Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Humpty, Dumpty, booty chuty, - the names, naming and nicknames

[ I like to dedicate this bit of writing though this my note can not be tallied with the enormous talent he hold with regard to naming + meaning to the big name, the legond that lived in the people hearts and minds and still so live Because of the names he named or used ‘ Mr ARISEN AHUBUDU’]

Apart from the registered name or the names given by the parampara and by the parents or who ever it is so fascinating to know or hear the names or the naming that people use to cuddle kids or show ones too much affection, love, friendliness, people.

Naming is a very fascinating, interesting, very dutiful task I do not think that every one is eligible or capable in doing so meaningfully

I am very much interested in such topics, such as naming or nicknames.

Chuty, hurubuhuti , booty, boody or buddy or ready, steady, copy, photocopy, race, erase, wise, devise, jack or Jane, Jenney or sunny  what ever way that people use to address, call people, cuddle kids such things have some significances or specialties too.

My teacher's husbands's name is Mr. Liyanage he is from Anuradhapura and is a well educated person, fluent in English.
My teacher used to called him Liya once I questioned her about this ( i was at 5th grade i guess at that time) she gave me several answers with many explanations that is because she is a teacher she knows how to give answer depending on the person who comes to inquire her or question her. She does not like when her students come and play with her without really studying. At that very moment of our conversation there was one person who was listening to it very closely and clearly ( No that is not OLD time hacking, one of the ways) or gossiping or peeping in to privately maintain lives of people or in to their bed rooms . the person who was listening to our conversation was their maid enormously trusted, faithfulness up to maximum, gave them the maximum protection , looked after both of them very well. She is no more with them. Generally in the past women knew no hacking packing compared to now the women thankfully or owefully or doubtfully both women and men are so good at doing so for some actually such actions and practices are related to their job gives them some assurance of the things they say or share. I do not mind in a way but I am not saying that we must issue license to do so for all.

So let me come back to the person  who was listening to our conversation she told me look child that is ‘none of your business’ don’t you have other things to go and learn’, read a book, play with others, water the garden, clean the garden grate some coconut? Those days I thought that she was so jealous of me because she never allowed anyone to talk to her mistress when she is at home because she thought that it is her moments to spend with her. She hate when others try to steal her minutes to hours of discussions though they generally talk of ‘ how to clean the garden, what to cook for dinner, how to meet co teachers, what is for avurudu, they talk of such things.
 She was the most loyal and close member ( I like to use this word) of this family- Liyanage. She is Podi menika no one can take things out of their living premises or bring things in to the premises of their world without showing them to her or without asking her, getting permission from her.
‘Don’t touch those books’ ‘what are you doing in this room’?  She inspects everything from morning to night (they have a room for writing ad reading in the front elevation areas of the house, they had no computers laps tops or desks tops)  now she is no more I told but they often talk of her, her loyalties to their family, the support she provided. She was respected maximum way after her final going away from their place of living.

So this inspection of names actually nicknames ‘I guess will take my thoughts towards a different direction. I thought I was little lazy past few months I spent I rarely wrote things or nothing came in to my mind not that I was trying to get retirement this early ( is there a huge list of applicants at the queue of department of pensions ? how many get retire annually is pension a tension I like to know. yes that is a bit of a tension no one should think of  retiring but should return all the uniforms back to the department, the official vehicles used, the houses given to use, the all relevant facilities mobile to land equipments, tools that were given to you to serve the society you live. that you have to do but aftermath you can no doubt WORK, WORK, AND WORK may be to payback or give something not really in return or turn but with a pure mind of providing a service.

 I did not do any inspections over the things that generally happens in a society, purposely or intensely or so researchfully or surveyfully but it is no secret that what such things brings in to people’s lives, for the benefit of society, your and  their kids, all kids universal kids.

Researching or inspecting will bring enormously valuable not only knowledge but also good insights to ones mind. 

so Danny is my nenda's ( father's sister) husbands nickname He is Daniel but everyone call him Danny even we often call him Danny you know to tease him a little. No opposition shown this far.

So this Liya, Danny , Siri ( Siriwardena) , Daya, (Dayaratne) Tenny, Tutu, Cat ( Cathy) Willy ( William)  kind of names are different to some other names that people use to show their affection or love towards their near and dear ones.

I do not think that there are any bitter names attached with naming  – people but so much of attractive names some use they are not only attractive it seem to me naming can be used in a useful way to give a message to the society, to discuss different facets of societies and its people. 

Betty, bitter, twitter, butter, better good names , right any ugly names you found within such naming?

At the Observer book launch I read that Diana is the shorten name/nickname of Dayani Kumari Abeysinghe (this name was given by a well known scholar professor Sunanda Mahendra)

Taking care of something or someone is not a joke it is a huge responsibility though some titled -  jobs gets the minimum wages ( some get paid for such jobs some do it not as a service – get paid but as a human responsibility attached so much with other good human qualities such as ‘affection’ ‘love’ loyalty etc.   

Baba, Nona, Chuti, Poddi , Hiru, Ru ( Ruwanthi), Cha ( Chandani)  think of the names that you have heard before or that you guys generally use to address your near and near ones. What things come in to your mind?

 I know that this is not a very fascinating subject to discuss or one can not learn any new things from such things. Am I wrong here?

‘Pana puthara kuhumbu peniya’ is a good nick name though it is so long and bit difficult to pronounce for a kid ( I have no trouble to pronounce)

Nicknames are different to other names that we people use in public or the names that the public use to discuss or explains things in public.

There are very much privacy attached to some names – nicknames, no strangeness in there at all.

Some big names have nicknames ‘Guli’ is one of them. Mr. Gunadasa Liyanage.  Sene or senevi malinsene , Kasuri, Shakuwi are few of them.

