Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Friday, July 31, 2015

Think and then name; who are these people, shall we put them into categories?

1) The neighbour that does not say a single word against the person who insult her / his immediate neighbour before his face ? 

2) The Friend who does not take a single action against any person who says her / his friend is a 'no user'?

3) The Community member who doesn't say a single word against the person who says ill wills about his / her co-community members?

4) Very dear friend who shares at least a few words against the persons who humiliated his / her friends?

5) The Co-worker who mutters 'gossips' he / she hears from other people's point of view about his / her co-workers and spread the same among others with an 'insulting face'?

6) The village headman who is reluctant to smash a few words against the groups that so openly humiliated his / her villagemen / villagewomen / countrymen / countrywomen?

7) A Boss who doesn't stand up against the speeches that tarnish his / her employees ?

8)The person who claps thousand times for the ones who shares inhuman injustice opinions about his / her co workers in public ?

9) An activist who shows no reactions towards the groups humiliate even a single person of his / her vicinity?

10)  Any Person who wears a robe sees or hears his followers are living not upto the religious facts that his / her divine yet superior Teachers have preached them show no 'disstatisfaction' ?


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Political Orphans and the Orphanages

i heard the News of the 'five' who left the SLFP ( Sri Lanka Freedom Party)Party and what actions the President had taken to mend the minds of members of the Party. He decided to cancel the membership of the 'five' misters and one Mrs.'s who left the party.

hearing that i was wondering whether that group thinking of becoming famous among people that way?

i am not politically orphaned. I am not a candidate of forth coming election or a member of a parliament yet as a citizen and as a 'VOTER' of the land we live, i am steady in my position. i am glad that i do not have such a mentality to act like that so i can assure you that i do not change my position always.  it is applicable to my vital vote as well.

i do not understand why some political 'infants' doen't think of creating a place political of their own without trying to jump from this side to that side, confusing their 'voters'? For example:- the New Mrs. who was earlier a PA member joined the 'SWORN' group leaving the party that she joined politics through. And now this Mrs. has joined another party that is UNP (United National Party) along with another four, why? politically orphaned ? I truly cannot believe this. How is it possible for her voters to believe her in this her position, manners of politics, when she is changing party memberships from time to time?  

On what basis she thought that when ever she changes the party, her 'earlier - voters' are willing to vote her?  This time as well or to any of the members of her freshly joined party?

What is her position in politics? What agenda is she following? 

Look! look straight into people's face , face them directly without really trying to turn your face other side when meeting 'people'

Yes! there are orphanages to welcome orphans that is with 'conditions' , i am sure. Oh! i am not talking about the 'elephant orphanage in Pinnawala' so do not misread me

Earlier, i truly thought, the reasons for that 'Mrs.' who has now changed her party membership for what ever 'political gain' and joined UNP, supported  the head - sworn', represented 'SLFP at that time of 'presidential campaigns', thinking of supporting him honestly. ooooophs  i was mistaken.

And one of the four; represented the 'Swords and the wela', i do not like to talk about, coz he is either  infant  nor 'changer' but a boaster'

i feel little sad when infants looks 'struggling' to settle in the 'houses of their own - political'

Now, that Mrs. promised her earlier voters that she would come from the side of SLFP and trusting her whether it is right or wrong some of them at least voted the SWORN to become the president of the country. Now what is she doing?

'Breaking promises' of her voters, from time to time? Last time she was respected ' garlanding 'flowers and then apples and next time 'urachakkramalayak' ? do not let your voters to address you that way?

make your own roof of political, a stable one do not try to ' change your position all the time

If you follow that rutine of changing parties - political, always, you would end up 'with NO party to reside

Dear intelligent voters, 'lets re write or continue writing the 'legend of our people', The story of the people of this land, the 'Mahawamsa'  (written in the 5th Century) from the paragraph that 'Thera Mahanama stopped - temporarily , with the ones who is always ready to support  ......................

May the People of this land 'win' !

Lets us use our vote intelligently ! 



Sunday, July 26, 2015

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sainty Politics

Pointing finger at others, who are actively involved in politics, today, of their faults of POLITICS has become a 'style of politics - current  or since decades'

In my life time, i have never met or seen any Saints, Arhats, to tell you all frankly. Perhaps you only meet them or see them in Heaven' / Divyaloke

I think talking of 'political ill wills of others', now is very old fashioned. That is my personal idea.

