Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Friday, September 28, 2012

Save as ‘Print Preview’ .........................................

I was in a huge hall.

time - 7.30 pm


Not alone

There were many around

About 5 others were with me seated 'together'

Before our seats there was a name written on a little square shaped hard board I can’t remember the colour, sorry.

The name written there was ‘serendib’

Year - 2012

I can remember

There were many other boards before others

I tried to read

Some were so clear because they were besides me


I head a very familiar kind of a voice

I saw somebody was stepping towards a ‘allocated for the speaker’ area

I looked at him

No he was not holding any ‘notes’


I saw a shining and written in block letters ‘notice printed on a very hard surface’ 

Difficult to break

I thought

Because it is very hard, the surface, written following words

‘The Organization of HUMAN’

Colours of words – human

I can read it even now

The person who walked towards the ‘the space allocated for share ideas’

Was standing firmly and steadily

Shared a smile

Accepted the returned – smiles

His name is Dadibidis

Has come here from a far away place but close to minds, all

His country has a shape – it is ‘atapattama’

His speech is over

The next – a round of discussions

One of the members of Serendib ‘stood up’

And said

‘We hate nuclear weapons’

‘Go to hell nuclear weapons’

Calm down, calm down

The head of the ‘The Organization of Human ‘ said firmly but in a strict voice.

Oh I forgot

NO ‘Dadibidis’ did not mention anything about ‘nuclear weapons’ 

I can assure the world.

It is ‘ 7.45 pm now

Somebody called somebody's name 

have your say

‘the states of most powerful chair’


said things 

a loads of things

my headset- the hear clearly machines had some issues


i did not hear all

who is he?

 i asked

head of ------ ------ were you sleeping


the person i asked the question

excuse me 

say it again

he was silent

now it is clear

Thank you

i thanked the person for answering

i saw him 'the talked a lot person'


walking out of the ‘allocated for sharing ideas- area’, saying


‘We respect the rights of share and express ideas of human’

did he say 'our people' at the end?

i tried to ask 'my friend'

'NO' - what you heard is correct 

A lady 

well dressed

turned towards the 'talked a lot person'

' good evening to you sir'

' good evening dear lady'

i have something to say

Ok - use your rights

she looked around a little

tried to read the faces of seated

Come on say what ever you want

she read accurately

she was happy

Come on say what ever you want 
heard the same
from the 'talked a lot person'

‘ you are a criminal’

‘ how dare you stupid lady on what basis you say so?

We all heard the answer

On what Basis?

She asked back to his face

I am trying now to remember

The face

At least the colour

No faces have no colours

My next seated person hit my shoulder saying that

I kept quite

Still the lady and the gentlemen were sharing looks - ‘scary’

She left the place to her hearted corner

and before that

She said

‘I used my rights to say what I want and used my rights to express my view’ that is all.


what what?

just respect

‘Is that the way to use your rights?’


She said firmly


Go check your horoscope

Aha, that is a good suggestion

she smiled



What is this?

The discussion is over’

Go back to your own places

Somebody warned everybody

I could not recognized the ownership of the voice

Time now – 7.57 pm

I heard a very soft voice but very angry tone ‘I had to stop everything’

A VOICE OF MY MASTER - head of household

'Wake up’

Open your eyes

Where is my Tea?

That was my sister.

HAVE A REALITY DAY ………………………………………….


forgot to ask something

hey my friend

shall i send this to 'PRINT' ?


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Many congratulations to the creators of the song 'Saroja mage doniye' ..............

Before i go in to the heart of the song 'Saroja mage doniye' this little informally written note with gratitude and honour is for 'our president'  

Dear  OUR PRESIDENT we feel sad to see that the students are stepping in to the office of the ‘HUMAN RIGHTS’ against their TEACHERS, LECTURES who taught them to see the world and become doctors, engineers, sociologists, artists, Teachers, lectures, educationists including all other professionals  etc. ' what will happen to the bond of teacher student' relationship i am thinking.