Ammi (mother) we used this word sometimes to show our love towards her especially during our teen eras. Do not know whether i am totally correct one of my friends once told me; in Tamil language Ammi is the Athgala ( the grinder - stone this we locally use to grind chilly, polsambol, all the spices long before the grinders - electric ones come and boarded at the rooms close to the department of kitchen.

some use washing machines for some :) even the girlies looks like so educated use such words to describe or to introduce people of their same groups( women).

Some gentlemen use different, different names for women even the women use different, different names for their men and other men etc.

I am not going to talk about any shorten names like some uses just one or two letters to address their ones or ones of others. 

Funny thing is for their ones they have good :) or lovely names but for ones of other ones some uses little nasty or not please to hear words.
I guess it is no good to use F words in public I do not know how fare or fair this my idea though. This is my personal view do not take it that serious. I can’t help when people listen to the walls of other people when they have their private conversations with inevitable matters related to relations or nadeyo that is the badness or madness of the new techno that does not mean that they talk of things in public though the public are so fond of listening to them. Is that what you called gossiping? I should ask this from the  am I right?

Some use 'eki meki' 'eka meka' for the ones outside to their near and dear or close friends categories. 

i am not sure about the English words for such ways of addressing people. Is it bugger  (is this a bigger word  :)) some use this chap and that chap ( this is not the shorten way to address the champs or the champions right my teacher ?

I am not purposely listen to people's chit chats but sometimes you hear how some address people when other people’s discussion go or moving passing my ears such things come and stop near my inner places , inevitable no that is? 

I hate the word kaaraya 

maalu kaaraya, ( the Fisherman/Fish seller )  Liyum kaaraya ( the postman)  

( pardon me i know that i should consult a good language scholars to get very accurate explanations on some of the words i use here scholars like  J.B Sir ( Professor J .B Dissanayake) or Professor Kusuma Karunaratne or else i should have visited 'APE SINHALA PANTHIYA ' (close by)  Upul Shantha Sannasgala

there are many scholars even at the Open University of SL i will be meeting them only after two days ( Monday) because i am at an edge of a week end ( Today is Saturday, April 27, 2013)

Madhu is the nick name of Madhurangani joined us recently (OUSL) and she is from Jaffna ( department of secondary and tertiary education)

Do not name any one as ‘sad’ or ‘mad’ that is very idiotic way to name a person I mean this is a word full of world we have enough of words or names that can be used to name or address or call people. agree no?

I am sure that we have no issues in finding a accurate or suitable word to name a person so when you mutter a word thousand times it become reality that is the powerfulness of word. Any oppositions? Use happybaba or puppybaba I do not mind. not sad or mad pls.

Any order you find in this my note of nicknames ? NO actually I did not try to explain it A – Z there are many letters missing in between I know.

Sad, Sadness or mad, madness are not good nickname/S what sadness or madness you guys expect using such names for the ones u know no good for any person I want you my friends to change the name immediately or stop using such names as nick names.
I strongly believe in word POWER when you (plural) use a word I like to weigh it measure it the way I can.

And thank you so much for all the humpty dumpty, doogle, boogle, naming and names used so far for your loved my loved, their loved, our loved, all loved, girlies, boyies, men women

Happy and meaningful naming guys and gals !

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WHEELS of safety

Technology changes people‘s lives. Technology brings this and that of very many various things and stuff in to people’s lives and at the same time it takes out things from people’s lives and bring things in to their lives and such creation or the innovation has many things to do with lives of people and that takes our lives around their hopes comes attached with
Have you ever listened to the following song sung by Mr. Edward Jayakodi

Kerakena rode punchi karatte indagena mama inne
Padika wedika pasu kara yannata thallu karan puthune
Thallu karan puthune
(the turning wheel, the small cart, I am sitting on it now
Push it forward to go passing the pedestrian lanes
Push it forward son
Push it forward )

The song picturing a life of a father and a son before my eyes and also hints me how they try to reach to their future going passing all the pedestrian stoppings or allocations
It is a dialogue written in a very poetic way, their life experience , I like to say the words used are so appropriately chosen and viewed in a very live way and that shows the lyrists talents of see through life through his eyes.  

He tells to his son do not stop do not disappoint though you get fed up or so much tired push the life forward will reach to the destination you want.

Wheel is a tiny part of this very big innovative world I am not going to write anything much about the innovation because there is enough of information on internet about histories or new innovations or old innovations of this tool or the equipment for life - wheel.

Primitive society to advance and in between medieval periods industrial revolutions, pre world wars and post wars pre colonial or post colonial what ever way you layer the eras of the innovative histories  I like to think that every second or moment someone of this world innovate something new at always not  materialistically important innovations may be apolitically or politically , socially or economically valid something or religiously immeasurable things ‘ innovations are not of just a one thing it has many facets or groups or scientifically or artistically important.

Innovations generally address the needs of a society and its people.  Like the teachings of life ‘Buddhism’ that there was a need  for a such a philosophy to address the issues, disputes, social and natural obstacles appeared in ‘ visala mahanuwara back then of the society of Siddhhartha gauthams’s era, it is same with the societies that the birth of Jesus Christ , Allah and other religious philosophers occurred . They all tried to address the need of the society at that time. sufferings because of various social and other things
Sathara peranimithi leaded our Sidhartha Gauthama to seek for eternal relief from the never ending journeys of the sansara.  

Ledek – a patient
Mahallek – an old
Pewedi ruwak – monk
Malaminiyak – a dead body
Think of the above four life realities that I noted
A patient

Can we name a single person who has not suffered a single moment because of an illness, tiny or major, minor, or else chronic?

That patient is different from the English patient of recent past (the cinematic creation)
Any infant one day become a teen , a young, elder, old , inevitable during our infant to young we do not think much of becoming an old one day, unavoidable truth.  That was same with me.

