Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Bonds and the Neighbours …………………

The following terms; Bonds and neighbours are independent, distinctive, unique components, even in its literal meaning other than the deepest meanings of the terms. But, together it makes a huge difference to any meaningful sentence you write or say, when you speak of something related to its meaning.  ‘For example if you say, ‘the bonded neighbours’ that gives an even more total meaning.

The Bond or the Bandhan in Hindi, (?) Bandhanaya  nkaOkh / ne|Su  is a very important term in its social and cultural aspects other than in any other specific analysis.

Dore aiya  ‘s family is the our very nearest neighbor of our Kandy house, the Mahagedara, the house where we, the siblings, all lived together for a longer period before we all split in to various areas of the country. For example my sister and I came to Colombo and these days lives in Nugegoda my youngest brother lives in Madagalla in Kurunegala District with his wife since about half a year. I am not totally aware of his neighbours in the immediate vicinity but I know most the neighbours are relatives. So the bond, Bandhan or the Sambandaya (connection) is heavy there I believe because they are not just the neigbours but the relatives as well.

The bond that neighbours maintain with each other may differ to each other depending on the nature of the bond that they maintain wit. If the bond is long lasted one or if it is an old bond, often the neigubours maintain much closer relationship. The facets of the relationships of naigbours again, we can think of many. Some neighbours live closer but maintains a distanced relationship but some neigbours lives closer to each other and the relationship too is a closer one.

Depending on the Bandhan that we maintain with each other ‘we request things from our neigbours’, suggest, asks, opposes, help each other but never interfere their family things inaccurately. My father or the Dore aiya never had Ethical Power for that categorical decision making. I am thinking whether my relatives had such power NO I guess.    

My father until he died was the sole decision maker of the family and none of us go and ask Dore aiya for permission for any of the important matters of the Family because he is not the head of Household of our family.  Even now there is no way that my mother allows anyone to interfere any of the family matters or take actions or take decisions on behalf of my family because now after my father died my mother is the head of Household though as adults and independent individuals we take our own decisions personally.

In most the family dealings I know that between family members many discussions take place before something taking in to the ear of the head of household. Especially in this region we live (‘Asian part of the world) the household settings have not totally changed or liberated from the hands of the head of the household. We as Sri Lankans still do not take our matters major or even minor to the ear of the neighbor asking to take decisions. I hope even in India as Indians, still gives a fullest respect to the head of household when it comes to decision making of the family unit. Sri Lanka and India as the societies that have established under patriarchal norms and values, features, ever since the societies, the countries known to outside world have not changed in Family structure / frame work.

Discussions between family members give fruitful results when it comes to something to be decided. I guess I forgot to write I believe, in both the societies (pardon me I have to forget the other societies in the region for a moment) decisions are taken after few rounds of discussions with its family members.

I do not say that every master decision that a family take even after a loads of rounds of discussions are always 100% right or become successful because that involves ‘human capacities and understanding and in a family no surveys done before taking decisions solely depend on TRUST AND STRENGTH. The decisions taken with regard to main society and by a responsible authority/ party gives a different picture and are totally different from the decisions taken by a head of household of a certain family unit. BUT I believe if you take the SOLE MEANING OF TAKING THE FAMILY DECISIONS WITHIN THE UNIT there is no difference whether it’s a huge organization or a institute, country ITS MEMBERS AUTHORIZED HAS THE SOLE RIGHT TO TAKE THE DECISION ACCURATELY THOUGH THEY CAN WELCOME ANY SUGGESTIONS. The history of our country revealed the percentage of discussions that became successful and the decisions that were taken totally accurate or successful way AND THE FAILURES.

I believe the decision taken by the emperor Ashoka FOR INSTANCE to share the philosophy, the Buddhism with his neighbor country that is us SRI LANKA was all time successful decision and that was in the list of historical decisions any can view. That was worth not only culturally, religiously, or socially even politically because that decision which was taken by the emperor back then, strengthened the bond between the two countries.     

