Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Darling, why you are so 'HIGHLY INFLAMABLE'

If that is the situation let be the match stick .....................

is the newly read budget reduced the prices again for a change? if that is true maintain your flame good for every flame, who fuels ahead their lives keeping their hopes and aims on four wheels or on a three wheel.

forget the haal ( rice) for a moment. let me give a sound applause for every sound deduction of prices. Please maintain.

and GO workers you cannot just go home evening without completing days' task , specially now you are getting 10 000 more a month addition to ex salary you get. collect the pay slips and justify your pay annually after reading the 'done or completed tasks of the year'. the babes also should learn the same. and i hope private limiteds also willing to support the team of changes'

what about fish' will , the prices of fishes (except shark and the gold fish) go  down or rise up?

Coconut and choco- nut don't let the prices '- stagnant' or stay 'still' other than keeping the prices below the 'price line - current'

i am thinking of the ones that rolls their days eating and living to a hundred rupee note, right now ' what are the things they get? for hundred rupees? i am sue that it takes a bit of time for you to raise their 100 / = up to 1000/= rights? , yet till then?

according to your figures 12% of the total population rolls their lives within a hundred rupee note ( 12 divide by 100 and multiply it by the total number of population of the country)

so have the figure ready?

so think of how fairly you have treated them from this budget?
and let us know ( Mister Ranawaka please help them)

believe it or not it is a good thing that you reduce the prices of kerosine oil that is important for any1 who goes for fishing in late night. what about the 'electricity' ? how are you going to electrify the 'electricity uses'? will the number improve in future? ( the total number of families use electricity) according to you there is still who live in dark' if my memory is right these days?

so to address that issue, any plans to be implemented within the 'three months plan'?  what if the 'hundred rupee families cannot afford to buy electricity, how are you going to fund them, donate electricity, pay in installments?

now obedient students, you will be getting Rs. 5000/= as your mahapola scholarship now 'keep the mouth shut and study' and payback when you earn something.

so this 'subasadana aanduwa', the welfare government might give you more than that to aid the thirst of 'getting , gaining, receiving without contributing' , enjoy

and the teachers, contribute more to the field of research, innovate something new without really sticking to 'old knowledge' think of how much you earn a month, comapred to others

basic salary =
cola? =
earnings related to examination work = 
( preparing exam papers, translating, ( they get paid separately for each task), exam supervision, paper marking etc)
academic grants =

so i believe any1 can be a good academic , no doubt.

(i am not cruely noting or saying this)

so to compensate what you should do is .....................

at least produce any of the documents in ' typed version' , do not produce any of the academic documents writing them on 'pieces of old printing papers'. do it academically. give everything you do an academic 'shape or a look'

complete what you have to complete without waiting till others ask you. ( applicable to every1, including me). without really trying to send your assistants 'shopping' give them a better place ( i have no such experiences) 

this is the 'computerized era' , if yous till look around looking for pieces of paper to write your academic things , what is your level of achievements'? give it a smart look you may have to go for that option only when you are in a different situation, for instance ,if you have 'no computer to operate your work'

above saves time

try to stay away from 'welfare mentality' if you are a student who does your learning according to distance mode methodology' 'EARN SOMETHING WHILE LEARNING' plus now you have Rs. 5000/= in hand. name few countries that student gets so much financial support other than you get?

so what is the striking situation?

never ever try to become the 'chess object of any politicians' babes, children', if not it is only you who face the 'CONSEQUENCES not the position or opposition parties, get this in to brain, alright : - )

do not expect any politicians or government to appreciate what you did? they exactly know it is the same method you might use when ever you feel against them as well.  that is the political reality'

now , 
children who wanted or supported you to do so? alright its your leaders ( students, any other groups?) where are they now? gone fishing or they come for every discussion you handle with present government or with the authorities?

some chairs of high universities, institutions are 'not belong to yakkha' i know that for sure. they are human. i beleive they have some barriers to over come when planning or changing, implementing new things, may they get wisdom!

now i am sure the total number of grant that each academic institution get from the government WILL INEVITABLY INCREASED?

Beware! even if any government reduce the prices of sugar 'maintain your sugar intake' babes

any high taxes for 'my sooor' or math - pen' , cigar, suruttu , beedee? if not let the buggers become burghers . careful they might not vote you : - ) , if you taxed their bottle of painkillers'

charity is good, but give it a undependable attitude!

the time is again arrives to hoist the NATIONAL FLAG in every inch of the country , remember this dear school children

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dear Girl of University of Visual & Performing Art, Some one has found your purse : - )

Conductor of Bus ND 8712 (Route Number 176 / Hettiyawatte -  Nugegoda) has found your purse with valuable ID cards and other cards. i refrain from mentioning your personal detail here, though i have your student ID and National ID details. So try and meet the good people of the bus, above mentioned.

All the best!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Who Pays your Salary?

you know who pays your salary and i know who pays my salary. we all know how we get paid and who pays and in what amount.  am i accurate?

lets say that minister Ravi Karunanayake gets 10. 000/= rupees and non minister Lal Kantha gets Rs. 6000/= as his pay. who pays both the salaries?

We pay their salaries. it is not the people who does vote for them pays their salary as a punishment. We all somehow contributing for their salaries, now and then.


who ever not a babe knows who pays what and who does not pay what

so what ever benefits, the ex or present government gives for its people valid or applicable to every person of the country. They have the decision making power but that does not mean, they have every power that can control lives of people. and nobody is controlled by each other. each and every person, institution has its own procedures to follow and that is independent, i believe. that is what you were arguing for all those years. Am i wrong?

control or controlling power is not a democratically stunning word. it has its own shape and size when it comes to using the term in its democratic meaning.  there are other democratically sharpen or coloured words that people or rulers or who ever on an authratarian positions should use in a careful manner, according to my knowledge.
i.e interferences, intervening , applicable for each and every party / individual. expressing your views on something does not mean you are interfering. you need to understand it as a unique term.

it is a good news for the Private sector workers, Rs. 5000/= salary increment. But it is good to have a clear understanding of ' the categories' of workers. because when it comes to private sector salaries their benefits it is not the government who bears the costs though they may get the benefit, unless you change the labour laws to enhance your theory of salary increment.

is it something to do with one's minimum wage?



Monday, January 26, 2015


i love the dialogues
i like the artists chosen
i like the way everything flows
i like the way that the director ( one of my favorites) has applied the theories of cinematography
i like the way that the poet has scripted it , screened it, MODULE the entire creation before his learners , fans, viewers 
The creation for me is a universal POEM  

The cinematographer Mr. Jayantha Chandrasiri is a marvelous creator who respect each and every creation he donates to the Sinhalese Cinema, i believe because of the way he crafts the entire creation without really harming the pages , incidents , events, facts of history

according to my understanding he has has read, studied everything carefully

i wish entire crew a meaningful journey of  creativity ahead !

