Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Monday, October 29, 2012

FISH DISHcrimination and fish decoration………………

Suranganita maalu genawa
Issan maguran loku weli gowwan me den allapu maalu
Laabai gannako YAAALU

They are part of this world. They can’t live without water if you take them out of water that is the end of their lives. They born in water and they die because of ‘our desires’ that comes in different varieties, types, sliced in different shapes and try stagnant in collaboration with ‘our thoughts’  in the minds – deep.

We know and read and learn ‘pansil’ –sometimes everyday or at least on a particular ‘POYA DAY’

‘Paanathi paatha weramani sikka padan samadiyaami’

I like to think this a little. I like to think of everyone who engage in this ‘fish businesses’ or fisheries, fishermen, the buyers the eaters.
Think of a ‘fisherman’ is he the only person who steals the right of living of a fish? No I am part of it. Why he go fishing because we have shown him that we like eating them’ and we have shown them that you can live a good life if you go fishing. We have shown them that if you do this business in a little advance way you have the chances to be ‘rich’ owning big boats catching more of them sometimes fighting with others over territories that we have no ownership ‘that is their world’ but we think that that is ours – the fishterritories.

We talk about Marxism, Imperialism, fishism, talkism we never think of ‘stopfishism’ why? No we can’t – how many lives depend on this ‘Yaalu maalu’

Fish seller- village thinks the person who comes and buys his collated fish from big fish seller is a ‘savior’ ‘helper’ that helps him to take care of his kids and parents and family. He thinks that he sends his kids to school and he buys some clothes for his parents because the others come and buy. Is that the real reason are we really thinking of ‘fishermen’s family’ and his kids. Those things happen automatically we help each other unknowingly and we become part of criminals’ murders or support ill wills unknowingly.

I heard some information recently I can’t remember when and where I guess that was written on a news paper.  A police officer was arrested because of taking a ‘bribe’ of one hundred thousand rupees from a woman who leads women who sells their body for living (?) -‘prostitution’ we know these things I am not going to say that the person who tried to get ‘bribe’ from the woman – particular. I am not going to say that the person who tried to take bribe was doing it unknowingly. He knew it and did it purposely. May be will be using this money to give his daughter a dowry or he may spend this money ‘on his daughters education’. Then here who helped him and his daughters education or to take her home future a dowry ‘the woman who run the house to fulfill the desires of some sort of some. The girl who may become a ‘welcomed or accepted profession holder of this society one day without knowing that her father spent for her education from the money that he took from the woman and the money touched by ‘they do this profession reason only special or particular only to them group’. One person’s desires become a ‘help of some families for their ‘living’ 

I am not going to generalize or I am not trying to give it a ‘fare’ look or a shape’.

I am thinking whether we can really point our finger at a ‘wrong doer’ with a very clean mind and a brain. Do not go very far ‘think of a ‘fisherman’. May be you are not a fishtarian like me may be you are a vegetarian or an eggtarian like some others
I remember Mr. Tuna came to visit us and he observed ‘St. john fish market.

Fish is ‘tourism’ fish is ornamental, fish is ‘chef – love’ ‘earn a living’ ‘fish is friend – kids kind’,   ‘bring money from coastal to middle town ‘self employed’, not pensionable (?) who trust this employee? Is there a fund for them? Just asking.

Kids love to feed them they take some time to understand that they feed us than we feed them.

Can we say fish nets better than internet. Or is it the opposite. What can we catch from internet but from fishing net we can catch ‘fishes’. But if you go to internet you can learn ‘how to catch a fish’. How to cook a fish, how to feed a fish, etc. we depend each other we depend on every thing. Depending is not a bad word. We say we are ‘prosperous, we do not depend on anything, I depend on internet I depend on books I depend on thoughts I depend on news you collate, I depend on information you share, I depend on knowledge you share. ‘Independent’ is an immeasurable word. I am thinking of those fishes are they independent or interdependent, or else dependent creatures. ‘Sharks’ and ‘Tunas’- how can we think that they do not depend on ‘haalmessa’s and little, little prawns and cuttlefishes.
If you think of a group of fishes of same family or parampara who loves to travel from that corner to this corner showing us their ‘unity’ do they show ‘continental differences’.

