Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Thinking of Hilarization America?

Every election is a race. I know every candidate’s desires, aims or targets are to win any election they are candidating. They plan things accordingly. 

Other than such races, there is another race known to world, in the world that is to win the crown of the ‘world power’. In the past, what some countries practiced or used as their strategy to win the power of the world was ‘colonization’. Some use another term to describe it that is ‘imperialism’. What difference you can see in these terms, colonization and imperialism?   Now, the modern world has given such terms ‘different meanings and shapes. Now no country, other than some communities who think that ‘they cannot build their empires other than capturing the geographical territories of other people, use such strategies to dominate the other parts of the world but some other strategies appearing as a another avatar of old colonization and imperialism. Current world is seeking it giving it various names and descriptions. 

If you think of the most used or uttered term of the world, ‘human rights’, some ( replace the term or name you like) use this term to capture or intervene the internal agendas or plans of some countries. 

Peace or war, or both, or anything / any situation related to that, have given some countries (use the term or name you like) to enter into the inner zones of administrations or governances. But such things cannot be easily identified or very apparent to others. No matter whether you are peaceful or suffering from any war situations, some have something to say. 

It is sad to see how some have forgotten the eras of gone by days, the days of colonization, and the days they spent in their colonies. Name if you can, single country / any country appearing before world, today as ‘whites* in human rights’ that have not committed any sins related to ‘Slave Trading’ or any other issue the world experienced.   
 (*Please note that here the term white is not used to indicate a colour of any race)

Tell us, who owns the world’s largest weapon manufacturing agencies?  

Tell us, how so called terror groups buy or purchase weapons they require?

Who sells them?

Who introduced such things into this world?

Who sold every weapon that was used in WW1 or WW2 or in any other wars?

Tell US, how some countries became rich during ‘WW1 and WW2? Who took advantage from such wars?

Why ‘peace situations’ in any part of this world brings disadvantages to some groups of the world?

I do not know how and who sold weapons to LTTE or to the current group IS? Did they manufacture the weapons they need themselves or do they buy such from any other factory of the world?

I do not know what study the Geneva has done to know such things?

What study or whether the so called genius Channel Four, running behind diplomats or behind government heads interviewing them, thinking that ‘they must agree to the data that they are keeping before the world,  has done any study to collate such information?
If so, educate the world on such things, with proven data though not with fabricated stuff.

You know there are some terms and praises, sentences that help some groups for the survival of them. Let me name some of them. Killing fields, human rights violations, crime and punishments, Post War Investigations, ‘Internal investigations cannot be trusted’, external investigations can be trusted, every country needs a Hybrid Judiciary System with outside Judges.

And what is interesting here is that most of these things are not issues for most / any of the people live within but for most outside groups who writes reports on other people’s issues forgetting or neglecting all of their internal issues.
We are not sad about ‘other countries, across globe not coming here seeking help but go to US to solve ‘important issues’ (?), they face.

“When it comes to every important international issue, people of the world do not look to Beijing or Moscow to lead? They Call US” – current President of the United States (Moscow times 29 / 01 / 2016)

I do not know what survey proves what Mr. President says and based on what data records Mr. President says so. I do not know whether Beijing or Moscow or countries of the other parts of the world have shared such information; other countries seeking help or asking said countries to lead, with US, relevant to what Mr. President says.
For our country, what is important here is to ‘live peacefully with no other outside interventions that spoil our (all ethnic groups) day today lives. 

There are many things that this world should discuss at huge Summits. 

I like to ask, the poor countries, if you are seeking for any financial aids to find some grains for your hunger, PLEASE CONTACT AMERICA, because that is the only country you find no people starve or people who are not experiencing ‘hunger’. 

For such issues, can you think of any other country other than America?

And very dear world if you have any matter related to ‘unemployment’ get some advice from America because America is the only country you find the employment rate is ZERO. So for such issues, solutions, can you think of any other country other than America?

And, dear world, if your banks are struggling to survive , please contact America because America is the only country you can think of that State banks are well looked after. Can you think of any American bank faced issues during the governance of Mr. Obama, the current President of United States?

So, world, what other important issues can you think of?
And what are the important issues that Mr. President of United States ‘indicating’ or naming as ‘important issues’, that Beijing or Russia or Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand cannot afford to help or other people do not go to them?

In America, every citizen own a shelter of their own and what ever government needs any assistance or advice with regard to ‘providing shelter for their Nations’, please seek advice from America, because it is an important issue , according to my level of awareness.

