Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Breeze

Cool breeze
Came like a secret agent
Peeped through the windows of minds
Residents without knowing that
Discussing the Family secrets

Moisturized breeze
Travels like a little Teen
Reading all bill boards
Memorizing childhood
Stopped at a peer
Glances were not recognized
Breeze turned the other side

Impatient Breeze
Wanders like a thunder
Here and there
Storming the minds of travelers
Stopped at a paper counter
The Headlines turned banana leaf – green, reports;
'The Commissioner of Election has released final results after checking its Accuracy'
(The Citizen - unpublished) 

Careless Breeze
Whispering secrets of past
Into the ears of people
Slowly sat before a national stage; ‘a foreigner speaks in high spirits
'We hate Humility'
‘We love democracy’
‘We care no Racism’ 
(Huge sound of applause) 
‘ A student , young 
Reading, the heroic Mandela’s biography
Released thousands of sighs towards the National stage  
(Huge sound of applause)

Political Breeze
Stepped into the Loksabha
Searching the portrait of Gandhi
The Son of Indira
stopped a moment before Neru’s
‘we apologize’
Someone phoning someone
“teeke teeke” (“ alright, alright”)
The dialogue continued
Without reaching the Portrait
The political Breeze turned towards the ‘Golden Temple’

Caring Breeze
Touched a wing of a kite floating above
Without knowing these, the kid, the kite owner
Smiling at Sky
The Thread slipped from the little hands
A  Dark cloud embraced the Kid
The kite kissed the feet of the kid
Breeze smiled

Thursday, August 20, 2015

On Sanga's first Politcal Match and Batting ( rehearsal) tenderly ............................

I do not think that i can ever look at Sanga as a politician. Perhaps, i might have to try. When Mr. Arjuna Ranathunge started batting politically , the matches against or support a single party / parties sometimes as a opposition player and as a member of the party he represented, i didn't felt the way that i feel today about sanga joining active politics or supporting a particular Party. Reason is that the political spectacles that i was using at that time didn't provide me clear enough visionary pictuers or i was 'nil' in political knowledge at least up to the level, today. That doesn't mean i know A-Z of politics today than yesterdays. I never think that i will be able to get a total picture of current politics / inner political plans or how they really represent people, 'what politics really is' etc. Because ever since i was able to understand at least a drop of politics, i noticed that there is no stability in some of the party political roles / players.

Most the matches that they were able to play since soulbery was introduced to this country kept a single question or all era series of questions before 'public' such as 'are they really representing us', are they really servants of public?, Do they really want to work for us?, 'they have no affection towards 'power'?, They have no other hidden intentions joining politics, such as Fame and power? do they really want o eradicate poverty?, Why they talk more about subsidies other than anything else?, i can think of many questions but right now my mind is fills with some cricketery thoughts

Sanga, how many members were there when you were in the Team , Cricket? 11 with extras, or is it more ?

The Members of the selection committee, The sponsoring Teams, The Ground supporters, the commentary teams, you can exclude and analyze

But when you are entering party politics , active politics it is not just 11 or slightly more members that you will have to deal with. Ah! no i am not writing this without knowing your 'awareness' on nature of party politics, the levels, provinces, districts, national lists, the manapa lists, seats, who sits on the other sides, the strongness of your opposition. Yes, Cricket  is a game but unlike in the game of politics you get the attention and respect of the whole country, without really dividing it or portioning it among others. The respect you have earned or earning after or between each the match you play was soulfully important because you had no side other than the side of your country. Do you agree?

Even though your intention may pure you deciding to join politics representing a particular party in the future, you cannot expect entire country on your side. because the game or the matches cricket is totally different to the game politics

The Pitch is not players friendly always. The Batting of other sides is unpredictable, like in cricket. Yes, including , you never know how the ball turns or go passing before your wickets, political.

I have no idea how the match referees, the public, react when they are in struggling to know whether the dash you played in politics is truly accurate or whether it is played according to the book of politics in its pure form.

i do not think that double nelsons are that much important or affect your game, politics.

