Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Tragedy and strategy of coconut

Not only coconut but also aricanut and peanut and all other nuts facing a threat of decaying and vanishing due to high tech material development plans and implementations and increasing population. those who consumed our coconut in the past , i guess now ready to export their coconuts to this island.  local trade authorities and traders cannot decrease the price of coconut again due to high jet mechanisms of local economy. But apparently, thanks to God the governments yet to come or the government still exists do not have tto spend much money on 'importing coconut' is planning to import coconut in the future. i have no idea how much the government will have to pay for a piece. 

I thought it is easier to find a solution locally other than purchasing Europe coconut or continental coconut but now that the experts says it is cheaper to import coconut from another country, i too started believing so. what are the advantages of implementing such suggestions of the MP's of local parliament? One of the advantages is that by doing so, purchasing coconut from another country, Sri Lanka can contribute development of economies of other countries , globally. 

According to what i realize, now the local consumers have learned other strategies, low expenses  mechanisms , such as reducing the quantities they consume per day, start experimenting other strategies such as 'cook without coconut' yet i do not know to what extent the local consumer will have to minimize / decrease the quantities consuming.  

i thought it is easier and advantageous if the government tries to directly purchase coconut from the growers without purchasing from the trade middlemen. Now that there is a suggested mechanism they do not have to worry about implementing such mechanisms.

i thought it is good if the authorities try to study the reasons as to why the local prices of coconut grown locally increases day by day can possibly apply a permanent treatment. But now that they have a solution no need of thinking of implementing such mechanisms. 

i thought , it is good if the government can give a good rate that the private trader offers them,  the local growers , village level, district level traders, keeping a little margin for government , they can give and sell coconut for a reasonable, affordable price to local consumers. Yet, now that they have decided to import coconut from another country , there is no requirement to establish such a mechanism in the country. 

at the beginning of jet pricing rate of locally grown coconut, i felt little sad when thinking of consuming kiribath (milk rice) , kiri hodi (gravy cooked of coconut milk) ala kari (potato curry) pol pittu, pol rottee in the future, but not any more, now i feel enormously happy thanks to government's new coconut and rice plan. 

Hats off to the government's new suggested 'coconut and rice plan'.  

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Getup Stand up ...............

Getup Stand-Up for your right. Said BOB MARLEY. i cannot think of a single person who has not heard about that song. people still use that song for various motivational purposes. this song lead me to write something about votes and rights of others. i guess getup, stand -up the melody of the song or the lyrics cannot be stolen because it is not something that others have not heard about before. 

Vote is a right, who doesn't know that? it is not a right won just few years ago. 

i watched the Manchurian Candidate yesterday. i felt that election business is same everywhere. it is just ways and approaches of candidates and the issues they targeted at to earn votes, how they respond and face each others' opposition candidates and their aims and objectives differ from person to person, often country to country.  

i thought of voting for any candidate who tries to safe guard the right of authors. right to write etc.  i thought of voting any who get the side of those who try to do something genuine using their born talents or the talents they have enhanced through education and opportunities given or offered to them.

i think in this modern world we live, unlike in the ancient eras , most cannot protect their computerized stuff. it is not something common to this region or to few, but everywhere. for such issues no agency can help other than the 'internet security systems' and sometimes it is not possible due to those who know how to challenge such mechanisms. it is something that each and every person should try to cultivate within. i.e. though you see no tags such as 'all rights reserved', though you see an icon named or called as ' copy', paste or download', though you have the cash power or political power every candidate or a supporter must refrain from doing such things.

i have often heard about such situations, people complaining of stolen creations of others, altering applying them in another duplicate creations (modifications) the way they like.

i think we all must vote against such systems  or mechanisms.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Dual face of America

Yesterday I read what was published in the Divine Divaina  Sinhalese Newspaper with a map of suggested (by whom?) future administration divisions of our country.

Now, America is engaged in a war against what objective of whom?

And here in this country, same country above mentioned raising awareness on federalism. They are sponsoring for the awareness?

Dear friends, do you think that America is doing that knowing pure objective of the requested of the federal administration?

Which part for whom?

All what the LTTE wanted was the political power of that geographical segment.

What is the meanings (literal and otherwise) of political power by the way?

Those who have the political power has the Decision Making Power.

Are you suggesting our people to go for an ‘administration system that Pakistan once had?

Now who is monitoring those awareness Campaigns?

