Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Saturday, November 30, 2013

YES , YOU THIEF .............................

What did you really steal?
Have you ever listed them?
Except the things you accepted
to me?

I don’t need your answer
Let me list
No let me list the questions
NO! , not for your perusal
This is for my own reading

My moments, did you steal any?
My days, did you steal any?

My thoughts, you didn't steal any
You have enough of them

Did you steal ME from me
Yes you did

How do i know that ?
any questions
any doubts

Let me tell you, WHY i say so

i can't locate me
i can't find me

i walked back
and forth 
i read, my own words
i read my face

The Mirror
NO that gives me false reports

NO i couldn't find me

Efforts were 'UNSUCCESSFUL'


Did you steal any?

from me?


Why should you do so?


Did you steal words?

NO! there is no need

Because ....................... 
You are a multi millionaire
You are a Billionaire
the richest

You steal hearts
You steal kisses
What else?
No it is NOT ‘God only knows ‘
Every PRABUDDHA(m%nqoaO) knows
because they are poets
they are realities
they are lovers
they are 'they'
Who doesn't know then?
Oh! Me the aprabuddha (wm%nqoaO)

Did you lose anything?
NO I don’t think so
It is only the Aprabuddha ‘s lose things

You have your life, you didn't lose
You have your heart, you didn't lose
You have your mind, you didn't lose

Did I write everything?

this is not a petition
this is not a sheet of complains
this is nothing to do with compensation
there is no mathematics here


this is a BLANK SHEET

Proceed with life, alright
Proceed with dignity, alright
Proceed with pride, alright

And one more thing to say

Delete ‘T’ replace ‘C’

Then who will remain?


Advise; never add ‘mis’ to this

This chief I knew, know
Have changed
Changed for good
Changed entirely

This good chief will remain, sustain forever

Have a good LEAD, CHIEF!


Thursday, November 28, 2013

On HOME tenderly ................................

What is a home really?

Is it just a basement / building?

Is it just a place where you can sleep without getting wet from the rain?

Is it a place where you can stay without facing any hazards ‘ storms, lightening ,thunder, think of any other that you think are hazards and then add them to the list.

Each and everyone of you certainly have your own definitions, assumptions  theories or ways of measuring or weighing this term 'home'. i am not aware of any universal definition.  'universality of any definition certainly rely or depend on ones level of understanding within and how you  measure, how you build it, what materials you choose for your building 

the sole owner, planner, designer has the sole right to decide what to be used , when to built, how to be designed, it is you who should decide how to build this term 'home' not the building home, whether you only choose trust, understanding, love and protection to build your home as highly recommend materials or you just use the suggestions given by others. one should design and plan his/her home not according to the suggestions of others always. outsiders never can build a home of someone.  any building should be away from unnecessary interference

what is important size of the building or the size of the hearts and minds of the residents? 

it is no easy at all to build a home   

flexibility and adaptability and adjust ability all these are important , right

Is patience a highly recommend type of brick or is it a best branded cement?

I don't know to define this term home accurately therefore i always have questions only i don't think that this essay will be a balance or a accurate analysis

isr l=vjla úh - yelS
l=re¿ l+vjlao úh - yelS
Njkla yd iu úh  - yelS
ksjila hkq lsu  - ilS

What is the true meaning of laying a foundation?
What important the walls holds?
The roof?
Dinning and kitchen
The living and privacy rooms
Wash rooms / sanitary areas

Let me first think of the foundation of a home / building

I think, these things that I am going to elaborate today even a homeless can understand.  ‘there is no novelty in the idea that I have chosen to discuss today.  This topic, ‘home’ is  decades, centuries, continents, suburbs, worldly ‘old’ topic.

I have no idea as to when the word has entered in to the vocabulary of human
The word is as old as the history or the creation of man
So the topic isn't new, friends

I think initially one needed a home to protect from natural hazards / disasters
When the term became little modern, day by day, people started thinking of the term in a different way, in a much broader way, in every sense /meaning of the word, in different angles , according to various subjects. People started analyzing according to their corners of eyes, their points of views

In sciences, in the terms of engineering, archaeology, sociology, art and crafts, numerologists, building constructors / contractors  - constructions / within the frame works of psychology, according  to the understanding of husband and a wife, children, neighboours, relatives, scholars, friends , the term ‘home’ is discussed differently and their own ways.

