Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Interesting. The shapes and sizes of different signatures of different people are different to each and every signature.  I wanted to learn my father’s signature but that was as a kid. He had a nice signature I liked it so much. You know for me those are not just signatures that have an importance in different arenas or fields, areas. I understand the importance of signatures and the values behind such things. But I like to view the ways how people, individuals, big people pen their signatures on the papers or anywhere appropriate or applicable. 

Some got shapes that catch my eyes I mean eyes of people in general. Some are very artistic. Some never one can imitate or copy. They are original no one can do any fraud things with copying the original signatures of the original people.
 I have heard in many occasions people cheat institutions, people, even their own ones sometimes , groups that people come trusting them, credit societies, banks or any other commercial entities or universities or any places that has something to do with ‘trust’ or currencies  playing with other people’s signatures. I know that some think that putting a signature on behalf of a person whom they now for a long time or that they even trust each other is a joke or they take such things as simple or easy things some sometimes think that one should not worry too much about such things.   Which is wrong one has to take care of their signatures not because that others have the abilities or the capacities to cheat over ones signatures or can play with them but because ‘your signature is your identity’  in a way it protects or secure you from various things.

I do not agree that most of the people use or believe their own agendas or ways related to signatures or using their signatures for the things needs to be done or or for any necessary things. We can’t just use our own rules and regulations or working settings or structures when it comes to putting our signatures on something
For me ‘SIGNATURES’ are so special other than its lawful values or labour rules or regulations I respect the ethical values that comes wrapped with them.

I am not a person who understand a lot about the law side of signatures other than the knowledge I have gained not by reading law books but by reading the practicalities of people and listening to the oral advises given by the big seat people past and present.
I love the signatures that I see on some of the pages of the good books. One can analyze this component [I like to call it this way – one of the ways, actually J’ )]called ‘ signature’ in a very many different ways.  

Some papers or documents need ones full or complete signatures but in some of the places of the paper or the document the authorities do not mind (or is it the rule or the law) short signatures.

Podi keti athsanak daana methanta they say such short signature has the power or the value of protecting the involved parties.

The ‘original ink tone’ of the original signatures of any or authorized personal are  very important but it is not always applicable or relevance  take a rupee note or a any other currency note for instance’  the signatures are kind of an assurance of trueness of something  the importance of having signatures one can learn observing a rupee note. To earn or to get some rupee notes big or small in numbers packing neatly in an envelop at the end of each month one needs how many authorized signatures on documents  and on the document that the accounts department have kept before their seating facilities.  
What is the first certificate a neonate get with a signature just forget the other entire certificates they may get during pre school to all formal systems education. The final certificate that authorities issue on behalf a person who is gone and it issue not for the sake of the name holder but for the sake of the living parties. To get the remaining currencies at accounts movable or immovable to be shared equally among others or as requested by the law or the person gone for ever.

To mark the originality of something one need the original signatures no photocopied certified signatures valid for anything. Date and signature generally are good friends and generally stays on one raw. Or it is the opposite the signature is above the date sometimes.
So this signature is not only interesting but also relevant and important for many or most of the things.
In your employment contracts you may have seen the authorized signatures and even when firing it is the same the signature comes along with the date.
All these years and hours or days of our lives signatures have played an important role. Do you agree with me?

Since ones birth to death and even after or during any in between occasions the ‘signatures’  become ‘decision makers or the deciders of people’s lives sometimes. 
Some signatures have a worldly value. Some signatures are world famous and to get ones signature especially of a famous Star kind, top class world signature  holders to get their signatures some come in queues I have seen and observed. Such things too shows many things the validity or the importance of the person who owns the signatures.  Such most things comes under very qualitative things of human interests and likes and dislikes of somethings, creations etc.

To get the autograph with the signature of a world famous Cricketers like  Mahela Jayawardena, Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gawaskar, Brian Lara, Hanze Cronje,  Roshan Mahanama,  everyone like such things especially the kids think that they are the heroes of their lives therefore it is always needs to prove to the world as usual or like you always do yes ‘cricket’ ‘the game that the true gentlemen play’. We are truly proud of our gentlemen of cricket.   

In the past one has to put the signature on a stamp in some of the places it is still valid and practices. But some now take the stamp fee from the service taker and ask to sign on a blank space. May be there is lawful protection even in such signatures but I am saying the ways of doing things now little different now compared to past.
One thing that one needs to remember, according to my personal view and knowledge ‘careful when you have to put signatures on any documents
·         Read the document many more times before you putting your signature on any of the documents. First and foremost. Every page do not just lift one particular corner that has the space to sign take and read the entire. Cheating or fraud pages may come hiding among the true pages therefore one needs to give that much of  attention before signing.   
·         Do not just sign just because others are insisting you to sign
·         Check not only the stuff written there on the document ‘make sure of the name of the institution ‘the logo etc whether it is a registered institution or an organization locally or internationally acclaimed.

