Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Monday, December 31, 2012

This is ( NOT) a paid advertisement - meya mudal gewa pracharaya karana lada denweemak ( Nowe)

This is a paid advertisement ' meya mudal gewa pracharaya karana lada denweemaki'

That above line is not an unfamiliar thing especially during an election.  There are ways of convincing things for people. Sometimes you need to say who you are how you work what you do why you do or why not for that and why for this, that is purely political side of an advertisement.

 And in general advertisements or in that industry you have the liberty to promote this and that of any product or company because that is your BUSINESS and is your ‘job’.  I don’t think that the advertising companies represent their personal choices over products but they represent them as a company or an organization/institution and the ‘advertisement they ‘produce’ shows their ‘identity’  ‘their standards’ ‘ their quality of work’ ‘level of understanding the market that they releases their creation, the target groups and their personal interests over products, and also their skills as to get the attraction of the people – consumers, trends of societies, understanding of demands and suppliers  and most importantly ‘their understanding of their own societies in relation to the values and customs of customers – consumers.

So according to my poor understanding on the subject of ‘advertisement’ (but I am a consumer, customer of various products) ‘the advertising agencies ‘represent  their own creativity department and also the product of a company they are promoting ( helping ) is this really true, always, I am not aware this of totally. 

Why, do they have to do so? if you don’t believe in the product don't consider as a ‘best’ ‘good’ or quality’ non harmful etc product do you still 'take the responsibility'? and if you refuse to create any advertisement for the company/product ‘do you still think that you can survive as a company or 'will they survive as a company’ or as an institution because according to my general undertsanding ‘quite a lot of people –depends on this industry it is their ‘earn a living’. I am thinking of the whole crew including the owners to the bottom levels of workers skilled and other wise.   

I know that it is difficult.

Do you ‘generally’ ask for certificate/s issues by a relevant authority that has certified the product as a ‘non harmful’ to any parties etc. to make sure that you are not promoting anything harmful or not good to consume for the people of your own society/our society or any society or before giving them the assurance of making the advertisement?

We all have some value and behind all or most the products exists or will be producing or hoping to touch the market there are true stories, their abilities, their skills, aims in life, strengthens, their sweats and labour. There is so much behind such things.

And the world understand very well that things are always comparative you like to compare the products that you have used before with the product that you are using now or the things that the others say about the products that they generally uses.

You ( manufacturing companies) bring in to the market/'people' and the promoting parties do their part or role using their own criteria/s  there are people who listen to what you say and some watch what you bring before the eyes of the people.  People the consumers have choices and preferences . finally who wins is the question the winners that can be either the ‘agency – advertisement’, or the company  that produce, manufacture certain product I always like when ‘consumer wins’ i expect that to happen then every one wins. do you agree? When you feel that consumers are happy about the product they never stop buying it.  Then there is no issue/s you will encounter relates to ‘the existence of the company’. The consumer is the true certificate issuer.  

Sometimes it is the ‘artists’ who are in the paid ( ofcourse) advertisement get the attention than the product. We remember their faces than the product. Sometimes it is the opposite we don’t remember persons involve ‘shown in the advertisement but the products.  Also there is always possibilities to remember everything equally the product, people involve (including the agencies)

Some gives messages via their products amongst them I have noticed there are ‘incredible messages’ ‘useful messages, so relevant to the society messages, life promoting & uplifting messages, ‘SO ENCOURAGING messages,   sorry to say rarely there are few advertisement we find little scared to use Why if you use them you will loose your fiance man to keep him the woman has to use the same product like other women if not the woman may loose him.

In some societies they are very particular about the ‘customs and cultures’ they don’t expect people to harm them. if any member breaks they are punished But  I can notice they ‘promote some other concepts or perceptions’ via the things that they create. such things to me ‘there are contradictories’ between the things they believe and expect others to follow but they on the other hand ‘encourage’ something else.  Or they are telling to the outside world via the things that they visualize before the eyes of their customers, consumers, people, society that ‘this is the true picture of the society that we live. Then that is understandable. 

When you are ‘showing the world that this is what we should expect from the people/society  that we represent in an intelligent way via your creativity departments ‘for instance ‘ I don’t like to name any of the ads but I like to say when you always take the family unit concept as a role model to promote the products such as I ve explained while ago in this page  then the consumers feel happy.

 i know that customers are truly aware of most of the products they buy.  

People don’t just watch the things you create it is not just the product that they are interested in they look for many things within an advertisement they see or watch.  They very quickly think of the whole ‘process’ I am sure you know all these. They never hesitate to give credit to the agency as well for creating such brilliant ads when they consider them as ‘good quality advertisements’. I have seen and heard how some analyze them. I know how my own siblings, relatives sometimes rate them, what they discuss about the ads they watch via tv. 

Compared to few years back I am truly amazed to see the ‘improvements’ that the ‘industry of advertisement – creativity, talents’ holds and shown at present.   
I see ‘talents’ and skills’ via the pictures that you visualize before our eyes. 