That was not in the near past. Let’s analyze an example from the recent past (1987) the decision taken by the Indian Government to intermediate the ethnic struggle of Sri Lanka that the whole country suffered for more than 03 decades.

I am not a person who have studied the INDO LANKA ACCORD which was signed between Mr. Rajiv Gandhi and Ex President Mr. J.R. Jayawardena in 29th July 1987, 100% but as a student who like to study all the historical agreements, political or cultural decisions made between certain parties or any parties related to any specific matters of the country very including the Ethnic conflict, according to most that is the term used to describe its facets I like to analyze a quote respecting my own knowledge , level of understanding without really saying anything about my personal views about the accord.   

We all know the result of the Accord signed back in 1987 but let me quote what Mr. J N Dixit has told about the agreement signed. I guess as the views of an Indian citizen, it is important to weigh what Mr. Dixit’s has shared and revealed and his views with this regard. If you think that Sri Lankans analysis or views with regard to the accord partial or shows a different picture, one can weigh the quote below, after reading it.

“The Indo Lanka Agreement failed because Rajiv Gandhi took the decision to sign the agreement on information and advice conveyed to him by his advisors, which in retrospect were inaccurate and over optimistic”

(Negotiating Peace in Sri Lanka: Efforts, Failures and Lessons / Volume One, 2nd Edition Edited by Dr. Kumar Rupesinghe)

Lets turn in to decisions of any other structure / institution of any possibilities of rates or percentage or success and failures again according to my personal understanding.

According to my personal views

-      How you get information on something is thoroughly important
-      How you weigh the information you collate or get via what so ever sources is important
-       How you Pre test or pro - test the information you get or how you verify the information you get is important
-      If you think that something became failure like above what caused for them to provide inaccurate and over optimistic advice or information to any party involved or that expect advice / information
-      What is the better way to differentiate the impartial facts and partial facts, on what basis
-      If you take a survey data collection parties / enumerators ‘what background / qualifications they hold’ is important. For instance for a medical survey that are very rich in medical terms and understanding an enumerator who has a sociological background may disqualify to collate information because he or she may less or no aware of the terms and facts that are very important to know before collating information but an enumerator with a medical knowledge background suits

-      I guess it is no harm at all to weigh the ‘ IMPACTS’ of what ever decision you take
     For example; impacts short term, long term

      And I know that some times not all the neighbours are well wishers or benefactors often you find strangers or individuals that may not expect your success but expect some benefit for them. careful when you choose sources of help.

May you all become wise not fools! Have an insight full life ahead!     


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ferrying Around Death .......................

No territory definitions allowed,
No cultural definitions applicable,
No particular shape or a size,
Decaying is the reality

No class,
No caste,
No highs,
But sighs

No colour is considered,
Within or surfaced ,
Any SKIN, Every SKIN,
Any brain , every Brain,
Any lows,
In laws,
Subject to this subject

The rich,
The poor,
The emperors,
The beggars,
The Women,
The Men,
The Neonates,
The Matures,
The Immature,
The Wises,
The Fools,
The Oppressors,
The well - wishers 
The Benefactors
The Fortunate,
The Fortune Tellers

Given and destined,
To rest but no tests,
Here after,
There after,
6 feet and Four inches ONLY

No applications will be rejected,
Self decisions,
Any creature,
VISA will be granted
No payment could be ‘powerful’ or useful

NO POSTPONED facilities given,
No materials could be carried along
Just the BODY

The wandering 
when Reach 'HEAVEN',
until then.....................
Could be rented
A place,

Until then 
The Body


COMPENSATED .................

take turns

No objections allowed
No appeals are heard
Nobody could be escaped
Can not be Caged ................
A full stop 
NO Commas,

NO continuity of WWW. com s 

FOOT PATH will be closed 

What Hacks 
Who will taps 

A Relief . 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cucumis Sativus

;that is the botanical identification of cucumber.
Cucumber is different from cabbage. Both Cucumber and Cabbage is different from Garlic. Every single thing of this universe has its own shapes and sizes and uses, tastes.
Gerkin belongs to the same caste of cucumber but again different from garlic. Gerkin is a veggie bit expensive to grow.  The origin of both cucumber and Gerkin is not this soil we live. I think they have arrived from somewhere else and settled in this land and since then decorating the dishes and cuisines of local dinning areas. 

