Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Thursday, December 29, 2016

services, service gainers, workers and authorities

1200 workers who were working attached to the Moragahakanda project were sent home saying ' no work available'  and the news was published in two news papers ; 'Mawbima' and the 'Ceylon Today'.  

It is a sad news. loosing a job brings no fortune to any family and is something that shatter, results 'cracks ' in the financial segment / economic segments of any country.

Those 1200 workers i assume are members of 1200 families of the country. i do not know whether they are the 'main income earners of those families or belong to any other income category'? It is a sudden shock to any family if the worker was not informed earlier. and the families cannot think of a strategy to handle the sudden crisis they face  to over come the problem.  

what were the other reasons given by the management for them to take such a big decision to send 1200 workers home is something important to know. and what were the actual reasons for the decision taken by the management? 

Do you have any other plans to bring relevant labor / workers from else where / out side to country? 

what about workman's compensation / compensated? if that is a sudden decision taken by the management and if the worker was not informed earlier?

What was the nature of contract made between the worker and the authority / management? 

If there are no work available currently, why did the management hire such a big number of workers? didn't they know or study such things before hiring labour / workers? 

what employment category they belong to?

'Contract basis'?
Daily wage / wage labouers?
Any permanent workers? 

It is true that when ' project completion period'  is over you cannot keep the workers. but did it clearly mention in the contract? 

And when a contract is over the worker cannot expect 'service extensions' (depending on the contract / bond signed ) but if it is something that they unexpected is a problem. 

Is there a way to employ the mentioned number of workers in another firm / company if the project no longer functioning / completed? 

what about the other workers? any other workers to be sent home in the future?  

what does it really mean when the management say 'no work available' and according to what i read the workers were told ( verbally ?) / informed in writing (?) that when there is work available they will be informed?

what did the management expect saying ' when there is work avail;able the worker will be informed?

does the management want the worker to stay at home,  though the worker has no work to do ( job) therefore earn no salary , return to the job when ever they are ask to come?

what type of a contract is that? what assurance the management can give to the worker regarding the  'availability of work' in the future?

sending 1200 workers home is not a joke. who will take care of the families, needs and wants of the families of that workers? 

who hired them initially? 

job security is something highly important and is something every worker expects until they retire from the job / what they entitle during the entire period of contract. and securing the job of a worker is a responsibility of any employer. and at the same time '  the worker must aware of his / her rights'. 

if this is a decision taken by a non governmental authority, what is the reaction shown by the government / how did the government respond to this situation / the relevant ministry? 

What plan the government has 'in order to take of the workers's families / welfare of the said workers and their families? 

if the project is functioned / functions / managed / managing by a non local authority / Chinese company (?), what agreement made between the government and the management when handing over the tasks initially?' did they specifically agreed to safe guard the jobs 'assured job security of the hired worker'.

let us talk about something not fully unrelated to  what i tried to discuss earlier but something related. 

'One day services' 

this is a service that i must appreciate. it is a good way of providing services. i went to obtain my National Identity Card Yesterday. if my calculations were accurate there were about 1500 applicants waiting to get their National Identity Cards via the 'One Day Service'.  according to what i observed it is not an easy task. 

first and foremost i must say that the physical environment of the Department that provide the mentioned services to the nation is 'human friendly' and compared to earlier situations there are comfortable seating facilities , and the methodical environment brings peace of mind to the applicants. 

i noticed few things that needs some adjustments. if any applicants require or expects to get their Identity Cards or else any other certificate within a day or using the 'One Day Service' people have to come to Battaramulla / Colombo to obtain the service. which is a problem for some who live far away places or the people who live outside Colombo faces Practical difficulties during the entire process of reaching the city / office , obtaining the service and returning home.  Some come to Colombo one day prior to the date scheduled to obtain the service, meaning they spend two days and if they face any service delays ' they have to either spend another day in Colombo travel late night. 

what i suggest is listening to what some of the applicants said / discussed with others ' it is good if the applicants can obtain the service they require from the areas / districts they live and is practical and brings no more hazels to service gainers and also it helps the workers as well  as it helps to maintain the 'quality of work and efficiency' 
And it is a duty of a grass root level government officer ? GN to check the application forms of the applicants before sending it to the relevant departments that avoids disappointments of applicants and avoid delaying obtaining the services. and i must note that within such services,one day service  Human errors can be always pardoned. 



Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Are you an ISLANDER? what did you learn about islands

  1. Sri Lanka is an Island. Independent. Independent? 

since when? 1948? , 1972? , 2009?


How and why the islands, islanders loose/s its independence , liberties or freedoms? 
this is something that we must try analyze carefully. first and foremost you need to learn, the following ................

  1. what is an island? i wrote this question on the search bar of google. following  is what i found. a piece of land surrounded by water.
  2. (

what are the special features of an island?

what characteristics the people who live in an island show specifically compared to the countries , people who live in a geographical territories / lands close to each other ?

what uniqueness, cultural, economical, social, political are apparent from the people of such (is)lands 

why is it important to remain as 'islanders' while embracing every knowledge or sciences of globe in an intelligent way, specially when there are plenty of ways to communicate with world, why think about other ways to welcome world into this independent territory? 

what things the world can learn from past incidents or from disputes over ownership rights of islands, world wide? 

what benefits you naturally get or enjoy or embrace when you live in an Island? 

if you live in a land called or geographically recognized, identified as 'an island', you legally face or have no territory issues. when your (is)land is geographically measured and mapped accurately, accepted word wide. the outsiders cannot claim such measured mapped and accepted lands as their's. ( outsiders) unless you sell ( if you have the authority to do so) or handover the power of administering the land block / island to some other party, legally or any other similar way.

but who is thinking of taking such actions , specially when such properties are not known as 'private properties of political power'?

Even if you discover an island where you find no men or women or children, animals live, still if that piece of land is recognized as a part of land of a country , others / outsiders cannot try buy it. we live in 2016 and in about few days time we farewell 2016 and welcome 2017. every bit of this universe we live now is mapped and geographically legally divisioned as countries , continents etc. claiming an ownership (of an island) is not always about property rights or about deeds it is also about heritages ,  cultures , inheritances of the children of that piece of (is)land.  it is not always about 'tourists attractions' or earning money from tourism, sell public belongings to buy other luxuries. 

you talk about losses during reign of former government what about the money saved by treating a chronic cancerous illness intelligently and accurately? alright let us say they didn't know to earn money or profit from public departments, commercial entities, WHAT ABOUT YOU? and what about your ABILITIES to earn good profit and stop unnecessary expenditures, 

if your Member of parliament selling or handover their vehicle passes or permits, what do / can you learn from that? 

The Members of Parliament do not need such vehicles or Luxury Vehicle Permits  and they are please with what they have. if they want they try keep them, right?

am i incorrect?

if you feel that they need money for other things and use that money to fulfill other needs of them,  you can ask  ( cannot order no?) them to earn it other ways. ask them to try become the president of the country. 

posh! who is the upcoming 'SUPER SUPER MINISTER' of the country? any Super Super assistants / deputies?

what power he or any SHES (%)? get?

so removing the authorities / Bureaucratic rights / decision making power of Executive Presidency , here we go , the ' yahapalanaya' is trying to hand over the removed power to the suggested (already?) , ACCEPTED (?) position?

am i incorrect?

what is this new system that the government is trying to implement in order to establish (according to their own words) a  good governing pattern', good governance (?),   

i do not understand why a public figure , public servant need a super power like 'the spider man , superman of cartoons, movies we have seen? 

whether it is about the independent island called 'Sri Lanka' or its about its every teeny weeny island, kytes or kalpitiya,  every authority, every government now and in the future must think of securing the 'security' every bit of it must not think of selling or handover power of administration to any outside party. if you continuously thinking of selling or handover power to external parties , outside to country, who doesn't know anything about the historical values, security values of such land blocks, you must learn that first and then educate the rest and abolish the agreements made or preparing to be implemented. 

can you search information about the agreements made between the local authorities (Sri Lanka)  and Indian governments , if any regarding the ownership of kytes , delfts? 

what can you learn from such incidents of past?

when a land is surrounded by water the land is secured naturally, read the kingdoms of past to learn about the importance of 'the kingdoms surrounded by water'? 

