Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Monday, July 30, 2012

PEACE IN FABRICS ................

Peace IN fabrics ……………..

These are the days of 'parade of the peace'. 'Esala Maha Perahara' visit us and feel the wonder of art, unity,warmth, and colours of all countries,re visit the history of our country for a moment and meditate on the teachings of lord Buddha in Sri Dalada Maligawa.   

the designs of costumes and art of the dancers, the colours of peace and religion of Sri Dalada Maligawa, the 'sathara maha devala', the colours of different flags of our past, come and visit and have 'peace of mind'.

i know that you need to find time in both the festivals mainly because these are also the days of festival of five rings. I am sure and we can expect them to bring back more peace in to their relevant countries after the ‘festival of peace’ ( Olympic 2012)

‘Constantinople was the city that connected Asia and Europe in peace and trade with foreign currency. The spices from our country for the Europeans, silk from china, Cotton from India the Constantinople was the meeting place of all like today in London (Olympic 2012)

Handloom fabrics ‘the very popular fabrics of our country surely will bring more peace in collaboration with ‘Batik and art’.

The long lasting fabrics weave using ‘strong threads of various colours brings a smile to any face, reasonable price, they are ‘any occasion’ all party’ fabrics. No problem in using ‘summer, spring, or winter, autumn’ I am sure you will find no problem wearing them in any of the seasons and for any weather conditions and colours will bring no harm for any season.
‘Fabrics are the signs of peace’ ‘sometimes we use locally produced threads and materials for our own designer wears.

The industries of garments in the country bring foreign currency in to country and produce millions of job opportunities for the girls and boys of the country.  ‘Export them to many countries in Europe and to other parts of the world. ‘That is how ‘fabrics bring peace in to countries’. Some investors invest money on such business locally and internationally I do not have to explain the results of such activities.  

Fabric and peace is not a new invention that certainly has a long history.
Small and medium enterprises of the country are one of the best ‘threads of peace from the country to the whole world’.

 the artists bring peace and harmony in to lives of the people. that is the art of all art like Poetry that combine with weaving of words. 
the colours of shining sun bring brightness and liveliness in to the lives of all around the world.

in the ancient days 'ira' or the sun was the only 'time teller' for most of the families. they had the knowledge to tell the time just looking at their own shadow and looking at the rising sun from the East 

my mother is an artist in sewing she brings her own earned money in to my family.

we have an Ocean full of artists whom can create wonders on the fabrics. 

the tailors of all era know how to bring world before your eyes sometimes.

the designers, pattern makers, master cutters, sawing machine operators, helpers, laundry machine operators, the embroidery machine operators, etc they are threads of a garment.   

it is not the person sometimes we see but the fabric and its art and design. How about giving a little different thought to the fabric we prefers to wear lets design something using the thread called 'peace and harmony' ?

i think this is an area which brings art, trade, and trust in to the minds and hearts of our people across world.

the fabrics are not just something that crowing princesses likes to wear. it is not just the 'sweat of the machine operator, or the weaver it is more than that i believe.
it is sometimes the story of a small and medium entrepreneur

the flags of a certain country or a area is not just a representative of its people that is a story of 'peace' and 'harmony', a mind of a creator and talents of art and understandings of people.

therefore we believe we have no right to burn or disrespect a flag of a any country. there are ways to show your anger and opposition ' talk and discuss'

i am sure you may have heard the message of the guardian of the Sri Dalada Maligawa by now al the procedures of the parade and the city plan apart from the Maha Sangha, the leader of the country

Diyawadana Nilame Nilanga dela Bandara is the diyawadana Nilame of the Dalada Maligawa.

so keep some space in your heart if possible for 'fabric and peace'.

i am sure that it is not that difficult and it is just a few words or a thought away

May all beings be happy and become the ambassadors of peace! 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

FIVE MINUTES GO GREEN TEST ....................

Five Minutes Go green Test ……………

Maths tests, Science tests, ENGLISH tests, blood tests, tests, test and tests, endless tests. Tests for everything so what is the most difficult test in ones life? Is it the ‘Life’ test or the ‘heart’ or the term tests? 

