Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Contests

Who will win a contest?

Yes! Definitely one of the contestants but I am not asking that.

The intelligence;

Any contestant who has a bit of intelligence and knows how to use appropriately will win the contest that he or she participates. So ‘the intelligence’ plays an important role not only in normal life patterns also in contests, though normal life encloses or is full of contests

Living is a contest that one has to win against death (death has various facets, we should not forget when analyzes any of the similar subjects like this, contests), to survive, to face the enemies / tyrants within (negativities)


Lack of confidence may take away your trophies from you in any of the contests you face. Confidence in life is important. Confidence is a motto for life. Confidence in finding solutions for obstacles you face in any of the contests is a must to win. You need to understand your fellow contestants not just to defeat them but to honor them as well for their contribution, to winner to win. One has to have confidence even to participate or take part in any of the contests. Participation without confidence is a different thing to weigh or understand specially ‘winning’ is not their aim or objective of contesting, because some participate just to get an experience or just for fun.

Desire to win;

Aim, a clear aim will take you towards the pillar of victory if you are a contestant of life, life is a contest let’s not forget that, stated above as well

Pre – Plan;

Preparation for the contest is a must. You should not just participate for in the sake of participating for any of the contests. You need to have not only a desire to win but also a better, accurate plan to win the contest, depending on the type of contest

Activate your PLAN;

Just having a plan is no important or no use. Implement the plan and plan, rest of the activities accordingly. For instance, if a girl wants to participate in ‘the best designer of the year’ contest, what are the things that she should do other than planning her contest?

Shouldn’t she improve her skills? Should she just wait until the date of the contest arrives?  If it is an every year contest, is it a harm to search newest knowledge?  Prepare and get ready the contest depending on the type of the contest, remember there is a certain procedures that any panel of selectors follow respecting or prioritizing their objectives of the contest. Every contest has its own vision and a mission, a reason to hold a contest, commercial or any apolitical or immaterial.

FACE the contest;

Maintain confidence throughout the contest and also until the moment of prize giving that is important discussed earlier. During your aim of facing the contesting or facing the other contestants, maintaining ‘patience is important’, until the day of contesting.

Never give up facing the real contests of real life though you a little reluctant in facing other contests of the contests full of universe    

Acceptance of results;

What it means when it comes to contesting. Accept and Respect ‘the result of contest’ if you have contested respecting the rules and regulations of the contest (ethical and otherwise)

So what are the obvious results of any of the contests?

Contests are of various types. There are contests that select or give places such as ‘first runner up’ or ‘crown’, or second runner up, third or any of the positions depending on the type of contest. Each participation or participant is important and shows certain weight

If you are a winner does it mean that others are failures? NO

It is how you face the contest during the given period to contest. You may lose a contest because of something that you may not have improved like the other contestants, and you may have not exhibited the qualities that you may require to win the particular contest before the judges, the panel of selectors of the contest. Let’s not forget this world is full of contests and every contest is unique and different. You may win a particular contest but you may lose another. Winning every contest that you contest perhaps may not possible though it is not impossible entirely


How you celebrate a victory is important to weigh that is after a contest. That should not be a blind celebration that may devalue the victory
And never devalue or degrade any of the victories of any of the contestants or the skills that they may have portrait, you may not have the skills to do so.
Healthy contest are useful in life other than the contests full of ill wills
Let’s us give a meaning to each and every contest that we organize.

Who will win a contest then?  

Have a insightful day!