 Mahallek ‘name any young that stayed the same without reaching the position of old can we? Because that is the law of universe.

Pewedi ruwak people have ways of  finding a moment of relief or a place to rest sort of a permanent place in life that can give them some peace of mind, some relief from hazards face, ignoring or avoiding the busyfull lives , lives attached with neon lights , wheels of fortunes, that starts at some point and ends at a certain point giving you a rate, cash that the number shows or indicate or else the arrow stop point shows.  Such things takes what you have earned so far from you do not bring any effortless or effortfully earn money in to your wallet or the place of your wardrobe
People need a place to rest at least a bit.

it can be a ambalama which gives a moment of rest for your feet (generally a ambalama those days were built at certain points of routes, paths, for the long journey, touring walkers) or a guest house motel or a hotel that people go somewhere for their summer vacation or to Nuwara eliya or Bandarawela , to Anuradhapura Why most need or like to stay away from their day to day tiredness may be to stay away from boring routings of their lives or files full of world, devises full of work so to have calm or moment of quite reading. I like to take this ‘ Pewedi bawa ‘ it is true and pure meaning not the modern meaning of pewedi bawa that has so much to do with the modernization of their followers lives, accordingly they too had to change using new technological devises to view the things happening of the world, use footwear, forget sometimes the ‘paaththaraya’ , without going pindapaathe to seek some food to live for the sake of the travelers of the sansara to show them some moving out poverties of their lives, illnesses, sufferings  some strategies, related to dhamma.  So to achieve this kind of an advanced or a sort of a permanent kind of relaxation place , path to eternal place for a person if he/she think of following what ever following preached by the religious leaders having a pure objective in their minds is good to do.

All above one day or any moment ( unpredictable) have to face ‘death I can’t name any person who stayed in this world forever become a dead body that is inevitable
A death body was the last to come before the observation lanes of our Gauthama Budun Wahanse, as the Prince of truth Siddhartha Gauthama encountered this and that of many realities truths of life thereafter

Knowing all these our Siddhartha Gauthama the prince who had a brain to understand ‘ temporality of life and kingships decided to live away from all the materialistically important or valid currencies things or fill people’s lives with unnecessary ‘power’ up to 60% or less than 60% or in between every unit is money people have to think of how to pay back
mainly I am not going to put such things in to the categories of new innovations I mean rates do not generally belong to new innovations.

This will not stop there following the 60 % increasement all the other who uses the facility might think of a very good plan as to not only how to minimize the unnecessary usage but also to earn what they are paying to the board.  This business or that business this service or that service every person who need bit of electricitical power might not stay calm saying aiyooooo who cares we will reduce the prices of our products.

Innovate something new or alternative for electricity that will lighten not only all the cities but also all the villagers, small to big. Why 60% why not 20% why not 10, 6, 5 0r 8 percent annually

I accept we people waste not only electrically motivated  ‘electricity’ but also drop by drop water food but is this the way to teach us a lesson?
Please sir/madame think of doing it systematically  while giving a bit of advise to people I am not saying that they do not understand the importance of saving electricity but anyways it is always good to keep an eye on the ‘meter’ readings

What is a wheel?
What is the shape of a wheel?
What are the uses of wheels?
What life realities this shows and teaches the human or the world?
What comfort it brings to people’s lives?

Is a wheel a sign of trust?

How many gets in to a bus trusting the wheels just forget the person who steering the wheel for few minutes?

A wheel it turns and turns until we break or stop technologically or religiously at a certain place.

Sansara is like a wheel similar to it because of the way it works and functions I wrote while ago.  it stops and starts and stops somewhere and again starts but for that someone has to steering it who is steering the wheel of sansaara is that what you called ‘ Karmaya’ this is not sin some misunderstand this term this is all the actions and reactions thoughts to practice of things attached with our lives. AM I RIGHT?

The driver stops the bus at a halting place this each and every bhawaya is a halting place of a sansara we travel from here to there or there to here or to somewhere? Do you get what I am trying to say or explain?

Some halting places are built using a roof cover to protect the passengers from natural  sudden or inevitable changes, some you find no roofing or no shelter, in some halting places you find any or many passengers waiting for a bus but at the same time you may find halting places or resting places where you find or see very few or one or two number of passengers, journey riders or drivers . interesting thing is some of us rarely  ( like board eka nobala bus ekata goda una Sandun- sandun who got in to a bus without reading the destination name of the bus) get in to wrong bus or miss the bus correct bus that will take you to where you want to reach. Wheels just takes you listening to your own commands sometimes , instinct or inner wants and needs therefore it is advisable to give this wheel a right command am I right Sandun?

Wheels takes you ( you give not a single meaning ) to this and that of destinations routes, paths, lanes detours  halting places, viwekashranayan, ambalam or what ever name you give this and that of resting places you may know or do not know crossing from kaha ira or from different place lawfully not allowed place breaking rules of roads.

Who gives the commands for a wheel to turn this side or that side or stop at a certain point and then continue journey? did I ask this before or the beginning of this note? Then you may already have the answer.

Is it just the karmaya who gives you and I, she and them commands?  what or who stops people reaching their eternal place of rest not the death but the nirwanaya then ? why is it then people are so lazy to think of such things why we hang around this temporally made paths or roads for some years and then continue again the same routine of life as an infant towards an old, same charkraya, wheel?

Is it an invisible hand?
Unknown or unseen soul ?

Wheels teaches us things brings things to our doorsteps, halting places,  a bus comes and stops near our foot and we get in taking a ticket air or bus train or taxi or a three wheeler we need to pay at the very same point no credit system allows in paying for our journey rides.

Birth is a ticket of this journeying in sansara bus.