Congratulations to all for so far achievements and may we see more of your good work in 2013.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Good to listen to some music in an early morning with a good melody that has ‘close to heart words’- lyrics.  i just picked a song to listen sung by Imasha Muthukumari after listening to the song I thought of practicing writing a kind of a reply’ to the singer or to lyricist I am not sure whether I ‘ll ever succeed but trying always bring no harm when it is not something stealing or robbing something .

Next moment I thought it is good to postpone my idea of writing a reply to the singer and focus on seasons we generally experience weather related or otherwise.

That is the way human minds work – you encounter seasonal variations in some moments are also holds differences. This moment is different to that moment or the moment that I spend here may differ to a moment that some other may spend some other region.  Though we are passing same minute if we check the clock hang on the wall of your living room or working environ. The differences of Minutes we spend the things we do or think truly vary from person to person.    
At this moment, my nangi may thinking about something else or doing something different while I am writing this note on seasons of mind’ sitting close to - ‘I enjoy my views area’.

So the song lead my thoughts towards my title today - ‘Seasons of mind’
I am thinking this moment I can only think of certain things I am not aware of what my sister thinks reading this if she ever gets to chance to read this, I am not aware how a mind of a person who works in Rwanda or in the land of kangaroos works this moment.

People generate mixed thoughts sometimes of mixed of things and some thoughts get scrambled due to change of seasons or certain differences of seasons of mind.
Don’t know whether it is possible to analyze ones mind thinking of the existing seasons of the world we live.

Spring, autumn, summer etc

There are seasons of ones mind. In some of the moments or days, hours the thoughts of ones mind are may show truly cold and calmness that I can identify such situations as a ‘very cold situations of ones mind’ this indicates calmness which is always good if one can maintain at least up to a certain level I guess. I am no psychotherapist.  But I can feel things that way after reading some of the things current, visualized people around and things around of my living. I know it is not good to address too many things at a time especially this is mainly has something to do with seasons of mind’ but unfortunately that is how the human mind (thinking of the situation of my own mind) works in certain moments. I guess for a therapist (I am not sure though) it is good if he/she can focus on one person at a time this brings good result than focusing a whole big group I don’t know may be it is the ability of the therapist.   

During these weather changes we have identified so far, ‘people of some regions or geographical areas, people of all parts of world tend to change their living surroundings yes as a option to face the changes accurately depending on seasons of mind if they don’t like  the pattern of the existing season so for that ‘they travel’ – a good chance truly to embrace ‘weather patterns of a different area if that comfort their lives also if they are not resilient to the weather changes of their own living geographical locations.

A traveler can go in search of warmness though the person can find alternatives to afford the changes geographical or weather living in the same premises –geographical for instance ‘fire camps’   when a person is traveling through a different season/s of mind and when it allows you to learn a lot though the life is not all about learning – 24 hours, the seasons of mind ‘works better’. Am I right? Or may be I a, wrong again such things depend on seasons of ones mind, the weather situations of a particular era of a mind. The day that living learning and earning comes to one point it balances the season of ones mind, they can face any situations.

I like the word ‘wanderer’.  But you need to travel empty handed hat ever destination that one may travel to in this seasons of mind this allows you to bring in more. If you carry loads of things when you travel from the place where you live you will not get any chances to keep the things that you collate while wandering.  During some seasons – you notice that the trees are leafing out this in and out of the natural changes of seasons of ones mind you experience ‘newness warmness or it is the opposite sometimes depending on the seasons of the mind you are in.  During dry or hot seasons of ones mind there is always possibilities that bring dullness to life patterns. When mind is experiencing ‘dry season of mind you never can think of an experience of floods of mind.  For that one needs to wait till the rainy seasons’ arrives and we know that floods - never recognized or considered as a good thing to happen in a world people experience or traveling in different seasons of mind that disturbs people and their day today life patterns some never can find food to eat the laboures can not find any work outside ‘floods bring no good feelings’ wastage is so high, health issues, road blocks – this delays work of people may lead to certain changes of ones seasons of mind so much of other negativities we can think of wastes, ones time and labour, money too.  Why let things to overflow without thinking of building proper bunts or bunds, protecting the river bents these stuffs like ‘water’ for instances must use in an appropriate way. 

I know that it is stupid to think of stopping a river from its flawness and I know it is wiser when one think of building a dam across a river that is different for all these it is essential to understand ones ‘seasons of mind if possible. This needs a better management system - is it what we called disaster management how can this be applied to ones mind. During floods what can be done to solve or to minimizes the damages or how can we try to understand the ‘effects of such things’ is there an effective way? Is it really easy to stop flooding or how can this be stopped or managed at the initial stage of weather changes – seasons of mind? I know that it is good to have few options when thinking of addressing the issues related to disaster management if option 1 does not work out one can go in to trying the option – 2. This is what I understood just analyzing the disasters I have watched over tv and heard over fm channels and reading the reports based on the researchers findings. Teams always have priority lists depending on the ‘solutions to be found’ and the nature of the disaster. Understandable.