I like to think of fish DISHcrimination and Fishdecoration
But before that I thought of relaxing myself a little thinking of everyones favorite and simple words but gives a lot of enjoyment’ + plus a message song ‘Surangani’       
Surangani surangai suranganita maalu genawa 
Maalu maalu maalu me den genapu maalu

A song has the ability to connect people, connect continents, connect hearts and minds, connects thoughts with houghts. Our next door actress ‘Madhuri’ can sing this very well. I am sure that ‘Irangani’, Umayangani, Ranjini, Damini, they too can sing this very well lets say too well.  Master blaster witnessed her talents of singing surangani surangani. I did not know that he can dance that well.

Why surangani gets this much attention than Tharangani of the same lane I am amazed apoi I am not taking about gender or any other discrimination I am just thinking of Surangani may be she understand the ‘DISHES - fishes’ very well than Tharangani and Jayangani.   


He comes with a bicycle – pushed towards ‘forward’ with a very fashionable and rhythmic tone may be you are familiar with this familiar ‘Maalo’ Maalo tone – their ‘voice tone’ merited with ‘ time’.

 you can weigh ‘ their tone type and you can come to conclusions about their age or about things such as ‘how many years of engaging in the business' kind of things. ‘their maalo maalo tones sometimes you hear for the first time in the lane you live may give you 'a smooth' feeling or 'alright thought' but when you keep on listening to his voice for sometime to understand the changes of voices + plus other changes including outer appearances if he non stop comes your home way to sell fishes of many types or varieties of them. Try compare the things that you notice first day of hearing his voice and observed 'appearances' with the day that you last saw him- can learn a loads of things.

I am thinking ‘learning is not living always’

Learning and living plus earning all should go in parallel to everything or most of the things that we think is important.

Let me come back to ‘maalo maalo words’ and a response he or somebody else gets. 
A lady comes towards forward asking?

 ‘aiiiii me enawoooo? (why Comiiiiing)’

Any guesses, who is this lady ?

It is Mala

Mala thought that someone was calling her name no it was the man with some fish trying to sell - asking anyone or everyone to buy some fish to take some rice home.

One needs to hear something clearly and closely if not what will happen, think a while ‘you try hear something from a distance and if you did not hear the exact words or sentences that the person/people who are in conversation with you have no choice than imagine or you catch something in a totally different way.

Maalu mala maale
Male mail tail total tale
Sail sale
Detail retail

Above are just words but I guess you can see some similarities in ‘hear -sounds’ or pronunciations but they all hold difference literally according to my understanding over the language – poor.
This note mine is not a big ‘analysis’ on fishism or positivism this is just a try of this and that ‘thought a while’ note.  

I am not a vegetarian but I am not a big fan of fishes ‘can do without, ‘any problem’ at all’

We are sometimes very professional or very serious about professionalism’ and about many things and the things we discuss sometimes may not always ‘logical or not logical’. But there is no harm in expressing what we think on something or what we like or what we do not like. When others express their inner minds we read or we hear, listen then we show them our view, we debate, and we disagree and sometimes agree. no one knows everything ‘ we renew or refresh or delete and add listening or reading your expressions over each others ideas and concepts or what ever name you give ‘other’s thought’.

 We don’t really think about some things like ‘small things’ we like to discuss ‘gender discrimination’ forgetting the way that we sometimes discriminate our same groups that we belongs to.

Small things are big things. If one thinks that small things are smaller compared to the bigger things, existing I guess we need to re-adjust our minds and brains, plates and dishes.

We like give things we know or learn ‘a village look, an area look, a district shape etc.

Wev maalu
Matara del

NO I m not going a write a recipe or a menu of some choice.   
Thinking of ‘fish and fish related curries and cuisines I can not forget ‘fish curries and the fish choices or ‘the fish preferences’ that we maintain within.

Why some like only big fish not small fishes. Thalapath’ gets attention than ‘thilapiyas’ – why? Is it because they belong to two different residencies or families or parampara or else are there any other reasons that we do not know only the fishes know.  

Thilapiya – where do you live my friend? You live with ‘korali’ no? lula kanaya madaya who are they then? I know that you al friends though you show others ‘you are enemies’ what is this bad word ‘enemy’ or fishtyrant’

Lula nethi walata kanaya pandithayalu

Have you heard about that before?

Some like ‘thoru’ moru’pokirisso’ than korali or lula and some like thilapiya.