 And it is even preferred and welcomes by any crews of Cruses as a famous very demanding ‘soothing factor’

Its antioxidant factors give young and energetic youthful, glow full look to its followers/ believers /the users. And Cucumber is well known as cooling factor like I said earlier when compared to garlic and ginger. But do not try to compare cucumber with ice cream or ice cream with fruit Salad. Every cooling factor is not similar or gives similar nourishment though some looks alike   

For girls and ladies it is an incredibly, ‘holistically a beautification component’. Cucumber cleansing milk, cucumber face masks, cucumber toners (This uses after cleansing face to close the open pores) these can be find in any popular shops, outlets that sells beauty products.  

Who said or introduces beauty products as pharmaceutical products? I have no clue as to how to use ‘paracetamol’ as a beautification product unless you need to use them after using wrong beautification products, expired or that was not produced under safe or secure environment.  You need to know bit of ‘medicine’ to understand ‘what can be used or should not be used as beauty products without getting advice from a qualified doctor.  There are ailments that can not be cured using beauty products or beauticians will not understand. I have not heard of any beauticians who do surgeries other than they refer their customers major health issues to a qualified doctor.

Plastic surgeons who is highly qualified to do surgeries to cure wickedness of faces or any physical damages understand and knows what to do and how to observe their patients until they are sure and confidence enough to discharge them.      

There are products made labeling ‘for external use only’. There are vitamins available in the markets that assures glow of skin, some external applications as beauty products after testing or getting the certifications of assurance from the relevant authorities that is to avoid side affects and any internal damages or external physical damages of its users.   

So cucumber according to my knowledge good as it is without adding any preservatives.  It has the magic of cleansing any facial dirt. And it soothes your eyes mind you. Keep two accurately cut slices on your tired eyes and lie down on your bed or on your sofa to eliminate tiredness trust me that gives you 100% results.
For puffy eyes and dark circles around eyes following is a remedy FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY

Grated a piece of potato                                            
Add bit of milk
Few Almonds soaked in milk and blended 
Add one spoon of bee honey
Cucumber juice (do not mix any water) and carrot take the juice out of it and add it to the mixture, is good for eyes even to apply as external application 

mix all these in a bowl stainless like a paste and it is ready to use

following things mustn't forget by the users  

Please Avoid contacting inner eye area because are eyes are a highly sensitive organ
Apply the paste gently around the eyes. Do not forget eyes are the most delicate and sensitive organ of your body.  Always use your fourth finger the ‘bonded finger’ to apply and massage your eyes gently.  Let it pat dry. And do not keep it over night that is not necessary. Practically it is not good to sleep with any make ups cleanse every make up before you go to sleep. Close your eyes after applying them while giving it a rest listen to some good music. Gives you pure results.

(Refrigerate it if possible and keep the excess paste for future use. Do not forget to air tight it properly.) 

Ah! Cucumber juice is sooooooo good to aid your thirst and to keeps the moisture level well balanced.

And as a business and as a cultivation ‘cucumber gives you chance to earn some profit. This is not hard to find in any local or international markets.

Here is the price list for a 1000 gms (1 kg of Cucumber)

Date inspected
Retail price
Place of selling
14 August 2014
Rs. 38. 00
Laughfs  super Market
14 August 2014
Rs. 60.00
A vegetable shop in Jubilee post
15 August 2014

People’s Fair ( Janatha Pola – Nugegoda)
Rs. 60.00
Trader 01
Trader 02
Rs. 80.00
Trader 03
Rs. 80.00
Trader 04
Rs. 80.00
Trader 05
Rs. 80.00
Trader 06
Rs. 60.00
Trader 07

