis Ph .ekqug f,dj fukAu usksiqko

yoj; foord hkq oefka ug
tfy;a ……..
T n th bjish hq;qh

rErd jefgkdjŒ lÿˆ tjk jŒ jSgl ye|sksh yelsh ug
loqqˆ hkq isr .; fldg ;ensh fkdyelAAllA neõo oksuS uu ,  
oefka  ug
tA udo oshKshl jk fyhsks

Tng iekiSu




Tuesday, September 24, 2013


[Thank you avaaz for the information and for the EMAIL reminder you have sent to me]


A child Miseducated is a child lost’ – John F Kennedy
He who opens a school door closes a prison – Victor Hugo

EDUCATION is a fundamental RIGHT for all children not only Sri Lankan children, Ethiopian, Ukrainian, All tribes, all societies, all countries EDUCATION is an ethical right of children of the whole UNIVERSE. 

Why Syrian children are special here though we know that ALL CHILDREN ARE SPECIAL

No I am not trying to highlight them here I am purposely and intentionally writing that they need a better clam, peaceful surrounding for them to gain any layers or levels education.
They are hurriedly in need of peace and education together.  They need no education without peace or only peace without the chances for education but when there is PEACE the rest is achievable.

Without peace no education they gain will be peaceful or useful

There are reasons as to why EDUCATION (Knowledge) should be shared amongst all (Children) across globe? Why is it very important?

Is it because they are the heart of any Nation
Is it because they are the core of any country?
Is it just because they are the ‘back-bone’ of any society
Is it because they are the pulse of future

All comes later at the list of importance then what comes first ‘because they are the UNIVERSE’

It is education that has the POWER to write the destiny of the world of children for better

Children are the present & the ‘future’

Every child should learn not just to stop ANY WARS in the future but to understand each and every one of them, their families, their society, their Nation and other nations better.

Authorities must provide them a better place to study, children friendly environment, peaceful surroundings, enough and enough of space to learn the things they like with ALL GOOD GUIDENCE AND DIRECTIONS of their GOOD HEARTED TEACHERS, PARENTS, WELWISHES, SUPPORTERS   rather than giving them 'job oriented' training and practices at the very beginning that can wait until they become little mature in their process of choosing their own streams of learning.
Job oriented focuses can be practiced and applied especially at the latter stage of their lives.

So to layer a better foundation for children’s education a vast, a massive ‘togetherness of discussions are truly and unbelievably essential’ 

Learning or education is not just for ‘kids’ this very particular stage of ones life called ‘childhood’ is need very much care and attention and this is the best place, stage to layer a better, un breakable, solid concrete  foundation for better education.
Education is not just something that they learn how to read and write A – Z s of the alphabet, learning or practicing to learn all qualities that will inevitably nourish their ways of communicating and sharing and loving, living included.

 'They truly need to learn the basics of how to treat each and every one with some respect. Then i am sure there will never be any wars in this world. 

I do not expect any children to say IN THE FUTURE when they get the chances to write the unwritten pages of histories of their societies that ‘every war that had taken place in the histories of the world is legal’ legal sides of something is always there in the spheres of the rights of education children’s right to education, the world ethical right to peace and harmony.

So can we not talk about SYRYAN children don’t they need a better place for better education?

Via providing better education for children any country can stop all viruses that kills and harms the inner sides of any groups of human.

Wars are one of the viruses. There are ways to use education for better. Education can be used as one of the better strategies not only to minimize the 'differences' of any society, any group, but also to strengthen their unity within. Then no outsider/s can harm its inner peace. 

It is no point arguing ‘hey don’t you know that how many are there in this world, achieved  high, highest education why is the world still showing ‘most the differences, divisions fights  violence in some of the parts of the world.

May be they have not gained what is known as better education

I don’t know

I am not an expert from time to time the experts the scholars suggested various ways as to how to educate your child for better’

From every preliminary stages of gaining education there are challenging strategies to be practiced.   

Every child is unique though they come from different backgrounds a child may come from Syria or Nigeria, Afghanistan, Nepal or from Hawaii to India. It is true that we all of us show some differences in skin tones originally known or named as ‘ whites or blacks’ Asians or as Africans’ or as Europeans a child is a child, a man is a man, a woman is a woman what differences that such terms show in reality?

Is it only the Asians breathe not others?
Is it only the Europeans who eat Pasta or Cakes?
Is the term LOVE prohibited in Nigeria?
Is it only the Jamaicans cry not the Americans?
Is it only the Kennedy teaches the bitterness of assassination?
Was it only the Jackie Kennedy understood the weight of the Tears not the other women who lost their men in battles?


We all feel and understand tears, happiness, dullness, borings, power of strengthens, eternity of peace and harmony what kills us, what expects our hearts and minds
We all understand them, perfectly I like to believe. 

Who does not understand the value of Peace and harmony then, children’s right to education?

The Uneducated only

Let them learn, allow them to learn they will change the world they will for sure create a better ' VOICE FOR THE WORLD' and they surely will be the 'VOICE OF THE WORLD'.

They have to know and must learn what to say, how to say, when to say what ever they have to say, what ever differences that bothers them also will bother the others, via what methodologies and strategies that should address or talk of their issues pertaining to any sort of thing.

'ISOLATION' make no sense peace can not be achieved in isolation or alienating from other parts of the world. Ask for help when necessary, talk to your most trusted friends for help with regard to world matters or any matters within.