In what languages they do these awareness programmes?

The content?

Who are the speakers?

Were they given permission to do so, by the Administration of our country?

very well knowing the current political trend of the world and knowing the history of the country, are you not afraid of this suggested 'federal mechanism'?  

Now anyway, no Sinhalese get chances to appoint as Member of Parliament in Jaffna Peninsula because I am very sure no one is willing to vote for a Sinhalese contestants?

Already there is such a system or tradition established in the area. And if you take the description of a government worker, they cannot refuse to work in another geographical or administration divisions other than the area they live, residential areas, village etc.

Now, what is this new system they are requesting for and suggesting for that is not in current practice?

Who wants the Eastern part of the country?

Who wants the southern part of the country and Northern?

Now previous government/s implemented a system that every government worker should learn TAMIL language and if not they are not given any chances for ‘promotions or salary increments. According to what I know it is still in practice. If you visit Batticaloa there is an area that the street names are written in Arabic Language if my memory is accurate. But I cannot remember them reading in Sinhala which is not a big issue because the names are written in English the matter is solved.

America I do not understand your objective of you trying to raise awareness on the subject, Federal’, ‘Federalism amongst our country people.’

Now our students, teachers and others learn history of Europe including the History of America. I like to ask America whether you have started studying the history of our country.

What are the differences between the terminologies, Ealam and Federalism, according to your own awareness?

Is Federalism another term for Ealam or a modern analysis?

Dear government, what is your kind opinion on this? 


Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Album of History

For me Photography is an amazing therapeutic subject in every way and cameras helps you bring the entire world closer to where you live. It helps you recapture your memories or supports you to recap them without a struggle.  I am an amateur to this subject and I do not even know at least five or six letters of the subject.

I see some magic and wonder in the subject called ‘photography’.  

From the first day of invention of the mechanism and the equipment, amazing camera, every moment of histories can be reviewed or reread through the pictures or photographs.  
I like the era that you couldn’t change a picture of its originality / original form through any other system or mechanism.  Implantation of organs of someone else through advance technologies the modern world, photographers or engineers who work on the similar subjects have innovated. Such mechanism I know some use for various ill will purposes. Through the newest mechanism one can easily change a head of a person or a face of a person without any issues. Such systems has the ability to mislead or leads to miscommunication.

I believe that you can say millions of things viewing unedited photographs taken by war photographers of those days, during World Wars. But today, if any one wishes can misguide even a jury or a Supreme Court through edited or changed photographs. Especially now that you live in a digitalized world where you and I use no negatives / reels for private captions. I am not doubting the supremacy of the system (law and order) yet you can find evidences from history if you try to read court cases heard in courts here or there of the world, I guess.  The justices are or were always given based on evidences available. Beyond evidences what can you do? If you cannot justify falsifications of photographs provided as evidences of something, weight of editions (photographs) you can imprison a person or hang till death. Therefore I do not trust the modern photographs as true evidences of something. Unless you have an accurate mechanism to identify such things.  
Photographs / photographers still play an immensely important role as a provider of evidences of events of histories of mankind.

I guess the history of European Segment were captured through this mechanism very before the Asia was captured and framed or put them in albums.

The students of histories can use the old photographs as secondary guide to either justify or prove incidents or events happened in the past or to learn about their social or cultural or even political behaviors of human beings of gone by decades or centuries.

You can capture every singular wrinkle of a man or a woman and at the same time you can teenalize the wrinkles appear on the photographs giving it a nourishing look. But, I do not like such mechanisms.

In a way, digital systems are low cost mechanisms. All what you need is a good quality camera, no need to worry about buying negatives / reels and thinking of taking them to a laboratory or to a studio.  

I guess for an honest secret agents it’s a good tool. Though you can lists the differences between video mechanisms and still photography mechanisms, I still think ‘photography as a strong way of communication.

This mechanism can tells you or has the ability to tell you very many stories. In some cameras you get the date and time of the photograph taken / event / incident captured marked on the photograph.

There are evidences of stolen photographs from family precious albums and treasured, I read.

It helps to analyze war zones through the cameras I guess.

There are ways to capture geographical segments of a country from the angle of your preference.  It is a 360 degrees job, you think?

Sometimes, I feel that future is just a ‘click’ away.

In this modern world we live you cannot revisit exact place that you visited about a decade or so or even a week ago. It is like one cannot step into same river twice. The world is keep changing keeping memories captured with us.    

