Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Flying With the Feathers of Confidence

A Dedication note to the Air Force of Sri Lanka

A soldier is a responsibility of the entire universe 
I do not think that flying is easy. flying is easy for the ones who owns feathers , wings vulnerable or adjustable to any air storm.  Like birds who knows every territory of the Sky.

The air bases are 'a healthy force' to any country. i think it is a very risky job compared to the jobs that the people like us are doing comfortably staying on ground bases.  Although we can see that some who live in ground trying to fly without feathers for reasonable or idiotic reasons. i do not know.

i assume that the world is very well aware of the feathers gone missing during every war of history of this world. similarly you know the feathers who supports to reach people's desired destinations also have faced such situations in every part of this world.

The reasons for such some are apparent, some are mysterious, or due to terror plans.

The 09 / 11 is not a tale or a fiction it is a real situation faced. The problem with some is that other than the 09 / 11 some other situations faced by the people of the other part of the globe they think are fictional not real. some do not know that there is other sections or territories in the world they live. due to i do not know for what reason?

During any war situations 'Air security bases' or 'The Air Forces' of any country plays immensely valuable role. Getting accurate pictures of the places where the enemies, the tyrants are comfortably planning the attacks.

One thing is very certain , sure 'You cannot win any bloody war without the support of the Air Force'. do not think that most understand that. We do not have spider mans in this part of the world who comes flying to protect the people who are in need of security or protection, what we have here is ' the Armed forces around us, including the Air Force'

On air or on ground their duty should be appreciated - This picture is for the feathers, The Parachute officers of any part of globe, who left  the world for the sake of the people of this universe
The children of this part of the world can easily meet any Rambo of their wish if they are taken in to any forces bases with permission. The children can meet night riders who has different names not  David Hassaloff though. The children or the local Raveena Thandans who is seeking for 'Akshay Kumar' or Ajay Devgans , they can be easily meet again after getting the permission of the authority.

Who does not understand that? don't get me wrong i am not trying to bribe any one that is not part of my job.

Their missions are not impossible, sorry handsome of hollywood.

The Jet lee of global cinema i suppose very well aware 'flying a jet is not always heart soothing' , specially a 'air craft specially designed to use in war situations' 

It is very so interesting to know, for what so ever reasons one of the High Officials of the Air Force ( Ex?) is being questioned for about six hours, interesting number , let me add. Why not eight hours the public might interested in knowing.

it is very risky when you find 'hijackers' on air nets. It is not possible for you to meet any 'Sepala Ekanayake's in the days of 'present', who is trying to highjack air crafts for the sake of fatherhood' childhood 'because of the love of  the hearts within for their sons or children.

It is mind achnning to see that no global recognition were given to any of the groups , personal of any forces, leaders, who have contributed their time and lives or time of their souls for the sake of not only country but also to defeat terrorism.

What are the forces we have? How many vital forces we have. every single person who sacrificed their lives, lives of the family members, time, hearts and souls should be promoted to at least next level of their job titles.

Forces are of various type. you get them in number if you like. Protecting people the force is a duty or a responsibility of any government i guess. that is why we are for the sake of not politicians or for the sake of parliament , its sustainability we are using our 'vote'.

i know that some top chairs of high authorities normally change after winning elections, presidential, or when governments changes. didn't the yahapalanaya change that tradition?

it is interesting to know that the 'Ministry of Justice has become the most busiest ministry of the country, today, plus the detectives with secret cameras. Who is the minister of the 'yahapalanaya'?

it seemed that the justices and the justice of peace : - ) are the ones who gets the 'likes' manapaya of the public.

so, it is now highly essential to win the likes of the division to enter the parliament? Hope we do not see any 'Divisional - Competitions' , Divisional - Competitors' like never before?

den ithin kottasha vaadaya bala ganda puwan idiriyedi : - )

never mind, if it is the wish of the majority of the members of the political parties , the government should lead for that option?

any opposes?

let me not forget the topic of the day

feathers are smoother yet stronger. i am wondering whether some feel jealous about the ones who own strong feathers?

To wander around globe you need feathers not visa.  You should know where to urn your feathers depending your aim of the travel, journey. Feathers without brains no use i should note that also, i thought.

The Air Force, the feathers with right brains supported immensely to the high authorities, the people of the country to win peace and harmony. The individuals who were partying or having bajaw in the rooms of their residences those days, while the feathers were on duty, do not really understand these things.  

everyone knows i guess that flying is impossible without feathers. do you know the numbers of feathers broken or lost due to the humanitarian war of the country? The number of soft feathers permanently paralyzed or now bed resting or resting under the winds of the ' ranawiru sevana'

how many of you are now visiting the ' ranaviru sevana'? who is the political leader or the character recently visited them?

what are things described in the budgets of the 'government readings allocated or given for the ex armed personal?