And, if you need to know , how you should build the prison systems of your country, please seek advice from America, because every wrong doer is well looked after and no internal harassments or torture you can find within the prisons in the United States, No person have talked about such things before or even now because they are the ‘human rights masters’ who introduced taught the term human rights to this world we live.
You find ‘no child rights issues are questioned or orphanages in America because they handle all social and cultural, economical aspects really well within America, so they have the every qualification to be the ‘best Adviser to such issues’

Am I wrong?

Here is something that I read yesterday that Moscow Times reported,

Both Russia & the US are currently conducting air strikes in Syria. The US is providing surveillance and Training assistance to Syrian opposition fighters, Russia on the other hand, supports the Syrian government & embattled Syrian President Bashar Ashad’.

When Russia is helping the Government side, USA is helping the opposition. I do not know what proves that, for sure there is a reason for that?

There is another thing I like to know. How America finds money for such massive projects, assisting financially or providing other weaponries or anything that the said parties require to win their struggles? Yes, it is true that America is rich compared to Sri Lanka.  

I like to know ‘the plans and & the Strategies that the new candidates carry with them?  
I am sure when America has no issues internally seeking solutions, what are the things that new candidates should think of attract  their people, to earn votes?

I do not know whether the future Presidents of the United States prefer to continue the same policies implemented by the Obama Government in the future plus the procedures already implemented in other zones , countries like Syria or  whether they have something genuine or any new world friendly policies to be introduced?

People of America have the sole right to vote their ‘preferred candidate/s’ , we know that but I have something else to ask America with regard to their ‘preferences’ in selecting ‘the leading position of the country’, asking this question, Why America failed to select a 

Lady as their President in any year held presidential election?

Do you know America that people of this part of the world have reached that liberalization long ago but why you are so backward in selecting a lady as the President of your country?

Is it because the lady candidates that were competing were not up to your expected standard or is it because the people of America prefer not a lady but a man as their President?

If my memory is accurate, I think in about 1960’s about 37% of American people have agreed on having a Lady as the President in the United States but in 2008 (?) the number agreed to such change has increased up to 92% but chose Mr. Obama as their President.
This is 2016 we can see including Ms. Clinton there are few other Ladies contesting for the Position.

Though I am a fan of American literature and cinema and any other form of arts and crafts, knowledge bases, I am not a fan of any ‘Political personalities of them. Yet, I know that there are things that the others can learn from them.

I do not really admire or happy with some of their policies and some attitudes of them towards the other countries of the other parts of the world very including Asia’.  

Me as a person who often like to read America when ever I get a chance like to write that America first and foremost should try to think of removing their tags and labels such as ‘the policeman of the world’. It says a lot about their aims and targets with regard to ‘world political or otherwise power’.

If America says, it is not something that we say or believe, but something that others say or believe, that too is indicating the justification of people of other parts of the world on them.

It is so good if America can play the role of not a ‘dominator but a benefactor’. America shouldn’t think that she can take decisions over what ever matters related to the lives of other peoples in other countries.

I do not know how America introduces America to the other parts of the world Hitler believed that Germany is a fatherland to their people and was not a motherland. I do not know whether it has changed by now or not? Let me assume or write that ‘America is a mother land of American People’. So this motherland I am talking about, couldn’t produce a single Lady President so far in her life time Is that something that the others should applause?

Their policies or what they believe with regard to the security systems, security plans, security methodologies, strategies of other countries, zones, regions, continents, is according to my awareness is not satisfactory.

In this gender aspects are respected world, America must move out off their masculine attitude towards other parts of the world.

I think people must move out of trumphetting or boasting attitudes with regard to their actions and behaviours. I know and have read how America talks about the subjects such as ‘gender equity. But what American people have forgotten or what they have proved to this world so far is that talking is different to acting or reacting.  i.e. America doesn’t indicate single name of a female president in their list of presidents of gone by years.
Why American people were unable to vote for a female candidate so far, until a lady winning a seat of ‘the President of the United States?  Don’t you feel ashamed of that?

America, have a look at the lists of presidents or lady political leaders of history of this part of the world, Asia or South Asia for example.

Sri Lanka has produced the “world’s first Lady Prime, Mrs. Sirimao Dias Bandaranayake’ to this world. 

