Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

why rice prices rise ?

i was wondering whether it is a question ( why rice prices rise) i must ask from the government or from the traders, Mill Owners, rice importers?  i thought it is a question that not only me but also entire 'my class' and 'other class' people must ask from this government. 

what is this my class, you may wonder? that is the class that every politician likes to use specially during an election campaigns. api kana heti lipaa danee. (only the stove / hearth knows how we eat.) this is the famous quote the new government used during their election campaigns with  a photograph of a woman with a child with sorrow faces. At that time they knew how we ate, what we ate for our breakfast, lunch and for our supper. But unfortunately now they know nothing about how we eat it seems. 

there was a long drought, yes we admit. most of our farmers couldn't cultivate their paddy lands due to drought. such situations arises and not unknown to this country or to this region. But can a government let their people starve because of such reasons? why we need a government if we cannot find solutions to address such issues? 

what are the coping mechanisms / strategies that a government can follow during such situations? i remember listening to news one evening ,about the yield gathered last Maha season. According to the news last (maha) season was one of the best seasons that our farmers collected better yield. according to the news the yield was enough to cover entire rice need of our people and my question is what happen to the 'excess yield'?  STORED or IMPORTED? 

Don't you have any adequate amount of paddy at the public government rice store'. i remember you boasting about the number of kilos you bought from the local farmers. all used? 

last time i remember you blaming former government for not using the paddy at the government store saying those are not eatable and i ordered them to use as birds' feed ('mama ewa kurullanta daanda kiwwa') 
Alas! now the store is empty (?) now we pay high prices, ranging from 98 ( red and white raw),100, 120 ,175 ( Basmati, keeri punni samba etc, i observed prices at few places. ) for a kilo of rice, why? 

About couple of days ago my sister visited sathosa to buy some kilo of rice but there were only keeri samba available and the price of a kilo of rice, according to my sister Rs. 120/= and no other types available at that time she visited the outlet, why, SOLD? 

If that is the reason, alright. But prices? NOT SATISFACTORY at all.  

Perhaps, the solutions, answers for the questions such as what can be done during such situations, i guess can be found in the job profile, duty profile of our finance minister, you must consult him for advice. 

when writing the 'budget' why didn't you include some strategies to address 'drought no rice' situations? 

we need rice for an affordable price. you cannot blame drought for high prices? 

As you all know 'MAN POWER of our class people wasting their time without contributing their labour. i am wondering how their families find rice, bread or cake for their breakfasts , lunches and for suffer suppers? 

'labour is power', don't try use them, only when you need them. you used them to hold power, get power, memorize your election campaigns, what promises you gave them? we can very well remember dear masters, ministers, don't let them waste their power, labour power, kindly give them a better place. try secure their positions, don't forget you are there for a shorter period when next government comes, you may lose your big positions. and that is the tradition so far followed. did you think of changing that tradition? NO. you followed the exact tradition and appointed a new chairman and directors, new workers (good, no objection) let them remember what you do until they departure this world not as something sorrowful but as something useful and important. take good divisions to safe guard their jobs. 

Never ever degrade labour power and never ever think or take 'hunger or starvation' as something silly or unimportant, take such things for grant. 

You mustn't forget history, 'hunger is power', 'poverty is powerful' and both hunger and poverty very powerful and rebellious than you can ever imagine.  

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Merchants of Parliaments; Now and then.

The Merchant of Venice, even today, according to my own justification, is one of the famous merchants of the world not only in literary, fictional  world but also in real (?) world. Though you find Iban Batuta, the world famous , Portuguese, Dutch traders who set foot on this soil for trading purposes because of cinnamon or because of pepper or TEA, coffee, rubber, the merchant of Venice  is a merchant every person aware of. 

what is the meaning of the term merchant? the term is no foreign to the trade world but what about to the world of politics? for the politicians, is it a new term or a term that produces no meaning or no sense for them or  is it only a term, enhance a decision that brings some cash into their wallets?

Anyways, i found following description on internet  

  1. a person or company involved in wholesale trade, especially one dealing with foreign countries or supplying goods to a particular 

i wonder, what right a person engages in active politics has, to sell any property belongs to the people of any community, country? And what constitution supports or describes such decisions of them, the constitution that Madame CBK tried to introduce in 2000 or the constitution that Prime Minister is trying to introduce?  