I do not know whether they worry about ‘how we handle our ‘duka and sepa’ ‘sorrow and happiness’ may be that is why our lyrists have smelled their hearts and minds in a different way and shared their view with us.
 They knew that they inquire about our sorrows and happiness

Thoru moru pokirrisso ape duka sepa wimasanawa

Some mudalalila’s make faces when some customers go and only buy cheap fish thinking of their poor wallets and buying some rice may a little toffee for his/her child, later. That is their way of giving and adding a smile to the faces of their children. Some big mudalalila’s do not understand these levels or the sizes or the heaviness of the wallets of their customers and they make faces.

Saalayo 250g denna mudalai

Ai ‘Bollu’ epada ewath aluth maalu’

It is very interesting to hear this and that of ‘fish conversations’ at different fish markets or at fish stalls.

Before I go in to my next fish conversation let me remind you that ‘what I discuss here or what I see there and also somewhere as happenings or existings ‘not applicable to everyone or to every place. That is understandable no.

When they see some customers coming ‘looks like having a little heavy wallets ethakota mune hinaa mal godai’ then we can notice faces bloomed with uncountable number of flowers. Natural and this is no complaining. After all they have to think of their businesses moko api eyalawa bala ganawaye’

Some thinks that very small fishes are ‘quality and healthy kind of fishes compared to the ‘big fishes of the markets’. Haalmassa is rich in calcium but small. For fresh fish we pay more than dried ones. Dried ones are cheaper. Let me think again. May be I m wrong. I did not think of the bulk prices and the retail prices. 

Haalmessa is full of ‘calcium good for your young kid’s teeth also provide other required health ingredients.

‘saalaya’ is a kind that always or most of the time seen on the plate of a poor. Not expensive can prepare any ways of your choices.

The recent tsunami of fishes has nothing to do with any other calamities of environment it is something to do with sea - deep and ‘water – cool meeting waves’ result or an outcome these changes lead to ‘furious minds’ ‘do not eat them’ and Dr. Samudra or Sayura (sorry I cant’ remember the name seen on TV screen- news bulletin) of Nara ‘became a peace mediator’ and said that ‘eating them no harm’. This fish – tsunami ‘did you earn any money’ ‘I saw some of them of all struggling for breath of living’ jumping from here to there from ‘weaved Wattiya to the sand again and from sand again over to the heads of little boys – smiling thrilled coz seen so much ‘no need to pay any money coz nothing had to pay Trolers or to the fish mudaalis at least this time of different tsunami - fish, their sudden visit – unwelcome. Samuddrika looked so proud was this before fish tsunami?

I heard yesterday, the changes that was going to apparent in Hawai marking 7.7 on the careen of machines of ‘deep sea readings’ but everything was alright they reported ‘no harm’ they have reacted well  and wisely to the alarms of warning.

Some discriminate ‘their fish curries saying ‘owa hari ushna maalu’ those fishes are very heaty kind of fishes not good for you if your body react to those things in a strange way.

Bala saha kelawalla, ‘tuna group fishes’ etc
Prawns also belong to this group some say.

Some like sea fish not tank fish. I don’t know the exact reason how should I know without even doing a survey of their fish choices and of course there should be some reasons.

Some ask ‘muhude eka maaluwada inne’? Why there is only one fish in the sea some ask? But every fish is not equal or not similar that we have to understand I guess. People have fish choices I like salaya some like mora and thora

Big barbeque party kind fishes and you can see a notice on the faces of waiters or waitresses ‘no small fishes are allowed to enter’ why because they are not barbeque type’ and or ‘grilled type’ so they are not allowed to enter. ‘Only the invitees are allows ‘Crabs or stylish prawns not for grilling but for some decorating – I do not know.

‘I do not know but I sometimes feel forgive me ‘if I am saying something very wrong. ‘Do these fish have class preferences’ or ‘my class’ ‘human class’ ‘fistarian class’ are these class classed have any fish preferences or are we pretending like we have fish preferences. I am thinking at this moment? This is about fish preferences not about ‘veggies or fruities’ preferences

Tank fish (wev maalu)
Fish tanks (maalu tanki)

Two different topics to discuss first above mentioned is a big topic also the second. No difference why ‘tank’s are little bigger not little actually so much bigger than ‘fish tanks with a cement touch’ not too big but I can say too small for a living creature to travel the way they like.  