Warning people to move out of the areas they live during a ‘threat of a disaster’ is that the only solution the management of situations of disasters. Except building rocky walls ( I m thinking of the place just before meeting the bridge – peradeniya) What are the other practical part of such things, actions one must identify that may come under better management ( I don’t know) what important role the person or the position called ‘prevention’ has to play with regard to or in advance to such situations. Will this delete away the burdens of managing things like disasters? 

How or what is the appropriate way that the people of a certain area should or must follow to avoid situations such as ‘soil erosion’ washed away things minimize wastage of ones seasons of mind. Honest and accurate planning bring some relief to the people of affected areas such as ‘some areas of the central province etc. what are the most affected areas in other parts - geographical? And then must plan things under the ‘managing and finding solutions for disasters’. Can we use same strategy for all areas? Will it work? Do we have to think of the seasons of other things except ‘ mind’  

What is the best season for people to live? Are there such considerations in this world?  Do we really have choices over seasons?  The seasons come and goes and again comes, inevitable, don’t you think so?  And this is been happening over centuries and centuries millions or trillions or uncountable number of years since the day that ‘this world was began to grow’ not only with seasons – different but also with all other this and that of mind and bodies.  I don’t know when this was happened though I have read the story of ‘ADAM AND EVA’ has something to do with this existence of the world we live. No arguments  there is always a way to begin something ‘ every existing thing has a history ‘ who formed who was the person who set up ( something) who involved, the objectives , the what were the reasons so this same ideology can be applied to the existence of the world we live. I don’t know how this really exists lasts explored came this far facing all the weather changes, seasons of mind. Amazing the world has faced so much I don’t know I have no data ‘the disasters – all kind ‘still this world I live exist, Amazing. Is it because the vulnerability of ones mind, all seasons or any seasons of peoples mind, abilities to bear any thing or any changes –weather or otherwise , seasons? What ability that this world I live actually should have, improve, develop within to survive ‘without dying’ facing all these seasonal changes.  Truly interesting to know and it is good for the youngsters who like to further study ‘how this world has existed facing all these long years of changes seasons, disasters – all sort. And of course ‘the people above all’ Is it truly a responsibility of a geologists or scientists what role the poets – giants, artists and others have here except psychologists or therapists in understanding or writing down the things that comes in to their minds as thoughts or as experiments innovations

‘The amazedness of seasons of mind’ 

To avoid floods etc ‘what management system we need to follow in relation to protecting ‘the environ - outer spheres of our living. Do these affects ones seasons of mind and its functionality – better.

Oh let me not forget the ‘predictions’ 12/12/2012 AND 21/12/2012
Can I assume that such things shows ones seasons of mind at a particular era/geographical/ understanding/reading/ let’s say solar system or of the universe we live.

Again let me come to managing disasters   
A well maintained drainage system? Sure this will help. No blocking or blocked systems  allows to maintain a better and clean system what ever you let go via such systems  should flow  facing no bars ( barricades/barriers)
Stop deforestation – will this stop floods any doubts?
Do we need different systems of management during different seasons?  Or do we have to keep maintaining the expected managing systems all seasons. Is this what you called ‘sustainability’? Correct me.

For a long lasting or a well Sustaining systems/interior or exterior – all seasons of mind what are the particulars one needs to know or must follow?  Do you think that we need to think of ‘deforestation only when we get to know ‘experience’ some disasters or do we need to think of such things every possible moment of our living?

What brain exercises one has to follow or learn to maintain ‘no changing positions ‘no matter what seasons comes – what disaster comes (this we must stop if such things can be avoided or stopped’)  what ever bar comes and visualize before our eyes one should change the route to avoid bars if we know that we can not take it away, remove it from our eye sites forget and move on.  During some disasters we know that the particular authorities warn the civilians or the road uses to use some other route to go to where you want to go. There are shortcuts or detours available one can use until they clear the road for instance removing the ‘ the things that block the ways’.  There are things that we ourselves can remove and go further or proceed towards our aim of a day work or otherwise, shopping or marketing etc.  We need no outside support to remove certain bars (barricades) that may appear suddenly – unplanned.
All Seasons are not always full of disasters I know and when there are no disasters or dry  seasons of mind ‘why not people can ‘party’ or ‘enjoy’ ‘entertain’ life of others including ones own but definitely in a meaningful way, a fresh juice way with adequate nutrients to maintain good seasons of mind. A suggestion.

The changes within a same season always comparatively different to each other for instance if you take last summer and this summer last spring or the next spring ‘I don’t think one experience the same situations’ compared to previous with next or long before. One can only give general explanations as to the qualities or features of summer season and of other seasons for instance one can say ‘it is like this’ ‘it is like that’, the features ( general) of autumn are like this we teach children. But there are things unpredictable you will encounter within a season or within seasons. 

