Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Titles, various and different always fascinates me. But I always think one worded titles not that much attractive therefore when ever I think of a title I face problems in finding a complete sentence which gives a sensible meaningful truthful or frutiful something for who ever associate footpath very including me . Lack of words is one reason that i face problems in titling - better, lack of knowledge on how to match this word with that word and I have to think of the meaning and usefulness often following thoughts too come to my mind whether footpath readers accept what I say or will they laugh at me for my immature saying , wordings, titles. There were moments that I just write what ever comes to my mind without thinking or bothering too much about what others might think’.
that does not mean that comments , views ideas perceptions of others unimportant.

they shape my essays
they colour my essays
they add frills in to my thoughts
they bring far away or hidden ideas on to the surface of my mind 
they help me to analyze my observations
they help me and take me back and forth of my essays past and present 
they most of the time remind me of my validness and importance - life
their suggestions adds millions of thoughts in to my every lane of thinkings
they advertise on behalf of me
they stand for me when ever they think they should

therefore views of all is immeasurably important. 

I m no experience essay writer therefore I always have problems in concentrating on the chosen tiles but lack of experience adds issues in to my essay writing. I have a feeling that I often or mostly write rubbish because it is difficult for me limit my explanations or i find it difficult in sub topics. Therefore I avoid rereading what I write when ever I re read I find errors of my own writing and errors in explaining things accurately.

relaxation brings good thoughts in to my mind than when ever i m tired physically. 

These days most things come either packed various ways or bottled many ways. Any or many ways of packing or bottling things are so interesting.
Earlier or yester years we never thought that we can buy water from a kade or a shopping mall, super outlets. Things have changed these days ‘water’ comes under different brands now is a business Yes in a way it is a service. Earlier the only entity that was entitled to sell water is the ‘water board’ now I can see many have got the licenses or registered as a business water companies’ they bottle them and sell ,under different, different names. Water should taste as water I have not heard that water comes adding preservatives I have never heard that (as kids) water get expired. Spoiling is possible only when the main water canals or the source connects with spoiling ingredients drainage water canals or when it get mixed with poisonous liquids. People do things purposely and things happens opposite
Bottling it is not only water there are other things too comes various or different liquids, juices poisons including can I name I guess no need ‘ all alcohol versions’ are poisonous’ do I have to find a place to hide will there be ‘any strikes of sellers’ or will they come looking for me to kill me J just kidding. It is not purely an issue of sellers or producers there are teams that must take the responsibility’

-      who issues license
-      Who has given them chances to bring them ‘in’?
-      Who give them the places and buildings for the survival of the business
-      Can we charge any fines at hospitals as packets of cements or in any other modes for they come seeking medication kidney failures or any other health difficulties when the authorities unless they do not cancel their license or stop such selling forever

-      Drink and drive is not a strange thing in this world and do not forget that we are a part of this world what question that I should raise on this page based on that assumption

-      Before issuing the license how many of the responsible officers visited the place of selling ‘what is the distance between the selling centre and the closest school, temple, or a place where always kids and young ones come like tuition class places   

-      Where do they keep the bottles and wastes what do they do with them
-      Will the sellers , producers, license issuers come with health packages when they fall ill  think of results of such things

There were water related sports activities but I have never heard of any competitions in selling or in relation to marketing them. Do people look for the brand yes may be reason is the type of bottle that one chooses to bottle. There is a certain standard that any company should follow International or local. There are types of bottles that are not suitable or advisable for bottling purposes water or any other drinkables.  The bottles that are manufacturing plastics or any other certainly have to follow certain standards quality of the bottles should be health acceptable not health troublesome. The things use for manufacturing such things should be monitored. I know that the bottles were given a certain number. Some numbers healthily avoidable and even the set of people who have the knowledge of that subject never encourage people to use the things that come bottled in that type the scholars too do not accept and advice people not to use them.  

Bottling can be done high technological way safety high ways, health on top ways, assurance full ways.

