Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A short note to Kadambari

FROM , Sandika
House # 20
‘Blogspot’ Town

TO, Kadambari
Tagore Avenue
Pyar Town


Dear kadambari,

(Forgive me for writing this letter in a very unofficial way though everything was addressed in a much formalized way, from the very beginning)

Let me begin this my letter asking one of the very popular questions that the super stars, the celebrities always get from the world of entertainment and news  

Here comes my first question to you, from my big list of questions that I have not yet listed accurately.

So, you were the first to read all what he wrote?

I mean the poems especially, picking and choosing the things that he he thought were poetic, collating a bit from the ashore of Yamuna and Ganga another bit from the grounds of Maliks, zamindars, Thakurs, observing and analyzing the lands of Vaishya, collating at least something or a lot from the surroundings of the wells of Brahmins? not only that i suppose, what about the things that he used to gain to sharpen and shape up his own life, listening to the conversations of the untouchables of Jorasanko, hearing the threats and insults of tops when the very poor trying not to steal but to take a bit of grain from the Thakurs mansions?

The question I just asked you was a little long one I know. But as the woman who was listening to all what he wrote and recited before you, during all those your good years, I am little hesitate to believe that you are taking that my question as the most longest question of the era ever asked by a neighbor

Am I right?  

Dear Kadambari,

What was his idea about ‘just letting a dead one’s last ashes in to a river like Yamuna or in to the ‘nadee Kaveri’ nicely keeping them in a bronze coloured pot’? that is what they think would give the dead a salvation right? and please don't forget to add your idea too on that?

believe that there is always some values and a loads of meaning of the things that people believe and trust when it comes to rituals, customs, and traditions of any society 

do you believe in the same way kadambari ? 

kadambari i am not a very student of 'history' please tell me whether both of you had enough time to visit 'the Taj Mahal' ?

what was his idea about a lover, the beloved husband building a ' mahal' in memory of his beloved?

did he expect the same by writing the Geetanjali'? was he thinking that whole world should mutter his beloved name for decades and generations to come, that is your name - ' Kadambari' ?        

Other than writing and reading did he have enough time for romance?  

Aha! Don’t be so shy to answer and don't say No

i don't like to assume 'NO" and it is little sad to assume that way 

You were his brother’s beloved right? He knew it very well but how did all those happen?

I know that I shouldn't have asked you such a very personal question my dear friend Kadambari

yet I am no different to others. I too like others, exactly like other curious human creatures.  Were you embarrassed, me asking such a question from you? I am sure but will you please allow me to keep that before you?

Ok I do not want the answer and i don't want to assume anything because that is impossible for me


Please don’t be embarrass
You are not the only one of this universe that face such experiences in life and you are not the last one either

I am truly happy that he very openly talked of you and everyone knew that he loved you and you loved him

Let me ask you some complex questions here after and please do not think that I am smart because I ask smart questions always?

So what did you normally do after listening to all those what he wrote and recited before you?

Did you know how to give him feed back?

Did you understand all what wrote and shared with you?

I am sure you were because both of  you were very close to each other
Shared each others views almost every day, every minute, day and night?

I am thinking during all those romancing sharing how did he find time to write Geetanjali?

The traveler has to knock at every alien door to come to his own, and one has to wander through all the outer worlds to reach the innermost shrine at the end  

Did you approve all of them?

Did you by any chance told him to throw away some of the things that you disagreed of what he wrote?  

What was your true role dear Kadambari?

Were you just a listener?

Were you just a reader?
you were not a day dreamer right ? That is what i like to think 

Tell me how did you find time since you had a different role to play as the woman of RT’s brother?

Tell me I know how women and men of 2013 think about the women like you

Tell me frankly, how did they look at both of you then?

Were you belonged to Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra or to Him only?

Don’t tell me that you were the woman who suggested him to write ‘Gitanjali’

Was the chand listening secretly to all what both of you were sharing with each other, adjusting, commenting, erasing rewriting he the lines and words of what he wrote?

Did the untouchables of your time remained as untouchables in its true meaning? How did he look at some divisions back then?

If you were given a chance to write a poem not by him but by the society you were belonged to ‘what title would you give it’?

