Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Friday, June 24, 2016


My name is Mohomad Ali and i am not a Terrorist

My name is Mohomad Ali Jinna and i am not a terrorist

My name is S Khan and i am not a terrorist but an Artist

My name A Khan and i am not a terrorist but the artist who created Lagaan

My name is Nazarudheen Sha and i am not a terrorist but the artist who portrayed the Character Mahatma Gandhi on Silver screen, remember some complained you for misquoting (?) his sayings.  

Did you hear anyone muttering above into your ear when you fall asleep?

Wake Up, every human being is not a terrorist , have a better glass to recognize them accurately  and remember it is good to have a better strategy than prohibiting every Muslim entering America.

Have a good day!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Trump vs Obama

I was wondering whether ‘America’ compared to her past, managed to achieve her goals and objectives during the governing period of Mr. Obama, as they were planned or expected at the beginning when the responsibilities were officially handed over to him.

I am not a Political Analyst or an Economist to compare the results of what he implemented or practiced or what she has achieved during the period of Administration of Mr. Obama, compared with the periods earlier.
What are the areas / segments that he succeeded most compared with the past, is it the ‘Economic Segment, Education and Social Welfare, International Relations, Security of the country’ or all or none?

Studying how the international relations are handled within and between the countries that we maintain diplomatic relationships is important. Especially because the ways, methodologies, mechanisms used within such dealings directly or indirectly affects local systems. 

Whether the policies of Obama Government, ‘intervening the issue of Afghanistan for example, how did it affect ‘her internal development’ or whether directly or indirectly affected her inner improvement or did it slower or stagnant due to the decision taken by Obama Government to intervene the issue aforementioned?
How did he allocate money for that? How did he find money for that projects, whether the Obama Administration used her own money for such activities? I am wondering whether he had to obtain any loans from anywhere to find the money required to handle, cover the expenses of the security operations in Afghan. If not did he receive any financial support from the allies of friends in the region she belongs to and of the friends / partners in the other regions (?)

Did he manage to solve the ‘issue of unemployment’ if there were any problems as such when he was handed over the responsibilities of taking care of the country?

Considering what we heard recently, with regard to the incidents happened internally, i am wondering whether that was due to the government paying more attention to the issues outside to country other than the strengthening the security system inside? Or whether that leads to the involved parties to take advantages from the situations?

Is America satisfied and pleased with the ways things handled with regard to the matter unexpectedly happened on 09 / 11? 

I am not going to support or oppose to what Mr. Trump was saying,‘Mr. Obama is nourishing racism within the country (?) because that is how some Americans see or analyze or estimate Obama Administration. For America it is so important to know not only what inner circle believe or say with regard to Obama Administration or current Admin system , policies used or practiced but also what other communities outside to America think or how they analyze things, that is to plan her future dealings inside and outside to her country.  
Every single opinion is important for her, i like to believe. America cannot say what Afghans say or believe is important, or what her supporters say is important not what the others who oppose or against her policies say is unimportant. The Future President of United States of America must think of the ways as to how she gets the support of every single community member.

I think if America can think and plan her objectives aims, and goals, keeping aside ‘self label or the label others pasted on her ‘the Policeman of the world’ using the label ‘Friend of world’ instead. Then she gets more chances to look at the things outside to her in a more humanitarian way.

I am asking all these things to get an idea of the current status of the country that Mrs. Clinton (?) will be heading / leading after resignation of Mr. Obama.

Mrs. Clintonis the wife of a former head / president of the USA, Mr. Clinton. And she has experiences in supporting not only her husband but also Mr. Obama in his missions’ secretarying him in his programmes and procedures. Therefore i like to believe that she can very easily compare ‘the situation’ ‘current’ with the situations earlier with regard to issues faced (?), the causes, how things solved, what mechanism he / former presidents practiced when dealings with issues internal and things dealing with the ‘International Community’. Also whether he / they received the respect and support in its fullest widths and lengths, volumes as required or expected from the entire community, global, if not why?If any didn’t support or accept or oppose the suggestions came through his (Mr. Obama / Mr. Clinton) the policy mechanisms, what were the reasons for that? Their attitudes and practices towards every other part of the globe, how such affected or helped ‘for the success or failures of their projects implemented within or outside to country.

How they dealt with social issues, ‘Abortion’, Child marriages (?), their attitudes towards other Nations of the globe is also highly important, i like to believe.

Considering and analyzing all above mentioned and not mentioned or noted, she can implement an accurategoverning mechanism, mechanism to deal with the international community, with Russia, with Japan, with India, with England, and SA, SK, with each and every other community member of globe including Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan in order to get the support from each and every member of the global community, every country member of ‘Common Wealth’

Foot Path Wishes you all  PEACE & HARMONY!

