Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Thursday, August 30, 2012

NOW: LIME TIME AND MONEY, NEXT : Plan it ‘NOW’, LATER: ‘EARLY is better’ ………………………

Before go to 'now, next later' lets talk a little about the term 'development' - shall i name it 'lime in development' or is it better to say 'lime and development'. yours to decide. 


There are seasons for everything or for some things . Some things are plural in some periods but also can be seen in other seasons. Some things can be used in ‘all seasons’ also can be seen in every season or all seasons.  
When the season comes things become cheaper but when the relevant seasons are gone things will become ‘so expensive’.
LIME - this is a kind of seasonal and off seasonal fruit / vegetable. Is this something that can be recognized as something in between fruits and vegetables or is it belongs to both the categories?

When you have extra money it is good to invest without letting your mind think and worry ‘gone with don’t know way’. Then only you can use them when ‘the off season of life’ comes before you.

There is a peak time in everyone’s life that is one’s fruitful season if one can think of her/his own life. ‘not all the seasons are fruit- full seasons or not all the life periods are full of fruitful ideas.

I learnt these through my experiences.  There was a time I work non stop. But I had no ability to in ‘proper management in finance’. That is one thing or something that you may learn in the latter season of your life. Sometimes you have the ability to earn money but you may have the disability to ‘maintain it or do not have the ideas to invest them in an intelligent way’.  

Human body is a kind of a ‘machine’’ when it is brand new or fresh’ it works and it does wonders. The machines get older or needs to get it repaired once in a way. When the off seasons of life comes you have some time then to repair the machine ‘go and get some health check ups’ check pressure or ‘total medical check up’ wiser thing to do is to ‘follow a healthy path in eating and do exercise when ever possible. For a better work in one’s mind and heart machines. 

So when the dehi/lime season comes we can save some or the extras for the future purposes ‘we can use them when the off season comes with no problems or without complaining about the ‘raised prices of such things. 

Today my Nangi/sister bought just a one lime because the prices have gone up it is because this is the ‘off season’ am I right? Lime is not plural these days.
The lime growers are different compared to the other cultivators of other crops. They have to do some other additional work/businesses to get a proper income for the HH. That is not the problem of anything that is the nature of such business. It is not use to blame the ‘drought’ or to rain for such things. Therefore they should try some alternative to improve their income. Like we produce ‘yoghurt ‘, curd’ or other milk products like milky chocolates, milky biscuits etc.

When the off season comes ‘your product will get a good demand than ever before’
Thinking of lime I can not forget - LUNU dehi -LIME PICKLE
( Ms Mallika Joseph’ shall we tell the world ‘how to make ‘lunu dehi via Nuga sevana’?) 

This idea of ‘lunu dehi’ took my thoughts several years backward, the period that the Gypsies’ Lunu dehi became a hit in this society.  That is musical ‘Lunu dehi’,this group tries to explain the place and the taste it holds in the society.

Gypsies go from place to place and spread the ideas. ‘Let’s take this ‘Gypsies’ ideas in to development. ‘How can we take our ideas of development across the country?’ like the Gypsies go from place to place with ‘music’. That is not only for the ‘own development of the owner of the group’ but this going to here and there will also benefit the ‘whole group and its members. The group of singers, the light people, the announcers, the stage makers, the vehicle providers, the refreshment providers, the three wheelers, the taxi owners, the transport the necessary thing near the ‘stage of music’, the benefit will not only goes the listeners or to the music lovers there are many other who will benefit from such thing.
Development is something like that.

Even if the present or the ‘future ‘groups start something good ‘you can not say that you will not benefit from it. That is selfish to say like that.

It is NOT ‘who did, who does’ ‘who gave the idea’ ‘if he gives do not take’ if they give take the idea’ ‘who will do it’ WHAT IS IMPORTANT HERE IS THAT ‘what we should do’ ‘how we should plan it’ and practice it’ are the most important thing in development and in business. ‘in development there is less chances for ‘jealousy’ ‘selfishness’ if this enters the body of development there will never be any development to be seen.

Those who practiced this ‘have won’ we can see that in every where. 

Lunu dehi does not show any ethnic differences or language barricades or religious differences.  That is a multi - national kind of a ‘many loved’, ‘anytime’ ‘better with rice and curry’  ‘if like eat with anything’ kind of a food variety not a main meal though. 