‘Malik of my heart’
‘Listening’ - the most accepted task’
‘Sitar of my sole’
‘A role of a reader’

I know dear Kadambari you are very different to Madhuri’s, Sonam’s, Zintas, Katrinas, Kareenas of this era I do not know whether you knew Sangam, Ek pool do male ‘Pator Panchali’, all who Sathyajit R knew very well?  What good in just knowing I know

Dear Kadambari i think Parineetha is bit fortunate what do you say? Oh! don't know whether both of you have met before with each other? 

don’t tell anyone I listened to one of their conversations secretly when they were composing 

ek din church mei 

La la la

Hei hei hei

Say you mine 

And I was so happy that parineetha was asked to ‘put some words’ to what her beloved was trying to compose, very encouraging no how lucky she is no to have such a encouraging lover beside her?

so …………………..

What I am asking you here is that whether you were asked the same, did he ask you to put some words Kadambari’ when he was compiling Gitanjali’?

Were you sent to any ‘Paatashala’ by your parents to learn how to comment for poems?

What do you think about his following words my dear friend?

Who is this?
When day is done
When I go alone at night - twelve O’clock
Where the MIND is WIHOUT FEAR,
Where shadow chases light
When and why?
The hero,
The judge,
The sailor,
The merchant – the last bargain
The gift

I often wonder at mid night
Why do you whisper so faintly?
We are to play the game of death?

I was walking by the road
You walked
I asked nothing,
Patience prisoner

Song unsung
The paper boat
On the seashore,
The journey
The travel
Give me strength
I m restless


What is your idea about ‘the ladies jumping in to the burning fire of the their beloveds that they were tied to them legally or after going rounds around the ‘fire - sacred while all others chanting sacred stanzas?

I am asking you about the tradition, ritual of Sathi Pooja

Were you confused as to what to do?  Because you were married to RT’s brother but solely you belonged to RT?
I don’t think that I ever can reduce the number of questions that I have to ask you

I think I should send all those little later


Take care Kadambari

Jai Matha Gi

Monday, October 28, 2013

A misty morning

The path is still so wet

The mist brings so much cool thoughts

Moisture is everywhere

Is the tiny path separated from a line of grass?

Or is it for both departures and arrivals

But no one seem to be walking

No foot steps to be seen

Are there any reasons for that?

Who has cleansed the path?

Looks so clean and tidy

Who is in charge of this area?

Oh! I understand

The area belongs to the group, the mist

Who has drawn the artistic lines on trees?

Let me guess

The Mist group


That is why they all look so genuine

And surprisingly they all look so still

That can’t be

How come that I don’t see any movements

What does the silence says

I think they all enjoying the calmness and quietness

That is good

Stay calm

Stay quite

Don’t disturb any butterflies

They will soon pass this lane towards Sri Pada

[The  picture is taken from one of the sources of internet - Thank you]   

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Patience - the friend gone missing

Patience where are you?

Were you kidnapped?

Were you murdered?

My dear,

How much in number they want, to release you

How will the kidnappers of you my dear ‘patience’ be punished?

Do you have any idea?

Oh! Am I talking to your soul?

NO ! NO ! what am I talking about?

Am I gone MAD since you were gone missing?

We don’t have a printed photo of you my dear

All what I have is a picture saved, within


How to show and ask others, my dear

Whether anyone has seen you walking, here and there

Whether there is anyone who has met you

Whether anyone of this world has seen you kidnapped?

Whether anyone witnessed the moment you were robbed?

Did they harm you?

How much money did you have my dear when you were threatened with a knife? 

Oh!!!!! No, No

Please don’t tell me that you had nothing

What happened to the PC that you were carrying, with no proper battery?

Never ever tell me that they too were robbed

Dear Patience

How did you really feel when you were taken away from my eye sight?

Dear Patience,

You were the most trusted friend of mine

You were the most encouraging friend that I ever had in my life

Where are you?

Oh! God please help me to find my dear friend, ‘Patience’ again

Shall I go and search him in Madolduwa?

Shall I go and search him in the ashore of river Nile

Please show me the path to find this dear friend of mine, PATIENCE.

Ever since you were gone missing my dear

Our dear other friend ‘PEACE’ never visited me again


To fill ‘peace’s’ place ‘Miss Anger’ came and settled so comfortably as my roomy

I don’t like her much

But what to do

I some how will have to deal with her

I am planning to go ahead and meet Mr. ‘Positive’ as soon as I can

But before that I want you to come back

Do you know who suggested me to that?