‘No more tests’ is the test I like to face so much not any other tests. ‘Test how others test’, ‘test the tests’ ‘after tests scores, A – Z things on tests.

I don’t like tests.

Why some fail all the tests and some pass all the tests?  Some pass few tests and fail more tests. 

Who wants to face tests? 

Whole life is a test don’t you think so? 

None of these tests give you the results that one expects sometimes. The result that you get from a test depends on the person who tests your test paper. ‘Quantitative tests are different from qualitative tests. For the qualitative tests if you give your test paper for five ‘testers’ there is a possibility in getting ‘different results’.  That is the way of ‘qualitative tests’.  Sometimes we are trying to test the ‘abilities of bearing of many things, burdens of life. Some like to test your ‘patience’ all the time.   If all wants to tests the patience of all what will happen?  You will fail some tests. Some may pass all the tests. Some fails the tests. Some get happy results and if the result is indicated as ‘I know that the smile on your face may ‘disappear’

Still I don’t like tests.

The tests are always unpredictable. Until the test is done or until you face the test and get the results you don’t know what result you would get. 

But we all know that how good it is to be ‘positive’ in life matters though we don’t follow such rules in our life most of the time.  Some have the positivity in blood but negativity in face. 

Five minutes green test ….. Go GREEN 

thank you HNB ( Hatton National Bank) for building the country's 'first green building bank' ( where was this built?)  

This is not new to the car lovers these days. I saw a very attractive name of a business entity today ‘my direct cars’ ( somewhere between  Athulkotte and pitakotte)  ‘micro cars’ is a classic our way cars. Why depend on others cars and vans ‘buy a ‘our way car’.  ‘siya rata de siri sepa de’ this how the ancient encourage locals to buy their own things if possible. 

There is ‘most trusted cars’ in our country’ ‘Indra Traders’ I am sure you can also buy ‘Mahindra’ from them. Trading is different to ‘grading’ right? 

Some say ‘kade yanawa’ why people go to kade( boutique/retail shops)  do you think that you can buy a car from a kade? Do you think you can buy a gem from a kade? Do you think you can buy a ‘designer wear’ from the nearest kade?   Don’t go to singer outlet to buy ‘honey and butter’, or ‘rice and curry’.  Don’t go to cool planet to buy ‘kos’ and ‘polos’ ah if you want to buy some lovely foot wear that is possible. Also, you can get ‘fallen in love’ kind of colour combinations designed gorgeously on ‘my nangi’s choice of clothing’.  Unfortunately there was no ‘haal pol’ ( rice and coconut) for that you have to go to a ‘kade’.

To buy coconut or to choco-nuts, (warning don’t go nuts) and chocolates you need to go somewhere else sorry.  Again sorry ‘The Odel’ does not sell coconut. 

Yes if you also prefer go to a friend who has ‘no limit’ you can get ‘no expiry’ ‘all festival clothing’ ‘any colour’ clothing or ‘Arpama’ (?)

‘One plus one’ is not one no? Then …….. ? ( I have not failed mathematics but it is my gosh never want to face kind of a test)

The Emerson test - this is an accepted, an environmental friendly test.  So tell me how many of you have passed the ‘five minutes green test’ so far?  No I don’t believe Ok show me the certificate.  We have enough of greens in the country  thanks to all the good people who still have some love towards protecting our surrounding, ‘gotukola wagawa’ that is the best ‘wagawa’ ( cultivation) according to ‘my taste test’ it is a ‘tasty’ what do you think about that ‘Udaya mahaththaya’?. What is the whole sale price?  

So to face this specific green test  it takes only ‘five minutes’ they say but imagine for some tests we need to wait for hours, days.  ‘Time does not bother you or matters if the tests indicate good results. It is the nature of medical tests.
Don’t go green with your envy that is what people generally say. That is different tests with different set of people I believe. 

See I have no time to talk about all the tests let me stop here before I will have to go for a ‘pressure test’.

Some tests are not bad at all no?