This will add an extra flavor to your main meal of your choice.

One can even ask or order this with a set menu. Even in Buffet kind of a meal arrangements this can be seen. If not you can order but do not know whether some of the hoteliers/restaurants have them ready. I am sure they have.

Raja geyatai -Pel pathatai
Eka wage -Salakanne
Pera kala sita pawathenne
( this is the rough translation - ‘treats equally, this shows no ‘differences’ in kings palaces or in poor houses, comes from the ancient times) 

If you really want to taste it or to full fill your ‘food desires of your choice’ it is just a ‘request away’ and ‘any moment appear on the dining table’ surprise with some attractive outer decoration’ that is of course only will possible with the talents of a good chef’. But will disappear from the table the way you treat it or handle it’

Don’t know whether the champion ‘Suuper star’ of Derana (the winner of the ‘cooking contest organized by the Derana television channel to select the best chef from the armatures (?)) knows to make ‘Lunu Dehi’

Congratulations to you and to ‘lime inventors’ of the world !!!!!!!!!
Lunu dehi
Lunu dehi

Sudu hale
Rasa danne
Mulu lokema handunanne

This is how you should prepare ‘My way of ‘lunu dehi’- ‘I learnt from ‘our country teachers way’ and learnt as a kid thanks to the ‘GUNASENA SUUPER SHASHTRAYA’  the vital cookery book of ‘my childhood’’ still have it’ and still use it. Thank you.

Few limes (take any number of limes as you wish)
A well dried /clean clay pot (this is the oldest way) if not use a well sterilized a bottle with a wide lid 

Take a lime cut in to four equal parts leaving some space in the bottom part of the lime to get hold the salt without splitting all over too much.

Follow the same with the remaining lime and keep them in the readied clay pot methodically and close it tightly not letting it spoil from out side food spoiling things to enter it’ if you do not have a lid you can cover the clay pot with a clean dried piece of cloth and keep it in a place where there is not much moisture.

Do not forget to use a non ironic/non metallic spoon. Lime is kind of acidic thing will react in different way in different times depending on the way you use it. This will take few weeks to get to the level you want ‘or up to the level that it is ready to eat’ or ‘for you to serve it on the table of love. Observe it until the green or yellow lime turn in to ‘earthy brown’ that is the ‘right time’ to use them. 

‘lunu dehi’ is ‘any twin kind’ and ‘can keep a side of your plate of rice & curry’’ can turn this in to a good sources of income’ thing.

 Do you think that this will add some extra look to your ‘plate of rice & curry’ please be kind enough to inform ‘footpath’ if you think so.

This will add an extra taste to your plate of meal and this will boost the immune system which allows you for a better digesting process I guess. (am I right dear doctors?) 

As we know it is always good and safer to follow a ‘middle path of eating habits’ to avoid any other unnecessary changes in the areas of digesting.

Ownema deyak ownewata wadaa Honda neha 

Nothing is good if you consume or use too much of any food item/eatables unnecessarily.

After their lunu dehi we remember they were ordering a lady

Piti kotapan none ……………
Piti halapan none
Heta udeta kannata mata indiyappan owne ……….

Grind the flour lady …………
I need string hoppers early morning tomorrow

Let’s not waste the gunny bags full of lime talents that can be seen under the ‘lime trees during the season.  

If you know the technology ad the technique we can bottle the juice without harming the originality ‘the thickness’ or ‘goodness’ ‘should bottled in a very standard way’.
During lime time -save some lime - make some pickle, earn some money. 

NEXT: Plan it ‘NOW’

Plan it today - do not postpone. Do not keep any space to say ‘the lime season is gone we could not plan or did nothing’ ‘let’s face the lime time in a proper way’
‘aiyo dehi waareth iwarai apita beri unaane ‘lunu dehi tikak hadala thiya ganna’.

This is not actually a reminder for ‘the lime growers only’ ‘ all other ‘have some money in hand’ ‘have some ideas in mind’ ‘know some technique groups’ ‘have some market place people’ ‘know how to do it’, ‘know some countries prefer these’, ‘understand the demands and resources groups’ ALSO I say this to myself as well. Footpath is my daily reminder to ‘my own mind on many things’ as well. I am happy that some of you read them. 