The Pension or the 'Retirement Pay' of the ex armed forces personal increased ?

The retirement salary that the 'widows of the ex armed personal' gets increased?

looking after the families of ex armed forces personal, is it only the duty of the 'sewa vanitha ekakaya'?

what welfare is proposed for them?

Any programmes, projects, proposed or held within the 100 day programme?

'human minds' easily forgets things , some recently experienced, i guess.

Dear minds do not forget that we had a war against inhumanity and we won 'the soldier'  is our responsibility though they think it is their responsibility to protect each of us. both described equally important.

No bar of storm is a bar for the Air Force of the country

Lead this mother land towards a prosperous future!  

Proceed Air Force Proceed! 






Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rainin in Nugegoda, Sri Lanka

Rain is in progress here in Jubilee Post , Mirihana, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka. i do not know about the other part of the universe. This isn't a twitter message i know that whether it is raining or not 'the universe is moving ahead. we become older moment by moment. inevitable.

Tweeting is good, mostly to get 'the updated news' from near or dear ones around globe.  but i know some tweet messages are not sweet but very and highly politicized. some tweets wander around globe 'not carrying pure intentions'

lets use tweets for a PEACEful reasons not for angerFULL reasons  

Rain, it is yet a child. a fetus, it takes little bit more time to become mature, to come to the stage of cats and dogs, flowers or ice, calm or quite, useful or meaningful, that is the situation of rain in Nugegoda now.

By the way this isn't a weather report either. i am not good in reporting 'rain' or wind' 

Thundering or lightening adds no shine to life, rarely yes, yet it is something inevitable.

often it adds a mood to unplug the electro units and stay 'mute' because it is unhealthy to use them in an environment like this.

This is not a message from a public health inspector of Nugegoda. 

How about in Delhi, the rain situation, Dr. Nireka?

Hope you are not doing any research on 'rain in India'. i know that after submitting any report on time you become cool like rain : - )  

let me guess. it is 'Raining Cricket' in India 'right'? : - ) and in Australia as well.

safe guard your roofs

i feel that it is very important to raise awareness on ' how to accept wins as well as the opposites' with regard to 'cricket'

it is no point sending a bouquet of flowers only when a team wins a match , share a cup of tea even when you face or experience the opposite.

SA's got bad mood these days, is my guess right? i can read them. But you hammer us in a little nasty way during the match between you and our team, that is no good you should know, i think?

You know what, some experts say we lost the match because Sri Lanka thought of changing the 'batting order' , what do you say Mr. S. Jayasooriya ?

Have you replied them? already, i guess.

The moment that Mr.Sangakkara left the ground it rained tears. some have watched him wet in rain of tears, accompanied him to the pavilion. What a sorrowful decision that was, honestly.

Mr. Mahela long waited to leave the ground without giving any chance  any one to release any statements "Mahela, Stay". Perhaps, the pair is deaf these days ?

That is the nature of sports, not only in Cricket but also in chess or rugby. Retirement is compulsory but when you still got strength should serve the country.

let me take this opportunity to thank the two gentlemen for playing good cricket for the country, all those years, since you have started your carrier as a player.

Rainy days are  not friendly for cricket but good for reading something very cool even hot, why not

one's place of birth, place of residence such things are not always important. What is important is that where you reside within.

I had to take an interval due to heavy thundering. now i do not hear any sound of rain but some sounds of vehicles, and the TV of next door is tuned.

our TV and our Radio mostly untuned, has retired and free lancing these days depending on the needs of seldom visitors (our mother). NO! this has nothing to with the rain but i guess sometimes you get chances to hear or watch 'weather reports'. that doesn't mean i miss the weather forecasts these days.

Often i wonder whether i am listening to any 'weather forecasts' specially because of the topic some  lyricists chose to discuss, the songs that we hear all the time via fm channeling.

Sulanga wage awidin

wessa numba wage

oba themei kiya bayai

akalata wata maha warusawakse

bindu bindu mal wesse

During rain you cannot fly kites, that is good. perhaps good to make a kite to fly after rain, only if you are interested in doing so.

But it is good to know whether it is raining in the KITES island of the country.but after a good rain you feel like flowers are blooming within

sakura mal pipila hari pudumai ge dorakada 
sepalika mal bimata behala awidinna yana welawai
numba apal (apple) malak waage lassana wasantha kaale
pinna male ruwa eanna gihinwada muna pura mal pipila

i am wondering whether our artists can discuss something fresh, about the things that others rarely discuss, other than 'discussing environment' , facets of nature, all the time, through the melodies they compose, the words they weave, through the voices they inherit.