My Thank you goes to the 'SINCERE PRODUCER; Mr. Gunapala for his immeasurable contribution


Sunday, January 25, 2015

This essay is not about 'MERUTUS' or MOREWINS

Drama and Theater , inevitably the most famous, closest fields of this world full of human creatures, various or complex, ever since the form of art captured the minds of humans through its respective plat forms , stages.

some i believe do not really remember the entire creation, form of art sometimes but the certain characters of the creation. For some it is not the characters but the entire creation. for some it is opposite to above mentioned. they find various reasons to rank or reward, award the creation and its characters , the performances. Remembering characters or the creation depends on the weight of the creation; the things discuss, the ways that the characters were formed, created, an also how they performed , recreated on stage. nothing is possible if the artists don't find a properly written script, and a good director to character the characters on stage. 

the actors , the artists who recreate, perform a certain character on stage, screen, don't specifically show their personal or internal pages but  'as the director says' or as written things in a script, written by another person called 'script writer'. so they justify the script or the creation beyond that they are expect to perform anything else or they are not hired, paid to perform their personal characters or what they personally want.

if you find any actor or an artist who perform any character of ones faiths or beliefs , examples revels that some people tend to worship those characters. Rajini Kanth of South Indian cinema for instance.

Among the West , in the earliest periods, it is only certain characters of Asian Creations were popular. or in Eastern or Asian or any other part of the world, the characters that were popular in Europe, West before industrialization took place, or Pre - techonlogical era , were not popular the way they are popular in West.  

though each and every art form has its own unique 'independent' qualities, features, today, for the popularity of each other, or its existence, the inter connectivity of those things affected massively or immensely, to a certain extent.    

the youth or any group who does not associate that much , any of the art forms started associating the other forms because of its support given indirectly or knowingly, or purposely. take television industry for instance, in the earliest periods when television settled in this society we live, quite a good number of songs, some dramas were telecast, though some argued that television is a threat to all other industries of arts, which is true to some extent at that time. advertisements also played an important role to existence or its popularity.

support of each other , even a tiny support should be considered if something catch the success of any independent art work.

balanced critiques, balance views of ' the parties , individuals who weigh their art works should be not in extreme points but somewhere in between, helps its sustainability.

Polonius, Hamlet, Sinhabahu, Maname, Julius Ceaser, all those creations or performing artists gets the attention of its respective fans, associates, at certain levels , in various levels here and there of this world. You find all time dramatists, artists in real or non real world in various forms or facets.

I am not in a position to say that the characters of Maname is better than the characters of Hamlet, i am not fool to say that i will not find any great characters or artists like ' Wijeratne Warakagoda', Jayalth Manoratne in any other future. ' People, characters, artists, any sort of individuals , their performances can be 'comparatively ''higher or lower in its ranking orders.

This world of fans are in a good position to understand ' the characters such as Brutus or Merutus very well, than the group of people who wear or have worn 'political masks'.



Friday, January 23, 2015

It is not always about PETROL or DIESEL

TypeEarlier Prices Current Prices
DieselRs.114/=Rs. 95/=

i spoke to about three three wheeler drivers yesterday, to get their views on recent 'Prices changes' of Petrol & Diesel. earlier i tried to talk to one of the Fuel shed owners in jubilee post but the manager was very busy preparing sort of a report to send to relevant section/ department, 'indicating the 'fuel - available balance' after the prices changes. That is a semi government entity. i manged to get earlier prices that i was not very well aware of because i am out of touch of fuel business reason is i have nothing to do with fuel though i must know the prices as a woman of this country     

according to them it is good that they changed the prices yet to get the maximum advantage of the price changes they expect this government to change the other prices of three wheelers parts and taxes 

for instance they say that they spend about Rs. 8000/= annually on for three wheeler parts, membership fees of the Three wheeler workers' society / organization etc 
so according to them it is hard to bear and difficult to give the advantage of price changes for their customers. Yet if the society decides they have to agree to the decision of the society. 
total kilo meters they drive per day is 150. unfortunately i couldn't ask the number of kilo meters they can cover from a 1 L of petrol. 

i am thinking whether they can get the maximum advantage from this unless the government think of reducing the prices of spare parts , taxes,Vehicle insurance (National Insurance corporation)  this should be done without really reducing the total amount of compensation they get after any incident,if any damages face or after any period of completion.

this basically affects very much for the individual who have obtain loans to buy three wheelers then the total amount of expenses a month, annual may increased and should be added to the above mentioned amount

and mustn't forget the PENSION SCHEME for the three wheeler drivers , is it this government who promised them as an election promise? 

i am not sure whether this can be done, but i guess it is good if the fuel corporation or who ever responsible can start sort of a 'CO-OPERATIVE METHOD, coupon system  where they can buy fuel from government sheds or have a sort of an agreement or a method also with the private fuel sellers  specifically for the three drivers , three wheel owners, who use three wheels and other tiny vehicles for their home based enterprises,government welfare , charity allowance receivers , beneficiaries, ( the Poor if you have found any who is struggling to cover their expenses from the earning of three wheeler) 

so if you start a sort of a system, even if they do not have any basic capital to spend on fuel any of the bad days they don't have to 'stay at home without doing the job' that will be a recovery method , if they have to face any sudden expenses ( accidents, repairs etc) if they have the coupon as an alternative

start sort of issuing a 'monthly season ticket' even to travel by Private Busses , that safe guards people's 'monthly travel costs'. i don't know how it is possible when the profit from season ticket should be allocated among the bus owners.

now the prices changes are not new to this country people specially it happens after every budgetary reading, or after winning an election as candidates ( Presidential specifically) promises during election campaigns

what we expect is 'continuity' of what you are doing, implementing, establishing, changing ( Prices) 

and i guess the 'after election corruption slogan of present government should be hurriedly put  to a 'the end' mode. otherwise people get fed up of hearing same song every day. and i guess it is intelligently important if you have any thing to say or share with the people of this country, 

firstly, as a citizen of this country i suggest ,

try do an independent, unbiased, investigation on what ever doubt you have, very before you share what ever information with the people , that is highly ethically and cause no damage or unnecessary damaged or tarnish any one's reputation (of any uncorrupted person).
if you have anything to say ' can say via the government spokes person' at a certain point taking the responsibility of what you are sharing with the public. you shouldn't share what ever you hear with the people at game kopi kade, pole, market, unless you get the certificate of accuracy of information from the relevant authorities. it is a ethical process i believe ,though you cannot separate any person , agent of government from the central authority. 

and i believe the Media also has a huge responsibility when reporting things that a person / persons, expresses without really getting the permission of authorized  to share information, to release what ever information to any of the other parties (unauthorized), public because the news travels globally. if not such proceedures perhaps give wrong pictures to the outside world, like some think ( public)

That is a good ethical political tradition to begin with, i believe. it is no matter how some outside parties get information of any internal sectors, communities via various networks( hacking and tapping for example)

it might take time to understand 'fabrications' , 'traps', etc 
therefore play an intelligent role before the public, i like to request. applying mud on other people after winning an election is no strange to this country people , avoid exaggerations as much as possible. 

if you foolishly act that may affect in the forth coming election, don't try to keep the public away from government media, and never let them bored, fed up of hearing slogans. You should not forget , the people of this country understand and have a certain picture of every politician of their history, people have ways of weighing things. 

