Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Kasippu & Katukambi; theories no longer valid or important, The expired theories of life

Footpath Extend her deepest sympathy to the FAMILIES of Koslanda who have been affected by the ' DISASTER' happened couple of days ago due to heavy rain

Perhaps ................. you may not aware or may aware that there are things in this globe when something or object or creature ( human etc) breathable get expired, gets more attention and respect afterwards from the ones associating or associated.

reasons may varied or depends on the importance of the things associated or people associated, values or importance of them, to the existing society, world.

giving a grade or devaluing or valuing something you do based on ' what you think is right', level of your knowledge channel, your ability to do so.

before thinking of what is already expired or exist, from the list of things of this globe that shows some value, you need to think what is important for you from the things or list i mentioned you found out or discussed here.

if you take kasippu or kaukambi for instance ' it is something illegal that the law and order does not give any importance. if you follow or study ' how such things process' ' why such are not accepted by this society, experts may provide you facts or reasons for that. it is about the unhealthy ingredients contain if you think of ' life period of a human creature'.  

like i discussed earlier other than the popular arrack or what ever you call such ' GIN', Whisky, Brandy, there are other similar types popular or known locally or specific to any local community. i do not know about other countries, here, in Sri Lanka there ( i believe that this is something expired from the human usage of Sri Lankan society) is popularly known as ' kasippu'& Katukambi ( perhaps this means just a one type, i am not sure, whether it is two types or two names for one type) that plays the role of 'arrack' that global or international products plays. ( made of grapes or made of what ever)

i do not know what is more popular; wine or beer? no matter role that such plays shows no difference. in other words, what you expect taking or using such does not show any difference, according to my knowledge. ( not knowledge on arrack though)

who does not know that other than the 'theories that exists in this world for human to analyze, the way they like or want there are many other theories introduced by many scholars of different parts of this world, Asia, Europe, or Continental, zonal. Some of such theories do not consider as something that exists in this world but as something 'expired' 'not in use', as something that people no longer use to analyze see through their lives or personal life.

Some uses theories that do not belong to the category of ' brandy or whisly, kasippu or katukambi, toddy or something similar but other things that belong to other categories other than such that gives any person / people  chances to see through life and analyze.

let me take one of such categories or theories that does not belong to the arrack theory' and does not show any specifications or uniqueness es that such shows  

' The Mixed fruit theory of life'. have you ever heard about this before? no matter lets lead our thinking lanes through this theory for a difference, if you looking for any difference or change of your life.  This , i suggest any one of you to use , if you are already fed up of using 'the arrack theory to analyze life' and gained no better results.  for you to expect something fruitful , better results in life , perhaps you can test this theory and yes can practice it  knowing the matra / dose that you should consume each day, depending on your age or health level

so lets assume that you go for the alternative of mixed fruit theory of life instead of arrack; gin, beer, brandy or whisky theory. I'll tell you that you have the sole right or choice to use the ' fruit or fruits' you like to add in order to aid the taste buds of your life. And i like to happily note or remind you that ' this world is full of various fruits, local, international, continental, zonal other than the fruit that Adam and Eva was tried to test.

so dear friends.........................

we do all these analysis the way we like or the theories that some others have tested, introduced, practiced how about adding something 'what you think is good or right' to the existing theories of life not expecting any change totally but expecting some freshness accurately.

before winding up this my little note of analysis of life, lets refresh our minds on ' humans' that gives us chances to refill or re think facets of human life in order to respect them for their contribution.

but never forget that things get expired giving birth to something new, that is how this world is been created or that is what this 'human world', their knowledge is all about.  its keep changing. so save some intelligence in order to pick & choose what is relevant or good for you for a better living.

Please remember that ' some disasters - natural or man made could be easily avoidable, controllable at least for people to live a safe life, if you manage what you should manage accurately and properly before something happened, a disaster i meant.

Therefore i like to note that some dates of expiry can be delayed , possibly if that has something to with ' carelessnes

yes it is true that death of a human ( according to Buddhism) has something to do with Karma , how you' ll, how all of us die is something already written or decided considering your activities of previous life

Yet ....................... lets try to avoid carelessness and study every possible, geographical and geological patterns of this globe getting the advise from experts for each and every person to live a good happy life. what happened in Haldummulla, Sri Lanka is a classic example to the world to learn something from it. Not only from terror or horror that gave us burden to our lives for decades.

so its mixed fruit theory of life that is acceptable,  Kasippu & Katukambi; theories no longer valid or important, such are the expired theories of life  



Tuesday, October 28, 2014

An eye

i like eyes. for me eyes are the most beautiful organs of human body, human creation. i like the eyes who seeks beautiful things and craft them on a canvas.  i like the eyes who draw their minds through cameras. i see them on silver screens - global. if you don't have an eye with a beautiful mind you become nothing.  an eye with out a life is always lifeless. i am not talking about the physical organ though. some have eyes but don't return something in to the society that they gained eyes from.

