Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Saturday, May 31, 2014

For the people of Urumqi with love; Yulian

According to the sources there was a terrorist attack in an open air market in Urumqi, the region's capital, which left 39 people dead and 94 injured on May 20.


i like to dedicate this essay for the People of Urumqi   

Any attack or any happening that breaks the peace and harmony or the quietness, calmness of any community or territory of human beings of this globe we live can not be considered something acceptable or enjoyable. This is not pre or pro of 1940 that filled the pages of the books of past, with the incidents of WWI, WWII, the Japanese or the Chinese, or US had to send their troops to wherever needed
Markets are normally the places where a huge number of people gather. Wars normally write the destinies of lives that live circling with various incidents of wars.        

though a government has to invest a lot of money to put a net to cover or protect the people of their land from any disputes , hazards, most importantly from all terror networks, by replacing copper or metal doors or covers, they have no choice they can't think of investing that money for something else to uplift the lives of their people, for health or transportation until the world come to a one stage or a plat foam to eliminate all types of terrorism from the entire universe we live, entirely and totally 

so the world, never forget that, we all have a responsibility and a task to perform, as a citizen of this globe to protect every inch of it       

Her earrings,
According to the tune of the instrument,
looked so old and traditional, yet crafted so elegantly,
Methodical and melodious
Holding close to his heart
Who was that unrecognizable heart?
Composing heart tunes for you
Dear, Yulian?
Was that the tune of your unshaken mind?

I saw her smiling,
What was on her mind?
What was written on her unwrinkled face?
I was given no chance to read
She was very far from me
Not near or here in Nugegoda
No she was not even in Beijing,
Was she thinking of her destiny,
quietly yet consciously?

No not possible to read her I tried my best
Her eyes and face were beyond the bamboo trees
Only the melodies can associate her
What did you really feel I should have asked her?
Minghao the composer or the tunes of the composer
No I was given no chance ask

What was written on her bright face so fresh like a bride?
How come she is so calm and quite?
I have only the questions to ask though ‘replies’ are mirages  
Was she thinking of her man, ran away from his destiny?
Her destiny,
from life, from reality, on the day of ‘bonding hearts’, on the days, man reads moon,
moon listens ‘quietly?’
Do the world, name these days differently?

How come that the man that you loved so much ‘absent’ and someone else was ‘present’ instead?
You can not call it ‘ignorance’ then how can you name it?
Perhaps ‘the DESTINY’
What does it really mean Yulian?
Do you know?
What is that river, Yulian
Looks so quite and calm
I have not seen such a river
So still, yet moving,
Carrying you two,
Towards ‘future’?
Oh! Pardon me
There was actually another one
Your ‘saozi’
Naughty yet loves you and became an inevitable writer of your destiny
She was the one who suggested ‘right’,many things like a ‘matchmaker’  
I often read faces

Why, Yulian
Why did you stepped out of the carriage,
So sacredly carrying your destiny towards the home of feathers, home of destiny?
That was inauspicious to do so?
Didn't you know that?
Remember who lend his palm to keep your feet, before touching the carriage of hopes’
Stepping out of your own nest of childhood is something different
No! No! Not towards the school of traditions
No! No! Not towards the library of rituals either
But towards the home of destiny, forgetting the moments mingled with peers
Laughed with tears

Not only you, dear Yuan
Many others do ‘this stepping out of nests of childhood’
And some,
Doing it repeatedly
Oh! No! No!
Not from the nest of childhood, that they repeatedly stepping out Darling
Perhaps yes
Stepping out and stepping in they know that they can do many any times
Towards the ‘nest of destiny’ from the ‘nest of childhood’
Do you know ‘why’?
Because the crafter of nest of childhood, your parents, they never ban you
They never abandon you
Teeny feathers knows this
How to teach these teeny feathers, dear Yuan, crafting nests is not a kindergarten play’  

Oh! Is it alright to call you darling, I forgot to ask you?
Sisters do call them ‘darling’
No poisons in that calling
What other nests have you seen?
Dear Yuan? Other than the nest of the crafters, the parents’
The nest of Mingxuan, was it made of feathers, so smooth?
Was it small or huge?
Was there enough of space for you to breath happily
What meaning this ‘space’ holds, dear Yulian
Do you know?
Did you closely view?
Are the walls strong, unbreakable?
Is it architectured with love?
There can not be many nests like that
One nest with many feathers and wings
I recommend
What about you , dear Yulian?