Friday, July 27, 2012

some windows are different to some windows and to many other windows or the all the windows .............

Windows are different to doors. but equally important. those are not just ' beautifying' things of a house. though you see only a little area through a window there are millions of things to think and analyze.

little things have no little good but a 'very good' things to explore. the different vehicles of different people of different class or society i see them moving, some goes faster and some little slowly. 
thinking of the speed 'i thought it is good to think of the speed of the achievements of the local companies we have and the different directions,or the different areas ( nature of business) they have touched.  
the different trade marks that i see go passing me sometimes shows ( forgot to tell i live little close to a main road that leads the way from Jubilee post to Pita Kotte) of different local and international ' brands and their levels of achievements- not easy to start  something of one's own and to come to a good position getting the recognition world wide. 
Let me pay my gratitude for all the 'desheeya samagam' (all local companies) that protects all without thinking of 'smallness or the bigness' of a person in relation to one's levels of education and sometimes of other things 'family back grounds' etc but 'one's talents' 

'Small and big' their grater contribution to the country's economy is immeasurable. and we can not forget how much of 'job opportunities you are providing for our kollo kello ( boys and girls)
i am happy to see this PPP (public, private partnership) in providing jobs. that is great.
i guess even if you have a very tiny company with a single or a small number of workers 'that is not important there' ( the size of the company) even if you have given a single opportunity chance for a single person that is a contribution and that worth a lot. 

a mudalali of a road side bulath vita kade' that has given a chance for a single boy to assists him and pays some money in the evening also have a value.

it is so good to see little outlets of different things for sale ( food and other) see how many are working sometimes in a single place. they are helping and reducing the burden of a government. 

my sister works at 'Green cross' / Jubilee post. once Dr. Gamlathge offered his assistants, the nurses a chance to visit Nuwaraeliya with their family members. (recently) i was one of them. they have a lovely house there and i had the 'my phone camera' :) i took some photographs ....... so i thought of sharing them with you all.

a different view of a different place and of a different area. i did not see any tram cars :)  but so gracious other things see it your self. you may see something different so i am not going to explain the things that i saw and see watching the picture.

different window of the same house which showed me a different view to view.

there are some things to see over to the fence. do you see a fence?

try to see through the window curtain ...... what can you observe? you know sometimes we should not bother too much of the things that we see always but of the things that are hidden. there is some value of 'unnoticed' things. don't you think so?

Are you familiar with this window?

you don't see much from this view is that what you think right now?

i agree because there is more to see outside of the house.

you will surely say 'you see very little' or you see nothing' compared to the previous picture you viewed.

that is life my friends....... sometimes we see more than what we need in life and sometimes we see nothing in life. just try to apply this theory depending on the situations, concepts, teachings that you want to analyze.

the things or the area you are given to see or observe here is very limited but i am sure you will see something.

this is not a window of the same house. this is a different window of a different house of a different area.

Thank you for reading and viewing 'my photographs' from 'my phone camera' :)

 so ...... do you agree that 'windows' are not just windows but more than a decor or interior or an exterior components of a house.




Thursday, July 26, 2012

This is not a farewell note to you Sir, 'SA'

This is not a farewell note to you Sir ‘s’ …………

His ‘gigiri geetha raawaya’ always brings ‘miyuru kalpana’ in to my mind and I am sure in to any hearts and minds who loves and feels, rhythms of music and melodies from mornings to nights of life. The universality of his melodies according to my poor knowledge on ‘music’ and understanding of the magic of music ‘ his songs are all season and all soul, every heart melodies’. 

The lyrics, the melodies, the versatile voice takes us even to sort of touching our previous lives. his songs take me back to atheethayata ( past) and they keep me alive in ‘warthamanaya’(‘present’) and show me the ways to the ‘anagathaya’ (‘future’)

What magic this music and related things have, I guess I have not learnt enough or have not associated enough of legendaries of ‘music’ of our era or the era’s of past.