Choose your brand intelligently

What ever way bottled think of the things it contains. That is important. Do not just think of the outer shape of the bottle or the colour of the bottle. Think of the affordability that is fine but I am not sure whether one has to think of the volume of the contained.

 Did I complete my explanation on ‘why I sometimes do not like to use single words as titles? Yes I guess

A complete sentence gives a complete sense, a complete meaning, then any amateur can easily understands effortlessly readable reading is not an easy thing some or most readings or understanding depends mostly on people’s knowledge, word knowledge big brains can understand things easily no doubt

That is why I prefer a complete sentence for a tile though I do not follow such rule at any moment.

Lid is also an important part in bottling that assures the safeness, healthiness of the things contained  

A bottle without a proper lid is no use

(Above is my personal view)



Monday, May 27, 2013

‘Mixed thoughts’ including this and that thoughts on ‘heels’ …………..

I missed IPL finals.


Such things are truly sad things J. Is cricket the most EXPENSIVE sports activity in the world?

CONGRATULATIONS to the wining party

Ohhhhhhhhh! Our Lasith was in the winning team,that is great to know.
Thank you! Ms Malini Munasinghe (Programme coordinator/ DCPE programme of OUSL/Nawala) for the news of ‘winning cricket’. She has watched the matched until 1 .00 am in the morning it seemed. She has the ability to explain things providing us enough of visuals, pictures exactly as it is.  

Any new plans in back home cricket?

When you start talking of cricket you may forget the whole world. Therefore I thought of limiting this my talk on cricket for above few sentences.

Let me move on to a entirely different topic compared the topic ‘Cricket’ that is about ‘heels’ though crick news is everywhere and famous than heels I guess it is not bad to talk a while on such topics too. Good for a change.

This is not an even world. That is no strange thing and not a very fresh news either. I am thinking of ‘Heels’ this morning. There was a particular nimitta for the idea. Until this morning I have had no such idea to write about heels. 

I met a girl just before entering the OUSL she seemed to me a ‘working girl’  wearing a short skirt that fits her body shape and the height. She was wearing a bit high heel shoe. ‘she looked completely and perfectly ‘used to such shoes and wearables’ I noticed she that she was about to slip but she managed. It is not that she does not know to walk wearing such heeled shoes it is the ground she and I walk every day to our own working premises including everyone else who uses the roads, lanes pavements, carpeted or concreted, through the buildings, under the shades of Kottamba Trees and weralu and Jambu, near examination Halls, Passages of various sized, widths and lengths.  It is not flat everywhere.  

You encounter ups and downs during any walking. You need to use a bit of steps at a certain places and then walk on a flat surface for another while. And when continue walking you may find an entirely different walking passage neatly tiled of their choice of colours.  ‘Heels’ or any heeled shoes one has to choose sometimes thinking of the surfaces you use to move here and there. If you are an active girl or a guy high heeled shoe you should not choose. Guys generally do not have such issues I know but I just thought of comfortableness of selecting or a wearing a shoes.

Some heeled shoes give you troubles. It is essential to know the limit of your heel (I mean the height of the heel) all troubles or comfortableness of wearing any heeled or any inched shoes depend on the person who uses the pair.  I m thinking what pair the Mumtaz Lady may have used always, was there a particular pair that she liked very much  never changing owner of Taj Mahal.   Some pair of shoes is flat heeled. Some of them are very high heeled .Cat walk heels are different J

Walking on a niyara (bunds) of a kumbura (Paddy Land) wearing a high heeled shoe is impossible J walking on a stage one has to do very carefully. Especially on a cat walking shoe showing modeling occasions. You may comfortable with the shoe that you are wearing but when you feel the surface you are walking little uncomfortable then that will be a problem slightly at least.  We can’t make or create or build all surfaces that match the shoes we wear no. Adjustation any situation or to the surfaces of ones working and walking is an important thing to think.

A frock for a shoe or a shoe for a frock girls sometimes get confuse. Sometimes it is easy to find a frock and then find a matching shoe. One should not first buy a shoe and then look for a frock. Am I talking nonsense?