We give this and that names after buying or painting what we bought ‘ recondition or brand new ‘have you ever tried to read the names given on top of the body of the/ bus or the vehicle ? some give it a name of their dear ones, some name on behalf their life children ‘s name some name on remembrance of their parents relax naming are as such.

wheels brings or holds such memories of our lives too, inevitable or unavoidable.

Is life a wheel that can trust or that need to take care because it carries lives of a lot of people? what is a wheel alignment ?
Check the wheels before stepping out of your house for safety reasons.

This note of Wheels of safety is to be continued !

Thursday, April 18, 2013

'Sons'- will this be a partial essay or a impartial essay yours to decide

I was thinking of a topic since morning while walking from our place to OUSL ( Open University /Nawala) my current working place. I get many opportunities to meet sons and daughters who are heading to their working destinations. Every woman is a daughter of a mother and a father. And every man is a son of a mother and a father. suddenly 'sons' came in to my mind. i thought and decided to just walk around the world and try to get and click some pictures of some individuals, personals that i can remember at this moment. 

this is a topic that we can analyze and think in many different angles or corners but this is topic that i need to carefully write i know that too. i may miss one or many sides of this topic when trying to focus on one or few sides that comes to my mind at this very  moment of this writing.  i may exaggerate one side forgetting many sides or i may try to balance my views or i may fail in analyzing this in a very balance way. all the topics that we talk or discuss are mostly very sensitive subjects i hope that you all might agree with me. it is not like sameekarana or puzzles to solve. there is always two side of a weighing machine ( old ones - scales, forget the electronic ones) when you put more things to a one side other side may shows imbalance will not stay on one same line it goes up and down. And before i explore this my writing further i like to admit that this will not be a perfect analysis of this topic, and this may not be'partial or impartial writing' this can be 'sometimes one sided mostly all sided' or i may not touch all the important or relevant spheres of this life components and here is my essay.

read with a little patience avoiding gramatical errors as usual :)    

every daughter or a son is made of ' all qualities of human' some are known or accepted as ' good qualities' or bad qualities' but all 'human' after all certainly except some exceptional things you may understand when you read the entire thing until the final word .

every human , each and every single person should be respected and valued the way you can, the way we can because we are developed or improved, sharpen or shapened our thoughts and skills thanks to each and every person that we associate knowingly or even unknowingly some we know by names ( some are huge names) some we know by face, some we have never heard of before but thanks to the people write and says things we get to know them their 'we absorb their knowledge' we start talking their words' and views,

some follow 'Che' some like ' Obama, some like Yasar Arfat,  even some like Hitler i have no doubts , some like ' Rabindra Nath Tagore some like William words worth even from Hitler there are things that we learned ' how to win people in a opposite to Hilter way' 'what to do and what not to do when a situation like in German at that time arises in any part of the world, what to take from Gadafi how to analyze life Mahagama sekara's way or Tissa Abeysekara's way, how to see through life like ' Titus Thotawatte way' ( Handaya) 

the things that they may have said or quoted from other people, books every thing may based on their personal experiences, things that they faced in their lives social, economical, or political or even scientifically some saying valid and applicable to the current society that we live or may be not. some things are truly universal i agree.

Abraham Lincon or mahatma Ghandi or recent scholars they write, analyze things, life, people the way that they can view them 'now' plus the things that other scholars might have said or wrote or noted. 

Sorry I know that some uses various ways to address sons and daughters they know or do not know e.g. son of - - - - - daughters of I do not know there are many any ways that people address them in their communifications .

I have met many sons each and every son is a different person I have noticed all these years of my personal journey of life.  My two brothers different from each other in few ways they are like my eyes. heart is my sister when it come to my family we are not a very genuine or always show unity kind of a family. My mother is a tough character and she does not like to change what she believes just because others say. Whether it is wrong or right ‘she thinks she is right ‘ she is choosy of her friends and neighbours if she says that I should not visit our immediate neighbor I have no authority to do so. That is her. My father is totally different from that her point of view of neighbor or ‘people’ in general.

I do not think that people talk much about ‘sons’ compared to daughters people like to talk about ‘ Diyanee’ Thrauni’ sirikatha nawaliya vanita vitti than ‘tharunaya’
Similarly like Ms. Malini Jayaratne points out ‘ piya senehasata kaw gee liyaunaa madi’
(There are not enough of poems and songs written of ‘father’s love’ /affectionate that fathers generally show towards their children) I like to postpone a bit to talk about the other entire things written related to ‘fathers’ of the whole world not particularly Indian or Pakistani or Asian or African or Zimbabwean or Australian or Maradona’s country the foot that loved ‘footballs’ earlier unfortunately later became a fan of many heroine and other similar stuff. How is he these days stopped such intakes and take more vitamins (please) even before David B. fallen in love with the ‘football’ ( am I right bend it like Beckham?) for some pension become a tension why because they like to work, work and work now Beckham who is the new captain of you loved and won love and respect from the world because you were chosen to play and represent your country?  Khalil Gibran’s society or Pablo Neruda’s world

Though I like to specifically talk about ‘sons’ I never can compare fathers with sons I hate to do that. some can sing like their fathers, some can play instruments exactly like their fathers, some can act like their fathers but I never think that they can reach the level that their fathers have reached reason I am not quite sure but I see a huge different when I try to compare ‘but I see some uniqueness in the ways of they handling things and the ways that they work in their chosen fields even in political spheres. They are different to ‘Golden tong of Asia ‘ ‘ Boralugoda Sinhaya’  and all ‘Senanayake’s or Jayawardena’s , etc.