You may not see any slums along the railway tracks of Kelani Valley if you visit them in about a year or so I like to believe. Like you cannot revisit the same Geographies of Egypt, ancient or Venice or Thames or surroundings of Nile or Amazing Amazon like in 1500 or later. But through these amazing mechanisms you can revisit them in the future recap them through your memory lenses, I believe.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Objectives and current Practices of achieving Unity among United Nations'

I guess Unity and United is the most used set of word of the current usage of languages. Not only in English but also in other colloquial local languages. 

What is the reason?

Are people of the globe we live still starve to achieve unity? Is it still something missing in people’s lives? If it is something not fully or totally achieved, what is lacking? What needs to be done?

Is political interventions of each countries adequate to achieve what is locally and globally required to achieve?

When you know in this democratic, vote is valid and powerful world, each and every (almost) country is politically divisioned within how hard it is to work towards achieve the perception of unity within or outside to one’s geographical or otherwise boundaries?  

Every individual has a political party they favour for, interested in supporting. Can you expect a united community, communities, countries , when nations worldwide or within politically not united but divisioned?  

According to what I learned Democracy is nothing else but motivating and encouraging individuals to engage in party politics other than enjoying or embracing, using, their rights towards democratic terms, right to speak, right to write, right to act, education, ‘liberty added thinking’ other than carrying what others want you to believe or follow.

What freedom you have when you are a member of a global community formed by many members that represent almost every nation of the globe in ‘freedom to local administration’, ‘freedom to independent geographical resources called ‘countries’ ‘ own independent security mechanisms’?

What is the role of a ‘True Mediator?

What definition can you give the above term or how do you prefer to describe the term ‘true mediator’?

How does it affect the true mediator’s political interests, beliefs, attitudes, regional or continental childhood socialization factors towards maintaining local and global peace and harmony, ‘unity’?

How important it is for a true mediator to live free from ‘personal political favoritisms?

How important it is for global organizations established to achieve said, mentioned, printed as visions and missions, objectives play their roles as ‘impartial true mediators’?

How important it is for a true impartial mediators to cultivate within ‘the qualities of identifying true desires of requests of each community members?

How important it is for a true impartial mediator to learn not only geographies (boundaries) of a specific country but histories every carefully very before trying to intervene in something or trying to implement something they think is right reading or listening to perceptions , reports of one singular party?

How important it is to very clearly know the true meaning of ‘freedom to gather and advantages and disadvantages of ‘freely gathering and meeting, especially when you know have evidences of terrorism acts, implementations, strong networks, supporting groups within a community, country, region, continent, globe?

Further to get clearer answer for the above,

How important it is to not to encourage any community to politically division through geographical boundaries though it looks like ‘democratically uniting’?

What is more important ‘punishing terrorism or punishing peace achievers’?

How does according to books of rights and laws, current practices and ways of trying to establish or protect rights of human beings helps or support ‘true, sustainable Peace and Harmony?
How such current practices does helps not to grow or cultivate ‘sustainability of hate, continuation of past practices of terrorism or desires towards achieving separate state indirectly, if you take our country for an example?  

Now that we live in a world where there are no busses or seats allocated to each and every nation or race, how important it is to support nations not to either geographically or politically division within but to live mixed with each other trying to use their political and otherwise rights while trying to learn each other’s beliefs and demands?

Though we know that there are private estates there are no private states or private kingdoms in this so called democratized world we must further encourage world to maintain their public states and public kingdoms, independent countries to live long not separating from each other any of the existing or expecting ways but supporting each and every Nation towards a promoting , enhancing their perceptions towards better world, free from ‘thinking of separate states’ but as Nations United with each other.

Thank you for reading.


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Windy thoughts

Come Wind, come

Come and Embrace me

Yet, do not bring any droughts

Bring some wetness, instead.

Keep this in your mind, do not enhance (bush) fire

Bring me some moisture from the Nile in a moon lit night.

Is Mississippi safe these days?

Can you hug Howang ho on behalf of me?

Here, take these seeds and spread them in Nigeria.

Dear wind,
Come and bring me some courage from the people who built the Great Wall.

Yet, tell them ‘divisioning’ is something I do not encourage.  

Wind, please handover this message to the people in Balukistan as well

They should hear the word ‘secureness’ from ‘within’    
Tell India, Korea and US, fighting in ‘public has no worth’.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Since Darkness.......