The weather forecasters I guess can predict the volume of weather / features to a certain extent it is not possible to explain things 100% accurate way am I right. The kmph of winds or floods with regard to its speed or volume content – unpredictable I can’t assume things of next dry or rainy seasons thinking of last flood or dry season. The dryness of a season may vary to each and every dry season we experience. The dryness or wetness, warmness can be categorize as follows - high, medium or in low or mixed (?) in between medium and low, in between high and medium etc. This is no expertise categorizing of seasons – mind this is I can say ‘my own analysis depending on the things I understand/my understanding on such things seasons.

The quantitative or qualitative facets of Seasons – mind.

Some things visible in the air we breathe and most of the things attached to seasons of mind not visible or touchable therefore can not be weighed or measured.

Things countable attached or related to a particular season of mind are limited. The numerous or number of words that one speak or write gives some measurement or indications as to ‘situation of ones season of mind’. It is good to forget the ‘number’ it is the quality or the heaviness or the deepness what really matters to weigh things situations attached to ones season/s of mind. I may use thousand words or hundred words to explain things some other may use just one or two words to explain the same. That too revels many things relate to ones mind – seasonal. Whether the weather changes of a particular season or within seasons is it bearable for a person or is it unbearable shows the words one use or speak, using ones knowledge.

Each season is unique how do we really measure such things that can be seen in our vicinities do these things provide us metaphors to analyze or come to conclusions of ones seasons of mind. Some seasons are full of flowers and this is truly differ from area to area you may find ‘sakura in Japan and tulips in some other country. What is the flower that can be seen most in Netherlands in flower seasons?  Do minds show area differences then how can we measure a mind of a person of Alaska, Eskimos how these weather or seasonal changes affects their ‘seasons of mind’. I like to know if possible.

Do these dryness or wetness of season of mind leads to ‘some socio, economic ethnic, political or cultural significances of a society ( changes). How can we identify some of the features of a society such as ‘violence’ or peace situations can these be analyzed putting them in to this seasons of mind. Forget natural disasters though to a certain extent we the people who responsible for situations to happen or prevent. What drops can be seen in a dessert? Can one expect to notice an iceberg in a middle of a city we live? Or a volcano in an area where there is no particular ‘aduma kuduma a necessary background or an environ to create such environ or a thing – geographically or geologically. 

Amazing mind what ever way I try to analyze this ‘component’ I find it so difficult either something may lacking in my analysis or it is not applicable or no use to look at it that way. Incredible. 
 I don’t know you may find these things ‘nonsense’ ‘what but I m sure you may find at least one thing useful from the endless words or repeated sentences I have used to explain my ideas. No accurate grammar used to understand. I understand.

Any ways this is just a try.   

Thursday, December 27, 2012

THANK YOU - 2012 .......................................

A year of realization, achievements earning a universe full of love of people, friends.

Thank you.

I know it is difficult for me to thank each and everyone for all what I gained which took me to universe in a unbelievably indescribable way.
Let me first thank for each and every person from top to bottom levels for providing a secure environment for me to live, for all of us to live, for each and every single of citizens to live. The protectors of all forces of all territories of the country we live.

Thank you.

For a person there is no other place safe and secured than his/her motherland. It is same for Israelis, Palestinians, Indians, Americans, Australians, all tribes, Afghanistan, Argentineans, Mexicans, Nigerians, all societies all continents. White to black even to Brownies what ever way people may categorize their own people who shares one earth and universe, Every citizen of such mentioned and not mentioned here knows that they never feel comfortable in another place or a land than in their place of born – that is their motherland.

I am proud to be a Sri Lankan.

Thank you world pulse- 

our objectives are somewhat different. I am a single person they are a huge organization- a net work. I do understand that women in some parts of the world face some issues social, ,economical, political and sometimes in their own groups, families. Things were always different to me but that does not mean that I don’t understand some of the ‘things that they share via your net work’ – I was grown up in different back ground. I don’t have to tell you the first male that you get to know is your father. My father crowned me with everything. He always thought I am the best. That is the way fathers treat their daughters I know. Still I like to mention that here for my own remembrances. He thought that his daughter understand things, she knows to handle money, she can learn something, she can decide things, (he was the head of household) ‘is it alright if we do that this way’ ‘if I say yes to something that was yes for him as well. 

Since my childhood I never felt that I was treated in a different way. I never felt. Not even at my schools, universities, societies not even in my peer groups, my brothers they think that they should ask their sister for some suggestions when there is something to decide. So honestly I never felt that I was treated differently than the males/boys or men. I own nothing materialistically but everyone who is around me has given me the place in their society, minds and hearts. No one devalued my abilities they think that I have something to feel good.  They were some moments that I questioned my self ‘is it really true’? ‘Do you understand your room mate sandika at least to a certain level? ‘You sometimes forget your mother and brothers and you try to live in your own world so sandika, still they, people, think you are good’ ‘they know what is happening in my home front, some know what I eat and or drink ‘I know that sometimes I am a bad sister, daughter, a friend I confess so they still think that I am not a bad person.  How can I think that I am treated differently?   