read about the ancient kingdom of kashyapa,  sigiriya, suba's and Buwaneka bahu' and his brother's reality kingdom of yapahuwa, what mechanisms the kings used to protect the said ancient kingdoms of our country and its values, people and their cultures, heritages, sacred symbols like the Sri Dalada, tooth relic. 

there are plenty of articles and essays written on the islands of the country , please read them. you can read them through internet.

let us save every bit of soil of our country, every island, without selling them or handover administering power to any outside parties. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

'exchanging ginger with chilly' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i viewed the posters that the JVP party has used to oppose and educate people on the government's decision to 'sell some national entities'.

first and foremost, let me tell you that i am on the side of the people who want to protect every single entity and heritage of the country not on the side of any group who try sell them or try ruin them or destroy.  

Look! dear government you are given authority to govern this country only for five years. and there are things that people of this country expect you to do and do not expect from you.

Am i incorrect?

what is the meaning of governing a country by the way? forget it, what is the meaning of good governance? 

what chapter of the existing constitution describe that any government selected by people can sell any of the properties, belongings , heritages , cultures of the country and the commercial entities that brings profit to nourish the national economy?

even though if any existing institutions, entities, departments do not earn that much of a profit or do not earn expected income, can they so easily decide to sell such entities?

for that do we need a government for god sake?

let me re ask the question i asked earlier; what is the meaning of governing a country, good governance?

if you are unable to implement a mechanism to promote , develop such departments , improve profit , does it show your ingeniousness or skillfulness or your ability to 'improve the National Economy'?  

selling national properties to outside parties, foreign corporations, entrepreneurs;  is this the only strategy you can think of ?

Can't you find a single brain that has the skill to think of another strategy to keep and protect the national entities, belongings within, without really selling them? 

Is that what people of this country expected initially?

is that what YOU promised to the people of this country?

where is the economic development plan that you talked and boasted of initially? 

If the existing constitution gives power to sell any national entities, foot path suggests such CONSTITUTIONS should be changed. 




why almost every invader of past , now and then wanted to try capture or buy the natural harbors and ports & tried to keep them under their authority? 

was it only because such places are and were immensely important as trade routes, trade ports, economic centres?

READ EVERY CHAPTER OF HISTORY AT LEAST THE CHAPTERS 1505 - 1658, 1658 - 1796, 1796 -1948

why some wanted 'the coastal areas than the areas inland under their authority more than anything else? 
was it only because 'Cinnamon' or TEA? 



Please do not try to sell any national properties. 

and kindly mote that the people of this country are not fools to stay quite and calm allowing you to sell the properties that belongs to the children of this country.

may you gain consciousness! 

Sunday, December 11, 2016


The movie’ ‘concussion’ steeled all my attention yesterday. Will smith is one of my favorite stars. And I like to say to the director and to the script writer, you have chosen a very important subject to discuss and the strategies you have used to convince things is ‘Superb’  
I must say that I truly liked the performances of ‘the will of Hollywood, will smith’s performances and yes the performances of all the ‘O’ s.

Let me try to focus more not on the Steelers of spirits of SPORTS, now and then or the STEELERS who STEELED the attention US and global fans but of some S’s that enhanced every sport activity of this world, now and then.
SUPPORT; what sport activity you can think of that survived without the support of ground supporters, coaches, managers, the policy makers, the officials, governments, SPONSORSHIPS;
It is not just the governments or the officials who looked after sports of globe always, the sponsors played an immensely valued role and they are still doing a good job.

If any member of sports of any activity is not ready to sacrifice his time no nation can think of improving or developing ‘SPORTS not just as an activity but as something that develop one’s INNER HEALTH.


You need to identify the talents and skills of youngsters, specifically the skills and talents of interior territories. Nigeria too is full of talents. Otherwise you meet no OMALU ONYEMALUKWUBWE in America.

‘Safety first’, this should be ‘the theme of sports’. Sportsmen, sportsmen, they bring light to any national or global sports. Therefore it is not just a duty or a responsibility of officials of any committee, organization to implement adequate support to ‘safe guard the health of every member of sports.
Needlessly to say the importance of discussing ‘the importance of encouraging ‘sports as something that enhance human beings’ inner (psychological) health and physical health and the importance of ‘using better quality safety equipment’, helmets, knee guards, chest guards, eye guards etc.  