·         When you are signing a photocopied version of a original print or a document ‘one has to be very careful’ I guess
·         When you have to certify some other people’s signatures to prove the originality of documents that ones bring for instance for an interview especially when they provide photocopies of original documents someone has to certify the trueness of the copy they bring’ I have noticed.  ‘Who ever signs there or in the relevant section has to be very careful’ Why? Then what are the things that one has to be careful of or take notice of? ‘check whether the person who brings the photocopied documents are bringing the copy of a true original version of the true certificate along with the photocopied version . Always good to check the copied one with the original one again good to check the authorized signatures plus the date signed.

Why this date become so important not only in the documents shows signatures but also in most of the exercise you do at your school of learning or even teaching.  You know sometimes you get the original signatures of a person dated lets say ’01.01.00 ‘ the person who has signed or put the date may not a resource personal of the institution that the signature represents anymore there are such possibilities he/she may have left the organization already or may have retired from the institution. Let me explain it this way, my way I noted a date above lets say that is the date that you notice on the document that one brings there are ways that one can recognize the name of the signature that show on the document. So imagine  the name you see on the document is ‘ Vascoda Gama’ or ‘ Sura saradiel’ do you think that it is possible for Mr. Saradiel or Mr. Vascoda gama or Mr. Lorenzo de Almeida to sign  on the document indicating the date 01.01.00’ obviously not possible. Why they have retired from the positions they hold long ago from the Institution called ‘history’ and the zonal centres of ‘ Uthuwankanda’ for instance.  For us to believe one of the dates has to be then 01.01. 1505.

There are ways to cross check things.  So not only the signatures but also the date is important.

·           I guess one can even check whether it is a fraud signature or not I m not saying that everyone should check the signatures that how some banks check the signatures or other commercial institute does.  Generally it does not show any ‘have taken much efforts to put the signatures unless the true signature holders physically or mentally ill or when they are not too old to sign their signatures such signatures does not show any shaky shaky looks I mean the appearance of the signature. Effortless looks.

I remember once my father had to sign many more time to show the bank ( HNB- Kandy branch) after he became so ill but he did not seemed ill for some time the bank did not believe and asked him to sign many times to check whether the person who came with I can’t remember exactly what it was a draft or something else or I am not sure whether he wanted to withdrew any money from the bank.  Finally he could proved them.  His fingers did not worked properly the way like before so he could not put his signature correctly.   

I know that there are many things also attached with the subject – signatures the importance of it. what are the things that one has to think before signing even if one gets a set of papers requesting ones signature from a particular party lets say any involved parties the law has provided people a year ( am I noting it accurate way) or so to go home and think before signing some of the things. Because once one agreed to sign some particular documents that is the end of the contact of any sort. For some things no way one can call a contract what is the correct word then think a while. Lets take a different example take property deals, once you decided to give away or donate something you owned to the other parampara or your  inheritances  there are ways to cancel I know but there are saradharma or the ethics related to some of the practices of any of the societies we live how can one ask such things back after giving. Then such things do not become or comes under ‘true giving categories’ . when we get chances to think we should not put any limit for such our actions one needs to think very well but after deciding it is alright to create some limitations for ones own sake or of the signatures that one puts on any papers or documents by themselves not by others. One should not think or take such things as barricades or obstacles for a good life to live. Those are kind of protection given or offered for the sake or benefit of the signature holders or the papers that you take home along with the signatures.

Some signatures have the power of giving life a boost or a dead end.  Before or after signing one needs to learn to respect the signatures that one puts for instance employment contract is not just a contract it comes with a set of ‘duties’ assigned and they are responsibilities.  Every party involved needs to be looks after and respected. The employer or the employee for issuing the contract parties or agreeing parties there are things that both have to think not only just before signing even very after until the contact ends. Some contacts end after death or due to natural reasons.

 So this signatures have many such qualities and demands and protections too.


Friday, March 29, 2013


LIBERTY ......................................

Above is the name that i can give this my collection of pictures taken at the entrance gate of kingdom of Kotte.

An Evening  

colour me 'right' 



no path is a path if you see no people walking here to there or from there to here ...........................

towards 'forward' 

BENDING only when necessary 

be a conversational partner rather than trying to be a 'DIRECTOR' 
( this a message taken from teachings for teachers on CHILD DEVELOPMENT') 

Aiyooooooooooo NO PARKING here, where is the rider ?


An Image 

highly there's 

lotus are on the other side 


reader to name 

surface side of silence 

people name things the way they like or the way their mind captures things,
so this i like to name - 'shadow' 


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Shhhhhhhhh ! 'SILENCE EXAM IS ON' .................................

May i have your attention please ..............