In cricket, Sanga, the opposition side is either batting, or watching you batting sitting from the pavilions while you are fielding or balling. But what is the situation in the game, politics? Can you watch sitting while others are playing?. Can only concentrate on the job of 'wicket keeping' , only trying to find some loopholes, weak batting moments to hit the wicket behind, just looking at the wicket only,? is it known as a strategy of  'white politics'? 

who am i to tell you that when you hit or reach double centuries / triple centuries there is always a supportive player on the other side, with you? Very often the other players sacrifice their runs for the sake of the players who try to reach the centuries , for the name of the side / country they play. Do you believe that you can expect sacrifices in the game, politics?

can you name a single player who sacrificed their runs / votes for the sake of another player, in the game of power is vital nothing else?

other than in the games you play for pranthas / club etc can you change the membership in cricket, the way you want, like, forget IPL like games, that are different?

though in some of the matches you have gone for duck (? i cannot remember you returning the pavilion with a duck crying :-)) , the team didn't throw you out thinking of your previous matches, or recent matches but can you expect that in politics?   

Sanga, The International matches, political is totally different to the matches you play , home

Do you know that as well? Stadiums outside to this Island are full of record holders, for their various contributions

remember the match you played against (?) i cannot remember, that Murali was labeled as ' a player who doesn't ball accurately? Can you remember how they rated the Dushra he played? How many foreign tests he had to underwent to convince that the Dushra he played was up to the standard and was not illegal?

Hope, you have not forgotten that past

International cricket is totally different to international or continental, zonal politics dear cricketer of the country, world

Oh! before i forget , let me remind and ask you, can you remember the teams who refuse to come to this country when we were playing inland for the world cup (the world cup that we won, leaded by Arjuna Ranathunge) and who said we will come

you'll find such reactions when you deal with zonal or continental so called righteous politics organized in the form / face of , named, recognized as ' international organizations'

Ah! Sanga, The Media support you get internationally not just because you were a speaker before university sports gatherings also as famous accurate cricketer , don't always expect from channels like # 4, you should learn what politics, international they play for God sake

You know what match fixing is in cricket right? You know how signing a contract with the home departments is different to the agreements, contracts you sign with who ever needy parties / groups

And you guys often complain politics in cricket , it is not new in this country i do not know how old it is though

friendly matches always give you some experience as well as it allow you to earn friends as well, get a chance to identify the teams , other better, right?    

Sanga, Never ever forget that the results of the decision you take as a Captain or as a member / fielder, you get to know at the end of the day, after each match , maximum after five days if you are testing BUT the decisions you take as a politician sometimes won't show you or tell you INSTANT / QUICK RESULTS. Sometimes the results of any political decision you take, you will hear after decades , or the results may appear after many hundred years after taking the decision (Pls. refer History here and there of the world) 

So, please remember that every decision you take inevitably has a aftermath result, negative or positive

Knowing all those if you feel you should enter politics , i wish you luck and say ' it is not an easy journey , the surfaces are not rosy layered, the thorns are ahead your dream of throne so careful and take care!

FootPath Sends Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

to you, The UNITED National Party for your VICTORY !


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First Post Election Note is for you Dear Vote Readers

The Vote Readers* of Responsible Media of the country, i believe played and immensely Valuable role  in delivering Election Votes achived by each the party.

They are Fast, Quick and Accurate

They worked Sleeplessly yet shown no biased or used no partial wording ( i can say thinking of some of the channels i listened to) tone in producing and sharing the election results /number of seats and votes the parties gained.

They took my attention and i pay them my respect

Keep it up your good work!   

* I couldn't think of a better word than this though you are partners of huge Media Networks

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Thinking Beyond Party Poltical - Allies

In 1947, The Parliamentary system was introduced to this country by the Soulbury Constitution. Since then people of this country had to adjust to the introduced system and today we are enjoying and experiencing its fullest outcomes and results. Term power has inevitably, ultimately become a very decisive factor of every facets of life of the people of this country.

