Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bold, curly or straight what is your choice of STYLE

Styles, fashion - clothing, accessories, and shoes these things always bring some fanciness, freshness or some changes in to people’s lives. 
Hair styles

I like this subject of styling hair not a lot but to a certain level. I often enjoy observing the styles chosen by the women and rarely men during my bus-ings. There I can view the ways that they have tied their hair, the looks, shapes those styles have added to their looks - external and also to their personalities of course not internal it is not possible at all to view ones ‘ internal lines just by looking at ones styles chosen hair or otherwise. Not only that but also the volume of hair, partitions the way they combed & styled their all these things fascinates me.

It is not fare to say that the people who prefer ‘bold looks’ do not like hair styles or long or short cuttings  – hair. I am not familiar with ‘hair tattooing ’ do not know whether there is any such style exists in this many styles available and difficult sometimes to choose what styles should go with our looks personal –world?  NO I m not a tattoo fan J   though it looks like a good art and some creativity can be seen in the hands who handles such designs.

Bold look with a tattoo I am not sure whether it goes together. NO I guess.
Some keep a part bold and another part with a different style – hair. They are not totally bold J but half or quarterly bold.  How about that style?  As seen on TV’ s I can say memorize one or two styles. Some keep some hair which gives a ‘V’ shape and rest of the hair they remove totally.  I hope you all can imagine of the style I explain here.

My nephews I can remember at that time he was not that old not even I feet in height his mother has taken him to a saloon and done such style to him. That was their choice. What do children , kids understand about such styles it is for their parents fascination I thought that they might have gone and cut their child’s hair like that.

I do not know whether I should take it as ‘the influences of fashion and passion for children, lives of adults.

I know since ‘tuition’ Bio, chemistry, physics, mathematics, Arts and crafts, logics and commerce, IT, Zoo, botany, English entered our children’ lives we could observe some changes not only in kids lives but also their parents social and even educational spheres so as one of the results of that a ‘sub – culture’ formed related to. A different peer groups arose, the words language they speak changed slightly. Very specifically there is a huge trend in teen, youth looks and what they wear for their classes. I know girls very often complain that they need new clothing for them to go to classes – tuition. The reason they say is that the way that other friends who belong to the same peer groups and different class categories dresses or what they wear for their classes.  I know they never go with ‘karal dekata konde gothala’ styles   I know they look so good and eye pleasing in the styles they choose.

Youth and teens they are very well aware of ‘what fashion and looks go better with their physical appearances.
I have not noticed any bold looks so far.

Those days (I do not know whether it happens these days or not) some bet on something and if they lose they choose ‘bold styles. Such bets not give any big harm to their pockets. Such bets are little wiser compared to some bets of people – chosen very idiotic way. i. e. Going naked or something J silly. What political intelligence such people hold for god sake? I do not understand.

Some do not choose bold style through out their whole life. Some prefers to change their styles not only hair but also other including ‘clothing’ shoes etc. they go for different make over from time to time.

Fortunately we have good set of designers all type or any type for people’s choice of fashions. Problem in this sector is that I believe is they are little lazy and do not do much of things and do not think of competing with outside world. Competitions bring the best out of their talents. I only see big designers who model their designs in world class flat forms. That is bad because I know that both our ladies and gents got talent enough of them. 

designers of ours do you agree with me here

Ah! Yes I admit our beauticians often bring trophies from outside world for their ‘hair styles’ make ups. I can remember our Gayathri Dias once brought a medal from Singapore or from Thailand (?) for her hair styles modeled by a gorgeous girl. Am I right?

She is not the only hair stylists or beautician who won such titles. She once won Miss SL title if my memory still works properly. And after that only she got a chance to act in a television drama. Correct me am I right?
She is got a long hair a very long hair those days J
I can capture a bit from that another bit from different area what I do not know is how to connect them all together. Fashion passion styles – hair, accessories various, shoes including boots for various occasions in the fields of tea.

I remember my father used to say that ‘hitha Honda thattaya was with them for sometime in Oman. Am I right? Were you a chef there?

Mama hitha honda thattaya
Kaageth honda mithraya
Kawruth danna

That is Rony Leech who says so. He is so proud about his ‘style’.  His style is bold. I know that he has given many explanations on TV – during interviews as to why he thought of going ‘bold’ instead of curly or straight or weavy.
School girls have to use ‘flat style’ they are not allowed any other styles unless they have short hair cuts. I am not sure whether they are allowed for a ‘French flat’ though we used to try it during our schooling days.
Hair is considered as one of the pancha kalyanaya for any contest held among beautiful ladies.

Pancha in Pali or in Sanskrit number five.
Dantha kalyanaya ( teeth)
Chawi kalyanaya ( skin)
Kesha kalyanaya (hair) i can not remember the rest of the kalyanayan

The brides go in various styles of their choices. I can remember the photograph taken at the wedding of my teacher who lives in Ganemulla. I do not see any such type any modern weddings. Do girls prefer old styles during their big days?  

I am asking all the bridal dressers including Mr.Ramzi Rahman? Do you still in Borella changing the styles and waves of both girls and ladies, gents
Ah! I remember how Ms Rukmani Devi, Ms Jeewarani Kurukulasooriya and most the others have portrait in their various occasions , functions on silver – screen. Unfortunately I have not seen them live.