I don’t think that they, all look at this term, describe, analyze, in a similar, same way. No
They have their own frame works when analyzing this term

For a mason what is the importance of laying a foundation correctly or accurately?
It is not just something that shows ones skills or abilities expertise in laying good foundations

It is a matter of his job too
If a mason is not be able to lay a good foundation others definitely questions the job he holds
Will the others give him any other contracts there after?
Then they question his/their talents
And the most harmful that they spread the message around, village, city, town, country etc
That is no good
The mason should know ‘what quantity, in what quality he has to choose his materials – building

Trust building is very different to building a ‘building’

A house, it is only the structures or the buildings any expert can build, building the rest solely depends on its members, in the hands, hearts, minds and brains of the members who reside within

There are planners for homes / buildings
A plan is a must
Then the plan should be approved by the authorities
They give the person who carries hopes of a home, their ideas, some approves some rejects
That is the nature of planning a building and then getting an approval.

Every good and accurate plan can assure the approval but other ones normally rejects, no assurance of approvals

The contractor/s add their ideas and suggestions on roofing materials, the type of cement, what brick to be chosen, what floor tiles or wall tiles are better or in good quality
In short every one gives their own suggestions and definitions

For a homeless ‘the term home is a hope
For a woman / wife / mother ‘she holds her own opinions on the term ‘home’
And for men they too hold their own views
I don’t know how children see this term

What is the use of a building with no proper foundation?

Such buildings collapse easily such buildings have no long lasting outer or inner shapes
One has to spend his/her money intelligently specially when they laying the foundation
It is no point spending all what you have earned for walls or to buy bricks that has no proper, strong foundation

What you invest initially, for your home is immeasurably important
Some build their houses section by section

Some I know wait for years to build their walls after laying foundations
That happens due to various reasons but I guess the big reason is ‘lack of money’ nothing else.

Both physical and mental health of its members is truly important that leads any home properly.  Such things play the role of the fuel

ksjkla yd iu fj;S
iekiqu tys fndfyda we;S
i;=rka th jki;S
Yla;sh tys Tn úh hq;=

ksjkg ks.ukhg ks;s /ljrfKg
jdihg jdisáhg jqj hdug tug
iúh o iyfko i,i;s tlúg

The term love plays an important role in building where both your heart and mind reside and that is the most efficient mode of ‘security tool of this universe that one can choose to fix in any home from the gate to every corner of the home frame
No other fence, friend can protect your home if your home is not protected from this highly secure and highly strong bond

I don’t think that this is a very good analysis and I don’t think that one can give any universal accurate definition on this term one can look at this term in a multi million ways any analysis become mature or proper when a heart and mind get stronger and mature 

Take care




Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Tour to THM

This is a dedication note to ‘oyosh is;a;u   The sweated drawing

Sandika goes to Tower Hall isn't that amazing?

Where will Sandika be reaching next? LUMBINI, PUNCHI THEARTRE, Ananda Kularatne or at any other famous indoor or outdoor auditorium?


I have a bit of extra money these days : > )


I am thinking of the true meaning of ‘stage drama’ No I do not know the academic explanations or explanations of the scholars, artists

This is my point of view …………..

‘That is a plat form which overflows ‘liveliness to its maximum, that is a direct mode of communication with the artist and the viewer, that is something that the artist get ‘critiques’ instantly, that is a place where you get chances to learn ‘how to use the given space’, accurately, ‘a tool to test memory, confidence’

th cSjuh .=Kh W;=rd hk f;da;ekakla
fma%CIlhd yd l,dlrejd w;r f.dvkef.kakdjQ iDcq .KqfoKqjla fyda ixjdohla "
úpdr fyda m%;spdr tiekska ,efnkakla
tf,iu wfhl=g ,ndfokakdjq bv yir flfia kï Ndú; lrkafkaoehs mrSCIdjg ,lajk ;ekla
;j;a whqrska lsjfyd;a th wfhl=f.a wd;au Yla;sh fukau u;l Yla;sho tlf,i msrsCId n,kakla
hï hï l:sldjka f.dvke.Sug WÑ; Bg myiqlï imhkakdjQ ;ekla

fï fõosldj $ fõosld kdgH hkak udf.a weiska oelSula ta ms<sn| úoaj;a u; fjkia úh yelshs

Are these, signs of tiredness?

Am I not fully aware?

May be these are the signs of ‘hard work’

True results of a true piece of work

I am thinking of a universal ‘definition’

No! , I don’t think that it is possible

What are sweats?