I say, people of this part of the world are highly liberal or think libertyfully compared to you and have used their votes for the sake of ‘sustainability of ‘democracy’ several times in history while American people just talking about ‘gender equity or gender balance in power or gender balance in economic social or cultural or professional atmosphere. 

The people of this part of the world for instance have proved that they are not just talkers but doers. 

Example; analyze how the people of this part of the world, have used their votes in the past, to give female leaders a chance to rule or govern their countries. What is the recent example you can think of?

I think it is Nepal, right? 

Let me not forget ‘Awun San Sukee’ , she is one of my all time favorite heroines. I do not think that you can think of any lady that has such a tremendous, incredible, unbelievable ‘strength plus confidence’ within to fight against all kinds of terror against her / her people, in order to destroy what ever bars may appear before her. I believe no people could kill her inner strength even though she was imprisoned behind iron bars for a longer period of time.

Women of this part of the world have come to that stage, why not America?
 Trumpeting brings no good, America. 

I suggest and say ‘Hilarization is better than Trumpeting’ though that may bring no good to this part of the world.

Think well in the forth coming Election America?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Home is a School ........................

No policy, No Act, No Constitution can imprison (right to) Education, this is what I believe. 

What Aristotle believed is that ‘The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet’. 

Even though you as a parent face various problems related to the ‘Education of your Child’ at the early stages, I say, ‘Do not give-up’. 

My topic of the day is ‘Home is a school’ and I say before moving on to my topic ‘Home Schooling is not adequate to create a total person’ especially because the world we live is not simple but enormously complex and competitive in everyway. 

There are various opportunities before your, for your child institutionized locally and globally. And there is a system plus a method to education.

I like to categorize the stages / institutions of education, formal and informal that plays the role of the benefactor for your child
·                     Home
·                     Pre-School
·                     Primary School
It is true home is a school unregistered yet you cannot keep your child at home without sending him to a formally established school.  I think it is something that globally accepted by now. Therefore the Parents of the Child should focus on entering the child into the next level mentioned above.

Teaching your child at home is a different process of education or a methodology that can be used to educate your child compared to other institutions. 

‘Do you support home schooling’ this essay was submitted by Bailey (USA) to the ‘China Daily’, I read yesterday.  I thought this is an eye awakening topic to be discussed not only in China but also in any other parts of the world, if that is an issue apparent or proved by researchers.

The editor of the China Daily says providing a note that “It is estimated that about 18,000 Chinese children are educated at home. With more parents and education experts dissatisfied with the current system, do you support home schooling for your child?”

China certainly is a huge country and I believe that she is one of the countries that shows highest population rate in the world. If you take this figure that the editor has given to us is a big number. But I believe that you cannot analyze the number alone unless you have an at least slight awareness on other socio, cultural, political situations or aspects of the country including ‘economic’ that directly affects or indirectly influences your child’s education.

Still, so far,  if China has achieved her goals in Education up to a satisfactory level the number should be less than that I am not saying that it should be ‘Zero’ because it is little difficult to say that a country can achieve 100% in Education due to changing global aspects of everything, complexities. But I believe that China for sure reached her goals to a satisfactory stage compared to the years gone passing by her.  

‘Types of families’, socio economic back grounds of such families are something that helps the teacher to identify the child better other than other things in the big society she / he live. 

You find two main types of families in this global society we live, mainly identified by the sociologists of the world.
·         Nuclear Family
·         Extended Family
I am not going to talk much about foster families or Orphanages because it is something you can discuss vastly thinking of origin of such aspects.

In Nuclear families; the total number of members is less compared to the number in the extended families.
I must say that home is a learning place for every one in the family; it is not just a learning institute for children only.

The Child in the extended families gets more chances to learn from each other than the child in the Nuclear families. In Extended families you find one of the most experienced teachers of the world, the grand parents live with them, plus other members.  So other than from the parents the child picks and chooses things from them and that helps child to enhance the vocabulary in various ways.

But one mustn’t forget that it affects either ways, positively or negatively (rarely though) depending on their awareness on the subject, their experiences in child rearing, their attitudes towards education, their perceptions on ‘child’s education’, what they know or learned as ‘Education’ or what they believe is ‘Education’ 

That is why some believe that ‘home schooling is adequate for a child to learn’, or home based system is a good way to educate the child other than educating your child in a kindergarten. 

According to what experts believe you don’t really teach A B C‘s in early Stages of the child but other things that helps or enhance the child‘s education at the latter stages of her / his education period.

That is why it is essential to know ‘what do you mean or understand by ‘home based education system’ or home schooling’?