I like their old fashioned not a bit but a lot they are so tall in their chosen fashions and styles hair and shoes , handbags accessories all big styles they have chosen the movies created witnessing all.  I also remember ho ho thushara ho ho thsuahara uda pennoth bima wetenne wei naawoth oyaata tharaha hithei lady how she looked on big screen silver.

Koi yanne banda nalawaala lesi gamane
Inga solawaala paawena sulange wada mala wage wada mala wage

Every style is a style though people give various or different explanations and value, demands, for such things.

I can not specifically name one particular hair style of our all time gorgeous Ms Malini Fonseka’s portrayed hair styles of those days. I love all of them
And I like to turn a bit towards Bolly wood I like the OM Shanthi Om styles 

Deepika Padukon’s and the other co stars hair styles. They were dressed like yesteryear stars in that movie. Fascinating and fabulous.
The Japanese hair styles with their ‘traditional costume’ eye pleasing.
Sophia Loren, Jackie Onassis Kennedy, Marylyn Monroe’s styles

Styles changes over time. Often girls and ladies go for old looks just for a change or for an attractive change. I think to analyze hair styles of all era ‘cinema is a good place’. World cinema is not just one day or two days old therefore you get plenty of chances to view or get an understanding about not about movie stars but about their fashion and passion. Kadawunu proronduwa to Siri Perakum I have seen many and many styles on big screen. Youngsters of all eras used to style their hairs the way their stars styling their hairs.

I Know that some used to copy the styles of Mr. Victor Ratnayake, some had any many things to talk about Mr. Roy De Silva’s hair styles. How to forget his beloved ‘ Sumana Amarasinghe she is  a star and she now engages in styling the all type hair of any type ladies. I remember how she dressed my cousin sister my father’s elder sister’s elder daughter as a bride. She looked stunning.

‘Straitening – styles’ girls prefer very much I know and have noticed asked and shared such preferences, choices  with me actually the ones I knew. I do not know whether ladies girls go for what they do not have generally. Girls who has wavy or curly hair (not all though) like to style their hair in a straitening way. Straight hair ones prefer curly again not all or everyone though.

Short hair is not a new style anymore

Those days all members of families were very particular about ‘long hair’ for the girls – young it was not easy at all to get permission from the elders of family to shorten their hair.  Now girls, ladies of our society style their hair the way they like.

I do not see any always oiled and neatly combed hair these days. Fashions and trends become old or new from generations to generations . that is why the fashion magazines get much attention these days compared to past. Every weekly or mostly in week end papers they never forget to allocate a page for fashion enthusiasms in their issues as a supplementary in magazines  

Those days it is ‘saloon’ I have seen now the salons you find almost everywhere so it is no issue for a girl or for a boy to do their cuts and styles as they please.

Styling ingredients, hair comforting , relaxing gels or sprays now come in various, branded way from other parts of the world AND NOW WE OUR PEOPLE MANUFACTURE THEM TO THE HIGH STANDARD THAT has ALWAYS maintained the highest ‘QUALITY’ in their manufacturing standards they can COMPETE WITH ANY BRANDED FAMOUS NAMES OF THE WORLD. That is a good sign and a hope in the business sectors. Mainly the importance of such things is ‘the local’ people understand the better the local people. So they know what weather conditions what geographical conditions what problems generally the working women – outside to rooms or offices local face. What damages some weather conditions bring in to their hair or to their skin. The local products always go with local women’s styles though any international styles and manufactures too goes well with the skin and fashion fiestas, attitudes of fashions etc. The manufactures – cosmetics have done their researches over years about the women and men of this world and their styles or skin tones, hair. i do not know the accuracy level  of following categories of hair type i should consult a beautician to get accurate information on following.  

Combination type

It is no harm knowing your hair type then it is easy to treat them properly when ever you need to treat the route of the hair including the scalp.  
Trimming is not a new treatment or a style including colouring or re bonding. Bold style is an easy way of styling one does not have to worry about combing or styling it gelling or worrying about grey hair.

Hair fall control one must do. But I have read it is normal to lose 100 – 150 hair a day but if it exceeds one has to get treatment not from a beautician but from a medical doctor I suppose. Loosing hair too says a lot about ones inner health conditions, physical health etc.

Balanced diet will keep you away from any health hazards not only just ‘hair related’ issues also any type. Though you go for bold style taking a balanced diet is important for your health and one mustn’t forget that.
Bold type will get you very bold attention from the others reason is obvious amongst all other fashion bold style too get enough of attention from the fashion lovers. Often people choose their friends, partners when they find some comfortableness in fashion they choose.

Ok I guess this is adequate to read for a change this essay mine written on ‘bold style’ in particular

Thank you for reading me ……………………………







I stepped backward for couple of hours just to visit one of the avenues of my school days and a few days of the latter stage of my life  ……………………………. because of this young boy and what he has faced all his years of living.  