Cargill’s Food City / Nugegoda
Rs. 66.00

Rs. 246.00
Japanese Cucumber

I am not going to analyze any prices differences or about buying price or selling price because that needs another survey.  And I do not know how much the middle person earns from bringing them to  town I think there are vegetable dealers who deals directly with the Farmer and with the seller in the market / town / shop other than that there are middle persons who earns rupees than the farmer. I guess it is not a new thing and it has been happening since the farmer started selling his harvest to another set of sellers or commercial settings other than to his own people in the same village and from the day that the number of consumers increased compared to past.  (Increasing population)  
For a Mixed Salad this may enhance your appetite. And for the Ladies who worried about their heavy meals and thinking about dieting this Salad gives no worries of fats but gives a lot of nourishing facts ( the vitamins)

Elegantly cut few pieces of cucumber
(Advice:  take as mush as you like but do not think of wasting any. Think of your Family size and the number of members consuming the salad)
Gorgeous Bombay onion few slices
Greeny green chilly
(I guess take only a limited number because some ones are very hot)
 Sensational tomato
(I think one or two is enough but if you prefer more add as you wish)
Enchanting Salad Leaves (just a small bunch)
 Rejuvenating lemon or lime one tea spoon full or as required (add depending on the size of the salad)
Brilliant bell pepper again add one or two
Courageous carrot just use one
A pinch of salt of solidarity
Powdered polite pepper one tea spoon/ or as you prefer (only if you like a bit of spicy taste)
Mustard powder mixed in nourishing yoghurt
Amazing an apple
Capable Cabbage a tiny piece 
Beans lets take four or five only
( advice : half boil the Vegetables) 
According to Ayurvedic medicinal remedy cucumber holds a cooling power it is good for heat. Ayurvedically, under certain circumstances or health situations cucumber is not advice to eat.

Locally, we prepare a curry from a mature cucumber, using coconut milk and adding relevant spices
Sliced cucumber,
Coriander powder,
Turmeric powder,
Coconut Milk
Well powdered or grinned mustard powder mix it to the coconut milk,
Curry leaves, red onion or Bombay onion, green chilly
Salt to taste

cook until it is fine to eat

Cucumber is a watery vegetable so before cooking this curry no need to add that much water if you are willing to add coconut milk after. Some add coconut Milk before hand and stir well while cooking the curry   
This can be grown in full sun and I think for household consuming purposes, tiny space is enough to grow  

so babes careful when you are consulting disqualified people for your beauty ailments or difficulties.  Every woman is beautiful every woman must remember that, i believe. what you have inherit from your biological father and mother can not be totally changed what one can do is to take care of their physical and mental health though it is so difficult in this complexes full universe we live.

Stay happy and healthy! 



Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Catches, clubs, coachers and commentaries

“Ohhhhhhhhh! It’s a magnificent shot Ganguli unable to hold the ball it slipped through his fingers ………… actually it’s a very sad moment for the team…………………”

“Sri Lanka is 170 for no wickets”

“Little Kalu is ready to face Ganguli again…… this time little Kalu hit the ball patiently but Ganguli is very conscious fully focused at Kalu and the ball didn’t flipped through his fingers”

“It’s a marvelous catch that is what you called ‘brilliant fielding”

 “The happy fans whistling and giving a huge sound applause and a standing ovation for Ganguli anf for little Kalu as well”    

“Little Kalu batted really well and earned 99 runs for the team that is a good contribution for the Sri Lankan team”.

“And the team has to respect this 99 runs and must plan rest of their overs intelligently without treating the ball in a careless way”.

“Over to you Rameesh Raja”

“Thank you Tony Greig”

“Yes I Agree with you Tony, I think the teams have to focus on every single aspect of the tournament as usual to win the match without giving any scores carelessly or loosing any catches”

“What do you think about the 99 kaluwitharana earned Ranjith (Fernando)”?

“I have seen him batting this well since he was playing at club level I think he is a brilliant innovation of this country but this is not the best of his performance that I have seen”

“I remember Brian Gomez once said when many of us, Premasara Epasinghe, Palitha perera, Kamal Deshapriya giving commentary at Rawel Pindi Stadium   ………………”

There are certain number of players in a team that can not be exceeded even with the extras, the additional players.  The number is limited. It is no easy for a youngster to become a member of any National Cricket Team unless they show their fullest talents, skills.