Most know to talk of ill wills of others other than trying to share or revel of their wills - political or otherwise.

Some say ' we know how the former government govern this country during last nine years, forgetting ,what others told or talked, talking of them now and then.

The old verses, phrases, used for them , to describe the style of politics', governing methods of UNP, even kids of politics know.  ' Cursed period of 17 years' (avurudu dahahathaka saapaya'). that easily they describe the 17 years of governing system of their party

There is one other Party who spoke of both about 17 years, 11 years and nine years, thinking that they are the saints' of the political arena.

In the Past that this other party 'JVP' had their own way of punishing people for so called offenses, and either killed them or gave other punishments ( according to their own analysis and judgements), going against the the existing law and order of the country at that time. 

They had their own book of law' reading that they did what they thought was right, they had their own 'Judiciary system', the Jury of their courts consisted of the members selected informally. I do not know who gave them the orders to do so, was it the top leaders, founders of the movement or any other. i do not know whether they were able to respect the 'core mechanisms' of the movement at the end, due to the reasons that i can think of such as, 'change of 'leaderships within the 'Party' from time to time, members splitting from their original party memberships due to the reasons specific or well known to them, change of ideologies, mechanisms, inner or outer reasons related to 'principles' of the movements.

That was why some told that ' rathu kamise Ranilta wikka' ( The red shirt was sold to Ranil) during last election campaign. Perhaps some were using such statements thinking of what they faced at the beginning as ' a kid' of politics or as a 'kid - member' of the movement'  

I am sure that their heart witnesses' remind them every occasion, each the member, that 'minee dehspalanaya goda gannda beha',(The buried bodies cannot be digged out' again) similarly i like to say that  'a wagema ehema karanda mahansi wenda owneth neha'. ( there is no need for you to do so') that is why some of them say, we say,  ? we too see no use of doing that', why waste time'?

i understand the ' directnesses and indirectnesses of politcs' at least a bit,   and the 'approaches'. 

Before this movement arose 'almost each and every boy and girl were sent to either Catholic or Buddhist 'Sunday School' ( Irida Iskole) to learn basics of religions, more than today because there were no high enthusiasm towards joining tuition classes those days like today .

We cannot say that 'youth' of this country didn't know anything  about 'what is good or about what is bad'. Kunuharapa ( Bad words) we all know but the difference is in Schools, the teachers do not teach them. Such things are not in School curriculum', luckily. using Kunu Harapa is not a strategy acceptable to teach students ' a - z of the subject' , they need to find other ways to attract students of poor parents of the country. for example, why parents send their children to so called tuition classes to learn 'sudda sinhala' or sudda demala' . 'Indirect meanings of the languages has a 'formal acceptance'. And they are accepted Educationally as well as 'Professionally', finally Ethically as well, above all by the Community we live.  i am not saying this, people who know the subject say so.

Alright, according to most Political Analysts  as well as Party members of the movement (JVP) itself' , including other categories, the reason for such a movement to arose were the  Socio, Economic and Political injustices of the local system at that time.

some talk about 'kudu' ( not dust) we hate, forgetting 'who originally layed the foundation for such things to seep into this country we live. at the beginning of introducing the 'Open Economy' such flown to this country so easily because of ' lihil aagamana wigamana or apanayana aanayana neethi reethi' ( Due to No strict import export rules' )  

Open Economy' is no doubt 'is a good practice' , unfortunately at the beginning when it was newly introduced some of them knew nothing about 'how to use them intelligently'. wandurata deli pihiya ahu una wage'. Some behaved like a Monkey who got a shaving knife' 

So, i am wondering ' who are the saints' of current politcs'?

kaage kaageth killotawala hunu thiyenawa', therefore it is wiser to stop talking of the faults of others unneccsarily' but talk of your 'plans'

Talk about what the people who vote for you guys get in return by voting you, you can talk about , National goals  or National Plans, short term plans , long term plans, but everything should be under 'sustainable' category.

Aiyo to tell you frankly, some Sandhanas' are like some curry mixtures  made of adding wrong ' measurements'.  they do not match with each other. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Set of Questions to Mr. U.S. Sannasgala

Before i move on to the setted questions for Mr. Sannasgala let me answer following question raised by Former President Mr. Mahinda Rjapakse

Can US & UK protect our Culture?