Often, i felt that directly or indirectly it has entered into almost every sides of people's life, personal, carrier, social or cultural. sometimes it is little difficult to differentiate from other activities, decisions, livelihoods, Education of people. In what ever people purchase they can enjoy the mentioned term. In what ever thing that you think of starting , what ever amount of capital you think of investing, what ever job you are planning to or hoping to apply for the term power is an obvious factor. it is not just something that began one or two decades ago or i think it has a long history.

if i explain it in one word everything has become very politicized.

In the recent past i did not notice a main single party coming to power without any allies after the formed ally defeated the UNP that ruled this country for 17 years.  i was little thinking of the reasons.

Was it because some singular parties loosened their political power gradually within. or is it because apart from the main popular parties the rise of total number of minor or tiny parties over years?

what is the reason for that?

Is it because political awareness among people has increased?

Is it because they, like never before, shown more interest in joining the 'power gaining category'

Is it because they have understood that Money is not anymore the 'power' of the world but the and 'political power?

Is it because if any individual has money power and can without any issues to deposit the need amount, as a guarantee(?) to get the 'nominations'?

Is it because most have lost faith in big parties established in the system for years and fed up of them?

Is it  because they think that 'we heard enough of slogans and other short listed or chosen set of political words ever since the system was introduced to people of this land?

 E.g. there is a set of words that any current government use about their agendas, what they do, what they plan to do, and there is always opposition /s, some look at things critically because they sit on the side of the opposition. corruption is one of the words that any government governing the country before or later an election uses , in their speeches, when they talk of any existed governments. If you take 100 words they speak , word 'corruption' they like or enjoy using at least 50%. and the other half 'boasts of what they do', did or willing to do in the future.

Lets have a look at following information to get an idea about number of parties contested each year

i refrain from mentioning the independent candidates 

 The Year an Election held
 Number of Parties Contested
 The Party won
 1947 (General Election for the First Parliament 1947 - 1952)
 UNP ( United National Party)
 1952 ( Election for the 2nd Parliament 1952 - 1956)
 1956 ( Election for the 3rd Parliament , 1956 - 1960)
 MEP ( Mahajana Eksath Peramuna; forming an ally)
 1960 Election for the 4th parliament
 1960 Election for the 5th Parliament 1960 -1964
 SLFP ( Sri Lanka Freedom Party) ( World's first Woman Prime Minister)
 1965 Election for the sixth Parliament  ( 1965 - 1970)
 UNP (Over 18 s get the right to vote)
 1970  seventh Parliament  1970 - 1977
 SLFP ( Forming an ally with LSSP ( Lanka Samasamaja Party) and CP
 1977 ( election for the 8th Parliament 1977 - 1988)
 UNP ( Mr. J.R.Jayawardena became the 1st Executive elected president) Mrs.SirimaoBandaranaike was deprived of her civic rights for seven years (16th October 1980 following the findings of a Presidential Commission found her guilty of misuse and abuse power, returned to parliament in 1989)
1989 election for the 9th Parliament 1989 - 1994) 
 09 ( comprise 4 allies)

In 1994 an election was held for the 10th Parliament ( 1994 - 2001) Marked end of 17 years of UNP rule.  Peoples Alliance ( PA) won the election ad Mrs. CBK became the First elected female President of the country. and Mrs. Bandaranayake became the Prime minister of her government and she was accredited and honored by her daughter President giving her dignified farewell to her in 10th August 2000.