Tell me dear Yulian
How did you petaled that embroidery, on the carefully chosen silky surface,
So brilliantly?
Is it to cover the bed of roses or to wipe off the tears of sadness?

From where did you buy the threads?
Are those from ancient traditions?
The red ribbon of your devotion
Do you still wrap it around?
I am sure you do respect

Have you been to Xinjiang?
I do not like to welcome you to the day of 20 May 2014 to the market, Urumqi
I remember what happened in the town, on the day you accompanied the lady of the man you loved
Was the news she brought ‘heavy’ for you?
How are you going to welcome, ‘the little feathers’ of that love?
How are you going to hide the tears of destiny?  

The ethics
The rituals
Family customs and traditions
Were they a burden for you?
That is how the fresh ones thinks nowadays, not all though

Tell me, dear Yulian
Am I asking too many questions?
What is the difference between ‘sitting around with too many’ and ‘when no one is around’?

No answers I received
I noticed
A man with an instrument
Silently composing a melody
I am relaxed  

Take Care Xinjiang 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Through the eyes of Tagore, India and the world; for the fresh leadership of India


I do not think that Rabindranath Tagore is a dreamer or was a day dreamer though he had talked about his dreams, dreamt with the others of ‘today not only with the associated back then then. Amazingly he still touches the hearts of human of this decade we live. The people of yesterday that he has seen through his eyes I believe shows no big difference to the people of today, we live. The Men or women do not change when it comes to their desires and expectations wills or hopes no matter what decade you, they belong to, human are the same. Yet, complexities of the material world we live no need to be compared all apparent and transparent

It is not 1896, the year we live ‘currently’, ‘today’, present’, this is not 1996 either. The date of today is 24th May 2014

How many decades gone since the last viewing of the Poet, Tagore?  What many things have changed in India, in the cites and inhabitants of his younger brother, the near and dear neighbor ‘Sri Lanka’ since then? What many achievements, trophies, discussions, revelations, change of policies, change of leaders and their visions and missions? This is not the world that Tagore lived in 1800’s, the thinking of Brahmins, visions and missions of untouchables everything has changed    

This is not the Calcutta that he dreamt in his dreams and we read. We read a different ‘Calcutta’ today. I assume Gujarat has faced this reality since you handed over your resignation as a chief Minister of that region they need to assign a new leader for Gujarat and WELCOME YOU! Hon. Sir AS THE FRESH PREMIER MINISTER for the Country that Tagore talked of from the bottom of his heart and soul, India

He wrote about his people via the dreams he dreamt as readings of future or as readings of hearts of people

in one of his poems, A Strange Dream, written in January, 1930, Translated by HUMAYUN KABIR  

One night I dreamt a strange dream; Binu was calling to me ‘WAKE UP AND SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING’

That was how he started to narrate and tried to share his dream, dreamt about Calcutta, with others calling out to the BINU he knew. What was in his mind? Was he talking about the changes that we encounter everyday’ or once a year or every six years, 15 years, twenty years or as mentioned in the constitutions?