Until I watch the movie ‘ concussion’, i didn’t think of the importance of selecting better quality safety sports equipment or paying attention to the subject, sports and safety equipment that much.

I thought, after watching the movie, how can we give a less importance to the subject or to the topic, ‘safety & Sports’, especially when the entire universe loves and respects every sports activity, not only football, cricket, netball or volleyball etc. No global organization can forget the importance of support enhancing every tribal, village level, community level traditional or newly introduced sports activities very much.

Can you name a single person who doesn’t have interest towards sports, sports activities? Can you name a single continent or a territory that doesn’t like sports or doesn’t have a national sport / national teams, a ministry to handle its activities, officials to look after their SPORTS? 

What is important most is try protecting the core meanings, spirits of sports and sports as a unique activity?

So let us take every necessary action for the SURVIVAL of meaningful SPORTS, local or global.
Will, are you willing to SUPPORT activities of tribal or any of  interior communities?


Monday, November 28, 2016

For Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, (August 13, 1926 - November 25, 2016), the heart of steel, for his 'immeasurably massive braveness'

wish you a peaceful journey Sir Castro 

You said ' I am a heart of Steel. 

I say, you are a heart of globe, a human being 

You believed ; A revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past. 

I like to say that the death fear of 'every revolutionist' who say that their motherland is a land for all and any leader who says to their people that I can assure you that my first and foremost interest is my country.

I am a Marxist Leninist and I will be one until the last day of my life. 

I Salute for your steadiness, firmness and for representing what you've believed in not only from your heart but also from your sole.  

And I respect your vision towards ' the peasants' and for believing their strength in every segment of any country, social, economical, political and otherwise and for your respect towards Cuban People as a leader and for treating them not as slaves but as a powerful force.

I respect your reactions towards those who thought that some parts of the globe are / were 'a slave of imperialism' and imperialism ( modern, new or old) is / was the master of the world.

and i like to  THANK every human being of CUBA  and  of outside to Cuban Territory for supporting FIDEL CASTRO , the revolutionist of revolutions  in his missions from the bottom of their hearts. 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

what is the LOGIC behind beating the protest of the disabled soldiers? kindly justify

According to the posters captured my eyes ( I missed reading or listening to the news), ACCORDING TO THE POSTER GOVERNMENT HAS  physically beaten the protest of disabled soldiers???????????????

what i  like to know is , is that the way the President of the Country promised to look after the heroes who sacrificed their lives or for  the sake of the country?


KINDLY PROVIDE people of the country necessary clarifications


Monday, November 14, 2016

Oh! Dear Water, A Tab to touch the hearts & minds of A / L Students plus their Teachers & a force of our own

Oh! Dear Water!

Our dear government chosen by people of the country, through ‘the budgetary reading  - 2017’ gave us some relief by reducing the prices of Gas, dhal, dried Fish potatoes etc. by Rs. 2/= to Rs.25/=

Thank you Dear Government (on behalf of parents of the country)

Now, entire country, without facing any issues can have a whole Meal (indicated below) everyday to maintain ‘Good Health’ and live long or at least until next budget arrives from what ever party / parties / government.

Rice (n / a)
Dhal curry
Fried dried fish
Potato curry (for those who refuse to eat dhal)

n / a = not applicable

A (tiny) glass of water, after meal

i do not know whether we can have any desserts in the future , any price reductions of fruits? Curd or Ice Creams? 

The same government has given all of us a huge headache by raising the RATES of the water bills. Can People thank their government?

wish you all a waterrific future!

A Tab to touch the hearts of A / L Students plus their Teachers

it is suggested to give a tab to every A / L student and to their teachers. CONGRATULATIONS! students and teachers. 

let us not think or take it as a DREAM shown by the minister and the Team (Government) but as something realistic.

let us try to calculate / estimate the total amount need to full fill what is promised by the government by budget 2017.

total number of Students + Total Teachers' population x price of a tab = total amount require to achieve the goal. 

what are the sources of money? (from the money allocated for education, billion 90000)

Starting from ? date , month , year?