The giraffes, the Indian -kohl, kingfishers, rabbits, elephants, ants, the monkeys, the woodywoodpeckers, the butterflies and all present and absent yesterday and long before the exams were arranged are coming for the forth coming exam  scheduled on 23rd i heard from the dept. of 'beautiful peacock', section of already prepared papers
and the exams will  be held in AMPARA  please clear the road for our buddies to come for the exams without any issues and i know all these above mentioned students live not only in the Eastern part of the country but also in the other parts of the land therefore i like to request on behalf my friends ( above mentioned) Sir, Officer In Charge of department of good 'polite'- birds ( gira batithi malithi + all ) and the leader of provincial and district secretary to all the departments of swans and rabbits and birdies of all colours, and i heard that ( the kichi bichi has sent me a message this morning) saying that you are having a very big popular event called 'deyata kirula' in the area you live and we like to come and i like to congratulate you and wish you all the very good luck for the big event i am sure all the students of open space will join you after their exams with their families.

And after facing the exams let them learn more good things from the big event.
following is not a module please do not be mistaken. :) 

Exams are of different types and attached to each type there are certain rules some are based on activities, some are oral and most of them are written ones.

There is a Beli tree little far a way from our window site of our very private J room area. There is an exam going on there this morning ( the day that i started writing this note - and now it is 41 minutes past six in the evening ) and  I have noticed such exams are going on most of the mornings in the zone of 'silence'. 

I do not understand their answering or questioning language.  The language of course I know I can even name it  it is called ‘ the kichi bichi language’ they are expected to show every possible talents and skills to the examiners/marking examiners also to their masters plus master teachers :)  actually they are activity based ones. 

hey friends show your talents OK ' learning is one thing and teaching another thing. different to each other. do not forget ok. 

Some had to show their talents just standing steadily on one broken weak leaf – coconut I noticed. Most of the examiners were sitting comfortably ( little bit sweating) on  a little kohomba branch just before the Beli Tree the main examination hall premises.

Ah before i forget Godaya who had come to Colombo taught me that 'the English tern for 'kottamba tree is wild almond' ( Thank you) how do you know English sir interesting to know Godayas can write good English. kichi bichi think that kottamba tree is her own property she jump from this branch to that branch keeping the eaten part of the wild almond for us to feel jealous. 

Some of them had to show they were studied in the ‘ Finishing school – department’ good way the parrots had to show ‘ how to eat mangoes without spilling all over or without wasting a single piece of them.   I noticed ( NO I am not the master teacher) that some of them have not followed the course well showed no good in eating patterns. They just used almost every mango did not think of finishing one at a time strategy. I do not think that their master teacher would give them full marks for that activity. Will get about not even half of the total marks ( 100 = total marks)

They had given a particular time to start and complete the activity assigned by the course designer that is 30 minutes for each activity.

Some were asked to stand on a top of a leaf the aratuwa  area balancing their whole body and it is alright they swing their body but I am not sure whether they get any extra marks for such extra work or shown and NO NO the examiners will not cut any marks though they show extra abilities not following the questions accurately. They were not told to use extra abilities but were only asked to stand firm on a leaf – Puwak. Puwak is one of the sub examination halls close to main hall – examination.

Few of the questions asked are

-      ‘show how high you can fly’ ? ( from all the kichi bichi 's of all colours and all paramparas, castes and classes) 

-    '  How to fly using your fullest abilities but only limiting to 800 yard boundary no one was asked to exceed the limit given ( 800 yards)  and the starting point was marked that was the old coconut tree.

-      Show how many maximum hours that one can stay 'quite' without drinking plane or plain tea with any pol ( coconut) cake Ohhhhh not even with any kiri ( milk) toffees or juggery of your choice  without making any kichi bichi sounds for any reason. 

( Shhhhhhh ! 'silence exam on' 

Show how accurate you can feed your ill or not well friends when ever they have ‘fever’ or cold or something similar ( remember your friends are not at their own homes but are at their hostel with you away from their parents have come to study with friends for the forth coming examination starting from 23rd this month) 

ants ( all princesses and prince's) wanted me to convey a message for giving them a chance to learn how ' be good all the moments of learning' and 'be with children, understand their behaviours, listen to them whenever possible not only during the interval of the primary and pre school called ' always good' & ' teachers are kind'.

so all the best buddies for the forth coming exams have you submitted all the assignments 

Oh before i forget THANK YOU dear handling parties of 'sharing kind heart thoughts on walls of open space' 

i like to dedicate this little note for you 'encouraging buddies'

get well soon friend please convey the message.  



Monday, March 18, 2013


We need to take care of our heads and brains we knew it and know it for sure and our heads knew it therefore our head and heads subordinated took necessary actions and steps to take care of all, not only the heads and brains but also hearts and minds of all ( our country people).