I thought, when I first heard the news;
Narendra Damodaras Modi is the New Prime Minister of India, due to be sworn in on 26 May 2014,
from the voice of the Chairman of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation on my way to work place, OUSL, how to write my this note and then I found, still the tallest of the region and the world, according to my senses, the poet I admire a lot, Tagore, a collection of poems then I thought how good it is to view India from the eyes of an True Indian that I have met through his words and melodies

There were a lot that he tried to mention through a strange dream yet let me quote only a few words from his words

Our school was rushing forward madly, with arithmetic and grammar books running fast. The maps were fluttering on the wall like birds flapping their wings. The bells tolled ceaselessly and without break with no heed the hour

‘Today’, we all rushing forward often madly without thinking of ‘where we are heading to’, quite often, in this world we live ‘ PEOPLE FIGHT’ for many things, fighting for the lands of others, territories of others thinking of owning, the world has given such various names, some say that is terrorism

Hon. Sir,

You are now entering a territory where you find secure territories though there are still some functionalities and fights going on behind the walls of known, unknown or the territories yet to understand and identified not only in India or here also around the world, my poor understanding of world says so. Your Neigbour now is not the neighbor that you saw when you were freshly born as a child, 1950 and like I mentioned earlier this is not the 1996 that many incidents happened, this is not the era that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the Italian Queen thought and imagined that terrorists took away his soul man and never thought to lead a party. this is not the world that some use old strategies to steal away thrones this is a world that new strategies are trying to take away lands and deeds of people, I believe you have no time to rest ‘you need to read India (each state of India, the whole India) accurately but also the region that you are freshly joining and becoming and getting memberships, the South Asian region , the SAARC, including 

You have given a ‘clue’ to the world slightly about your visions about the region that you belong to, ‘what views’ you hold within about the members of your neighbouring land by inviting the Chairman of the SAARC , Hon. President of the Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse

I heard that the Hon. Prime minister has already received various comments from ‘within the India and from the people outside to India. Those chances I believe also has given you to understand ‘the views of your own people about regional matters as well as the ‘picture of the neighbor, Sri Lanka

I believe, a neighbor is someone who always comes first before the distanced relatives, when you are in need of any assistance or even to have a good dialogue
Let me not forget the dream of our poet

He further explains ………

Millions cried, ‘Stop this madness, for where is it you want to go and whence’?

What madness he was talking about and discussing via his dreams, what were the mad things that he understood back then were they different to the madness called ‘terrorism’, drug dealings, ignorance, fights and tyrant activities that human engage in purposely was he begging the world to stop such madness?
Let me postpone talking about his poem 1996, the prediction after hundred years of his days, lived, wrote on February, 1896 (1400 Shan from ‘Chitra’)
Again in some verses he revels about the same dream, dreamt perhaps on a day of July, 1937 ( Akash Pradeep from Chharar Chhabi)

I thought to myself ‘what does it matter if Calcutta goes Straight to Bombay? If she prefers Delhi, Lahore or Agra, all we need to do is to put a turban on her head ad horned shoes on her feet’ or if she wants to rush off to England , all the people will become hatted  coated and booted Englishmen
Suddenly there was a bang and I woke. Calcutta was as always still in Calcutta’.
According to my own reading she has changed a lot physically as well as morally, that is the world we live today

It is not only Calcutta, Toronto, Johannesburg, Dakha, Washington, Rio de Jenairo, Nairobi, Lahore, Colombo , Jaffna all the cities mentioned and not mentioned has changed indescribably.  The regions territories; some have widened their territory marks, some have broke all the barricades and fences while some are building walls, this is the world we live, today

The Africa that the Tagore talked and discussed of, on a day of the year 1937, February has changed i can read and the whole world can read, there are no BLACKS AND WHITES as such in African Region, though he did not try to touch this topic, I am saying there are only AFRICANS

