Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Are you ready to read your face ................................

nangiye ..............................

badaa gathahoth wadaa gannata siduwevi
wadawa gathahoth beda gannata oba hata sithewee

ehema kaloth sasarin oba midewee
oba hata nangiye yei keemata maahata sithewee

nai aawath neha nowe karanuye hinsa
Muhuna obe nudutida kiyanaa wita  galapaa
Beluwa nowei nangiye mama honda belillak
Rewwe ehuna hinda honda gerawillak

Kaari neha oba keewaata eka neka bolanda katha
ewa harima rasawath ahanata aasa hithaa
mage heti ehemai mehe heti ehamai ewa mata nam hari kawata katha
nokara indimu api ewage nikan katha

aagama ganna epaa kisi wita wihiluwata
dahamin hada ganna neganiya sitha hondata
ehema keewaata kima kaarana wannata amanaapa
oba honda kellek bawa mama kiyami neha kisi awiwaada

look at the picture so closely and with a calm mind having bit of patience not getting angry for writing  such a poem :)

embracing allows you to carry things further
conscious mind let you share what you have with the other ones
if you intend to follow sharing not embracing
then that will be the end of the journey of never ending - sansaara
if you are willing to do so i can call that you are 'my sister' ( nangi= younger sister)

the snakes they will not bite you or harm you unless you harm them
didn't you see your own face when you say things writing putting them to an order
No it is not that i looked at you very harsh way
i became feared a little hearing a strange sound from somewhere

it is so good to hear the little little stories you create
i m so fond of listening to all of them
it is no good to say ' this is how i am ' that is how they are'
lets not say such things that gives no sense or bring no use

do not take religion for granted and it is no joke at all
shape up your heart and mind with good teachings of the religion you believe and have faith
why become so angry for saying things such a way
No need of any debate- you are a good girl

( above is written based on a particular conversation i had with a girl i know sometime back on a particular day though you may get little confuse or may not understand what i am trying to say here. It has  few messages i like to convey to the people, friends that i know. i personally believe that no one should make joke out of any DHARMA religious teachings or faiths that i strongly believe.  that will be the end of all values and norms or things that we are believing since more than 2500 years  from now. am i right ?

gossiping bring no good to people's lives. such things harms not only the life of who bring such harmful effects into people's lives or share them with others having a bad intention in their minds. fire is a useful things but firing or enjoy looking at people/individuals who allows or encourage other people/individuals to kill or fire inner sides of any mind will bring no good. lets enjoy looking at the hath which bring ' some rice and curries ' to aid hunger of all  the members of our families. lets burn a incense stick and offer them to your religious leaders that have taught you the value of sharing or spreading good set of thoughts, words, messages not harmful viruses poisonous.

so little ones, sisters and dear brothers do not let others to come and say things about others. especially when they bring nothing in to your mind but that things may only allows you to lose a friend or a person that you may have contacts even only to fullfill your carrier desires, tasks, work.

so i suggest when ever anyone feels to do so 'look at a mirror' try to see your own images or face , changes , reflections through the mirror , while saying what you have to say or planning to say to others gossiping for instance and closely observe the changes that you can see via the mirror. what readings that it bring before your own eyes you would not believe when others say the harmfullness of gossiping or fire other people's inner paths.
carefully examine 'the changes that you can see when you are saying or sharing bad about others do not forget you are sharing all these with the mirror of your room and i also like to suggest try to think good side of the same person,people, a moment of giving a helping hand when you really needed them and tell them to the mirror exactly like you are sharing them with someone else.
what can you see?
examine at the same time your own facial expressions and measure the changes if possible.
can you bare the ugliness that you see through your own reflection, image when you gossiping about others think how eye pleasing you are when you say or think good about others

let me know the results

have a meaningful week ahead !  and a life ahead!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


this is a dedication page for those who enjoy NAMING people
i . e SAD

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Good letter ‘G’

Often I like to think and analyze words and letters though I am not always at least half succeed in analyzing them. The alphabet is always a good and genuine creation that exists and explores people’s thinking, allows people go in search of new patters and arts of world for the benefit of human kind.  When I think of the alphabet and think of the words that I like very much the good letter ‘G’ comes and stays near me. I was thinking of the reason for that I realize that is because this letter is so is genuine compared to the other letters of the alphabet. The most loved letters are different.  I do not know whether every good letter is a genius letter. In a way all the letters are so good and genuine other letters just came knocked my mind door and remind me that every letter is genuine the thing is that we people do not pay much attention in understanding them closely or purely or totally or even genuinely. The other thing is that is that most of us do not use the most genuine words all the time but like to use some less genuine, no genius all the time genius or genuine.