‘Smiles heals people’ that is my next sub heading. 

It is so eye soothing and heart soothing to meet a friendly friend who always welcomes you exchanging a smile without looking other sides or making faces early in the mornings.  I wrote this few lines for my friend ‘Madurandhi’ from Jaffna. It is so refreshing to see her smiling face early mornings or any late evenings.

Hey babes do not worry there is nothing sometimes we can do for other people’s crime. What to do ‘cowards die many times’ ohhhhh I forget the rest of the words. Aiyoooooo what is this just forget all these rubbish and  I request please do not worry stay calm and quite ‘read a good book’ or else listen some good pirith or bana you will get some relief. Before I forget let me tell you baby something ‘never let any such bad things to enter your so coooooooooool mind and spoil it OK.

How do you feel now after reading this my little few sentences?
 Coooooooooool no.

I m thinking that is a good business to start ‘writing things on back of vehicles’ messages to your preferred one or ones, people, advertising (?) rather than writing things like ‘ ANEYYYYYYY MAAAAWA HODANNA’ ( please wash me) I have read such lines before or back glasses of windows dusted.  That is a reminder to the owner of the vehicles to clean a bit before heading to any destination tomorrow morning.

This is enough for the day Ah! Before I wind up this note let me thank one particular media girl for reading me. You match things brilliantly. I sensed that you read me today or yesterday.  I m sure were not that comfortable reading my poor English thanks anyways.

Good day guys and girls!




Sunday, May 26, 2013

Important notice

For comfortable and safe use, read safety & comfort guide

Today I noticed few small stickers on my lap top that I did not care that much earlier. Above is one of them.  Sometimes we see this and that notices but we ignore reading them or we just move on to another reading without noticing or reading the ones before our eyes or the ones that we encounter everyday or day today. That is not strange or abnormal. That is purely normal and understandable.

I sometimes think that I have never tried to read the eyes of my sister at any moments.
There are things written in her eyes I am sure. But I have never tried to read them so closely or at least once in a way. I miss them may be because I am trying to read the things on pages most of the occasions and moments thinking that everything is there written for me to learn and analyze thinking that such writings will comfort my life when I take things from them and apply them accordingly. That is not enough. Pages and words, sentences give you things for life but in addition to such things there are things we should try and read.

Such things too have the abilities of comforting our lives. Thing is we think that such things are there only for the purposes general like to view the ones we meet face to face or the things that we just go passing or moving so fast or slowly and for just to ‘click’ or for ‘action cut’ things.  

in this vesak season how many of us follow the safety guidance of life taught by our Lord Buddha ' Budu Rajanan Wahanse 

Every script of life come enclosed with safety instructions before printing them on a reel or artening them on someone else’s heart every actor or an actress or an artist have to read them, must or should read them carefully.

Read safety instructions before using any tool, liquids, medicine or otherwise including any ‘pesticide or weedicides’ such things are comes under very common sense that even the kids know. Some instructions are not written for kiddies to read and follow. I thought.
Some safety or comfort guides do not come in paper modes or written forms. Some of them can absorb only after a better observation or listening, catching every action through ones trusted eyes or re writing them on ones brain lanes.
Heart lanes and brain lanes are two different Main roads. Sometimes it is no good to see through things only via the heart lanes it is very much essential to send them ( things observe, read listen, catch) through the brain lanes for a better result.

Comfort guide; I thought this is an interesting thing to analyze and think a while I mean about that set of word.

Better guidance of course comforts ones life in every way. I have no doubt about such things.

These days I tried to read the lanterns, they are vesak lanterns. Not easy the colours and the shapes and sizes are very much differing from the ones we that generally use as lanterns for other uses’.

Some friends are very friendly some tools and machines are ‘user friendly’ for user friendliness one needs to use the machine friendly way when we use any machines or equipment careless way the machine or the tool, equipment will not last long.
User friendliness will bring comfort and safety.