I can talk about eyes endlessly ........................ i like the eyes full of tears , i believe that they are innocent. i don't like the eyes that seeks information to kill somebody's innocence. it is good that though some cover their bodies using a piece of cloth always keep their eyes open for others to read. it is not difficult to understand or recognize a person through eyes, i believe that eyes are something that revels your inner heart and mind.  NO! i am not talking about any artificial looks of eyes i am talking about the eyes that are covered with dust or is not easy to read such eyes. Cleansing or cleansed eyes one can read easily and can write pages about them.

Eyes always gets the attraction and attention of poets they like to open their heart pages for other eyes to read their eyes. Perhaps it is little difficult to read when eyes are covers with artificial lenses , i am not quite sure about it.  

i remember trying to read the eyes who stepped in to my house - kandy, about more than 20 years ago , on a day, very dark, when my parents are away from home and  i am with my two brothers. those eyes i still can remember i am trying to think whether those eyes were full of anger or aggression. Those are anyways, gone by days. Yet unforgettable.

i know one of the most irritating words ' wars' have many stories related to 'loosing eyes'. An eye with ' good reading ability is an asset to any Nation who is trying to safe guard their country. But those are not bulls eyes , mind you. those are human eyes with ability to read and understand or can separate ' tigers, serpents, crocodiles, from butterflies and rabbits.  dear GOD ( Every and all) give them more and more strength, May the triple gems bless them.

i remember the day that Mrs. CBK lost her eye after a terror attack when she was addressing public. who does not remember , thank goodness she escaped she just had to under go an EYE surgery. but what if she does not get the chance to read the eyes of her children - her wealth afterwards. who would be able to compensate.

Visions are always attached with missions.  what is a vision? you can think?

Aparna Sen has beautiful eyes i like to take this opportunity to send her some flowers keeping them on a canoe, hope she'll receive them at the ashore of the river Ganga if she waits there till it comes.

The Japanese wife is a beautiful painting painted, crafted by Aparna. which remind me of my imaginary locations in Kashmir (?)

when people become old in every way or everyday ( not just agely or physically) their visions of eyes become weaker, they become unable to read the globe accurately, universe innocently, they may walk ahead without really crafting or drafting the beautiful things of this universe.

May the globe inherit a conscious eye! An eye who hold the ability to read this globe accurately is worth and better than thousands eyes who does not try to read the globe accurately

Take care of your eyes

Monday, October 27, 2014



TAMILS IS A BEAUTIFUL WORD FOR ME. Just try to understand WHO EVER opposing to what you are holding close to your heart, in the picture. We are not against a single TAMIL what we are AGAINST is TERRORISM. I believe that the flag you are trying to hoist globally is not the FLAG of your COUNTRY.


You are trying to globalize the flag you are holding  but HONEY there is a global flag other than the NATIONAL FLAG of your country ( are you girls boys Sri Lankans or born in SRI LANKAN SOIL because i find TAMIL in other part of the world as well , i.e. TAMIL NADU


WHETHER you are a TAMILNADIAN it is not at all a problem for us. Even if you are a community member of the area ruled by ' VAICO' or Sashikala , Jaialalitha it does not really matter to us. Reason is they have their OWN INDEPENDENT ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM, that we do not ethically or lawfully like to INTERFERE but when it comes to who ever trying to spoil the SOVEREIGNTY WE GAINED BACK AFTER MORE THAN THREE DECADES WE DO NOT GIVE ANY STANDING OVATIONS for such GROUPS OR SINGLE PERSON

Each and every country of this globe is headed by electorally or otherwise chosen HEAD OF STATE though INDIA SRI LANKA now no longer ruled or somewhat or partially ruled by any kings or queens like in other countries, UK .YES it is true that they have a place allocated in # 10 Downnin street for who ever willing to respect the vote of the people of a country, still we respect what so ever ruling patterns or governing patterns of any country

baby !

if anyone is interfering or trying to manipulating any ' rules and regulations' of any global institutions that is also something that globe should stand and question. Yes it is true that if any head of any organizations bend before the voices of terrorism and change their visions and missions accordingly forgetting their TRUE AND MAIN OBJECTIVE then there is an issue and a question before the globe to question

If you have the liberty to RAISE YOUR VOICE in any part of the globe WHY NOT WE TOO CAN USE THE SAME RIGHT








Saturday, October 25, 2014


Barricades bars these have various facets. a fence is a barricade for a thieve who is trying to enter in to a property of another. fence is something that may not allow a well wisher or a hard worker, learner entering in to a premises of learning. Education is not always a responsibility of  another. one mustn't forget that it is a duty of not only a teacher but also a responsibility of a pupil and of A COMMUNITY of their own

lets blast the barricades for better education;

lack of READING ....................

This is a barricade for anyone who wish to learn something any further. also for who ever struggling to learn staying away from recognize or formal institutions of learning.   Yes it is highly true that in a world where the certificates are highly acknowledged and consider as  a criteria to rate someones level of understanding of a certain subject i.e human resources management, home page management,  

I have heard that some teachers say ' some pupils do not read extra books other than the texts books given to them'  

What barricade them to maintain such a habit, reading?
one of them is no doubt ' carelessness' , i know that some go passing libraries everyday without even trying to look at the building at least. some does not know the where some libraries are situating.