Every election is different to a presidential election, i believe, no point trying to wear the common opposition / candidate uniform for every election'.  Your individual performances that is what matters here, when it comes to every election, i wonder.  

thank you!  




Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The SLap ............................

You can view, read or receive 'The Slap' via this address, newly created

A slap can be surfaced before you in any of the forms, with or without a reason, justifiable. it does not have any particular shape or a colour. and i cannot think of any universal theory or an explanation for ' a slap'. sometimes a praise or a phrase that we share or use for a person you know or don't know can be a slap for another. a appreciation of a person may appear before somebody else as  a slap.

i am thinking of the New (?) Parliament Session of the Newly Formed Government and what they going to address today. Is it an ACT or changing Sentences of the existing Constitution to Reduce, cut off, the 'authoritarian power' of the Executive Presidency' of the Country.  

honestly what i believe is this Government should abolish it as they promised. 
Reason is like what you are doing today, anyone who freshly to the seat of head of the country in any of the future day, era, MIGHT DEFINITELY RE-CHANGE the constitution that you are changing TODAY. if you can provide the LEGAL facts that the country people required to believe that 'it will not happen again in this country' share them with your people. 

lets have a look at the PROMINENT years that the constitutional changes occurred. Please add if i have missed any facts ( important), years or sentences due to my LACK OF KNOWLEDGE with regard to its changes over years, 1972 > 1978 > 2015 - the changed version of constitution     

'i am wondering whether new changes of constitution existing ( to be discussed , finalized today at the Parliament) gives us a hint as to ' failure to full fill one of their major promises, that is to abolish the executive Presidency', though this is just the beginning of the new Government, that is according to my personal idea. constitutions cannot be changed anytime any moment you want, right?

i have a question to The New Education Minister who said that 'he will remove the name 'Mahindodaya' from the list of schools of the country. 

Are you going to continue what all the ex politicians followed during their reigns by removing a name?

is that the way that you are trying to establish a change in the system?

IS IT POSSIBLE TO CHANGE THE INNER PAGES of the School system if you think that it is not up to your expected standard rather going in to ' changing the names and replacing something else'

what name you are going to use INSTEAD : - ) 

try to be a quality changer don't just use the same political traditions of old days , of old years of this country.

all the best for any meaningful useful change that you are going to implement 
have  a no  worry day!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Is that so? what about the rest ?

Look! friends don't think that i am trying to white wash anything of that we hear from the Political scenarios these days, wealth situation of some political characters for example, but all of a sudden something else came in to my mind therefore thought of sharing with you.


majority of them were with the Ex government for almost 9 years. If what i say now, perhaps hurt you, i beg your pardon for that, but what if they not joined you,  would you take a decision to check their wealth situations comparing their situations, earnings now and then ? ( considering their positional VIP facilities, for example TAX FREE purchases or anything that the parliament members eligible to follow)

i guess the rules and procedures should be the same for every politician. i hope you understand what i say, the question that i raise here i like to forward to the relevant authoritarian

if you answer or do any independent, unbiased checking i believe you get more support from the people than you can expect. without trying to wipe off the hands, washing the hands after sweeping lets give this a thought.

lets name this project or mission as ' cleansing the doubts'  i like to read the answers via good papers who never hesitate to report what is happening around the globe

Thank you! 

All the best to all of you!


Saturday, January 17, 2015

'Yesterday', the Latest is ready to read .........................

Press Rights: Foot Path
Date Saturday, 17 January 2015


Is it shame to have an OPPOSITION?

having no opposition is the Latest Trend , according to some, 'newly arrived', 'suddenly arrived' PRESSURE GROUPS' 

i am thinking whether they know ' the most important, political pressure group of a country is ' an opposition' Party. according to little, big, wise, analysts also of all new and old groups of all level , now the country is having a NATIONAL GOVERNMENT' which was not existed before or not apparent earlier. so according to them 'there is no chance for any opposition to exist' in the country therefore there is no need of worrying of any pressure from any outside part because every BODY is with the PRESENT government. 

so within the new government structure, governing methodology that is apparent that there is a huge space for democracy and is practicing good governance. Yet, practically they cannot be blamed because every body or is it 99% or less members who were with the ex government are now tied with the new government. some joined little earlier and then the other lot joined little after, or slightly before the presidential election, which is very brave according to me.       

for your perusal, forget the current head of the country, The President for a moment, apart from him, Rajitha, Patali, Nandimitra,N. Dissanayake, Rathana, ekee mekee nokee okkoma , the names that i mentioned here and not mentioned are with the present government so it is understandable it is an extension of a former government if you think of the 'members' other than the 'set of ORIGINAL UNPians'. So anyway that is the situation now. according to what so ever written in the Party constitutions, i.e. Sri Lanka Freedom Party constitution, automatically the President becomes the ' chairman' of the party, according to what i understood, is that right? 

but constitutionalized my knowledge if possible, if the Eksath Janatha Nidahas Sandhanaya' can promote or begin as a new PARTY , not as a sub section of the SLFP 'what are the chances to equipped as a  good opposition, i believe still there are some with the Eksath JNS group. Am i right?

about what some worried were the 'existence of the SLFP' now there is a group to look after it. according to my poor understanding it is good to register as a new Political Party or something. and work towards 'proceeding'. things takes times nothing would bloom within a day or so. gradually that would grow for sure. 

it is thoroughly important to have a strong opposition even though now you find there is no opposition party, according to some. Such a group always play a massive role and that always provide ' even for the present part to go on the suggested track'

i do not know why 'many' talk about staying in the structure as a PRESSURE group/s. What does it really mean? Are they not sure about the ways of working, governing methodology of present government or of  how they going to be acted in the future? 