Sunday, April 27, 2014

Often ……………………………

Often, I like to use this term ‘often’
Often, night mares’ kill life schedules of human
Often, night mares, tell what to do, what not to do
Often, I believe, I should think of realities without thinking of night mares
Often, I know, some follow their dreamt, dreams
Often, I have heard of moments, dreams and realities,
Walk on parallel lanes,
On parallel platforms,
Often, i feel, i must learn to use 'never mind' than the word 'mind'
Often, i, question 'my self' 'did i forget something'?
often, at night, i ask 'my self', Did i miss something'?    
Often, I feel, appreciation is a million Dollar word
Often, I feel all dollars, Yens, pounds currencies, nothing before the term of affection’  
Often, I feel, I am an ‘empty’
Often, I forget, the meanings of living        
Often, my thoughts become complex not simple
Often, I feel, others, misunderstand my intentions
Often, I feel, others misread my thoughts
Often, i feel Yesterday was better than Today
Often, I feel, I should cleanse, my desperate mind ………………………….    

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Am I a slave? …………………

This is not a Slaves’ Island
This is an Island where there is no slavery exists.
Therefore I am not a slave
What a good thing for a human, ‘for a woman’
Can I smile because I am not a slave?
Can I breathe happily because I do not live in 1795 in CURACAO but in 2014 in Sri Lanka?
Should I be unhappy because I did not support Tula in their revolution?
Didn’t I get angry for slapping TULA for fighting against slavery?
Let me suspect my identity?
Does it mean ‘I am an arrogant woman’ OR an ‘inhuman’
Does it mean ‘I am a human’ with ‘flesh and blood’ not ‘Iron and mettle?’
Perhaps I am not
The woman who loves peace and harmony can not get angry of anything,
With any human that exists or sustain in this world
Why should I get angry with the people who slap or hit people?
Does it hurt my cheeks?
Does it say ‘people should feel people’, ‘human should feel human’?
Am I a slave?
Did I say that ‘I am not a slave?’
Yes, I did
Then what is this question is all about ‘Am I a Slave’?
BECAUSE ………………
I am a slave of fear
I am a slave of ignorance,
I am a (very often) slave of anger
I am a slave of doubt?
I am a slave of ‘self’
What are these?
How Sigmund did analyze these things?
Why ‘there are no analyses other than ‘psychological’?
Are these, facets of human minds?
Why, all these damn harmful?
Why am I trying to stagnate?
Writing essays, does it mean ‘I am moving ahead’?
Look what I just wrote?
Didn’t I say ‘I am a slave of doubt’?
I doubt my positions and situations,
Status of Mind
Have I changed from ‘freedom to slavery’ of ‘self’?
Not yet
Not fully
what do i have to do,  
to change, totally,from slavery to freedom of self  
NO! it is not easy
Not until I understand ‘liberty of mind’, 
fully, totally 
I am a slave, Since when?
The answer is, the era 'unknown',
should i exit as a slave?
Until 'i am no more'

if not until when?
Until I realize, understand, totally, ‘Liberty of Mind’,
Miracles of HAPPINESS,
YET ........
i can breath happily because i live in 2014, in Sri Lanka

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Garland of Peace, The YOUTH

Attention, accurate direction, and friends lets use this as a theme of conference

I believe that Youth always come up with something broader and useful   
Conference is not criticizing conferences and conferencing is useful when sharing their hearts and minds, the inner places with honesty

Sports for youth & for All

Sport is not just an item that you should play to get attention of the others, to become popular or famous, become rich in health or in other materially acceptable things  

‘Attention’,the meaning of this term is very broad when it comes to sports and attention

Conciousfull attention is totally far from all types, shapes and sizes of tensions.  For no tension life I believe sports is an ideal strategy

To promote or improve qualities of life ‘sports is a highly recommended prescription’

What are the qualities that we can think of ‘LEADERSHIP QUALITIES’, one of them, often youth and even adults gets confuse with the true meaning of this term ‘leadership’ it does not always mean ‘leaders in political sector’. We need leaders in all fronts

Sports is a good strategy to be a good leader in life  

To lead a household, No never easy, to lead a class room no, not at all easy, ‘why’ because every human being is different’, they come from various backgrounds , their heart and minds are full of various desires and hopes, aims of life

To lead your inner hopes, desires, expectations, objectives of life towards future, a better future not easy. The world we live is full of barricades, obstacles identification of all these things accurately any has to do carefully. Often again as human we become blind because of various things, the opportunities that come our way as nicely ribbon or wrapped always can not be recommended for life

Sports is something that can be whole heartedly, fearlessly recommended for good life

Sports surely enhance and uplift your leadership qualities.