Did you reduce the prices of internet for your students to use internet facilities to enhance their education , collect additional information etc? 

For what particular purpose ( for Education of course but how) the students should use their TABS? 

what about their exams?

Do you expect them to use tabs in their exams ? 

to be continued ............... 

A force of our OWN

According to my own beliefs, in the past, why we failed to have a permanent solution for the issue worldly known as ‘LTTE’  issue is because ‘we didn’t have enough faith towards the forces of our own and because we trusted outside forces without accurately calculating or measuring the strengths of the forces we owned.

And before i move on further, let me repeat indicating that what we needed in the past was a force of our own, what we need presently is a force of our own and in the future too, without any hesitations, same theory should be applied to full fill the security (specifically) requirements of the  country . 

Alright stating that let us begin to learn or try refreshing our minds, if you have forgotten by now, because we live in the year 2016 that is according to the year calendar dear friends, that is the unfailing truth, our forces, our People are our strengths and those are the only effective FORCES we can rely on.

Why Mr. vignehswaran is requesting for a Peace Keeping Force is a question to me.

2009 to date, i didn't hear you or any other individuals requesting for a peace keeping force. i didn’t hear you or any of the individuals seeking for such assistance in order to maintain peace and harmony of any geographical division in this country?

Especially when we have the most qualified forces in the country to handle any situations accurately though some say this and that about them and think of hanging them till death taking them to a so called international courts of justice. 

According to my own awareness there were reasons why the former government and the authorities (forces) didn’t remove the armies from the area totally but yes gradually. 

Think of the reasons as to why the former government decided to keep the forces till they feel totally confidence in removing the armies from the area. 

Taking any steps without studying a situation is no good. 

On the other hand are you (People of Jaffna) trying to prove that you need the armies to base in the area to look after your security need like in the past? 

Peace Keeping Force; this isn’t a new set of words for the people of our country. And i am sure specially the people of Jaffna very well aware of the differences between their own country armies and the outside peace Keeping Forces?
Can you list the differences?

But that is a different Peace Keeping Force i was talking about and i am sure that what you meant by ‘peace keeping force’ is a group of security officers specifically formed to address the need or the requirement you specified.

It is not only the duty but also the responsibility of every security force of the country to take care of each and every individual of the country. 

And it is their responsibility to take accurate actions and follow necessary procedures to safe guard peace and harmony.  

And any idiot can understand that it is also a huge responsibility of the leader of the country . Leading the armies and security forces by giving them freedom to do the job and otherwise liberty to involve in their duties studying the situations accurately and giving necessary support, providing guidance, motivating them adequately is also  a responsibility, indescribable of any political leader of the country.

And if you need any outside groups other than the existing security support, local armies then form some groups consists of youth that like and respect peace and harmony and an advisory group consists of peace loving adults and then name it as PEACE KEEPING FORCE of Jaffna Penninsula ( PKFJP). 

And kindly remember that you can use the experiences of past when writing your visions and missions of the PKF and try to convince the group members as to how and why it is important to support peace not arrogance.

Also please be causes when seeking from any support outside to country who expect to division you and I, people from their people / neighbours, forcing governments or outside agencies in order to establish two separate governing / admin areas. be aware of the agencies who comes to you, convincing you  or saying to you that you are a ‘minority’ and your rights were spoiled or not addressed accurately or humanly.

Please remember almost every individual lives in the world belongs to an ethnic group or to a religious group or to both but every humans comes under one term called 'human beings' and the term minority is a poisonous term use to division humans from humans.  

i remember reading the lady chairman of a organization who stands on behalf of the rights of minorities of the world visiting our country few months back. 

now i like to say to the chairman with good wills and aims , objectives , first and foremost what you need to do is trying to remove the mentality or attitude of ‘we are a minority’, from the hearts and minds of each and every individual of any group you list as minorities. 

when you find a well written set of words called ‘ HUMAN RIGHTS’ there is no need to address their issues separately, naming or calling it ‘ rights of minorities’. i like to say that dear madame it will become a curse or a spell if you continue to use that term. Kindly help or join or support ‘ Human Rights’ as a need of every human being.

i request and suggest first and foremost our friends, our siblings, our brothers and sisters, everyone need to eliminate / delete the term minority from your day to day vocabularies and start thinking and acting as ‘Sri Lankans’ not as anyone else.