I watched 'before the rains' ( a Santosh Sivan film) about couple of weeks ago. The rain sometimes witnesses things , incidents of our historical pasts. sometimes the rain washes away the sins of our lives. The movie discusses something similar as well other than discussing a page of the book of history of India, before independent

The rain sometimes brings democratic or patriotic visions to our lives.  sometimes it allows the buried things to come to surface, or play the role of the opposite, meaning the rain often hides things.

Rain of India belongs to India but the things that they cultivate belongs to entire universe. The rains that rain in SA ( South Africa) belongs to SA but the cricket they play is a global inheritance'

The rain that floods in to the hearts and minds of the people of Sri Lanka is belongs to them, but the poetry that the Sri Lankans write belongs to the entire universe.

That is why it is important to weigh or scale what you cultivate within , what you write, what you grow within because nothing of such is personal.

have a cool a night ! 



Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Differences of TERMS

i do not know whether i have chosen a topic easily described. Soul sole piece peace; these terms are totally different to each other. 

During a recent conversation between me and Mr. Ranganathan, he shared a dialogue from a play written by Shakespear 

The dialogue is between Napoleon (?) and a Shoe Mender ,I do not know whether i have written the exact dialogue though 

Napolean: " What are you doing" ?

The Shoe Mender: I am mending a sole

Napolean: Mending Soul?

He asked me whether i can translate the above dialogue in to Sinhalese  language

i didn't really do the research yet, to find a pair of suitable, Proper term in Sinhala but i am certain that i will be able to search a better set of words for that.

The conversation between me and Mr. Ranganathan was based on something similar  

anyhow i thought it is good to use above dialogue to share my views on the topic i chose today, ' The appropriateness of the terms we use' in our dialogues 
i am wondering whether we will be able to find any youngsters who are using the term peace without mixing it with the term piece in the near future 

it is not that they do not really know the meanings of the terms they use, they sometimes know better than the adults. They learn these at Schools, Universities; 'the right usage of words', appropriateness of the words ( i am referring it to the the youngsters) with regard to what we discuss, what we explain 

They very well understand the term 'piece' i am sure, because some use 'piece' ( kaella /
lE,a,) to describe 'a female' or 'a girl' for instance. Actually they use it for girls who looks glamorous in their appearances, to show how much they appreciate it. but when you find that 'the term' peace' is hardly use by the people around them and specially when they use the term 'revenge' for instance 'what is the term they remember well'

Piece of paper is something vital than a piece of mango, depending on the need of the person though

A piece of paper you find binned after using may carry some useful information or vitamin facts of mangoes or an article about nutritional values of mangoes relating it to health factors

What do you think of the following dialogue between a boy and an old person ?

The boy: Hey! Man what are you searching for looking around here and there?
The older Person :  I am looking for Peace

The Boy: ha ha ha ha looking for a piece ? When did you last see her?

The Older Person: i do not know the femininity of what i am looking for young man, all what i am searching for is something immaterial yet 'lost'

The boy: Lost?

The older Person: Oh! yes 'lost' meaning 'what i am looking for here is something that cannot be seen among our own people' thought 'won'

The boy; The reasons for your 'saying'

The older Person: The Reasons 'young man' some  got confused of the meanings of some words we learned since childhood

the Boy : Can you give any example

The Older Man: Yes why not

Toilet is different from the set of words ' to let'
Piece is different from Peace
Order is different to odour

i believe that above sentences i used in this essay in order to explain what i want, provide us some space to think about 'whether we are using the right term in right place'

for me 'Change' or difference is not just terms that has some letters of the alphabets of our own

Although 'change' or 'difference' is not always the the abilities of a person who knows how to use a  term in an appropriate manner 'i say it is highly essential' and useful, specially if you are a person who deals with 'public', as a public figure. 

if you use an original term for a different reason, purpose, to describe something indirectly, you should , similalry know how does something like that affect you, the public, or the group you are involved with. Perhaps, that is what you believe or think is right but there are differences between what public think is right and what you think is right, sometimes. 