My answer is YES but it is possible only if they are ready to LEARN the DIFFERENCES between;

a) Lady Viahara MahaDevi and Lady Gaga
b) Mr. Michael Jackson and Mr. Panee Bharatha or Mr. Kulasiri Budawatte 

let me move onto my Questions of the Day specifically so dearly setted for Mr. sannasgala
1) On what basis you say that the very Dear soldiers, all Personalities of Respectable Armed Forces of the Country were not looked after well(?) / respected (?)by the Former Government?

2) Kindly tell me, the total number of personal in each Armed Forces / Military, Civil Societies Village Guards ( in local people's word 'gam batto'), that serve the country, right now, at this moment, AND served in the past few years since you can think of  a year as you please    ( Specify by Gender)

3) Before you actually speak before the public political gathering , how many soildiers or any other  person in the relevant field, did you manage to speak to?

4)  out of ------- ( what ever number) you spoke to, how many satisfy by giving you politically expected answer or how many told you that they were unsatisfied ( Pls. provide Data) 

5) Please tell me, The total number of  civilians died during the period of Terror LTTE and the Total number of Human Soldiers died due to the same terror  mentioned above ( you can avoid other difficulties we faced due to , according to their own words, social injustice during ------------ ( fill the blank if you know the year)

6) Did you release those statement when you politically visit 'Ranaviru Sevana' or at any ceremonials took place in other gammanaya allocated or built for them?

7) have you by any chances ( Politically or otherwise)  got any chances to visit the ' Smarakaya' ( Pillars of remembrance) built for the name of the soldiers SACRIFICED their lives? ( perhaps, if you have any luck can read them when ever you visit ' the diyawanna maha gedara' )

8) How many names were written there?

i think that is enough for now.

Let me tell you something firmly and with confidence ' THE SOLDIERS THAT I  KNEW / KNOW, THE WHOLE WORLD KNOW, did not expect anything in return after deciding to join the armed forces and to SERVE the country. What they ONLY wanted was to ELIMINATE TERRORISM' fully and totally from this land  and from the world. And by doing so they expected to 'provide a better secure land for all' , for the CHILDREN' of our Country, for them  to live Peacefully and Harmoniously 

And please make sure you release carefully thought 'statements to the public' because a soldier is always respected in this country though  some outsiders wanted to take them before International Courts of Justice for 'uncommitted Crime'   

And for Sri Lankans a soldier is vital than any other fresh candy date who cannot answer above my questions. Hope, in any future you would not tell anything that hurts the real soldiers of the country.

Earn your votes in an intelligent manner 

Thank you for reading .........................

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Yes, It is true Loku Hamuduruwane* ‘Politics is something Very Bitter’; exploring the bitter side of POLITICS

Pemini duk peni rasai’ (The sorrow that comes your way is sweet or tastes like bee honey) some, often say so, for many reasons. For a farmer it is no easy to expect a box full of rice unless he invest his sweat without any stinginess. You cannot expect any fruits without planting any fruit trees. Similarly, what you get as a result gets the size of what you invest’.
Some, also use idioms that are very popular among villagers or among all sets of people, specially the ones who mostly associate with their specific, colloquial languages. Unfortunately, I know only Sinhalese language though I like to mention similar things from other colloquial languages

Kandak neggoth pallamak’ if you climb a hill / mountain, what you meet next is a slope

that is small description is about ‘idioms’ related to ‘hard side of life’ but what do you think about ‘idiotic decisions that some takes?

I recently read that ‘Former President’ was not provided with adequate Security support when he was addressing the Public.  

My question is whether you need to care about ‘party politics’ or about other important things?

Whose responsibility is that? Providing Adequate Security Support? Is it the responsibility of the Defense Secretary, Commissioners of POLICE, DIG’s of particular areas, Chiefs of Armed Forces, The Head of the Country?

Now, after changing the ‘Executive Constitutions’ remained /existed, some of the responsibilities related to ‘SECURITY’, were handed over to certain, certain authorities / positions / personals, thinking that they would do the needful

Am I wrong?

That is wrong. It is not like you providing security for any candidate , you have a far more responsibility over ‘VIP’ personalities / former heads of countries and other. Specially, if you know ‘security related facts more than the ordinary civilians’ you must take fair decisions. You have the ‘intelligence that we do not have’  , if you like to view it beyond your ordinary intelligence.  