Dear Our President

Thank you for the Decision taken to increase the Salaries of the Lecturers. this gives 'peace of mind to all to every one our president' 

 ‘Education’ is the heart of our country’ and the over all sectors of health no doubt ‘the breath of our country’

We know dear president you do understand these things an ordinary citizen like me does not have to say or write to you this way yet seen and reading the news everyday i was thinking of writing a few words on the matter regarding the 'education system'

I am sure by filling any of the requested gaps of the system though you have provided the whole our community to 'embrace the 'true concept of no terror country and study well and do something back to our Nation thoughts and ideas'in to the hearts and brains of all parties.

i believe after that 'all parties of education system can further strengthen and give it an extra healthy look for the entire sector of education , the whole our country and  this will again surely will lead to 'no waste of time in the future' 'i am sure after that they will all come to the same roof of 'their universities and share knowledge with each again.

and i believe these allocations will benefit AND CAN BE INVESTED in return for ‘the further development of our country’ in ‘everyway’ and I believe no one will decide to go some where out of our country must stay here and would work at least for a certain period to compensate for what they we all gain THANKS to the ‘free education system of our nation’.



Thank you 'our president' for already taken efforts for the development of the sector'


Palamu pelin deweni pelata inpasu paswennata – oba aawa
Dahawennen doloswennata thawa boho - dura hinda
Hemin eth hondin yanna onna mamath pethuwa
Thegi dunneth lakunu dunneth  diri dennai - yaalu hemomath eya danna
Tharange thibunata pas wennata
Tharange thibune oba athara
Palaweniya kawda deweniya kawda
Kawru unahama moko a ape du daru

Lakunu lebuwath thama daru – nolebuwath thama daru
Paasalatama garu kala yuthu - Diriya in boho lebu

Sip kiri pewu guru bhawathun sihiye innai
Sina malin guru sith bo pirennai

Following note I like to dedicate both teachers and the students of this world.

There are mornings that you feel to listen to some good music and there are afternoons you feel like writing something listening to some ‘our way of music’.  ‘The locally born music and words.  Who is the owner of a song I am not going to ask or say because I know the answer ‘the listener’, the true owners who benefit from your sweat of creating.
Ms Deepik Priyadharshani Pieris tries to ‘re –paint’ ‘ one of the facets of unforgettable yet unforgivable feelings brining ‘era of the terror that stole our rights to learn something our liberty -full way., without  erasing away the ‘unspoiled thoughts of little ones at schools’. 
The students and the teachers of all levels,  belong to no other classes but to the classes of their  very same class’ ‘one similar class’ I like to think that way  though they show some significant difference ‘from outer look ‘ ‘the words owner of this song- the lyrist is right I like to note here with out trying to give further explanations.


The word owner of this valuable words, the musician who give that a full meaning are equally holding the ‘respect and honour’, the children and the families who indescribably suffered from the results of terror . I am sure that she is thinking the same way.
 That terror or any terror keeps you away from your loved ones these things allow keep you away from the idea of ‘staying together’.
Madu palliya is a very close place to our people. This Sacred Place is not just the Christians visit the very strong ‘Buddhists’ also visiting kind of place. I have not visited the church but I know that many visit and worship. 
The wind that touches all hearts of the northern part of our country and comes back with ‘something for us who live here in the Central or Eastern or other parts of the soil we live I am sure very well understand what I am saying here.
 Ma thotin ena uthuru sulange diwi simbina madu palliye
Des mudu kandulu hangana
Saroja mage doniye
The heroes  who tried their best to give them some space at least for them to be in the little halls of the schools and the teachers who tried to teach &  protect the kids who were with them respecting the hopes of their parents who trusted the teachers ‘ they will take care of our children until we come and take them back home’ thoughts brings an imaginary picture in to my mind this moment – the teachers covering the children from their saris they werewearing.
 The letters they learnt holding their breath against the sounds of the ‘no one must produce any bombs or landmines hereafter’ thinking,  aana aawanna  or the letters of the Sinhalese Alphabet or the letters of English Language for the kids who close to the sacred place are immeasurably memorable I am sure.
We understand now better than those days  ‘ the importance of peace and harmony’ when thinking of the things we lost and never found again moments  when we become mature day by day moment by moment.
This particular song reminds the minds and brains of this era ‘ even a single thought of supporting any terror unconsciously even must wipe away from any existing mind’ I believe very strongly.
 ‘ blasts of bombs’ the ‘I hate land mines because I have seen the groups/heroes who lost their desires to walk independently, to their preferred destinations of living and contribute further for the soil they live, to the whole nation ’ these  things took away lives from their lives.  
Wedi hanta podi akuru ada wei
Mak karannada  penchiye
 ‘ mak karannada penchiye’ ‘what to do little one’ that was the situation back then, inevitable. I am trying to imagine of a child who is smiling to the teachers who come now to the schools ‘no bombing fears  anymore places.
Guruthumee maa sisuwiyai oba eth apa eka panthiye
I am the teacher
You are the student
 We belong to same class