Compared to the giants – poets, artists, sporty hearts, media personalities, top to bottom authorities of this society I am so tiny. I am no idiot I do understand the things that you do on behalf of my ‘skills to be improved department’, the encouragements, every single word each and everyone of you use to encourage me, FM to TV – all friends on roads who shows & tells me ‘hey lady what problem you really have look, we are with you’ – IT IS TRULY IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND RIGHT WORD TO THANK YOU.

I understand the language you all SPEAK AND WRITE & visualize before my eyes. Some use different language but such things come and stay close to my heart. I feel them and I can even touch them.

THANK YOU all friends all religions all faiths all ethnicities of all cities and nationalities

Nangi, loku malli, podi malli AMMA they can wait. Even though we exchange some hash words because of the way they looked at me sometimes ‘THEY SAY THINGS FOR MY OWN GOOD’ – to understand some things it takes time. Thank you my family department for taking care of me. NO I am not ashamed to say so.

I want to thank some of my little friends though they are adults. Anushka Piyadigama, Thilina, Kamal, Sanath, Buddhika malli the person who gave me the laptop for an affordable amount it really cost more than what I paid him. They all like teachers to me in most of the time of my days spent in Matara and of course beautiful Krishna widanagamage. Anushka malli and I don’t hold ‘same political views’ we are different still there are things I believe that he is right.  There re ways that they use to convince me things society and otherwise. I do understand their language I am no blind (totally) or deaf I read your thoughts.
Thank you.
All positions and oppositions I know and I like to tell you that I read you.  I do understand every direct and indirect ways of your ways of saying things. I learnt many things, silently. 

THANK YOU ALL MY OTHER FRIENDS THAT CONNECTS ME VIA OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS you truly taught me things and thank you for sharing some moments with me to fill my inner spaces with words, thoughts, ideas, suggestions etc.
Thank you for monitoring and observing me also finally I can say that the things you all added to my ‘life package’ are TRULY IMMEASURABLE.

Year 2012 is a significant year for me in every aspect of my life – learning things.

THE PATH I LOVE – footpath THE PATH THAT I ALWAYS FEEL SAFE TO WALK EVEN DURING ANY HOUR OF A DAY  ………….. Thank you DEAR friends for all the encouragement and support you have given me to spend a fruitful year – 2012.

Few days to say ‘welcome – 2013’ until then have a meaningful week ahead.

TODAY, December 27, 2012 – FULL MOON POYA DAY – the day that we start the journey spiritually and ritually towards the sacred mountain – the ‘i˜k, lkAo



Monday, December 24, 2012

MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear friends

I like to wish you all across every continent  

A Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Are you on Face book ? ............................................

Faces are books. Some readable and some so transparent, some tells age. Some talks and giggles. Some tells ‘friends’, some smiles and some shows interests. Faces tells so many things indescribable.

Some time back one of my friends that I knew since childhood and lost contacts due to she ‘went abroad for study’ asked me 

“Are you on face book” ?

I said “NO” 

Some things come before my brain little later may be after you friends have already gone a long distance in the preferred technological destinations.

I thought of creating ‘my own face book page’ so because of my friend I joined the ‘I knew nothing’ & ‘ I do not know the exact number’ book – face book who have joined the face book so far around the globe.

If you are to read a book you need the pages face towards you. You can not read the pages up side down. It is so good if you get the print in good quality meaning ‘the letters’ ‘the words’ if you see them ‘not blotted’ way then it is easy to read and also if you notice the pages you try to read are ‘inks spills all over’ you find little difficult to read.  
People have different ‘perceptions & ideas on this concept ‘face book’. I have mine.
I like the design of the face book. not the outer look but the things that they have included.

Create your profile –

One can lie in this section if want but generally we who always accept and confirm the friendships believe that the age and the information they are indicating are true to the best of their knowledge. We can ‘here’ write ‘viewing ‘self’ or analyzing self ‘say what you like so much etc and share. I don’t know what ability one must improve to read and then derive the false information from the information correct. I do not know how far once knowledge of technology would help in that manner in understanding the faces.
Some just show only the eyes. some uses hats to cover the face or their eyes. some show the whole – picture. The whole in the sense complete and true to their knowledge ‘no false information is there.

Security warnings are there true.  Words – passwords, the words that you passing through or via the faces of yours ‘some will be able to read’ ‘some unable to read’.
When you read the faces sometimes you forget the words written on their faces because ‘the outer appearances steals your attention or they keep you away from reading their faces in a useful manner.

I do not know how good we are in reading faces. Are we truly identify or notices the ‘wrinkles’ grey hair, the marks on faces or why those things are important? Do you hold any ideas as to why such things are important or are they truly important? Do they teach us something?  

Why some shops are full of anti ageing creams and silky hair agendas and all those are full of girlies and some boyies? (Rare) The boys - may be they are looking for something for their girlies J why some use home remedies other than going in to shops. Is it just because they are afraid of ageing or is it the value or the place that a society has given to such things’ the shapes and looks of faces? Don’t you think such things are little ‘good if think of analyzing a bit’ think of a ‘cover page of a print’ (most) what are the faces that you look for?