How you use your language shows how you have 'changed' over years, or over months, dear 'gentleman', gentlemen

Changing a toilet won't help if you think of changing your self, i suggest try to change within, within the content of what you believe, in vision or in your mission 

what is the point in trying to show you have changed if the others really cannot see it or not visible

what ever change you are talking about is not always equal to 'real differences' 

Take language uses for instance. Specially when you use your language in public the public can weigh the change or the differences you are talking about.

if you are a public figure, if you are using a public tool to address or share your views with others, you need to remember that you are not addressing a single person 

when you use public media, keep that in your mind, please. people don't always admire what ever the public figures say though they are the responsible people whom they selected using their votes

The Public = People watching you or listening to you sometimes thinking that 'toilet is toilet' 'to let' is 'to let' but when you suddenly change the words you use then they know and very well understand that 'some back stabbing is going on'

do not fool the people

if any person have anything personal to discuss talk to them personally but 'never ever use public media to 'insult' a singular person even via the words you use

i can explain things any further but let me think of how to write it in a different way not the way that you think it or take it. 

The change that i understand is ' not to change idiotically just because i need a change 

the difference between me and some others is ' i do not change for 'gainings'. i do not change myself thinking of gaining anything betraying a person/ people who trust you

first, try to change yourself by respecting individuals you know or do not know by not using insulting language 

Take care !




Sunday, March 22, 2015

A rest HOUSE ...............................

 Aniccawata Sancara

Resting places you find many in this world we live. you give various names for such places.

Ambalama is one of the places i can scan from the pages of history. Ambalama is for Sri Lankans is the oldest version of the Rest houses or the Guest Houses.

i know one place close to my house in the Junction of the ' Pita Kotte' town, every person aware of.

it is called Gal Ambalama, a historic place, if my knowledge is accurate.

the other ambalama i know is situated along the left side of the road to kandy from colombo, in Kadugannawa.

before the permanent place of rest 'Nibbana' all other places become nothing or meaningless or useless.

According to Buddhism ' every soul' in other words, is a birth 'impermanent', that subject to decay, until any living creature meets the Nibbana

i like the idea of cemetery it is a sign of Civilization of people. King Pandukabhaya was the first Person to think of 'Towning' our people in the history of our country. He for the first time used a separate place for people to bury death bodies letting them rest in peace.

i watch a movie' The Painted Veil', yesterday, the movie was based on a navel Written by Sumset Moughan. the Author has recaptured a page of history of people of china ( 1925). The Movie was very handsomely re crafted it on silver screen. The Story is about a Pathologist (?) (according to my memory) and his beloved who lived in China in 1925.

The movie says how the people of the community that describe in the film were affected by the Colara ( the decease)  back then. i saw in some captions the people of the community was advised to have a separate place to bury death bodies without burying them along the sides of the river banks.

so some journeying from place to place. human have no choice given to select either the place or the womb of birth or the place of death.

The main character of the Movie' The Painted Veil' died of Colora during the process of his efforts in trying to help the people of the community. the Man of the movie is Walter. He died in China ( reason very well described in the movie). He was not Born in china but in London (?)

i don't know whether it is the destiny of some to born in a land where the parents live and die in some other land of the world.

The Death of Mrs. Malini Bulath Sinhala and the Thera Gangodawila Soma comes in to my mind in this moment......................................

The armed forces who work outside to their Mother lands, for what ever reasons, sometimes given no choice by the described duties or by the job Descriptions, 'preferences or the choices of deaths' 

in Vietnam, in Haiti, in Afghanistan, in Siriya, in Gulf Zone, in Kuwait, During WW1, WW2 our people (that i describe in this essay) or your people died not in their Mother Lands but in a land where you don't called the land 'Mother Land'. The countries that agrees to certain terms or conditions , a group of soldiers, armed persons of a member country of a certain Allie , Coalition faces such deaths. history is evidenced. i do not know how much died (?) when IPKF (Indian Peace Keeping Force) was here, after the agreement signed.

some Media War Reporting Personalities who were in the areas outside to their Mother Lands working had to die before any terror group or during the processes of reporting. Some received only a
video created with their voices or statements issued by people responsible for the deaths. This note is about the individuals gone missing or dead in the areas where there is a war going on against terrorism. ( recent News)

some of our workers died in the Middle East.In Lebanon for instance. Some received compensation from the Kuwait or those who worked their, for the lives affected by the war in the country.

During the Struggles of Independence, during the Period of the English, Kandyan Kingdom, 'Ehelepola disawa, King Rajasinghe etc were sent to other Islands imprisoning them there, and were not meant to die in the land they were born but in a land very strange or unknown to them.

 when ever you need, you can pick and choose examples from  any where of this world to describe both Birth and death, its stories, the nature of deaths.

Facets of Death cannot be described in single page or in a single book or in a single essay .............

Friday, March 20, 2015

In memory of ...............................