Things just come to my mind I write them on the pages of ‘footpath’. These are not the ideas of an expert these are the ideas of a learner. I am a learner. ‘I like sharing them with ‘my essay readers’ as well. Everyone has some ideas or at least one particular idea on ‘one particular thing’ or many things’.  Some has a way to share, to tell it to the friends, and share it with the world. 

Luckily I have this path’ create your own path’ ‘say what you have to say to the listeners’ the ones who respect your ideas’ ‘to the one that does not ignore or do not say ‘no value’to your ideas you happily share with others. 

But unfortunately not all have a way there may be some practical restrictions or barricades or the truth is sometimes ‘some do not find a way to share, and there is another thing also ‘some do not listen to the ideas of others than criticizing’ 

‘Criticism’ is so vital in the areas of ‘development’ but at the same time one should try to ‘suggest your suggestions’ ‘let the experts to accept or decide or practice it’.
Criticizing we should do in a standard or accepted way.

All suggestible or ‘suggested’ are not always ‘right or practical’ we are human. Most of us are not experts. We need to admit that. I am not an engineer or a ‘food processing expert or a scientist’ knowing that I should share or express my ideas in sitting in the area of ‘outsider or an amateur ‘ or learner ‘ ‘not an expert’ a viewer’ ‘listener’ ‘ reader’ leaving some space for the expert to decide on what I say’ or ‘suggest’ on something. 

Entering a university will not let you learn every possible thing about life or about development there is ‘the society – the university’, ‘people’ - the university’. These are located outside to the ‘recognized as universities ‘the identified sectors’ ‘students – lectures’, academic – non academic frame work’ there are much more outside to this frame of fields. 

Some can suggest this and that’ ‘none can accept’ ‘or ‘admit’’ ‘suggested may do not do it in practice’ ‘Why’?

To practice in real world ‘what you have in side’’ own suggestions’ ‘you need to have the required qualifications, if one holds the both the talents and ‘ideas as well as the required environment’ one can start doing it. 

There are other things important ‘power to practice or to set up or to start’ something that benefit the ‘whole big society’’ the world’, ‘the capital, ‘the decision making power’ ‘just having some ideas will not fulfill or succeed something’ there are other things that one required.

I am not a lime grower nor I have ‘a land that can be grown lime’ but I can see that lime is a fairly good source of income’ ‘ do you think that I should not suggest or share my ideas just because I can not get the benefits or any income from lime? 

We live in an area where there is no ‘threat of wild animals’ and also I do not have a land close to kala weva that the wild elephant harm always. But there are people of our country who send their sweat of grain to the area that I live’ can we forget that.

 ‘It is alright to share any ideas if you have your within for the benefit of our people even if you do not get results ‘directly or indirectly ‘never benefit’. ‘Selfishness’ only will drag the idea of ‘developing our country’.

One can suggest that person does not have to have the ability to practice it. There are people ‘the power holders’ to practice them’’ development is a HUGE TEAM WORK’   some does not have money but have the ideas. The world is different not everyone has everything. We have no oil in the country but we have many other things that others can se asked or request’ ‘tea’ rubber’ coconut’, ‘paddy’ etc ‘ that is how the world will develop’ ‘by sharing the available resources ‘ not using selfish way’, you can give it a different name ‘import or export’. 

 LATER; ‘EARLY is better’

Postponing things are the worst part of any; life development processes or the any development processes even this will applicable to ‘self life development’.
‘Now’ is the best time to start something not later I believe. I have sometime this ‘not now later’mentality’ I know that this ‘drag you from improving’ or development’
I noticed how some of the things solved’ not only giving answers on time also ‘practice it on the spot’.

So finally if we can follow these things accurately getting ‘the ideas and suggestions of all’
 JEEWITHAYA LASSANAI’ am I right? ‘mulu lokema diyunui’ ‘the whole world will be developed’

Monday, August 27, 2012

Coconut, the King Chef of National Cuisine ...................

I like to offer this piece of essay as a 'offering' ( Pooja) to all the Locally believed and Trusted Goddesses and Gods of our of our society. i like to note that well cleansed coconut is used in the offerings of goddesses and gods in Devala 
 i like to dedicate this piece of writing also for all hearts and minds of the people of our country because with out 'people' there is nothing you would see worth or the world will be an empty  place 

I thought of exploring my today's thoughts towards the very scientific cocos nucifera and I promised myself not to forget cashew nut at least at the beginning of this essay of mine.