In Weva and in Muhuda they can live in a little bit of liberty-full way though they have the all-time threats of human. Please let us think of stop dynamiting if there is any who practice such ways of killing harming not only the ‘they do no harm us – fishes ‘but we harm them all’ including their living palaces, the little weeds with different shapes and sizes that decorate their world of spending day & night until they live shorter or a longer life.

What liberty in fish tanks?

‘Keep an ornamental fish tank before your seating comfortabilities that keeps you away from work related stress/s.

I am not the ones who says above here comes my saying

Do not keep any cages of fishes in the ‘your loved territories – homes or houses even if you get some meditating chances looking at them the fishes who travel in their born choice territories from this corner to that corner in the their limited territorial’s thinking of a new territory to shift. I think students can write a tutorial on this topic ‘territorial of fishes - old and current’.

You can’t put a kelawalla in a tank that you have chosen thinking and respecting the choice of your child and later spending some time finding a better corner for them to reside in the residencies that you built having so much hopes and aims in the minds and hearts of yours.
I think in this VERY SPECIAL POYA DAY I talked a lot about ‘FISH DISHcrimination and about fish decorations that decorated my mind corners in different way.

I like to wind up this little note on fishes and their friends noting a few lines from a song ‘drama – stage’ ‘tharawo igelethi’
And I like to note that we are so happy to see you back in STAGE SO LIVELY again sir, Mr Lusion Bulath Sinhala’

Pana dennata kiya awith – husma dinga sira karathi
Issarahin yanna epa piti passen awith aniy
Piti passen yanna epa walakata damaa paniy
Athiwath beri nethiwath beri yaaluwo maaluwo

Friday, October 26, 2012

On animals tenderly …………………….

On animals tenderly …………………….

This is an amazing world. Every thing is different and every possible thing is grouped, classed, named, divided, coloured, sized, etc
We have animal choices. We all like animals some like many some like one or two or all, interesting. We have preferences.
Our likings on animals depends on the shapes sizes, uses, looks or colours of them, shall I also note demands etc.

There are animals known as innocent and dangerous or harmful. I am thinking and trying to compare them a bit with the civilized creatures called ‘human’.

But why? Why should I try to compare

They are different and we are different too. Like all of us who live in this world sometimes stealing their right to live. ‘Their’ here is animals. Do they steal our right to live? I am not going to answer because every question that you sometimes ask yourself ‘do not have accurate answers or sometimes ‘no answers’. That does not mean that ‘queries remain as queries with out answers. Every query can be met with an answer.
Some like categorizing people/individual sending them in to the boxes of ‘nothing’ or useless’ ‘useful’, brilliant ‘somewhat good’ ‘ok’ alright’ ‘ not that bad’ ‘aiyo what good’ ‘who says bad’ ‘no good’ ‘have something to add my life’ ‘ what a meter’ ‘super’ ‘classic’ ‘ maarai’ ‘sira’ ‘Fatta right’ ( I am not sure about the meaning)we categorize people/individuals thinking of their choices, according to ‘the levels of understanding’ we categorize people for animal choices I do not understand how to apply the ‘understanding’ term.

‘Gona’ ‘buruwa’ ‘meeharaka’ we do not let them ‘celebrate their birth rights’ they way they like. We try stealing their parampara name and try apply them to the people we know. How classic these creatures called ‘human’ I like to think. I do the same mistake I like to note it as a ‘mistake we do’ they are loyal to their ‘warigaya’ sometimes than this group called human. Even if you feel that way once in a way ‘don’t be that surprised’.

 If they have the ability to think and argue I do not what will happen. If they have the abilities to speak I don’t know what will happen. You know that is why this world is ‘formed this way’ ‘when some are screaming or talking non stop or talking useless there is some group to ‘listen’. Don’t forget here I did not say ‘they need hearing aids’ ‘they can hear very well I strongly believe’. Sensing abilities are very much higher than human ‘I like to think. Think of the year 2004 that sensed the ‘tsunami threats first was it human’? Who ran away from the territories of ‘beaches?’   can you remember all these?

Think of your peer groups ‘think of the worlds or letters they use in a worldly way sometimes
You never get any chances to understand some animals. How do I know how a tiger behave in a jungle I have only seen them very calm and quietly facing the world through photographs. Actions catches Cheetahs, never sleep lions, Teddy tender bears, Pussy cats – you may have heard of few kinds, Copy cats, black cats, slightly brown cats, black & white cats, always sleeps on babies laps - cats, ‘ do not touch mummy scream- cats – when cries offer ice cream, cats, I should ask nangi ‘please fill the 
rest’- about cats?    