This note is to symbolize the SADNESS, Sympathy of Foot - Path, on be half of the Entire Country, in Memory of the PEOPLE who died of TERROR IN TOKYO happened 20. 03 . 1995


'LET'S SAY NO!to TERRORISM of any kind

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mrs. Balasinhkham

She is one of the most friendliest ladies of the Faculty of Education, The Open University of Sri Lanka.

And for me she is the most affectionate lady of the faculty. Never failing smile of her face an added quality of her life, i believe. sometimes i visit her office room with a purpose but there are times that i visit her without any official reason but to exchange few friendly thoughts, specially when life is so dull and dry.

Sometimes she asks me to come to her room for some official purposes . when she needs to know some Sinhalese words of the documents she gets in English. But in most the occasions she tells the meaning before i say it, she is that fluent in her Sinhalese. it is true that they are good in all three languages but unfortunately most of us are good only in two languages. Pity. Yet since last half a decade i saw some enthusiasm in some individuals , groups to learn 'Tamil' as a language of Unity.

The Government workers were encouraged to learn Tamil Language otherwise they were not promoted to their next level of profession.  i guess the practice is still not invalid.

Mrs. Balansinkham is a Science Graduate graduated from the University of Peradeniya ( 1972 - 1976)

about couple of yesterdays, she told me how much she spent for the Train Ticket from Jaffna - Kandy those days. the ticket was only Sixteen Rupees. See the generational gap of currency and economy of the country, now and then.

She said that they used to go to the Lyons Cafe (still existing in Kandy) for Vegetable Noodles and had to pay only 1.25 cents.

From the Ramanadan Hostel to The Wijewardena Hostel they had to pay only 10 cents, within the University Premises. The Distance is walkable, i dont know why Miss Young Balansinkem and her clang took a bus ride to go for lectuers, i couldn't inquire her the reason , perhaps some other moment of chatting : - )

Don't get me wrong, this is not a price analysis of economic situations of generations of past or of now and then, after reading this esssay.

she said that she paid only Rs. 1.25 for her lunch at the University Canteen.

Eggs for Rs. 1.50
Paal / kiri / milk for 20 cents.
Butter fruit for 05 cents

she is currently working for the Department of Secondary Education headed by Dr. Kugamoorthi, Faculty of Education, the OUSL. 

Yet, she is a retired Assistant Commissioner of the Department of Examination of the country.

she has not stopped visiting the department when ever she is called to come, i believe.

since , very first week of our meeting, i was thinking of writing something about her, but somehow i had to postponed it for a reason i do not understand.

Today, i participated the 'Book Lounging Ceremony' organized by the ministry of Cultural Affairs. The Main reason why i participated was Dr. T. Mukunthan, mainly he is a very friendlier yet a quite person who doesn't boast about his abilities and of what he does. he does not exchange at least ten words with me unless there is an official reason , sometimes i try ask him about not about weather forecast but about ' the situation of cricket matches' specially because this is the cricket season.

anyways ....................

i have a plan to write more in deep, detail, about the books lounged this morning and the event took place at the Museum Auditorim, Colombo

The books lounged are the following;

Two Sinhalese books were translated in to Tamil Language and Two Tamil Books are translated in to the Sinhalese Language.

Dr. T. Mukunthan's - Kanneerinudaei Theriyum Veedi   Translated by Ravi Rathnawel as 'Kandulu Medin Penena Mawatha' ( The Path Visible through Tears)

Mr. Kalaiyaarwan's Uppukaatru Translated by Swaminadan Wimal as ' Karadiya Sulan' ( The Oceanic Wind)

Please pardon me for the English Terms that i have used here, if they are not the words that the Authors have used in their descriptions

'Mittaniyo' (The Grandmothers) is written by Professor Piyaseeli Wijenayake that was translated in to Tamil ( i will write detail tomorrow), and the Senkottan  - The story of a generation of the Caste of the washerman's (one of the lower casts of Sri Lankan Society) written by Mr. Mahinda Prasad Masimbula

please pardon me for not giving the details of the translators today, but tomorrow

for me, Mrs. Balasinkham is a very caring and affectionate lady with very friendlier features plus genes.

It is so heart soothing to talk to her , for a lonely woman like me it is millions and trillions times vital.

May you long live!


Monday, March 16, 2015

Yesterday; A Paper with Fresh Thoughts

About couple of Yesterdays ago, The Executive Yuvraj of the India Mr. Modi Visited the country.  i am sure that the visit had some new plans or thoughts towards 'Political & Economical' aspects between the tow countries.