According to my personal awareness no ethnic group is treated badly or unfairly or weirdly in this country.

if any individual or groups say so , i believe that what is behind using that term is a political will not something apolitical.

Now the youth of every geographical segment of the country must think of using their talents or do not try to become victims / subjects of arrogant groups who expects you to take guns into your hands instead of books and pens.  Shame on you, if you are unable to maintain peace & harmony in the tiny land /peninsula it is truly something that you should think of.  Compared with some of the other geographical areas of the country, peninsula is not massive or complex to handle.

i suggest Dear Youth of Penninsula support the Peace Keeping communities / groups / teams that the leaders are trying to form in the future (?) in order to protect peace and harmony of the entire community with a true ambition and a will. 

And who doesn’t know that it will help the people of the entire country to live in peace and harmony without worrying about you all the time. Do not step back and do not support any aggressiveness in the area.

Haven’t you learn any lessons from the past? 

The university Students of Jaffna has a responsibility and a huge role to play as members of Peace Keeping Force (PKFJP). The arrogant past took away your life from your lives. Do not let it happen again.

i like to ask every singular group who live outside to country, forgetting all your luxuries come settle in the country and join every single family who didn’t think of escaping or think of running away from the situations but faced the situation bravely. Now why you need to sustain as a diaspora anymore what bars you have to come settle in the country. You were officially & governmentally and publicly invited to come settle in the country, hope you can remember it very well.

Mr. Vigneshwaran, sir, perhaps you had some fare reasons to ignore participating the public event organized in the peninsula (Ill?) but let us hope you face no troubles during such invitations. I was so happy to read about your present at the public event organized in southern part of the country as chief guest and that helped to erase misunderstandings from some of the people of the country.

wish you all peace of mind.

Thank you for reading. 

Friday, November 11, 2016



AND Footpath always EXPECTS unbiased Views and adequate support in every Important Continental  or Global or Asiatic existing Issues AND most importantly Sir, Footpath on behalf of our Nation , Globe Expects No Unnecessary interferences into the  local administration mechanisms of not only this part of the world , including Sri Lanka but also of entire globe but relevant , adequate moral or otherwise SUPPORT in planning and implementation Procedures  of organizations established to address global issues for the sake of human beings ( i.e Common Wealth, WHO, WFP) 

And above all your unintentional support  to maintain PEACE AND HARMONY of the entire WORLD, considering the importance of respecting their values and demands, cultures of every individual , every ethnic group, every society, community, every nation of the globe

Thank you Very Much and Good Luck & Many Congratulations once again!  

Thursday, November 10, 2016

'LACK OF MEDICINE'? This won't cure any health hazards.

If the doctors and the relevant sectors / individuals / hospitals ( Private or public) facing an issue finding or obtaining the drugs / medicine required for the treatment processes of the needy , the cancer patients in required quantities  / Doses, needless to say the importance of storing adequate cartons of medicines at each the premises' and that is something to be addressed as soon as possible. 

For the above matter, if such an issue existing in the medical field of the country, the relevant authority must find a permanent remedy not something temporary. And do not try to be a victim of their deaths by ignoring the matter. And as you all very well aware the 'life time' of the individuals who are suffering from cancer is very limited. And the issue is not limited to cancer patients and others too facing the same issue in purchasing / getting drugs in required doses to heal  / control / cure their illnesses , chronic or otherwise that too need an adequate answer. 

For the perusal of  the 'foot path' readers':  A -Z List of Cancer Drugs, the drugs that are used for cancer patients in their treatments processes can be viewed using the link given below.

wish you all a healthy life! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

right is a right, right? no government has ethical right to steal it.

what aches and pains that the authorities are suffering from by introducing an act to abolish and to steal the right to education of the Students who enroll in the external degree programmes who most possibly thinking of joining the existing groups of 'Educators', 'knowledgeable' and then trying to find solutions to the competition in finding suitable jobs ? ? ??????????????????????????something to think about. 

Let's try to protect the right to education of adults, youth specifically. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How does the new drug control act affects others?