My daughter, Saroja
Saroja mage doniye

 They thought protecting the child of the others same like they wanted to protect the child of their own.  These words of the song has given the whole big community a big message ‘Saroja mage doniye’ literally the name ‘saroja’ is a name given to a ‘Tamil student’, who is even now a daughter to the teacher. ‘These words were shown no particular ethnic colours or shapes’.    
Now it is not a dream our heroes are at home when ever their little ones are calling them to come home ‘for go and participate ‘parents meeting attending birth day parties or the functions of the their village mates etc.

Thaatha heene awith atha wanana thuru ada wu dorin
Kaatawath nethi Duwe kawrun numba rakeewida senehasin

Mandire dora numbawa kendwai babyla handana handin
Maaime weta anda gasai heta awi dara rakina lesin

Damaa gondurata kelesa yannada
eth yananata wei sithin
warak deka sitha niwa gannata
 ‘duwe dingak hinehiyan’

‘This country ‘we love so much’ and ‘live happily now with out no fear for terror of this world that we live is a country ‘that like help each other in need’ ‘ giving some water to aid their thirst after a long and tired of travelling.
‘pen thaaliya or pin thaaliya ‘is a ‘we do not have to provide any other examples to prove how caring our people are of each other ‘even of the known and unknown or little known people, never have met before people. The uses of the old ways of showing ‘we care for you’ method I like it very much.

Each and every person who gave at least a little water for the heroes ‘who were struggling to protect the lives of those areas and the lives of the areas we lived in the other parts of the country are a part of this process of wining the meaning of humanity’ though we did not every day hear the ‘cries of the students and teachers’ of those areas,  same way we felt and experienced ‘uneasiness of fearful thoughts that attacked each and every heart when ever we had to travel ‘our need or like places’ having  ‘always unclear, doubtful minds’ ‘what may happen in this bus we travel’ mentality  and protected ‘their meal of the day and life ’truly also are contributors of protecting ‘our breath of the days of our children’


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

aaaaaaadaraneeya NANGI ......................................

Aaaadaraneeya Nangi ………………..

Many happy returns of the day! - September 26, 2012

komala sina seenu menaa
wadan latheth
karai semen

naari latha welak menai
warala wanei
semin semin

deneth thulin
sihina mawei
senehe galai
kopul thulin

ruwin pirunu dolak menai
soba ruwin deneth pirei

komala katha
vihilu katha
alasa kamaa

nangi MAGE


Obey aadara akka ......................................

Sunday, September 23, 2012

175 kohilawatte – Kollupitiya .................

‘Langama’ ‘C. T. B. – Ceylon Transport Board’ is always a friend of mine and of ‘my class people’.

So this ‘my class’ - let me explain please do not misunderstand me this is how I sometimes explain things to give it a little clear meaning and my understanding. This does not mean that other class people do not use my class transport.  What is ‘class’ really? Which class you really belonging to?

‘Human’ is the major class that all have attended and ‘said ‘present sir/Madame’ when you were born and start living with all others ‘our class mates’

This class that we all belong to have grades up to certain levels because of the religious faiths we believe or follow etc but ‘we all human’. How can we forget that?

Grade – Human

Class B - the Buddhists are inn this class
Class C – the Christian students are in this class
Class I – the Students that follow ‘Islam’ religion are in this class
Class H – the Hindu students are here in this class.

Think of your school for a moment.  10 A, 10 B, 10 C, 10 D some times we have too many classes of same grade. I do not know what type of naming that sometimes different schools follow or use. Some gives names of the flowers, seasons.

Oh ‘Season ticket’ – this was a savior during my school years and to tell you honestly ‘this is an assurance of ‘can go to school daily’ even if there were no money in the wallet of my father or mother or sometimes at some moments no issues. Even if you do not have something to eat still you can go to school.