This is his second visit to this country, after crowning as the Elected Youvraj of the country. He was the Man of the Gujrat Pranth earlier. 

i think that the Youvraj perhaps wants to be the King of the Entire region. i don't know whether he is already the King of the region, i have not tested the perceptions of the people of the entire region. without really knowing i cannot say whether the people of the region would accept him as the king of the region. 

i believe his 'Kingship' would sustain based on not only few but also on many aspects or facts that are considered as important for the people of the region. though the following things that i note here are not only important for him in particular ( according to my knowledge base) but also for the leaders of the region and latter of the entire world.

how the Yuvraj Responds to the decision made or take internally,by the communities, societies, countries with regard to the 'Sustainability of the Peace situation of the region'

The Responses very much excluded to unnecessary interferences, universally accepted or as known as nothing 'strange to the leaders of the region who has experiences of their own socio economic and poliitcal difficulties, now and then.

How the Youraj responds to the 'Economic Sustainability of the Region'  giving their fullest cooperation.

'Economic Coopreation'  - i believe this is not something that is very important 'internally' but also regionally.

to maintain the 'Economic Cooperation' between countries and within the region, the above mentioned factor plays a massively important role. What is the fact then?

'Maintaining longlasting Peace Situation of the Region'

if you carefully examine the facts above mentioned ' you can see that there is a very good link between Economic sustainability and region's peace situation'

Sustainable Peace reduces unnecessary expenses that the region should bear or will have to allocate in order to re - gain peace or to gain if it by any chances breaks the existing peace situations.

i guess before India, there are issues unsolved or yet to be solved or should think of having a permanent solution, Kashmir Issue for instance. So I believe India more than anyone else, very well aware that 'how important it is for a country to maintain 'Conflict Free Zones'.

Compared to the country we live, India is geographycally a giant. i do not know whether you can really divide the country (India) in to pieces when ever any group ( Nationalities) asking for Separate Admin Regions' 

So, though some say that India should support for a '(Separate Admin Region' within the Country ( North and East) i guess that was suggestion by the TNA group, who does not have any faith of what the Local Authorities decide for them ,and expect every decision to take or bring from India ( South in particular) 

According to what i know some have misunderstood the term 'Decentralization of Power'

some think that the above term can be used as a bridge to a 'separate zone' that some of them are long dreaming.

The Entire country must use ' ONE PARTICULAR ADMIN SYSTEM' that any group can be equally benefited with slight appropriate changes considering the socio, economic, political needs of the people of the Provinces or the District. Other than that i guess it is no wiser to find any other way Dominian or any other ways of administering the country.

The Country should definitely maintain an Independent Admin System that matches the country's admin needs but that should cooperate or harmonize, encourage the Peace situation of the Region

therefore i believe outside suggesstions are not always valid or acceptable but any who think that they are incapable in requesting something that can 'givable' not something that cannot give poliitcally

What i suggest is that for the Districts where you find the mother tongue of the people of the Majority is not 'Sinhalese', the Central Government can apppoint Officers appropriately.

Documents , may used in all Three Languges not only in particular districts but also in every single Admin Province or in District Because if you take 'Colombo' as Capital Admin Unit, even it is not difficult for you to find 'all Nationalities live in a one particular area 

considering those things the above a admin methodology should be practised in every admin unit of the country.

lets turn back to Economic Situation of the Region'.  'Encouraging Entrepreneurs of every country is important to maintain the Economic Cooperation of the Region. If India likes to promotes her products here in Sri Lanka, similarly we should get the chances to popularize our products in India as well.

We are one of the biggest 'buyers' of the region, don't know whether India accepts it.

i do not know what we really sell in India ?

Do you buy our Clothing?

Do you buy our Tea?





All what i know is even out ladies, they have been purchasing saris and other garments, ornaments, shoes from you since i do not know when?

in some of the movie Theaters we are showing your movies i don't know whether you have any plans as such to showing at least the award winning movies even for a shorter period of time.

i know that you have a big fan base in the country compared to in India. 

that is perhaps can be called 'Arts and Crafts Cooperation in the Region' ( plus between countries) 

The Ocean around the country is naturally safe guarding her from out side what ever security threats 


that provides our people ' a living', economic independence , financial liberty

It is important that we all respect each others identities of internal rules and regulations for instance  using Ocean Resources

Needs to promote awareness amongst the resources users?

anyways 'Fisheries and Security Geniuses should handle such NO!!!! according to what some say ' nothing cannot be go wrong' from the people who handled such segments NO?

coming back to the importance of the position of the Youvraj with regard to Regional Cooperation' any vows should be come as a written package that benefits both the countries and should get the acceptance of all.