Sometimes reading is not sufficient listening too is essential not just reading what is important is consciousful reading, reading the essentials, reading the safety guidance.
Little while ago I noted that listening too essential part of a user friendly guidance
The kids use fire crackers the adults too both kids and adults needs to follow accurate guidance given or have told by somebody for a safety use of them.
During festival seasons the media too give some hints and instructions guidance as to how to use them safe way.

Even a match stick one needs to use only for no harm purposes no need of guidance since 
long ago ‘people use match sticks’ for friendly purposes and there are few who like to use them for harmful purposes no need to write a list.
Fire brigades still have a huge place and importance ‘why’?
that is because we people are very careful about everything J

We have fire alarms and fire extinguishes at many places plus the instructions to follow

Is it because we are human and we sometimes lose our consciousness or we many times careless or do not follow instructions?

One of them may be or may b we may have all of them or other things that I have not mentioned here because everything do not come to human mind at every certain point.

That is why people write things and give let or allow people to read them leisurely or when ever necessary

Some instructions or safety guidance comes as leaflets or as booklets

Do we really read them or we just ignore reading them?

I have a feeling that we should not avoid reading EVERY IMPORTANT NOTICE

I like to wish all foot path viewers and readers and well wishes safe and understanding journey of life in this ‘pinbara wesak mahe’ / truthful Vesak season!




Saturday, May 25, 2013

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sambuddhassa

Suba Vesak Mangallayak weva!


Happy is the birth of Buddhas,
Happy is the teaching of the Noble Doctrine,
Happy is the unity of the Sangha ,
Happy is the asceticism of the united 

( Stanza and the idea above posted i absorbed and extracted from the little booklet that was printed long ago to mark a Vesak day that annual subscription ' 'The Bosat' 2493 - 1949 ( journal of moral advancement universal service and peace Vol. XII , No 4 Whole No. 48) this particular has sold for 2.50 rupees) 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The eateries - fishes's cats's dog's , elephant's, bird's and ..................................................

Eateries 'human'  and any opposite not mentioned above. 

Eateries we say kaema in Sinhala.

let me begin this my essay, the today's one with following wording. 

'illan kaema'

Illan kaema i thought of talking of that topic before move on to any different ones such as following 'salli deela kanawa' (buy and eat or pay money and eat), weda karala kanawa (work and eat), wedata kalin kanawa (eat before work) kaka weda karanawa ( work while eating, eat while working:)) weda kanawa ( the direct translation is 'eat work' but this means in indirect ways of saying things or little insulting way of saying things ' spoils ones work),     

One request for food or even one can say that ‘begging for food’

can we use above lines, sentence, explanation as well for above words 'illan kaema'?

That is the direct translation of the words ( see above). But when you take the indirect meaning or the meaning or the purpose that people generally use word in day today conversations are different.

When one is asking for unnecessary troubles, or one who does something without thinking too much of the consequences, after results ‘people say’ ‘ illan kanawa’.
forget that illan kaema for few minutes think of my following question 

Who does not need food and drinkables, very including water excluding harmfuls lets say for a moment.

Fishes, cats, dogs , elephants, ants, how do they survive without eating lions too need something for their survival.

Thinking of the eateries of animals ‘ eateries of each animals are different’ not only to human ( any questions and doubts ) but also to some eats meaty stuff and some eat opposite to such stuff.

I am not going to write about the ‘Zoological words of such categories of animals thinking of they prefer eateries

People eats dead bodies of animals that is a different subject to talk.

Each and every household has a mortuary ( guess what?) to keep the dead  bodies of such animals for later use not fresh ones or lot fresh ones or lot for all, few for some I do not know depend on the dealers who are handling it ( household hold level)
I m one of them because I eat ‘fish’ dried fish’ all fish and eggs I am a fishtarian.

Ooooooophs before I forget let me tell you who gave me this clue to write.
Today ( 22, May 2013) I was passing the middle, main junction, town traffic lights of the Nugegoda city. 

This is a normal situation that we all hear one of the ‘ radio’ channels sometimes we hear news, sometimes we hear the ideas of ‘ the moderator’ ‘ correspondents, listeners on and off moments.   