I do not like to compare ‘King Dathusena with king Mugalan or king Kashyapa , King Kawantissa with King Dutugemunu, the ways of ruling and handling their kingdoms were different. I do not know how Prince Charles will rule Britain and after, Prince William and Harry   what plans that very Air force (?) handsome prince might have in their minds.
I do not like to compare Gandhi with Gandhi, how can we compare Rajiv Gandhi with his son Rahul, no one can predict what ‘Karunanidhi’s son might do in the future (Any sons I am not aware )   

Aiyooooooo sir ( Mr Ravindra Randeniya and group/Kalakaarayo ) I always think that there is a huge difference between ‘kalahakaarayo’  ( people who creates issues or troubles , aggressive, belong to ‘very poor’ category and they are very, very below the poverty line, in short trouble makers ) and ‘ KALAKAARAYO’ ( ARTISTS) any oppose to my this idea?
There is a huge difference in poor and rich ( forget the currency measurements) ‘ some are very rich in the kalawa ( art) they do and of course some are very poor in their engagements of arts  

Any ways you tried to prove them many things ‘very non harmful way’ and I like to say and think that it is ‘the your way’ of saying and doing things.
Again there are sons among that group NO I have not forgotten the daughters (Kalaakariyan= female artists)

 But I accept that at least one song or a poem composed by all the well known poets , lyrists I need to do a bit of survey on line to find out who wrote and what are the lyrics or poetic worlds that they used to describe ‘how they feel about their own blood’ .
I like to survey a bit on Dr. Ajantha Ranasinghe (hello Sir) ‘s words, Mr. Madawala S. Rathnayake, Mr. Bandara Ehaliyagoda plus all tall lyrists not only in my country but also every one of the world who design and craft ‘worldly valued ‘creations’ on the subject that I talk today.

 I have heard many times over that parents say ‘mage miniyata kara Gahanna inneth kollone/kollane ‘

(The sons are the ones who are there to carry the coffin that bears the dead body by their shoulders (to the ‘cemetery’)  

All the ‘rathnayake’s are different to “Victor rathnayake’ and I do not like to compare Warakagoda Senior with Warakagoda Junior reason is obvious and I like the song you sang for your father ‘Maye appachchi’

Sons always worth and brothers too I have not forgotten other characters but I like to limit to this word only that is for today.

Mr. Mohideen Begh is unique and never can no one can compare the two characters Mr. Mohideen Begh and Mr Ishaq )

Nawaloka provides different service compared to the sports like ‘Cricket’  

Congratulations to the newly appointed head seat positions of cricket we have faith in you and like to see some ‘difference’ as usual. I do not like to compare cricket with footballs no way but I respect both sports activities.

I know that every sport activity needs attention ‘all in door and outdoor sports activities’
May be compared to fathers’, sons are more educated or hold ‘any or many doctorates or degrees but I believe that some fathers are the books and sons are just tiny paragraphs of such huge books. I like to windup this note that way. But before that I thought it is good to write few more words to

 I do not curse any parents for any stupid or terror things that the sons like ‘Prabhakaran do (LTTE)

All sons and daughters are gifted with separate brains and minds and even hearts to think and act ‘who says that parents are responsible for the things that their sons or daughters do.  We are not that stupid right?
This is a advice from a father to his son
‘ nil katarolu mal gomuwe peni urana samanalayek’
midule duwa pena natana puthuge athe gal ahurak
Kurumaanama weradunaata kamak neha puthe
sathunata hinsa wadadee noyen puthe danga lamayek

(There is a butterfly among the group of flowers called nil katarolu sipping mal peni ( I can’t remember the English word for that L)

Some stones in the hands of the Son who runs here and there and plays in the midula (courtyard)

It is alright son that you missed the target (of hitting the butterfly)
Do not be a naughty one by ‘hurting the animals)


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The ‘donations of dhamma - the most generous and useful donations of all giving and sharing ( Ganu Denu)

Sabba daanam damma daanam jinathi

This is the avurudu season ‘give and take’ or ‘ganu denu’ has taken a big space of the nekath seettuwa not only now even back then since the day that celebration of the ‘aluth avurudu’ became top of national celebrations.

Although the old society people were divisioned according to caste system and class ( automatically)  there were no restrictions to celebrate this comes once a year celebration ‘ the aluth avurudda’ which brings happiness to kids to adults in almost all the united units, groups, companies, institutions plus all named and unnamed or unspecified organizations communities.

And there is something specific about this celebration though sometimes we people think that we both are deviated and isolated from each other even after achieving peace permanently that is really a very pre mature ideas what we need to understand this in a little mature way even nationally there is no space for such narrow minded thinking. Each year this celebration will remind all of us that ‘there are things that you still share nationally and societically this event is not only allocated for Tamils  only or to Sinhalese only it is named as ‘ Sinhalese & Hindu new year’. This no ‘drams script’ like some like to explain or give some my explanations and behaviours on footpath and other any spaces the way I deal with things (not really life dealings I deal nothing when it comes to my life related things but all these other work I do is a part of my life not my total life or full life package there are other things as well in my total life package)  

Give and take ‘ganu denu’ I thought why people always expect somethingback after hearing what my little brother ( he was kidding ) said after giving some hundreds  to me and his amma , nangi ( generally he does not give any to his big brother he thinks that he earns enough J

Mama 1500 k dunnoth amma mata 2000 denna owne ethakota mata 500 labhai’
If I give 1500 to my mother she should give me 2000 in return then the profit will like 500 rupees

like vise he said it is a kind of a ‘profit earning moments

I took the money he gave and gave nothing in return J

 He started teasing me saying ‘nona mata wanchawak keruwa mata muth dunne neha’ ‘lady you cheated me you gave nothing to me

Some give but do not expect things or nothing in return there are ways of giving and taking. Some things are not materialistic or assessable movable or immovable therefore such things do not categorized as ‘real giving among some people.

So we ganu ( take) and denu ( give) many types of things during this new year season  money’ still plays a big role in this ‘give and take on a auspicious time fixed and decided by the worldly known astrologers or numerologists and gifts, and kewili pewili  ( eatables( mostly and drinkables) too people love to exchange.