Are there any measurements available?

Any scales to weigh?

I think I should forget the ‘scientific’ meaning of it for few minutes

This isn't just an inner reaction of ones biological factors

These sweats, not sweet, definitely

These sweats, not cute, definitely

That is how me the woman thinks

Let’s give it a ‘human look’, a human shape

No! Filthiness is not a facet of ‘sweats’

Labour = sweats

Labour, sweats = human

No these are not mathematical calculations either

What are these then?

Is it easy to find ‘equals’ in real life components?

Where do you see them?

I see them in every party,

In every tar road,

In every building, house, foundations,

On the faces of volunteers,

I see them in buses too, specifically

I see them on the surfaces of grains, veggies,

On all packed or sealed containers, we purchase

On the garments I wear

On the dusty faces of the tired - ‘Travelers’,


Players, searchers, observers,

And, I am sure

I can view them at any Estate, at any factory,

In the words of true hearts,

In their true wishes as well

Didn’t I mention ‘the farmer’?
Silly me

Are there anything written in their faces, specifically, truly?
‘Immeasurable’ this is the word I read on them
Yet, this too is true

I can’t count them in numbers, not properly

May every drop of sweat be valued!

f.daks lfrka f.k uoaoyfka tk .; iqj|hs Tnf.a

lSr m,d ñá ysiska ord tk ysi iqj|hs  Tnf.a

(Above are a few lines of a song very popular among our people. following is a rough translation of the Song. Pardon me I am not a professional translator especially this is something very melodical and literaturefull versions I don’t think that I can do any justice to the lyrics.

The shoulders’ of yours that carries heavy gunny bags, on a sunny noon, to me is like fragrance
The hair of yours, which carries a basket full of green leaves to me is like fragrance

That was how a couple of a one particular carrier class values each others sweats

It is interesting, instead of chasing away his/her partner to the wash room, or perhaps to a nearest well, or river they think that are something ‘embraceable’

Some draw or rediscover their inner lanes on the canvases they inherit or else via the lenses they love, the negatives or on the reels they purchase, the words that they thread short or in novel way, some via the conversations that they create, via the modules of any or all subjects they learn, on the big screens, on various plat – forms, stages, songs, melodies. I think for any artist it is essential to have a libertyfull mind to explore their talent lanes. They have every right to engage in any of the art work they prefer. That is part of democracy. So that was my beginning note
Here comes the rest of my note ………………….. 

Maradana’ is very particularly a famous city of our Capital of dear Colombo of Colombo, specifically. The historical value of this city, the tallness & the wideness of this city, compared to other cities is big. The world famous Book Publishers, Mighty Pens, Tall schools with famous artistic gathering halls, and the world’s most respected reputed theater halls add fullness to this city.

The very historical rail station, the building in particular states and shares a lot about the city, with its curious viewers, learners.

In short this is a city where most people have memories attached with.

My father used to come to Maradana for his English Classes. According to my memory revelations, that happened in the latter stage of his school days. But later he changed his plans and has decided to learn English Postal way. I don’t know whether this method still exists these days in all parts of the country.  But I know Mr. Suriyapperuma is still conducting and providing help for the students who are interested in studying English that way. I hope I am right. That is called;eme,a ud._l bx.%Sis mdGud,dj

I don’t know the exact year that my father came to Maradana but definitely before the year 1970. And the Foreign employment agency that changed his carrier ideas also was situated in Maradana. The Suleimans, I don’t know whether that still exists there. I remember he was saying how he found money for his English class and to pay for the employment agency.

That is a different story and I think we should value the sweats of workers who bring in foreign currencies bit better than now

Anyways it is not my topic of the day. Such information I thought of sharing additionally, to give my essay a different look

The journey of the day began from the very ‘OPEN’, OUSL. I signed and without forgetting to mark 12. 30 pm exactly before the region of ‘out’ stepped out of the premises with confidence, towards our friendly service - ‘BUSses’ holt
And this was the very first time that I went to such place alone.   

Got in to a 176 (these are route numbers).

Beautiful Sun, she was totally dominating the universe at that the time. Heat was up to its maximum. No curtain could provide me any relief. It is not just the time that the ordinary passengers goes  for their aims of life, shopping, marketing , meetings (ordinary) It is also the time that kids reach back home from their schools, normally.