I heard the voice of the friend who was handling that moment programme ( time definitely after 4. 30)

‘kata nisalu maaluwa nahinne’

The fish dies because of its mouth.  

mama hithuwa

maaluwa nahinne uge kata nisaada ?

neththan minissunge ugul neththan‘ eama’ nisaada?

I was thinking

The fishes die is it because of its mouth or is it because of the traps of the people, or the fish catches, fish mongers

The trap or the eama comes with some eatery a warm may be or something that one can buy from the fish catalogues or fish catching strategy sellers’ - ‘stalls’

Excuse me

Can I please ask anyone who prefers to answer something not something very special but something‘not genuine?’

Do fishes show some difference these days compared to oldies days ( I too belong to this old category so this is not insulting )

Do they (fishes) easily eat what the catches give and embrace the net ( I hope you guys know what nets I am talking about here) and what ever the catches uses?
Do they examine before eating? Again they here is the fishes.

What fishes eats the eama easily?

The big ones or the small ones ooooophs there is middle sized ones too no. I forget things these days so quickly L

Why is it the nutritionists say we or the kids should eat haalmessasas (to get more calcium (?)  Is it them ? No I am asking this little serious I need an answer.
Do the fish catches use different traps depending on their (the fishes) ‘GENDER’ ?
What are the brands of eateries that uses for ‘female fishes’ and please also educate me on what brand use for male fishes.

Do these fish ‘catches’ usually have a certain plan for catching fish before they go for fishing these days? This is not 1900 no this is 1913.

My gosh how fish illiterate am I? Think of the number questions I have for you guys to answer. Very uneducated no, me?. what to do. Do all who have some or few or many questions, are illiterate or uneducated ( not only fishing or fish matters but also other butterflies or chicken matters) fish and chickens no strange eateries of human no friends that is why I mentioned chickens)

Any katha related to chicken like we have kathas related to fishes?
( katha – choose the best one from the following words as the translated word; stories, phrases and idioms, folks, folklore)  
Any traps for chicken catching?

What are the current people using strategies in chicken catching?
I apologize I am not going to talk about bird catching

How do bird catches catch birds?

Hungak goviyo Sakalayo ambanawa (most farmers chase away the birds) this happens, during harvesting season of paddy and otherwise cultivations. Two different things. Farmers try to protect their harvest just by chasing them away but the bird catches what do they do? They think of how to catch them not easy no. bird selling is a business guys. I am sure you know about that type of business.

How come they become caged? Fishes and birds are different No?

I mean the birds flies the fishes swim J

What do you think about this my essay?

Very analytical no my this essay and my language dear head master?
I have learnt some fishes catches ‘the catches’ not true no
The sharks ?

Lula nethi walata kanaya pandithayalu

When the lula is not available the kanaya becomes the ‘intelligent guy’ the master. Is the Kanaya play the role of the assistants ( for instance the captain plays the main role but there is a role called ‘vice captain’ the monitor plays the main role but there is a ‘sub monitor, the principle is the head master, the chief of school but there is a role or a position called ‘vice principle’) just asking.

lula and kanaya are to be found only at tanks they are tank fishes am I right?
How about some cat talks forgetting birds, chicken and bird talks
Birds and fishes and cats can talk J

That’s incredible do not think that way (was there a programme called ‘that’s incredible?)
That is incredible this is incredible those are incredible these are incredible (do not worry I m just practicing my English)

Who wants to buy a bird before buying ask from where they buy them? They might tell you from the ones who creates them J hadana ayagen (do not think of the translation not the accurate one but I like to give it that word.

Who create birds (animals in general)

Do not tell me that it is ‘human’

Let me wind up this note from this position because I heard that one of the two senior lectures were discussing something related to their higher studies thesis
One of them shared what her guiding lecturer told about a passage she was asked to write.