2005 - 2014 ( Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse became the Two times elected President within this period)

2009 was the most remarkable year that the Sri Lankan Government won the War against Terror LTTE that ruined this country for over 30 years and was anunable to solve the issue permanently  by any of the governed party. The issue was totally eradicated by winning the war  with the help of all soul good allies ( all Security Forces of the country) The secretary of Defense was  Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapakse

If you carefully analyze all those parliaments existed in the country, there were significant events took place some of the events were important personally for the carrier politicians and yes for the country. e.g. World's first Woman Prime Minister, First President of the country (Executive President Mr. JRJ), First female President of the country ( Mrs. CBK, again an executive President). Winning the humanitarian war against terrorism in 2009 of course highly important for all and every member who wish to have a world free from terrorism of any kind, allies who constantly support and fight against any kind of terror activities currently and in the history- world) by the government headed by Mr. MR

Sir, Former President Mahinda Rajapakse

We ( all who love peace and harmony) like to Honor you for what you have given us, A Terror Free Land to live

May you long live!

Information Courtesy, Ranathunge D.C. The Twelve Parliament of Sri Lanka , 2002)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Isn't that Strange ?

Let the Dead Rest in Peace !

Last few days i saw a huge poster on public notice boards at public places posted by the 'Daily News' Paper.

I thought its a Political Poster of a campaigner / a candidate. It says;  'Murder Disguised as an accident'.

The Poster was so attractively created. It was little surprised to see daily News using such strategy to sell (?) or popularize news because i have not seen them using such methods earlier but yes, i have seen Ceylon Today and The Nation using such methods, 'taking important or eye catching news item/s' they say what they can read in their next 'issue', in advance, to their readers.

i see no wrong in them, using such strategies. It is not a primitive method to use to popularize your paper or your news. 

My personal idea is that Any News item / s carries contain not just news, i like to believe. You cannot just say things, the Media of any type or any kind become part of it, from the moment you hear the news until you keeping it before the eyes of your viewers, readers, listeners etc and even after it goes to the hand of the members of the communities, you are trying to reach, through what ever news, the responsibility and the importance remain the same, unchanged'.

Sometimes, The News items / clips carry, people's inner sides, sometimes it carries social values, sometimes it carries ethics or customs and  of a certain group of human, society, country, visions and missions of organizations,  beliefs and attitudes of  related individuals / people, traditions of certain human groups, community members. sometimes it is a story of a human being / s of an emotional  justifications of the relevant, some or many or revelations, emotional or psychological behavioral patterns,  cultural - inner - pictures. If we widely speak of such subjects, we can say such carry Socio, Political, Economical, and Cultural demands, needs, wants, aims, objectives, desires of groups, people, individuals. 

News is News for sure. And i do not say that the responsible parties should refrain from sharing important, vital, useful with its people. And we do not expect them to hide anything that should share with its people, from people.

Above all, How do you like to analyze a news? How do you like to keep them before people?

What are your answers?

Cutting and chopping the entire news, half of it, true side of it, unimportant, frills, ribbons, laces, exaggerations?

How do you like to publish a news you found / knew? what is your answer?

After adding some fabricated stories to the true news item?

Re- publishing any new items already published in the past of any situations?

Do you Re - Edit,  re - portrait, re publish, any news according to the need of the society, any groups ( political or otherwise) ?

Do you act according to the wishes of the superiors / organizations?

For me following are important. but before i write any further let me tell you that i am not a guru of this field. and i am not a direct student of this subject learning the subject systematically, methodically, compared to you i know nothing about 'News', Media and how you analyze them. i am not a graduate of 'Media Science / technology / Study' graduated from any recognized university.

I say following using my common sense.

I guess it is good if we think of the importance of the news item, first and fore most. All very well know, i know.

Whether the news item that you are trying to give 'head line' attraction important for your viewers , readers, listeners or not and in what percentages?

Time period, Socio - Political situation of the country, how such affects the mass society .

Does it calm down people or is it lead to any other sub issues, does it spread any harmful viruses among the individuals / groups of the society?

How such news would lead to tarnish or damage the people of any related, relevant that the news items directly discuss through.   

I guess if you are trying to use such news items for any ill will purposes, even the dead might curse you for sure.