What went wrong then, the Decision taken to change the constitution or the abilities and responsibilities of the people responsible?

Ithin ape ahamuduruwane …………………

You are absolutely right. POLITICS is something very seriously bitter, it has entered into ‘what’, let me not write. Read above paragraphs. Sorry to say, that is what I realized after reading it.  

Perhaps , hamuduruwane, You are very well aware of ‘the true meaning of HUNGER’ not just because you experienced hunger due to the ‘Hunger strike’ you practiced recently ? I am not saying it because you know or have heard about ‘ suneetha’, sopaka’ more than we do.

Most do not get chances to feel what hunger is, unless they chosen to practice such ‘strategies’ , ape hamuduruwane I am not blaming or pointing my finger at you.  Even, the poor do not miss the ‘dan seettuwa’’, they do that not just because they are afraid of ‘SINs’ they do so because they respect you. And most importantly they offer you even a plate full of cooked rice from the last bit of grain available at hoe because you are a member of the Party of the LORD BUDDHA

Yes, it is true ‘POLITICS makes people feel that ‘life is bitter’, let me explain the reasons. Can you see that some people are ‘politically separated’ from each other because of so called politics?

According to ‘Buddhism’ we know that we need to practice ‘middle path’, ‘Maddhyama Prathipadawa’ but tell me, honestly, ape hamuduruwane ‘could you name a single person who wears the ‘robe’ practicing ‘maddhayama prathipadawa?

They are attached to their favorite parties and tying ‘ pirith nula’  / the blessed thread around the hands of their favorite politicians, ‘thinking that they would win’. It is alright but think, how they support their favorite parties according to Buddhism, we are not allowed to talk about weaknesses or weak sides of people in public thinking of supporting a single party.  I am not talking about ‘smoothly criticizing’ or pointing out errors in a fair manner.

No! I am not complaining, I am just collating facts and keeping them before you that is all

And you know ape hamuduruwane, ‘Nahee werena werani’ / hate cannot be aided by hate’, did you really see people practicing it, within last six months or so , what did you really experience in the political – local not world

I am not pointing my finger at any single individual. If you take a party, you get many people in it. Each have their own sets of attitudes, ways of believing things, addressing people, dealing with people yet if you are in a particular party ‘ you need to have a one moto’, vision

Don’t you think so?

It is sad to see that ‘you find no single party members with ‘no separation attitude’. I find no pure UNP, I find no ‘pure SLFP’ thanks to who ever, what so ever they did, and you find gembas (Frongs) in them not any other creatures. I am not talking about the handsome frogs I knew since about more than one half decades

Often you find gembas wearing the cloths of the lions but mentally they are within other ‘parties’ but thinking of all material stuff they get they are with ‘money oriented parties’ or west love’ parties

I know what west want. Example, the President of the very United States (the policeman of the world) does not want someone disobey him on top seat, as president of any country

What do you say, Mr. President?

Do you agree or disagree?

I do not know what Prime Minister ‘Modi’ thinks and expects these days, wishes these days, with regard to ‘current political situation’ / Election to be held

I do not think that you always want someone who sends karunka, processed here to India. I assume that you expect not only politically or culturally blended ‘head’, but also a head ‘economically bending towards ‘India’ not towards any other part of the world. But Prime Minister Modi can always be flexible, am I right   

But , you know we always go to our next door /neighbor if something lack inside home. Sometimes for a half a coconut, some spices, for a tin full of ‘rice’. WHY, because they are our neighbours. Do you get my point?  Neighbours always remain as neighbours’  

Sometimes people say’ your enemies enemy is my friend’ but I often do not understand ‘what applies in ‘bitter politics’

When it comes to ‘Zonal Security’, India cannot think separately as a country but as a member of the region, also as a member of world who expects a peaceful world with no terror’. Some topics do not get expired.
I do not know why, all of a sudden I talk of India. I guess, it is because if I talk of West it is little unfair if I do not talk about the region we live. 

Am I right?

I do not know how India uses her ‘tool of motivation’ this time that is what matter to me

I do not think that children can survive eating Karka matti only, they need box full of grains at home, at least few kilos of them to fix their meals. We must not always think entrepreneurly or thinking of Promoting PIZZA or Stock Markets, we need to think of the retail markets as well.  Reducing some prices of veggies and rice ‘SPECIALLY DURING ELECTION SEASON’ won’t help PEOPLE. WE WANT A STEADY PRICE FOR EVERY CONSUMER PRODUCT’ / essential / needs daily.