Interesting to know the brand and taste the flavours of choconuts made of coconuts and cookies made of coconuts adding some cashew nuts? A biscuit may be made of mixing all these together in a very proud way and sealed with the date of manufacture and the date of expiry and send to many and every countries across all the continents. This is not a dream that I saw yesterday that is what I see and enjoy taste in real life. the true products of our own country.

Let me talk a little on unforgettable ‘cashew nuts’.

A good source of income and a must promote kind of a nut including coconut and cocoa lets not forget that I know that you have not forgotten that.

I like cocoa tree that is a very attractive tree compared to coconut and cashew. Uses are different and purposes and occasions are different that is right. Before I go in to coconut let me allocate some space for cashew nut, as I mentioned in the earlier thoughts of this page.

Role that the ‘Kaju kello’ ( I use this words with love and respect)  of our economy is not doing a kaju kanawa wage wedak’ it is not easy as eating ‘cashew’.

 I am not going to say more about this because my today’s topic is coconut. I am thinking of the ‘blocks of near by building built few years back for promoting the business having I am sure a pure idea to promote the business and also at the same time to give some shade and help for the people involved in the business. I am telling you I like the buildings the way they have built them, the styles etc. but thinking of the ‘uses’ of the building unfortunately was a little bad idea to build them in that way.

The road uses are generally busy. Some are in a real hurry, some others fighting with time and work, moving fast for a purpose or an aim. So most of them have no time and they sometimes forget their own aims and targets in life when they see these ‘Kaju stalls that is a different story.

We need to plan our things accordingly otherwise we will fail.  If  we not think of following a proper plan in every development process Such similar actions we take will only join the list of the failures of work’ and will stay away from the ‘visible improvements of development of Kaju bisiness’, the cashew business.

So to catch the attention or the attraction of the customers you want we need to fight and find a solution that will match all these choices and desires of the people that you are aiming. How can we let the people or encourage them to come near you and buy what they want. Need to think of some strategies in promoting any business/industry private or public.

If you build something away from the people’s vicinity  you are keeping the economy away from development and improvement and also away from your vital customers the buyers/.

 I am thinking sometimes we have the money and resources but ‘using what we have in a proper way is important’. ‘Right thing on a right place’, exact thing on a right place, those things are important.

Now let’s refresh our mind with some ‘coconut or with a glass of kurumba’/pol wathura ( coconut water) a wood apple juice made adding some coconut milk for better absorbent purposes ( kurumba - the immature fruit of coconut/the baby coconut)

what is your favorite cookies made of coconut or cocoanuts?

I shouldn’t have asked such a question actually it is like asking which is better ‘Maliban or Munchee’ or including all other our brands locally produce every thing are vital and we are proud to say that all these are made in our country. And all these  good and tastier eatables  made in this soil they all ours. 

Uses of coconuts and choco nuts are different and unique. You can not do everything with coconut or only with choconut or cashew nuts ( have you tasted Aluwa made of adding cashew and rice flour?). All these things are different sweet meets made following an unique recipes I believe.

Pol sambole ………………

We need chilli + lime+ garlic+ little piece of karapincha+ pepper+ salt+ green chilies ( some add) for a very tastier ‘pol sambole’ don’t add ginger you will get a different taste if you add that. Forget ginger and add garlic.

So this pol sambole is our way of meal component just try and see if you have not got any chances to eat when you last visited our country. Try next time ok?

If I am to follow ‘Nandanee Athukorala’s way of making pol sambole I will have to add a little piece of lime skin to get a different taste bit of a bitter limy taste.

 If I am to forget her way of polsambole and follow Dr PUblis’s way I just have to put all other things except what ‘Ms. Athukorale’s way uses and follows. Anyways I do not know what is my way of making a pol sambole No there is no my way here I use other’ s ways of making pol sambol.
 Will something like pol sambol get spoiled if we follow everyone ‘s way of making it but there is a standard way I know that too.
Aney manda whether we can have this pol sambole with his way of kos kottu ? (Dr. Publis Silva’s musical kottu) looked fantastic and colourful (‘Siyatha -Rasa niwasa’)
It is so great to feel the goodness of grated coconut.

Pol gaana gaman kann epa hondada
Do not eat coconut while you are grating coconut ok.
Even without cooking that is eatable no harm at all but that it different alright.