This 42 plus years of mine – ‘living’ I can divide in to stages. In between school days and university the life was totally different to the life after.  Life spent with my siblings facing this and that of various, different, life struggles namely social, economical and health related etc including minor disputes that I was able to face absolutely with no backwardness within the family unit (nothing major) was a stage which brought different experiences in to my life.  Take care of two naughty boys (my brothers) was a huge thing. As their eldest sister I was assigned with number of tasks that is not by any laws but by ‘natural human senses‘. I was asked to have an eye on them whom they go to play with what books they read, why they come late – home, why sometimes they ignored to go to school. Why they don’t like me to visit their class room and meet their school teachers etc.

I found out various reasons ‘one of them was ‘they never do their home work at home but I do not know how they managed all their ‘home work’. When ever I asked they were not given any home work to do but have given to play at the play ground close to our house. According to their ideas at that time ‘sports is better than home work’ J

My two brothers had a small group for them to go and play at the Unicorn play ground – Ampitiya. Brain and his brother were two of them.  For them my younger brother – 01 is the ‘chopper malli’ (he is not younger to them) those days there was a type of bicycle a small mountain type handy bicycle called ‘chopper’ not the particular chopper that we are familiar with these days. My two brothers were given such a type bicycle so everyone used to call them chopper malli. So it is same with Brian he too called him using that name.
Innocent, naughty, playful not that interested in his studies those are the qualities I can think of this boy and that was how I recognized this young boy – Brian.  

Fallen in love with a girl of a bicycle racing lover we used to called him ‘race aiya’ ( girl’s father) I can imagine how he looked those days he always wore the racing outfit that sportsmen wear for bicycle racing – mountain type.  So this boy and girl of race aiya got married and they lived a good life I know.

I can not remember what he did soon after his school days. but I know only one thing that his mother who works ( still?)  in Switzerland and sent them enough of money for their education and for living. He had money in hand always. Somehow other knew all these I guess that was one of the reason buggers who sell heroine, marijuana ( is this the right spelling pardon me ) the dangerous drugs have met him and given all the relevant information needed for him to get addict to such drugs – dangerous.

Is the yama raju ready to hack them till they die and expect to receive the notice from any area of this world the buggers live?

I m sure get the name of top buyers and dealers no need of taking the list of ‘haalmessas’    
So he was addicted to such drug takings

He used to come to me asking money for ‘meals’ he was so careful about not to mention a single word about his drug addictions. It was my brothers who advised me not to give a single sent because he used such money to buy drugs ne needed

Again how are you managing such children sir?

What is maximum punishment they get for not for just selling or keeping an ounces or grams some where hiding  but bringing them IN and I like to know how is it really happening sir? How many are still survive without any issues and doing the business – happily sir? (Any relevant authorized to give punishment can answer these questions mine) these buying and selling dealings?

So this boy Brian could not stop this drug takings or using totally though he was cornered by the society, family, including his wife’s  and all the people that got to know this. He was arrested one or two times for ‘ stealing money for drugs’ and sent to a rehabilitation centre.

Came back and started a new life
Before I forget let me write what happen after

His wife left him to live alone because of these incidents they had to face. He earned no money for living etc.  

They have a baby girl schooling these days

Last time I met him with the little girl I remember she was sleeping on his shoulder and the little girl was wearing a little cap to cover her face from sun – light.  I remember I tuned the cap towards right side and exchanged few words with this young boy.
And again after a day or so I met him near ‘ kandaiya’s house ( a jeweler) and he invited me to use his TW ( Three wheeler) because he has a bought a new one.  I truly was happy because I knew his earlier situation.

Onna aptith ekkath enna owne yanna

You will have to use my three - wheeler as well? He said in a little commanding but a close voice

I smiled and said OK

I did not meet him after that meeting and conversation shared.

Yesterday my sister gave me the news that she received from my brother.

The neighbours are the ones who found out ‘he has committed suicide’

So who was responsible for his death?

Who was his killer?

Who was his murderer?



May you attain ‘ good consciousness’, in every life you will born including may you only get opportunities to meet good set of people who hate such addictions, may you live longer in each and every birth of yours that is my wish to you young BRAIN   
Take care !




Saturday, July 27, 2013

For dear daughters of this world

What harm in letting this little bud to bloom her own way?

Will that be a misguide for her

I am not aware


Will she end up walking in a false path for doing so?
Let’s assume ‘NO’

Perhaps, for others the journeys, the travels of her - looks ‘lifeless’ or ‘live’
Does she have to care all these?

Doesn’t she have to bear all these reminding the facts and realities to her own inner lanes - the ‘nature of this world?’

The leaves and the branches surrounded by her

Do they inquiring something from her – silently?

How does the world know all these?

No not that they are blind

No I know

They are not even ‘deaf’


First and foremost of critiques, analysis

Doesn’t this universe have to understand the language of all ‘give and take’ first?
Haven’t they observed the little ones around her -the tiny bud?

Trying to get out of their own tiny teeny worlds?
Seeking for a new world?  - For a new breath of life

New yet a secure world

No strange or new in that – I do know that

Who ever she is what is she viewing from a distance
Giving blotted, unclear images to the world

Is she trying to hide her reflections from the world?

Will that effort be a success?

No matter

Come closer and view her yet, Let her bloom first the way she wishes

What loneliness near her

I don’t encounter any

Have you noticed any darkness around her?