This was really a brilliant idea. At the beginning or at the end of each month after getting the ‘salary’ when parents are planning the monthly ‘expenses’. If the kids use ‘public transport system’  ‘they have to allocate some money to buy the season tickets for their kids.  Then the parents were kind of safe and face no worries through out the month.
I remember I had a little polythine kind of a cover to safe guard the season ticket through out the whole month.

I also remember in some of the months ‘ the officer who issues the season ticket’ at the CTB counters ‘ have warned me because ‘they could not read what is in the ticket due to I have not safe guard it properly’ the ticket has become unreadable.

‘ ticket eka parissam kara gate nettan eelanga sare api ticket denne neha’
They are good people. ‘Very busy during the first few days of the month if my memory is accurate ‘we can obtain these tickets only during first week of the month.’
Ok let me come back to the naming of ‘grades or classes’

Some Busses are Old and some are new or brand new this is something different analysis of ‘classes’ do not know whether you all will agree?

This classes or grading or grades are great isn’t it?

Do not forget the major class is ‘Human’

There are people that belong to ‘my class’ if you think of your own class of above categories.  Ok let me correct this a bit.

Think of the following categories of classes

OLD, Young, Teenagers, children, you can grade the major category if you wish to follow this ‘type of naming of the classes of your school’
Sometimes the principle has to observe the students ‘which class I should send them’ kind of thinking.

The Principle has to well observe the ‘colour of the Bus’ if the colour has little faded ‘ he should send the student to ‘ either’ OLD grade or ‘MIDDLE aged grade. The principles generally know this we do not have to worry.

Depending on the look of the bus some say that ‘these buses are old and or are young’
Let me think about this again
Some can re paint it and give it a new look to the old buses.

Then how are we going to categorize them in to ‘old’ or ‘new’ kind.

Sometimes look does not provide us an accurate picture of what we want to learn or to categorize something.

Anyways, MY ARGUMENT HERE is that THAT WE MUST REPAIR ALL THE USABLE OLD BUSUS AND SEND THEM TO ROAD for a better service. This saves money right? But if that cost a lot to repairs better buy a new one and send them for running in the well carpeted roads.
Footpaths – life time of a foot path is becoming ‘0’ due to carpeting and better road conditions and the buses that loves better conditioned, well built high ways.  Right I agree that the buses can not turn or drive in the footpaths due to it s nature. The gravel roads and the uncarpeted, un- concreted footpaths are not suitable for better maintained air conditioned buses not good for the wheels or the conditions of the buses.

There are other ways of categorizing Also the principles generally use some other ways of categorizing or naming ‘thinking of the ‘how the Engine - parts are functioning’ Whether these things are healthy and functions better.

Constant checking of ‘the engines’ will this helps for a long lasting use of buses.  Engines are generally the hearts of the buses. Everything depends on such things if the engines do not function well the lasting period of the bus will naturally become ‘poor’
‘The quality of the seats of the buses – the principle also has to think of such things when he ‘try and send his students in to correct class room.
By providing comfortable seating facilities the income can be  improved.

INCOME OF THE CTB IS IMPORTANT if not this will affects the majority of the workers.  FORTUNATELY WE DO NOT HEAR SUCH THINGS ‘ THEY RUN VERY WELL IN THE ROADS AND IN the classes of heart houses of the workers. Am I right?

They who bring ‘ money’ in to the board and at the same time provide my class people a better service.

I am thinking that they have become so generous compared to old days of services, I e. the ways that they communicate with the passengers, the travelers. Better.
Polite communicating – provides and brinf more and more income in to the whole section.  This is not just a minor thing.

I remember those days, schools days we refuse to get in to some of the buses we let them go. And wait for the next bus. if we found out  that the monitors of these classes little bad does not know to talk or to treat the fellow class mates ‘ we’ we say ‘apoi oya bus eke nam yanna beha’ eelanga eka enakan imu’
We have said so. I remember.

‘Some we knew by names’ I can’t really remember the names of the ‘Mr well disciplined assistant principles’ now.


Now it is rare that we hear ‘yanawako isay issarahata’

Some of course so generous before we get in to a bus ‘enna naginna’ but when the time come to get down from the bus ‘ ikmanata bahinna’ ikmanata bahinna or they have practiced some words and say things in a little heavier voices that annoy the passenger.
But these things have changed over years. Good sign. They have learnt that ‘any department can not survive if they do not really think of the people/groups who are expecting the services of these services.