‘TEAM WORK is different to INDIVIDUAL WORK. ‘Team spirits’, when you are attached to a particular team, there should not be any chances for ‘selfishness’. Team work encloses ‘common objectives’, there is less room for personal desires but when team’s targets are achieved and gained, automatically ‘the individual accounts will be filled. Especially when it comes to carrier and other important expectations and objectives of a life
For instance, when ever there are weak or careless members, it directly or indirectly affects the objectives and aims of its team

Then as a result of that, you’ll become ‘inactive’ or less active that affects your personal carrier goals as well as life goals, personal
For an ACTIVE LIFE sports is an accurate mantra and a never failing stanza        
And in a ‘TEAM’ no one is incapable, invalid or useless ‘every member is important, valuable, and capable of doing it’s expected tasks and leads the team towards its objectives, and is useful
Yet Monitoring is essential that is mainly to avoid human error and to avoid delays, obstacles in achieving its objectives    

When ever you feel any member of your team is less valuable or incapable or inactive ‘the team spirit may decrease’. Therefore it is a responsibility of each team member to be active and responsible and reminded of often missed or forgotten ‘tasks’ as human or as a matter of human error   
Respect rules and ethics of the team one of the important things to remember. I think I have wrote my ideas on this, in one of the essays I posted ‘life is a game’ / June 10, 2012

Attention, this I expected at all stage of life but when it comes to accurate identification, accurate meaning of the term, ‘attention’ it took me years to understand   

Attention and sports are not two sides of a coin. In here it is important for any person to accurately understand the term ‘sports’. Then there is no difficulty in understand the terms ‘attention’ and ‘sports’            

Youth can get attention of the others many ways. There are socially, morally and culturally accepted ways and there are totally opposite ways choosing what is suitable respecting their inner likes and dislikes, the youth, no doubt, are capable enough and are strong enough to understand ‘their aims of life’ ( life encloses everything’)  

Yet for some due to various reasons or under various circumstances they need accurate guidance and accurate direction
For instance, there was a particular era that I was not physically and morally fit enough to take decisions ‘falls and rises’, a part of any man or woman’s life, such not specific to any particular age group yet I needed much advise then than today  

Every experience adds loads of things to your life containers but we need to remember when it comes to life decisions ‘we always do not get other chances or many chances

Sports definitely an accurate chance to uplift your ‘self – motivation’

What are the other benefits of sports? I do not think that I tried to discuss all the benefits in this essay though I shared my personal views I am a 

learner ‘hope you have not forgotten that’?

‘Sharing’, does this sounds like something strange to sports or something isolated or alienated from sports

To learn what is ‘sharing’, sports is a good ground’

So this conference I guess is a good ground for each and every youth to share their inner views and experiences that they have so far gained, the experiences of childhood and experiences that they have gained when dealing with their own communities and in any type of communication.

Every community is unique, right?

And the experiences that each and every person gets not always similar or even therefore I believe ‘sharing, this makes sense’ and automatically allows you to respect others

Sport is a methodology for healthy life and an accurate investment for life. Weigh it yourself after reading this, and let me know whether I am accurate or inaccurate with this regard?     

Sports is a good and a multiple way of multiple communication
Better communication lessen the errors of misunderstanding  

Sports make ‘friends’ and ‘friendships’

Sports creates links and bonds between not only within a team it connects continents and regions via its inner teams, with each other

Sports is a Garland for PEACE 

The Youth is a garland of Peace 

Am I accurate?    

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Borrowing and Stealing ……………………..