‘NO’ -No darkness is there

The leaves – green watching her removing the loneliness from her outskirts


Dear little girl who am I to say these things

Do you think that way? J

You should know this world better it is changing every minute -Good in a way

Happy this world

Ready this world

For embracing/s – fresh  and fresh and fresh

No need for me to say this I know

Walking, travelling you must do slowly

And carefully too along the paths chosen

No doubt

You will meet turnings’ - new, paths - unidentified 

Smiles -fresh thousands of them, trillions of them

Bloom the way you like - no harm in that

why look the other way

look here

there is a lot in this world for you to view and re view


Remember girls, daughters so dear and near to your ‘universes’

You should allow no ‘emptiness’ ‘insults’ ‘unhappiness’ to enter your globe of imaginaries’ 
come blocking your paths – chosen

I say ………………………

Let your imaginarie/s grow

Let your dreams come true

I say …………………………

No matter what others may think?

What others may say behind

what other may do or kill from minute to minute

knowing your are 'no harm to this world'

They are your backwards no forwards

Your dreams

Your realities

How would the world know?

so give them a value - a huge

Share them

Colour them

Weave them the way like

still you can not forget you need to 'Respect this world'

For all what they have given for you ………………………………….

That is my wish for you - all 'dear little girls of this universe'

 [ above is  a weak translation of the Sinhala words written and posted 'YESTERDAY'
 ( 27/07/2013) on this 'footpath' 

Have a relaxful days ahead! ............................................

Friday, July 26, 2013

for daughters of world (sema diyaniyanta lowa)

Sema Diyaniyanta lowa 

Pipennata wera darana kekulak
Pipennata ida hala wita ege wilasata
Waradawaa ganeeda eya ege mawatha
Newum bawakin pirinuda el merunada - yana ena gamana bimana aege
windagatha yuthu noweda a sema eya dahama a wana nisa lowa
Athu ‘path’ara nihadawa asanauye kima aegen
Lowa handuna ganuye kelesa owun nisi lesa
Basa handuna gatha yuthu noweda owun - a sema ganudenu wala
Wichara wuwa awichara katha bas walata ‘peratuwa’
pariwaara kekuliyan noduteeda own egen pasu pibidena wera darana
lowa dahama wuwa eya
Aethin sita hemi hemihita kima wiparama kawru wuwa aeya
Langin sita deka ganna sith pura peedunu pibidinu pasu ae sithengi lesa
Thaniyak kohenda aae asala kola peha wata pitaawen lada labena senehasa nisaawen wuva
Ara parissamata hemi hemihita deneth numbe wivara kala yuthu bawa
Maa kumata sihipath karanuye numba hata a bawa
Numba hondin dena ugatha yuthu noweda ‘diyaniya’ a bawa  
pibidiya yuthuda wanneya ‘purnawa’ nowiya yuthu ehi kisi awakashayak -awamaanayata  Rikthakayakata
hisbawakata …………………………..
eyai maa pethuma
diyaniyan wu oba semata
pibidunawuva numba numbe wilasata
epaa gannata deneth numbe 
lokayen iwathata 

Boho dea etha belumatada wimasaabelumatada 
Dutu, nodutu, sema 
Kaalayai mea a semata 

Monday, July 22, 2013



‘ENGLISH’- everyday this subject English lets me view various facets of the society via various media, angles, corners, subjects, faces, incidents, lanes eyes of others of people of this world we live.  It is a lie if we say that we learn or see through this world only via the eyes we own. Often we get chances to see this world through the eyes of blind. How can we say no to that?  Can we view this world the way that the blind view this world from the angles they look at this world?   No I do not think tat we see the things that they see or view. We are so proud that we have got two eyes with few or some visionary issues. Friends, guys and girls how about trying to view the world through the eyes of the blind from birth.   Impossible or is it possible  
We can not pretend to be blind though we are solely blind in most the viewings we do. 

Sometimes we get chances to see this world via the eyes of the others. Film makers, photographers, artists, speakers, analysts, commentators, critiques, left overs, silences, loudnesses , readers various or different  of this  or that or far away societies we live that our neighbours live, the territories or geographical limits or people who within or outside to continental boundaries the people that live in the areas we have not been before or have not met before.

How many languages exist in this world? I have no data I m little lazy to search information via the available sources of information available.

I  think that dialogues language patterns, voice tones, their accents truly play and important role in order to understand people, societies their views and perceptions. Though the silences or the backgrounds settings – different too says or visualize things for us to read closely or to view what so ever clearly or somewhat accurately. This totalness or fullness I doubt sometimes because for me it is never a possible thing to view something totally accurately.  Reason for such weak analysis I m not sure but I assume that this society we live not purely or totally simple or complex or it never get the size of in between shapes. Therefore I do not hesitate to note that it is never possible for a human to get total accurate picture of any society because it is changing every minute, every moment every eye winking moment.  The moment I write this essay it is changing this world we live.