It took me more than three years to locate the public library in Nugegoda. i know that i can just heading in to the library and at least read the weekly or daily papers without really worrying about the weight of my purse. but i do not do it which i often feel a sin

lets think of adults who do not have time to read a book , who couldn't complete their formal education due to what so ever reasons what are the choices they have to enhance their knowledge, update their knowledge , lets take somebody where there is no library in the close vicinity    i know that in almost every big city, district, pradeshiya sabha there is a library but that is not enough.
i believe that it is essential to maintain a YOUTH AND COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP in a more accurate way to full fill some of the needs of a community.

i know that you don't find a library in every village? the Youth with this regard has a role to play.
A LIBRARY FOR EVERY VILLAGE , no matter what size it may get at the end

Who should build it ? The YOUTH of this country, using their youthfullness in a more appropriate way. Perhaps you may find such projects around the country but if achieving such goals not happening or functioning giving it a regular attention , they must give it a boost.

this project should be a project which gets ' at least 50% of community participation' otherwise it will not inject in to the brain cells of any youngster or adult.

every household member can contribute, this should include in to the IMPLEMENTATION PLAN

Anyone can buy at least a single brick and contribute to this project.

There are good enough of good hearted authors in this country and globe. Idea of fund raising can be used that way in order to ' plan a global project ' a library for every village / community' the Gujarati's, any rural community members of Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Bhutan, Bangladesh, any area of Afghanistan,  Syria, Arabia, any part of this globe can raise some funds ( funds does not always the money, according to my knowledge, people can contribute things other way) lets DONATE A BOOK FOR A LIBRARY INSTEAD OF A WEAPON FOR A GANG GROUP



THIS GLOBE IS FULL OF GOOD AUTHORS ' LETS STUNNED TOGETHER' AND COLLECT BOOKS GLOBALLY AND EXCHANGE BOOKS WITH EACH OTHER INSTEAD OF exchanging a cigar , glass of arrack, a gram of heroine among the groups you are associating. i am addressing not only the YOUTH OF OUR COUNTRY, but also the YOUTH GLOBAL


any household member can donate any books that they treasured for years if they are willing to. lets start laying FOUNDATIONS as quickly as possible sooner is better later may add disappointments

First concentrate on the resources available and then make a plan.


it is true that almost half of this world is 'equipped with IT' but remember ' BOOK IS ALWAYS A CHANGER.


a library for each village/ community is not an unrealistic target or something that is difficult to achieve



everyday, endless DISCUSSIONS , ARGUMENTS won't help ' give it a beginning' ....................>



Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Measurements, weights, shapes and sizes of CRITERIAs of Evidences

What is this world that is asking for evidences for everything? what is the shape of this world that every human relationship depends on evidences.

Evidences to prove state of a mind.  Why is this world is not trusting or hesitate to consider something happened in the past as real. Why asking for evidences to reproof. does it mean that laws , rules and regulations should be changed without really sticking to OLD book of laws.
what is the last date updated, ' the regulations, rules of books of laws' in order to give the world ' a fullest justice'.

It is good to know that 'the justices do not consider some ' proof' as something concrete to prove something.  i didn't know that law and trust is that BLIND to clearly see or read the pages of past.

if the videos or something that the cameras are providing cannot be consider as something concrete to prove ' then forget everything happened on 09 / 11 ' who says those are fabricated or something filmed by a movie creation group?

let's re appeal the case and provide 'all evidences we have' that is because of something but ' the world seemed to be forgetting past , the world courts of justices have become so old to read and view things clearly. SADLY.

why the 'present is not considering the eye witness of past and apparent or transparent 'truth'. Why try to ignore such covering the eyes of the present with black masks. Why this world is trying to prove that' history' is not an evidence to something that what someone is trying to prove 'wrong' or as 'right'

the world should have ONE SPOON when SHARING something with ' the members of this common community' called ' global village' what do you say?

why some need an organization to do what ever they want? what is the importance of having an organization? is it not possible for an organization to change their ' missions and visions' if the globe is not accepting? what is the reason that ' an organization that was banned because of its original objectives considering the damaged done to the world ' ( lets say, that this globe is not a one community but has parts called ' ASIA,  EUROPE even though ethically there should be one globe) to justify as ' an organization good and acceptable ?
has they changed their ' OBJECTIVES', VISIONS AND MISSIONS?

WHAT ARE THE OBJECTIVES that they removed from the old list of desires?

What is the new face of the LTTE? that an international court to give it a justifiable face
are they different now from past?

why they need money ' to build houses for the people affected from the activities of LTTE? can they re built the houses damaged? ( a house is not a building , mind you)

On what basis that they can survive as an organization, what purposes?

what are they going to do with the money they are now so libertyfully trying to collate from Europe or any other part of this world?

how are they going to use those money?

are they planning to build a KOVIL a shrine, temple, church, mosque for the globe to pray and pray and pray for wisdom and peace, harmony?

who inspected their WILLS - present?

can't they become a member of another organization that leads their not only objectives, leaderships, wills, desires, aims and hopes, visions and missions to ' MAINTAIN PEACE AND HARMONY OF THE GLOBE'

what is the reason that they want the same organization to SURVIVE?