Why, it took this long to reduce the prices that you leaders are ‘boasting of price reduces on stages’. Why couldn’t you reduce them within the ‘period of 100 days? You reduced some of the things but were they something that we terribly needed?

Life is bitter, knowing that they reduced the prices of ‘coriander‘/ kottamalli. I know that some are waiting to offer us glasses of coriander, lets see?

Everything happens within the theory of ‘atalo dahama’. Am I right ape hamuduruwane?

Duka sepa nithi perale riya saka lesa loke (the sorrow and The Happiness is rolling like a wheel of a carriage and it takes turns) such things are moving from place to place, person to person

I do not know what lead our loku haamuduruwo to say so knowing the bana dahama, atalo dahama more than we do

‘Sabbe satta Bhawantu Suki tatta’!
(*Head Priest of the Temple. The head priest of the Nagaviharaya Temple recently shared his views on Politics has told ‘deshapalanaya titta wela’ Politcs has become something bitter for me’)

Monday, July 6, 2015


For Sweats of Fishermen and Fisherwomen

Is empowering EASY or Difficult?

Is it a challenge? 

Those questions comes into my mind at this moment. but i know that it is a popular thing that most people discuss yet remain as something ' important day by day'  

sometimes, you cannot genderly differentiate the issues that has most of us face. sometimes such things get no colour of human gender, it has nothing to do with heredity or genetic factors 

often some issues has something to do with 'human perceptions', their attitudes

some of them cannot be changed easily sometimes it is difficult to convince people of 'importance of most the things, how you should respect , value people's contributions to their respective fields, areas of knowledge
'Fishing Industry' is a popular topic worldwide,  I do not know about the ministries of fishing - global and i do not know whether people of authorities, big seats try to popularize 'fish' accurately or in what level they try to give adequate recognition that the people who directly involved in the industry at grass-root level even as a motivation factor.

this isn't a teeny weeny topic, facets of fish industry, you can think of a troller full

Inland fishing is differ from popular fishing that we all know  or enjoy discussing always

this poor effort is to not to talk about popular fishing that all know but at least to some extent, to talk about things mentioning below 

if we stay outside the net we get no chance to 'improve', rich in information, other sides of popular topics, Gayathri is reminding all of us, i believe 
we need to try see through beyond traditional nets'

at least such some of the nets we know are transparent and visible , you can do nothing or less about wikileak type nets but 'you can do what ever possible to take our women out of 'traditional torn nets 'towards a better place where they get enough of recognition for their involvements 

lets try analyze ....................... 

Customs, Traditions, Norms and Values play an important role in most part of the world. Sometimes such things have the power to change people’s lives. Some may argue that such things may not provide any chances to ‘explore’ any new areas of their desires objectives, aims, targets of lives, related to their livelihoods or otherwise.


Why cannot you break such traditions and customs and go beyond that?

Often, some questions them

‘No person of such societies should disobey the social rules or ethics’ that people of any society have been practicing for decades’, that is what culturally socially or otherwise people expect from the single term ‘Society’ , from every individual member of the mentioned or analyzed societies

That is the other side of the picture, if you are a member that disobeys customs or traditions ‘you do not get recognition from the society that respect such informal laws of societies’. Everything is interconnected
Customs and traditions, any or every similar thing also have a certain power to control human behaviours , the society as a whole to certain extent, to certain levels .

According to some such systems of societies really helps people to stay without ‘filling’ the ‘complaints books with this and that of things that society or law recognize as crime or something offensive or punishable.
Taboos for instances

Sometimes some customs, traditions norms and values not applicable to certain groups of the society and even some do not even oppose against such things

Some customs traditions norms are specifically has something to do with ‘women’s puberty’

Women are not allowed to entered in to certain parts of the paddy lands specially when some ‘activities related to ‘harvesting’ takes place, they are not allowed to enter when they are ‘unclean’, according to customs and traditions, beliefs, though such things are inevitably have something to do with ‘biological’ matters or physiological matters  

BUT my question is how do they take such things personally?