Some times you take us to the era of our ‘Budunwahanse’ (the lord Buddha) and let our minds to walk around the premises of ‘Dewram Vehera’. And most of the time you collate all our ‘wandering’ thoughts to a one specific point of life. your songs to me are the ‘centralized’ place of different melodies and lyrics. You teach us to see through the lives, hearts and minds of others in a indirect way and of course sometimes in a ‘very direct way’
Thank you Sir …………

( following is one of the posters created for his 'SA' prasangaya'

And you teach us and shows me sometimes the way to reach little deeper side of my life and lives of others and you push me sometimes to go search for truth of life that are hidden in the words of your, ‘ the lyrics’ songs written by your fellow partners of your music life. So I found this time and of course at that time of my life the ‘Sa prasangaya’ to see though once the far behind and sometimes very before and the long gone, faded sides or the facets of our own lives.

Thank you sir …………

 You taught us ‘ don’t worry’ you may also have seen our samma sambudu rajanan wahanse’ before while walking, wandering, like mad people in this never ending journeys of our sansara and also you reminded us our possibilities of visitations to the era of Budunwahanse and to the places or the areas of ‘Sri saddharmaya’ dewram vehera’ and you are saying that we may have listened to the sermons the best teacher ever preached in to the hearts and minds of the people at that time.

But ………..
You know what had happened to all of us who travel from various places to various places of this universe, ‘he is asking us, questioning us’’ ‘because you have not done your home work to reach or to get visa to the place you want to visit ‘once gone never return place’ ‘the nibbana’’ the nirvanaya’.

And remember …………………The friends who were with us listening to the beautiful explanations of ‘life truths’back then for sure have visited and reached this very specific place called Nirwana on time because of the immeasurable ‘qualities of their living’ and ‘assurances of expectations of the society’.

Let me close my eyes for a moment and meditate a little on the words of your songs, and to the melodies of life, the voices of truth of life

Dineka hiru besa yana welawata ………
Sayuru welralatha huda kalaweka
Kurulanta gee gayanna
Sitha mithuru sulanga
Thotupala aine
Thaniwennata dewaram wehere
A welawe mata mathak wiya
Buduhamuduruwo apith dakinnethi banath ahannethi a kaale
Niwan dakinnata pin madiwenethi
Akai thawamath sansare ………………

Congratulations to you sir for completing and the ‘VICTORy’ of reaching the big number in your immeasurably valuable number ‘1450’ number of concerts of life at Lumbini ……………….so for your achievements in life I like to send you ‘mal pokuru pokuru’ with so much gratitude and respect'.

Were you trying to teach all around you that that was what we meant by ‘Janaganga’ (the river of people) that lead you to all the ‘VICTORy’.

I remember watching your concert at ‘elphinsten’ ‘my friend Gayathree, Sarajika and her friend took me to the concert.

so thank you once again sir for giving an opportunity to ' watch and listen' to the truth of life again from a another view or of a another angle of life.

The truth and the ‘nature of life is ……. You are saying it ‘Wareka nelawuna, wareka lathawuna’

(Once felt happy, once felt frustrated)

I like to ask you sir ………………….

 ‘Aluth lowaka oba sathutin kirulu pelanduwado leaving ‘Lumbini’ saying goodbye to s

Sir, things you taught and reveled me and to the all music lovers of our era through your sweet melodies of life, the words you whisper in to the ears of all how can we forget and that paints true images of life of the stage of life that we sometimes like playing, the roles of our own lives.

Ranganu ranga ran ranga mandale …….

but I guess the other wishes are better …………

Sambudda saddharma anuhasin
Gonvinda shree skanda shanthiyen
Kamalasanrudha saraswathi ashirvadhayen
Rasika hada milinayen
Aanada janaka wu
Suwahasak sawan yuga preethiyen udam weva
Preethiyen udam weva !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel great to be apolitical this morning forgetting all other complexities of life …………….

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

'THIS IS NOT WHO WE ARE '............