If a child does not know about cats or about ants or birds what do they do?
They ask who ever they see or meet parent, teacher, grand ma, grand pa, Latha, Kamala, Irangani, Seela, Punchi Menika, or Selva.
So to get some understanding on the things that we do not know much ‘we ask someone who knows the subject’
Who knows better about animals?
The Zoologists, people who safe guards the zoos, give them some food, etc.

 What an idiotic concept this ‘ZOO CONCEPT’ ‘human creatures burn their areas of living and build ‘dream houses’ ‘we put them in cages’ ‘what a choice’ and we show them to our dear kids. ‘ I do not know whether those ‘birds knows how to fly’?
And sometimes we never forget to hang a ‘wall picture of a ‘very naughty ‘dogs or rabbits’ ‘horses’ ‘ butterflies’ , oh no pictures of ‘ mosquitoes or flies’ on our ‘colour washed the way we like walls of efforts and hopes and sweats of years and years’‘ but no pictures karapoththa’s, geradiya’s why ?

There is nothing you can think of ‘everyone knows everything’ of this world. ‘I know something’ ‘you know many things’ or too much of things’ and ‘some know nothing’.  The people who know more thing or something has to fill the gap or the distance between’ ‘nothing to everything or nothing to something’. I do not know  is that what we call ‘education’ or ‘educating’ ‘awareness’ ‘ sharing’ or ‘ teaching’?

I know nothing about zoology, biology, numerology, or physiotherapy, or homeopathy obviously no. But there is no way I can say that ‘there is no one who knows this subject’ there are many. What can you do if don’t know the subject you can generously ask someone who knows the subject, agree?   Zoologists can ask anything from geologists or sociologists or from biologists if they have something to clarify or verify.
Ants are not lazy but they can not carry heavier & heavier things like ‘elephants’. We learn different, different things from different, different animals. Cats can’t bark or help demining. They only know to ‘meow’  if they do not stop this meow the villagers say ‘you will hear a death of a person’ ‘oya pollakin gahala elawala daapalla’ my grand mother and my mother hates this nonstop sound of meow’. But they love their puppies and doggies and some sit on grand mother’s laps. See the difference. 
‘nona uuta mata wediyen aadarei’ ( I can’t remember rest of the lines of the song’)   

Little ones like to name them differently they do not care about their ‘scientific name or the genetic name’-
‘My darling puppy’ ‘mage bula’
‘mage sudu hawa’
Mage Honda hawa’
But think of how when a pusa steals and eats your days’ fish we say ‘hora pusa’ ,

I do not know how this ‘class caste thing ‘works in this ‘animalogy’
But I know one thing for sure ‘in criminology’ some do immeasurable valuables job ‘our team won a prize recently I heard and read ‘ a group of army and their friend ‘dog’ was it about ‘demining’ ? I can not remember the title of winning.

I too like ‘steady teddies’
I will meet you next time hopefully with ‘fishdescrimination’ until then wish you all ‘love animals do not harm them, protect and respect them forever’ day!


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sabbe Pruthagjana Unmaththaka ……………………………..

Sabbe pruthagjana unmaththaka ……………………………..
After watching the latter part of the ‘meet your doctor’ at ITN this afternoon after ‘getting some good medication for my cricket ailments from ‘ SINHAWALOKANAYA’ I thought ‘ kisiwekuth nomala geyakin aba mitak genenna neganiya’ our Budun Wahanse’s request to the ‘ kisa gothami’ a old time lady of a Indian society at that time the ‘all in one’ sentence ‘how can we apply this to ‘ our now lives’ here in this society we live.
If you find a man or a woman that does not belong to this ‘ ‘sabbe pruthagjana unmaththaka’ ‘category’, anywhere of this world I like to borrow some ‘ mustard ‘ from such a ‘roof’.
I remember a good hearted doctor that we used to meet via ‘television’ ‘ PROFESSOR NANDADASA KODAGODA’ this very ‘close to teachings of Buddhism’ doctor sooths and calms & HEALED our minds and brains through his words in every way.
He explained things sometimes using examples from the teachings of Buddhism. I was not this old in understanding things much better compared to now. We read ‘Dhammapada’
Mano pubban gama damma
Mano setta mano maya
Manasache pasannena
Bhasathiwa karothiwa