Also, you must think of the advantages and disadvantages of such systems, to know or to learn ‘what chooses your child most with regard to their education.

Now, the world is moving ahead from the traditional methods of learning towards new methods of learning, testing them, practicing them, and introducing them but respecting the methods old.  

Some say that now it is the time to step back to the methods of 03 –R ; Reading , wRiting and aRithmetic but I think it needs careful consideration and study before analyzing it.

Home Based Education; basically it steals the chances of child learning from their peers that comes from various back grounds.

And child does not get any chances to learn from other ones other than from you, if you think that you teach your child keeping him at home, without sending him / her to another place recognized as a learning institution. 

Most grand parents are retired workers staying at home so that the child spends most of their early childhood period with them developing dialogues, conversations with them every passing day when their parents are busy earning the expenses of education or school fees, clothing or food for them, perhaps shelter as well

It is true that every parent is a teacher but is every parent a well trained teacher to educate their child that is the question I have in my mind?

Child bearing, child rearing is different to teaching though you find all in one

Different techniques, different methods should be used in teaching, experts say, depending on the needs and levels of the child with regard to education

It is true that if you take ‘story telling for instance’, the teachers use different methods compared to the methods that a grand parent use. You can see how the child can benefit from both methods. I do not know how practical it is for a teacher to use the method of story telling that a grand parent uses for his / her grand child

When the story is narrated before the child, you know that the child sits on the lap of the parent / grand parent or sits some where very close to her parent / grand parent heart very comfortably and affectionately. I do not think that teacher can follow such a method but the method she uses in the class room benefits the child many other ways.

The Grand Parents are the most famous story tellers of the world doing that very genuinely.

Immeasurable roles of the grand parents in child rearing and educating the child at their early stages are something unforgotten or less valued.

Before your child entering into a school that is in the system of education of your country, formal, the child spends learning things from the people around them. I can say that we can forget ‘pre-natal stage’ for a moment but trying to analyze the period that child stays at home with their siblings / parents / grand parents. From birth to the stage of child entering the Pre-School, they are the benefactors, educators of the child.
If you suggest that home schooling is useful and better do not forget that your child misses the chances of learning the ‘essences of sharing education’, importance of sharing the things they learn from each other, from their home schools.

The child must learn that the world is larger than the place she / he reside. Similarly there are other places, other people other than their siblings, relatives, parents, grand parents etc , the child should learn that as well at her / his early stage of life and doesn’t wait till she becomes old to learn that. There are other things waits before your child that he / she should learn at those different stages of education.

The child should learn what she or he should learn at that specific stage not later or before. That is what you called ‘right or accurate education’, systematic or methodical education.  

At school, ethically and educationally your child is not treated differently. Every child, every moment or any described or allocated moments they all learn one thing together that their teacher teaches them.  Take basics of mathematics for instance, if the teacher says that one plus one is two every child learns it at that point in a school class room not at different times at different places. 

Yes, it is true that some children may not learn or perhaps shows difficulties in learning what the teacher says, that is something different that teacher should be targeted when teaching their kids/ students. . That is why it is essential to have a well trained teacher for your child’s education. 

If your child doesn’t absorb or learn what you teach them at home, what do you do, though according to you child is well taken care of at home and is happy learning at home? But if you take your child to a school, and if your child shows some difficulties in learning, the teacher has a medication / treatment for the issue obstacles that your child faces that you do not have.  

Every child is a child but every child is unique and different as well. I do not think that one size fits for all, always.  I do not know whether it is possible to identify the learning disabilities or learning difficulties that the child faces or shows without any proper understanding of the subject. 

Then think of the child’s next stage of learning

If you teach them at home without sending them to a formal recognize school at her early stages of learning while other children learn at formal schools what happens next?

You cannot keep your child at home for forever, you should direct your child to the next stage of learning, Primary School for instance. 

Do you think or can you assure that your child will not show any differences compared with other children with regard to learning in the class rooms.  That is only when you think that you should keep your child at home only until primary schools begins. The child may face difficulties in picking things faster than or the way that other children picks because child is busy trying to adjust to the new system.    

Laying a proper foundation is important in education because that directly affect your child’s latter stage of life up to choosing a suitable profession or carrier 

Such things help your child to focus on education and choose a stream that matches their interests of learning after all.

It is no strange even if child doesn’t like or shows no interests to join a new group since it’s a new place for her / him with people that he / she has not seen or have not met before. 