The decision taken on time without delaying or lazily planning or having faith on mediators facilitators outside or without really trusting any outside parties but trusting our own people or the and strengthening our heads  towards ‘eradicating ill  willed , spoiled, poisonous heads totally and completely in a more human way  gave all my country people ‘peace of mind’ and such decisions were taken by head of our head thinking that would help to maintain PEACE & HARMONY not only in the ZONE – South Asia (Dear India do you know that you are a part of this SA region hope you  have not forgotten that) but also in the whole world including America sadly only the CUBA and few other countries have understood the importance of maintaining true peace worldwide.

I do not know whether one has to experience personally the danger of having terror ad fear in ones living territories ‘i.e. bombing or a bomb blast before ones eyes or I do not know whether one has to personally experience a death of a close one NOT BECAUSE OF ANYTHING BUT MAINLY BECAUSE OF TERROR of any type. Dear Mr. President America hoe you can memorize the 09.11 when you go back to WHITE HOUSE for relaxing (white indicates pureness of everything sir) after a ‘how to write what ever you have been preparing against (?) our people, I am sure you get headaches No sir in your efforts of trying to prepare such documents  Is BIN – OSAMA Laden still hang around in people’s dreams does he come as night mares or does he bring sweet memories heads and the heads of your people???????? Sorry to ask you such questions this my way dear President of the UNITED STATES of America.
Let me turn towards the heads of heads TAMILNADU

So heads of department of POLICE OF TAMILNADU I do not know how INDEPENDENT YOU ARE in taking decision or whether you have to pack your brief cases hanging star studded uniforms on the walls of departments you are attached with before taking a decision against ‘terror creatures who are still trying to survive thanks to some terror supporting creatures world wide please pardon me when I use the word world, good and no terror thoughts in heads or minds ,heads are excluded they can so peacefully ignore and continue supporting the world peace process as usual.

( pardon me this my idea of saying such a way my own inner feelings is not to embarrass anyone of you who truly wanted to support to maintain peace and harmony in every possible way without really hurting anyone but for what ever reason some of you were truly helpless due to many reasons we can understand) I know nothing about how some brain involve in finding solutions or in taking decisions with regard to incidents which breaks peace an harmony of any society this my writing may hurt or get angry feelings in to your good heads but what to do I am not a saint and I love our country, my country I can forget all my kind side even when dealing or expressing my inner thoughts towards any of the situations as such ( Gnaloka thero incident – most recent one)

Appa I hope that at least you will not say that some of the cinematographic creations are truly representing or showing the real side of how some political parties including some decision making bodies you know involve in some of the decision taking processes without letting the independent bodies to take their own decisions so libertyful way in most of the areas of your society.

I hope that those are just movie reels and are reels that do not indicate some sides or facets of real society in India including ways of handling some of the social issues like ‘you know little, little, gang thug activities of you know anything forget the ‘issues related to women’ what is the current situation of the issues any progress Madame ‘Dr. Kiran Bedi’  

Dear Dr. Kiran Bedi

I suggest have a little control over some creations ( I MEAN YOU CAN SUGGEST INSTEAD OF ASKING WOMEN IN INDIA TO USE SPRAYS ( perfume or similar or whatever as a weapon of surviving ) against gang rapists ask them not to show always HOW GANGS ARE DEALING OR DOMINATING SOME OF THE SOCIETIES, OR HOW THEY SHOW IN REELS ‘HOW TO RAPE A WOMAN ALONE OR HOW TO FIRE A GUN, HOW TO PLAN DON LIKE ACTIONS, why can’t you have a little control over NOT TO SHOW ANY ANY VIOLENT INCIDENTS OR ACTION CUT ACTIONS OR DIALOGUES WHICH SHOWS VIOLENCE ( YOUR CHILDREN MAJORITY ARE WATCHING MOVIES YOU CREATE  i like to believe ( hope you have a some kind of  a control board over cinema creations ) I am sure that INDIA can use their VERY VERY BIG CINEMA WORLD AS A MEDIATOR OR A AWARENESS TOOL, GUIDE  PEOPLE TOWARDS NO TERROR

Ahhhh I love Vinglish English, the most beautiful SRI DEVI 

Let me forget cinema for a moment and com back to the incident line happened and faced recently  
We are watching you the department of police Tamilnadu.

I am sure our Gnaloka Thero can bear all those what happened though it hurt him physically and mostly mentally this happened in your controlled area because the Thero is following BUDDHISM he is a Buddhist Monk. The question here is not whether he can bear such things or not but ‘WHAT SECURITY OUR PEOPLE HAVE IN YOUR ARMS DEAR POLICE OF TAMIL NADU I like to forget the Central or Tamilnadu political net because of few reasons. One of them is ‘as a citizen of Sri Lanka (your little brother) I have no faith in the existing system in Tamil Nadu.