Alphabet or alpha beta of this world is not easy to understand unless the students of alphabet try to learn them so closely or so conciousfully.

Think of ‘Google’ for instance. Name one thing that one can not search via Google.  What we need to understand most is ‘what is the information we need’, what we are looking for? What are we googleing and for what. We need to have a better understand. Though I m little good in reading A – Z of letters I m not good in googleing sometimes L my sister is better than me thousand times.

What I know is to just type a hint of what I need to find and allow the Good Google to list the options for me to have a look at. What I always need is the ‘search bar’. That is all we need to know. Yes they give you all their choices of information for your easiness to find what you need. Therefore to select what you really looking for that it is always genuine to come with a bit of understanding on what peace of information you need.

G round is the most touched word from all the words that begin with the good letter ‘G’ honestly from the words that I have learnt not from all the words that exists in this world. We stand firm because of this ground. We build houses because of this ground, we grow paddy, and our children have a place to play because of this ground. No I have not forgotten the adults they too have a place we call this place ‘play ground’ that is to play cricket, footballs, chukgudu, Elle. Such grounds for some are winning grounds for some others the same ground may write the results of not paying attention to the game. We have a ground to play some grounds are life changing grounds for good players. The gounds like Kettarama or the Lords carries the memories and the abilities of most players we know.  There are famous grounds in this world I mentioned two. Every good ground knows and understands the skills and talents of the players of any games.

I do not think that I am great. But I know and have heard of the greatest of all human and above the line of human of this world. The Religious leaders of all religions that people have faith and trust and respect too and most importantly ‘follow for their life to become good or great’. They are the greatest people in this world. One can weigh this word good letter greatness or the greatness of people using the measurements they have learnt or know, have learnt since childhood. That is only a one side of this word great that begin with good letter ‘G’. You may find ‘knows no letter of the alphabet’ people, groups whom you feel or like to name as ‘great’ or greatest. I do not think that all who know this alphabet better is great or good always. This goodness or greatness have different or various facets, dimensions, angles, shapes and sizes, territorial differences, area differences,  seniorities, sensibilities,  heights.   

Graters are useful and it provides some easiness in the chores you do. ‘Graters are good and so talented in supporting all are busy all the time.

Generosity is totally different to the word curiosity. Ghana is a good word too. Great Britain is always a supportive pair of words.  What do you have to say about Geneva -friends?  ‘Ganguli’ lives next door. India. How are you sir? ‘Ganga’ is a good sister of Yamuna they too live next door.

I know nothing about gangam style J is it easy to learn or something useful to learn?

‘ Gangaraamaya’ is a world famous religious - sacred temple of our country. Have you all visited the temple?

Nangi says that my name is Gunawathi not sandika.
She is the boss J I stay quite J
I sometimes think it is no point trying to be exactly like ‘Gunawathi ‘ I need to somehow find  gnanapala or ganawathi who were gone missing during Dutch period they are good friends (Gnanaya is wisdom J )

Goddesses and God not easy to meet I meet them so rarely, not always or once a month, once a year or once in a decade. Every person who comes equipped with heart pleasing words, heart soothing word (at least) is a God or a Goddess for me. I am so thirsty for a true smile, friendly smile, friendly hello, and for friendly friends.

Good Guide is a good friend of tourism  

Gongale Goda Banda is very historical. Professor Gunadasa Malalasekara taught me words 

within this A to Z 
that is more than I can note here.  Because of my memory capacity I can not memorize every word instantly. M. D Gunasena is a close friend of Professor G. M.

Genus book records your talents you need to show that you are genuine in your talents compared to all others who are stunned with the same talents in various or different weights and widths and lengths, capacities. Am I right dear good book?

Gossips kill people sometimes, kills inner lines, foundations of families, relationships, societies, communities and all other unities.

Goats are innocent animals I do not know why some are so fond of offering them as alms or as a puja. Gorillas too we must save and protected.

Guerrilla method is a way of fighting hidden not face to face? Why most like fighting not face to face but like or use hitting behind styles I am not talking about guerrilla method here.

Guns are not acceptable or respected by any good + good letter words of this world.  

