Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hello dear World Can you remember 04 Februry , 1948?

On 4 February 1948 critically
Most the world members who were not even the kings and the queens of the colonies back then knows that we are about to celebrate our 66th Independence Day  and parallel  to this our celebrations some other groups are tying to do what ?

To know that, Listen and read the news clips of what is happening in Geneva 

I truly understand that back then there was a main reason for most the Sri Lankans to left country that was solely to protect their lives but many or most did not follow that procedures and stayed here and fought or supported the battle against terrorism

I don’t say that it was only the diasporians who left the country in order to survive or escape from the unpredictable life threatens, life uncertainties occur due to the terrorism, the most dangerous terror outfit of the world

All the decisions or most the decisions that were taken to leave the country was truly understandable but what is the problem now they have
What was the tag that you wore to escape from the LTTE, how did they recognized you what badge you wore
Did they differently treat you the LTTE?

Did the LTTE think that they mustn’t harm the you, the Diasporians and were you friends  (?) of them?
What humanitarian laws did they, the LTTE respect?
What international laws and regulations did they protected without really and soley breaking them?
I understand it is the responsibility of the world to protect the world peace situations the big organizations that were set up after all the levels of world wars were organized thinking and vowing to protect the world peace situations
My questions is ‘ in what percentage that you involved to stand on behalf of our country Sri Lanka that was suffering from the most world ‘s inhuman terror group?

What were the actions taken to stop the LTTE and their so called humanitarian : - ( ( according to some ha ) actions
Did I say some?

Please pardon , I souldn’t have write my sentence like that there were and are no one who supported and are supporting not only the  LTTE  but also other terror outfits of the world

Do I have to name ?

I guess the worldly valued world organizations must not give any bad examples to the people or the groups who are working against the  world terror they might think ‘what is the point we taking the side of the peace makers or the people or the groups who are  always thinking of eliminating the world terror if the world organizations known as supporters of the PEACE take actions against the ones who are trying to protect or tried to protect the ‘all country members without really grouping them’

Though the funeral of LTTE is over no one could sleep totally libertyfully and independently because some other wars were planning outside to country territory very secretly

Now what is happening all the secret agendas are coming to surfaces and the planners have appeared in Geneva with their good supporters and what is the document that you carry Oh! The REPORT?  

Can the world say well done!    I don’t think so
You could have done so or say so if you were sleep walking
I do not try to say or write that there were no reasons for invaders to come our country way, there were reasons

Invasions; I like to talk about the South Indian Invasions and the others who appeared here from time to time in another form or sorry to use this word AVTAR  little different to the invasions of the before   

There were internal disputes and such were stronger than the unity of the states  therefore the invaders got more chances to attack and abandon our kingdoms of all stages Anurapura, Polonnaruwa  and other      

Apart from the ‘INTERNAL DISPUTES’ and disharmony including the lack of trusts towards our own people, weak kinships, struggles and disagreements over the crown or the heir , impatienceness of some of the prince’s, queens that couldn’t wait until their turn comes

Some stepped in as traders or world explorers, travelers some had the original plans and appeared as supporters that were here to help our country to eliminate the enemies (?) that were here when they were coming here  

1505 – 1658
1658 – 1796
1796 – 1948
1948 – 1972 May (Dominion)

I know that I do not have to list out the years and dates, everyone who is keen on knowing the world history or our history specifically are well aware of what dates and years that I have mentioned above

Dependency, interdependency and levels of independency are these the terms that measure and weigh the ‘liberty’ level of a country?
Are we totally independent?

Let’s say we are totally independent economically are we totally independent in other ways?

I am thinking of the ones who are sometimes trying to interfere indirect ways by pressuring indirect ways    

Or are we totally released from unnecessary interferences

What is ‘the true meaning of ‘Colonization and decolonization?
The world is talking about ‘the importance of unnecessary interferences or the value of independent ‘internal’ structure?

In 1948, we became partially independent? Right?  
But until the year ‘1972, 22 march did we have the right to use true meaning of independence?

How are we going to identify the difference or the meanings of the terms ‘Administrative independence’ & ‘Total independence’?


This was a significant year when it comes to agreements and disagreements that were made with the ruling party of that era  

1848, the independence struggle ‘is it something that were common to the entire all the colonies’ ‘struggles and battle against independences and freedom, were there any other colonies that were freed without really asking for freedom?  