Perhaps, it is because , they find most the ex's of former government now are with the current government, is that the reason?

what ever colourful words the current politicians of the current government say,use, exactly the way that they did earlier,( Ah! they have a very beautiful, democratic set of words) they are not going to criticize even if something that they don't like : - ( happens within the structure of the present government 


They do not want to lose their MINISTERIAL positions. i am not saying something NEW. That was how some justified they tied with the former government for almost throughout its entire period, without trying to quit.
Believe me that was what happened earlier. Take it as a lesson to be taught or learnt , or monitored.  

so it is a sort of a warning message from footpath, so then you can do what ever governing or pressurizing according to your own agendas of politics. 

LOOK! i am just an ORDINARY female who runs this blog for my own interests because THIS PATH IS NOT FOR SALE. i never believe that you must consider what i say here or things that i write here. 

so if there are any chances to rise as a new group not against the 'already riced group' but to lead as an conscious observation group, must think of that.  

look! soft artists, there is a limit that you can do as a pressure group though you gave your fullest support to the present government to gain power, you are not stupid i believe to think that any government should act the way that every other group that supported WANTS, 'changing their decisions, taken, already. 

If they do so, that cannot be a government. think of the number of groups supported the present government to get the power, come to rein. others might say that it is a puppet

for example even if you don't that much like the new Rupavahini Chairman's appointment ( i understand , your justifications) you cannot do anything. if you want to do something you have to wait until the next election comes, my friends

That is the political constitutional nature 

so will talk more about this later 

have not a pressure day! good for your health!

POLITICO Page      

Y Yco happy this much, that much, soooooooooooo much about DEFEATING former government?
what are you trying to say. Oooooophs mind your tong i like to remind. So Yco now the former leader is not in action the present leader is what you think? 

aha ! enjoy 

do you think that you can drum from South expecting here group to dance according to your tune. Babe finish creating the melody? have it safe

Health Wise  

for itchy 'Noses'/ any nostril issues footpath suggest all creatures, immediately consult, some brain at 'ENT' ( Ears, Nose, Throat) unit of any big hospital, give your nose a full check up

Commissions and Emissions

i am not addressing , the Jefferson's, Gabriel,s, Davids only, i am addressing every  brain group of 'con' tion' creation  

Noap  i am not going to say anything about Executive Presidency, i am trying to enhance my knowledge about ' establishing commissions' 

what is the legal protection of such establishments in the long run , sustainability of any commission

is there a chance for an future executive president to change or cancel the commissions that the present government is going to establish? if they giving us the point that they are not going to ABOLISH THE EXECUTIVE PRESIDENCY but allocate power to commissions to be established or to any other person? 

according to their election EXECUTIVE SONG' it is filthy , vomitish , it is harmful for a yahapalanayak, better governance ( according to not only rules but also ethics, norms, values, cutlure, every package of good human) 

Oh! God help the people of this country, we will be getting another chance to hear the same 'executive abolishing song' during the next election to be held', after six years

N U M E R O L O G Y corner 

Aney DASA HOROSCOPE !!!!!!!!!!

A person who predicted about 'victory of former President' now saying that ' he was afraid of him' of him and didn't mention that he was going to lose
and this man i m talking about is a so called '   person who knows to write the fate and destiny of politicians ( alas!) and is a person who won 'INDIAN EXCELLENCY AWARD' from INDIA for his genius knowledge

any Sumanadasa! 

Alright what his well wishes can now do is, for the sake of his good living, organize a huge shanthi karmaya , POOJA or DEVIL DANCE, any religious ceremony to abolish his fear

poor man! May you, the country men, get wisdom to read horoscopes accurately ! 

start classing , tuition to get some intuition 

Readers ' Attitudes   

According to some readers, it is the INDIAN GOVERNMENT who defeated TERRORISM totally not the FORMER RAJAPAKSE government. and also according to him it was them who started it and it was them who eliminated it. : - ( 

He explained very logically , let me not mention it here, perhaps in another time 

so what i am trying to mention here is ' what is the point hammering or imprisoning ' KP (?) for assassinating RAJIV GANDHI    


and there were other things he discussed with me so friendlier way 

Wise Followers  ( quote of the day) 

'Followers always protect you where ever you go', LOOK AFTER THEM

after reading a page of history, a certain character of past came in to my mind. 



CAREFUL OF OVEROPTIMISM? and what else reader to think ...............  


WILL NOT PUBLISH TODAY , sorry to disappoint you readers .................. 



Wednesday, January 14, 2015

TO ENHANCE THE CONCEPT OF Multi National, Multi Religious World with UNITY , PEACE & HARMONY


Monday, January 12, 2015

The Game of POLITICS

if what ( all or some) i am saying here does not fit in to the size of your head you have sole right to ignore wearing the hat.

these days it is cricket season. on my way to Colombo from Kandy, i listened to the Match between New - Zealand Vs Sri Lanka.i always enjoy the commentaries because those are not just sayings about the match or about games it is about life in general

i have a feeling that a cricket match is a package of life lessons. It has everything written  

But thankfully cricket is a game that most the 'gentlemen', in its meaning, are involved, if you take Sri Lankan Team for example, though you find match fixing in some part of the world.

'careful about your actions' sometimes you hear commentators advise, why, because they know the game and the pitches, players better, than the ones who does not play or have learnt the game. It is not just the coaches that gives you or warn you of your way of handling the bat and the ball, your play in the fields, grounds,the commentators too give you advises though the players of cricket, don't get chances to listen to their commentators, on the spot, at that very moment  but at the latter stage, perhaps during an interval, changing or relaxing rooms.

so after listening to what most the people of the same game and watching all the actions and reactions of political arena of the country since quite sometime, i learnt that even though you find a new selection committee of politics this time, the majority of the players are from the old team. And they are not just new members of parliament or ministers that you have not seen before, some of them have completed almost 9 years with the former government.

Believe it or not they are well experienced players in the game of politics. i am saying this , thinking of their ' jumping plans, including. Further, 'how some of them planed things secretly staying with the former government, within the setting, without letting anything leaks to happen, or things to flow in to the brains of the Intelligence services, because i don't like to say that they got the support of the so called mentioned groups. i know that is not ethical or lawful, therefore i refrain from noting something like that.

What a government expect from their team members is 'loyalty' and if they don't agree to what is happening they have the sole right to give the resignation letter and leave the positions.

i am glad to see that New President is following one of the philosophical theories of Buddhism of ruling, living as his vision of missions, 'Hate cannot be eliminated by Hate' 'Nahee Werena Weraani', if he constantly saying it practice , no wonder the people of the country expect it to happen not only from him but also from his members

i don't know whether it is just the President that follows the theory, above mentioned, not his team members, we need time to come to conclusions. But according to what i just observed, some talk in anger, some practice slight prickling.