Let the buried be buried. i like to say that.

i have few questions to ask?












following is not a poem, another list of questions, suggestions, requests from the admin superiors to be, current of the country.


or before ALLAH ?
before nO man?


already dead.





Sunday, August 9, 2015

'Postponing work'; How does it apply for an 'Academic', Are such becomes part of a social issue?

i think individuals postpone their work due to various reasons. Other than work there is always a private life of every human creature. Some reasons are unavoidable or inevitable,  i believe. Recently i overheard a conversation between two gentlemen about ages of their children. after hearing the ages of the children of his friend one of the questions immediately the other friend asked was ' why they are at this age' At what age did you get marry?'

if you take things, life events etc postponing relate to your private life, you cannot analyze the reasons such as above mentioned, putting them into the categories; 'personal reasons' since you are a 'creature - member' of this complex society. Some sociologists analyze such things as a social issue. For youngsters of the countries, Asian even in 2015 or in the 21st Century we live, 'unmarried children' is a burden' not only socially but also culturally. unlike in some other societies in the societies like ours parents still think that it is a responsibility of the parents.  Parents or the Adultery Population including the 'relatives, kins' believe that Children who comes to the stage of 'YOUNG and are ready both physically and emotionally, for a marriage shouldn't be stayed at home. For some of them reasons are varied socially, economically, culturally. If you take an eras that ' the youngster' of this country involved in certain acceptable and unacceptable activities, 'seeking for a better society with all sort of things they need' such as 'Better Education', 'Better Employment Opportunities', Equal Rights - Employment'; Equal Pay, Justifiable Pay', Better Political and Social Environment to achieve such.  That Era was politically known as 'The JVP' Struggle, 87 - 89 Blood sheded era. The youngsters of that era had to chose a strategy or  a method that no youngsters or groups have not not used to achieve what they want. They were practiced and Trained to achieve what they expected from this society, political framework  using even weapons. Within the Group they were not allowed to even maintain any affairs with opposite sex until they achieve their missions (?. i do not know at what length they practiced it.   so within that period, socially and culturally and even financially, the expectations of youngsters of the the whole country went 'backward'.

Reasons; They had to stop participating for lectures in certain or some of the days, though the lectures were going on. Due to these Struggles and Troubles the Authorities had to either cancel or postpone ' the examinations' (Ordinary Level and Advanced Level, other Exams; within University system, External Examinations held outside to Internal University System), compulsory. for example i sat for my Advanced Level Exam in '89 and i had to spend couple of years at home 'doing nothing' apart from informal educational engagements before entering the University. And within that if you face any other 'lectures stoppages' due to what ever student or Lecturers related matters, 'again you have to pause or mute your Formal Academic achievements, and in such conditions you are not given any alternatives or choices.  Parents had to keep looking or earning for money for their kids' education. and when finally they are graduated what happens afterwards ,they had to wander here and there seeking for a 'job'. If the fiance they found is not willing to marry his / her Campus Partner / girl friend or the boy friend then it becomes another issue not only for the affected parties but also for the parents. And in some of the families ' when it comes to marriages' , Dowry plays enormously big role or that becomes a very decisive factor. Now, what? The Parents had to think of ways to find a dowry for their unmarried, unemployed daughters specifically sometimes borrowing money from money lenders, mortgaging their properties, jewelries etc. So for any youth and the parents that belong to such categories sometimes its a burden. and for the Society such things become a problem.


Due to late marriages; over aged women cannot bear any children or they face problems both physically, mentally or emotionally. By the time they settle in their private lives ' lets say adopting a child, the parents become ' older' or physically unstable before their children achieve what they want in life. For example, Better Education.  They cannot financially aid the Educational desires of their children. Specially when they are not use to a system of working and studying' at the same time. so due to all sort of reasons mentioned and not mentioned , adultery population increase and they are economically or socially known as 'inactive in providing labor' or labeled as dependents ( though they get pensions or any other financial support from what so ever authorities / party). Some experts say that 'physically inactive or groups that doesn't contribute to any economic gaining' is a burden to any society.   Often states / governments  have to look after them, providing charity, welfare. so it a vast subject to discuss or analyze.