I know such things depend on the need or request of societies’ people don’t import things if there is no ‘demand for such things in any of the local markets’. The dealers supply the goods or what ever ‘creams shampoos’ or face masks or whitening or lightening creams or perfumes or what ever’ if there is no demand for such things.

Some say ‘I can’t say this to your face’ but some have no issues in telling the same thing ‘here and there to the faces of others. Interesting.  Some like face to face discussions than ‘over the phone discussions. Then they can’t hide their faces because the faces say a lot than the things that they aired and comes and stay or settle in your deep within. When you don’t see the faces but hear only the voices ‘even if they make faces you do not notice’ ( I must use the word ‘SOME NOT ALL’ words please replace the word some not all with the word ‘they’ and read if you feel not too lazy the moment you read this. Little exercise for your face. Got angry no? how many face muscles you used ‘ aney wena wedak nehane meya liyana ewa api me weda daala weda nathara karala kiawanna’
Good if we have not other important work to do’ such thoughts may come in to your mind. Just chase them away if they come and try settle in your within . I know such things are harmful – experiences ‘personal’ I know that anger and horrified feelings takes many things away from once mind and even from their faces ‘but what to do ‘people’ – we all ‘human’ yet if one can practice ‘stay clam what ever may happen’ that is so wise.

Find friends-

Even if you did not have any friends in your life time no problem you can find a friend lost or new. ‘You only have to search’ going through the search engine that you are so familiar with’ nothing else. If you are looking for a friend long gone missing or lost contacts you can find if the person you are looking for is also a member of this ‘network of friends’. This is good.

Electronic mailing system is so useful if you want to make more friends. The managing parties of this particular book of faces ‘ask you of an electronic mailing addresses when your friends or new ones looking for you they just send you memorizing and reminding messages.


Still this is my views and understanding about faces I sometimes try to read through their words though their profile pictures sometimes are not very clear’ or unidentified’
I am not sure whether I read them accurately but I read thinking that I read them correctly and accurately.

Skin tones of the faces ‘ I like to think whether they are truly matches with the tones of the things that they fond of talking and discussing and then try to share with their group of friends.  I am not so good at analyzing their ‘dark’ fair’ or white faces with the darkness or whiteness or the fairness of the words that they talk all the moments that they post in the sections of ‘status of mind’

I read some wrinkles in the words that they talk. Some words so young like their faces (some) some faces actually and truly match with the words they talk. Some words ‘OLD’ yet so genuine in appearances and even within’ ‘ I find many faces in  the words that  some talk and share’. Ideas of teen – some of them are ‘innovative’ ‘glow-full like their faces.  

Some enjoy posting complete postures of their ‘whole’ – figure’ in the complete sense and some keeping us some space or allowing us to think further of their choices and their looks of within I know this is not always accurate way of weighing or measuring things. Still I like to think that there is some ‘weight’ in them. May be such thing show their ‘status of mind at that moment of taking such photograph or posting them and share them with others and enjoy or relaxing ‘and releasing or easing their inner traffic jams until they feel ‘ha now good to drive further; kind of mentality’ I do know I am just assuming. 
People like ‘changes’. They embrace changes than ‘stagnations’ of things. Understandable. Therefore I sometimes notice some faces change their ‘profile picture’ some days after or after few weeks. Depends/personal/person.

It is so good to meet the world with ‘current status of face’ I know.

‘What is on your mind’- ones state of mind, important. People have own ways of sharing things with outer world, friends close ones etc. every moment our brain and minds and hearts are functioning I don’t know  how what fuel they need for a better functioning - status’ things come in and going out of these places of within are unpredictable and never can be planned. Some write them down. On a piece of paper, on a page of a book- exercise, on their note books, PC. 

This PC of things ( I read this two letter word PC = private and confidential’ ) some just don’t care but some do care and this ‘for some or for most’ have their own faces. People who like to read the faces of the faces also like if others read their faces ‘accurately’ including their inner faces.

Inner faces are far more important than the faces outer but how one read them accurately? Can one see through the faces ‘outer’ do these wrinkles of ones allows us to go through them to read their inner face. Or are they just blocking our way of trying to read them accurately – face make ups  is that they name of the blocks or barriers we meet when we go to read them.

If you just like to notice the things that comes and goes in to your mind at different places on different times you can do it. When you are calm you write things in a calmer manner the shapes and sizes of the things you write get the shape and size of the mind at that moment. The things you write ‘in this what is on your mind section’ shows your state of mind at that moment. It is not the whole status of mind that you may maintain throughout your whole life. the next your status of mind may completely different to the status of your mind now.

This mind is so delicate not like faces. That is why you sometimes experience changes and you read different things at some different moments. I like to believe.

If one like you can just examine the time of posting, the nature of the things you posted on this little allocated space ‘self examining’ I mean you can just have a little ‘own views ad explanations on your own things wrote in this place – status of mind’

This place is different because here in this space ‘you are not expected to play a certain role, job description, what profession you are, not applicable. ‘Here you just reveal your hearts and minds on things you look at or have seen at some point of life, day or of a meeting with friends. ‘Not specific – you can write or state & draw your mind here’ ‘No restrictions’ no?