Going up
and down of stairs of life or lifts that lifts our lives, help and soothes and allow relax a bit is a good friend of all or most.   

all ups and downs GIVES all a chance to learn and meet people who journey through lifting or letting go down of this stairs of life in these chances of life GIVEN

learning alphabet of life is not easy as rotating or flipping or enlarging or colouring a picture i understand.

Gayani (works with us) & Gayan is one of a good pair of music like and love melodies.


Friday, June 21, 2013

for F.R.I. E.N.D.S for a change

friends change friends lives. agree or not i believe it. change one can analyze the way they understands it. change can be for good or for bad. identifying the term friends one has to do with so much care and attention i learnt.


F stands for FEEL GOOD ( always)
R stands for RARE
E stands for ELIGIBILITY
N stands for NEAR
D stands for DEAR

so that is how i understood the term friends so for all friends i have some gifts

OPEN it and see whether you would like them

i hear my neighbours sometimes looking for her ' kitty' kittyyyyy' Kittttttyyyyyy' puse 'puse puse puse
they do not know i m sure that their kitty is here :)

i like her SHOES :)

i like her rhythmic dancing position and the CAP too

i like her ways of seating the style is so elegant and beautiful

SKILLS are always useful she is so talented

i like her hair and her smile too


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Poetry My way .................



Shapes and patterns depends on the hands of creators

Can not be seen in high floors

Not good for ball rooms (?)

Not good for hiking

Not good for running as a game

Covers not fully but somewhat

Any Laces I am not sure

Type says the class

Colour says the choice

Some like some dislike

No sacred places allowed

Beneath touches hard or soft surfaces

Sustainability can not be predicted

Making bring currencies

An enterprise

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Sri Chandraratne Manawasinghe

An innovative journalist , columnist and poet 

Above is the title of an article written by Mr. Edmund Jayasuriya for the Sunday Observer ( 16/06/2013) Week end News Paper

Dear Sir 

I like the article very much so after reading your article i thought of dedicating a caption taken by 'me' ( i m not a photographer) for the big name that i have heard ever since i could read ' ayanna , aayanna '  'Mr Sri Chandraratne Manawasinghe', the legendary innovative word weaver.

 ඇහැළ මලින් ගස් පිරිලා
බලන්න හරි ලස්සනයී
අඹ රඹුටන් ජම්බු ඉදිල
අද හැමතැන හරි හැඩයි

ඇහැළ මලින්

දොඹ ගස් යට මල් හැලිලා
සුවඳක් හැමතැන දැනෙයි
වළිකුකුළන් හඬලන විට
අහන් ඉන්න හරි හිතයි

ඇහැළ මලි

ගස්වල දළු සෙලවෙනකොට
ඇඟට හරිම සීතලයි
ඉගිලෙන අර සමනලයින්
අල්ලන්නට බැරි හැඩයි

above is a song from the stage drama  ' Nari Bena' න‍රි‍ බෑ‍නා‍ - written by legendary dramatic Mr. Dayananda Gunawardena (ද‍යා‍න‍න්‍ද‍ ගු‍න‍ව‍ර්ධ‍න‍) ))))

please pardon me for not translating the song the job which is i m not good at :) 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


i read today ( ADA paper) that IRELAND IS READY to welcome all the global leaders for the G 8 summit to be held in the country.  i thought that there is a huge need and importance to ERADICATE  any issues that any community face that can be social, political, economical and or any of the threats that harms the inner  PEACE & HARMONY OF ANY SOCIETY of ANY CORNER OF THIS WORLD. plus it is essential to discuss HOW TO SUPPORT THE COUNTRIES WHO ARE ALREADY HAVE SUCCEEDED IN MAINTAINING THEIR INNER LENGTHS AND WIDTHS OF PEACE AND HARMONY. it is not easy to win something  it is not easy to find accurate solutions for any matter external or internal  it is no easy at all to maintain peace and harmony of any society from the outside or inside, various 'trouble makers'  there are ones (even one is enough to spoil any peace situations of any place, society, world) who hates AND know peace spoils their Ugly plans ( ugly in their wills and plans)

LETS NOT ALLOW anybody to spoil PEACE and  HARMONY of any SOCIETY


WISH YOU A SUCCESSFULL, STRENGTHFULL  & A fruitful summit ahead!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Meter TAXI/S ………………….

(This is a dedication note to all the Taxies and taxi drivers of our country and around globe)

I have a meter at home. That is to test ‘truth of words’ of others when they shares or express their views on me or my work in general J

it has a name. i named it though i took it from ancient ear. who says end of era if that is the case no matter. what matter for whom i am not aware. 