Since darkness
I have been searching for you, light
You were nowhere to be found
Looking for some light?
Asked me many
We can show you some light,
Told many
Showing this, showing that,  here , there
But I didn’t see any light.
Moving here and there I searched for you, light
But, you were nowhere to be found
Don’t look here and there, told some
It is within you, said one
, the one who knew everything,
One who knew where we belong to,
Where we came from,
Where we will be heading to,
Depending on what we do, did, who we are
Knowing the truth
I stopped searching for you, light
Seek it within, instead.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Mason's Payment ...................

Evening sun is smiling at the drops of sweat on the chest of the mason.
The mason is smiling at the shining mansion.

The mason remembers the day he finished building the mansion of his master.

“Master, your mansion is ready for your family”
The master, left saying ‘Thank you’.

A few days later……….

Everyone is talking about the mansion built by the mason, keeping every brick methodically and scientifically.

Thank you for thanking me, master, ‘is it possible to obtain my payment’.

The mason asked, the master who is watching the official celebration of ‘International shelter day

‘I gave it to your contractor’, master replied without looking at the mason.

The mason, left the mansion quietly, without asking any further questions, thinking of the little one waiting for his day’s cookie,

Thinking of the loan taken to pay the fee of the house rented by the mason,

Thinking of his wife waiting his arrival, to payback the ‘credits of the boutique’.

The mason, knocked at the door of the contractor.
No sign of the contractor a notice, ‘beware of dogs’ welcomed him instead.

A dog barked at the mason like a Dracula waiting for supper.
The disappointed mason, returned home with emptied pocket.
“Did you get your salary?’

The wife of the mason, did not try to ask him the question came into her mind.

Yet, the mason read her face and told,
“The master had gone abroad’ we may get our salary when he returns.”

 The hearth of the mason’s house produced no smoke.
The night falls earlier than they expected.

The moon peeped through the window of the mansion and of the mason.

The glittering neon lights of the mansion looked marvelous.

The invitees were eating chicken and mutton’, and the kids………..enjoying ice creams.

The little one of the mason, slept eating nothing.

The wife of the mason, neaten and kept a side the cloth her kid wore for the big celebration ‘International children’s day’.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Facets of poverty; Mental health as a cause of Poverty ……….

I know that the society or the world we live has many divisions or the world is divided into many segments / divisions due to various reasons. You can think of many divisions today compared with past. The only divisions or the main divisions that we knew in the past were, caste and class. But within caste and class you see uncountable number of other divisions. Divisions within a caste and a class.

Money is not the only deciding factor in categorizing ‘classes. Land or types of the assets own, sizes or the currency value of the ‘movable or immovable properties that one’s own. Level of Education is not just a criteria that can be used to measure ‘social status’ of a person it has a co-relation with one’s ‘categorization of class’.    Because one’s job or the profession, earn a living is the basement of one’s class or deciding factor of one’s class. If you take a single category of job, you see many or various divisions within.

‘Health is wealth’. According to this theory, even if you own everything (standard criteria) materially expensive or valuable that are known as ‘measurements of one’s richness or level of poverty’, if you are not mentally alright ‘you are not rich’. Even though America or Russia or Japan or any other country says that they are ‘the most richest countries in the global map, if the total number of people seeking for mental health related advice, seeking for treatment, help or support , can you say ‘ my country is a rich country?  

If you have immeasurable other valuable resources; heritages, enough of forestry, jungles, clean breathing space, safe drinking water, no air pollution, no traffic issues leading to poor mental statuses /enhancements,‘your country is a rich country. My country is a rich country.   

Richness or level of poverty, facets of poverty vary from community to community, society to society, country to country, region to region, continent to continent.  Some worldly rich countries has turned into poor countries due to various social, cultural, economic and political reasons. Wars are one of them. Over years, richness of cultures vanished or bombed or stolen or else imprisoned or assassinated.  Reasons for this could be either political or economic or stupidical or attitudinal or temptation over ownership of lands, geographical identities or demarcations of territories or any other similar. If any terrorist group says, they fight over their rights to equal economic rights , must rethink and analyze the ‘economic power’ they hold by calculating the currency values of the weaponry equipment they own, brains they have invested, network they created, the funds or money they get every minute from various parties.