 Pardon me I am not Government of Sri Lanka I am a citizen of Sri Lanka unfortunately I can not look at existing situation more in a balanced way like the heads of head uses their heads in such situations and analyze them the incidents such as ‘ the incident faced in Tamil Nadu – Gnaloka thero.

Don’t you feel that SUCH students WHO HIT AND HARMED THE THERO who study under your known areas/institutions is a BIG THREAT TO YOU, you have enough of witnesses to BAN them or cancel their studentships forever PLEASE PARDON ME I KNOW THAT IT IS little bad to tell you such things knowing and believing that you still have the back born system functioning well therefore you have the total decision making power not towards any harmful sites but towards maintaining or protecting the existing (???????????)  peace (???????????)  in YOUR AREA.


-      Do you think we too should step in to the house of human rights in Geneva for the situations faced by our people not only the incident of Thero Gnaloka but also ‘ how to forget what happened to the pilgrims who wanted to visit the Buddhist sacred places of worships recent past,  plus we have not forgotten what had happened to our cricket team that too happened in the recent past. Thanks to the Triple gems ( Budun Daham,Sangun) and all Gods your and ours they survived.

You know dear brother India we are not such people who acts and reacts like children ‘ WE HAVE THE MOST PATIENT BRAINS AND MINDS OF THE WORLD this we have gained by facing my goodness thirty plus years of terror of LTTE one thing we like to remind you we want know terror and WE EXPECT YOU TO SUPPORT OUR PEOPLE AND HELP not for anything but to MAINTAIN PEACE AND HARMONY IN THE REGION WE CAN TAKE OF OURS but you know India that is your political region  our heads will not interfere in other peoples’ political agendas but I am sure they do not hesitate to express their views on what is happening in your area and I am sure heads of all heads ( relevant) of your political region India and our heads of our world – our country, my country will have a fruitful discussions on how to react or control such situations in your area for the benefit or for the sake of LONG MAINTAINED –WELL; CULTUTAL, POLITICAL AND APOLITCAL AND ALL KIND RELATIONSHIPS IN FUTURE MORE INA USEFUL, FRIENDLY ,INTELLIGENT WAY.    

May you all get insights – relevant & necessary strength what to do when such incident happen ,when & what to do, how to control, how not to support, how to punish such peace breakers (not brokers) !


Friday, March 15, 2013

What are the burning issues, really ?

i thought of clarifying some of the things and terms not because of anything or just for others to know but for my own perusal. 

what is popularity ? really

who wants popularity
who hates popularity
why one needs popularity
for what

i have answers for myself  but still i like to say in short that i am not interested in popular tags or popularity who knows me or that better than me.

it is 'self' who knows 'self' than anyone else in this world.

and also when people discuss or shows or seminarized topics, issues or constrains by discussing the issues or constraints pertaining to any exciting or existing society/field 
does it mean that they are going behind 'popularity' and when the particular ladies or gentlemen come up with  a list and keep before fresh eyes saying 'here are the issues that we have been researching and found out 'look at the list' they or S/he have come with, a huge list of issues identified does that really mean that they are looking for popularity? Or when a student raise a question before public lets say does that mean He/she goes behind popularity or look for such things? NO wrong he/she asks something because they really want to know something clearly not to hurt their teachers or or to insult.  though i am not a experience bank or a knowledge bank i know how important they are for all of us for whole world.
i do not like to assume and say just because they came up with a huge list of issues after researching or using their all past more than twenty years experience they look for something like 'become popular in the area of their expertise' ofcourse they are most popular figures of the field i can't steal their place or class or level or positions just because i have questions to ask. Stealing is a very bad thing in any of the fields no i have learnt such things travelling in this sansara for more than 40 years. though i am still a student 

So it is a issue
what is not an issue or issues
 And since the man discovered this and that of issues related to this and that of fields sides or areas or living day oday lives then who are most popular parties of the world. the civilians. normal people that does not belong to any high education or political categories.    

human /civilians they are most popular figures then not the first person or the first lady or other ladies and gentlemen in the high seats/provinces/districts/ zones territories/continents finally world .

since my childhood i did not go behind things some things ofcourse i learnt and tried to learn but in return i did or expect anything and i did not want to be in high seats or  become first or second or final in the classroom of my school during my study at schools formal or even at my university education era.

most of the things that most of the people value is like a katu otunna for me. piece of happiness is what i desire for more than any thing else in this world. 

katu otunna, it is a crown with so much of irritating, hurting mixtures of things even on top of it  but i have no issues with ones who values or give high class level rates for things like popularity.


i am a learner you know when learners questions scholars or highly qualified educatory figures the learners or the students may not follow the same or exact, accepted way that their teachers, highly qualified, scholars may question things from who ever. students are learners though the teachers are the 'all know parties' (?)