They might have to talk to the world what is the way for them to talk to the world if they are stunned with good level of education they will learn all of them but for that provide them a better place,

So for all those achievements education is the best tool, equipment, non harmful non violence method.     

So the money that goes from any of mentioned or not mentioned societies such as Syria, not to strengthen the hearts and brains of all children but to fatten the wallets of weaponry sellers, war dealers can be stopped in the future totally.     

Better, thoughtful, well planned, well designed, well understood system of education for children has the power to prevent, minimize, or eliminate most the differences of any society in the futures yet to arrive though it does not hold the total power to do it in a manner that can achieve its fullest ‘aims and targets’ when other things comes and barricade, obstacle their lives. 

-         Minimize difference of any level or layers of any society
Socio - cultural, economical political of regional or continental 
-         Attitudinal change of minds of people  

What are the other things here? 

The differences of the generational gaps of understanding each other , between people, already existing, spoiled mindsets of  some ( though the number here is little) who are still aiming at such divisions to sustain under various categories of class or caste or other. 

So it is via children through their hearts and minds we can send across our messages  as to ‘ we are against war’, we are against any disputes, any   

How to provide them better education is not any more a problem to this world that we live. we have enough of knowledge , experts to take care of that sections only thing is we need to plan ‘how to apply them for a country like ‘ children of Syria’ or any society that children are affected by any sort of troubles distracted by any sort of struggles , wars. I do not know whether what I suggest here is practical mainly because it is never a good idea to alienate children specially the very small ones from their parents therefore it is little harder decision to take if they agree to send their children to a different country for their ‘education – peaceful’.  But this any government , state have to do with loads of care and responsibility not only Syria any other society who face similar issues first must come to agreement with any decided authorities whether they can provide them fullest security , guardians.  When they are away from their parents it is no easy for others to direct their children to gaining any sort of education even via using the world’s best known strategies of donating or serving, offering , providing education.    

Our country did not practice this method, what I am suggesting here therefore I can not assure this as a the best method at this moment,I do not know how practical it is for a country to ask the whole family to move to a different society specially the families with small children for them to achieve better education along with their parents until the authorities assure of security plus peaceful environ for better  education for children 

Syria is one of the countries of the map of this world how many other countries are there?
So let’s ask give them a hand for their children to embrace a better world via providing better environment for education.

I don’t ask other government to build schools for Syrian children to study in their respective countries all what I am asking is to let them if possible to learn at all international schools or other local schools of any country only until they reach to a peaceful and protected better safe residences for them to live and study.

According to Ms D M W Munasinghe ( senior lecturer /OUSL) At least they (insert the name of the relevant society/authorities) can take the children who ate affected from what ever may struggle, conflicts to a least affected areas and organize some suitable activities , programmes such as musical, plays , dramas, any related activities. And if possible organize what is most suitable for them after getting a picture of the nature of the issues of such children but for that they shouldn't waste much time because children who affected from any such situations need immediate attentions and care. It is not necessarily important to teach them the letters of alphabet because it is sometimes difficult but other methods such as organize programmes suitable for them is more appropriate, useful. 

(Please note that  above is not the exact wording or the word to word reporting of what Ms D M W Munsinghe  was trying to explain I tried to get the ‘core ideas of her’)

During all what I am suggesting  and writing I like to INSIST that it is a temporary , very, very temporary solution what we must do is to STOP any sort of VIOLENCES within make necessary arrangement  for them to live and study peacefully, afterwards.

I know that most the famous solid personalities are maintaining ‘foundations’ for children

All of them must come around a one table and discuss what to do for CHILDREN how to use their FUNDS, how to use their resources – knowledge usefully in Syria or in Afghanistan  or in any other needy parts of the world.

Monday, September 23, 2013

A night LAMP ...................

Brought with care
From faraway
Without knowing who the ‘creator’ is  
Took me around the world

A sitar a side
No one to play
Some drums on another side
Produces no sounds
Echoes nothing
A Base - support to hold all of them 'together'

A lace on top
What it stands for?
Such, only the creator knows
I thought ……………….

The cover -Covers the light within
or is it protecting the light?
What role this light plays?
Spreads what?
Good light?
Helps blind for ‘seeing’? ,
My thoughts were scrambled and wandered elsewhere
And everywhere 

Pale light  
A sitar without a composer
The tuning components asking for a tune  
Drums without a drummer
No melodies around to be heard
What use in life?
I Thought ………………
Sitting here,
Standing there,
Walking around,
Fighting within,
No answer found

After a while …………………….
Electricity disappeared for few seconds?
Teaching me
‘I was wrong’
Such objects are not meant to produce ‘good light’ - always
They are here and there to teach us ‘lessons’  
For life,
To reminds things for lives
To memorize past
Move ahead to futures  
To narrate - learnt when necessary
To share them – thoughtfully
The creator, sure know these
Any other lessons – learnt
Asked, questioned
 Who was the questioner?
That was none other than ‘self’
Here come more thoughts
What do you call such unstoppable thoughts?
Any particular name for ‘such’?
What is the psychological term you can use it?
Not important
Answering is not ‘compulsory’

All these are here ‘to signals me;
Feel the ‘eternity of nights’,
All of them are ‘thought bringers’ 
So, Structure your thoughts
Telling and Sharing worth millions than hiding them within

May you all filled with good thoughts in every good night yet to be arrived! 
May all your good nights filled with 'happiness'!