This was the answer that she/he has given to her/his student

 ‘ I asked you to write a passage not a page’

You know sometimes I write peduru ( mats) long essays even e mails to my friends my friends those days got bored of my those e letters J

I must have some control in writing and should learn to ‘how to write a summary’, firm but not too long essays thinking of the readers ‘convenience (I know some readJ )




Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 19

This is a cool wet May morning. I observed one of the grouped clouds walking slowly towards opposite direction of main road area. I thought how relaxed they are who does not like relaxation who does not want liberty, some moments of music, cinema, and no terror feelings, no bombing beats, no ambulance goes near or passing our hearts and minds, no phobia of briefcases or faces unknown or have not seen before people, visit any shrine with no fear who does not like peacefulness in any worshiping or praying moments, who does not like to enter any place , premises big or small Bank of Ceylon or any peoples places with no fear of bombings.  

Even flies to butter flies, cats and dogs, birds and elephants, ants and pests ‘who does not like to live who wants to die.

What thoughts and words that we need to elaborate or to share the importance of ‘peace and harmony’ will my following line explain every aspect of needs and wants of peace and harmony and the importance of protecting it.  ‘Human needs peace and harmony more than anything else’

Who like caged lives?

Caging or prisoning or poisoning such things are no one like things the birds like to fly freely, deer s like to hang around at their near premises, flowers will get its natural colours only no ‘blood should change their born colours’

Every date and day has some significance but some dates and days are different in relation to ‘national achievements’, global achievements or depending on the day that it brought in to whole ‘human world’ such days are immeasurably unimaginably no easily explainable .

May 19, 2009 important that any other personal achievements   

the day and the year of eradicating the most ruthless terror outfit of the world 'LTTE'

Above is a day that the whole world should celebrate or should remember without any cruelties or party preferences, without giving it any Asian or a ‘black and white’ looks.

Terror is a threat, a harmful deadly virus, only the peace can cure such ailments.

Is this our true independence day compared to the day back in 1948 Feb 4
I believe that both the days February 4th and May 19th equally important and they are reminders of the ‘learnt lessons days’ of our past, unforgettable.

But we do not need too many independence days or we do not need to celebrate too many independence days

I do not know whether you friends understood my idea?

Those two days are enough what we need to do is keep these two days secured and safe.

Both the days were very victorious and are celebratable though the days and the eras were different. Nature of issues and struggles faced were different to each the situation. The way things handled too were different ‘the groups’ involved were different. Names given for the groups too were different. First party we named ‘colonialism’ the latter group lead by a terror culprit too had a name ‘LTTE that is terrorism. At least via their thirst of other people’s territories we gained something not only coffee and teas there are things taken and gone that we do not need to talk about ‘no colonialism will come here again’ wearing the same face’ terrorism is not a one of the facets of colonialism.
There were good people. Some saved some things for us before they left. The chronicles provide enough of evidence on what happened and what gave and taken from here to there.
The dealings were different

This is our country.

This 65 610 square kilo meters ‘ours only’ 

this our land is a one land. No broken pieces or we can give NO piece or a block no one (?) is ready to embrace any unknown or cruel do not like peace like only terror group or groups.

We people have the sensing abilities thanks to god or human nature our all sensing machines works brilliant like never before therefore we can smell such terror or any terror so quickly when ever they come with pieces of terror ill wills.

Experiences of our past bring us such abilities of identifying or understanding terror outfits better than any other outfits of the world.
The lost lives we can not or never bring back. What we really need to do is to do not let any group or any ill willed man or a woman to take away any breath and emotions , feelings happiness’s of our people. that is not just a duty of all parties or the governing party that is a ‘whole big RESPONSIBILITY of this WHOLE BIG UNIVERSE AS WELL.

Never think of supporting any terror

That may come in to any land or premises uninvited even the so called number one powerful lands that we thought and think so united in every way got affected could not even dreamt of catching the buggers for a long period. Who ever will support any terror will have to pay in millions portions in return not just to compensate but in every other way.