I often feel that human life is a something that a person borrow from the pair of combination; ‘earth and universe’, after a death of a person it reuniting with its original position, where it came from that is after burying the death body

What is impossible is to steal a sole until it gets a size or a shape of another human being, until it mark its (sole) rebirth as indicated in the certificate of birth  

I am not sure whether the others would agree with me, with such my opinions 

Stealing; who is capable of stealing a life from a person, except the murderers? I guess those are none other than ‘silliness’, ‘carelessness’, ‘stupidness’. All the negativities that I have mentioned and have not mentioned here are murderers and are stealers of lives and such equal to poison or are poisonous that kills the human minds, entire spirit of a human life

People born and die it is a cycle that happens until the sole reach ‘nirvana’ in its Buddhist philosophical identification of life.

Some give birth to human while some others are dying. I do not know whether this happens because living is a matter of finding space, or in order to give others a space to live

For some living is easier than dying for some others it is the opposite, depending on many reasons such as lack of interest towards ‘living’, lack of material needs, lack of space, perhaps lack of confidence , including
I do not believe in outside parties analyze life of another, other or issues of others

People weigh and measure things according to their own understanding and from the knowledge they gather from certain parties. A matter become a small or a big depending on many reasons I often like to believe that ‘outsiders or others leads turn a small matter in to a big matter because of the inputs they add   

Size of a matter or a size of wound outsiders never can measure accurately. I never can say ‘Hey you are worrying about a small problem’ ‘I think you are worrying about a silly thing’ I do not have right to say so. 

Reason is obvious and apparent. ‘It is how you feel about something related to your life’, it is about how close it is to your personal life’, ‘it is about how you measure something’ ‘it is about what impact such has towards your life dealings’ life patterns, living, mental situations

Therefore I believe when who ever trying to give advice or trying to lend help ‘they have to be careful’. I guess it is intelligent to avoid measuring size of matters     

Postponing ‘life’ no individual can do because life is something unpredictable and not permanent it is subject to decay but what is intelligent is to not to postpone your important life dealings. I wrote this to show my level of agreeness to the beautiful voice girl of the FM channel that I listened to during my today’s reach to office

Life is a battle between dying and living.

I believing a life after death that is not exactly because I am a Buddhist because of some thoughts often entangle in amazing, human minds. I have heard some say

I feel like I have been here before’ ‘I feel like I have met you before’ but I am not sure where and at what place’

The tales and stories about previous soles of people, the faiths and beliefs of people related to such, philosophy behind living and dying, about all these things, people have been researching endlessly even before the Euphrates  - Tigris, the Babylon civilizations were found or buried. While or during Adam and Eva were trying to discover this universe, even before the globe was trying to division the globe in to many categories such as equals, similarities and positions and oppositions , negatives and positives, class or caste, as Jews or as communists , Marxists   

This universe is full of knowledge. Carrying a knowledge full of book is very much easier carrying a luggage full stuffs necessary or do not necessary ( materially)

I came to Colombo by a Train after the New Year Vacation. I noticed all the shelves were full of luggage, various sizes including ours. It was no easy for me and my sister to carry the bags that were in the hands of ours, they were too heavy to carry

Carrying too many things while or during any journey is no intelligent or intelligence such delay your journey or slower your journey to your preferred destination because of the heaviness of the things you carry
Carrying burdens, carrying worries, carrying sorrows, carrying confusions, carrying negativities would certainly slower your journey. I guess if you carry a bit of happiness such would provide strength and would fuel your journey and add easiness to your journeys

I guess happiness should not be borrowed you need to be a permanent owner of such property. You need to have an untrasnferable deed in the name of happiness

I am not stupid to write happiness is something can not be stolen. Therefore people have to careful about the stealers of happiness
A moment is enough to fade away your happiness a moment is enough to bring a handful of happiness. I do not think that I am good in analyzing such things in a proper way yet I guess I am not bad in understanding such things

I am not anti – optimistic

I often like to analyze things according to my levels of understanding
I do not really like the direct meanings of these terms; dying and living in its literal sense.  I often like to read the indirect meanings of some terms, the meanings that are hidden behind the direct faces of the terms.     