Who wants to like to know the name of the meter? J

It is a branded name

The name more than 2500 years old

‘wishwaasha paramaa gnathi

The trust is the closest or never changing relative
When ever my co sharers who shares this our (Anton Sir’s - sorry sir will pay the rent asap) house with me and my sister says ‘we will not forget you’ I do not think that we would forget you even when we leave this place one day or someday’

Then I say ……………….

‘Hey I have a meter but I do not use them very often so do not lie’
Shall I bring it?

They laugh giggles eyes twinkles

I like that their no spoil reactions. Still so young do not know how to lie. When ever amateur to lies comes and start saying something to hide their true reasons on certain or particular thing we feel them. Don’t you think so?

So meters added or fixed taxies interesting component helping tool friendly mode of taking us from here to there when ever we request.

Some have fixed charges that is different such modes too are taxies  Starting with some paternable numbers plus ending with the same pattern. Easy to remember is there a taxi competition going on these days J
Competition the word reminds me of a interesting word ‘petition’

Suddenly my memory touched a particular song on a very recent night talk ( kata wahagena nida gannawa - shut up sleep ) even after listening to such always the same order of my ‘ hurubuhuti ( cute) sister hitha Honda ( good mind) nurse but she is for me a little chief of the house. Can’t talk too much or even at least a little. i have to talk only when she wants me to talk or when she really needs me to talk. Interesting no :) 

Even though she uses little pleasing words such as ‘den ithin hinda lamaya wage nida ganna honde’

Such words are too heavy to bear J 

So that petition word came along with the song sang by Mr. Fredi Silva the one and only friend of ‘kundumani’

‘aluth kalawak hoya gatta man diyunu wenna owne nam

(I invented a new form of art anyone there prefers see ‘some improvement in life’)

Nikan inna epa (don’t just stay)
Gahapalla ban pethsan (write petitions)
Laaaaabai (not expensive)

Shatha panahai pethsamak (it is just 50 cents)

I understand who feels happy at this moment after reading the words including the numbers. i do not like the concept of petition when some uses it for ugly purposes most have forgotten the true idea of this kind or type addressing or requesting or conveying or insisting things for or to whoever. i respect when ever it is used for a something very important for all human beings but not for very selfish ways.  

Those are just numbers guys and girls ladies and gentlemen little ones
It is not the number that valid or important sometimes in LIFE

Yeah sure we mostly care about ‘our date of births’ I agree
How many birth days we just let go passing our lives the things we do or did do those things tallies the number we spent in years?

Those are different things to discuss no may be some other time   

What is important most in life the set up within? The module of life within those are most important thing though we are little lazy or have egos to accept such things.
Why some meters don’t have meters J but called them selves meter taxies
Some taxies are truly meter taxies

Some of them are so galaxy type taxies never will allow their taxi users to forget their assisted journeys

In my life there are such journeys that I will never forget or not possible to forget plus the person who took me for a not easy to forget taxi ride long ago. That was very long ago. 

The memories attached with the taxi journey.
The word ‘taxi’ brightens during nights over to the head side of their vehicles with some neon lights type gadgets allowing all who like to hire them some readable positions.
The shape and size, the figureable structure of some taxies are truly so elegant and old type taxies I like them very much. And about vehicles in general apart from its figures I like the colour combinations they are classic but only some not all.   

Oh no, no don’t get upset every taxi is a taxi and when thinking of the need and the support they all equal.

No taxi biased or discrimination still some taxies I love to get in and then go from here to somewhere hoping that I will never be able to find the way back

Mama taxi kaaraya mama erala yanna harima suraya ( this is a few lines of a song I have heard )

I am a taxi driver

I am so clever in moving faster

Some taxi drivers are clever in everyway. They are capable of handling their travel partners who comes asking their help to reach to their preferred destinations, journeys.
I believe my memory is still works accurately I think it is Diyatha who shares a story of a ‘ taxi driver’ a professor who works during nights am I right ‘Diyatha ( a supplementary issue comes with the main publication Irida Lankadeepa) ?

Is he a Korean or a Chinese?