What are the lessons that we and the world learned from these results of colonizations and from the other invasions, terrorism
We know what had happen in 1818 at the Magul maduwa / Kandy

But can we say that we learned lessons from the past when thinking of the agreements signed with the near neighbor ‘India’, with Rajiv Gandhi

Yes it is true that until something happens we never know the results or the things that we may have to face but there is one thing that we all can do ‘ visit history’ the world too can do it

Analyze the terror situations on what circumstances, after what incidents they became ‘ top’ in their terror dreams ? don’ you world think that when ever there were some gaps or holes, cracks and were no unity within the world structures or any country structure the terrors could easily attack

They were always waiting for chances, am I right?

What were the reasons for 9 / 11? I do not know but the world knows right?
How did you catch and arrest OSAMA the bin ?
I do not know the world knows right?

No I never think that they broke any laws of humanitarian when they were trying to catch the BIN all happened according to  the book of laws , thank fully

So dear world we want you to come in hand in hand, with your voices we know that you were there even uninvited or requested help, when the world was terrified due to many reasons lets say due to injustices faced, So come world come and not only watch stand against the supporters of the terror and HELP the WORLD TO ELIMINATE WORLD TERROR that are trying to appear before the universe in many or any forms avatars

Lets save the world peace and UNITY


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Automated Teller Machines >>>>>>>>

I hate living styles of robotic methods yet there are things I find truly amazing and useful when it comes to dealing with day to day life activities
Some innovations softens and smoothens our lives and let live our lives with no hazels  

When it comes to good clothing there are few names that comes in to our minds automatically yet ‘choosing’ is the most difficult thing to do

Whether it is a beach party or a game saajje (party) get together at the inter continental or at light house Galle we have enough of good designers and clothing but there is something called ‘ no easy to satisfy fashion desires of women so women automatically goes from this shop to that shop without really choosing a single  a frock     

I don’t know whether the lives of this universe have become automated totally and fully and since when?

The term automatic has few independent meanings differing to each other
There are auto care services too exists in this and that of towns the services provide is different to most the automated systems

I have no idea of the levels of sustainability of these automated teller machines and how often they have to repair when the ‘cards gets stuck’ due to immature ways of using the cards

Replacing money the bankers have to do I am thinking whether the customers withdraw more money than before the innovations of ATM, than saving  

I guess it depends on the intelligent levels of the customers, right?
Some shop keepers are like auto mated machines, some have a set of words that they use depending on the customers who visits their shops
What ever automatic machines needs a touch of a hand to get it repaired when broken   

There are moments that ideas and words comes automatically no forcefully in to my mind but there are some other moments words or ideas do not come easily.  In a way it is good because then my brain and mind gets opportunities to functions well, my brain too need good exercise
But there comes moments that you expect everything to be pre fixed like ATM machines

Sometimes a person can’t schedule his , her life needs and wants according a fixed ‘time schedule’ for instance banks do not open 24 hours though it is possible to open them 365 days ATM s are a n alternative innovated , supportive

ATM‘s saves your time

Though we say that ‘preparedness is essential when it comes to dealings with money preparedness will not help because some life situations are unpredictable   

Before all automated revolutionaries there were big queues and lines I can’t say that it was wasted of time lined in the long queues. Queues and lines are something that brings restless and tiredness to my life therefore I like to thank a lot to this not the idea but the scientific and technological innovations called ‘ATM’

And it is one of the advancements of the systems and structures of banking 

PIN numbers; this safeguard the privacy and any needs of cashes of the customer or the withdrawer plus the saver of any systems of bank, private or public. This particular PIN number of the users that even the bank staffs do not know and this method mostly lessen the bankrupts, that is according to my poor knowledge though there were incidents reported in this and that part of the commercialized world we live. I do not know whether the cameras hidden will secure the information of the account holders and whether the viewers of the recorded do not get any chances to get to know the PIN numbers or the Personalized Identification Numbers of the customers. The cameras are there to catch the thieves who steal money from the big banks or from small banks, the size no matter for them

Thankfully the information and the guidance to the users are provided in all languages of the locals

I am sure that these systems of ATM‘s even provide some easiness to the staffs of the bankers and it saves their time too

I think these days researching are very much easier than when compared to the yester years ethically the researchers have to visit their pre - chosen, pre - visited or pretested areas to collate the data they require but now there is less need to visit to collate some information but that is for fraud researchers. Because the researchers have to explain the methodology used adding the all necessary information as to who met whom, when, where all necessary information

I liked the little guarded room provided for withdrawals and saving checks and drafts , not much space needed though the provided space is small, enough to do the task

Whether it is after work or before work, while heading to work, during shopping no matter ATM ‘s are possible and helpful for withdrawals but there is a limit (?) in amount I guess that the customer can withdrew from the ATM machines that is at a time (?)