WHY THEY ARE AGAINST THE DECISION to ban the organization just because it was identified as a terror group?

is America ready to partition their state and give it to somebody who is fighting to own or rule as a separate STATE? lets give it a name' liberated state from America'?




lets colour this globe with the colours of PEACE AND HARMONY not with the colour of terror

take care globe!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


what are you begging for baby?
didn't the gentleman with a coat in hand see you, begging 
Perhaps, he is carrying no wallet with him
Perhaps, he is poorer than you

money is not always a wealth indicator 
i don't know
i can read millions of words written on your face
what is the things that your eyes revels
you haven't read this world enough, i am sure  
your hands face look a little dirty
did you touch anything 'filthy' ? 
i know
i know
you can't really smell the currencies the world is giving to you
that is because you are begging
learn to earn sweet heart

i do not want to know the language you speak baby
i am not interested in knowing whether you read the Al Quran 
the Bible
or the Bhagawath Geetha
i like to know this,
innocent heart
tell me how safe are you there?
you should know that this world is not innocent like you
in about another decade or so
you will get to know

Oh! before i forget why are you not going to any school? 
that is your RIGHT sweet heart
education is one of the fundamental rights of a child my dear
you will learn , later
my dear
there are huge organizations that works for your RIGHTS
they even don't hesitate to die on behalf of you
we give such organizations a name ' they are human rights' organizations
Child Rights organizations
they all worry my dear 
about your future
about a safe future for the children of this globe
a future without any fear of terror 

you will get to know about 'CHILD SOLDIERS' of past
never dream about such things

child labour 
about children who have lost their parents because of terrorism
wars - unavoidable

don't forget you need to go to a school 
not later

By the way darling ' there is a country called SRI LANKA in the world map
just check it out alright
do not go with anybody even if they ask you to come 
there are things called 'weapons', bombs, cianides  

Dear Child,
there are Courts in this world 
and there is Interpol, CIA, FBI 
have you heard about these terms before?
silly me

how is it possible
they will come and arrest you, if you hang around with any bad groups
but darling 
THEY NEED EVIDENCE to prove your innocence 
or your guilt

Aha ! the proof
some don't collect those baby
if they want the 'wrong to survive'
and they don't present any of such before any court of justice
You ' ll learn
i suppose 
GOD is the only person who knows all these clearly
ah! the evidences of heart beats
if others can SCAN them

Hope to see you with a parent 
take care 
wish you a better tomorrow! 
wish you a safe tomorrow
you din't answer my question i asked you first?
what are you begging for baby

are you begging for PEACE
don't doubt nobody is taking it away from you

there is JUSTICE in this globe

Take care ! 

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Monday, October 20, 2014


Life is a journey. All other journeys are not equal or smoothly travel across any travel paths of this well known globe. Does it mean that ‘life journeys are smoother compared to a trip to Jaffna or Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, travelling within Afghanistan or Syria?

Can we take a safe train ride to where ever we want ‘with no fear of terrorism’ in any part of this globe?

IN Europe?      

For everyone's good, sake we say and write about this. We are not selfish to think that Asia should be safe and guarded not the Europe

We like to spread out concern on ' GLOBAL PEACE AND HARMONY' across every continent , each and every piece of land, territory , to the brains and minds of people of this world. Spread the god word, GOOD WORD ' PEACE AND HARMONY' AND MUTTER IT IN TO THE EARS AND BRAINS OF PEOPLE OF ALL LEVEL.

Some have choices to choose their travel partners but some don’t.  Some write about their wills of final departures, enclosing all the details as to how they should depart

Journeys adds lessons to people’s lives. Even the short distanced journeys are full of experiences, who can say no? some just boast no after math reactions just hiding behind trees or masks do not appear before human world , they actually fear of terrorism nothing else, lack in confidence but try to teach others lessons on ‘ confidence’.

Terrorism is something that blasted not only our lives, journeys of our choices but also the materials and goods that comforted our journeys.
Trains; who has innovated this beautiful supporter of journeys of human lives?      

Try to remember all the journeys that took you guys around country and globe on a train. How fascinating it is even to memorize? I love train travels and journeys? I can memorize all the trains and journeys, stories attached and related with trains.   

But some memories never give you any happiness other than sadness.
Some can plan the journeys, trips; some can plan things effectively and accurately. They just don’t give up not even the terrorists or any other oppressors, enemies, tyrants can easily spoil their plans.

Yaaldevi is a journeying partner who has regained her life back after a decades long, traumatic - coma, dead shock of life. Isn't it something that we all should celebrate quietly and calmly?  Train paths are not for bull carts or horse riders to take their horses, tigers, lions around; it is for people who truly believe that a path too can weave the heart of people in decorating them with beads of peace and harmony

Who doubts?

The ICJ?

Some regulations, I believe lead to distance people from each other not letting or allowing them to try to understand each other cleverly. But some regulations provide a ‘safe life’ for any civilian of this globe.