I never imagined or never thought of a 09, 11 day but that too happened therefore the world ‘ keep your eyes wide open’ ‘keep your brain well function – every minute day and night’

Our people never had a good night sleep until we welcomed ‘May 19’
We can not forget why we celebrate this day? HUMAN WORLD WILL NEVER FORGET THE ONES Who supported us for this our victory? Who sacrificed lives, who suffered and who cleared paths for us to walk freely all along the ‘freedom paths’ ‘peaceful lanes’ ‘harmony’ highways of our land.  

We should understand that this is not a festival but a peaceful event

Good to walk a bit back and forth of gone by days

What still needs to be done to secure the place we won though the good world knows how won what lost things attached to that culprit ruthless terror outfit?

What are the things still to be completed of the things started or implemented one, two , three, years ago ‘thinking of all the provincials and districts, each part of far away lands all corners of this our small yet proud and prideful country.

Anything remaining must complete hurriedly. No easy.

Good to see very beautiful the express but so efficient ‘ Yaaldevi’ the lady is planning to reach the peninsula very near future via the tracks- rail ways we know that others reach her other ways. 
People’s lives and styles became normal compared to ‘before 2009’

Routes are connecting this with that and some have connected slowly day by day.

There are no closed roads sign boards to be seen

NO Check point at any points these days. GOOD

No need to think or plan how to go across or passing all these points that was past taking this and that of suitcases or brief cases full of bombing parts some things were directly attached to hearts and minds. What gained have you all terrors who are still surviving thought of such things.  No check points – officers come and check your identity ‘who goes with whom for what or why goes there’ having love in minds? NO such things were attached with terror. Only terror no good wills were there.  

Now it is so happy to observe goods come there from Jaffna or from all other earlier affected areas to Colombo centered other areas and goods go from here to there as well via their preferred ways or chosen ways things move from here to there and from there to here as well.
Who likes to walk through land mines things became ‘no land mine areas’ thanks to all war heroes, people who involved and supported in clearing all those earlier mine areas we should thankful to them for all the necessary support given to eradicate terror totally so lets all thank all ones and singles and doubles, groups parties, regiments, medias, supporters, true peace wishes, mighty hands, brainful and inteligentful brains for having a good plan to eradicate Terror.

Images of those days comes and goes and stops here and there for few minutes, hours and sometimes for days at a stretch.
Soldiers carrying women and children and men too from their shoulders I have watched and have seen on TV. Sharing or offering palms full of water for any needy or a thirsty throats who were dyeing because of nothing else but purely because of terror  

May 19 is a victorious day

Days,comes and days goes ‘LETS HAVE BIG PLANS in the future starting from now to secure the place for all the children of this land. I m sure authorities can get maximum use of the YOUTH this is their place they have a huge role to play. They can not just hang around at bars or at clubs unless such places are only sports clubs. Ask your girlies and boyies to come up with an EFFICIENT PLAN to fill the remaining gaps.

I wish the whole world PEACE AND HARMONY’ ‘ NO TERROR WORLD’


Friday, May 17, 2013

This world is full of topics for discussions ..................................... Mirrors, Einstein, Quality, totality

Some like to talk about age, cage, wage, sage, 

Creation of man






poverty property




i can list a lot, you can find a lot, they can teach a lot these are all about 'topics' 'this and that' , ' here and there', somewhere everywhere, ways to ways, travels to vowels 

no need to list a lot 

still how not to think of topics 'pens and penning' needs topics all ways and always.

i am not wrong all have topics and some like different topics some hate some topics.

some loves some topics

goodness we have how many topics in this world

this world is full of topics that is why i used that topic ' for today'

will you guys and girls read about this topic about topic 

do you find boring topics than interesting topics or useful topics than fruitful topics or both useful plus fruitful topics?

some topics are topics mind you

some topics are not tasty topics like 'toffees or coffees' 

some topics are hot topics some topics 'no hot topics'     

please hang on for few pages we can talk of topics of topics or topic makers, creators, dying topics flying topics ( about birds ) i heard some laughed is that a topic






fruity topics to cute topics 

Gossips excuse ladies and gentlemen ' how worth is this topic' - 'gossip'?

any ideas ?