According to madame CBK what Ranil (she used his name) is trying to introduce is a copy of what she was trying to introduce in 2000 (news papers reported) i have a question and a request for every sirs' and madames' of current politics , previous or earlier , former political world, kindly educate our people, is it a constitution solely prepared by the Prime Minister of the country or a product prepared by the 'aluth aanduwa' (yaha palanaya) entire group? 

i do not know whether the prime minister already responded to her statement or not.

if not, it is an issue for us, the people of the country because we reject and do not accept any government, those who take decisions individually or privately without informing the rest of the group called 'government'. and that is not a good sign or a method of administration or of so called 'good governance' 

let foot path focus again on the subject of the day, forgetting the 'constitution and the ways of taking decision by the members of the term (aanduwa)  for the moment.

According to what i read about couple of days ago, the government has already decided to lease out the Hambantota Port to the 'china Merchants'. (refer Rivira news Paper for more information)

How much profit ( predictable) you loose within a period of two years, perhaps our dear minister of finance can answer my question. Does it exceed the amount you have to pay as the loan (monthly or annually) don't just say 'yes', we need clarifications and proof to justify your answer. 

Also kindly answer, who will take care of the workers ( Hambantota Port), the real partners of the property, the Chinese Merchants?

By the way, any 'Man Power workers' involved in providing service loosing jobs as a result of the decision taken?

And what about the 194 Ceylon Electricity Board, workers who lost their jobs or sent home on 2016 / 12/ 31, did they receive an answer as promised by the relevant ' Minister'?

According to the information gathered personally by me, ( 03 / 01 / 2017) 165 workers who were not working or providing their service earlier or not working partners of the ministry , entity have received permanent job opportunities and are appointed on 03 / 01 / 2017 as meter readers, though the said number of workers (194) have experiences as ' meter readers' .
They were sent home, using their  own policy justifications , estimations though some of them were not completed  180 days (i will note the date to prove until what date, asap), also there are other categories of workers (i.e.clerks) who managed to secure their jobs. my question is why you couldn't secure the jobs of the said number of workers? Don't you think that previous qualifications of a worker is no use and when appointing new workers you can ignore the 'experienced'?

labour is power and is power of any man or a woman , no authority can devalue their 'power', i believe. 

China , i believe is not a new comer, or a fresh merchant who entered into the global trade net work or world trade network and is not at all a strange Merchant or a cultural partner to our country or to this part of the world. r friendly partner. 

Chinese were very famous traders, merchants even since pre and post medieval period.who doesn't like their ceramics for example? what city you can name, where you find no single shop that sells 'Chinese productions', Constantinople, London, New York ?  

i believe that is something that shows their 'talent and skill in trade'. BUT can you think of any Chinese properties sold to other people / countries for their survival, survival of the emperors? 

what if in five years time, government to be elected decide to sell the moragaha kanda project saying that 'cannot pay loans taken'?
do you think that it is the way to handle or manage what ever project implemented or established by former or previous governments?

selling any public property /s; is it an ability of a government elected or selected by the people of a country?

what financial management skill / ability is that, kindly educate us?

There are enough of information available for anyone who is seeking information on 'Trade Agreements made between foreign traders / merchants , bureaucratic partners, countries and kings of SL and Prime Ministers , Presidents, now and then. specially the trade agreements made between kings who ruled this country during 'the colonial period' ( 1505 - 1948) and foreign rulers and also agreementsmade after  gained independence. 

why we couldn't protect ' the kingdoms' ( Kandyan for instance) of yester years was one of the reasons, the trade agreements made between the kings then of the kingdom s, i.e. especially when seeking assistance , help from ' Dutch' in order to sent away the Portuguese (Inguru Deela Miris geneema,exchanging inguru with chilly, this is a famous saying arose and joined language practice of locals due to 'the content of the agreement, sentences enclosed, what was promised to exchange between involved parties. we lost coastal areas due to that agreement, remember?

And i know that there are ways to answer ' why and how' questions of people of this country. whether it is paper / sugar or steel , port or air ports every single property is a property of this country, of its people and you have the responsibility not just by oaths or signatures, to protect what we own. 

According to what i read, the former government was planned / scheduled to pay back the loan taken to implement the Harbour , Hambantota within ten years. Perhaps, the new government is unaware of the procedures followed by the former government or the reason for that probably is 'ignorance' , lack of interest towards learning or studying the mechanisms used or followed by the former government. or else is it because of any 'taking revenge' mechanisms the government is fond of using, following? 

sorry to hurt, what i am doing is 'questioning'? your responsibility is to answer because i represent not the government but the 'people' of this country and i am a citizen. 

this is to be discussed further ...........

Sunday, January 1, 2017


Sachets; a revolutionary invention.  i must note. i like to rate this 'sachets' concept of current world as something innovative though it is not something that modern world is innovated or founded. The concept or the idea of the ' sachets' has a long history but the idea was used for different purposes. the sachets that i talk about today through my essay is something 'that we use for commercial purposes. So the modern world is using the modern version of 'the ancient concept; 'sachet' as a way of earning good profit and as 'entrepreneurial coping strategy.    

i do not know who invented ' sachets' or who introduced it to the current world we live, initially. yet i know that it is a revolutionary invention for this part of the world we live or any part of the world we live.