That is ‘Miss SAIGE’ who knows to paint the sky so beautifully?

You don’t know her do you?

She is a new friend of mine

Actually Ms ‘team work’ introduced her to me


You too can meet her when you are back

You know the teams called ‘MOUSE’ and the ‘RANKEWITA’

They wanted me to start a new project

They have sent me an ‘encouragement card’

And the card was painted by ‘Prince SIRIPERAKUM’ and his friend ‘HANDAYA’

We were thinking of sending the same invitation to the ‘DARUWANE’ to 
take part in my new project

Do you think that they are going to accept my invitation?

May be, no?

Let’s talk about it little later

I am sure that they will soon release you

Until then take care
-    This is your friend Sandika [re;jpfh]

Thank you Venusha for teaching me how to write my name in TAMIL   


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dear Kenya i have a question to ask you ?

Who will protect her?

Our Liz, Your Liz

If you don’t take care of her ?

No it is not incredible

No it is not stunning

No it is not what you called 'stunts'

No it is not what you called desires

No it is not what you called ability

It is not what you called sharing

It is sickening to hear

The news of Liz who was raped by not one

Not two

Not three

Not four

Not five



How did you bear all those, alone? Dear Liz?

So they think they are powerful to throw you in to toilet pit?

Was it six inch or six feet in its capacity?

How did you face those ‘sick’?

So how are we going to rate them?

I name them ‘sick’

How are you going to name them?

There is nothing I can do darling

There are ones above to us

Do you think we can call them ‘authorities?’

Yes, I guess

Wait and see darling

Have a bit of patience

I am sure

They, the top ones might give you some relief

I don’t know

Whether I should tell you to take care

Since I am very away from your country

pardon me darling for for asking and telling you all again and again 

Yet, let me ask you

One more question my dear

Were they, your people, all went to sleep 'happily' after you were raped


Murdered forever

Abandoned within





You are not the only one darling who has faced such things


Can’t we say that you are the last to face such sick?

I wish your authorities ‘ALL THE WISDOM and intelligence’! 

[Thank you The Avaaz for raising my awareness on the things that we should keep talking and try to be prevented]


There is no need for any one of us to run away from life fearing to ‘anything’
Jesus wanted us to love everyone of the world,
Al Quran reminded us the same,
Lord Ganesh brings us the wisdom to be good and be happy
So, let’s wish, Pray and whisper in to the ears of all, the world; TOGETHER
May the Kenyans, The Malawi should be protected!
The Kashmir Should SMILE!
The Arabia should feel the warmness of all!
The Iran too, the all mighty should protect!
The Syrians should be wetted with the rain of flowers!,
Japan should be shared the melodies they create with all in need of happiness
To chase away the fears and anger
China should exchange wealth of Happiness with Somalia
Nigerians must gain all the prosperity they require
May you all be blessed with the sacred water – PIRITH that we chant from here, Sri Lanka!
The whole Europe must be shined with peace!
HARMONY is the world that we all should mutter,


ieug fma%u lrkakgh fPaiqks Tn foiqfõ  
l=rdKfhks wm ta .ek y÷kd .;af;a
.K foúÿka wm yg kqjK;a f.ktkafk
b;sx l=ug ìhù wm mek hkafka

flkahdj;a i;=áka b;sfrkakhs - u,dúh;a iq/flkakhs
ldYaófra yskefykakhs
wrdìfh;a isys,i fkdu wvqjkakhs
brdhk;a ieu foúfhda /l.kakhs
isrshdj;a u,a jeiafika  keyefjkakhs
Pmdkfhka bñysr ;;a yevfjkakhs

Ökhg;a fnda israiem ,en fokakhs
m;,a j,ska lïlrejd nenf,kakhs
ish,a foúªfka ta ieu /l.kakhs
hqfrdmfha ish,a fldk;a /l .kakhs
i;=re ñ;=re ù ieu¯ yskefykakhs
f,dafla mqrd wm i;=áka iekfykakhs

ish,a rgg /ljrKhs
f,da ieugu iekySuhs
>kGd ko ish,a mqrg wefik j.hs
msrsf;ka f,da ieu keyeúh hq;=uhs

iífí i;a;d Njka;= iqLS;;a:d !