They go for alternatives then.  When the ‘my friend three wheelers’ entered and had not cost too much some did not wait for ‘buses’ but used their services. But of course you can not compare the two prices of the tickets.

For better improvement of something one needs to think of the competitors’ little three wheel became a competitor, especially when the private bus services became so popular and they brought in the idea of ‘ AIR CONDITONED BUS SERVICES’ they obtained attraction of the general civilians.

The CTB then had to compete with all these things.  Think of all these things need to think of new and new strategies every possible moment because these industries are changing and think of new strategies of improving their services.

The uniforms for a school provides some formality and better look and smiles ‘for the students’ they are representing their class school.  Like that ‘a usefully and meaningfully designed uniforms I am sure adds ‘ so much of a boost. 

Are they using ‘the mobile phones’ – my class categories of monitors of the buses.
No I guess only the monitors should allow to use these phones. Not THE MR. WELL DICIPLINED DRIVERS’ – these things caused issues in the road fronts ‘safety’ matters.  

The monitors should use or I can say alright to use ‘ if the main principle has to communicate with the monitors of the class ‘ go in to the other class there is some ‘lacking s’ in those classes’ these things I am sure would help for maintaining ‘better service’ ‘ no waste of time. Do not have to wait until the bus comes to the depot to give the message.

The bell of the school always play a major role – how can the principle forgets that can we ? NO

If the principle forget the ‘bell’  the Teachers or the students – it is difficult to control them or send them to the right class ‘following the right time table’.
They might scream then sometimes the ‘teachers or the students have to ‘STOP’ work.
‘ guru wiwekagaraya’ – aiyo what is the correct English word for this?

When there is no class to attend the teachers can go and relax a bit while getting ready for the next of the class’

‘Can I please name it this way’? – That is kind of a ‘HALTING PLACE’ – important if there is no roof over to their well walled classes then that will be a little bit of a problem.
 ‘This guru wiwekagaraya’ should be protected from sudden weather changes because some do not carry umbrellas all the time.

You know sometimes ‘the assistant principles including main principles have to go ‘around classes’ to monitor the teachers as well as the students. You know that right?
‘One of the assistant principles that I know is ‘Mr. well disciplined Driver’ this gentleman I mentioned earlier. Remember?

They sometimes have to wear ‘spectacles’ – SIDE MIRRORS do not forget some belong to ‘my class’ need such tools for a better viewing.

OH how come I decided to mention – THE WHEELS later in this note? Wrong me.
What is the point even if the engine works better if the wheels are bad or in poor condition.

For maintenance of the ‘The wheels section’ you need to give ‘school assistants a better training. – The mechanical parties. 

Dear Principle Sir –  ‘Dharmaraja’ , The Minister of Transport ‘ do you have enough of school inspectors assigned – ‘ the bus inspectors to check whether the ‘travelers’ – the parents of the students ‘ have paid ‘the school fees on time’ – The Bus Ticket.


Is that true that you are planning  (The news says so) – you are planning to import 3000 new buses?

Any opposition shown?

Do not worry they are not our enemies they are the ‘big supporters’ we have. – The private transport services.

All of them should entitled ‘intervals’ – the intervals between each traveling time. IMPORTANT should not let students to ‘over use’  ‘the time allocated for interval.
Each class must contain ‘not too many or too little but ‘right number’ of students to avoid ‘un easiness of the students and the ‘Mr. Well disciplined driver’ headed schools + teachers.

The number of ‘seats’ + maximum number of travelers each time they can carry in each bus this will lead for better service.

After thought after deciding the ‘my today’s title’
Ok let me say a few words about my today’s title.
I used to travel to Kollupitiya every Saturday sometime back.

On a one particular Saturday I was waiting at ‘Rajagiriya’ until the right bus comes for me to go to ‘Kollupitiya’ that is generally 177 Kaduwela – Kollupitiya.

I head the monitor of the particular ‘my class bus’ was saying ‘ Kollupitiya’ ‘ Kollupitiya’ I did not think too much I just heard the name ‘kollupitiya’ I got in to the bus.

This bus that was leading from the junction near the ‘Borella Ayurvedic hospital’ it turned ‘right’. I did not have any friends in the bus or people who knew me to say that the bus was heading to kollupitiya but that is not the general route that it takes.