Very impressive but the innovations of these ATM is not coincidental but pre designed and tests were done many times before introducing the subject of this ATM. I am thinking of the name and the word ATM 

I understand a bit of all these systems of ATM because I have become a part of this ATM system ever since I learned a bit of banking with regard to withdrawals and savings

The cards cracked and expired the machines automatically rejects
Using an ATM now has become easier and no strange to its customers

It is always your loved ones and near dear ones who comes to take care of you automatically not the ones who live distanced areas 


Saturday, January 25, 2014

on IDD tenderly ................................

this is how i Direct Dialing : - )

I think everyone knows the dialing partner I am using currently and fond of using. And the direct dialing that other partners are using. Therefore I refrain from mentioning the name of my dialing partner or supporting partner it is not that I can’t name it but to maintain the ‘curiosity’ within the others I kept the space for foot path readers to wonder and imagine because they too should have something to do after reading

I think this international direct dialing facility is something so, very useful for those who always dialing to their internationals but for me there is no one to dial from here and the little ones and all big ones who lives within some parts of this world knows that I never direct dial them due to my highly carelessness or for my other interests of dialing. O mostly use alternatives to directly deal them that is ‘E – mailing’ (I am so fond of this way of communication)

But I thought to use this facility, now that you are offering to your dialing partners some offers  I thought ‘why not use it’ but unfortunately I have no numbers of the ones that I am fond of talking to , reasons are various and differ

There are many sociologists that I am very and truly fond of directly dialing unfortunately most them have gone to their preferred destinations – final

I often think how good it is if I get the chance to talk to V I Lenin or Sigmund Freud of Czech Republican and ask one of his siblings ‘how Mr. Sigmund wrote the Psychopathology of everyday life perhaps it is fruitful to talk to Esther Adolfine Freud

I have many interests towards many things of this alive world sometimes I feel like dialing a doctor who knows A – Z of HIV affected ones additionally I do not think that it is bad to talk a anthropologist who have met the cursed (?) of a mummy I too have no idea how this idea of curse came from and I guess though we know that it is after the originations of mankind all and every existing things that the men and women are currently experiencing surfaced  what sometimes we do not know is the ‘date of the birth’ because it is not everything holds the certificates   

I have never ending direct dialing desires let me mention few of them at least. I like to talk to anyone  who truly understand the true meaning of ‘ Hunger ‘ perhaps it is good to talk to someone in Somalia  because I know that I can’t weigh or measure the level of hunger exactly like the way that they do ( measuring or weighing)

Dear Somalia, please tell me how many containers of food reach your destination from the ‘powerful’ and richful of this universe

I know that it is you who need to have a ‘ sustainable mechanism to fight against hunger without really thinking of depending on the funds or the donations of the outsiders but until you have some steady plan I guess the powerful plus foodful countries must help you, Somalia

According to some community development specialists for any community to develop they need to have the ‘need to achievement’  if Somalia or Kenya wants to achieve any level of their desires of development ‘ they too need to have the need to achievement ‘ perhaps not the idea but the will again like we all know the need is not enough ‘ the resources , the opportunities  such things too essential   

And also I like to direct dial someone in the region of the Everest Mountain just to feel the differences of some experiences that they get or have gained because I am not a hiker or have gained such experiences before. I have only climbed ‘ Hantana’ that is near 
Universal Peradeniya I guess when they reach or be on top how they feel is different than when they are below or have come down of the mountain. Perhaps they understand better the differences between the highs and lows and ups and downs of mountaining

Who was the first to reach the highest part of the Everest, I can’t remember

And I know for those who live below or near the mountain earn their living by guiding the ‘new comers who wish to climb the Mountain’. Tell me dear guides how tiring is it to climb a mountain everyday or do you limit your guiding them, for instance do you do it only a once  a day ?

Do you get enough of pay from them for your guiding? Can you survive from the money you earn?

How much money you normally earn a day?

NO ! I am not trying to compare the levels of hunger of some of you with the level of hunger of the ‘the most poorest countries of this world we live’

Let me direct dial the queen Pharaoh of Mysterious and heart Stealing Egypt. Egypt is one of my dream destinations and I have a list of questions to ask from her Majesty if she is willing to talk to a nasty orderly and elderly woman of 1970 - 2014 who runs her footpath with the support of her benefactors  : - )

Let me not reveal or will not share the list of questions I my self prepared and hide within because I do not want others to know all what I feel of all the things of this universe

It is no easy dear Queen Pharaoh for a woman or for a man of this year to protect their privacies therefore I will not essay them

And I love to have a direct conversation with very dearest Martha, the Environmentalist who fought against deforestation and against killing ‘Baboon’ (?)