This is not who we are ……………….. ( BORROWED WORDS)

According to the some of the reports of mulpitu,(front pages) reported by the ‘mulpituwa’ by a mul putuwa of the most tallest HOUSE of our country
Some do not want Sri Lankans to be participated in ‘THE OLYMPICS’
My opinion here is that one must first understand the meaning of the ‘OLYMPICS’ 


What is this ‘Olympics’ in short? Here is my explanation please remember that I am not an expert in giving explanation on things I see and say things according to the my knowledge and understandings on certain things on ‘society’ and other things 

Olympic is not just ‘GAMES’ that is a sign and true peace broker of ‘PEACE AND HARMONY’. Olympic is not for showing any territories of a, country that is a ‘world’ (one word but ‘PLURAL’)

Who wants peace? Who does not want peace? Think a while
Let me stop here for a moment and proceed to the same direction but in a little different way.

Following is a little description of a person I know very much since childhood.

Name – Thanippullige Teran Lasantha
Year Born – February 17, 1976
Place of birth (upan sthanaya)– Jaffna (Army Hospital Thellipallai)
After note …………….

This one is a man but not a ‘porak’ I am not good in translating some Sinhalese words in to English because I m not good in that subject.
But I know that this word is in use in the normal society amongst some people, peer groups but this is not the word used in ‘written language unless it is really necessary to explain something and also for ‘official matters’ ‘ advanced’ ( this word has a broader sense) things on our society
Following are few of the words that you may hear that some use if you just walk a little from here to there or from there to here or to some where and to everywhere 

A pora , ara pora, mara porawal, hari porak thamai , mehemath porawal, unuth porawalda, etc 

I understand some of the ‘anwartha namayan’ that people on certain things of the society that some use on some purpose but to tell you frankly I sometimes don’t understand this ‘numberization’’ flowerization’ colourizations’ or and some .com things on some of the things this I have noticed since couple of months or so. But I very well understand ‘the words’ ‘globalization’ generalization’ etc 

I thought this morning ……….

Whether some ‘misunderstands’ the things I say or write ‘ I have no ill wills behind what I am writing or saying. Also I thought whether I should use the following words before every note I write or before every saying I say
Nam gam manakkalpithai’following bare no resemblance to any one or any place in particular’ like some use in some things on some purposes. That is also not possible sometimes because I write things on I see and hear or watch or observe, read’

but in certain incidents I particularly aiming or aimed certain a particular group or a person I accept and admit that honestly. I am sure that some of you have read ‘dear ministers of gas and milk powder and cement’ 

 So I like to say that ‘footpath is my life’ ‘I love this path’ I NEVER USE THIS PATH TO INSULT ANYONE OR ANYTHING……..  

‘Rata thamai palamu thena’ ‘our country is the first’ and there is nothing above that everything else second to this word and its meaning - ‘country’
So let me come back to the ‘little description’ of the person that I mentioned earlier but before that I always have few questions on some things I hear these days. So I thought of sharing those thoughts with you this time as well…………..

On what basis we can say or use some wordings, sentences or the ideas  that we generally use in general conversations, un official things, the conversations that generally have outside ‘big discussions of responsible personal’ ( official) such as ……..that ‘this is mine’ this part is ours’ ‘that part belong to them’, don’t take them’ ‘take them’, ‘ stop giving orders’, ‘ don’t take that serious’, ‘ they are bad’, ‘we are good’, ‘ we need the big share’, ‘ we need at least a little share’ ‘ we need them in writing’ ‘give them nothing’, ‘don’t love them’ ‘ they have no brain’, ‘ common tap/ well is not public but private’‘ we have the brain’, ‘how dare you say so’, ‘ only my friends are good’ ‘all others are bad’, ‘ no right to rehabilitate’, ‘ don’t rebuild’ ‘ they did nothing’ ‘ we did everything’,

All parts, areas, districts, provincials, of our country belong to all the people. No way can we mark territories, NEVER in a wrong manner.
We HAVE ONLY ONE ‘DEED’ and have not issued any duplicates according to my knowledge.

All these are MY PERSONAL VIEWS AND PLEASE REMEMBER that I HAVE NO FAMILY MEMBER IN THE PARLIAMENT and I AM NOT A GOVERNMENT WORKER. THE TRUTH IS THAT I AM A CITIZEN OF THIS COUNTRY that can not be changed for any reason. Every word that were written on this foot path is solely and purely mine no one is responsible for what I m saying or writing. 