Sachets are a good friend in need, i must say. 

Sachets is a good coping strategy for any household struggling to look after their day today needs and for who need more money for other household needs 'children's education for example other than for 'daily necessities.  But the truth is that no family can recycle their needs or cut and chop their actual needs or what they humanly required. 

Therefore i can say that people of my class or even of middle class select the option of 'Sachets' for various reasons and as a friend in need or for their commercial or financial salvation.  

'work out your own salvation'. i saw this written on a three wheeler couple of days ago. sachets is one of the good options that people can think of temporary strategy or even as a strategy that they can use through out year specially when they depend on 'days pays' , daily wage. And even for those who depend on 'monthly salaries or wages is something that  gives them peace of mind. 

i googled the meaning to know the literal meaning of the term. Here is what i found , let me note it for your perusal.  

plural noun: sachets
  1. 1.

    a small sealed bag or packet containing a small quantity of something.
    "a sachet of sugar"
  2. 2.
    a small bag containing dried scented material such as lavender, used to scent clothes.

i do not know about the world outside to our country. whether they highly prefer this sort of strategy or whether the strategy available or sachets available in European markets. Also i do not know the percentages like or dislike the concept; sachets. But i can assume that people in this part of the world we live , very much fond of sachets for very many reasons. i can think of many reasons because i am one of the persons who have become a sachet lover. 

Aha! sachets of Tea, sugar, Milk Powder, Shampoos, coconuts (Powder) you get them in various shapes and sizes, colour codes, in shining laminating type handy packs to attract the customers. 

i see the entrepreneurs / manufactures also try various strategies to popularize their productions or 'to sale more' and to earn more. 

you find many sachets hanging on walls of shops or on shelves, racks 'smiling @ you'.  

i think we do not live in a fully or totally, 'financially independent or commercially sustainable world. we live in a 'commercially economically 'dependent world. No economies totally liberal or fully prosperous within. And there are no economies or countries i can think of that 'do not depend on credit' or loans'. i believe that every (identified) country of this world 'try obtain loans for various reasons and to pay back loans they try various strategies. 

Buying things 'on credit' is a very old strategy that most households used in the past and is something popularly using even today as a household financial coping strategy'. 

Often i hear that some shop owners say that 'selling things on credit is a hazard for them.  why?  the reason that they point out mostly is that 'our customers do not pay back money on time or they always have a remaining balance from what they last purchase'. we too need to maintain our shops buy what we need for the sustainability of our businesses. 

The sachets, therefore gives a tremendous relief for both parties; the customer and the shop owner'. 

Consumer stuff were not available in sachets in the past. for example when i was a child i can remember buying half or quarter from a whole 'loaf of bread', tiny pieces of juggery  and 100 or 50 grams of sugar but not teeny weeny sachets of sugar or any sachets comes wrap to cater our other daily necessities. 

Now the sachets helps the households to stay away from ' buy on credit strategy or avoid buy on credit but buy on cash paying money at that moment of purchasing what they need or only what they need for day's consumption using the money available in their hands or in wallets.  

The household coping strategies of past differ from the Household Coping strategies that the current world is using. The Credit Card or VISA card is one of the strategies that people have chosen to deal with their commercial needs , when shopping but that is not something the current world is using as a coping strategy but as a strategy to safe guard their money from thefts and other things. But it is something that modern world is using and is a some sort of a strategy that gives less hazards specially when they have to handle ' a lot of money'. The Sachets are not available in big super markets, i assume. the sachets are available in small shops or whole sale outlets and no credit card or VISA card used in such type of purchasing mechanisms.  

The prices of sachets are 'affordable. 

The concepts or economic or entrepreneurial strategy called ' sachets' have become very popular but is that a very good indicator of measurement of 'development of economic situation of a country , specially when people always use or choose 'the sachets strategy when purchasing what they need. why people cannot purchase what they need in bulk or in big numbers? or what they need in 400 grams or 500 grams or in 1 kg packets? 

some buy in big quantities while some buy sachets.  is it something that says or gives a picture of 'unfilled gaps between existing economic 'classes' of a country. what did Karl Marx Said about these things, i cannot review my old notes. 

we can hear no sighs only when every one purchase what they want in required quantities and that too saves time and so that my kind people do not need to run to the shop every day or every time to buy what they want they need.  

Thanks to sachets some manage to safe guard peace and harmony within families, between members of family, i assume. 

wish you all a very prosperous New  Year and no more tears!