You will have to deal with this new world, Hon. Minister, you will have to understand this new Africa, new Hiroshima and Nagasaki, new Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, new packets of flour that comes to your land our land via your land or via any other as nets or as bullets and the countries that sends fresh containers of oil to new Asia, new Calcutta and fresh world we live, we need to accept with respect understanding the oil is not the only thing that we need to run the world towards the destinations it prefers. The Markets of London and world are not the markets in, when you exchange your cotton to the ceramic of China and to what we exchange, the days back in 1940’s that we sent our tea, Rubber and coconut and spices to your land and to other lands via the most stunning cities like, Istanbul, the old miraculous cities, or the London, the tales of cities that some merchandisers were so fond of talking, and discussing, the Venice, any country or city that belong to pre or pro Medieval periods of all revolutionaries,  did i write this without knowing 'who you are' and what experience you hold' pardon me sir for expressing my views this way, i understand and I am sure you do understand this world we live better than i understand.  I am an ApolITICAL KID not a mature POLITICIAN like you, Hon. Sir

listening only to mature ones is not about ruling a country i believe, there are many others namely, immature, amateurs, people of many classes and many people who do not come to your doorstep carrying a piles of files, or requests who do not beg things but a batter country to live, there hopes and aims are also on the shoulders of leaders i like to believe, there is something in the words that amateurs says the leaders can 'pick and choose' and then implement 

This is not the world that the Father of Non violence lived and fought to protect, The Gandhi mission and vision I am talking about, who does not understand that  
Leaderships like any other ships changes and subject to change we all know that sometimes leaderships are very equal to friendships and often dividend the good friendships due their inner policies unavoidable yet I believe good leaderships are always knows to maintain good friendships until they sail towards their promised visions and missions and towards hearts of people not walk out of the hearts and minds of people. they keep something to talk and discuss even after their departures, like Tagore the good hearted man, the poet. We all still read him,  I read India via his words

Following I quote from the poem ‘named’, The Introduction’

Once my boat , moved by the fresh winds of early spring stopped at this landing place. You had all crowded round and asked ‘ who are you and where do you go?’

Did anyone asked you, the same question
Did you say, back then or replied …………..
I am sailing my boat towards the leadership of India?

He once reveled
Sitting on the banks of the RUPNARAYAN

I woke up on the banks of the Rupnarayan. I knew for certain this world is not a dream

Though there are no divisions as such like in Old world that many lived and departed there are hidden divisions, I believe that still exists to kill human relationships , internal and international affairs of neighbours, and there are still unidentified facets exists in this world that are yet to be discovered to redesign the world in freshly manner
For your fresh leadership I humbly quoted the tallest words of the most tallest poet’ Tagore, knowing that my explanations weak and am poor in expressing my views, I wrote this note knowing that I am an ant before your experiences, I wrote on behalf of citizens of my country knowing that they might not encounter that I represented them as well here.

I congratulate! the New prime Minister to sail his ship of experiences to wards the ashore of conciousful leadership, a safe journey!            



Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Education; Child Centered, Job Oriented or Knowledge Centered?

[Following essay is written inspired by a question raised by one of my Co- Workers, Gayani Wickramasinghe]

Knowledge is global and has to be updated

above unclear image presents before you, to what i am trying to say, below, in other format
Education that a Sri Lankan child gets at different stages drafted below; it is not a structure given by a scholar or an educationist pardon me for errors ( i am a learner)
·          Early Childhood
·          Primary
·          Ordinary Level
·          Advance  level
·          University 
             Teaching and Learning is a give and Take process 

According to my understanding Education is essential to be a ‘human’

Education is for;
·          Inner development
·          Socialization ; Often in the process of SOCIALIZATION we forget what the child gives back to the society as a result of the process of the socialization; it’s a give and take process

Socialization is immensely valued, to interact better with the society outside to the family unit of the child. It’s a give and take process. The child gets things from the society and the society gets something from the child in return. What I said at the latter part seemed little strange I guess.  What you (the society) give to the child would definitely come back to the society in what so ever form. It is depend on how a child takes things in from the society and what he /she gets and what the same child gives back to the society via their peers specifically or in other ways is unavoidably important , something that has to be considered within this ‘give and take process’

Knowledge has to be shared I mentioned earlier so this also comes under this ‘give and take’ process. The teacher should give or let me use the term ‘should share’, what they have gained as a student, learner from their teachers – benefactors and from what so ever learning networks