I do not say that joining a team is easy but I would say even after joining a team, ‘sustaining’ is the most difficult thing to do.

Their ‘performances’ is very important and that is what matters for a team nothing else. The team or a board does not need any long lasting armatures in a team but they need grown up mature players. Any youngster, immature player soon has to be matured otherwise they have to forget their dreams of becoming a hero of sports, lets say in cricket. I think it is no easy to be in the permanent list without really slipping or cut off from the list that board of selectors chooses.  No powerful committee member can delete any name from any list ‘if the player has shown his fullest abilities plus the skills in every match they play.

Recognizing talents; is the other most difficult part in this universe of sports reason is ‘ the talents seekers needs to have broad eyes and senses’ including no ‘ selfish’ mind. But it is somehow happening thanks to many good people.
Often, the elders do not have to teach their kids ‘how to make a kite’ but they make kites by looking at how their elders make them or else how their eldest siblings make them. But there are things that can not be learned just by looking at how others do and it is never easy at the beginning of something, for beginners specifically. The beginner needs a better training. But the good thing about learning themselves other than getting a proper training is, then any team can appoint them with confidence and the team does not have to worry about earning scores and owning the trophies with such enclosement.

We should not forget that cricket is an unpredictable game compared to most the games that exist in this universe. We can not forget that there is a limit that a trainer or a coacher can do. The players have to earn and design their own pages their own way. ‘They need to earn their own styles and strategies such has to be unique and non copiable.

Yes we know that kids learn by imitating others that is one of the ways to learn but sustaining is impossible if they do not come out of ‘the frames of imitating’ and think of earning their own unique styles of playing.

And the players should expect ‘challenges’ on and off grounds. If you are trying to innovate and introduce any new styles ‘do not forget that you need to follow the book of cricket’ and must expect ‘warning of using wrong techniques’ until it verify with a group of qualifiers , experts      

I am not blaming anyone. But the new guys do not need to think of innovating any similar or new versions of ‘Duhsras’ but something else if possible. Perhaps Darrel Haier was doing his job but for a player it is definitely a challenge. And how the player bearers these things depend on ‘the level of confidence’ of the player, that he himself holds within. If the team mates and rest of the society do not stay with him encouraging that would be the end of his sports carrier because such things very badly affect their carrier. So the ‘confidence’, the support and the trust of others around, is important inputting accurate technique is a must for any beginner or any one who think of sustaining in the field.  Similarly if we want we can apply these things to our personal or carrier or any other skills and its improvements.     

For a beginner to begin his sports carrier, ‘meeting a good guide / coacher is very relevant and indiscernibly, immeasurably important.

Any wrong judgment may leads to issues. So the match referees are important. I have seen some players gone for duck’, and some sadly moving towards the pavilion earning only 99 or 49. Isn't that a sad thing for a cricket player and for the entire team?   That is what cricket is all about. There are off peaks and peaks of any players’ carrier but sooner not later they need to cover it up. ‘What we count is over all performances. Nobody just weigh or measure ones performances just by watching one or two matches.         

There are no legends that have one same name. There are no too many GavasKars but only one. Similarly you find only one Garfield, Arjuna, Lara, Jayasuriya, Murali. etc They have their own styles never easy for others to copy or imitate their styles but there are indescribable number of things that the youngsters can learn from these legends watching their clips videos of matches played.   
They have not instantly appeared or coincidentally bloomed from somewhere or have fallen from sky. They are gems well polished and shaped. These talents were identified or recognized by their talent guru’s, trainers, coachers.   

Every sports activity or any job that exists in this complex universe we live has certain ethics, rules, regulations attached to the activity. Even to become a Geisha there are things to learn and practice I learned today by watching ‘The memoirs of a Geisha’ (a movie) 

The coachers can not observe hem from a distance and stay behind them every moment on and off grounds, I said earlier. ‘Protecting the earned name’ is important for a player. Try to remember the players who had to end their cricket carrier because of wrong decisions they made off the grounds.  When ever the players are batting well the first ones to appreciate their hits, performances are the commentators.  They get the report of how they have performed instantly. With suggestions mostly, the commentaries are full of advises and encouragements as well.        