‘Subtitles’ this word is an interesting word for me. Every time I watch something that is written or crafted in a different language or a language of some others of this world I look or search for ‘subtitles’. Often I enjoy breaking the single words in to the words that I find hidden within those singularities and try to think whether I can get or view something different or at least some thing that are hidden underneath the words we learnt as kids or as adults.  I do that that of course for a change or often for a difference perhaps to fight against boringness of life. Who has got ‘steadyness’ in the views we holds until we die. Our perceptions may change accordingly due to the things or incidents we face in our life dealings or obstacles. Our life patterns may change who can predict what is gonna happen in the next minute we go passing in this life.   
Break this single word subtitles in to two different words.

‘Sub’ is a word. Do my ‘English – subconscious’, instinct provide me enough of data to analyze the words I already know little bit better.

Every main title is important. The sub titles too get the attention of the audience’s readers fans viewers because of the main titles sometimes. If there is a sub category there is always a main category. Am I right?

Sometimes or often, even mostly the main categories or big titles get all the attention not letting the sub tiles to get enough of attention or care they need or expect.
Interesting don’t you think so?

Can we say or assume that the main titles just dominate the sub titles or is it the nature of titles of this world to survive or live that way in this world.

No it is not just the English sub titles or sub titles we can talk of or discuss. How to forget our own language/s that we are very comfortable in using face easyness in handle them or face just little not big problems in understanding them or in using them.
One can talk of ‘Sinhala Sub titles or subtitles’. French or Spanish, Arabic titles or even about sub titles who will say ‘NO’.

All titles depend on all other titles or each and every title that exists in this world. None can survive or exist alone.  Here I m talking about certain or particular ‘tiles’ of this world. I guess I do not have to write a list of titles of the world. Because I know that I address to, talk to a good set of people, knowledgeable, literate very well in English and in all indirect speeches patterns of saying things.    

We often hear or read even watch how some main titles kill the inner lanes of sub titles. Or pull or push the titles sub, break or let survive the titles they know or they associate with.

Have a close look at the places, people, societies you have visited been or learnt read ‘how many titles and sub tiles we can count within a moment or within just a minute of time.

‘A big chain of titles’ you may get as a result of your society viewings.  
Some become main titles after they go passing the sub titles they faced or came before their sites of living, carrier or what so ever perhaps after winning the sub titles they may have won the big titles main titles.

There are corners in your own word processing pages allocated for ‘titles or for sub tiles after heading corners. Look little above of the blank – word or the pages that you are hoping to full with the knowledge you have gained, with the experiences you have gathered so far from here or there or from somewhere stopping your writing for a minute. You will meet that corner just before the ‘change style’ guidance.  So that was about computer sub title – ing.

The facial expressions of sub titles says or may expresses something important that we never think is important  or we may have not realized important in the processes of understanding the titles or sub titles of this world.  

The sub titles are not always the results of main titles. Similarly we never can say that the main titles survive or exist only because of the sub titles of this world or shown in the title bars, title menus. People can understand any title at least to a certain extent even with out sub titles. There are other things which support people to understand the main titles better.

Before any cinematographers or any artists innovate this ‘sub’ ‘title – ing’ people read or view , watch the main titles their own ways using what so ever available at those times of creations.

I often find ‘sub titles’ that does not match with the dialogues that run through the creations I view. This ‘sub – titleling’ one must not do it in a lazy way that is an important part of all these creations. Take this sub titleing little serious in  your efforts , processes of taking your creation around the world including try to do some fairness to the creation by adding ‘right sub tittles’.  Say exactly what the main titles says or what the characters or the incidents , dialogues trying to express or share with its audiences.  

Mr Irfan Kamal congratulations to you and to the team of Thanks Maa and at the same time I like to suggest you should view ‘MOUSE’ the Sinhalese Movie designed on screen by Mr Wasantha  Moragoda sub titled in Sinhala. I have started viewing it but unable to complete that was only due to some practical reasons i will complete my viewing the ‘mouse’ as soon as possible. May be you have already viewed it before me. I m not surprised.

So I like to think that this chain of creations of this world we have to maintain in a very strong way. The linkages and bonds ( the creators of this world) have to be strengthen all possible way and must view each other closely to get  a good view of the places, societies we live  and to read them better.    

Thank you for trying to understand my today’s topic ‘English sub titles’ ………………………..





Sunday, July 21, 2013

Nawala paara (road) …………………….

Roads paths lanes footpaths gravel roads these are not new words though some youngsters or kids always have to think about or learn about new innovations, new technological methodologies in this computerized games full of world. They have no time to view carefully or closely the things they go passing to their schools or coming passing all of them again towards their homes that happens ‘everyday’ a routine of a day. May be some kids have to visit few other teachers sports or  computer or any ‘subject’- ‘subjects’  until they get fed up of the studying processes – endless. Who is got little time to spend with them sitting and reading the beggars or the sellers who sells grams and cleans roads and drainages wearing little dirty cloths because of the nature of the duty they are assigned to do.
The kids and even other ones who stays and lives little above to kids category do they get any opportunities to smell and sense the lives of these people. (I mentioned above) NO.

(every logic or explanation always or often, perhaps not applicable to all adults, kids, people, groups of this world we live lets us not forget that truth)

They, some, most got no time for that. I sometimes doubt do we got some time for ourselves to think about our ‘likes and dislikes of life’ do people have time to think about their health and other than wealth. How often we like reading the inner lanes of our own members of our own groups forget ‘the smallest unit of the world for a moment- family. That we do at least very often or every night before go to sleep or every mornings during breakfast breaks though most of us forgets what discussed all these mornings or at nights during our carrier journeys or roads travels.