Me ALUTH GEDARA’ kattiya ammata pol ganna epa kiapu eka weradiy :) hello altuh gedara kattiya kohomada?


Coconut IS for all cooking abilities and is a solution for all cooking issues but I admit that you need to know the technique of using ‘coconut in a standard way’ cooking is an art so I like to add that it is worth learning ‘how to use coconut in cooking in a artistic way’?
Everything is usable most of the things are eatable, from top to bottom usable and advisable.
Top for roofing even the top does not mind using this for roofing. How do I know you might think yes you are rightI DO NOT KNOW but I guessed.  I should have used the word ‘some’.
 I don’t think that  ‘polathu’top class roofing option because you need to change it from time to time lasting period is shorter compared to other products. Obviously.
Louma kole pol aththada kesel koleda?  What is the biggest leaf is it the cocnut or the banana leaf ?
 If you try to answer this question without thinking properly and carefully forgetting the meaning of the question asked, the shape and sizes of the coconut leaf. You will end up answering a wrong way.  It is little difficult for me to explain some of the ‘questions asked in sinhala language adding some locality because some things are very much localized I should say. This is a question for ‘all who wants to be a millionaire?’

Understanding better roofing one needs to consult a good ‘basunnehe’ qualified or one who uses talents by experience or born talents.
Pol lee, pol athu who can come to compete with me to weave a branch of coconut?
That was one of the old time roofing of my kind house of old days. Cadjan.
Pol leli ( coconut husks),Pol kola ( coconut leaf),Pol hanasu ( the little bit curved part that protect the baby coconuts when they are too small to join the society), Kurumbatti ( the tiny and the very preliminary age/period of coconut)for kids to create sewing machines for play

Kurumba ( kurumba you will find this in between the period of immaturity and maturity period of a coconut) for refreshment

Iratu for idala ( broom making) for sweeping purposes in and out of the premises of your houses  ‘ ilapatha’ is something that we make taking  straight away the in between part of the coconut leaf. Here we do not use any hand stick like we use in standard brooms you need to bend a little towards the earth and sweep if you prefer to use ‘ilapatha’ 

Before I get the ilapatha can you clean the kitchen old time, sweet ways of threatening daughters, (punishing)  when they look little lazy and avoid doing any household cleaning tasks.

Ilapatha ( the inner part of the coconut leaf this generally strengthen the leaf of the coconut staying in between as a supporter, a bunch of these things will create a fairly good cleaning equipment that loves generally the goma polowa- tiled with cow-dung  ( in the ancient kitchens this was not strange to see- I am sure that it has not totally vanished or had disappeared  from some of the village kitchen departments even nowadays)
‘Pol mudu’- the outer thread/strings kind of thing that are visible in between the hard cover of the coconut and the outer part/the husk still use for cleaning you do  not need to use it for days and days just for few cleaning times and can throw it away.

Pol katta/the hard cover or ‘the protector of the inner part that we use for cooking’ is for many purposes such as ‘pol katu isthirikke’-old time old irons favorites of older generations could not do without. Now some use this part aslo use for ‘jewelry making or crafting’, salt keeping containers, pol katu hendi/spoons .

Pol athu/cadjan weving was a yesterday’s kind of good sources of income .

The joining or the connecting part of the branch with the main tree - Polpithi  also can be used not only for fire wood also for kids to play as cricket piththa/ bat

Pol toddy – toddy made of coconut ( not aware of the processing of toddy)

Pol mal ( the flowery part)– use for many purposes for thowil pawil, ( some of the ways of local healing systems for some ailments related to one’s mental health) 
Wandana gamanedi –when there hang this ‘pol malak’ before the vehicle before set out for any pilgrimage

Pol gaha aparada karanne neha (saying) there is an old saying that ‘the coconut tree does not contribute to any of the crimes’

Kohubath – fertilizer let’s start some vegetable cultivation as advised and directed by Mr. Udaya of Rividina arunella/National television- jaathika rupavahini
Pol wathu some use as wealth indicators  

Pol lorry ( the lorry full of coconuts comes to jubilee junction every Saturday and on every Tuesdays he sells coconut for cheap price (laabeta pol)

Coconut oil/pol thel- the best oil treatment for all ailments, the headaches

coppara lanterns in a parade used in the ancient time ( still using) guided as a lantern who show you the way to proceed.

do not forget that for some coconut related business are their main sources income including ‘plucking coconut’ this was mainly in the past but I am sure that if you go little interior this can be a commonly seen thing.