Some regulations and sentences of this globe, I believe are written by not blind or deaf, who have not seen the world accurately in last three decades?
What has happened to the coalitions and allies – global who raise their voices ‘we are against terrorism’, we want Europe to be safe’,

Let us hear your voice against new regulations and support demonstrated by top decision makers of world, to enhance, brighten the faces, packages, luggages , accounts of terrorism   



THERE are days and months of the calendars of this world.some day calendars of gone by days of this part of the world, who can remember? have the globe ever tried to re read the event calendars of some groups? figures and numbers other than 09 / 11

Some think that they can easily forget the days and months, minutes and hours and stay relax. 09 / 09, 09/ 08, 09/ 7, every day should be a safe day to live. what do you say world? Is the safety calendar gone with garbage ?
SAD , truly       

I remember watching a documentary created on President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. How he departed from the white house to his native village, the village of his birth where he began all other journeys before entering the ‘white house as the President of United States.  The coffin of the dead body of President Lincoln was carried by a train so quietly and calmly through a rail path. I remember watching it, having thousands of questions within. Often people have questions on assassination of global leaders. Highly important people who always surrounded by highly provided security service. Forget the assignation of Abraham Lincoln that actually was happened at an Art theater while he was watching a stage play. If my memory is accurate he was there without any security (?) Anyhow the script was well written, everything happened according to the script written to end the role he played as the president of US. But my dear friends it was not planned or scripted by a terrorist. Am I right?

But thanks to the people’s understanding on TRANSPARENCY now the decision makers of some top layers of highly respected institutions, writing the death pages of people of every part of globe so relaxly.       

Let me revisit the pictures and memories of the assassination of Prime Minister S.W.R.D. Bandaranayke. Which was not planned by a terrorist, all the incidents I just discussed happened before the year 1976 / 78.

Who can memorize, can remember, how the journeys of some global leaders of this part of the world ended? Rajiv Gandhi, who is Rajiv Gandhi? Do you know? Was he a terrorist or a person who supported any thing of that sort? What was wrapped and hidden along the garland of flowers?

Have you heard about ‘President R. Premadasa?  Who had the power to change his last will? , who had the power to end his journey as a politician? What are all these assassinations?

The life journeys or carrier journeys of ones life; ‘how is it possible to let others to write as they please. How is it possible to lend the authority to kill people so relaxly while enjoying the fatness of money accounts, to a group that do not understand ‘ power of human life’ worth of a human life’   
So why am I just taking out all the files of terror closed back in 2009, reading the pages of past again and again, walking back and forth , which is so irritating

Perhaps it is because I like to feel the sorrow and sadness of some incidents, terror attacks again and again and to check whether my heart is still functioning to understand the every facet of terrorism. It is amazing that ‘how the globe can forget the results and how such affected the lives of people of this part of the world?

I am just trying to find a way to begin to keep a note on my blog page-‘footpath’, how very beautiful Yaaldevi began her journey as a beautiful travel partner of the motherland ‘Sri Lanka’ COMPLETELY FREED FROM TERRORISM .

It is highly annoying even to think of any journey that ended or had to stop their journeys without giving any prior notice to the service gainers, travelers of life not due to ‘lack of fuel’ or lack of wheels’ but because of terror activities.

Some things are inevitable. There is every reason to believe that there is a station in Jaffna that welcomes back beautiful Yaaldevi every day mornings even after two decades travel stoppages.

Devi’s are always enhances the pages of our life of specific areas and pages of life of specific group of people, people of a country. Devi, the daughter of King Tissa of kelaniya, popularly respectfully known as ‘Vihara maha devi’ was a brave lady of this country. She was an unstoppable woman, a woman who supported the people of this country to maintain peace and harmony and to protect the every inch of this land from tyrants.

I can’t list out the things I have heard about Uma Devi though.

Yaaldevi is different to all the devi’s of yester years and present days.
Let me finish this note quoting a powerful line ‘ Svasti Siddham’- May Success Prevail!

Take Care DEVI !


Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Dream of ETTE

I am not a good narrator or a story teller. But I love to write stories the real ones because I am not very good in fixing fictions. Yet I thought just to give it a try, today. Do not think that this story that I am trying to lettering below is a true story if you feel such way that also I can’t help because even within the stories or fictions that highly qualified write, you can find amazingly real characters.

There was a huge in heart, very greeny, actually it is not a forest I should say it is a jungle in an Island of an Indian Ocean. What name I should give this Island? Who can suggest a name? Let’s call that geographically genuine land, ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’. Do you feel that you have heard about this land before?  That can be true? 

Think of the ways as to how you heard or read about this island before? Did you encounter or found this land on a map of old travelers, in a picture of an artist, in a story of a story teller, fiction writer, in a poem of Tagore? How did you got to know about this Island?

If you have seen anything in the maps you study or examine for your education purposes, in what kind of a map, in the map of Tollami, Taprobane, picture of the books of Robert Knox, in the Diary of Iban Batuta, Nirudesh Yaatra?

The jungle was full of animals that you find in every zoology note, deer, rabbits, butterflies, bees, lions, pea cocks, tigers, tigresses, serpents etc etc. but there were no anaconda in that jungle.

That jungle has a name it is called ‘ thoppigala’ thoppi in sinhala ‘hats’ but don’t get confuse , if you feel like you have heard about this before. This is a fiction. If you have heard about this before, perhaps it is possible you might have read an article of set of regulations of some ‘humanly rights’ pages of books of rights. Other than that it is not truly possible to hear it.  if you feel that you have heard about this jungle before ‘how’? has anybody took you around this jungle before?