Give and take = sharing

Giving knowledge with fullest confidence is a must. If the learner and the teacher , the benefactor is not confidence enough in what they gain or receive and what is shared with each other that is like ‘doubting knowledge’

Clear every doubt at every learning and teaching process is therefore important   
Humbleness is one of the prominent features of ‘sharing knowledge’ , Teaching and Learning Process ;               
The teacher is a motivator and a director other than a person who say ‘do what I say’ ‘write what I teach you’, ‘I am right you are wrong’, what I say is always right what you say is wrong’. All these, ‘teacher is always right’ attitude, or these perceptions kills the child education that is what I believe personally


Therefore ‘give and take’ and ‘discussions’ thereafter is essential to cut and chop the misunderstandings, misreading of the knowledge facts that a child has grab from various sources that they encounter  during their self learning processes , specifically      

The society; immediate neighbours , neigbours near or far, friends, peers, co workers, institutions or organizations dealing with, each and every person you associate , any global network
Every teacher who teaches what ever subject at or polish the lanes of learning of the child, no matter what ever subject science, mathematics or economics, commerce, arts or crafts ‘the teacher consciously or unconsciously, knowingly or unknowingly ‘sharpen the inner lanes of the student’ at all stages of the learning of the student YET very specifically at the Early childhood and Primary level of learning, ‘school education’

How the science (insert the subject as appropriate) teacher teaches science using what strategy makes a child, a better student and helps improve inner lanes
Child learns ‘BASICS’ of almost all the existing subjects at early and primary levels of learning and then child / student chooses his / her stream of interest to ‘move forward in the chosen area of study’

Child understands, or get chances to identify , recognize, I believe ‘what he can do’ and what he can not do’ during these processes of learning with the help of their teachers , peers , parents, any other sources of learning networks  

When a child becomes an adult/ mature in learning, when they start their learning at ‘universities’ or at any other institution of learning depending on their choices or inevitabilities, they have a role to play in order to sharpen their knowledge bases more than what they did to grab knowledge in the levels of early childhood and Primary or levels after

Education aimed at Carrier development

Syllabuses; if a department of any study uses a syllabus old more than one hundred years, no debate has to be revised or updated

Other than the basic or essential skills to perform accurately in the chosen field of carrier, to enhance inter personal skills, leadership qualities

Classroom activities; change of monitor

Assignments more practical oriented

Discussion sessions, healthy debates to enhance, aimed at needs of the current job markets, 

specifically at higher study levels

Involvements in SPORTS activities important for any learner , student to proceed forward within the chosen areas of studies

It is a role of a student move out of the cages of traditional methods of learning it is always not the responsibility of the ‘teacher’

And similarly it is role of a teacher to update or stunned with latest knowledge rather than expecting syllabus to come with a packet of latest knowledge

And in all these process we can not forget or devalue the importance of the expected role of the relevant authorities in their respective tasks and roles, responsibilities, to fill gaps, if any that are to be filled, after studying each and every minor or main units of institutions, public or private of learning, education or institutes of benefactors by collating relevant information from the scholars or education, getting essential feed backs from in service advisors

This essay is to be continued ……………………..


Tuesday, May 20, 2014


The poets,
The most magnificent, marvelous, miraculous creatures of this universe
Write, write, write and write
Poems for their lovers, flames; of childhood,
Of Neighbourhood,
Of old time memories,
Of past discarded,
Of glamour and shimmer,
Of embraced,
Of lived and loved,
Of shared souls,
Of love at first sight
The Lovers,  
Write their words, letters, like POEMS

with puzzling, no flow, words,
Using the best exaggeration,
Due to ‘lack of expertise of words’
Write their love poems

With ‘all commas - accurate,
Necessary punctuation marks,
And exclamation marks,
Write their love poems
To their beloved

Some with the most romantic words, scenting with love
Showing their ‘expertise of words’
And love
To the lover of their love
Write, write, write and write
Love poems