And i have no idea as to why there was sort of a 'protest before the court' was going on today in the earlier part of the day, if you are given any other choice to solve if there are issues with the top chair of Courts system. Here do not forget who was in charge the top position earlier, (Minister of Justice) other than the superior of the courts system. i believe 'you cannot chant the mantra, always, saying that 'there were not enough space to take decisions independently' if you say so as a person responsible to justice of the country, you must quit, do you see any justice or fairness in my words ,some , i noticed, say that to take care of their coats. ( i am not pin pointing any person, like i mentioned in the earlier paragraphs you can either wear the hat nor throw if what i say don't match with your behaviours or actions.

It is really good, if Mrs. Shirani Bandaranayake's hands were clean she should get her position back, if not her heart should witnessed and she must be staying away from the position respecting the deepest meaning of the book of laws i like to mention.  i truly like to know, or read if possible how some justified her leaving the position earlier now justify her return. don't forget we can remember every word and saying of most the groups. and i am not deaf or blind totally.

so in this game of politics, i find it little difficult ( not that much though) believe how some used the stage of politics to defeat the oppositions now have joined the same groups they batted so harshly. i am thinking how this team would function in the future specially now we have seen their earlier faces and the faces of the current. how they criticized things.

don't get angry for saying, that is not good for your health : - ) for any person it is so important to represent your 'policies so steadily' i guess it is so good if you not let the people of this country laugh at you thinking or analyzing this and that, specially if you murdered the former President by using every word you knew like you say ' your mada paththare' for example. Let me have a copy of it little brother, perhaps i can remind you things when ever you need or forget things.

So it is the same pitch you are playing, the pitch is called 'politics' and the players are also same though some of them you didn't see in the previous team, government. Some i have seen not in the former Government but in some of the earliest governments. i have seen how almost all of them have played in their earliest matches,since what so ever years.

And how they did justice to their respective positions, we have a picture. So no extra clarifications are essential to understand the game specifically and about the players of various physical features and internal features.

see i am not a political creature that understand the game so perfectly, but i know when a calf takes its turns towards a certain area , what so ever area, what aim, to eat that plant, hot plant, bitter plant or something else.

Some bear bitterness for some reasons.

If you think 'they / we don't get the pension unless they/ we don't stay within the position for entire expected number of years, therefore they/ we must stay supporting.

OR, And if they / we don't support they/ we might have to go for an election and the result of it is 'they / we loose the pension. SO you quit or support, the choices are before them is that what you are saying, i like to ask? support in the sense, for the hundred day mission , i guess they need the support of the majority (2/ 3? or more) you guys were saying that you already got the 2 / 3 of the team with you in the parliament, i am asking because i need more clarification.

i say if you can sacrifice give your fullest support because like you insist we, the country in no need of any executive presidency positions.  though i can list supporting or justifying 'why it is essential to have' such an position like i argued earlier but my words no important here, what the leader of the country said is highly important  here. The mission or vision of uniting as a common opposition yeardays are important in what i argue with you today. According to my understanding the Present President is or was not interested in the executive Presidency , he came in to position to Abolish the Position.  If you can win that challenge you can easily ( i hope) achieve the other targets.

I like to ask all the above questions because i guess as an individual of this land, i have the right to do so, if i am not mistaken.          

i am a woman who likes to supports when ever any person does something good and i have no habit of forgetting if you do something good for this motherland we live.
i guess don't just boast of your victory ( for some i say) be humble and lets see you working' , and please try to remember how you formed the group, who did what to full fill your desires. and if you feel insecure of any previous actions taken by your team members, be careful, who knows if the same boomerang you will not get time to regret

it is so good watch any match sometimes, sitting somewhere from the other end you don't have to sit in the Pavilion always to watch a match, there are other ways too

take care    

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Farewell to the Former President of the Country and Congratulations to the New President of the Same Country

i am looking forward to gain, as a person of this land, what the Present President of the Country Promised to the Nation

Most importantly as the 6th New Executive President, i as a woman of this land Expect to get the benefit of his major election Promises

# 01 ' ABOLISH THE EXECUTIVE PRESIDENCY'  as one of his ' The Hundred Day Mission' Programme, the Project.

And the rest i am sure he will grant as he promised one by one.

i also like to believe that he would take every action to protect the ' continuity'  of his promises without really changing it from time to time. For example you have promised this Nation that he would for sure reduce the Custom Taxes and make sure you would provide the space to give 10 essential food items for a bearable price ( according to your promise) and for the Transport people to enjoy their living  Petrol for Rs. 90/= few of them to note here.

As you said if you found people who tried their day to day living genus with Rs. Hundred a day might get a solution.

Congratulations to the New Prime Minister Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe as well. and as a woman of this land i was happy to see you becoming the Prime Minister as the President Promised to you and to the People of this Nation, earlier.  

And though we heard few issues as a woman who run this PATH , foot path like to THANK every one for maintaining the Peace & Harmony during the Election Process , i salute the COMMISSIONER OF ELECTION, THE POLICE who managed to do their DUTY as a important Unit of the Nation, The Country, including EVERY PARTY MEMBER, PARTY LEADERS,


and their 6% DREAM OF ALLOCATION should be granted




Monday, January 5, 2015

May Triple Gem Bless you all, here is what i have to remind you today

I didn't know that the pictures of our President Honorable Mahinda Rajapakse' s Pictures were burnt and dishonored by some groups in Malaysia. what is very sad here is that they have used their very little children as well for that purposes. It is again truly sad and i have no words to say how cruel it is to follow such activities to release their anger to show how they demanding the Terrorism. and it is needless to say how they get support from some people, groups in most the part of the world. 

And what they want is very clear they want OUR PRESIDENT to resign from the Presidency. WHY?
Reason is again thousand times clear. They want the Opposition candidate to come to ruling position because otherwise if the President stays in the Position what they want will not get. The try their level best to do what so ever is possible to support the person they want. It is very clear that what they want is easily achievable when a Puppet is in big position of the country. 