Monday, June 20, 2016

This is about figures and statements

Hello friends,it is so thrilled to write to you after taking a long time of interval. So my today's topic is not about 'thrill /s' or about how the precious historical symbol that disappeared from the house of president that the current president who refused to stay there due to his personal fear of  him loosing 'his ' good man qualities' if he is to stay there and how it was re found. 

i am wondering whether President Sirisena provided any DATA of the Factories closed during the period of former governance. if what i heard is accurate, he said about 500 factories closed during the period of previous government. Could you kindly list out the names of the factories closed with all the other relevant details to prove what you are saying Mr.President. 500 factories is my goodness is not a simple thing to ignore , not even 100 factories. hope we can read the list through papers / Media. I am sure that  knowing that you are not going to 'SELL' any of the resources  ( Government run factories etc) that the country owns, for god sake. and Congratulations for the factories that you are trying to be establish in the future.. i hope that our labours would get a good /satisfactory portion of chances to find jobs in the factories you are planning to be implemented. 

i have no intention to say or note anything about Mr.Gammanpila's arrest or about ' Mr. Champaka Ranawake participating an opening ceremony of a new  Establishment or something (News) because i thought  it is good to note something about how the new deputy (?) of the department of STF of the Institute of POLICE ( according to some , the heart of the country) threatening the MEDIA, the  mind + Brain of the country, if not the heart. i do not like to travel back and refine my memory on ' how the previous , previous , previous governments 'looked after the issue of 'JVP' ,so called social issue, i am very sure that you cannot name it as part of  'military governance' not part of 'good governance'. i do not know how to translate this into English actually, ' Ballallu lawa koseta baawanawa', i like to believe that there is nothing like that happening with regard to the issue of  STF official 'threatening the MEDIA. and Mr. Prime Minister i am , on behalf of the people of this country like to thank you and say that i am very pleased with the statement you have released with regard to the incident above mentioned.     

i like to wish good luck for the seminar that is going to held tomorrow (21 / 05/2016 @ public library) on ' Is this the good governance we expected on January 8th?'

Friday, June 10, 2016

This is an Open Letter to the Prime Minister of India AND to two others in Sri Lanka.

Honorable Prime Minister of India,

I got an opportunity to read the speech you have delivered at the American Congress Meeting.  
According to you, Western Part of the India and the Neighbouring countries (you have named a few) Nourishing Terrorism that is a threat to whole world.    

If you believe so, there is a huge responsibility on your shoulders that is to take every action to eliminate every singular threat from first and foremost from the mentioned part of India and then support the rest of the Leaders of the mentioned countries to follow the same.

Perhaps, Honarable Prime Minister, you may have not heard or not aware of the fact that some of the Parliamentarians / People Representatives of the Southern Part of the India were victimized for supporting the LTTE, secretly meeting and supporting the leader of LTTE in numerous ways; providing financial aid and weaponry support. And that was one of the strong motivation factor and a support for the LTTE at that time. And honorable Prime Minister, you can contact the former Chief Secretary of Defense for details, i believe or any of the Head of the Security Forces to make sure or get information regarding the fact i mentioned here. Or Else you can easily refer the archives of newspapers for accurate details, i recon.

If my memory is functioning strongly, i can memorize that some of the Artists of the Southern Part of the India , ( almost every artist i am referring to here are still the heroes / heroines that  fans of not only Tamil people but also most Sinhalese People,  like or admire even now ) arranged some Protest Activities against local procedures / activities followed , against terrorism / LTTE and that reveled they were or are consider Velupillai Piribaharan, then Leader of the LTTE, the Terrorist group that once the world listed as a group harmful to world and a group banned due to that reason was a Liberator of the Tamil People of our Country.

And according to what i remember, Chief Minister Jaya Lalitha, still trying her level best for a Separate State for Tamil People of our Country. I think that she has mentioned the above at the Meetings of the Parliament of India as well.

Therefore, Honorable Prime Minister, on behalf of every Sri Lankan (Tamils, Burgher, Muslims, Sinhalese and others) i request that before pointing finger at others, if possible sir, please take necessary actions to control or eliminate such surroundings, environment from INDIA, the very near neighbor of Sri Lanka, my country, and let us not hear anything as such in the future from any part of the India.

And Sir, We hope that in your future Speeches that you will be delivering, in any part of the world, we would not get any chances to hear such facts or information but delivering speeches confidencely that include ‘ I as The Prime Minister of INDIA, can assure the entire universe that there are no people / INDIANS support any terrorism or nourishing terror activities and i took necessary actions, along with the others Leaders of the Region ( then and now) to support every peace activity in the region, in the mentioned countries (your speech) and to create plans to prohibit organizing nourishing programmes in the mentioned areas.

I on behalf the Entire Country, Sri Lanka Wish India Every Success in her future endeavors.

Thank you.

 Letter 02

Dear Ministers, Akila Wiraj Kariyawasam and Ravi Karunanayake,

I read the statements you have released pertaining to the incident happened at SALAWA and about the Wishwashabangaya

Actually i have a list of questions that i like to ask you.