Friday, October 25, 2013

Through the things ‘heard’ and watched’ .....................




l:d w;rska ……………… : - )

[ I like to request you all please don’t try to tally or compare the English version with the Sinhalese version , because I have not used word to word translation there, but I always try to give the core idea without harming it, in both the versions. Yet , to paint and frill what I say in Sinhala I try various tack ticks : - ) I don’t know how far I have succeeded : - )  ]

I can’t remember whether this picture that I took while travelling back from  Nuwara Eliya was of a sun set or of a rising moon

ug u;l keye ux fï uf. fkdokak ldphg yiqlr.;af;a neyef.k hk bro ke.f.k tk y|o lsh,

Sometimes memories take intervals from time to time, so what do we do for that?

iuyr fj,djg u;lhka lshkfoa mqxÑ mqxÑ úrdu .kakjd b;sx talg ula lrkago

lkao Wvg ä ke.a.kï tfyu br fkfuhs y| Wk;a w,a,kg mq¿yka jf.hs fmakafk

If you reach on top of a mountain you can easily touch not only sun but also the moon that is what it seemed to me now after closely observing the picture that I posted above.

brhs y|hs w,a,, ula lrkago fkao

Why and for what, is there a purpose in doing so?

br g Wk;a y|g Wk;a Tfya mdvqfj bkag ÿkafkd;a kdlo ux wykafk

Whether it is sun or moon I think we should leave them alone

i will further explore this picture in the near future ................ 


újD;fh md,u myqlrkj;a tlalu fmdâfvla lsõfj remsh, b;sx mdfjkjfk lsh,

l:dj yenehs

mdfjkj lsh, wkqjK úosyg ie,iqula ke;sj úhyshoka lrkag yrs wfhdaPkh lrkag ys;=fjd;a   
;j wjqreÿ úiailska remsh, if;ag .sh;a ux lshkafk ta if;;a ke;sfjkjfk wo kdia;s flrefjd;a ta remsh,

Bg miafika myq yrs yïn lrk if;a mgka yrshg úh meyeoï flrefjd;a b;=re flrefjd;a mrsiaiug ys;, u;,
krlla fjkakEfka

lrefu lshkafk Th b;srs lrk uka;fra ug ;du jKfmd;a lr.kag nersfjÉp tlfka  

Right after I crossed the bridge of the OUSL, I heard, one of the little ones were saying to his friends ‘the value of the rupee note normally face the realities of floating’,
What he was saying is true.

Even if the rupee note goes down up to a cent in its real value in about another 20 years time,
And  if you think of saving or investing what you got in your hand ‘an accurate way’, without wasting it ‘you will have at least something to survive at the end additionally, you can increase the number in the account  if you follow the ‘methodology of constantly, repeatedly saving’, ‘every rupee or cent you earn accurately and truly, honestly ,everyday, every week,  month or every year , you will definitely get a fairly good, a big number to carry forward your further living within the framework of ‘good living’ 


I wonder why we can’t see at least something good of something rather than always trying to find faults of what others do

Again I sometimes think that I don’t see my errors, like I see the errors or faults, mistakes, weaknesses of others, will have to repair that part of my brain I suppose.

Yet I like to note that or share what I felt during the whole day from time to time what I heard and saw, observed

So today I also learned and I realized, and questioned my self that, when we spend our time in talking, discussing the errors, or mistakes or the weaknesses, of things or of somebody do we have enough of time to do the duties of ours or do we have time to do something good for the sectors we have been involved in , for the benefit of our own families ?