During nights I am sure that they meet various people compared to the ones who came asking their assistants to go from a certain place to another. Their aims and objectives of their journeys I am sure may differ to the ones who travel during day lights

Not only the Taxis the others who goes and uses roads during late nights may experience some differences in their lives. I have no doubt. They might carry something to think during their days things collate during nights while traveling. Yes like the professor some like sharing them with others who like write them down somewhere. They are rich in information I always like to believe. They are most of the time provides evidences for the things that the relevant people might need to clarify things. Taxi rides during nights interesting but little dangerous too. Some offer these taxies huge number currencies without even asking. I guess they are little dangerous numbers.

People do not bargain I guess who ever uses such taxies during very late nights for their needs, to recover desires, full fill their needs and wants. Who can say no?
 Night traveling is always or mostly mysterious I like to think.

Such travels bring things in to people’s lives or takes away things from a person/people or 
such traveling may have the abilities to steal ones protected stuffs.

During such taxi journeys one may hear or encounter various things I mentioned. Tears, mutterings, giggling sounds I guess often we hear such things from far away places or from near by places.

Often we may encounter people who run away from people that too possible during these night taxi experiences.

Escaping, embracing, and shivering such experiences all that are possible during these so called traveling by taxies especially during nights. Some like taking risks and no complain during their job. They have the no fear agendas within. I do not know whether they carry any safety measures while taking their customers safely to their preferred destinations. 
Some like keeping all such experiences without sharing with others.

Wheeling during nights little unsafe but wheeling during days safe or somewhat safe or safe to a certain extent? I do not know

Before I wind up I must thank Anushka Malli ( Anushka Piyadigama) I saw your reminder.





Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Ada deegeka giya numba wetha 

Methek nodutu sinaha welak – ada muhune dutuwa
Veil patin hisa wesunada kehe reli danga keruwa
Deneth puraa ohu ruwa etha ehemath mata hithuna
Yeheliyanuth oba menmai yasa ageta sitiya

Mal kumariyo daangalei hari hurathal hithuna
Gamana durai a unaata langa sawi atha penuna
Yahaluwanuth a bawatama ingi kala heti dutuwa
Sari pote liyakam tika liya wagemai henguna
Thore galana obe sinahawa mage mathake inna

Sathutin piri anagathayak !    

Congratulations and wish you all the happiness ! 

(above is a re caption from a photograph taken by the Shakya studio ) 

Monday, June 10, 2013

What is the group that you belong to? ……………………….

Lets imagine that we have following groups named or divided by the ‘always friends’ or ‘always lovers’ groups

-      Dare Devils ( this is a stolen name from our neighbor hood cricket sorry about stealing names)

-       Humpty Dumpty (this too stolen?J)

-      Slinga’s (this name is smart No?)

-      Last time it was ‘SPIRIT’ this time it is ‘COOLER’ ( how about both)

-      Hit me I will not hit you

-      Red is hot and spicy

-      Hik’kaduwa’ is famous for coral gardens( J )

-      There is Famous ‘KUMANA’ ( kumana nobaelu deneth kumata) 

-      There is a word for ‘senehasa’ ‘affectionate’ J (wrong?)
  Ben 10 ( excuse me do not say that too I have stolen J)

when ever there is a quarrel between two or any or many parties, groups, friends, the thrilling groups comes to surface and shows how happy they are just because you quarrel with others. Such groups do not think of going to HIKKADUWA and have some coral relief. There is always bit of quarrels between all senehasa parties that is a normal thing ask ben 10 there is no lie in this sentence. When ever there are No quarrels life is COOLER and coolness is the spirit of people. I learnt but we need to careful there is thieves who is ever ready to steal coolness + spirit or coolness = spirit.

Who wins always I know which groups generally wins ‘ Even though you hit me I will not hit you’ groups.

Am I wrong?

Shall I add another few group?

-      Do not test people’s ‘iwaseema’ (patience) all the time? , iwaseema is not a weakness

-      Who does not understand ‘ kasu kusu’ ? ( discuss or say things to ones behind)

-      Pothe hetiyatama weda karanna amarui ( it is difficult to work according to a book or following a book that contains ‘ do’s and don’ts  )  

Everyone makes mistakes ‘do not take it too serious’ thank you for the relief words. You belong to always beside or behind ‘that I the spirit I have’   

I thought it is no good to worry about unfriendliness of any And never try to smash back or never take revenge for the things done earlier or for the mistakes done for you. Some things happen unconsciously people do not do things (not always) purposely some like when their enemies (for no reason) or opposition ideas or opinion holders are confused.