I do not want to vies such things from the eyes of ours, I want to view them read them, analyze them from ‘their point of view’

If they do not consider such things as something that block or slower their enhancement in what ever they do?

If people, society, experts say such things slower or baring ‘improvement’, or development of any groups, socially, economically or even politically; how hard it could be to ‘change people’s mind sets’, especially when the group affected do not consider them as something bothering them

Recently I read ‘Outside the Net’, written by Gayathri Lokuge

She is raising some questions related to women’s involvements in fishing related activities, by providing us a picture of a fishing community in Trincomalee that she has visited, for academic reasons.

According to what I felt she is unhappy of the ‘institutional RECOGNITION they get for their involvement in fishing related activities. Or she suggests that they should get more recognition for their contribution

I wondered whether the ‘women of that community, society or the women who actively involved in any related activities, ‘think the same way’ that she thinks about ‘Outside the net’

Do they think or take it as something ‘that barred or something that devalue their contribution’?

I believe or think the way that Gayathri thinks

I think it is good if they can involve in any activities they wish with no outside issues. That is important when you find ‘female headed households’ in the community.

If they want to involve in other activities such as trolering or fishing in deep sea , or smoother sea close to coasts, other than ‘repairing nets’, drying fishes’, providing meals , selling fish markets, lending money (?), they should get the chance

But that is what you and eye think, what about them?

What do they want?

If they prefer providing meals for fishermen who fish in deep sea, is it something to do with their ‘levels of Education, lack of awareness on how other women in towns or in other societies deals with things related to life?

I hope that we are not trying to ‘frame them, multi bonding them in the fishing community’ without really thinking of helping them moving out of traditional tasks, if you take the traditional women s role in a fishing community?

What percentage of women involved in traditional fishing related activities?

Any changes over years?

I do believe that they should get enough of recognition for what ever task they do to ‘improve their livelihoods’, for the sake of their own families’, for the sake of the industry, we cannot forget the importance that it holds

How do they understand the term ‘recognition’?

How do they analyze it?

How do the members of their families, community members take it, understand it, and analyze it?

Were they unhappy about the way they were treated within the ‘family, community, and outsiders?

If they do not oppose against they ‘staying outside the net’ while others are happily ‘’inside’, how are we going to empower them?

Do you think that they do not explore their lives beyond that line because of such things, ‘net bars’?

Do they consider it as something male dominated task?

What other activities they involved in so that we can try help them, or we can push ‘the authorities’ (think of plans: -)) to help them to ‘move out side the community barricades (if they think so) via the activities they are already involved in.

How important it is to encourage them to move with the ‘mass society’, move effectively with the ‘Network of other fishing societies outside to their own community, (Samithi, groups)?

If they are already, somewhat, or to some extent not involved in catching fish legally or ‘illegally’, for example, dynamiting to get more harvest? What can we do to legalize their involvement’?

Do you think that we should suggest that ‘women also should get the chances to obtain license (?) for ‘legal fishing’

How do you think or suggest that such rules should enter into the ‘POLICIES’ related?

Did you find any groups of ‘the ministry of women’s affairs’ visited / visiting the community by any chance, for any reason?

How do they, women of the community participate in meetings, if they have a ‘fishing society’ (Dheewara samithiya)

What do you think of the women’s participation in CBO’s (Community Based Organizations) such as ‘Fishing societies?

Did you observe any female members actively participating in meetings, any female office bearers, do they ‘represent themselves in the samithiya / society?

Do you think that they try to earn the recognition they think is important, we think important?

Do they really want to stay inside the net? Or Prefer Outside the net?
I think that it is an important ‘economical segment’ of our country that is why we have a ‘MINISTRY’ to look after that industry?

It is not always about ‘how to catch ‘prawns and toona’ and how to sell them for many dollars or pounds, it is also about the ‘work force of fishing Industry’, their contribution, solving day to issues they face, (big or tiny), it is about in reality ‘how much they get’, the big portion, without really entering into the packets of the ‘fish brokers’, dealers

It is about Right Identification of Fishing Zones, we do not want bullets in the heads of the men and women involved in fishing in Sea due to unawareness, due to lack of knowledge on set fish rules

It also about ‘ Sharks of the industry eats haalmessas’ , it is about torn nets of fishes , it is about RESPECTING THEM FOR THEIR SWEATS invested