I have got in to a I can not say ‘wrong bus’ but it took little time to go the place that I wanted to reach.

Sometimes if you take another direction to reach to where you really want to reach it is true that you can learn many things still it is the duty of the passenger to make sure that you are getting in to ‘the right bus’ it is not the responsibility of the bus owner, Mr. Well disciplined driver, the monitor – the conductor.
Take Care ‘langama’ ‘My class friend’



Saturday, September 22, 2012

VAICO do you know ?






Thursday, September 20, 2012

Use your ability to represent and speak ON BEHLF OF those who seek your help to PROTECT THE SOCIETY NOT FOR THE DRUG DEALERS please

Thruwan Saranai

For Mr Weliamuna

How wonderful it would be that if we can refuse to represent any person/group who contribute their abilities to harm ‘the future of our country’ – drug dealers.
These harmful drugs keep you & your family away from happiness. They might ruin the future of your child.

What ever name ‘it has achieved from the dealers  of drugs, how much you earn from selling the ‘future of our kids’, future of one’ s country by selling ‘ganja’ kokain, haroin , marijuawa I am not good in remembering or have not heard all the types but I know that every SUCH things kills many things.

If you have time leisure think how important it is the health of a person, health of a family, healthy minds and brains, better concentration, ‘peace & harmony of ones within and a family. The person who uses these things we know that generally are out of control of his/her own mind might harm not only the assets or resources of others but ‘ fullness of the whole society’

Health is not just physical health of a person ‘healthy society is what we should expect finally nothing else I am sure that you understand that.

Why did you decide to support such people?

What do you think that you will gain at the end of the process of your contribution?

Is that what you call ‘transparency’ is this the international way or local way of showing how much you help to maintain the peace & harmony’ of the society we live?
Is this the way that you are supporting a govt. and monitor what they and others do ‘for the benefit of the ‘whole’

You have given a very attractive and a meaningful name to your organization

A name does not always show ‘how transparent you are’. This is what you taught me and this society by deciding to represent the ‘dealers of drugs, dangerous. The groups that have learnt only to deal with the people who only know to kill the ‘hearts and minds of our children’

No Sir

You should have refused to represent or argue to support what they have done is correct. Do not try to prove ‘wrongness’ 

You are wrong here right thing here is to refuse say no to drug dealers when ever they come and ask your help to protect them from

Say yes to ‘rightness’ for those who come seek your help and represent ‘rightness’ not the wrongness.

You may get half of what they have earned so far representing ‘the person’ that we need to stop doing this harm to our children and the future of our country by selling drugs.
But one day

When you just get some time to turn back and think if you realize that you have done something very wrong by representing the 'no one must support dealers - drug dealers' ‘are you going to weigh the results and tally what you are gaining now with the lives you are going to ruin now?

Did you think of the children who are addicted to these things?

The hopes of parents of their children

How are you going to protect your own children from these things?

if you one day encounter that this very same person is trying to caught your own child and do the business via your child.

How are you going to feel?

How are you going to accept it, the results of such your reactions?
NO do not represent the any criminal if possible. I beg you Sir?

Think ………………………………….

think of your own child before you represent such people
think of your own sisters child before you think of representing such people
think of your relatives
think of each and every one of this society that your were born in
think of the society that teach you ‘A – Z’ of letters to earn and live a good life
think of the society that paid you for your ‘education’
think of the people who paid ‘ the taxes for you to learn in the universities
think of the mates of your batch who taught you things sometimes and shared their knowledge – I mean they have children, brothers sisters, parents I am sure
think of the teachers who taught you ‘ ayanna aayanna’  

Sir Please

Think of every single thing of this society human and other you are going to ruin this society by supporting such IDIOTS, THE KILLERS OF THE PULSE OF THIS SOCIETY – THE DRIG DEALERS

Think of the lessons that you can learn from the ‘Bible
Think of the lesson that you can learn from the teachings of the Buddha
Think of the lessons that you can learn from the Al – Quran
Think & read any lines verses stanzas of the Bhagawath Geetha and of above religions if you have time  

Read one of the things ‘none of these religions support or encourage ‘the society killers’
Think & decide whether you want to represent ‘the humanity’ or the dealers of drugs.

May All beings be healthy !