About thoppi ( hats) you may have heard a loads of stories narrated on ‘thoppi’. Let me just share a local story about a hat seller. This is actually a local folklore/ a story not a fake one , you can find hat sellers in the global market you travel.

Thoppi welendek dawasak kelayak medin gamanak yanakota nidimath heduna ………….

Once, a hat seller was leading a journey through a jungle, felt sleepy. When he awoke after relaxing from his tiresome feelings, he found out that all the hats which were nicely packed in the bag he carried were gone missing.
He looked every where he couldn’t find any hats in the bag, he was carrying.
Now what to do he looked everywhere. He tried to locate any stealers in the closer vicinity, he could not see any. He felt so SAD.

Remember that he was walking through a jungle and the jungle was very rich in not only animals but also in fauna and flora, trees. There he caught the guy who has stolen his hats, it is a monkey. He thought of a way to take the hats back.

Luckily there was one hat on the face of the seller that he used to cover his face to avoid bitten from teeny weeny insects. So he used the last hat he had and threw the hat towards the monkey. The monkey thought that the seller was playing a game and became fond and interested in hat throwing started to throw each and every hat that it picked and kept from the seller’s bag, towards the hat seller. So what did the hat seller do afterwards? He collated all the hats thrown back towards him and began his journey again to his destined destination happily

The seller thought ‘sleeping when the vicinity is unknown is not a good thing. I must travel with an awaken mind. if you think of relaxing forgetting your aim you might loose what you own

So that is an old story.

So the traveler, the main character of the story that I already began to talk is about a man who travels globally thinking of locating animals to train for circuses in Europe. The man of this story is a ‘mature man’ who enjoys walking and reading jungles and forests, rain forests, sanctuaries etc. as I told you earlier actually this man was from not an Asian Part of the world, he was an European.  His name is ETTE actually according to what I heard that ETTTE is his nick name not the family name. Or am I mistaken or misconfusing my self with the story I am fictionning. Don’t forget I am an amateur and have no previous experience in writing fictions. Ok let’s say that it is his family name, if you don’t want me to say that ETTE is his nick name or pet name.

So that man was very interested in animal husbandry apart from providing training for trainers who is fond of training animals for games in circuses of the world.  

While examining the jungle and the Island, even a tiny part of it, he happened to observe that he can pick and pack most the resources of this jungle when back home. He stopped a while under a shady tree and thought ‘Oh! What a jungle this thoppigala is, so greeny, rich in flora and fauna, the whole world is within this piece of land, no sign of a threat I can see; can’t I take something from this jungle back home, at least a tiny thing? Perhaps I can catch a ‘tiger’ and train it and sell it to a circus team in China or in Europe, the man tried to think of possible ways to take something out of that jungle when returning home after travelling and keeping note of it.

What dance I should teach it, perhaps I can play a trumpet and let this tiger dance according to the music piece I melodized. The man was thinking of a musical instrument, a better instrument to be used when training it after catching it using the net he bought from Europe. ‘How to plan all these efficiently must get advice from the Ex - chairmen of the organization of ‘ANIMAL RIGHTS’ , one of the top pet caring organizations of the globe.
He had a very modern phone that he used for various purposes, he thought of getting some advise from his loyal friends across the world , other than from the Ex chairman of animal rights, at least from few to ask on the subject bar he wrote, to his friends asking ‘how should I bring a tiger to Europe’? And he clicked and sent  the mail to friends across the globe

He got various replies

‘Hi buddy, it is so good to hear that you are enjoying the journey’ my advice is , you have to be very careful when you are feeding the tiger you caught from the jungle’ in what Island you said? Because according to my Zoology master ‘when you feed the dangerous animals like tigers you have to wear something that it can’t kill you’

Happy stay

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Man

Hey I know a guy who is also very fond of training such animals but buddy he does not like to feed such in public, he only gives advice secretly, but he charge hell of a lot of money to release a singular advice to outsiders he haven’t met before.  If you have some big dollars in hand I can write to him asking to help you. Will let you know the contact details little later
Until then have fun buddy, stay fit alright

Hello handsome,

It is so heart functioning to read a mail from you after a long time. where were you before you heading to that what jungle you said’ little difficult to pronounce its name’ be careful about your ‘voice darling’, don’t raise your voice when you are in the jungle, the tigers hate the ones that disturb them other than supporting them giving some ‘food donations’ ha ha ha ha aha aha just kidding. It is we who gets donations not the animals no?

Take very care of your health darling, especially because you have decided to bring home a tiger

Hi, it is so happy to read your e mail man,

By the way before I forget let me thank you for the coat you gave me the other day for me to wear for the conference that I was planning to participate ‘HOW TO MAINTAIN PEACE AND HARMONY IN EUROPE’

Hey! I also have a list of names of TRAINERS, circus teams I know who train tigers and animals (only the dangerous) they give very good training and they have a good record doing so for about 30 + years in all parts of the world.

They teach these animals, oh sorry not the animals actually they train trainers on ‘how to train and feed tigers’ (not the lions and rabbits though) sin no? 