Please read the following published in Daily News Daily Paper ( Monday,05th January 2015) to get a better understanding of what i say. The information can be obtained if you read the following front Page article titled as, Maya on LTTE terror – high throws in her lot with Sirisena too

There was a very useful article also published in the same Paper ( Daily News ) today the article explains very well 'why the Common candidate cannot abolish the Executive Presidency'. if that is to be achieved things that should be available within the 'Constitutional Legal Framework'.  therefore the facts and picture that they are keeping before the public should be questioned. therefore what they are promising to people cannot be attained within 100 days. perhaps the Common candidate and his team can study the situation after 9th staying relaxly at home perhaps in next election they can come up with a new agenda. To get a better understanding please read the article here is the link  The article is written by an expert who knows the subject very well.  The common Candidate cannot abolish the 'Executive Presidency'

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Wka WU,f.a wkd.f;a n,d .kshs lsh,o

ú;rla fkfuhs n,d.ks,a,d wfma ckm;s;=ukaf.a fn,a, b,a,k mdovhkaf.a ;j;a tl uqyqKqjrla fï tl fmdä WodyrKhla ú;rhs fï úia;fra m,flrefka fâ,sksjqia m;a;fra b;sx ta uoehs WU,g hula f;arex .kag Wjukdj ;sfhhs kus

fmdÿ wfmalaIlg úOdhl ckm;sl%uh wfydais lrkag nE lsh, kS;s jsYdrofhl= lreKq fmkajd fokjd talg fâ,sksjqia m;a;fra jsia;fra ;sfhkj WU,g TSka kx n,d .kag mq,qjka ux wykafka tfyjs miqnsul WU,d fudlg /jfgkjo Th foidndk fndre mqrdfcare l:d j,g lshdm,a, n,kag

i was born in 1970 so i am 44 years by now. so i want no explanations from others to understand adequately, not only the Political history of this country but also the Socio, Economic situations. i just don't parroting things here. i even as a child eye witnessed many things. we were in Jaffna in 1976. i saw how some things just began though i was not in a elderly position to understand what was happening when some block the routes of the Armed forces using the trunks of thal and kitul trees. i also eye witnessed, heard how some justify those things of past, including the reasons for the terror group, the LTTE to arose.

i am wondering whether the big opposition was informed of the facts as to why the Diaspora left the country, leaving the very poor Tamil People in the country, who were also battered by the terrorists and its situation created like forcefully taking the children away from their parents for a tiny example, at that time in Jaffna Peninsula.  If they were, are that care about the people of Jaffna now, who is living that part of our country, peacefully thanks to the country's peace situation, today why didn't they think of sponsoring at least a single Tamil person at that time. what did they do for the benefit of such people? other than strengthening the LTTE by fund raising and sending them to the country. like you all know they have not stopped that exercise even today, because they know that there are plenty of groups, people who supports and provides security to do so. who protected the innocent Tamil People of this country now and then, can you tell? 

The Armed Forces and that was assured by the Honorable President. And i guess enough of appreciation is not sent to Mister Gotabhya Rajapakse for giving all troops a satisfactory and very methodical, accurate lead, through this path, footpath.    

i as a citizen of this country take this opportunity to thank you and your massive battalions, troops, of all forces of all levels, and civil forces. Thank you Sir!   

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WU,d iuyrla lsõfj tajg b;sx fya;= ;sfhkjfka lsh,d

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oeka ljqo lrKjEñfhda lsh, ys; ys; bkafka ke;sj wy, fydh, oek .ks,a,

some when they go passing me says things to insult me. i care not. but the truth is what was happening in the past was very filthier than a flatulence of digested food. and what they forget is that even in high class toiletting order is not a strange thing. some who talks of big scents of life should understand this , i suggest. so let me come in to my point, though you talk of bread, yam, potato, or about rice there is something that you reminded me. thank you for that. have you heard about then situation where you had to wait in long queues to buy a kilo of rice. now you talk of manioc or about ala bathala ( types of yams) it was never easy then to find at least a single branch of manioc plant because everyone wanted to grow something in their home garden because of lack of food, each the family was given a certain amount of kilo it was not adequate even for a single family unit. i hope you have not forgotten that those days it was more extended families there other than the nuclear families, in what year, i am sure you can remember. everything was not easy. kerosene also was one of the things lacked that was essential  because there was not even 40% of the areas were with electricity facilities. 

i believe how some cheated the people of this country by promising bread for just Rs. 3.50 rupees ( a loaf of bread) but what happened soon after they came to throne it increased like nothing. what economic analysis the experts can provide for such changes. Don't tell us that was because of the world flour situation and its price fluctuations.        

apart from the blessings of Triple Gem, Jesus Christ, Allah, Lord Ganesh we need a leader with following qualities, the leader who always stand by the side of the country,a leader not with any terror groups, a leader who helps, provide Protection, care, for his entire country,a leader with brave qualities, active, and most importantly with a strong back borne that is not export from else where or from anyone he is none other than the President Rajapakse

Long live our President!  

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uu lshkafka WU,g f;rejka msysg fcaiq msysg w,a,d fojshkaf.a msysg .K fojshkaf.a msysg wereku fydo kdhlfhlaf.a msysg Wojs wdrlaIdj wjYHhs ta kdhlhd ckm;s uyskao rdcmlaI ue;sÿka     

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The dignity, the Prestige of white house, # 10 Downing street and THE ARALIYAGAHA MANDIRAYA

Because you always take example and fond of taking examples from west and east of this world and their political plans and economic plans to justify or clarify things internal, local though it is not right because we all belong to different socio, economic, geographical and political historical backgrounds in this world map, i thought it is good to take some examples from the west this time to clarify what i m trying to say thinking that you would understand it better.  'Insulting a place, good things done, initiated by the present government, will not add any good to the political agendas or policies or thinking of the opposition candidate.  it is a cheap way to earn votes i like to say. 

I guess it is easy to understand and it is totally relevant if you try to understand the idea, the political policy hidden in the following things expressed by the opposition candidate Mr. maithripala Sirisena. He emphasized that by any chance if he wins what would happen to the araliyagaha mandiraya. He said that it will be a place where the creatures such as cockroaches, rats will be living in the future if he wins. 

The Araliyagaha Mandiraya is not just a place or an ordinary residence it is a place where a lot of historical decisions taken, memorable political discussions took place, and incidents happened. 

And it is the official residence of officially allocated for the Prime minister of the country but currently that is the official residence of the current president but he didn't let the official residence of  that is there for presidents to live to abandon or ruin.  knowing that taking care of such place is not just something ignored or neglected that should not be a place where cockroaches or rats should be leading therefore i believe justice should be happened to such places and such should be protected. 