Don’t you think that we must think of such things as well, including you Sandika  I kept a underlined note in one of the sectors of my memory lanes

Also I often think that I should follow the ethics of ‘mind my own businesses’ rather than trying to think and worry about the businesses of others

ux fj,djlg ys;kj

wmamÉÑfha wehs wmsg ners ãx.s;a;la ú;r Th ldf. ldf.;a fyd|la olskag

Bg miafi wdhs;a ug ysf;kj

fldhskao wdhsfndjxv wfma lsh, wmsg lsh, jevla m,la lr.kag fj,djla

a´x Woyekelaflu u. f;dfÜos ±lmq l:d lshmq l:d wksla ldKafvg úia;r lrkag mE Nd.hhs

Bg miafi wks;a whg;a l:d lrkag ld,hla fokag tmdhe

Bg miafi tlg ;j ld,hhs

Bg miafi

b;sx fmdä fjÉp weÿx ál yodf.k

¯ûhg fyaosÉp fïlma ál yrs .iaif.k wEos .kakfldg òx wdhqfndjxv iEfyk ld,hla f.ú, .syska bjrhs
´x wdhafndjkav tal ;uhs ,xldj

,xldj .ek úia;r fldrkfldg wvqmdvq ;sfhkag fyd| kE fkdje fkao ux lshkafk

fj,djlg ux ys;kj wkqkaf. ux.,a, j,g ux w; ¯kag hkafk ke;sj lsh, ySka ySkshg úhdmdrhla lrdk ysáhu wE,shdjg hhso lsh,;a


We all were given 45 minutes for eating, drinking that is a day, during our official hours

I don’t think that I always use my 45 minutes for eating, I take my breakfast at office
So this something about my eating, and and about how Herman Sir, who is a teacher to me observed my way of eating :-)

 I always goes to him whenever I find a difficult word that I don’t understand. He is very clever in both the languages

‘She enjoys her eating‘

That is not what he said initially but later changed it to above after seeing my very questionable face.

All these happened during our very friendly very nourishable conversations.

During these type of good conversations Ranganathan sir too has things to add, about faiths and beliefs of certain cultural facts etc.
 I try to save, absorb almost all the useful things they reveal or expresses when ever I can, within.
Today he spoke of Lord Ganesh a bit, Hats off for all such good conversations that takes place within any structure of carrier or learning.

In addition to that I like to add following …………….
I think we should enjoy each and every meal of ours. Don’t you think so?
We should know what we eat, whether we take poison or not at least.

Often nangi and I forget what we eat when ever we start chatting about something, interesting or something not at all interesting   

I guess we should always maintain happy moods instead of sad moods while eating. That too I guess is right, right?

When we talk of ill wills or bad about others while eating, no good, if we follow something like that during our mealy occasions, the internal reactions may change and give not positive results in addition to that’ such processes will not provide any good stimulating facts to absorb or digest properly, what eat,

Normally, the fluids that flows from our inner channels - relevant, during our eating intervals, that would helps us to run, function the inner machines accurately.
And also that would provide enough of space to digest the things we intake, as mutton, chicken, fish egg or veggies, fruities, juices, dose, hoppers, strings hoppers, rice & curry

wmg úkdä y;,sia mylau ;sfhkj lkag fndkag

;lyksfhx y;s ou oud y¯ .;a; n;a tl ux lkafk T*Sisfhos

Tkak wo wfma yrauka ira ysá .uka lshdms fuhd kx fyd|g tkafPdhs lrkj lsh, lkfldg

tl uq,ska lsõfj kx ta úosyg fkfuhs
ux wymq m%Yafkg jvd uf. uqfKa ;sìÉp m%Yakdra: ,l=K oel, ira wka;sfïg jdlH bjr lf,a tfyuhs (-&

ux ys;kj wms lk fndkfldg lkafk lEuo jyo lsh,j;a wvqu ;rfu wjOdfkka lkag ´fk lsh,

t;fldg taj fyd|g weÕg Wrd .kakjd

we;=f, ueISka moaO;sh;a fyd|g jev lrkag .kakj

ta ú;rla fkfuhs taj fyd|g PSrKh fjkj;a tlal

ta Wkdg wkqkaf. l=Kq lkao,a fydh fydhd ldg yrs foia fojd,a ;sh ;shd lkag .sfhd;a ldrsh Wkag wrekag uqxg fkfuhs fyd| ke;af; wmsguhs

fyd|hs ux lshdmq foa yrs keoao ux wykafk

yrauka iraf.ka ux okafk ke;s bx.S%is jpkj, f;areï bf.k .kakj tfyu l:dny w;r;=fra wfma • rx.kdoka ira jákd lshk ixialD;sl foaj,q;a tlaldiq lrkj

ux tajd uf.a ysf;a fmdf;a ,shd .kakj

uf.a m%Kduh ta jf. ixjdo j,g