Elphinstone is a familiar place this is where I watched ‘Sa’ of our veteran musician Mr. Victor Rathnayake with Gayathri, Sarajika and one of their friends

But certainly that was the first time I went to see a drama at a tall place like THM (Tower Hall Maradana). Ok, before that let me explain slightly what I observed between my tour to THM

It was an unbelievably, highly, very experiencing moment, that my tour to THM.

Obviously your eyes get tired of looking around and trying to read all what is available or situated along the roads, including the bill boards, listening to conversations of the ones who share the same bus journey.

I think any traveler should try to get maximum use of any journey. 

THM is one of the journeys that have begun at certain point. And Gnanartha Pradeepaya began their journey exactly in 1866 June 07.  What was the exact date that the Zahira started her journey?

The kids of Zaheera collage; all most of them were still playing at the school play ground I quickly scanned the play ground within a moment.

Friends of roads, the service providers I know sometimes they are very exhausted when they reach the middle of the day that is the nature of their duties, services attached with. Most of them belong to my class category not only the travelers also the mediators.         

There is no point they showing the purchasing receipts to the travelers / passengers saying ‘this worth this much’ and ‘that worth that much’ every traveler who get in gives them bread and butter what will happen to the services if they all stop using the facilities or they all deciding to buy their own vehicles, am I kidding J))))))

So need to maintain patience every rupee they keep in their wallets is important for them.

I am at THM now

I like Sugath Maithree’s ‘the VIRGIN’lkHdú’ the script was written in bit of a tricky way I thought and have tried their best to cover their objective within the given time frame and space. I like the performances of the actress. Certainly it is no easy for a beginner to perform live especially before a huge audience that relaxly. You get no ‘cut’ ‘cut’ opportunities several times and then start again on live stages. If you make a mistake, that is it. That is what your fans take back home what you missed or mistakenly conveyed. If you don’t perform well or accurately shared your views, you will not hear ‘excellent’ or ‘brilliant’ from the creator, not from the ones who are seating before you

Stage drams and cinema are two different plat forms, two different identities. Yet, their core objective is one there is no difference to be observed    

And my standing ovation goes to the ‘Kalakaaraya’ of K. Chathuranga perera’s ‘kalakarayo’, who had to finally give away all his clothes for the sake of the ‘art’

K Anthony Jayalth’s ‘Sudammawathi’ was a good effort as well. The two actors were doing their roles well.

And let me turn in to Ranga saman wijesinghe’s Dhanaathmaka Ballek, there I had a question may be this is due to my lack of knowledge on the subject ‘what was the importance of the roles of the superman and the other famous characters (co characters) were you trying to say that they too deals with such kind of insurance ?
So where is it located, ‘the nice man insurance company’? J

Ensure that the each and every person of the audience hear every single word you say. Every word you utter or mutter very important I guess.

The first, the middle and the last word of any sentence you keep before your target group equally important

Also my instincts says that it is important ‘not to insult any of your own ones’ but it is totally alright if you talk or discuss the weakness of the surroundings that you live or capture or experiences personally or publicly or of the things that immediately need to be addressed

This is a very old example yet let me share it with you

Think of your village CBO for instance, if there is no community hall in your village for people, youth to meet gather to discuss wants and needs, aims of your village then that needs to be addressed, and if you think that your village don’t have proper transport system such things immediately needs to be addressed because lack of transport facilities weaken the economic situation of any village, community

If you think that it is essential to stop ‘Alcohol’ drugs issues of a village that too can emphasized, eleborated


Such things are just an example that I showed to you

There are huge areas that a creator can cover in order to solve or get answers from the authorized for public matters

Art is one of the Medias that one can use to talk to people.

Sudammawathi is a different approach; I saw some novelty in the topic chosen.

Kanyawi is a popular approach; this is a mostly discussed matter (?) especially of the Asian region

Kalakarayo that is how some lives of our kalakarayo, some people’s perceptions. It is no easy to begin or enter in to any filed and it is even more difficult to sustain in an area like ‘art’, performing art, actually in any of he fields. The audience, the world need proof of your talents, skills, abilities if not they chase you away.   

Some of the things may raise ones awareness on certain things and that will help even the authorized, decision makers, policy makers to change their schedules, additionally that certainly will help to change people’s attitudes towards certain things of a society if it is good to do so.