That is where the ‘issues of social or political or economical begins. ‘Kids, students of any subject schools to universities or some people have no clue of the people of our own society, people of a different society, people of 60 watte, people of Ekwatte, People of Denipitiya, Arunodaya Mawatha, Sri Siddharthapura, or people of a lane of a Kolkatta or Delhi. Nawala road is a road I like to believe that hold no big difference to the roads that I have seen before or not visited before I like to think that way. On or along every roads, lane, path, highways it is ‘PEOPLE’ who resides or decides to move from here to there or walk or stop and buy or deal with something or with someone. Roads or paths are not magicians ‘ innovations’ such things are full of flesh and blood not just skeletons, these bodies we see move or walk from somewhere to somewhere have sensations, desires, wants and needs expectations aims sand objectives of lives or life.

I like to say ‘roads lanes are not the one and only place where one can read and learn for a change of life. to understand the differences of not just materialistic but to understand the ‘ other differences that people holds or owns it is good to read while using the roads. No matter what or how hurry you are in to reach your objective of life, carrier or personal including educational. Take a few minutes off from your just driving or just walking schedules or take your eyes off from the everyday routines of life ‘and stop somewhere’ not the vehicle ‘stop your mid and brain somewhere at a certain point that you like to analyze ‘ take a shop near a road you prefer’ and observe ‘ do you think that they have not changed since the very first day that you visited to that place’ can you notice any changes the way they count rupee notes they get, do they get little time to ask you ‘ hello sir kohomada’  hello madame kohomada ( how are you sir/madame) like before the day that you saw how they started their outlets with little bottles full of candies or toffees with some puwak or dunkola aside. Do you think that that now they got more bottles kept the way that the shopping malls – big or famous keep  their not the bottles but the show cases full of things not toffees or puwak or dunkola but something else, and do they talk less compared to before.

How can you analyze their lives? Do you think that they are forgetting something important in or for their lives?
Human relationships

So road reading would give you a little chances to analyze lives or their needs and wants (not gossiping) issues they face how busy or jealous or ignorable or angry with their own people for their achievements not big or small but for nothing. I often amazed, surprised with these things behaviours or living patterns of people. How strong that they, people need the things that they expect in life they can not bear any disappointments frustrations these things too one can learn during this reading road processes.

Try this out for a change.

‘Never mind’ though you will not be able to read roads lanes and its people perfectly, totally accurately. We have no genius in this world. Every single individual has some weaknesses or failures in their lives emotionally, mentally or materialistically. We all normal human beings we all differ from each other.
You will not get to read just a one side of something or anything or it is not just the surface or main side you get to read there or anywhere of any roads , lanes and its people there are many other sides as well including ‘lanes – sub’ or ‘no entry’ roads so there are small, small lanes and big, big lanes within big main roads.

Forget paths to houses or boutiques or sudden turns or planed before turns there are some turns that your wheels takes you towards that is to explore lanes and paths better may be because of your curiosity or ‘good to know the city well’ – reasons’ it is thanks to electricity that you sometimes get closer picture of the ones wheeling or turning towards or backwards or proceeds their vehicles to that lanes or to this lanes.
People are not interested to know, clarify or even to identify every single thing they encounter though they can read the pictures visualizing before their eyes at any moment of any turning of any people, person, ladies’ or even during any gentlemen’s wheeling.

Now tell me. Am I talking something opposite to what I discuss earlier?

Analyze or observe one at a time. then it is easy for learning, understanding analyzing what ever name or word you may use in exploring – subjects.

Why or for what not what is is important for me here. The importance of something always depends on the person who reads them, their inner aims their choices‘. some like to lead a normal life with less problems some wants big money than small coins, some think that geniusness of their kids is what is important in life.

What lane am I taking at this moment writing the topic ‘ Nawala road’ on top. Am I changing my path of thinking and essay writing this moment?

That is how people live and think plan their lives. They may have to change their paths and lanes roads of living from time to time. Some give various names for such changes in life. ‘Improvements’ ‘wealth’ forgetting health’ ‘achievements’  do not read me wrong in every line and word I write there is always ‘me’ ‘I’ ‘mine’ included. I think of cash when I run out of cash in my wallet. I think of alternatives when I need more money to meet my materialistic needs.  So and every space or word I allocate there is ‘me’

Who does not want a house of their own? Not that I read the stories of houses or buildings during my every reading – roads. That is nature of human. Though this has different measurements in wants and needs of people. The volume or capacities of these needs and wants of people differ from person to person. That we all have to agree.  Miss A might need a house but I do not think all other ‘ any letter’ miss’s or misters needs the same type of house like miss ‘a ‘ likes or expects to build. That is where we differ in our thinking or in our desires.
Ok let me now turn my walk towards ‘Nawala road’.

Sorry I know no detours sometimes to take to reach to the road I need to use or to visit.