Let me come to my title of the day there are gifts unforgettable some losable, some mispalceable, stealable,   some gifts people just forget or do not stay forever in their minds but there are things inerasable or deleted from peoples mind because such gifts generally stays even in people’s unconscious mind and automatically comes to the surface of their life and even without knowing they practices such things in their lives. 

the donations of dhamma is such kind of a gift, giving , donation that are immeasurable and in any teachings of dhamma that you are ready to share will bring no harm but always bring some good results in living‘ or in your any typed dealings (dhamma is not just a narrowed word it comes in many shapes and sizes and this has various facets) dhamma I am not an expert to describe this in a very proper way, I even do not have the adequate English terms to explain what I really mean I share things with you the way I can or understand
most of you I know ‘have the words to do the job properly’ brilliantly, therefore you do not write rubbish but I may write rubbish coz of the ‘ inadequacies of my vocabulary ‘ pardon me I am a neonate in the language of ‘ English’ I am just learning by imitating the big ones who know the subject very well, I just follow their ways, I just take one or two words when ever possible and try to keep them devising them in my inner brain lanes   and I try fill the gaps putting the right word sometimes I fail and sometimes I become alright ( little ) in explanations. Natural for a beginner or for an amateur.

 when you hold good thoughts about somebody or someone , person, individual, people, near ones such things work as ‘ rays of non harmful thoughts that come and touch your deep mind ‘ in many ways reason is when you releases your good thoughts to the outer world you live that goes and touches the person that you aims ‘ good things not the bad things’ think good or think positive things I am sure has a huge power’ and it has the ‘man changing power’ ( Man = human)

sharing or donating dhamma is not just sil or upasaka upasika’s tasks such things different and you do not have to wear a robe to follow such things or share such good teachings among or with your associates or workers, friends you even do not have to aim to reach nibbana just by doing it nibbana one can not reach easily that is a far away thing from me I do not know about other people. We need at least a bit of dhamma to live a good life a peaceful life.
 I have heard some people say many things about the harvests /‘fruits they get of some cultivation lets take it as an example (harvest/fruit is equal to result of effort cultivation for instance)  

Power of voices, good words (that always bring good thoughts, peace of mind, some good no harm to people’s mind ) one has to follow his/her instincts to live or share good things, teachings, every knowledge that will bring some positive side, some good results to the people of this world I like to remind you that ‘ every single person of this world do not get the chance to learn academically , professionally , or universally entering in to formal or informal established, or not recognized institutions do not try to apply this to the society that we live ours is a tiny part of this world map of people how many societies units that we can think of how many are there that we have not even recognized and yet to be identified. So you are one of the privileged person that is how you should start thinking no matter what level of formal education you may have achieved always try to think that there are many other below your level of education as well so there are plenty of things that you can do using your knowledge for the sake of ‘the world’.

There are formal ways of sharing knowledge of dhamma or other knowledge there are informal ways, there are acceptable ways and inacceptable ways what ever way there are no restrictions in sharing only when you do not earn any cent out of such things because when you have things to do with money importance of such things become less value’ one should not always thinking of selling such knowledge dhamma we have gained free of charge , the knowledge of dhamma we have gained effortlessly because we are not the ones who put their total effort to understand explain well teach well to the world who were desired or longed to know or absorb bit of dhamma and apply such to not at all to their own lives but to the lives of the world think of the religious leaders you know and analyze their lives.

Sharing dhamma ‘ is not official task of a general person who does not wear any robe or follow any religious routings aiming at achieving nibbana or thinking of shortening travel time of the journey unlimited.

Monks or priests they have a huge responsibility to lead the society towards ‘ a better place’ they truly have to be role models though it is little difficult ‘ sharing dhamma is a huge part of their lives, there are formal establishments, institutions to teach and share ‘dhamma’

I am not specifically trying to focus on ‘ Bududahama’ ( Buddhism) but on all sort of religious teachings   

I thought this is the right time to talk about ‘how to use language for the sake of sharing the thoughts of Damma(Religious teaching) for the sake of the existing world, living beings, for the better improvement of the world, for the sake of the believers of a ‘non violence world’.

The Theros of my country are not the only group that are aware of this valuable immeasurable teachings of Lord Budhha, ‘Buddhism’ how they all have leant this ‘language of understanding life and living’ – Buddhism I believe it is mainly because of this language ‘ English’. And of course there are other languages like Pali and Sanskrit. But when it comes to using the languages such as ‘Pali and sanskrit’ there are limitations reason I believe apart from the ‘ Buddhists monks there are very few who are interested in learning such languages knowing the things that they can learn via the old prints ( books )or may be having other aims ( educational or other wise ) in their minds some named or called such languages ‘ as dead languages’ on the other hand some are not really interested in learning such languages I am not sure about the reason may be because ‘it is not easy to learn’ when it comes to using or learning a language that is not in practice all the time or when people do not hear it all the time the chances of learning such languages is limited or very minimum lets say when you do not hear people use such language as their spoken languages you only have the chances to learn them by reading , or studying yourself or getting help from your teachers.

English is different. When you think of the number of people who use English Language for any educational or other purposes business or otherwise ‘English come on top of the languages that are people interested in learning or teaching , studying or the choice of learning English is million times larger. Sometimes people have no choice because English has become the most used language among the international languages that are generally people uses of prefers to use.

I believe no one doubts about the validity or the universality of the teachings of Our Lord Buddha and many are interested in learning this language of life ‘Buddhism people who live along all the territorial channels or canals, borders

About a year ago I started this path with THE INSPIRING SUPPORT OF the KNOWLEDGEABLE. I had a little doubt when I first started this and I had a little bit of ‘shaky mind’ reason was I was a little worried because whether the people would accept this or not or will they laugh at me? many thoughts were entangled in my mind always but somehow I started this havinging very, very limited technical knowledge and I knew nothing about ‘blog creations’ J
Luckily it worked somewhat well.