Though you are no threat to anybody some might think that you are there to ‘confuse’ their general schedules of working or living. That happens only when a person is not stable in the things they do. No faith in the work they do or the things they general believe. Says one thing and doing another thing is a little bad thing.

No one has the authority to decide about a person’s positions or tasks duties unless the immediate bosses and above.

You should not say ‘bad’ about others or about other groups to the ‘groups that you like ’ or to ‘the members of  the groups that you belong to’.
 Do not ever do that mistake my friends ‘careful’ about such people the same person who says things or bad about a person may use the same tack tick for you as well or else he/she may do the same to you exactly the way that he/she treats you.  

My today’s essay is not a long one. Think of the groups above. Explore your thinking towards or about such groups.

What can you say?

I thought of becoming little mature today like big writers they always keep some space to their readers to think and analyze what they say.

I thought it is alright to steal such their ways of addressing their readers

Have a good group discussion that is always a good thing


Saturday, June 8, 2013

REALIZATIONS .........................

i took some mobile phone captions just because of its outer look. the moment i took them i did not realize that particular captions says and shows something different or important for me to think further and analyze them applying them appropriately or applicably.
Days and moments generally never the same everyday. it has the capacities changing or some captions teaches the importance of different or various eligibility levels of  ones life in what level such things change ones life forever or to certain or some level.

take life changes for instance some changes are very sudden and some things i never have imagined before or thought that could easily happen to mankind.

as a kid some of the things that i experienced or faced were amazingly or surprisingly unbelievable and different to now. The realities or realizations or the levels of understanding as kids, youth, adults old or as very old or matured always different to each and every stage or era i mentioned or i came passing.

could you please allocate few minutes to read the following picture? 

from the very first reading i realized that there is some patterns in the picture that is all i can say about the above picture that was about the first reading.

let me leisurly explain the things encounter after a different moment reading for that i have to keep my eyes awake my mind awake i know.

let me move on further forgetting this picture only for few minutes only until i finish writing the following . don't you think that there comes or face moments that one should forget or ignore things we see or listen and move ahead in life.  

Burnings, failures,  falling , departures, exists gaining s obtaining things, give away things forgetting things realizing things takes years or decades.

kids do not think that there is no forever things in life. i as a kid never thought the possibilities of cracking buildings   earlier we did not have such chance even to realize about any crackings of buildings reason we had different walls as kids.

during my school days the walls of our house was different to the earliest or the previous ones - rented. i observed how crackings happen due to various reasons especially during my school days. some crackings were related to the component of our Family and the other things i observed from the walls of our house - Kandy.

every year end my father had to ask a mason to come and plaster the things cracks. there is one particular place of our house that happens or cracks generally. that was a never ending process plastering or applying cement from outside. we realized, during these plastering and applying this and that of things to cover the crackings all such exercises all these buildings and things of this world has the tendency of  cracking  i can say it is one word 'temporary'

the pictures are not the appearances of our houses in Kandy

these are the pictures of  the floor outside to the Budu gedara at our home - Kandy

once my father met a good mason compared to the ones who always come and do what he requested other than not suggesting what to do to stop such crackings or prevent from such situations though nothing is  permanent. He explained few reasons possible for such crackings of a building.

i was listening to all those conversations uninvited or that was my nature that i listen to any conversations that generally happens between my father and others who ever comes to meet him i generally like sitting him beside or walking within our little houses premises behind him sometimes to each every places of the premises mostly i enjoyed siting on the arm of the chair that he sits to talk to others keeping one of my hands on his shoulders especially as kids. he never chased me away. the other elders always threatened me saying this and that ' kids generally do not listen to the conversations of the elders' or especially girls or daughters do not sit like that during a special conversation or when they discuss something important that only the adults are involved. but such things were nothing to my father he did not take such saying as serious talk or sayings ( what others say) that is the nature of my father. he did not care about such things there was one particular respond that he always used 'onna ohe hitapu den' that is what he says generally ' just let her be'

during such occasions i got the chances to win thanks to the immense such support he offered - full of hands. the hands were never empty before me there was always something in his hands for me.  

there were moments of course that i could not play like the way i want then he becomes the worst or cruel never gave any chances for some things. i do not say that he was right all the time. there were moments of him taking or deciding not that good things for me somehow we manged to stay firm in the middle of all decisions and happenings of that era. After some of the good discussions he changed his mind on certain things of my life that saved nothing bad at all i realize now.  