They give training on following

How to talk or communicate with tigers effectively, (I know that you understand the language of animals a bit still you can learn)

How to feed them meat and stuff without really going closer to them staying from a distance

How to build cages for them (as you know honey, it is not good to keep them in the places where loads of humans are hanging around)

They train you on ‘how to wear masks’ when you appearing before these tigers (for your own safety darling) to feed them

Take not good care of tigers but yourself

God Bless you!

Hello! Buddy

It took you this long to write to me, which is unpardonable. It is alright no other complaints.  

Hey! What tigers that you are talking about? Not the tigers that EU is banned, right?

Careful darling, if you are dealing with any other tigers and if the ECOJ gets the details of what you are doing, ‘the judge of ICOJ might write your destiny’ noting, ‘you will be hanged till death’

You know that it is a huge offense that if anybody give or obtain any other training (other than training tigers). They don’t hesitate to punish who ever kill the PEACE AND HARMONY OF THE GLOBE’

What am I talking about why am I saying these to you, little mad of me. forget all what I just told you baby just inform me when you are returning from jungle to Europe

Take care of your diary; do not show it to anybody in the SLP, SLA, SLAF, SLN, SLG

Good day!

My dear ETTE

i believe it is good to meet both of us to discuss about your concerns i think it is not good to write about what i feel because i do not want my others to read my advice i give to you because this world is so hack full

yours' sincerely

N. N. P. serpenteena  ( Ex - chairman of animal rights) 

So ……………..

After reading the e mails he received from his friends, thought don’t know whether I am doing the right thing’ deciding to take a tiger with me when travelling back home, the Europe

He decides to come out of the jungle for few minutes. While walking towards little humanized area , he saw a notice ‘this is a NO TIGER ZONE’ entering THIS ISLAND with any tiger food or drinks is HIGHLY PROHIBITED’

ETTE ! why are you shouting darling? Look at your face,  you look horrible and sweated what happened to you?

Actually I dreamt a dream, it was a bad dream I saw that I am trying to catch a tiger from a jungle of an Island in the Indian Ocean luckily I saw a notice before I move on any further I woke up.

Have some tea darling to boost your brain and then sleep, you will not see any horrible tigers in your dreams, said the wife of ETTE.

What were you doing? Actually I was watching NEWS

So what did you hear?

The news was released by the external affairs ministry of Sri Lanka

Oh! Really?
(The news I read from a sms received to the mobile phone of Mr. Herman Perera from )




Saturday, October 11, 2014

Games of Congresses of world politics

‘If the measurements of the hats (there are many hats to be sold in the markets, various) matches with the size of the head’ wear it’, if not ignore.  

‘Life is a game’; this is like a mantra for me. I trust this to its maximum and fullest length. Once I wrote an essay under this title and posted on foot path. All other games, including the Olympics and common wealth and all other local or international games of this world are below the reality of ‘life is a game’

‘Life is a game’; so what is this life? Is it possible to analyze any other game outside to this boundary?  

For some ‘politics is their life’.  So when people breathe, inhale or exhale, drink or eat politics ‘there is no reason to white wash’, behind every plan of 99.99 % of parties there is some sort of games within. Let’s not use this terminology ‘harshly’ when talking of politics or games. How about using ‘strategies’, instead of the term ‘game’ when you analyze things of politics.

It is good if you alienate ‘sports- games’ from other games of the world we live. You know why? I do not like to give any negative marks or feeling about this term,’ games’ to ‘my essay readers’ who thinks games are an essential factor when think of ‘ health of humans .
And for some sports and games of sports (canoeing or yachting, cycling, driving as a sports activity, running including are something that they worship as sacred thing). So I do not want to devalue what they believe or their beliefs. 

I do not want to feed in any facts to universalize my logic ‘life is a game’ in this essay because I have I guess discuss this earlier in a little lengthy way.

So I do not specifically want to devalue the term ‘games’ of sports.

I think in politics, some use the strategy of ‘family movers’ in their party activities. Have you guys ever heard about this before ‘the family movers’? They moves the families (don’t worry they just moves the goods, household goods’, when any family is deciding to shift to any place / residence of their choices’. it is rare that the families who has a permanent place to reside ‘moves from place to place’. I guess even if you think of the practical difficulties ‘no one would think of changing places from time to time’. Am I right?

Recently, I read an interview done with a parliament member ‘Buddhika Pathirana’ (UNP) which was published in ‘Irida Lankadeepa’, recently. So Mr. Buddhika reveled to the paper about his position about party members who constantly or regularly change their membership in a very strongest manner’. His reaction was not very heart soothing; I found some anger in his statements, shared with the paper. So after reading the interview, I thought, ‘why’, they have the right to do so’, if they don’t fitting, it is good to move out of the party and join any party they prefer.  But one thing I am certain that any big party is pay very much attention to such members knowing their routings of politics. Am I right? That is what you called ‘democracy’, right?  You have every right to vote who ever you prefer or like in what ever election.  

But today, I thought little beyond to what I thought was right, mentioned above. Yes, it is true that ‘you have the democratic right to’ take any decision you like with regard to ‘anything’ not only about ‘membership of a party’.