i make mistakes because i am learner /student

when i felt that teachers even rarely do not listen to their students like me completely at my school sometimes i felt so sad :):) and kind of neglected.  

teachers have to be good listeners and let or allow their student to express not express like udarata manike or Rajarata rajini or Yaal Devi but to express what ever they have to say 'completely' do not stop them half way or go for other lesson though WE KNOW TIME IS MONEY AND ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS OF THE WORLD LIKE LIFE plus busy figures have so many other things to attend. Yes values sometimes become issues i understand when my near and dear colleague once left the school we learnt i felt the same. 

still i like to say that when you half listen to your student how can you the teacher give your student a complete answer ? can you fill the knowledge lines of your student completely or fully unless you do not try to understand your not like you but compared to you little illiterate student what she or he has to say.

for a quality full education/society/world/institution/factory  'listening completely not halfly' to the student/worker/civilian/member of society/ member of any or many or have not mentioned here/all  is important. 

other things is that  for a qualityfull ness in what so ever field/area/institution/society in work or planning ' SUPPORT' of each other is important. what is the point we having pages full of words on this and that like i do, when there is no opportunity for me to implement such things therefore i insists that for students 'opportunities of expressing views' is important plus place to implement the ideas. 

when misunderstanding occurs between learning or guiding parties or also when the teachers misunderstands the students what will happen to the 'quality of maintaining the relationship between the institution/ educator/ with the learner'

that is all for now though i have world full of things sometimes to say or share i must limit my expressing views in most of the moments for better, i learnt. 

wish you all good luck for the journey you have begun towards 'wishistarcharaya' 'Excellence' from the area of civilization - shistacharaya'  

i like to also wish you all safe and happy journey of learning and living ! 

may all beings be happy and stunned with all educatory knowledge plus tools required.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Different Stages of life

one can not talk about death without talking about birth.since  Birth or neonate to the Old there are stages 'definite' inevitable it is only the looks or the nature- physical, biological or psychological that become different or abnormal or normal to each other when compared to the lives around us. one one has to go passing 'different stages of life' inevitable though the experiences face or ways of facing each and every stage is different to each and every human.

we know that 'different scholars give different definitions or naming depending on the subjects or the facets of life they are preferred to learn or study. 

scholars like Jean Piaget can see one's life from child to old differently to Rousseau or to Sigmund or to Emile Durkheim this is how the scholar Professor Carlo Fonseka analyses the death i have heard that he was analyzing the term death this way 'death is the death of the brain' maranaya kiyanne mole maranaya' 

i am little afraid of my translation don't know whether Sir might agree to it or not 

Death is assured when the brain goes pause for forever' 

sociologist may look at birth to death in a different way than to a scientist, and a scientist may look at different stages of a human being differently to a Psychologist or social psychologist. there are plenty or various ways that one can look at a human life birth to death or even from fetus to final stage of life until one reach the very last pillar of life 'death'

i thought of looking at human life comparing a life of a Jack leaf. i am not saying that this a accurate way to look at or analyze life you may find various other ways that one can look at or analyze life.  

have a look at following range of pictures i am not going to say or analyze the pictures posted here that much i like to note a few words just to fill the gaps in between keeping some space for you to just follow the different growing stages and analyze them in a more advanced or intelligent way or in a very mature way than mine.
since birth to death or lets say old one can just compare a human life thinking or just trying to observing clearly the following.

'this is how life of a human looks like' in his/her different levels or stages of life this we can name or called as 'reality' and who ever define or analyze what ever way 'the different stages of ones life 'birth and death that is inevitable and this truth can not be changed for no reason also all analysis definitions and theories exists in this world become nothing or second to this truth and all such things belong to the in between analysis or categories of birth to death again i like to note 'inevitable.

birth - neonate 

little older now 

glow of life 

very attractive and energetic 

like to associate especially with same gender and peer groups and Yes choices become so special at this stage of life i think i am not wrong here. 

mature compared to the stage of glow of life 

one can manage his/her own life at this stage i like to believe and the level of physiological dependency is not that bothering to the people around or to the youngsters or to the life goes very smooth and comfortably groups.  

 is life similar to a neonate at this stage ?

is life become more sympathetic at this stage ?

it is good to stop a little here and go a little back ward and think the 'attraction that you get from the ones you met,associated is it the same now? think of the different stages of life that you came passing?  what can you say and i have  not that complex question to ask you

is this the stage of 'elderly care become more expensive or difficult afford?

how many steps that one has to use until reach inevitable but no one knows when or how or why it arrives 'which way is the right way is it upward or downward 'difficult to say' am i right ?

sometimes we forget some things related to birth - death when i was a kid i thought death arrives only at our older age to learn such things one has to learn many things from the living one thing that one should forget is that there is no particular  stage that death arrives. arriving moment no one knows and never can say or name a particular stage that it arrives.

following i have noted in this page in one or two essays i wrote taken from a book still i like to note it again 

" the born the becoming, the produced.
The made, the compounded , the unstable ,
subject to decay and death,
a nest of diseases, fragile,
its source a support of feeding,
have done with delight in such.