'Internal Development Independence' or Liberty with regard to choosing 'partners of development plans' is highly encourageable. That is to maintain not only regional cooperation but also to maintain universal Cooperation'

This note is to be continued  ...................

A Question for the Economic Specialists of the world 

'Is History a Must subject in the School Curriculum - local or is it an optional subject?

Amazing Sanga
Please pardon me, The Cricket Lovers, for postponing this note about 'Sanga' one of the Gentlemen of the world Cricket 

many congratulations to the Recent Record of world Cricket, according to some news paper reports  ' Sanga re writes / newly writes the pages of the book of Cricket'

it is no surprise sometimes to hear or read about records during the Cricket Season's of the World

but some records are unbelievably incredible and appreciatable, rewardable

the world is very well aware about the Cricket Personality but i do not know whether the world knows his abilities with regard to managing allocated time not only in cricket but also in when given opportunity to address the world communities with regard to  'how cricket has influenced the private or public lives of people of the communities where cricket has become breath of sports - local'

he is a good speaker that is what i admire a lot more than the styles of play in particular.

May you get strength in everything you do

How does a Family Bonds Affects 'Moral Development of a Child'

Child, no doubt, a precious gift to any family. Those who do not have a child to adore knows the importance of such bonds'

until the child officially leaves the family 'protection of the child' is the sole responsibility of the Parents, secondly of the teachers responssible, Thirdly of the Government of any

so all above parties are internationally known as responsible people of the development of any child'

The Society comes next though the above mentioned parties are macros or micros of the big society.

Child Protected Authority? is the way term written accurate, is an immensly important unit of the entire system and the impportance of such units cannnot be considered as less important or not important at all.
if you take a single family, looking after their children in a meaningful manner is not a very difficult task when considering the teacher should play maintaining or looking after a big number of  of a School. Do you agree?

so if any parents face difficulties in such activities are highly advised to get outside help' in order to handle them properly or meaningfully

i know that some parents are truly busy in many projects that brings them money or prestige - imaginary or not, do not know sometimes what is happening in the closest departments known as ' adorable children', should be inspected atleast by the Mother

some kids when they grow up think that they can decide of their personal lives. No wonder

after school some go for the option of either finding a job to live or a fiance to marry

anyways when they are adults it is not a problem but when the kids think of sooner selecting their marriage partners should be inspected due to many reasons

'lama vivaha' is not something that we practised in this country though it is not strange in the region

Teenage Marraiges are not known as very much successful components of the society we live

monitoring children is advisable in every not only learning unit but also family units

this is a huge topic to discuss therefore this note is to be continued to talk about many aspects of children and their proper educational and physical development

Children are a responsibility of any country's Education system as well

 Education is not a fence but a road to future 


 Education or learning is part of how you use your Wisdom in decision making















Monday, March 9, 2015

Because the former government did this and that ............................

It, is so thrilling to hear the songs begin with above sentences every day, to read on every page,watch it on every GO channel, whenever, what ever the present government has to say to his country people, to outsiders.

Some addictions are  truly harmful it is true, see what has happened now, the SWORN government cannot really come out of the situation or stop using such words( essay topic) , now they have began to use it when they are representing the country for very important matters, as well.

i as a Sri Lankan , person who has the right to 'vote' like to say say, please try to come out of that  without become a 'joker' before the others

i am referring to what the Foreign Affairs Minister of the Present Government has said ( the whole package) before the Human Rights Council recently

What are you trying to prove, justify?????????? what decision, fact and of whom you are supporting?

Let me begin my note, asking following questions

Did you find any member who spoke about anything,  before the council members, saying or anything mentioning, indicating 'the names of the  countries they belong to'?

If so, what are those things?

What was the nature of the things they discussed or were they saying using their names of the countries they represent?

How many member countries you found in the Council, The Human Rights Council  or Commission?

If they talk of something about 'human rights' it is true that they can take examples,  from their respective countries when defining or clarifying something with regard to the subjects they discuss at the council or at the commission.