The other reasons why, this rich world sooner or later turn into a ‘poor world’ is ‘soil erosion. Decaying or vanishing ‘land size’. Today, I heard that 20% of our land has faced an issue common to many countries in the world, ‘soil erosion’.  This will lead to ‘spend more and more money to build ‘stronger houses’, residences for increasing population. (i.e. storied houses, housing complexes) we measure one’s level of poverty by calculating the size of the land one’s own (land size is an indicator of poverty) so naturally if you say, we are losing about 20% of our land each year or already lost it means we have become not rich but poor. The original size of the country, island we live is 65610 square feet, inclusive of waterways. What is the remaining land area then?

If annually or every decade or so if you see or face ‘floods’, ‘face drought than rain, people who live near mountain Fujiyama  faces issues, if you see more glaciers vanishing from the world map, you cannot say ‘we have no issues related to poverty’. If a budget of a government will have to allocate more money for ‘disaster management’, distributing dry raising among the farmers and people can we say we face no threats of poverty?

And if you see or meet many persons imprisoning every day for various socio, economic or political reasons, can you say ‘we have no issues related to poverty?  
‘Good Governance’ is known as a rich sign or a symbol of a society with less social or cultural or political issues.  

Vanishing or decaying other resources such as oil, coal leading to maximum poverty because the world will have to spend more money to seek for alternatives.  
Positive attitudes helps us to reach the solutions to existing issues of poverty.

Thank you for reading.   

Saturday, September 16, 2017


Try kurumba. A local, continental beverage, available island wide. Kurumba is the immature version of the pol (coconut).

If you do not think of growing coconut, you cannot consume kurumba and we cannot cook ala (potato) curry or pol sambol. (Mixture of finely grated coconut, salt to taste, about half a tea spoon of lime, one or two curry leaves, finely chopped garlic)

Whether you drink kurumba or eat green gram with grated coconut depends on ‘availability of coconut’ in the market. To the market my dear colleagues, friends, coconuts do not arrive from moon or from space. You have to grow coconut or at least you must refrain from cutting down coconut trees, if you have any further plans to consume coconut in the future.

Friend, you can reach moon without any passports. How? All what you have to do is ‘read the price lists of coconut at local markets (super or super, super). If anyone at any counter asks you ‘your reason to visit this island, say it is not cookies this time, it is locally grown kurumba.

If you are ready to pay Rs. 60/= you can consume kurumba with no difficulty, of course if you know the technique of consuming / drinking kurumba without a straw, protecting cleanliness of your ‘master suit’.

Friends, do not worry at all, if you have no interests towards consuming kurumba. These what I am saying here applicable to those who love kurumba and do not hate coconut.

And in this what century (?) 25th Century (?) we live, you will have to find a man who has the ability to climb a coconut tree in order to pluck coconut. If you know no man with the ability mentioned above, you can stop growing coconut and start seeking alternatives. Kurumba is kurumba and thambili is thambili (king coconut) I do not know what policy the government must introduce, if you know no man thinking of growing coconut or know how to pluck coconut without really climbing it (the tree dear friends).
Do not try to analyze the meaning of the word, king coconut (one of the favorite beverages of many in the country and across globe) It is not something that kings permitted to drink and others are prohibited.  No bar, you can select the type you like to consume. Choice is yours, whether to drink kurumba forgetting king coconut or drinking king coconut forgetting kurumba.

By the way, do not try to buy kurumba from the nearest liquor shop.

And dear friends, if our people decided to stop growing coconut and start cultivating more brinjalls instead, remember, there will be no curries serving cooked with coconut oil, kokis & Kewum (sweet meats) fried in deep oil.

By the way stop insulting the mothers of others, even if they know no cooking using coconut/ coconut oil. Following are some of the users of consuming kurumba

While gossiping with your never changing friends try sip kurumba. It will definitely boost or enhance your abilities of gossiping in any future to come.

Kurumba can be used or introduced as an alternative for teens who shows interests towards liquor and cigar, when partying.

Expect more talks about coconut in the near future from the speeches of all chair members, beetle members, discussions of swans together with elephants, while some offer coconut pooja for Goddesses and gods asking various help like in the last presidential election of America.   

Can we sell coconut or kurumba in America just because we buy flour from them or just because they follow the strategies of Open Economy?

Can we sell kurumba in the countries of OPEC, just because we buy their oil?

Can you export our kurumba to the islands, sisiliana just because we purchase what they grow in their Island?  
Thank you reading.