Above is a question that i have in my mind that require an answer.

first and fore most, let me tell you that i too think that there is no harm in having such a system that supports the customers, patients in particular.


Does this act / law / practices protects the drug manufacturer/s?

How does it affect each and every singular party that are in the health sector dealing with drugs / Medicines?

According to the ideas of one of the Pharmacists i spoke to today, in order to know whether the new practice / act affects / affected them / their businesses ?

one of them said that it won't affect them that much but it affects the companies 

i assume that what he meant by 'companies' is the suppliers , drug importing companies / manufacturers.   

And i stepped into about three pharmacies to buy panadol , one of the famous brand that is generally available in any of the shops in the ordinary market (Local Market) and in small shops, boutiques without any 'out of stock' issues.  only one of the pharmacies had panadol, i purchased couple of panadol for three rupees. That is the newest price. 

Earlier, to buy two panadols the customer needed Rs. 6 / = and now to buy two of them the customer needs only a three rupees that is a relief no doubt but if you analyze it from the company point of view, the rupees that the company is loosing due to price reduction  after selling two panadols is three rupees. 

My question is how does the company manage to cope with the situation and is there a way that they can internally survive without trying any other solutions, stopping supplying drugs to the shops / pharmacies, for example?. 

And is there a way that the drug manufactures can easily buy the medicinal stuff that they need for their drug manufacturing processes for a lower price and supply what the local market needs without embracing any headaches , aches and pains? any aches and pains directly affect their 'profit'? 

Can the government supply what they require for drug manufacturing for a reasonable price? and everything they need?

if the government drug manufacturing agency , factory has the capacity , ability to supply every singular drug need of the citizens , the pharmacies that request depending on what they sell?

what are the ways they can access the government drug manufactures / relevant authorities to get the required support?

if government has a particular , certain procedure that they follow in order to import drugs / medicines that require to cater the drug needs of the local citizens , can they provide the lists of the drug companies they deal with?  

And can we know , how does the government deal with the drug exporting companies outside to country and under what conditions and criteria?  

what is the nature of the agreements made between the drug suppliers , if there are any as such?  

what is the proceedure that the government follow currently to check the 'quality of the drug?

according to what one of the pharmacists reveled, there is a difference between the drugs that the customer purchase from the 'original drug innovator', company that owns the original patent to deal with , manufacture particular drug / s and the drugs that the customer purchase from a company that does not belong to that drug manufacturing category. 

According to what he said because of that difference between the original drug and the copied drug, the patient will have to intake more dose than the dose he / she was prescribed depending on the illness / status. 

i.e if the patient was prescribed to take 500mg of a particular drug, and if that particular original drug is not available in the market for example, and if the patient trying another copied drug, instead of the original that is available in the market supplied buy any of the companies of the world, to get expected result (cure / control) the same patient / another will have to purchase 1500mg because of the way it reacts / works within the human body. i.e 'side affects' may leads to other illnesses.?

what is the solution that the patients have to cope or deal with such situations? 

this essay is to be continued .................


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Droughts and the lives of our people

On going Drought according to what i heard have already damaged the lives of our people mostly in Polonnaruwa and most part of NCP and in South, right? . 

So that has Ruined day to plans , cultivation plans of our people. 


And People in Tissa - Kataragama Route protested against the water issues they face. if drought is the main cause for the issue , what is the solution or what are the solutions that the people in the area suggesting as a solution / solutions.  

Drought is not a strange thing or something new we hear. so when a situation like that arises , how we should face it?

what are the solutions so far practiced or applied?

Do we need more accurate plans?

Man Made Tanks?

If we use  more water for , to produce  electricity other than or more than the amount we consume daily, lets say amount required for all humanitarian needs, and if the remaining not sufficient to address the need specifically during a drought, what are the alternatives we have to address the issue? 

what i meant is a permanent solution. 

International Water Management Institute locate, based in Sri Lanka. What type of (effective) connection the government maintain with them?

Did IWMI suggest anything long lasting , sustainable for the issue, are those different to the mechanisms , solutions suggested by the experts of GO departments, relevant ministries, well wishers?

Do you maintain a healthy relationship with the Institute?

what are the Projects functioning currently, or they maintain, implemented in the country in order to manage water , resources in the country though they are global and helping globe to address the issue? 