Some children are easily adoptable or adjustable to any new place depending on the ways she / he was looked after at her / his early stages at home, within family.

No educational laws of countries encourage parents to keep their child at home and educate them the way they want or prefer, I believe.

I think if you keep your child at home without sending them to a formal school it’s an offense. Am I right?
The child must get every chance to use her / his ‘Rights to Education’ though she doesn’t know the meaning of it at her early stages of life, like others do.

It is a responsibility of not only of the parents but also of the relevant authorities of the governments of the countries to provide necessary environment, adequate resources for the education of the children.

It is highly essential to have a proper system established within any country without keeping the child at home for a longer period of time due to what ever reason; social or political or otherwise.  

Preparing the child for the Pre -school / Primary) is a duty or a responsibility of not only the parents also of the teachers of the Pre-School 

At her / his early stages of learning, the child should learn liberty fully not forcefully but systematically
Finally, I like to dedicate this piece of writing to all benefactors of learning of my life that I met so far  

Friday, January 22, 2016

Yes, it is true, there is a way to say 'HELLO!' ......................

Human dealings are all about better communication. You don't really need any specific skills for an effective communication, to lead a better conversation. Telephonning is not just a style it is a passion. Telephonning brings you investments and many things more................... It is easier and faster. Brings instant results. perhaps it is no good to find de tours via telephone conversations , that is for life.

you cannot expect positive feedback or friendly feedback if you don't react to the caller in a more friendly way and similarly it is applicable to the receiver as well. what ever 'caller friendly theories you may know  applicable to both parties, the caller and the receiver. you cannot expect a friendly voice from the other end if you ask or inquire what ever you have in a more arrogant or unfriendly way. And if you are on a sort of a 'polite - line' and do not hear any polite response from the answering side, then there is a problem that needs immediate medication.

i always believe that your customer is the core resource of what ever entity you are engaged in. Take any institute provides Educational needs of people for example, Students are the most important component of such institutes, compared to any other resource personals working or providing services attached to them.  if you receive any calls from any level of students, you certainly need patience other than any skills in human conversations.

perhaps, you are in a very tired mood, working whole day none stop yet that isn't something important for your caller. what the caller needs or wants from you is lets say ' information regarding any of the services you provide for the nation

if you are working attached to any public relations handling space, then you receive various calls from various types , levels of people depending on their needs. often you receive calls from the parties that don't benefit from each  other, from either caller or from receiver. Still, it is a call you receive and it is no good to answer in a unfriendly way.

Do not try to judge the level of education or the level of knowledge of the caller or the status of the caller just by blistering to what he /she says or thinking of how they handle the conversation, the questions they ask. because it doesn't say everything about the caller perhaps it says something about your understanding about human dealings. sometimes one call may brings thousands of other callers plus investments / profit / benefits for the entity you are dealing with, you may never realise. words are the one of the ways that spreads or takes your institute, your service across globe. So it is hihgly important that you deal with your valued customers in a more friendly yet effective ways. It is not just that every business is important it is every customer is important for every business or enterprise we own in this land. What enterprise can sustain without happy customers. If you truly understand or learn this Mantra, i can assure you good sustainable business, enterprise with a satisfied profit. i do not think that you need to go for any voice exerciser to learn this. But it is good if you can learn 'how to communicate with your customers for instance in a more useful way that 'every call brings you something in return' , profit.

Do not think that it is easier to earn a profit without a human friendly, customer friendly conversation. Customer is the heart of the enterprise / business that you handle. Do not unnecessarily  run behind the words , every word has a meaning, inner or hidden, or outer other than what people think or use them as the meaning or for their needs in particular. Yet try to pick the words you know that you think would enhance your conversation and takes you to a better place from the state you are currently in.

I do not know what word is better when it comes to talking about enterprises, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship; whether it is business or enterprise.  i do not know what term entered first, into the enterprise culture of this globe; is it business or enterprise?

All i know is that if you do not think of maintaining a human friendly conversations with your customers, it directly or indirectly affects your business and if you are person depends financially , solely on the money that your customers brings then assuring the sustainability of your business in this competitive globe is only become a dream.
you cannot say, in this conversations are tapped or documents are hacked world, your efforts in maintaining good human contacts with every human you meet become unworthy. Do not think that you are using a 'dese hetiyata waase method' just because you find area differences in languages / dalogues or conversations you hear. Do not use a language thinking of the status or profession of the customer, in telephone conversations, use one language method for all or any type of callers.