Ballo burathi or ballo nidiyathi or balloth ekka beha, duppathunda kathi bothi, samanalayoda igelethi, pusan kirida bothi, what ever message the artist try to convey to their audience, or what ever they discuss via the creation they do or create according to their own understanding, we the audience are the ones who value them or judge them. Therefore the audience is always important, their awareness plays and important role. It is not just laughs that the audience want to take back home. They weigh, measure every single word or matter you discuss. They have their own weighing machines. I am totally happy about our audience; they are intelligent enough to understand any artistic work. They have updated brains, I guess I am little below them certainly and still needs to be updated. I think every person should update their knowledge with world artistic creations, must watch and view, read world then they get better chance to understand ‘our’, ‘their’, ‘world’ better

I am not silly to compare the experienced with an amateur, in the creative fields.   

They too will grow tall it is not an easy thing, patience, constant practice, reading, understandings on day to day dealings of human lives, societies, human mind and hearts, what bothers them, what needs them, their eyes needs to wide open, always 
Some think that the efforts they take or their love towards this kind of artistic involvements like drama, cinema is kind of a mad thing to do

Thankfully our artists now have already crossed all borders by now

I think Mr. Gamini Fonseka is one of the artists who tried his best to get the accurate or the maximum reputation that an artist should get from everyone, for each and every person get involve in, cinema in particular.

So I request follow his footsteps if you think that it is worth doing so

Wmydi jkafkA kï ì÷jlA fydA Tfí ikqyfrA fydA /fyA flfkl=g th l,d lD;shlA jkAfkAoehs ud okafka ke;

tfy;a wm fjfik jgmsgdfõ Tn olsk wvq ,qyqvqlï Wmydihg ,la lsrSu .ek ud yg m%%Yak ke;

Tn Tfí /fya Tfí rfÜ tld .ek l:d lrkqfha wj{dfjka kï

Woõ lsrSulska miq ta f,i fkdlr bkakg ;snqkd hehs mYapd;a;dm jkafka kï 


Tfnkau m%Yak l, hq;=oE ;j;a b;srsj we;ehs ;ju;a ij_ úYaùh jkakg ;shd ta wy,lgj;a f.dvù ke;s ud is; yd is;sú<s fï fudfydf;a ud yg isym;a fldg , mila lr fokq ,nhs

For me, there is still a lot more things to learn in order to understand this world, human hearts and minds, better. No easy.
It is sad that I couldn’t watch all the creations. These are creations that I missed watching

Udaya Nipuna Archchi’s Panchaneewarana
Yasantha karunaratne’s Nai Natathi
P . Aruna Priyantha’s Made in China
Saman Kumara Gamage ‘Prathibimbaya’
Upul Prasanna’s ‘Amuthu Mohothak’

Have a watchful day!

Sunday, November 17, 2013


We lay our future in thy hand
United, free
For liberty
Together we’ll always stand
Namathuru puhalidam ena olir vaai, namathuyire Thaaye!

Guide our leaders right
Help our youth the truth to know
In love and honesty to grow
Namathuru puhalidam ena olir vaai, namathuyire Thaaye!

Punjaba Sindhu Gujarata Maratha
Dravida Uthakala Banga

Victory to thee
Victory to thee
Victory to thee

So proudly and gloriously
We stand for all brothers and sisters
Namathuru puhalidam ena olir vaai, namathuyire Thaaye!

We are from one world of Freedom
The sea around the sun over us
We salute you in this world Unity
Namathuru puhalidam ena olir vaai, namathuyire Thaaye!

To those heroes who sought out honor and pride for the nations and world
Our countries our native lands
The people living united and progressive
Namathuru puhalidam ena olir vaai, namathuyire Thaaye!

Teach us true respect for all
Stir response to duty’s to call
Strengthen us the weak to cherish
Namathuru puhalidam ena olir vaai, namathuyire Thaaye!

In full blossoms paddy fields
My eyes are filled with tears
May we, all Nations
And the states shine in glory everlasting
Blessed be the goal of our ambition
Namathuru puhalidam ena olir vaai, namathuyire Thaaye!

We should raise our hearts and our voices high
We pray that no harm on thy children may fall
That blessing and peace may descend on us all
Namathuru puhalidam ena olir vaai, namathuyire Thaaye!

Fill our hearts with true humility
Make us cherish fearless honesty
Namathuru puhalidam ena olir vaai, namathuyire Thaaye!

Justice be our shield and defender
May we dwell in Unity, Peace and liberty
Let’s march onward, all as one
Namathuru puhalidam ena olir vaai, namathuyire Thaaye!