They all write
Whether it is not alright or alright
They write
Using the worlds most beautiful words,
Sharing inner lanes,
Forwarding their hearts,
Messaging their hopes,
Writing their numbers to call,
To Inquire  
Not the secrets but the truths
They all write poems

To invite hearts
To clarify hearts
To magnify hearts
To see through hearts
They write, they all write, write, write and write
What do they write?
Love poems
Inking their love,
Folding or unfolding,
Withdrawing or requesting
And, Yes!
Inviting for an embracement
At their basements, residencies,
Huts under moonlight,
At the dewed grass spots,
At the gardens of eves
Sights of camping
Inviting for skirting
Asking for a moment for diving
They write,
They all write
They write to each other,
Morning to afternoon
They write,
And they write,
Morning to night, they write
Whole - full night, they write
Every minute they write,
Sleeplessly, they write
The poems that wives gets
The poems that forbidden hearts get
Some hearts that receives no place but poems
These, the wonder poems, Takes the lovers to the lanes of ‘hopes’
Unrealistic aims
They write, write, write and write
They all write
What do they write?
They write
They write, quoting ‘to’ and ‘from’ of their hearts
They write
The love poems
They all write,
 Write endlessly
Reveling their hearts
Stamping with kisses,
Tightening with confessions,
Asking for ‘forgiveness’,
Posting with love
They write, write, write and write
Do they read them?
With a conscious mind,
With a sacred mind,
With respect,
With an understanding,
Do they read?

What do they read?
Just words?
'my gorgeous'
'my soul'
my love
'my babe'
'my universe'
you are my everything
they write, write, write and write
what do they write
love poems

what do they revel? 
Inner hearts?
what else they read?
Do they read their hopes?
Do they read them accurately?
What do they really read?
What they write that is what they read
The poems, the love poems
Some do read
Some read the poems written for others
Buying from bargain shops
They read
The love poems
The eccentric love poems
The heart soothing love poems
The heart tightening love poems
The love poems of togetherness
The love poems of unification
They write
We read
The love poems
Some narrate them
In to the ears and souls of their ‘self’
Some mutter them in to the empty air ,
Empty souls of ‘self’
What are these that they write we read?
The love poems
The poems of Noble men
The poems of words – worth
The poems that enlightens ‘Eliot’
Tagore’ and Mahagama Sekara
The poems that the lovers love to receive,
Love to read
We name them, ’The love poems’

Sunday, May 18, 2014

FREEDOM ........................




Dear Teachers,
tell me
how do you teach 'freedom' for your pupils
How do you explain it to them?
in what way you ask them to 'essay'?
how much marks you give them for their own 'understanding'
of this term
Have they heard about February 04 , 1948?
before you teach them?
Analysts, political
what is 'liberation'
alright let me refer your loads of articles 
'your analysis'
you do not have to tell
good morning! channels
how did you really captured
the moments of victories?
'Thoppigala to Velumullai Vaikkaal 
assalaam malleikum Careem Deen Sir
Vanakkam Balasinkhm madam
ayubowan to all
let me here your 'say',
'your explanation',   
  'your understanding',
'your views',
'your thoughts',
 let me share my 'thoughts'
for me,
liberating from 'cages of illusions' is freedom
liberating from bulks of silliness is freedom
liberating from imprisonment of timidity is freedom
liberating from debts of sansaara is freedom 
liberating from slavery is freedom
liberating from sorrow of existence is freedom 
liberating from 'ignorance' is freedom
liberating from unfaithful interference is freedom
liberating from misunderstanding is freedom
Dear Doctors, supportive Nurses, tender attendants
Tell me the deep meaning of HEALING HEARTS
tell me 
what is the DEEP 'MEANING' of 
because, i do not understand this term, the way you understand it


Friday, May 16, 2014

When a country's ECONOMY IS ATTACKED ...................