'what a topic' do not say that is not a topic but a logic 

Gossips to something good for people, something least useful to lot useful things, curious to furious things, creations to variations of various things, wealth to health, welts to delfts , stills to moving, silence to sounds,back from office topics, things at offices and about officers, how lords treats no lords and Gods.  ‘Why there are no rail gates at some of the very important points?  Why people called some sudden or unexpected happenings accidents   why some think all self‘s are geniuses and all others are gorillas or bats or rats, cats or dogs?

shall we please move on to a different topic 'questions' type topics ? 

what do you think about following topics /questions?

Why ants are so tiny elephants are huge.

Why some poor some rich

Why Himalayas in Indian premises not in America?

Why Alaska is sooooooo cooooooooooool  Colombo these days soooooo hot?

Why some universities very open and some don’t use ‘open’ at the beginning


Open university of Peradeniya

Open university of Sabaragamuwa

Open University of kelaniya

Open University of Colombo

Is Harvard and Oxford Open 24 hours?

Why there is no soft things to be sold at ‘senasuma Hard ware’ ( Nawala rd)

Why Mr. Roy De Silva named his first English movie creation ‘It’s a matter of time’? why he could not name it  ‘no matter at all’,

Excuse me I have another small question on this cinematic magnificent starlet, stunning and sizzling topic movies it s about ‘movie naming’

Why the creators have decided to name those two big old movies ‘senasuma kothenada’ and ‘Allapu Gedara’

Can I please ask one more question? (On movies so tenderly)

Who will answer?

It is not a million dollar question though

Forget I have no further questions on movies J

Why some name no green areas as ‘so green areas’?

This is a topic full of world

The world is so full of topics

Why there are no topic days in this world?

why we all have days “ sisters day’ mothers day’ wife’s day, sister in laws days, women’s day and men’s day (?)

Why there are tooooooo many ways of saying things?

Why Mayans thought the world ends (this is not the world’s end in little England area do not mixed things with confusion) on 21 December 2012?

Why not it happened yesterday?

Why some discussions (were) are round tabled not square tabled?

Who embroidered these words (lyrics) and them in to an embraceable song ‘balan kadathura hera dese’ (see removing the veils of eyes)?

Questions are always discussable and answerable. There are questions within questions or answers within the questions.

‘Why youth hate cigarettes and alcohol?

Because they are GOOD BOYS

Why mirrors’ only mirroring our own faces not the face of someone else?

Mirrors and faces are every eras, every where, morning to bed time popular topics. Mirrors reminds and asks, say ‘you have blemishes you need to do something’ ‘you are getting old do something’ (any possibilities to stop ageing) ‘you have grey hair than dark ones’; mirror sometimes asks me ‘is this really you’? ‘Where is the first time I saw face’? , mirror asks too many questions most of the time. there are moments that I feel ashamed and shy before our mirror because of the things that this ‘no words only images’ tool little fairly equipment reflexes and the questions it keep on asking me.

Mirror is a good friend

Just smile at him he too will smile back to you not like unfriends some do not reply back with return smile. Look the other sides.

Mirrors ‘CORRECTS YOU’ not just the errored lines of your hair and too much powder, eye shadows, yellow powder, blushes there are many other things that we can correct after every correct reading – mirrors. Sometimes you need to take this mirror little close to you keeping it little away or distance from your standing or seating point will gives you poor reflections, poor images, pictures then you will not be able to ‘correct things correctly’.

Some keeps him near their eye sites some keeps it on a distance

But they all like to know from him

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the most beautiful person of this world’

So while all type mirroring ‘people can think about their own mirrors, mirrors in the shops, mirrors of the world, frames of the mirrors, types of mirrors, sizes of mirrors ‘who creates mirrors’, why we need mirrors, how to take care mirrors, why it is only the mirrors says things to our faces every mirroring seconds or minutes.

Why they do not show us the face (own) that we really like to see but only the real faces?


Why they can’t show us only the dark hair hiding all the grey ones that is my question truly.

For a mirror none can hide things.

Wish you all guys and girls ‘accurate mirroring’!