'chethanahan bikkawe kamman wadami'

it is our 'mind' that faces and change due to all our thoughts and ideas we hold within and accordingly how we face our society' our brain has to react or our heart has to face such things. they  reach and react to things differently. each and every mind is different differetly formed, organized, layers of mind if we can take a draft picture of our own mind or an x ray we can see all these i guess. but where is this mind located' can we touch and see' we have to see this and get pictures of it from our 'brain camera' no other modernized cameras can capture an accurate picture of 'our mind' 

lets imagine that now we have captured a picture of ones mind' what is next? which colour lab that we should go and take that to get a print? any digital colour labs you know please let me know.
can we? may be it is possible this modernized world full of new innovations.

this very sensible and sensitive organ called ' i have never seen a picture of it before' human tool 'can be so easily damaged'
taking care of it is never easy for any human.

thinking of dhammapada again

During all levels of learning - life of academic we got chances to read and recite the same before our ‘teacher’ and at the exams. Those days we never knew how to apply and how applicable those things to the societies we live to any person/people with any back grounds of education. Now we do understand things little better because now we do both ‘living’ &’ learning’ together. If you only living not learning and at the same time not remembering and applying the same ‘everyday’ in everything or something you do’ you never will get chances to understand these realities.

We are a part of this big technologized, so inter connected, ‘privacy have gone away to far away places’ ‘lost in money’, ‘lost in games’ like cricket, ‘always want to win’’ do not want to lose’,  ’ some like to see others not doing something and then feel like partying or celebrating when people are falling or failing’ ( this is not applicable to all’) we live in a such way categorized  societies. Thinking of all these I guess there is always a tendency in embracing ‘all ailments or some ailments that we do not like or never meant to embrace’. 

Targets in life, visions and missions full of lives, competitions can you give your mind a little break or can you spend one night or try sleep well without thinking of such targets in life. you have to wake up with a days plan. May be you have already gone to sleep with a plan in mind and following morning you wake up with the plan you had previous night. Even during night/sleep your mind and brain works ‘ no time to rejuvenate or refresh or repair it. ’The machines of all kind ‘loosing its original shape and size every moment you use them. Some machines like human you can repair ‘during sleep’ while you have switched off the machine for some time – for at least 6 or more hours. Do not try to turn it on until you think that ‘it has got back to the previous position to a certain extent. Because it is stupid to think sometimes ‘you can not expect this human machine to work the way that it worked many years ago’ 

Think about these things do you think I am wrong here?

Sabbe pruthagjana unmaththaka

This is so possible in this so materialized, lost harmony and peace of mind due to ‘new’ shapes and sizes of ‘now’ society’
‘You and I’, and ‘I and I’ and ‘I and all’ are in this category no one can say ‘no we are not in this category’ 

We are ‘ paagal’ or ‘mad’ ‘ crazy’ ‘pissu’ we have this ‘one of the ‘you can not change these things’ because each and everyone of us are part of this society’.

Analyze your life.

See whether any one of us can borrow ‘some mustard’ from a place where you can find a ‘ no I am not mad I maintain a healthy mind not spoiled with anything’ never spoiled with any bad thoughts’ ‘ I never thought that person is bad and I am good’ ‘I never a mad woman/man’ ‘If you can ever be happy that ‘ even for a moment I never thought something bad or ill will about anyone’ 'I never thought that my son/daughter must pass the ‘5th grade exam than the other children of this country’ if you never thought that ‘ it is my child who was eligible to that trophy and hold the certificate for ‘best marks for mathematics’- the school prize. Etc etc you can think of ‘how sometimes your neighbor think of things achievements or hopes in their lives/their children’ how they talk of such things’, ‘how your own sibling think or analyze ‘their life achievements’  
And then try to think how you see this term ‘ and how you extract the meaning or how you understand the ‘term’ unmaththaka ‘ mad’ or pissu’ maanasika rogiyek’ 

Try to see then ‘do we belong to that category I tried to mention in the earlier parts of this little note’
What answer you have now?

BUDUSARANAI ………………………………………………

SAMMA SAMBUDU SARANAI …………………………………………….