" deliverance, from this is tranquility,
beyond logic , permanent,
The not born and not produced
A griefless, stainless position,
Annihilation of the conditions of misery
cessation of activities, Bliss."

( Iti Vuttaka 43)


Monday, March 11, 2013

Ways of Providing Securities

generally i like to believe that one has to think of his/her own security - personal, than anyone else. No one can provide the security that one needs in a very personal way other than providing 'wholistic or total or full security in a vast way to the entire community or to entire world. for that there are certain steps generally follows by head of security forces - in every state or community. Providing security for each and every single person, citizen of a community, society in a personal way is impossible.

Anything can be happened within a winking moment. i like to think backward for few minutes sometimes such thinking is essential to understand things clearly and during this my thinking process backward there are many things came in to my mind related to the securities of high personal - world and how some world famous personalities, leaders died even though they were provided with all the high securities. i am thinking of most of the world leaders - world wide, even in so called 'powerful states now and  such things are not just  limited to this and that of tiny or tribal or not that advanced societies it is same with everywhere or anywhere of the world that we live. Most of them were surrounded with adequate security i like to think. it is actually no way that one can predict how or when one may have to face problems in life. there are places of this world that still the signs of terror and horror can be seen that is unfortunate really. so living in a such world who can predict about hundred percent security for a person unless the world get together, & work as a big strong community, organization that work against terrorism and work hand in hand to eliminate terrorism totally from every single part of this world.  

No! i am not going to discuss any of such things today any further. i am thinking of how a person can safe guard his /her own 'self' from any, many, few or all 'insecurities that they live with within'. from their own enemy that lies ones within like anger, ignorance, suspicion, doubts,  though some doubts and related things can be cleared so easily and when solutions for such things are very clearly visible before our own eyes we do not think of using our eyes and ears or brains or minds very properly while facing all these i wonder how  a person can fight against alone against ones own 'insecure surroundings of inner deep departments'. it is not impossible though. it just a little difficult only until you learn the methods of fighting against ones own enemy - within  like i discussed earlier. for such things support of others is essential though we do not need help of anyone or others all the moments of our lives. we need help to wake our own minds up sometimes when we feel like we are not awaken yet. sometimes during our sleep we learn to recover from the struggles within following day mornings we may wake up with a new schedules of life. with a hope but all these depends on how we plan our this day or today or the day after or may be it depends on how we faced the day called 'today'. insecure days are very normal in ones life it is same with the secure days when you feel more comfortable in every feeling that you hold your within then you are secured. when you are so sure about 'your inner strengths then you are secured totally or to some extent.   it is true that sometimes ones weaknesses can be acted  as a  true fighter of true enemies such things may appear before ones life often as  the signs of learning to win against struggles - within.  

we people visits shrines, temples churches, Kowils or mosques to seek inner happiness 'spiritual' or eternal. there are certain or particular rituals that we as religious bodies act or react or follow things in such places of worship of our own. Every place is unique and has their own set of values, rituals, norms that lead peoples lives towards gaining religious or inner happiness but there may be difference in achieving or reaching the highest level of ones 'happiness or kind of secure attitude ' feeling.

people's attitudes towards many things religious, social or ethics, rituals, norms differ from person to person, society to society, territory to territory, or from this corner to that corner of world. horizontal or vertical.

some may look at certain rituals norms or taboos of a society the way they understand such things, according to the thing they have learnt about such things weighing or measuring them the way they want. giving this and that of judgments or ideas or creating theories, definitions etc.

it is not easy for an outsider to understand ones within how their within has formed, ones formation of inner structures plus with this and that of such above discussed societal values etc. it is not easy for an outsider to understand certain tribal or primitive or advanced, similar qualitative things that always live or exist in a particular society.

it is interesting to  study sometimes how people find ways to over come their inner issues that has nothing to do with the world economy or world politics etc or how they find solutions for their inner battles also that has nothing to do with the pay packet or take home salary,  most of the occasions because of ones inner struggles they have to live away from happiness or such things keep them away from 'personal improvements not really from the materialistic development.

People sometimes have to fight against sudden falls of family concretes such as ' death of a head of household' i like to believe that such things more close to ones inner paths than the outer paths or sub lanes or detours  of living  one may have to over come from such alienation, isolation,  departures, losing loved ones forever  of ones life. there is always possibilities that one can analyze such things many different ways.

while living people have to deal with all those explained here or not explained here constraints, issues, struggles etc for some issues living creatures have no other better solutions than living with a very concreted foundation of life any minutes possible. Why die eating or taking ' kaduru gedi' ( type of poisonous fruit) with some sugar no never with honey' honey will not let their loved ones die even though people like farmers when they were not able ( some) to pay back their loans taken for paddy cultivation etc such things do not happen in the current society we live thankfully.

have you observed the photograph i have posted at the beginning of this note ?