Accuracy of the picture I get reading through my own lenses ‘my eyes’ that is what important for me and then only all other tasks become valid or important. Do not forget here every thing I talk or discuss only applicable to ‘road reading’s other than that these may applicable to something else but only slightly or differently. It actually depends on the person who reads this essay or roads whether to think or not the applicabilities of what we talk to our lives or life.  What ever faster I walk or move my own lenses I get a picture that contain 0 – what ever percent information. Every vehicle turn or every ride of any or many people tells or gives me something in return. though the person I may observe has nothing to do with me or not known before or have not met before ‘ they too hints me something’ may be that are their ‘cruelness ‘ may be ‘ anger towards something can not bear what others do mentalities’ ‘ situations in life’ can not bear what their imaginations or imaginaries  bring before their eyes in to inboxes.  Each and every single thing I meet on road tells me something at least something minor or something big about people, their lives, their families, their mind situations, their social or economical backgrounds, their political thinking, their choices of colours, their inner paths, what they admire, what they think is right or wrong how they find ways to hit people or hit face to face their strategies of finding solutions for the obstacles they face, anger hate love desires wills and wishes all these I can read though I walk faster like never before.

So ladies and gentlemen you might encounter various sides internal, deepest or narrow or wide sides of a lane often - suddenly or unknowingly.

An accurate of a picture of a lane one can categorize in two that are the pictures we get ‘before dark’ and ‘after dark’. So one might think ‘what clearness – total or complete sketches one can expect to receive after dark’? We are mostly unable to capture total accuracies of what so ever even before dark or early mornings of our lives.

What importance that these things we talk have or holds for a person only or really matters to the road readers or the inner objectives of roads readers often for others these things may just moving their steering back and forth or just turnings only. 

They can enjoy their road readings - usings their own way and narrate them the way like to educate or enhance people’s minds and brains when they think of sharing what they have gained after reading roads, lanes, paths. 

Nawala road is a busy road morning to evening and I do not know the situation during night because I have not used this road after dark.  People join this main road from various small and small lanes named by I guess owners of residencies or by the control authorities of the minor lanes, big lanes city or of towns

I m thinking

How much of time, money and efforts has been invested, contributed or wasted systems especially when dealing with wrong plans. One can analyze such things during floods or heavy rain. The situation now is much better compared to past I admit. ‘Every rupee is at work’ good to know that is what we people expect totally.  ‘Walk along these roads go passing drainage systems and try re correct all these roads ‘before 
planning’ towns or cities. I .e  drainage systems
Some use roads for a reason some use on behalf of some other group, some never gets anything in return for using roads on behalf of any. Some use it to show how proud we are of these roads.

It is only the accurate readers of roads know ‘why they should take this road, lane or path not that or other ones’ what good they get or what benefit it may bring towards them. How quicker they can reach their target of reaching their work places or busy -ness places before all others get there or reach there.
(There =place depend on ones targets of life or aims of carrier personal including) only road users know or hardly one or two others get the chances to know ‘other people’s reasons for using this or that road’. Yes we can assume reasons but that is no good I do not see any accuracy in such readings not fully wrong though my that saying. Think of the shapes and sizes of minds or hearts of people who uses the roads. Why should we know? are there usefulness in reading or thinking of others without thinking of ‘self’ or ‘I’ categories. Why wastes time no thinking or reading others what good that bring knowing what others think of what obstacles or things they face’ am I right or wrong here?

Shapes and sizes of people mind or hearts not the same or equal to each other. to understand that it is good if we can read roads and faces their conversations. That was what I am trig to say. How accurate am I in this understanding ‘what do you say my friends’

Can we expect all people (road users) to have same size and shapes of not just bodies but hearts and minds?  Even the size of the bag they carry, the way they holds the things they carry forward too says or hints things. The height and weight of hearts and minds we never can measure in feet or in inches or in kilos but such things we can not or never can say ‘un important’.   

If you are amateur to this road then you need to read every board, road signs, directions (?) proceeding marks of each lanes and roads big or small hope that they are visible for accurate reading and I like to think that they have not used for advertising of this and that.  (Some do not use only the spaces given or hired by them)

It is no strange in ‘big names become brand names’ ‘some like to become big names’. Any small name can become or be a big name not on just road lanes – boards or advertising spaces but world wide no doubt. I suggest though you know this truth, spend 100% put all effort to enhance or capitalize your idea or towards your aim of life reduce the time you spend for ‘just using roads’ ‘for other purposes’ on behalf of others for no reason. Use roads lanes or any path for your own good then it is easy for you to use the same for the sake of the ones you associate, family, friends, village etc. etc

Good parents know that they have no time to waste on roads unnecessarily they have to support their kids’ ‘home work’ after sports activities readings literature or grammar.  Again road users always show and have different aims and objectives in minds or within. We all know that the kids who wear school uniforms go to school in the mornings and who ever wear their jogging outfits we can assume they may proceed towards to a gymnasium or to ( this is actually not a accurate explanation) market after gym or they may heading towards a meeting with a friend. All these always depends on such aims and plans of their life. Some actually are time passes only. They have nothing to do with roads reading mainly or partly. They just waste or harm someone’s time wearing or showing representing this colour or that colour.