let me come to the realizations about crackings of buildings , different or various pardon me for taking your attention back and forth of  my various realizations.

so the mason said that such things happen when ever the masons do not put the foundation the accurate way.  it was a problem with the foundation. the issues were all related to right quantity and right quality factors. not only the mixtures of cement, pieces of stones sand water and kambi kuru ' something made of steal or iron (?) one need to get the analysis of the ground or the type of soil of the place where the building is planning to build. 

water levels or the conditions of moisture of soil whether it is hard or solid or just wash away variety or type. all these things matters for a better foundation long lasting.

how can any mason change the foundation of a building that had already built. that is never possible. what a mason can do is to build a building - new with a better foundation. 

the crack is still there who ever comes to my house can easily observe it. it is there in the front area of the wall. 

i was really really upset about this crack earlier mainly because that particular crack gave an ugly look to the front area of the house. specially during school ( primary) days i wanted my friends to know i have a good house. i remember how some treated me because of the house we lived as very small kids. the friends of my same age have told me ' aiyoo oyalage gedara kedilane oyata thiyenne podi geyak ne ' oyala inne kuliyata ne ai oyalage gedara pol athu wahala ( you have a small house  a broken one , why you have a cadjan roofed house' kids generally have such conversations. based on such conversation i write to my father asking and saying this and that. i wanted a better house. somehow they bought a house thanks to his job middle east.

i could not bear the crack of the wall of our house until i learned the differences of the things of the world, changes that could happen within the frame works of opposes and supporters and one of most important things that i leaned so far is inevitability of life.

when i became a not a kid anymore after few eras of life spent or during my youth my thinking got a different shape and a size things that i admired or accepted my realizations or analysis  became very different to the earliest stage of my life especially my thoughts and thinking

i realized the impermanence of things that exists in this world.

yet i am no saint or a Arhat

often i forget all these realities and realizations or analysis of my life learned or learning especially when ever something unbearable happens

there are moments that i do things as a fool,say things as an idiot then i do nothing but blame my self.

there were turning point of my life. some of those turning points were pointed towards 'right side or right direction' some things stayed in the middle, cornered or thrown away as dusts or as garbage.

 still life is something 'everyone should learn to live with any or many obstacle what ever issue or barriers slips or falls  take nights and days for an example. two different components two different features we do not see many things during nights but all most everything during day morning until the darkness captures our surroundings

the path is bending towards the 'right direction' can you observe it ? 

the path is so relaxed among the little bushes of the tea

the picture is little unclear i agree that is because of nothing else but because of my amateurness of taking good pictures , clear picture of the things that i want to capture. inabilities of reading the lenses or the corners, the right frames of any captions

there were things that i really missed the chances offered or came my way to learn new things like 'how to paint life accurately outside to canvasses' how to choose right colours that matches my life interests  . i do not understand whether such things i should take as losses ( Alabha) or as profits ( Labha) of my life or should i take such things as the things 'good that it happened that way'.  

some things appeared from a different place or a unexpected moment  that i never could imagine that it is a possible thing or such things can happen

there were moments that i realized that even on rough surfaces some good things can be happened or roughness is equal to bitterness or that roughness or bitterness may lead to anything in life is no matter. Yet such things often depends on situations or capacities, volumes of ones hearts and minds, life any surface can be smooth or adjustable to any situation

what can you say about the following picture

life often get the shape of little rocks or it gets the size of the same. the toughness, hardness the looks the colours teaches people different things, lessons. have a close look at it the plant was not given a huge place to reside it stays in a little corner can you observe it accurately. though that is the outer picture of the corners  doesn't it look healthy and survived and cordially sharing the space. the above picture i took about year and a half ago number 10, Ekwatte, Nugegoda. i visited this i like so much place recently i noticed that there is a plant same variety ( Not the same obviously) a different plant of same kind.  but i did not have much to read that plant properly i had to come because no one heard me going there.

the Murunga Tree have appeared again even after they decided to cutting it down. the new tree looked so fresh 

that is how the things happen in this world. deaths births realizations understandings all things get different shapes and sizes at different stages of ones life i realized.  

just look at the following picture the surface look of the ground the little grass, plant think of the surroundings to the plant. who is accompanying the plant is the surrounding look healthy?  count the numbers of branches or the leaves think of the the total picture of the picture. is there something for all of us to read.


realizations , appreciations all these things adds some looks shapes or a pattern to ones life

hope i m not incorrect in analyzing the term 'realization'