Monday, September 11, 2017

'A library for every school'

The libraries and children’s Education is something  that should be interconnected or linked with each other. 

Every government should try to allocate reasonable amount of money allocation for ‘educational needs of a country. Mainly to improve the educational needs of Primary Sector, Advance or higher educational needs of students (adults or other) a country. Education is a right, no need to remind because it is something almost every person of the world knows.   Facilitating or providing necessary educational tools, equipment, library or laboratory facilities, teaching aids for pre- primary sector of schools and universities is a responsibility of the authorities of the relevant sector.
Very often before an election and rarely after an election education sector unions and students councils organize ‘protests’ asking for more allocations to the sector. In most the educational institute there is a pattern that the management ‘increases the fee of students up to a certain level, or increases the percentage that each student should pay. I do not know (I have not studied or researched) whether the authority increases the ‘allocations ‘in each year / when they prepare the budgets.
When an administration of a country do not have any extra expenses such as ‘war expenses/expenditures’ and any other areas that they need to allocate more money, such money can be invested to improve or to develop education sector. All above depends on the ‘policy plans or strategies of a government. The strategies or the mechanisms of a government, their focus areas may vary depending on the policy plans of each government.

A library is indescribably an important resource that can be used to enhance education not only of a child, teen or a young person but also of a mature person. There is a saying ‘reading makes a complete man’.  

I do not think that there is any policy or a law that says ‘each school should have a library’. Though you see notices that enhance students‘ interests towards reading good books or abilities. i.e reading makes a complete person’ etc.

Though there is no such policy ‘we know that most schools in urban or semi –urban sector schools owns a library and a laboratory. About couple of months earlier, I met set of students who collate money (tin collection) to set up a library in one of the schools in Bulatsinhala area of the country. And today I say that near ‘rasa fm’ channel there was a board that displays a message;‘ book collecting centre’ aiming at implementing or improving library facilities of rural schools and schools that needs such attention.

So when can we minimize this gap between towns and villages,  the schools in the urban or semi –urban, rural or schools in remote or isolated areas.

How about planning a project ‘a library for every school’ (big or small, in towns or remote areas) if government start something like that, the private sector, I am very sure might help them from the bottom of their hearts. It is no easy for them to do something like setting up / implementing libraries single handedly, alone. To achieve bigger goals ‘bigger ways, successful ways the policy support and accurate decision making is essential.

Foot-path Wishes every person who takes efforts every possible way to ‘build a library’, improve a library without trying to destroy them, ‘all the best’. 

This essay is a dedication to those who love books and those who encourage ‘book authors’, publishers, sellers etc. through policies and otherwise.  


Friday, September 8, 2017

Justice and Administration

I saw what today's newspapers have reported. The decision of the courts with regard to the incident; distributing materials for the people who obtain sil. 

Giving something is no harm, if you have a clear definition for what ever you are distributing among your friends, devotees, etc. A government , more than any other charity or welfare organization, get more chances to engage in such activities such as, providing donations for needy, providing dry raising, daily necessities, School uniforms etc. It is not something new to our people. Even during or before an election every government gives or distribute various things in order to motivate their followers. 

some things people get indirect ways or direct ways, sooner or later, immediately after elections, i.e jobs for those who vote for them, for those who came into power.  some government / party has short term plans or long term plans for such activities i.e. distributing sewing machines for those who know some knitting and those who know no knitting. i know that some just keep the machine for their own benefit keeping at a corner. often those who really want a machine to start a self employment gets no machine.  

Aiming at elections every party try to follow some strategies. Normally such decisions are taken by 'party members', or election committee/ organizing committees of the political parties. According to my awareness within a party or within a government, one person cannot take decision as they please. Yet, unfortunately what happens is 'the person who directly involving  gets either credit or the blame' face the direct consequences, results of the decisions. For example, if a government opening  a new road constructed by relevant engineers, it is not the engineers gets the credit, it is the government.  

After elections, if you have noticed 'some 'have built new walls, added some extra rooms for their residences, how? taking their share for working in campaigns,  by supporting distributing various ways such as distributing hand bills etc. There are various strategies that every government have followed before they came into power, become 'administering authority/ party'.  

So, tell me what is right?

Imprisoning , banning,  throwing out of ministries , cancelling minister-ships, recently we experienced more unlike in the past. some got very minor punishments , some of them got serious punishments. i feel like comparing the seriousnesses of some incidents and punishments given with each other. i have a summary of everything within me but i leave it to you , the reader to weigh them carefully visiting back and forth within the line of history of administrations, present and past. 