Gedi siyayak bima demmath appachchita eka gediyai
Api rakenne a pol wikunalai handiye


-      Special thanks to my lovely nangi ............... and to the internet for the picture courtecy  

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thank you department of polite and all the best champs

This morning I wake up with so many thoughts. ‘Wake up’ - that is a good thing to follow ‘during sleep things may steal or lose’ . Sleep walking is not advisable or agreeable. Sometimes it is difficult to stick to one particular thing when you have too many things in mind to be done or to be written on something not only on a piece of paper or on a page of a exercise book thinking of using later purposes. 

If you just try and divide your ‘day’ in to moments or hours or sectors or in to segments you will realize your mind fill with different thoughts in different times of the day or of the moment. Why is that is the question may be that is because you are not just a single person or alienated person of the society somehow you are attached to this society, you are part of the world network. Even if you just staying in a room doing nothing it is silly to say or think that you are ‘out of the system’. That is wrong. You can not escape from the things you do not like to see or hear or it is not possible to see or hear only things that your eyes or the mind asks you to see or hear or to read.

‘Champions’ - this is not a strange word for my country people. We see many champions or few champions in each and every sector or field.

Champions of state governing, champions of peace and securities, champions of arts and crafts, champions of private securities, champions of abilities to face challengers, champions of all the big house lake house and privately maintained art houses, champions of all industries (including sugar and honey), champions of chocolates, the heart champs -the world best champ the ‘goviya’ of ‘sura goviya’ ( the clever farmer), champions of all sorts or mentioned and not mentioned here of my country and around world.

It is difficult to summarize your thoughts or frame your thoughts marking some territories within but I know that it is sometimes easy to follow that way. Then you get the chances of focusing more things at a time of many sectors.

The department of polite

 This is a department of ‘lost and found’ I can name this department in many ways. I think the most suitable ways of introducing this department is ‘the department of polite’. You all aware of what these letters mean but let me explain what the letter ‘T’ meant here that stands for ‘Take Care’

 I can see that they have ‘found’ many lost things of past. That is great and we can say that we are proud of you. Sometimes the things you do or gain depends of the ‘space you are given’ and ‘the abilities that one has within’ this can be ones within or within a particular sector or a field. All things should come together to see a complete outcome, unforgettable results. The results or the outcome of something  may be depends on the particular era you are belong to, the situation of the society, the attitudes, aims and hopes, demands, expectations and the things that public respect, the way that some or all encourage or discourage things . 

 Complaints are easy to made investigations takes time.

Lost and found - Happy we all
No space for misuse
Museum is not ‘mute of history’
But ‘talks of history
 They speak
They guide
If one takes the ‘should not take’
We can not bare and will not spare.

(Is that a poem? did i hear someone asked?)

All the best ‘girls’ - ‘the champs of ‘net’ and ‘ball’  

Hello champs ‘winning is not difficult for champions I am sure that you very well understand the ‘net’ and the ‘ball’ and the given space.  I know that you know how to do this ‘give and take’ ‘respect and accept’ except ‘no uses or no benefits things’ ‘That is why you won many times.
Listen to the ‘whistle’ and do not miss any dashes but right way is important. This is not an advice to you. You will advise me and guide me.
This ‘in’ and ‘out’ of ‘ball’ and ‘net art’ is not just game but will ready to write your scores.  The scores will bring in or take away the trophies. Nature. 

But winning is the word that you are familiar with ‘loosing’ is a negative word.

You are the champions no doubt.

(Following is the voice of a captain)

Mokada oyala hithanne?

Api eyalata paraada wenawada?

‘ mokada kiyanne api gedarata wela tv balanawada’


What do you all think/say?

Are we going to lose before them?

What do you say ?

Are we going to stay at home and watch tv?

(I can’t remember the exact lines, so I can not quote them all but I am sure you will forgive me for that. I know that you have heard these lines before  above are the lines of a heard and watched, ‘ gained something’ advertisement of margarine champs- the dialogue of little ones, I like this advertisement a lot this gives moral support and some extra courage well-done  the creative team of Astra margarine)

So ……………. Are you ready girls to ‘hold tightly the trophy’?