Please remember the caller see no face of the receiver , so it is 'your voice' that speaks, represents not only on behalf of you but also of your enterprise / institute even though we all live in a very camera full, cctvised world.

let your voice and words too do some accurate talking and bring some good results to your institute in a conversational mode.

please keep this in your mind, customers is the key word of your success, business not just or only your professional certificates, qualifications you've earned or gained.

hats off for friendly communicators! 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Why you say no way when you have N O R W A Y

This essay is a DEDICATION note to Mark 7th Death Anniversary of big PEN Lasantha Wickramathunge 
May you attain NIBBANA!

When a immigration migration officer asked some ‘Hawain People’; YOUR REASON TO VISIT SRI LANKA?

Their response was; ‘munchee hawain cookies’ 

Please note that I am not promoting munchee hawain cookies here. They do not need my support or me writing something about munchee. 

I do not know whether they asked Honorable Prime minister of Pakistan, YOUR REASON TO VISIT SRI LANKA SIR?

It is JETS not any cookies but yes and came Searching for cultural Cooperation as well
have you got them? 

Was that the answer you received, respectable officer? 

Was the deal failed or achieved? 

I cannot think of any reasons to think of failures related to any marketing or human / friendly dealings with Pakistan after visiting our country for a long time? 

Friend or a Neighbour asking something from another Neighbour is no strange or suspicious. 

It is suspicious only when any neighbor interfere and say; ‘Do not get involve in any jet dealings or cashew or coconut dealings with -------- (insert the name of your neighbor, if you have any similar experiences).   

Perhaps we can ask Pakistan , directly not from the Jet manufactures; Sir, their reasons to refuse selling jets to Pakistan.  

So it is Norway this time visiting Sri Lanka after Pakistan? Not India. 

Officers , you have a task to do. (only if you are allowed to do so)

Ask the same question from NORWAY too.

Your ( Their) Reason to visit our country?

Lets turn towards Pakistan and jets again.

First of all let me tell that I am not very sure whether Pakistan wanted to share any jets we use or hire the jets we have on any rental basis. 

If any sort of deals failed……………………. 

Is it because the authorities thought that they shouldn’t sell or rent any jets to Pakistan or Pakistan later on decided that it is good to buy Jets from India not from Sri Lanka. What so ever, Jet marketing is different to marketing other things. Why Pakistan looking for jets, coming all the way from Pakistan? ‘Is it a reason related to ‘Self Security’? 

Pakistan has the sole right to decide what to purchase and from whom /where to purchase. 

Sri Lanka cannot say to Pakistan, Look Pakistan you should buy Jets not from India or from us but from Russia or from Afghanistan. 


It is not so complex to understand. If you think of Pakistan’s in door matters or local affairs / internal affairs, they should deal them the way they please. 

Now, my idea today is not to discuss about Pakistan buying jets or Sri Lanka refusing to sell jests, specifically or only about that (?) but asking Norway; Your Reason to Visit Sri Lanka because it is so thrilling to see them visiting us after so many years of mutation, or after how many years?  

Is it JETS or Micro Cars they are interested in buying from Sri Lanka?

Is it GOLD? Or Metal?

Is it Silver or Iron? 

Now Pakistan wanted some jets from us, I was wandering whether NOWRAY too needs any things from us for CASH? 

No it is alright there is no reason to say Hey Norway! You have no right to visit Sri Lanka unless they have done any punishable crime? 

If they have done something like that the purely good governance- government, ‘the present government’ will not allow them to enter this country. Therefore I assume that there are no suspicious reasons to think of.
Very Specifically, they were the Peace Brokers that stood on behalf of not LTTE but for our people, back in when, during what time period? Whole world knows.  

Now, do not ask me, ‘is it highly true’? 

They are the people who introduced the Nobel Peace Prize to this world? Am I accurate?

The Media can interview Eric Solehiem or the Diplomat visiting the country to get details as to his / their reasons to visit Country. Ask every burning question you have so that you can get answers (?)

Who else to be visited our country that muted their visitations for a long time?

That is all what I have today to write or ask about ‘other countries (including neighboiurs and distance countries) visiting our country. 

Let me ask another question just to know and understand the facts and the nature of the subject.

Who is Kumar Gunaratnam?

Is he a terrorist?

Why he is in police custody, still or imprisoned and not released (?)

Have a peaceful day ahead!