Faith and fate are not just two words i guess.  who will give compensation for those who sacrificed their lives and dignities, each and every drop of blood for the country they live other than  embracing 'Imprisonment' , Punishment'?

Mr. Lalith Weeratunge is a good secretary with a lot of talents and experience in his field. 

i am going to windup this essay by asking few more questions from the government, people of the country, people across globe. 

'Is serving your country 'an offense'? 

Is raising a hand, voice against terrorism an offense?  

What do you know about human shields?  

Do you know the number died due to activities of terrorists? Number of soldiers killed, various ways? 
Can you name the terrorists you have punished for their crimes committed?

When was the international courts of justice first setup/established, before 2009 , between 1976 - 2009? 

Thank you for reading.  

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A piece of papaya for squirrel

Food scarcity, is this a problem (anymore), in this modern days full of high tech methodologies, agricultural?

Was it a problem back then, during World War eras, 1st, and 2nd?

Compared with the birds, the squirrels get less chances to find food. Am I not correct?

Chances and opportunities are like that, I assume. Some naturally get chances to reach their targets, aims and objectives in life, with not much efforts, without really screaming for what they require, want in life. For some they have to work hard to get what they want, things won’t come easily.

Squirrels are like fast runners but they do not fly or they cannot fly. The squirrels are not made to fly but one cannot let down their abilities. So the birds they fly here and there seeking for food to aid their hunger while squirrels moving slowly (compared with the birds) from one place to another, from this tree to that tree. But as we all very well know there are seasons for some fruits.  I assume squirrels’ main dish is not meat but fruits. Eagles eat meat though. What does it mean?

How this amazing word, ‘opportunities’ or ‘chances’ one can analyze?

Is there any co-relations between the resources (available) and opportunities, the chances?

How this world has division the available resources amongst people in this part of the world and that part of the world? Have they followed a fair methods in divisionnig resources among people, communities, and countries? What portion each society, community, country, region get?  

What are the mechanisms used so far?

Criteria used (not to measure or weigh)?

Number of population?

Availability of resources within a community, country, region?

What are the resources you can think of?

Lands cultivatable, not barren or uncultivable, oil, minerals, gems, gold, logical human beings?  

Though there is always some pattern in getting, distributing, availability of resources, truth is that every human or otherwise creatures, including squirrels and birds) need certain amount of calories, energy to survivals, sustainability.    

Why some steals what is available for someone else’s consuming purposes?

Is it something to do with methods of sharing, methods of distributing available resources?

Hunger is something but starvation is something else. There is always some difference between apparent truth and hidden truth, though everything look alike.

The truth is that sometimes the birds come and eat what is left for squirrels or what someone has kept for squirrels. Can you call it ‘stealing’?  

No, I guess.

But that is unintentional in animal world.

Who are those stealers, intentional or unintentional then?

Perhaps, Development

Human creatures like development, need cars, cannot walk a single mile without a vehicle need better roads, high ways, upper ways, and better bridges. How did they find space for such, so far?

Stealing the natural food courts of squirrels and birds. Am I accurate?

I remember visiting certain area for selling books. I noticed that a person is doing something under a huge ‘nuga tree’, you get unexplainable, indescribable thick shade under a nuga tree. Hope, locals have heard about denipitiye nuga ruka. I was attracted to that area not because of the person or my objective (selling books) but because of the tree. He was sweeping the area actually.  There were millions of dried leaf on the ground and the person was complaining about it.

I smiled at him and began a little conversation.

How old is this tree?

I don’t know it was here even when we first came and settle here?

Very, very old I guess?


We have a plan to cut down this tree because it gives us issues.

Like what?

Look at our wall it is cracked because of the roots of this tree and the ground, I cannot clean this every day.

I sweep this because I need some exercise.

Oh then it is helping you at east that way?

Without staying any further moments I left the place, thinking there is always a battle between what each individual human creatures want and what the entire world , universe full of various breathable , require some food , need some safe, pure water to drink, creatures actually require for their betterment, accurate survival. 
So what we must not forget is that the ‘papayas are for all’ not only for human creatures to consume but also for all squirrels and birds (add your list) and for those who like to taste them in no fear of any health hazards.  

And reources are to be equally shared among the needy not among the greedy.

Thank you for reading.