It is not easy to be someone else, read others accurately because human minds are so wavy it is really difficult to hold it in a particular position for so long, it moves back and forth, shakes and shivers, circling around, dive deep and lying beneath, lining and embroidering, all these are facets of incredible human minds, actions and reactions of human minds at certain points or moments or positions of human mind

But some do it so cleverly. That is what you called talented acting. Jagath Chamila as Sam in Sam’s story (Directed by Priyankara Vittanachchi ) Penelope Cruse as Gemma in twice born, the Child actress Sophie Nelisse, and Emilie Watson of the Book Thief (these are few examples from my recent watch list)    

I do not want to be Emile Bronte or Charles Dickens, Yamuna malini Perera, Anula De Silva or Sumithra Rahubadda ( authors and poets) though I have my own desires in the fields that I like to embrace and rather it is easy to be ‘myself’. And there is no need at all to be someone else.  

Filling an empty page is not exactly fulfilling a human mind, filling with something lacking, that is something similar to releasing or bailing out ‘self’ to the outer world.  Fulfilling a human mind with what it expects is not always what is required logically. Human minds often shows fuzzy sides of its. It not only bothers others in some of the occasions it brings many other things in its ‘optimistic’ facet. Filling an empty page is not something that you are doing against your interests just because others expect something from you keeping an empty page before you

When you gain something your heart naturally fills with happiness when ever your heart fills with empty or useless thoughts it gets the side and size of the sorrow

Giving and taking is an inevitable facet of human dealings attached to human lives    

People often struggle between ‘giving and taking’, borrowing and stealing. Do people have the total sense towards ‘giving and receiving’? Do people expect the same from once something is given to somebody or to a person in its exact volume and capacity? What do people understand and why some do not understand certain or specific things or some things? I guess life is something like a questionnaire. You have various questions in your mind that expect answers or needs clarifications or clearance. It is same with each and every person that exists in this human globe.

Do people understand the difference between borrowing and stealing, in its exact meaning? What is borrowing? ‘If you borrow something you can not keep it with you, you need to return it once the chore is done or the service is full-filled. Stealing is not borrowing but once the stealer is caught with what is stolen the goods have to be returned to its owner. Books can not be stolen, not the contents though it is just a physical thing that one can steal not its deepest contents

Within borrowings, there are due dates written or stamped. The issuing party or lending party normally expect the borrower to return what so ever borrowed or before the due date and if you are unable to return not on or before but later, ‘fines’ tagged and are filed in your personal files 
Were there any other thieves other than the book thief and the fair thief like Uthuwan Kande Saradiel?

Often essaying brings troubles to my brain lanes though it mostly balances my thoughts and brain cells. Often it carries away simplicities from my life keeping the complexities.

Is life a something that people struggle to understand complexities and simplicities or is it something that people like to obtain complexities as much as possible or obtain simplicities to some extent  
Life is a questionnaire I often feel. Humans do not easily agreeing to the realities of life ‘temporalities and loses of life.  humans do not like to lose things not even the things that they write on a piece of paper or on a blank page, written stuff due to electronic or electric power failures

Such reminds you things ‘save what you own’ ‘save what you have’ live with a conscious mind during what so ever task do not forget the must do or important things that you still have to be completed. Learning is in its other meaning equal to gaining hope I am not incorrect.