Let’s take ‘membership of a party’ as an example.  I believe it is not an easy task for an outsider to recognize a party that much, compared with the abilities of inner members of any party, with regard to ‘recognizing/ identifying inner pictures the inner members of a party, or party as a whole.

Forget voters for a moment, they measure things in a little different way when compared to MPs of a certain party, I guess. Hope I am right. ‘If you constantly changing your membership’, party positions, I wonder, how is it possible to understand ‘core of any party’. I believe that in anything that you do your ‘stability of thinking’ is highly important. Shaky breaky positions of mind always adds ‘not only some dullness to life but also ‘unsteadiness to your living style’. It is like a frog jumping here and there thinking of a proper place to make some sound or noise ‘ baka baka baka baka’
 This theory is applicable to ‘policies of party members’. Playing games positioning in a certain party as a member is unethical.

Forget the members within a party who play certain games behind screens or hiding behind masks. What can you talk of members outside to certain party and the games that they play?   

Perhaps ‘how you rate a certain party’, ally or a big communal, may depends on ‘what you expect from your party membership’, other than the positions gain as MPs after contesting or offered by party leaders under what so ever party policies - tag.  If you expect something more other than what ever MP’ positions, you may get disappoint if you don’t get them, for instance, if you are expecting a sub leading position of a certain area (leading party organizer, or something) what if you don’t get it. What would happen to your dreams and desires of becoming or getting such positions? Again all depends on ‘your position in a party’, how rooted you are within as a member, the recognition you get this too we cannot ignore, how they respect you and you respect them, ‘the party decisions’ or policies’.  

Above I was talking specifically about singular memberships’ but the same can be applied to the allies of any big party.  This globe is full of various coalitions, allies other than apolitical there are huge number of political allies some act as members of major parties.
Sustainability of a certain ally, within a big party also depends on ‘what they expect’ from becoming or getting memberships, discussed earlier. ‘The duration that they any tiny/ small/ or big ally who may have joined a big party as a member depends on what they want or expect’. How ‘what they ask for’ or request’ affects the sustainability or functions, policies, winning situations of a major party is important to think and analyze.
So when frustrations are there (again, after measuring what a small ally request) a main ally can decide about ‘the position of the small ally joined with them’. If the major party think that it is harmful, what a small ally request from a main ally, how they act as a member hey can re think about such memberships. What benefits that the major party gets from such memberships such also important if you believe that ‘there are games in politics’. Also, things like, whether they act against party rules and regulations, policies or not, important to analyze.

Some change their positions based on ‘doubts’ in politics or of politics, positions. Such also leads to ‘change of party positions of some members’. There is a saying in Sinhala’ vaasi athata hoia . This is related to ‘fishing’, actually ‘hoia is a wording, sound that the fishermen make / use when fishing, using huge del / nets. If the fisherman knows which direction that he should lead, fix his fish net then they (mostly, there is a group of fishermen to support each other) somehow put the net in to that direction which gives them some benefit (fish - harvest). The subordinating group drag the net (hopefully with the harvest, a net full of fish) inwards from sea, that is from the area that they fixed the net saying ‘ hoia , hoia, hoia, hoia , hoia’. So exactly like the fishermen who fix their nets accordingly expecting some benefits / harvest from fishing, some members change their party memberships expecting more vaasi (benefits) than the benefits that a party normally offers.     

don't cheer ( say hoia) any side just thinking of personal benefits think of the whole package thata country gets

I guess, steadiness in not only with regard to policies of a certain party also in ‘policies that one maintains as a member of parliament’ is highly important for a country.  Don’t forget that the voters are not half sleep or sleep walking. They have their own measurements as observers of politics.

Every congress is important because it contains ‘people’s hopes’, or hope of certain group of politics. The size of a political group; do you think that these things are irrelevant?  What percentage of representation it holds

What is the level of sustainability of an ally?  What about their chances of winning ‘big positions’? Can a small ally survive alone, without really joining a main ally? 
What is the main objective of an opposition party to your knowledge?

‘Winning’ that is the main objective of any opposition, defeating any current party that governs a country.  Who does not understand this?  They plan things accordingly, what and how they do things specific to each and every party, depending on their own positions in the field.

I personally have a feeling some worry about the positions and other benefits they get I say this because ‘what are the Sinhalese get that the Muslims or Tamils, bhurgers do not get in this country?  If the train schedules changes doesn't it affect each and every human being that the service uses?  ‘Who says that ha ha ha ha you are not allow only the other groups allow in’ pointing a certain or any group / individual?

If the prices of Gas goes up it affects not only the big also small. What happens if the prices decrease or become less expensive ‘who would benefit’, only the tall or small gets the benefits not the fat or thin?

It is true that when teachers’ salary increases the sole benefit goes to teachers and to students, to the entire field of education.
If a government builds a port / harbor or an airport is it only the ‘tall ones’, who use the facilities? Or is it only a specific group? 

Entire country gets the benefit, income, service recognitions, and links with outside world

Who gets what, who has the power to decide? The sole decision maker is ‘the people of this country’ it is no good if you forget ‘the power of people’. You can play any game but we, the people will decide about your future in Politics.

Don’t think and act individually think what the whole country achieve as a NATION

May the triple gems, Allah, Jesus, Lord Ganesh! bless this country !