My goodness who should give such people vote? those are not just buildings am i right? and those are not just buildings

If any candidate of America says ' i will let rats and cockroaches to live in white house i am not going to use it' who will vote for such a person that does not understand the value or the dignity such places hold? white house is a place where Lincolns thought slavery should be vanished from this world map, it is also place good hearted president Kennedy lived, and some expanded the house adding some areas to the house.  one of the west politicians, Mr. Tony Blair is one of my favorite politicians mainly because of his labour attitudes he didn't say just before he departing the place , # 10 dowining Street ' i will not let any other candidate to use the place i will ruin it before i leave. he didn't say anything like that.     
such things were said not because of anything but because of cruelness anger hate and political inability of the opposition candidate 

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What do you know about Decentralization?
ldraHhka úuOH.; lsrsu ms<snoj Tng we;s jegySu fln÷o tys we;s jdis wjdis ms<snoj Tng we;s ;lafiarej l=ulao

Like some ex ministers says for example like getting relevant loans for any particular authorities, where they have plans to be implemented, any projects to be enhanced, improved, in order to provide a better service applying for loans should be done by the main government but according to what the Ex minister power and energy says government has given such responsibilities to the relevant authorities government not appearing as the loan taker, borrower. I believe that is excellent I don’t think that every task should be shouldered by the head of the state and if any head of state does everything himself or using dictatorship using the power of executive presidency that is very bad. Even in decision making that is something that we should be feared of if others say every such thing should be done by the main government without really letting the other responsible heads to shoulder the responsibility if do so that will lead to malfunction of any institution even if you think of the load of the work it is a practically inappropriate decision.  but according to the ex minster P.C.Ranawaka such responsibilities were given to the authorities and according to him that is bad. What is good he suggests is that like a dictator even in taking loans , applying loan for instances relevant decision should be done by the main authority, the government.  I say that is dangerous when the authorities or departments don’t have liberty or not given responsibility to towards the inner or outer plans of the ministries, for example. It is not something like you see the main administration is staying away from the responsibility or handing over the weight of the work for instance getting a loan, to the departments , ministries what you forget here is any main admin system cannot be stayed way from the responsibilities of MONITORING part of the work and they should be responsible before the public that is mainly one of the main duties and responsibility of the top admin position, the president. so there is no logic in what ex minster says.

i.hsks rcfha ysgmq weu;sjrfhla jk mdG,s pïml uy;df.a we;eï m%ldYhka ;=<ska udyg jegfykqfha rdcH wdh;khla hkak rgl wdKavqjlska tys mrsmd,kuh jHqyfhka msgia;rj mj;skafk flfiao hk j.hs

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tfia fyhska lsisoq wfhl=g WodyrK jYfhka hus wxYhl wud;HdYhl uQ,H lghq;= ms,snoj jqj tys wxy m%Odkska tys uq,slhd jk m%Odk weu;sjrhdg j.lfuka je,lS isgsu l, fkdyelsh  tfiau ish,q lghq;= ksis f,i wOSlaIKh tu by< n,Orhdf.a j.lSuo fjhs

tfiau tu weu;sjrhd rgl m%Odk jHqyhg ;ukag mejrs we;e wud;HdxYho wh;a jk w;ru th rfgys wfkl=;a wud;HxY f.dkafkka tllg njg jegySula ;snsh hq;=h tfiau tys hus fkdlghq;a;la isoqjkafka kus jqj by< j.lsj hq;a;kag jdra:d lsrsu meyer fkdyer l, hq;a;la jkafkah rgl m%Odksfhl= tkus ckm;sjrfhl=g mejrS we;s j.lSus yd ieioSfusos wud;Hjrfhl=g mejfrk j.lSus w,am jkafka tu tfgys m%Odkshdg tu ish,q wud;HdxY wdh;k j, ldraHhkays wjika uqLH j.lSu;a ck;djg j.lsj hq;a;d;a t;=uka jk fyhsks tfia kus ;ukg mejfrk ish,q ldraHhka ksis f,i bgq fkdlrkakka fj;akus wdh;k wud;HdxY Tjqka mrsmd,kuh jYfhka oqraj,hka nj wmf.a idukH ms<s.ekSuo jkafkah

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when the ex minister of Power of Energy, P.C. Ranawake describes or explains things attached to other main or sub admin  units, ministries its activities, or governing activities of the overall admin  structure called ‘ government’ he should be easily questioned of the activities and the mis functions of his ministry assigned responsibility. Example; he was the overall responsible person naturally of following tasks. Only some tasks and responsibilities are mentioned below. He was responsible like any other minister or governing body is responsible of their institutions responsible, its acts or actions, plans, very including the financial activities, financial management, maintaining its funds, allocations, what ever money, its accurate handling, expenses and profits earned, things saved for the ministry for its future sustainability he must answer as to ‘how was it possible if you are a that genius who knows to provide data of this and that, the reasons to for some money to disappear in to some other persons pocket or in to account (?), as the over all responsible person of the ministry you must know all those accurately.

So he explained that he was unaware of it right? If that is true, What is the worth of the economic rules and theories that he explained through his book alapalu if he himself was unable to looked after the financial matters of his ministry and if he says that he did not aware of the money misplaced or stolen or taken. How practical is what he discussed when he was failed to practiced the same when he was the responsible person.

Every single department or the ministries minor provincial or district admin bodies other than the private sector institutions entities every other known as government entity admin division institution is administered by the main structure, the main administration structure that is called a ‘government’.  State institutions cannot be lawfully excluded from the main administration unit called government or state. Correct me if I am wrong here. 

So the main government is not exclude from its responsibilities overall and nothing has happened that sort. Therefore what he said with regard to government institutions taking loans, without government's direct involvements become useless point. what he forgets is that finally it is the overall the responsibility of the government and that is happening.  And government is not mute in issuing any details attached to loans taken even though the people of this country very well aware that to start any development projects the ministers or any head cannot provide money from their own salaries or from their own pocket but the government has to find ways to repair, res begin, establish new projects roads , infra structure, or any massive projects 

If you say that the government is not appearing as the borrower or the applicant of the loan but the departments or state institutions does it what logic you are trying to prove? 

There is a way that each institutions functions and to understand you need to understand, at least slightly, of the government and its internal admin network system, for example 'how things happen within the framework of  ‘bureaucracy’, you might understand it definitely. Because things you express shows your poor understanding on things of the admin systems (for your perusal;   Head of state > Prime minister > other ministers> secretaries to the ministers > department heads> secretaries >  this is not the end it links up to every grass root level i.e. grama sevaka  > 

The Principal Administrator of the Government is called  (according to the system we follow and practice in the country we don’t have a sort of monarchy here)‘ the President’ 

These days you are entangled with the dream of achieving presidency therefore you have forgotten most the other things.
So that too revels something according to what the ex minister expressed what he expect is to even loan taking should done by the main  government with out really handing over some responsibilities to each ministry or department, admin structure .  he expected every decision making like even the relevant decision ( not possible to handover the overall decision making , are you aware of that?)regarding activities, plans taking loans should not be done by the relevant authorities but by the main government that gives us a picture of sort of dominant features of state administration, But when you see that tasks and responsibilities and freedom and sort of responsibilities are not decentralized and the  sole responsibilities are not handed over to the heads of particular sectors its also proves the same things but what is happening within the present governing strategies of UPFA is different to what he expect and explained.  When you see activities done according to a decentralized methodology you cannot say that is incorrect. That shows how the top level trust the abilities of their sub admin units and heads of such units. And that not only provides fast and efficient working environment the same can satisfy the service gainers of the relevant ministry.   