This electronic world taught me that lesson as well

Take care all of you    


Monday, April 21, 2014

For Sam - Jagath Chamila

Many Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jagath Chamila as Sam in Sam's Story 

Best wishes and Congratulations from foot - Path for wining THE BEST ACTOR AWARD from the NYCIFF ( New York City International Film Festival)


for the entire CREATION TEAM of the SAM'S STORY for its immeasurable contribution to the SINHALESE CINEMA , SRI LANKAN CINEMA AND FINALLY FOR THE WORLD CINEMA 

The Movie was Based on a Naval written by Mr. ELMO JAYAWARDENA 

Friday, April 18, 2014

For all hard men and soft men of all fronts …………………

(A dedication note to all ‘soldiers’) Pardon me this is not a poem :- )

It is hard to believe that there is a soft man within every hard man
And it is not hard to believe that there is a reason for soft men to be hard men
It is not hard to understand how you guys count ‘days until home’

Then what is hard to understand?
Here is my list – the list of questions that are hard to understand’ 

Why we need to fight to gain something
Why we need to fight to protect something
Why is it hard to understand ‘the differences of aims and objectives’ of different groups?
Oh! Am I lying?
No I guess it is not hard to understand aims and targets of terror
The wars against terror

No it is never hard to understand why we need to protect every corner of a country
Our country
Your country
Their country
All countries
It is not hard to understand why we need to fight to gain a drop of wisdom
No it is not hard to understand why one needs to respect everyone’s desires

Can outsiders understand ‘the importance of counting days until home?’
How to say no
every outsider is not an outsider

What right is that? 'Days until home'
Can I call it ‘at home right’, ‘Be at home’, 'home is a right’, 
is this foolish english or BAD english 
Never mind i speak not good english 

this world is full of right talks
am i right?
Councils full of rights?
My right of talking against terror 
how are you going to respect that?
Your right of taking the side of ‘No terror’ 
what i should do to respect that right?
what right is this? right of opposing the ones who take any country / our country towards another terror -Territory
What am I talking about?
Is it hard to understand, all these rights and wrongs?

is it hard to understand the differeces between the rights and Responsibility of a GOOD HEARTED SOILDIERS’
Is it hard to understand why we should not encourage any terror?
Is it hard to understand ‘Terror’ is not a way to achieve something?

Is it is hard to understand what will happen when there is no terror?
Will the babies at home cry endlessly or will the smile endlessly
'I am coming home baby'
what a good set of words  who does not like to hear that ? 
Even Weerappan's better half like to hear that
am i right India? 
Not only jacks and Senadheera's
Kajeepan Ponnaia Selvanayagam, Sundaralingam Kajeepan, Appan
We do not want any name under the tag and lable of 'Trrorism'  
we like to remind all selva's Rajinee's and appans
You boys and girls have a choice;

What is that choice?
Have you ever thought about it Theviyan?
Did you ever have heard these words before Appan?
Did anyone ever mutter these words to your ears?  
Or you just wanted what your leaders, encouragers, wanted or asked you to do
Who will take care of your Shermila now?
Was it hard to understand how your mother ‘ Ranjithamalar’ felt?

‘PLEASE Put allmthe guns down’, Remove the cyanide from the neck that a garland should cover’
You should have kept such a note before leaving Appan
You should have written following for your followers
DON’T BE AGGRESSIVE even if anyone encourages you to do so?
NON violence isn’t this a good word

Iraq is your country
Sri Lanka is our country
America is solely yours
India is whole heartedly yours 

You want your land to be protected
We want our land to be safe
We all want our lands to be safe
We all (?) want this globe to be safe
What we don’t need is a piece from another ones land
What we have is enough

What we own is for ALL 
Temple of sacred tooth - Dalada Maligawa is yours and ours
Macca is yours and ours
Why we need a seperate terriotory other than a country to live

‘OURS’, is it a term hard to understand?
‘Cash power’, ‘Moral power’, ‘support power’, ‘power power’
What are these?
Are these belonging to ‘list of things - hard to understand’?
You can use these EITHER WAYS;
Cash power – to Feed Terror
Cash power – as a wealth for ‘no feeding’ ‘No terror’
Am I right?

I am counting ‘DAYS UNTIL NO TERROR’
I am counting’ Days Until all Jack and boys home’
Take care soldiers