Have you heard about that person before? ( the little description given earlier)

 He lives in an old kingdom about four kilometers away from the capital of that last kingdom of our beautiful, brave, country. You may see him flying with a three wheels and sometimes walk with his foot neat and demandable in work that he is good at popular among friends, little arrogant only when he sees his siblings have moved away the ‘paapissa’ from where it should be kept. He is particular about the right ‘aliment’ he does not want others to move his ‘cup of tea’ from where he keeps to some other place. ‘Father like and I become a child before him. I was the big boss earlier lost my place after ‘he became about 5.8” tall. This person is taller than me in many ways. I have the certificates of this and that and I have the photograph taken on the day that I graduated, but before this person all that become ‘nothing’ this particular person has a very little to show, including his birth certificate, identity card, driving license, school leaving certificate etc but this person has many other valuable things ‘within’.  

I have fallen in love with Jaffna mainly because of this person who has a ‘very strong biological bond’ with me other than that who will not fallen in love with that particular ‘district’ ‘area’ because it is  a MAJOR PART OF OUR ONE AND ONLY COUNTRY WE HAVE. ‘THIS IS ALL WHAT WE HAVE’ all other things come second to this and have less value.

 He took my thoughts back to the Jaffna peninsula this morning . There was a time that we teased him saying only when we have little fights, he recently visited ‘Jaffna’ with few of his friends we used to tease him ‘ah game yanawa wage neda kaalekata passe’
(generally we say ‘game yanawa’ – when one is heading to his/her birth place or to home town, kaalekata passé – after a long time) just because he was born in Jaffna. 

He has not visited Jaffna during war period because he is not a member of all brave forces and only has seen the news updates of battle on television and I am sure he has read many things about it. He has his own views on ‘politics’ and on many other things that he sees and hears.  He is the same person who sends a bag full of daily necessities when my amma comes to Colombo to see nangi and me. 

So thinking of my own memories about Jaffna I remember ‘Shivamani’ and ‘red onion’ these are the only things I remember of Jaffna ‘hearts’ who helped my mother and my father a lot back in 1976.

Ah one more thing ‘raa’ ‘toddy’ i remember these words were very popular 

Wait a moment I‘ll tell you who that person is?  ‘Patience’ is a lovely word but I know that is a ‘hard to practice word’ ‘only the winners know the word better.

It is my everyday habit that I visit ‘Malinda words/poems’ every day (except on some days) 

‘This is not who we are’ I like the title more than the poem because of many reasons. And that has become one of the most visited/read poems of his collection of poems and that is there on the list after lovely poem ‘nangi if you just visit his page you will notice that. So I thought of using the same title to explain my views on these things and here I shared what I did with you. Shall I use the words ‘I borrowed the title’( I did not get his permission to use his words here) 

Say yes to terrorism NO NEVER!‘ this is not who we are’ I thought of these words after reading the poem and I tried to apply this ‘meaningful words’ to the ‘whole society’.

We say NEVER to terrorism. This is who we are. 

Dear President Defeating the LTTE was NEVER A CHALLENGE FOR YOU’  and for that you got adequate support from all the brave heart groups of all three forces, police, the village level guardians, civil committee members, the village level guardians (gam batta - I use this word with love-and with respect) and the citizens of this country were with you. 

How come this ‘rarely visit’’ little think about country’ ‘not shed a drop of sweat for the sake of our people, for the sake of the country’ ‘not sent a single pill for the sake of any group’ on behalf of not even of their own parampara will ever be a challenge for you and it is very difficult to believe such a saying sir.


  And I also very strongly believe that he is not that stupid to believe so.
 As a citizen of this country we also have some ‘right’ towards working or talking on behalf of our country and for the development of the whole mankind of the whole world it is not ONLY  a duty of the police department of a country also that is a responsibility of a ‘citizen’.

So let me tell you now who that person is ‘HE IS MY BROTHER’ ……………..