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ta tod wdra:sl kqjKh ke;akus lreKqh 

tfiau ysgmq ckm;sksh jk pkaøsld nKavdrkdhl ue;sKsh úiska nqÿ wïfuda uu oekx ysáfha kE tÉprla úlsKqjd lsh,d i;a;hs rdcH foam< jslsKsu hus rchla ,dN ,enSu msKsi Ndjs;d lrk ,o wdra:sl kHdhd;aul Wml%uhla f,i .sKsh yelso

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let me mention a few things to understand the economic policies and theories  of then Governments first and foremost let me remind some of the government properties that Ex President Chandrika Bandaranayake sold out total in number about nearly 10 government properties. Why? because the government was unable to manage such  properties properly (managing any entity includes everything) due to not only poor  economic strategies of then government also of inabilities, further that provides us a picture of their inefficiency with regard to economic policies.

And it is a sole duty of any head of any state to protect such institutions properties that is not because such things initially were built using the financial earnings of the country, such are people’s money. No head of state have ethical not executive right to sell any of such entities of any country therefore the same governing rules applicable to this country as well. 

Did she use her executive power to sold out such government properties? 

And when the present government had to win them back it was not easy because they had to pay more than the amount they were given when the things were sold out to get it back. 

I don’t know whether the ex minister P.C.ranawake knows whether the money from selling such entities went to any state account of any state banks or in to accounts ( personal?) else where? Any ideas?  

Can she justify her decision to sell the government properties not her own belongings?

furg ñksiqfka Tn wjosfhka kï Tng u;l kï rdcH foam< 10 g wdikak m%udKhla ish fm!oa,sl nqo,hla hehs is;d jsl+Kd oukakg lghq;= l, ysgmq ckm;sksf.ka wm wiuq Bg wjYH n,h wE ,nd .;af;a wef.a ;k;=rska wEg ,nd oS ;snq úOdhl n,;, Ndú;fhkao lshd 

th ;ukg ;snq n,;, wksis f,i Ndjs;d lsrsula hehs ud lshkj 

fjdagraia tca .Kqfokq .ek fjk wh lshmqfoka ta yeufoau u;la lrk tl ta whf.a j.lSula ug oeka we;s fj,d fï .ek ys;, lsh, ta ;rug ;j foaj,a b;srshs lshkag th furg jeisfhl= yegshg j.lSula f,i i,ld ud jsiska lrkakla  

Sathosa was one of the establishments that showed no significant improvements when the ex minister Ravi Karunanayake was responsible of its sustainability.

But the result was something different the institution lost in its profits due to the inappropriate decision taken by the then responsible minist er Ravi Karunanayake. 

For example he decided to keep the outlets open 24 hours due to this a lot of money was needed to allocate to pay the salaries of the workers, for example over time payments. Normal working hours of government offices is 8 hours but normally these outlets are open till 9.00 but when you expect them to work until morning the efficiency of workers get disturbs, they get bored not only about the payments but also to maintain the buildings 24 hours with all the facilities electricity workers refreshments, when not a single penny is earning is huge. those were definitely the reasons of its lost in profit then. I believe though I am not an economist I guess using proper economic plans, implementation plans is essential and it shows a lot about abilities, accuracy, applicability of the economic policies of then government the sathosa today is doing his job satisfactorily. I am right. The economists can say if I am wrong.

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tfyu kï fldfyduo lgla wer, lshkafka taflka ÿmam;a;u ;=rka fj,d lsh, yeu jirla mdidu fok m%udKh wvq fkdjS jevs fjkjd kx ldrsh ta;a ;ula kE tfla hus idOdrK ;ralhla fy;=jla ;sfhkjd kus
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tfyu ke;sj hemqus oSukd oS,d yrshg yd,a fmd;a jf.a ta ldf,a jdf.a ck;dj ysr lrkag wehs ks;ru hï Woúhla lshkafka o;lkafka wkak us;%jreks ta whf.a wdra:sl kHdh

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ta ksid Tn ta lshk yeu fohlau nqoaOsfhka ys;kag TSkE nj uu lshkjd b;sx ms%h ñ;=re ñ;=rshks fus ish,q lreKq  Tnf.a Pkaoh ,nd .eku flfrys fufyh jk tfiau fp!r /csk f,i ish foaYmd,k prs;h .;a pkaøsld ue;sKsh we;=¨ wef.a i.hkaf.a lKavdhfukqhs ffu;%smd, isrsfiak uy;dj ckm;s wfmalaIlfhl= f,i bosrsm;a lr we;af;a tfiau ta Khg .; prs;hla nj Tng lsj hq;= ke;ehs ud is;ñ

if any group , the common opposition says that government has reduce providing government charity allowances, remittances upto what so ever percentage that gives a good picture of the government

 what was the reasons that any government issuing such remittances that is to eliminate poverty situation of a country. If the number the beneficiary receivers increased annually that means expected target, eliminating poverty was not achieved. If it is continuing that provides a picture of economic dependency of family units. But now the picture is different because the government, with no difficulty could reduce issuing such dependency allowances to a fairly reasonable extent, after giving and establishing a better methodology for the earlier beneficiary receivers. That provides them economic stability than before.  
Without really depending on the stick of allowances provides by governments by following an introduced  strategy 'earn save strategy’. 

And choosing some groups, individuals they are appointed as samurdhi development officers and its a permanent position not like those days. They are trained officers and are from the same areas so that they can easily deal with the groups because they understand their socio economic backgrounds, skills, abilities and can identify their areas that can be improved and convert in to financial plans.  

They are given chances to earn economic independence. Then government should cut off the amount given as no profit earn in return allowances, for them the dependency allowance. the money saved through such mechanism can be invested in elsewhere obviously. 

And why some want to maintain the same list is understandable what they indirectly say is ‘ look you depend on us’ we pay money for your food and beverages so vote for us’ This government thought beyond that traditional thinking. 

They could have easily raised the total number of allowances or remittances charity gainers receivers just to get the votes. but they refrained from following such mechanism

For your perusal So the common candidate is introduced to contest as a presidential candidate is from such a group my dear friends that make faces because of the amount of money allocate to given as charity allowances, remittance because of fare reasons 

have a insightful day ahead!