Look what is there tied in a tiny branch of Bo tree.  This BO tree is a famous and ancient sacred one situated in the Premises of  the groups of shrines attached to the Sri Dalada Maligawa - The temple of Tooth Relic/Kandy. This Bo tree is known as wel Bodhiya' always a busy place that people come and do most of the religious activities .

that People have to find strategies the way they can the way they understand sometimes it is better than trying to trust somebody and seek for 'mental support' or when trying to seek advise from unknown or from a little known they have to deal with such things while living and loving the world or the strategies.

i agree that sometimes people have to depend or live with their own fantasies, imaginations or agendas of life during their journeying in search of solutions  happiness or relief for ones certain or few, many issues attached to inner or outer layers of life for some there are reasons that we can be categorized for living or involved in imaginary world than in real world like when one encounter the facets of colourization of a society etc.

 yes may be one may feel that imaginations or imaginary are better than their real world  some behaviours or such thinking or living patterns will not add any harm to ones life i like to believe though i am not a psychiatric  clinical or ethical but for outsiders that may look like some strange or signs of mentally disabled.

things attached to ones inner or mind channels or lanes no easy to understand even though there are many definitions and analyzes written on pages full of cloaks or degrees or books. am i right ?

some expresses their needs or wants or inner sides following shown in the picture ways please have a look at the  picture for a better understanding of what i am trying to say here in this note. 

the picture says a lot about many things. the things in the picture tell us the ones that they, people trust most. they also teach us things different to what shown in the picture but that is not a single page can view and analyze things. will not explore at this moment.  

 i noticed that most of the branches were full and filled with the hopes and expectations of people. some begging, some asking, some requesting , some sobbing , some whisper or muttering, some crying, some say nothing but respecting. all these one can observe only things is one has to visit the place to have closeup or observe things clearly or closely, some names were written on pieces of cloth washed with saffron powder, some say all what they have to say just tieing a coin of their choice again after washing coin plus piece of cloth with saffron powder to the BO Tree that they follow this ways of trusting and haring what they have within plus respecting according to me ever since the Buddhism reached and touched our soil.

No i never tried to count the number of hopes or expectations of the people who may have visited this place ones twice or many or any occasions by just trying to count every piece of cloth that i could observe there.

faiths and beliefs are not just sociologically or anthropologically valued & respected inner pages of human minds of our society or societies similar to ours. Religious or spiritual importance of such things are no need to explain in details such explanations we have enough of them in printed or documented in other ways medias. 

and when ever they feel that their prayers were granted people come and pay respect to this tree in return. for crafting and helping them achieving what they were expecting or asking requesting, in many ways.

In the past, women were not allowed to go closer to the Bo tree there was  a particular layer built for them to go and pray to involve or participate in relevant religious activities, little beneath the tree.
but there was no issues at all in going around and praying. Generally 'Upasaka Upasika or Bikku Bikkuni'  goes three to seven rounds around the tree praying. and most of the occasions little or young boys, their male partners, who ever male was given permission to enter the very close premises of the tree. and they take the pot of water - full from their female partner/sister/mother / relative and they do the needful on behalf of them ' letting the water flow towards or touch the root of the tree'. Situation now is different there are kind of places or ways built to send across water towards the root of the tree. Women do involve in such activities now but of course under certain socially restricted rules of some kind.  'Purity' 'puberty' of especially the women who takes around the pot of water is considered not by any strict religious laws or something or such things are not written in manuscripts or books either but in peoples hearts. women generally refrain from entering the close premises but that is only for certain days of months. people have created such restrictions in order to give more respect or show how much importance that such places own socially, religiously and in every way also such things are socially accepted by people or by women mainly i have not heard women complain over such things am i right ? without any oppositions showing from any of the groups or parties of the society such things still exist in this society we live .
 the places of providing spiritual or eternal happiness in people's way actually.

inner peace and happiness are the major expectations that come hidden, invisible or written wrapping on or with the piece of cloth and hanged over looking the world of people who come and chanting the gatha in Pali or in Sinhala.

they go or come to such places to try find some inner securities that never can be provided with any high security projects. May be it is the surrounding plus the sacredness of the tree that the whole world of Buddhists and others respects more than anything else which bring inner peace of mind to the everyone who visit the place.

May all beings be HAPPY , healthy and prosper , secure in every way !

Anurapura Sri Jayasiri Maha Hamuduruwange pihitai oba semata !