All the very best!

Congratulations for yesterday’s allocated ‘air time’ to reveal the hearts and minds of our country people before the eyes of  ‘the leader of state of our country.
This little note is written on the questions and answers, asked and heard and lead to actions period that I watched and listened (until up to 11.30 pm)  11on 24 August 2012 at 9.30 pm onwards on all united channels of unity. 

I saw the tears of the person who asked the question in Tamil language (the first questioned asked in Tamil language). ‘The tear says all’ one can answer ones questions in many ways. One can answer ones question/s in a more distanced way or in a very closer way. The answered way is a ‘better way’ that ways of answering is very rare but we all care.

I believe that such chances are very rare in that sector of governing so the country people should get maximum use of such chances. Stick to the point and to the question ‘my country president knows who he is what he does and the ‘my country people also know that’ explaining such things no point.
I observed the way that ‘all media partners of my country’ organized their given time. Every one is unique and had their ‘own ways’. 

You can ask question within a shorter period of time and also it is possible to ‘create an issue or a question within a shorter period of time ‘instant solutions will not last but better solutions will last’.  We know this from experience of living and learning.

'Yodha ela – Yodhaya
Paalaneta tikak – apahasuya
Hari hari tikak – iwasanta
Hari hari weda thawa – idiriyata’

Iwasana danaa rupu yudayata jayakodiya
Meya nam kiyanne aney - mama nam hema noweya

Koi ela heduweth apima thama
ewaain beduneth apima thama

Bednunoth weda nam weiya pama
Ekwemu api sema mathu saha nithi diyuna patha

Hari hari weda koi kaaleth wenna
Hariyata kala weda mathkaye thiyena

Wisadum nam ohe diya hekke
Hari deya deemai hari dekme

Chinthanayath hari maga - paatai
Ohoma giyoth nam hari yana - paatai

( above is the my poem of the day)

We are sure that we will have long lasting solutions for all the questions asked.

I am thinking whether it is possible to create and protect the necessary environment for wild elephants within the jungle how can we ‘not letting them come outside the jungle’? Why are they coming out of the jungle?  Is it because that they find ‘lost what they want inside’. The water to drink, something to eat, the environ they like and want and accept? 

Can we re create such environ within the jungle? 

Sir brown sugar is advisable when you really think of ‘heath and safety of all kind people’ (what is the current situation of brown sugar, sir?) what is the situation of cultivating ‘Beet roots’?

It is good to hear that ‘more and more investors are coming to our country and giving more and more opportunities for private sector job seekers those are ‘opportunities’. And that  we can understand as ‘the state involvements of creating a better PPP in creating jobs’.  Creating a new way and letting many investors to ‘come and invest here in our country’ providing a better space for many who desire to enter this and that of this business world.  
Thank you ‘our country president’ for the time given for ‘our country people’.

I also have a question dear president of our country

The good shed bus stand is known as an old bus stand in Kandy. Moving a bus from this place to that place is not little difficult but a lot difficult we observed. ‘Time wastes’ is very ‘transparent’ I am not aware the exact reasons for that is it because of poor management of the bus stand or is it because ‘ too many buses in a little space’ I don’t know the real question inside. I am sure that you have visited this place. It takes a lot of time to move a bus from the allocated space towards little bit forward until they reach the required destination. 

We are not happy about this. I understand ‘the given space is small and we have many buses that can not be parked easily or moved easily.

‘thattu gewal wage parking places hadanna weida danne neha?
I don’t know whether it is possible to build parking places like ‘storied houses’?

Only the experts know how to deal with such issues I believe.

Minimize oil wastage
There should not be any leakages in any of the things of this industry and also in any of the other industries related or none related. ‘Leakages will not only shrink and sink or the sector of oil uses also the sector of the country economy’
How can we minimize the issues related?
Protecting the ‘all wells of oils of the world is important and sending the ‘quality and cleaned oil’ around the world is also important. Please send only the good stuff sorry we are not meant to hurt you writing this like this. if you don’t do that we face problems within so help every one to live hazards free but clean oil life by cooperating us sending ‘quality oil’.
I know a bit about ‘quality of coconut oil’ but honestly know nothing about ‘other oils’ but I just thought of sharing some ‘inner thoughts with you.
‘Take care the world of answers’ that is the ‘footnote’ of the day of this little note of mine.