Like or unlike

If you like something don’t hesitate to show. That too shows your face to the others. This place too gives others to read your face outer and inner.

Yours to ‘comment’

Some like but don’t comment. When some dislike they comment. Or some sometimes don’t show their dislikenesses. Some have many things to say for everything or at least for most of the things.  Sometimes if you get no comments to the things you post that too give the person who post something to read the faces of others to a certain extent or to some extent.

Show your interests – photo gallery different postures different angles. People, places, countries, children, world there you get a little chance to read the faces out of territories of the faces with flesh and bones.  

Chats you can avoid if you do not like to chat or you can show others that you are not interested just ‘quitting from the page’ or showing you are ‘busy’ going off chats or on chats options of faces plus moments. When you are invisible people can’t read you via chats, conversations that sometimes show your faces at different moments or eras of life.
I do not know how to analyze the differences because I am a member since not long ago.  I really can not grab the differences.

There are things that I have observed, yes.

Some use this to say how much they oppose something or the ideas of a particular group or the concepts of what others believe or like or of their choices. If they do not like something some do not hesitate to say, write ‘what is in their mind’.

Some use their own language to share or express their ideas in mind. Distracts and these are barriers that you see before the concept of trying to understand people’s mind to a certain extent. I don’t read Tamil or Hindi for an example they may not good in reading my language – I locally speak and so comfortable with our mother tongue’ – Sinhala’

Tagging – idea is also so fascinating ‘gives you plenty of chances to read faces’ it is sometimes interesting to know ‘how others think of you’ how you rate them’ ‘how they see your face – inner’ ‘what is the level of understanding they hold their within. And about this labeling or tagging’ what specialty you in this?  

There is another chance you get to read faces ‘the advertisement corners’ though you see no ‘profile pictures visible’ to read. But you can get some idea of the section and you can read the advertisement and the faces you see in them.

Some posts little poems on the walls I like them though they don’t show the skills or talents similar to the well known poets there is something that I can feel and I like reading them. And these personal walls are so important. You can read you via others I like to say. But I don’t know how good is this idea – mine in relation to trying to read ‘self’ through the readings of others. Some don’t post their own stuff or their own creations. Still that too shows some interests of the faces that we try to read via this book – faces.
This is not a complete, totally, or accurate analysis of this book I regret. On things so far explained you may get some ideas as to my understanding in reading faces’ etc for you to decide.  

Have a relax week end, my friends ! 

Friday, December 14, 2012


Birth is something inevitable for all who belong to the category of ‘pruthagjana’. During this journey until we find ‘no more births or no more deaths ‘place – NIRWANA we meet many people, some change our life patterns or they help us uplifting it. including our ways of thinking etc. some teach us to look at our lives in a little analytical way.

Venerable Gangodawila Soma Thero is one of them.  If I speak a little honestly there were some times that youngsters don’t think of closely associating with temples not because that they disrespect ‘their religion or the places sacred’. Their aims and targets of some youngsters life were little different. 
‘rushing from that place to this place or from here to there without getting a little break to think a while i.e. 'what subjects' that i should follow or in what manner, what are the techniques that i should learn, what are the skills  that i truly have rather than follow the same that others do. why we think of achieving things instantly, races and competitions of life gives only a something not everything 'wholistic achivements in life one must try focus. the youngsters should learn such things while watching how the world goes think  a while whether the same matches with my ability or do i have to chose a different way? 

there are good people in this world that ready to help you always but before that it is better if you uunderstand what is best for you there is a little that others can do.
'you know your abilities your interest and yes your parents they understand you and may be few others they will guide you. If our youngsters heading towards such a life we can’t blame them. they need a little guidance in life to a certain extent even we as adults i seek help most of the time in the things that i am weak that is no embarrassing for me. From time to time we need to change our strategies to get youngsters in to right lane of doing right thing not only in right moments but also in all the moments. During all stages of their life from the stage of socialization to education – formal the eras in between, in their other important stages of life.

Chosen way to address all groups including youngsters of our society of Gangodawila Soma himi was a little different I am little fail to explain the strategies but the chosen way was the Damma way not any other ways. This can be applied to eras of ones life, all eras of any society local to world, primitive to improved/developed or civilized. 

Think of a better way to identify your society, the society that you belong and think of a better way to understand it and then focus on 'other important things that we should learn and improve. 

Are we all fully aware of the society we live?  Hills and slopes, roads, by lanes, pits, places of book shops don’t take these words as just geographically important or places that sells something think a little deeper. What is a road in the real sense of the word? what is a book a or a book shop. Books you can borrow or purchase ‘ those things has something to think’ there are books that you have to read the first moment you get it you may never get a different chance to read it.
the books, they are movable. ‘Stills’ teach you only a little’ and what is immovable once you borrowed is the 'knowledge you gain from such books.  To read some books you have to pay you have to buy. you know why these things happen that way because give some space for ‘people to  understand that there is always VALUE for such things. We must value them. You can value them in CASH or in currencies what ever the word you may use in the modernized world we live.  For some books you read you don’t pay anything in currencies or in rupess but there is a way to VALUE them.