·         Kindly tell us, if you are saying that the person / s responsible for the incident happened at the Salawa is the Former Chief Secretary of Defense and the Head of the Country, how old is your Government now? And WHY YOU HAVE FAILED TO TAKE ACTIONS TO REDUCE OR DELETE THE ISSUES THAT YOU WERE MENTIONING IN YOUR STATEMENTS? Perhaps the people of the Country can ask this from the Chief Secretary of Defense, current.
·         And kindly provide what harm in keeping such a centre in the mentioned area?
   What fear you have in trying to remove the centre from the mentioned area?

·         If, i say that if you are talking about the ‘responsible / responsibilities, what can you say about the responsible of the not only LTTE issue / arisement initially (though they added some others reasons to the original reasons) but also the issue popularly or politically known as ‘JVP’. (87 – 89), 83 riots etc.

And Minister, kindly tell the people of this country, why you think that you have won the wishabangaya by 94 marks / votes and do you think that breaking the wishwashaya / trust of 51 of others is still a win or no something that you should not be worried (?)

Thank you for reading.

( Source of Information:- Lankadeepa, daily paper. Thank you)

Thursday, June 2, 2016

On milk tenderly ……….

Today is the day after ‘world Milk Day’. 

For the people of this part of the world, Asia, milk is not just something drinkable or something nutritious. For them, Milk is about Customs, Traditions and Rituals and is something that people value as a symbol of prosperity. That is why the benefactors or well wishes do not forget to wish their friends and others ‘kiriyen peniyen ithirewa, May your life filled with Milk and Honey. They are not measured in rupees or in liters or justify always as something that the girls of fathers give for their son in laws as a dowry along with land or some bushels of paddy.  

In the ancient society and even now, in some villages, communities, cattle are considered as a wealth indicator.  In Hinduism cattle or the cow is a sacred animal and offering Milk for God Shiva and Pattini is an enormously valued custom.    

Cattle farming are the main source of income for most of the families of the villages in many Districts. You find Milk collecting Centers, Samithis / CBO’s (community Based Organizations) set up for the sake of the diary / cattle farmer or of the improvement of the related industries.  
Diary Industry is one of the most popular industries of the world that can earn a satisfactory profit from Milk directly or indirectly or from by products such as Milk powder, Yoghurt, Ghee, chees, chocolate etc.
I cannot think of a household that do not have any interest towards Milk.   
Prices of Milk has become something inevitable in the budgetary readings as well. Prices of milk often become very decisive factor that directly or indirectly affects both governments and lives of people. I do not say that it has nothing to do with ‘tax’ or it is not an industry that governments release from charging taxes. If the entrepreneurs of the related industries have to pay big money as taxes that may directly affects not only the industry but also for the consumers.

Yet, Compared to other food items in the local and world market, milk is still something that villagers or townies can buy for a lesser price, if they directly by from the dairy farmers, local milk collecting centres, very before the containers full of milk reaches the factories and before processing it as ‘powdered milk or turn into another product. 

Traditional farmers do not spend much money on cattle feed or to build shelters for them yet I cannot say that they do not have any expenses with regard to taking care of their cattle. I do not know whether the cattle famers get any of the things free of charge, or for a specially reduced price like the other agricultural farmers received fertilizer and pesticides in the recent past, not now. I guess now they get some money instead, the farmers have to purchase fertilizer and pesticides from private shop owners and I am not sure whether there are any centers or outlets maintain by governmental authorities for them to buy such necessities without going to private shops.  

Some farmers, due to some of the reasons (practical and otherwise) prefer to get veterinary advice from non governmental units. And cattle feed, vaccinations from private clinics and shops.  And I have heard some often complain that it is little difficult to meet relevant officers on time or in time of need their advice or help.  I do not know whether that is because of lack of officers or officers are loaded with many related tasks.

Milk farmers that I know sell their milk to private sector because of the competitive prices they get from them.

According to my awareness, compared to farmer organizations involved in paddy cultivation, milk farmers’ organizations are not strong enough and do not regularly meet to address their issues.  They do not accurately or effectively stand up for the issues they face when dealing with cattle farming. They often face tiny issues when representatives come to collect their milk. For example if the agent do not come to collect milk and if the farmers do not have proper facilities to refrigerate them, they have to throw milk with out earning any rupees.

I have seen some agents; companies have provided ‘refrigerators’ so that the farmers can store their milk without letting them spoiled. But for such equipment, the farmers have to pay money for the company.   

Some farmers do not pay much attention towards building quality shelters that gives and help animals to stay away from infections, diseases, milking facilities, cleanliness of the areas, using cow dung for better purposes, for vegetable cultivation, paddy cultivation or some do not have accurate knowledge on dealing with their industry at household level. I assume that is because of lack of awareness or lack of programs aimed at raising their awareness on the subject related matters, Prices etc. Still, compared to past everything is comparatively satisfactory.

Yet, I have seen some farmers using modern technology when dealing with related activities and how kind they are to them. 

Milk is not a simple topic but a vast subject with many facets and is something that can be discussed through a tiny page like this.

Wish you all consumers as well as the entire industry a strong , stable, milky future ………….