I do not think that I use this path totally to share ‘dhamma’ because the things I know are very little I know only a few or an ounce of the world full of knowledge but I like to write them down in different forms or ways when I re read what I write after few days or months I feel that there is a lot lacking in my essays. I know.

Footpath is my personal tuition class though I am not surrounded with many number of students like in ‘ape Sinhala pathiya’ (Our Sinhalese class) of one of the most romantic script writers of this era ‘Upul Shantha Sannasgala’ – Upul sir I like to share bit from this and another bit from that but every single essay I admit is an incomplete efforts due to various reasons.

So this my effort I like to name as another incomplete essay for all of you to read

I am not going to focus on all the benefits of using proper language or the right uses of language today I like to focus more on ENGLISH language.

Following is another side that one can think of using language for various purposes ways of communication are generally very different from each and every way of using or styles methods, strategies.

Oral and written  

Both ways of communication and sharing knowledge or sharing people’s inner lanes with others are immeasurably important.   

English for religious groups, Monks, teachers, formal and informal teachers’ institutions (formal institutions) such as in PIRIWEN essential because that helps to share the knowledge of dahama with the world who likes to learn and embrace such knowledge 

 Tools generally play the roles of the helpers one can also name or introduce them as the assistants, guiders. For words, we need letters. No letter can bring a meaningful sentence 'alone' for a meaningful explanation we need at least two letters that is to create a meaningful word or a sentences except the big letter 'I'. This big letter I can survive or stand alone but to give it a little frills and shapes and sizes the supporting letters can give a big boost.

Single words alone can stand firm no doubt. I, run, play, act, good, care, love, like, ugly, handsome, share, dhamma etc.but when you think of using them adding all the necessary gramaticals and coloured them with meaningful articles before all I 's and She's He's they's All's Ah! Then everyone feels like embracing then the meaning of the total idea become so close to the person who hear or read them or learn them. 

Language is a big tool a very powerful one, it is a  weapon that even a poor owns and they can become rich using the language that they know only when they decided to use them a right way, meaningful way, intelligent way.

Anyone who is rich in words is a richer not a poor the way they use their language so humble, so genuine, so gentle, so beautiful so appropriate, so useful, so intelligentful , meaningful everything become fill and full for the people who knows the correct tack ticks of using language for better of course. some big have earned this 'fullness' or the meaningfulness by using the language they know correctly, accurately, intelligently, and of course so brilliantly appropriately. 

For some language is like their profession, carrier for some language bring the world before them. some can reach high  of all high levels because of their levels of language brilliancies. NO easy to learn. use or deliver good language all depends on ones levels of proficiency or professionalisms.   

FM channeling i like doing once in  away but i do not know why i have become no partner of FM channels these days ' members, listeners  viewers, readers are the true partners of something, institution, a component that has many things to do with voice and pictures + knowledge and skills and  LANGUAGE. it is not just a scissor or a hammer or a sword this brilliant communication tools have to play a many number of roles before people, their listeners, viewers etc. but I listen to them on bus or when going passing the lotteries outlets or at friends places but i know who works where what role they play because i was not a sleep walker though i am alone talker :) to a invisible brains and minds ( they truly have the brains i like to think they may differ from each other the way they use their brains and minds that is the only difference that i see and understand)

so aney please take care of your language buddies little girls and boys when you become a granny one day there has to be something that you can share with your grand children. Earn something from using right words right ways and save something for your own grand children.

One thing young sweet voice owners can do is to meet strong voices, historical (SLBC or other places) and share knowledge and be brave to ask any questions. Do not hammer or scissor anyone unless you really have to. What is important is for a listener or a reader 'what you give to your readers, LISTENERS, viewers, etc. give something fruitful, useful meaningful to them. Associate good peer groups colleagues, read the profiles of tall personalities who contributed not only their time but also their life. 

one thing you need to remember 'you are not just representing 'YOU' you are representing your organization, your institution, your intuition, your attitudes, your beliefs  your ethics, your ideologies and finally you are representing your guru 's and your language am i right or wrong? Do not give any black marks to self think how not to sustain but how to sustain in the areas 'one can easily earn a name one can easily be popular. Even one engage in killing or murdering, stealing they too can be popular but think of writing your good name in the hearts and minds of the ones who channel you via their choice of frequencies. I may be wrong the things that I tell or the way I express these my ideas invalid or no use but at least one can think of 'better to meet an expert to get a better idea' learn and share with a an expert.

i do not believe in  hammering people, insulting people but educating them the way we can, make aware of people on this and that of current issues or needs of a society.

YOUTH is a very powerful asset we have or a better tool that can be used on right purposes. So you represent youth 'good voices holders' therefore people prefer to channel you via the channeling agents they know, via the frequencies. take sand fm for instance they still have many things to earn 'language' skills, knowledge meeting good knowledgeable personalities who knows the subject, reading good books on how to channel people via fm's, how to live with people, for people what to give them what not to give or what not to touch, what to share what to talk discuss, what topics should reach PLUS of course good MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC AND MUSIC more of them. 

good fm's avoid what i say if the things i  discuss here in this path not applicable to you. i respect each and every word that you aired for the sake of people lets fill the air space with loads and loads of positive and non harmful but very educational, useful things. 

Good discussions on all topics i guess is a good thing to think. This my sand fm
J that I know some sometimes listen they have plenty of fields yet to be discovered and polished.

so dear girls and boys ( of course you are young and energetic but do not forget the life realities when ever possible talk to your own mirror images when ever possible ) use all you existing strength and knowledge and skills , brilliance's not to hammer or scissor people but to educate them in every way talk to them every good way.