IN 1996, 31 January , The Central Bank of Janadipathi Mawatha, Colombo was attacked killing 91 people and wounding at least 1, 400 others  

1997 Nov. 14 Kelanitissa Power Plant is attacked by a suicide bomber 

The Banks of Ceylon and The Banks of Sri Lanka;

The theory of savings of Sri Lankan economy is very many years old. the saving methodologies of 'till' collections, seettu, can think of many methods of savings specifically related to 'cash', currencies that is long before the methods of dealing with banks came in to the dealings of currencies of citizen of Sri Lanka. Setting up a bank, establishing a bank is something that we can take in to consideration when it comes to standards and situations of an economy of a country

Actually i did not refer any data of the banks of Ceylon other than the history profile of the Bank of Ceylon ( BoC). The BoC was founded in 1939 by Mr. Earnest De Silva that was nine years before we gain independence from the COLONIZATION. That i note here to respect all the banks of not only Ceylon but also of Sri Lanka, Private and Public.

Initiating a bank then was not easy and also maintaining its sustainability was not easy either that is what my poor economical senses reveals.  Because, specially people then were not use to the systems of banks like today and were mainly using their own methods of savings limiting their cash or money dealings only to the ones they know or associate. Before independence, yes there were few uprising entrepreneurs related to the enterprises ' TEA', COFFEE, CINNAMON , SPICES etc. moving from exchanging goods for goods, for instance exchange materials of cloths for a bushels of paddy or kerosene oil to 'using CURRENCIES, the whole process was for our people a learning experience

The bankers had to use various strategies to run a bank as an institution specifically facing all the challengers, few i mentioned in above para. People were not aware of any teller technology ( ATM) and the bankers too were came cross all the techno miracles day by day not at once. i guess all those new tech miracles attracted not only the BANKERS specifically also the CUSTOMERS mainly

ATTRACT is something 'ATTACKING' is something, TERROR not TERRIFIC

Hope I do not have to re state the same above 'title topic and the sub topics' to REMIND my today's effort of ANALYZING banks then and now according to how i understand the 'subject' of banking RELATING IT TO THE ECONOMY OF A COUNTRY
banks take some burdens of people of a country introducing some loan systems or similar things in order to support the main system of handling 'PEOPLE'S FINANCE NEEDS AND REQUIREMENTS

when any ENEMY ATTACKED your BACK BORN unexpectedly,  will you be able to walk or run properly?


You will have to slower your walk or run within the economy or finance of your living YOU WILL HAVE TO DEPEND ON DEBTS AND CREDITS OF OTHERS therefore 'hitting a bank' attacking a bank as a result of TERRORISM is never easy to RECOVER the generations and generations have to pay back its debts and credits no matter how strong your economy or finance situation, current

so any country has to REDISCOVER new methodologies to RECOVER from its loses that is why i believe that  'terrorism is not something that kills people but also ASSASSINATING, SUICIDE BOMBING, AND BRING EXPLOSIVES IN FRONT OF YOUR COUNTRY'S ECONOMY    

Banks play a very important role in the system of country's economy,whether the banks are private or public. What is important for a customer is its services YET when it comes to an economy of a country the contribution of a bank is immeasurable.

its not only BANKS are main components of a country's economy there are other things that strengthen improvements of situations, standards of an economy POWER PLANTS are one of them. factories, enterprises, including all commercial entities improves its capacities also using 'electricity' one power cut will cut or reduce and weaken your PRODUCTION. so the attacked to the Kelanitissa Power Plant was not a small incident. Any other loses that kills and murders country's economy is weakening and pulling its economy

that is why the date and year 19 MAY, 2009 is an important day for SRI LANKANS and its economy


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jayo munin dassa subodhi mule
Ahosi maarassa parajayohi
Udgosayun dewagana pasanna
Etena sachchena jayassu maihan