I like to know the direct dialing codes of any WLRF‘s (wild life officers of Rain forests) of any destination and to know ‘what variety of rice they prefer to grow if they are given a chance to paddy cultivation   

That was about IDD (International Direct Dialing) there is LDD (Local Direct Dialing) too in this very rich in ways of communications very alive universe

My little sister is the most direct dialing partner I own, who directly dials me along the wires of LDD ( Local direct dialing)

Others are Often Direct Dialing (ODD)me using ODD methods and my brothers are very fond of using that method that is only to me they too have their own direct dialings
This universe we live is full of various ways of indirect dialing too

Some uses the direct dialing mechanisms of others to talk or to communicate with the ones that they like to direct deal or dial that too is IDD ( illegal direct dialing)

Take care of direct dialing codes do not let others to spoil it

Have a good day !  



Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The letters of acceptances >>>>>>>>>>>>

Letters are marvelous because such leads to words

Letters are many types

Kiddies’ letters, love letters, official letters friendly letters, can think of more than 26 letters

Letters of acceptances; are rare. But that is the styles of misters and mistresses (how to forget mistresses) but ministers normally do not know to write ‘sorry saying letters’ (a new kind?) or is it they don’t write such letters, or they say ‘the secretaries write’?

Top secretaries know how to write ‘good right letters’   

There are other types of letters such as ‘I write on behalf of rights’ letters
Most know how to write commanding letters that is mostly the top  
‘catch’ , ‘arrest’, ‘dismiss’ ‘transfer’ ‘send home’ these are old (?) letters  that is before the innovations of ‘right letters’   

But after the innovations of right letters’ ‘the warning letters’ became first and  ‘send home’ letters became second

I not write all time but I like right / s (I remember counting the rights taken during school days) today I get no rights for my writes or have comment rights for right writes  

‘Right letters’ or ‘write letters’ everyone knows again I assume thinking of the levels of the educations of the regions (all)

To ‘venerable’ ‘to most venerable’ not all write but ‘all right to write’
Argue right is right and alright but when to write when to fight we should learn from right

There are ‘not all write’ in each and every section / sectors / field / areas then must write ‘take action letters’

Weigh and measure before ‘write’ is a good right

We know that ‘all not write’ ‘some write’ ‘some never write’ ‘some often write’  
Some rights are written rights

Letters to siblings to relatives ‘not uncommon’

.fuka ,shqula weú,a,d wlalf.ka jdf.a fudlla lsh,do okakE tys .sfh;a keyefka

[A letter from the village seems like from my sister (eldest) ‘do not know what she has mentioned could not visit them for a long time]

Letters to and from ‘famous’;

My dearest Hitler
Yours never changing Eva

Such are ‘published letters’, ‘the published privacies’ (according to my explanations) most, even today don’t know the ‘letters of respect privacies’
[I wonder whether the publishers have taken permission when they were alive from Hitler and Eva before publishing their privacy letters]

‘Taking permission letters’, ‘Permission is granted letters’ these too are not uncommon letters

My dearest daughter (Indira)

Yours Father (Javaharlal Neru’)


To, Dr. Kulari Lokuge
Swinburne University

‘The lecture you conducted at OUSL / Nawala on ‘Enhance learning with online Assessments and feedback’ was brilliant

 From, A pupil of Sri Lanka

Confidential letters’
To, highly friendly Fidel Castro
From, Faithfully and trustfully,
Che Guera

Letters TO the ‘communities’

‘You should learn about ‘community rights’ today or tomorrow’

From your benefactor (catalyst / úmraHhldrl)

Letters to the PRESS

(Following are not true or taken from any sources but fabricated by me for essaying purposes)

‘Hanged him till death’

From the Group of United States of RIGHTS

‘I know no fear’ 

– Sadam Hussen

“I do not want to see any United Kingdoms in India I want India to become India’ if we are to expect a London like city here we too have to follow the procedures that they followed”

-         Mahatma Gandhi

(Similar statement have delivered in response of a question asked by a reporter during a press conference soon after the independence though this is not the exact word to word statement)

Letters to the UNIversal organizations

‘We hate terrorism but RESPECT PEACE’

“We too hate terrorism’
-         From the date of history  09 / 11