To catch a catch or to hold a catch the players need to know or must learn the technique. The coachers teach them how to catch a catch technically according to what they have learned from the book of cricket. Additionally, for sure they might teach their players or share what they have learned by experiences, all the artistic tack tacks in order to catch a catch professionally and accurately. Every coach has his own style of coaching or guiding, instructing their coachees   

In tests ………………

Most catches
R Dravid (ICC/India)
JH Kallis (ICC/SA)
RT Ponting (Aus)
ME Waugh (Aus)
SP Fleming (NZ)
GC Smith (ICC/SA)
BC Lara (ICC/WI)
MA Taylor (Aus)
AR Border (Aus)
VVS Laxman (India)
ML Hayden (Aus)
MJ Clarke (Aus)
SK Warne (Aus)
GS Chappell (Aus)
AJ Strauss (Eng)
IT Botham (Eng)
 for more reading  …………….

How to catch a catch without loosing it, positioning on the correct place of the ground, the strategies that require to learn, the coachers teach their players. Am I repeating what I have already told earlier?       

Some followers from foot path for Mr. Dav Whatmore former coach of the world cup winning National team of Sri Lanka

The coachers can not be in on site / ground when their players are playing other than in the places where the organizers have allocated for them to be seated watching how their players perform in the ground

When it comes to coaching often the school level coachers do not get much recognition than the top class coachers who coach their players at club level, society level, country level or locally or internationally.

I think to identify or recognize talents the school level teachers and coachers play an immensely important role. If the coachers miss any talents during their process of recognizing talents, that affects the talent holders, the life of the talent holder. 

The understanding between the coacher and the coachee is essential here.
Coachers the talent guiders 

Name of the Coach
Duncan Fletcher
Waqar Younis
Pubudu Dahanayake
Chandika Hathursignhe
Kabir Khan
Darren Scott Lehmann
Steve Tikolo
Grant Bradburn
Marvan Atapattu
Sri Lanka

There are classic catches takers in the international history of cricket, Jonti Rhodes, Roshan Mahanama comes in to mind very before the others because of their art of taking catches. They are top class fielders in the international cricket teams of their countries

Any National board of cricket, I believe needs to have a very good link between the school coachers, club coachers, players, the heads of personally maintained institutes, or stately administered pools of cricket. That is to harvest ‘talents’
There should be a way to encourage ‘the coachers’ at grass root level’ this is important. I am saying this without really knowing the picture here and there in cricket world. I believe a board of cricket needs to tour around their countries to seek talents, interview coachers, meet them once or thrice a month. I do not know whether there is such a system. The link between every network is important, locally and internationally.

Talent seeking should constantly happen as a routine. Then there is no reason to be feared or afraid of talents or winning world cups or Asian cups, any tournament. At the beginning of Saheed Afridee’s matches I was little afraid to watch him playing because of fastest techniques what others had to do was to learn the copping strategies. I think if my memory is accurate I can remember his fastest 50.        

After this ‘Sri Lanka and Pakistan match ‘Jayawardena’ retiring from the test matches so ‘to fill the space we need to have talents. This is just an example. I know that ‘we have no issues or any problems in seeking talents because we have enough of them.

The national coachers association’ do we have one, district associations?
I am believe that the boards of cricket around the globe surely maintains a list of each and every coach, trainers of each and every school that uplifts cricket as a sport

I believe that we lack no instruments or tools at school levels. It is not possible to build a ground at each school premises ‘sharing facilities is perfectly alright’, cricket bats and balls, pads, small tools to watch demonstrated matches , old matches that mature players played. Every asset is important to distribute including a well trained qualified trainers, coachers. I do not know whether we have any place to train coachers attaching to the training the institute of cricket.

I believe that is why the village talents come to Colombo.