Any on going Projects?

Is the program implemented by former government, to protect , rehabilitate ancient weva or tanks, to repair abandoned tanks still functioning ? 

Present government layered foundation stone for a new development project, Moragaha Kanda, if such projects requires water immensely for suggested or expected needs,  how are we going to find the water we need for other consumer needs. we know that both equally important. 

Is the rising (?) population  a challenge or is it worsening the issue, water scarcity, if you have identified or consider it as a chronic situation , problem we face  ?

i cannot think of an immediate solution for such issues. 

Yes, sending water bousers for the areas that has no other solution or alternative is good.  but i am thinking of something sustainable.  i know that you have addressed the issue compared to the situations decades back , i am thinking of the the remaining parts of the issue.

i hope and wish that it will rain soon to heal the drought/s we face numerous ways. Perhaps we might have to organize some Bodhi pooja , prayer programs to heal the hearts and minds of the people and the lands cracked.

wish you all a rainy future!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

i lost my Spectacles Dear & Sincere ......................

Brothers , Sisters,

i lost it somewhere between Vijaya Raja Dahana and Walpola. On this Day i was traveled by Train, Fort to Rambukkana, that was scheduled to depart @11.35 pm from fort. Since about three weeks time, i started a small business, selling Children's Books by visiting Households, little, little shops etc.

So on this day,  i mistakenly got down from Vijaya Rajadahana but went little interior passing the little hotel ( Tea kade) and rest of the shops near the Mahendra Wijeratne Mawatha.

It was not that much of a financially benefited day therefore i decided to visit another village, again by train. The train on that specific day was about 20 minutes late but managed to reach walpola before it was too dark. Again there was no change but received and faced same results  & decided to return home.

There i found out that my Spectacles was missing from my bag and i couldn't locate it. since it was already 6.00 pm i decided to not to return to village in search of the specs and returned home. the following day, i visited same areas searching my spectacles i.e. visiting the houses i stopped for sales. unfortunately i couldn't find it.

one thing i can assure you that the specs and the tiny purse i have sewn to keep it was with me until i visited the hotel (Vijeratne Hotel?) for a tea before visiting the village because i have kept some money in it. that was the lat time i wore it to read the prices of the books because the lady of the hotel was keen on purchasing some books from me.

My kind request is that if any person found it or have seen i losing it, kindly inform through this number
0 77 6148709

i think that i walked passing some of the CCTV inspected areas if my memory is good enough and  i do not know whether i went passing any spy cameras hidden areas because according to what i believe for security purposes or traffic reasons the police maintain cameras in certain areas, i guess,  without any struggles they can locate it, if my guess is accurate.

Thank you.

May You all Gain Peace & Harmony within!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Dearest Malaysia ………..

It is truly sad to see you burning our Temples & to hear you beating our Ambassadors. 

Dearest Malaysia, i think it is your responsibility to protect the ones who reside under your wings. i can very well remember what happened during the process of last presidential election; angry birds burning the pictures of former president, the former leader, head of the country. 

You have every right to oppose if you have any issues or if you are against any policies, ethics, ways of we respond to your admin or otherwise procedures but you are not given any authority to beat or harm any individuals or any property belongs to not only Sri Lanka but also to any other country. And if you have any such issues let your leaders, responsible to discuss with relevant sections, departments or individuals. 

Ambassadors have certain duties to fulfill. One of them is to protect the property of country, human and otherwise, other than fulfilling diplomatic duties and responsibilities.  It is their duty to make necessary arrangements when ever country’s leaders, any VVIP persons visit them or the country they hold official positions. 

Malaysia is a friend of Sri Lanka, i do not like to note it in a different way opposite to that. Malaysia is a member of the globe, world we live, like every other community, country.
For any selfish reasons let us not harm the relationships or the bonds we have been maintaining over decades and decades. So foot path like to say ‘try to control your anger or aggressiveness dearest Maylasia’. 

Let us be friends. As a global partner help this globe, world to keep, maintain, and protect Peace & Harmony across societies, communities, countries. And we hope that you will take every step to do justice and protect every Sri Lankan in Malaysia.