It is also not fraud that naturally they are representing their countries and in what they speak or act , you may find their country representations' ( Political, Social, Cultural, economical) , what ever political group they may belong to within the country?

sometimes you find such things because they are 'HUMAN. In that human category you find some things but as i mentioned earlier' restrictions and limitations should be there'  in order to protect the identities of the members

Sometimes you may find  in what they say, at least slightly, 'the zones that they represent' ,  continental colours or shapes, sizes though ethically you cannot find personal representations or private attitudes, private beliefs , faiths in what you ( top chairs) say, personal political desires, beliefs other than ' what the whole organization believe lawfully'

Also, according to my knowledge, what ever they do 'should not exceed or break the 'council's visions , missions, or rules, regulations  but that does not mean 'you can say anything or act the way you want , what ex chair holders said, ( top chairs of commission ), cannot release statements based on fraud evidences' fabricated facts'

It is so good to know who handles situations, who lead such sessions, who involved in investigations because some have, somewhere ( i believe) histories of personal profiles of some chair holders - ex

similarly in what ever they say or show should not appear  any other 'revenge' type something ' favoritism with regards to 'NATIONALITIES'

They should have a thorough understanding on the 'internal structures' of any community , country

Now i have a question to ask which is something that not directly related to the subject i essay

who leads the investigations of the properties of the politicians of the country?

Darrel Hair?

let me move on to my essay


According to what i believe, any regulations or rules of any organizations, perhaps may have created considering the realities or the truths of certain things as well, let me assume

for example ' when WW1 , WW2 was functioning ' you knew that 'what the involved parties were using during the war?

i  guess they did not use any lollypops instead of guns, weapons, bombs

Now who were the good boys and who were the bad boys? that is something else to discuss here.

During the session of the commission , didn't you find them, the big chairs, representing the COUNCIL or the Commission, not their countries that they belong to? i don't know, was it the opposite?


That is what you called 'representation', there they were the representatives of the Council, commission in other words they are the decision makers that is also correct.

(Decision making power within set or regulations, as described by the position holds)  

What i am trying to say here is that ' the Foreign Minister of the Country naturally is a representative of the Government, ( he is a member of the Government after President Sirisena became elected as the President) and i find no ethical reasons to stress , before any outside allies, organizations 'who he is'? his position naturally justifies and clarifies it.

i find no ethical reasons or logic in saying ' what  former ' governments did, or boast about what the present government has done specially because the present government is till a fetus, not a mature boy. let the time flows within your government period and show what you do

it is true that you have nothing else to talk before others i.e. of what you did, because of above reason i mentioned   but you can mention the plans only if that is relevant to the topic discussed at the meeting.

do they need to re hear the budget of the present government?

No because it it was not about the budget of governments 

Am i right?

when you are specifically or always stress rights of a particular Nation careful you are not forgetting the rights of others specially because this country is a multi national, multi cultural society. 

you cannot ignore the importance of rights of all, but when you are creating or saying something specifically 'aimed at particular Race or a Nationality for examples , do you think you are really representing the, or a country? ( asking everyone)

i hate this words, majority , minority

when you speak of minorities or only about a majority what will happen to the other part , except the part or the group you talk about

During ' LTTE issue, in war Affected Areas you very well know that 'you found all nations lived in such areas'

you cannot specifically name a single nationality with regard to what you are discussing' 'rights of human'

Pay special attention to 'how , who suffered' because of the issue and how you can compensate such things 'today' Oh! without forgetting a single nation

Though , before the world , Sinhalese are a Minority i say you shouldn't specifically talk about us but about all of us.

The world, do you have statistics of the total population of the Sinhalese in whole world ?

percentages please, just to see whether we are a minority in your justifcations as well?

We do not want any other land from any other part of the world, what we have is purely enough all what we need is ' we want every nationality to live in this 65, 610 square kilo meters in unity,  and do not want it to break in to pieces though some expect that to happen

Including , we expect nothing but no politicians or parties do any hanky panky to in order to get votes from the people , saying they did this to you, we do this to you' , so we expect 'please careful when you are using your tongs, words

Similarly when who ever representing the country inside or outside to country, in their 'speeches' he should do justice to what is justifying by his position offered and the aim of what he spoke of without injecting any political preferences, or party political agendas in to that.

According to my knowledge, it is not very advance to use following sentences, ' word verifications such as 'that government' 'former government' , or because former government did this ............., because former government did that .............., because former government won the humanitarian War ................ ' We are facing the situations  that we are facing now otherwise i don't have to explain anything before your council , they shouldn't have done that, they should have kept it for us to achieve or until the sworn Government arrives ( did he mentioned anything similar? )

NO! what he should do is ' represent the POLICY of the country , Decision of the Country ,  not the POLICY or the Decision not of the government

just because you are a member of a particular government that does not verify, that doesn't say that you are representing the country unless you really prove it. You are given many chances to prove it before any other place outside to 'country'

When your intention is something else or if something else come out of your speech, people have the right to question you

Prove that the country can have faith on you, not trying to depart , divide any group from any group ( nationalities)

and please, we are fed up of  hearing 'the everyday song' because former government did this and that .................

can we hear a new melody for a change ?