Man is an inevitable product of this society we live. and everything that happens within the circle or the wheel of political , social, economical, cultural  framework 'highly affects him. you cannot say that because you are not a political man you face no issues as such because you are a man of this inevitable political system and finally we are tiny people of this global political, social, economic, cultural highly complex world. What ever happen in that context affects you and I.

But, there are avoidable or reducible issues only if 'individuals acts and behave accurately within their carrier or personal agendas, plans.

If an academic foolishly postponing what ever duty; tiny or big, they are expected to handle, achieve accomplish is holding or let pausing every other work of the chain, in the chain of aims and objectives, tarnishing or damaging the 'visions and missions' of the institution they are attached to. Yes, it is highly essential that you target or trying to achieve your personal carrier goals but if you forget the missions of the team you are attached with you are knowingly or unknowingly withholding the improvement of the institution or of the field .

There is a Saying ' Waves and time stop for no man' , so what are we need to do then?

How to solve or find solutions for such matters, lets discuss later until then wish you all good health!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Who is taking advantages?

i believe that if something like 'gun shot' happens at a rally - political, specially, the blame automatically goes to the oppositions / opposers of the groups / individuals organized or held the gathering.

Ever since the political world, here and there, focused on earning 'votes' from the voters, entitled, such incidents, we read and watch from various sources of Media, though such things become comparatively 'lower' (this is what i believe) due to various reasons such as ' awareness of the voters - today compared to then, weight of the security (?)provide , 'self defensive mechanisms individuals privately practice or use', fear of gangsters getting involve in such activities because of global cameras - hidden here and there as well as other strategies that the people / organizers personally use

But what i still fear of is ' foolness of some voters', poor levels of understanding of the 'differences between the 'Voter and the 'Campaigner' / candidater. Such incidents proved to me that the voter is still fail to understand that ' once the political fevers of all parties over, they become friends with each other, do not hesitate to embrace each other, close ones like never before and what happenes to the 'supporters at the end is ' they become enemies - lifelong.

These things, according to what i feel, have never changed. If that is the situation, the Voter should stay away from political rallies and must vote staying at home , observing everything from the Sources, Media available. 

Look! ' The Big Ones says' if you provide that person more security' every candidate should get the same'. i have never heard any person says in public or in any other places,'similarly 'every voter' , supporter' should get the security circled around him / her.


i am sure that groups, individuals may say various things 'weighing or measuring such incidents their own ways. Using this incident, some may play other dramas here and there, again the supporters of each candidates would follow the same, again this might cause for 'another divisions' in the society. 

The organizers might bring the packages of compensations to the door steps of the 'supporters'

i believe even though the Candidates have changed within, compared to past, the person who has not changed 'politically' and socially is the 'VOTER'. The Voters Must learn to think and analyze their 'VOTE' staying away from the 'attitudes of 'political divisions' . 

You find enemies within, you find candidates popular , unpopular, within a single party. If you say 'each candidate is same and think equally or similar to each other, that is bullshit, i say.   some know that some get more votes than others. I know that there is 'POLITICAL JEALOUSY' within and outside 'Parties'. 

Dare you say 'NO"

if your friend is a friend of your political enemy, you may not think 'phylosophically' about your 'VOTE' but in other ways. 'You might not give your VOTE an intelligent shape but an envied colour. 

You need think about your vote, not wearing coloured glasses but using an 'impartial' magnifying tool.

Can you say that you have not seen any colours of jealosy within or on the faces of your co - candidates at any moment?
Look! do not try to think that i am trying to saying something else here. Core idea behind writing this is to question ' Who is going to protect the VOTER' , the candidate / s?

 i very strongly say that what happened at the political campaign was 'disgusting'

Wish you all a very safe and intelligent 'campaigning and Wish every VOTER A LONG LIFE!