Nobody knew what was going to happen. The day began as usual. Chanting of pirith, the muttering and loud voices of chanting stanzas other than the loud yet pleasing sounds of voices
Saaaaadu !………………………
Saaaaaaadu !!!!!!!!!………………………….
Saaaaaaaaaaadu !!!!!!!!!! …………………..
All of a sudden the stanzas shattered in to pieces in and around of this sacred place, the cries were floated out of city, Anuradhapura, screams and begging of lives, the bo maluwa (area where the people quietly do their rituals) became red in colour marking a black day of history, 14 May, 1985
And today the date that I am writing this my politically and visually poor essay is 15 May, 2014
Do I have to count the days and years. I am no POLITICAL ANALYST I am a ordinary citizen who do understand a bit about terrorism and its terror activities and I know the ANALYSTS would provide the world a clear picture because its is their duty and duty does not change because of what so ever reasons, duty as a citizen not as a professional    
Anuradhapura Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi is one of the sacred places where Buddhists think has to be protected and respected up to a maximum length. And it is certainly a duty of a government to protect such sacred places including the other sacred places of all religions, example, temple of tooth; the Madhu church it is because the government is the official guardian of mentioned places especially according to the traditional kinship patterns and it is still valued and valid.
Often due to unexpected circumstances, situations like ‘terror attacks’ protecting or safe guarding not only the Nation, the Whole country become terribly difficult until any government take actions to find solutions, to seek political or social solutions, a permanent solution to defend from such situations. The Anuradhapura Massacre was a very good example for such incidents.
By 1985 the LTTE was very strong in its activities locally and globally specially after its establishment in 1976. A decade was more than enough for them to engage in their planned activities in a more organized way because Velupillai Prabhakaran received enough of support from various networks, from various parts of the globe including the advices from their Ideologist ‘Anton Balasingham’. All those that I was mentioned here, the  news are not strange to the current world who also deals and live with other terror groups, that disturbs day to day lives of ordinary citizens, civilians of certain parts of the globe, specifically.
1985 was also a year where some of the discussions began and failed soon after (Thimpu discussions)
Engaging in discussions is something and respecting what is promised in any of the discussions is something different. Most the discussions failed also because of disrespect of its promises and the desires and aims of the LTTE were not PEACE but ATTACK AND RUN, SUICIDE, BOMBING LIKE SMALL CHILDREN PLAY IN A KINDERGARTEN WITH THEIR TOY RIFFLES, play with the lives of leaders by assassinating them, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, President R. Premadasa etc  
Since 1985 – 19 May, 2009
The security situation was unpredictable though everything was accurately tightened until we reach the year 2009, 19 May
Anuradhapura Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi; for me, is a place where the journeys of heart admiring begins though it is a place where you get a bit of chance to understand the meaning of ‘honoring the favours/ help of others’ ( kala guna selakeema) that is one of the core meanings of Buddhism. The Lord Buddha soon after his enlightenment decided to pay his respect to this tree because that was one of the trees which was his side as a near friend, until he reached the nirvana providing a relief from all weather difficulties. Therefore it is not known as a just an ordinary tree, globally
Protecting the surroundings of your living is also a teaching of Buddhism without harming them. The Lord Buddha is an Environmentalist like many other religious leaders who hate discrimination of all types
Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi is a place where wishes and hopes of men and women, human are kept before the altar of flowers, like in Kataragama , Dalada Maligawa, Madhu church , Meerakkam Mosque , at a Sri Ganesha’s Kowil in Jaffna. This sacred place is a place where it marked significances and importance of historical bond between good neighbor India and Sri Lanka. The place is not just a place, this place is also one of the places that teaches us the real meaning of sacredness not the meaning or horrifying feelings like scary or scared though the year 1985 changed its wholesmness and holiness      
Taking away lives of 146 was nothing for a terror group, LTTE but shouldn’t others be different to them we shouldn’t sow any seeds of terror in any of the ways practiced by any terror groups or any groups that do not understand meaning of a LIFE

Sewithan damma raajena
Pattun sambodhi muttamam
Pujemi Bodhi raajanan
Dhupenethena saadaran
Deepenethene saadaran!