Please accept my respect and wishes all the good , voice and knowledge owners.

Have a listening -full meaningful watchful day!   

  English or what ever language you use, me use, they use, all use ‘ share good stuffs only’ stick to that law I know that we organize for a better purpose aiming to achive targets of our professions naming them any many or different ways. FUTA or weli, gal saha gadol ekathu karannange samithiya ( the society attached with weli park the collators or sand, bricks etc this is next to open university premises ( Nawala) or a funeral assistant society what ever society or a committee ‘words and aims( objectives) they have to deliver using the language they know what I am trying to say here is that ‘ to achieve what ever ( important or less important or massively important language plays an important role)’

Communication closes people and makes them apart or depart from each other reason is unexplainable some things happen due to lack of communication, or the immature ways of communications I do not think of channeling the ones that do not respect me at all why should I ? I do not like to channel the ones that hurt me purposely

Young ones ‘ core’ or the spine of our society ‘ follow the educated, follow the ones who respect people work as an inspiring agents, teaches you something always directly or indirectly.

Young can be a teacher to any adult. Fill my brain lanes with something good not with insulting words or inhuman ways of explaining things ‘people’s minds generally get hurts easily ‘ it is breakable , it is irreparable it is irrecoverable so handle with care your target group should be ‘all’ not just singles or doubles or fourbles ring something good morning to night of your sharing through your ‘own frequencies’ children, friends, buddies, adults, experts , tall personalities I am ready to listen read

Have a good day         


Friday, April 12, 2013


This ‘organization’ was first set up a history book ago and was given special permission to register under the department of ‘human’  and the act named  'well ORGANIZED' numbered as ‘zero is a positive number’.

Any one who prefers or wish to join this ' commUNITY of POSiTive thoughts ( the name of the organization) has to obtain relevant application form from the Secretary of the organization

Minimum qualifications required are as follows. Please read carefully the example application formed attached and filled by a MEMBER of the organization who always love to trust community + unity.

Name of the member - VERY TRUSTABLE

Name in full – V. Trustable Do not doubt

Address -  

# 0000000, 
Be Coolgoda,  
No terror Lane
Anyone against peace?
Careful IPL.

Age - Always young 

Religion – PEACE

Cast – Books

Class – Old books

Ethnicity - who has innovated this word?

Blood Group - Green + human

People, places or things respect – villages of squirrels without quarrels and territories corals. People - music makers and policy makers  

Following lines are taken from the song of  ‘policies of music, love and life’

goni karen gena maddahane ena gatha suwandai obage

keera pala miti hisin dara ena hitha suwandai obage 

(this is the way that I (member) can explain the meaning of the policies of music’  the policies of life, respect expect from each other  explained very melodically and  musically.  First lines clarifies the feelings of a wife towards her husband and both respects the ‘jobs they do’. According to the dialogue her husband is not a white collar job holder but a labourer who carries and bears heavy, gunny bag full of things ( sellable) from his shoulders to a place ‘known ’. So this wife who expresses her feelings is showing us how proud she is about him and says to him how she feels about him.  Imagine of a person who works outside always in chenas, in a coal mine, road construction areas as a labourer can anyone expect to smell fragrances worth any currencies? What she can feel is the heaviness or the fragrances and embraceables of his sweat.  

And after listening to her expressions he too had something to say

Both belong to a very same class she too is a lady ho sells 'GREENS (Keera palaa miti ) lets say on pavements she too has to carry pala miti ( such things are not too heavy to carry compared to the things he carriers in life)  
Interests and hobbies -  

Educational qualifications - ability to understand & read minds of NO CERTIFICATE HOLDERS 

Competencies – ability to think ‘positive’, understand the ‘words that do not speak’

Current profession - 'RESPECT every profession, every person, every rituals and customs.

Holiday destinations prefers -  use vacations usefully, methodically and fruitfully with kewum kokis and mun kewum, kiribath

Give and take auspiciously and hearth is the key to hearts.

So this new year fill all hearts and minds with ‘ POSITiVE THOUGHTS’
Pls send the filled form to the counter of good minds  

This is a message to ‘EveryONE’ from the CommUNITY of no harm thoughts but POSITIVE THOUGHTS  

vision and the mission of the organization ;

The organization believes that POSITIVE THOUGHTS CAN NOT BE TAUGHT or import or export from another world but ONLY CAN BE SHARED.  history is a book of all kinds of thoughts carefully grained trained and shared. take what you need to take bin the rest and devise wisely only the necessary points and thoughts - positive and useful for future. thoughts are written and shared and manuscripts in many different languages, eras known to all, unknown to some or understandable for few or indescribable for people or even immeasurable for universe. they are all nationalized, communistic,they comes in Bob Marley's language, Che 's shapes,  Margret Thatcher's ways and Mohomad Ali Jinna or Mahatma Gandhi's ways  or Lester Sumitra ways ( The legendaries)  

Thoughts are tribes, thoughts are customs, and are values demands and respects. They belong to the people of Thames, Amazon, Neil Armstrong, Mari Curi, Yuri Gagarin, they come in hospitality colours of Nigerians, Sachin tendulkar , Mahagama Sekara, the tribe of Naga, Nayar, thoughts belongs to ' no English people' know little English people, and such things here and there wandering globally, speaks Tamil, Hindi, French, German, Arabic, Spanish thoughts are tall, small large vast short and sometimes heavy. shaped and sized in all ways always. 

LOVE TO YOU SYRIA and please take care !

Community is not a single person own territory, kingdom, tribe or a modernity it is a place for all, all thoughts UNITY IS THE WELL MATCHED ACCESSORY , Jewelry CARVED IN every possible design that matches all and any occasions and every fabric am i right NDTV ? 

so these are IPL days bring good and different cricketful thoughts as well