Finally it is about their safety as well


Friday, July 3, 2015

Foot - Boarding is no good

i do not know what views you hold about Foot Pathing. But i believe foot boarding is not a little but a lot dangerous.

i cannot imagine, why our bus friends thought of striking against the punishment given / fine charged (?) them against 'foot boarding'

The Traffic Police has wisely punished them. But unfortunately both , the traffic parties and the Bus parties do not think of following such human friendly, bus friendly, road friendly and life firnedly rules and ethics, unless something dangerous happens.

i am not putting the blame on them, 100% , the passengers them selves have to think of their own safety. other than kids, they should know what to do, what road rules or traffic rules they should follow. ( including my self)

There is a huge 'self - responsibility'  on the shouldiers of the passengers as well. you cannot think of the insurance you can claim if something happens.

first and foremost, the conductor of the bus should avoid using the foot board for any reason. Try to be an example.

According to the information that one of our co- workers shared with us while 'Mrs. Inoka Deepthini, a senior lectuer at OUSL drove us towards Nugegoda, two of the guys have died somewhere near Handapangoda. Such things are eye awakening, opening things though it is really sad to hear.

i do not know what solution , a country like ours can follow to minimize such traffic issues, road accidents, deaths and to provide life friendly bus service to its users.

That is also good for a last long, quality passenger or bus service.

I do not know how many seating facilities available in a bus. i think roughly about 40 ? So during peak hours you cannot expect less passengers other than in off peak hours. People think of Foot boarding during office hours because sometimes they are offered no other choice due to some of the reasons mention below.

i assume that busy hours are as follows

Peak / busy hours

7.00 - 8.30 ( Both Kids and workers, of all levels, vehicles of all types, use roads during these hours)
1.30 - 2.30 (School closes at 1.30 pm)
4.00 - i cannot think of a time but i assume until 10. 00 pm roads are busy

Most house wives and other clangs prefer to use road avoiding busy hours.  

All those desperate, impatient road users always like to reach their targets at work places, like to run to their offices before the Red line marked. or before bar codes indicate 'late'

Most of them thinking of foot boarding due to some of the reasons above mentioned.

The roads are busy, or blocked though some leaves their residences one or two hours earlier, they often fail to meet targets, that is to step in their work places before official hours exceeds.

i think government officials are expected to be at offices 8. 00 - 3.30?

other than those reasons, compared to past, i believe ' total work force' in the county has increased. Similarly, the number of people / individuals using the roads, the number using vehicles has rapidly increased, that is exclued to the people who are using the bus services ( Private or Public) 

i do not know whether in parelel to that ' , the number of buses in the roads' increased or stay same.

I guess, even if you refer the records of the traffic police, you can see that 'the annual road accidents rate' may have increased or it is increasing every year,due to all sort of reasons mentioned or the reasons that i have forgotten or missed mentioning. And i think it apparent that such accidents take place mostly during busy hours.

'Traffic tension' is not something you can less care about.
i think 'vehicle population' is now somewhat equal to the total population of the country. i think in year 2020 you can expect the total number of vehicles in the country' may either tally or match or even perhaps or it may exceed the total number of population.

Do not think that it is an unrealistic prediction

Perhaps in year 2020, the authorities may have to change the rules and regulations regarding the total 'number of vehicles that a family can own, that is to avoid road blocks as well as road accidents plus to minimize foot boarding.

The British Council asks individuals / students ' How do you like to Engineer your future' i say it is good if we think of something like ' how do you like to steering yourself? Individually, or as a group , as a family

Perhaps , to avoid road accidents and other constrains due to heavy traffic on roads, 'Tiny Teeny Weeny cars can be a solution

Engineers can innovate 'small engine vehicles' with efficient and decent attitude.

i do not know whether there is a link between the 'Speed' and the car size / engine size.

i know that it is essential to think of the seating facilities as well.

If the car manufacturers think of ' such future challenges / challengers when manufacturing vehicle, matching local roads, we can minimize future issues or current issues such as 'foot boarding'.

' Even for a short distance 'closing the doors' of the buses is essential i thought that too might help us to avoid 'foot borading'

yet , i do not know what engineering talents would help us to minimize or to prevent 'people breaking traffic rules' , it is no worth manufacturing what so ever high technological vehilces unless the road users and the passengers think of respecting road rules

'Safe guard your life by respecting traffic rules and the bus ethics and practices'