 I hope my friends understand what I am saying here.

When someone gives you some hints of life we should have the abilities to understand whether such things may useful to our lives or how those things can be applied to our lives in general. Such things I can say ‘one can guarantee’. But long lastingness of a life or forever kind of life is no guarantee’   for pruthagjanas like us death is something one can guarantee no matter what society you belong to primitive or civilized, modern or medieval or ‘maximum advanced’ the moments it arrives and stops before our eye site is the thing that we are unaware of other than that we know what we are facing this moment and may be even next moment of our lives. 

Risking life is one should not do or I can say not recommended for any or all. Deepness of understanding this life we live is important. It is so wiser for all who live in this world to have a good willed AIM that one should not think of changing every minute or moment even when the existing society provides us with things to change our scopes and aims of life. Unsteadiness brings nothing in to ones life.  A strong mind full of strong wills (considered as good) is always a winner. Steady mind is something unshakable, movable or spoiled what ever changes may occur in the society we live.   What ever way you have chosen no matter what ever guidelines you have chosen no matter what ever partners you have chosen in carrier no matter, what ever way you have chosen to uplift your personal life no matter - stick to that. try to add some ‘guaranteeness’ to the life you live though this world is unpredictable and vulnerable to the term ‘change’.   Death something one can never guarantee the time it arrives other than that we can give our life thinking a little ‘guaranteeness’ or we can try paint it with this colour code call ‘guarantee’. No matter where you stay, no matter towards which destination you are heading to, such things no matter at all.  

May be what I am trying to explain here is not ‘realistic’ or may be not practical or may be invalid one can not forget that I belong to the category of pruthagjana and I may be wrong in the explanations I give or my understanding of life one can say not accurate. Reading what I am saying with having a conscious mind is – my advice. 
And if you feel that I am in the wrong path and I have misunderstood the concept called life or death you can ‘correct me’  
I wrote this little note in veneration of GANGODAWILA SOMA HIMI even after 9 years of gone days ‘people have something to talk of Soma himi’ 

lets save something to the world of children awaiting to see and examine innovate this world for them to live in  better world than this we live.

May you all gain peace and harmony in everything you do in life!


our podi haamuduruwo likes and respect books

Gaha kola mal gena Budu Himi Desuwa 
A sema apa bana pada wala gethuwa

Newatha  dakinnata  a sema ewa 
Onna mithurane mama potha beluwa 

Sahaneki  Budu Himi desu hema ehi wuye 

'Sathun Mithuran Misa Sathuran Noma Wanne'

i learnt about animals, trees , about people from our Our Lord Buddha. for me they are like neatly woven 'weavings'. i like taking an ounce from it and try mixing them with the 'bana pada' ( stanzas) i have learnt so far with the immeasurable help of our loku haamuduruwo at my temple. And then i like preaching the same for you for your good. i know that you like to listen to them because my mother and my father once told me  and my villagers too that they like them . how can i forget them 'my friends, relatives, neighbours loved me so much 'preaching bana is a good way for me to pay my respect to them and is a way to pay back i owe them  so much.  They come to see me when ever they get some time relax from their work and ask me about good children like'suneetha sopaka') i feel happy then. then i tell them what Our Budu Hamuduruwo has taught me.

'help people in need' you don't have to have money in your hand' 'use the good words you have learnt that gives some relief for them and that too we consider as a'help or it is similar to giving daanaya' (alms giving) that  we can identify as 'Dhamma Daanya"

when you listen carefully then i feel so happy. I know that when you hear the stanzas and good words from us and it helps you to stay away from your day today botherings at least for sometime. and my friends once i noticed our loku haamuduruwu was listening to the bana i preached for you very patiently and gave me some advises.

advises helps us very much to do things correctly, i learnt.

i found a book.  that is what i am reading now. can you see it my friends it is in my hand. books dhamma and all good books helps me to re view, re examine and preach bana taking good examples from the content of the book.

it is amazingly a releif everything that our lord Buddha taught us. gives peace of mind to me. most of them were in the book i read now. my friend gives me support. thank you my friend.

just have a look at the place where i am now.

I like books did i say that before ? They are my good friends. and animals i like them very much.

i like to say all my good friends who enjoy school vacation these days 'do not harm any animals' we must not use words such as 'cruel' for animals. they all good we are the ones who harm them. therefore i like to ask all my friends  protect them give some food for them do not use any ketapolaya to harm them.

my friends when you buy a little book or a pen from the near by shop just request ( kindly) from your mother , father only if they have enough of money in their hands to buy an extra book or a pen and give it to the friends who you may meet on your way to school to temple some live close to a shop on the pavements, some may live in next village, next class room, next school.  let us spend this our school vacation in a meaningful way.

They are my friends  and you are my friends too. let's all be friends

Thruwan saranai

May the triple gems bless you!