Any ideas opposition to mine so far?
Big and or small every one is got a name popular or famous or not popular or not famous each one of this world has got a name genetically or branded, some names are inheritances must carry forward not at all backward.  All these narrations mine truly ad solely, purely bear no resemblance to any living or dead 
I write what comes in to my mind though I write after done many readings – roads. If anyone think can use these ideas for something I know I show no oppositions.

Some names are not just branded names they teach you what good I bring why you should use such known as good or good according to the knowledge of self. So friends this Nawala road (pardon me for not taking a short cut to explain what I want or should focus or limit when analyzing roads not only this road Nawala road) often teaches how to analyze something properly to some extent. Often long cuts give you good shapes to a cut you expect am I right?

Nawala road is not just a road towards a road. They tells you what to buy what fittings you must choose what is good for your home pages, castles - any hospitalities, apartments, schemes of houses, premises of busy nesses  ‘they say this is good’ that is better’ this is common that is old yet fashioned Naveen says something and Lisa ‘s says something else all about uncommon and common things what suits and not suits stop for a while and think. Unable to find better brand should seek advise from the ‘know subject well groups/individuals. There are experts for you to help.

Do not be embarrassed even when some ladies and gents show you how they bath happily or hinting you saying ‘hey follow this way of bathing your way of method is old or not valid ( kidding for  a change )  

What place this bath or wash rooming has taken in the houses or homes or next to bed rooms or attached to sleep spaces.

What colour you prefer do not always ask your decorator – interior or exterior ask ‘know how to fit the fittings you bring people’ they too know not something but good things about ‘how to fit right fittings to your life’ (Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!! no! here I m talking about wash room fittings only) other things you alone has to decide do not let any out side party to decide.  Life fittings are totally and completely differ from all other fittings exists in this world.

This is no particular to people of Nawala paara this is particular to all road users walkers of all countries and global villages including.

This is natural in busy roads ‘fumes’ or smoke full of cities , towns ‘difficult to breath situations ’ therefore have to cover their NOSES using both hands I am afraid what will happen when they lose balance of the legs when the drivers and riders have to use both their hands for other purposes what will happen to their ‘moving ahead’ or ‘objectives of going from somewhere to where ever aimed earlier or what will happen to their aim, purposes of life their children’s education their desires of carriers of any title. Will the road observes pay you any or some compensations for your life for your Family.

What rubbish they (who are these they’ do not worry just try and get the idea for your life) will need ‘this’ or that support only until they reach their targets in life.
Again, any oppositions against these my ideas?
Let me turn towards a by lane from this main road Nawala. You know this is a big and long road.

Safety first and my goodness your health babes choose better meal annexure that matches totally or at least somewhat of your eating habits like carrots for rabbits beans for birds, bananas for babies. J that is for a smile change. 

And I am so proud of some of yours ‘sensing abilities’ never ever use such your abilities to insult people. I beg. You never will know what will happen to you in any minute or in any day life never ends so easily without giving you guys to ‘hey experience this including that too before you come here’ message is not from below or from above that is a message from my common sense. Life not let anyone die before experiencing at least half of the existing hazels of life. I believe.
And while any readings of roads

‘and do not move your heads to check whether others are coming behind or going passing you slowly or faster than you move towards dear babes loads of vehicles move here to there or there to here ‘daily ‘they have their work to do than taking care of your life every one takes care of their own lives so do not waste time on roads. I suggest.

Check the meters of the taxies before get in, start the journey, or sit on the seats for a comfortable trip. Life is not similar to any tip read my tips carefully not while driving and answering the phone Nokia or Kia or even nododa (without speakingJ ) handagaa (louder) . Guess you read me well. That is for a good change.

Some metered taxies are truly high metered
No there is no taxi service called ‘NAWALA TAXI’. Hope to start one who comes for a tour. Book it today J  

Kirimandala paara there are sub lanes or little bigger roads as well. School lane- is this lane full of schools, academies I am sure every person is a school though we never try to have a visit and read.  There is one cinematic academy lives close to paalama near university at the edge of the water way ‘our dotty of paalama yata’ (dotty who lives near bridge) Ms Geetha Kumarasinghe’

How are you? No newness for us to view you on screen in a different way an apolitical reading for a change.

Why there is an old palama (bridge) adjoining to a new one. (Near OUSL) Who uses the old one?

Who deleted the lotuses from the water way?

No other important work to do?

Until you reach Rajagiriya there are lanes named for or by popular individuals. I know brother of sampath or commercial you can try do not forget friends there is ‘senasuma for people’ – hand for POOR or helpless there is SANASA located along the Nawala road on the right side from Nugegoda.
Some do banking in public not a name that I know that much.
Is Nawala truly famous for ‘fine- apple’? (annaasi:)
There is a place for relaxing ‘weli park’ I like the name of a particular mw that is nirmaana mawatha near OUSL just before you turn towards the Kolambage mw.

I do not think that I can complete this note today or even tomorrow fully or totally due to my narrow understanding of the road ‘Nawala’ about roads, lanes, paths in particular.
There are things sub lanes and minor paths, narrow lanes, unidentified avenues ,some water ways, not even read fully or partially the boards – commercial entities, services all along this roads yet to be discovered in this big Nawala road.
Therefore I take a little break from this incomplete narration until I explore the rest at least to some percentage (%) …………………………………