Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Votes, Floods and People.

How old is our parliament system? How many governments ruled this country so far, ever since the voting system established and so called 'democracy' and 'safe living' ( the right of humans) sealed in the bigger community (country), in the brains and minds of people of the country?

No government manage to provide a single / sustainable solution to address the 'flood issue' that bothered lives of people of this country. isn't that SAD?

Every time when floods hits the hearts and minds, roofs of humans, taking away the resources that cannot estimate the values of them accurately, lives of the people, using the armies to rescue the affected people was the only apparent solution every government used. Is that what you called  'disaster management'?

But almost every private sector media bodies helped them numerous ways, for example collecting essential goods, food items, water, cloths for the affected people. 

Foot path likes to thank every person / individual organization, others not mentioned and for all those who contributed their time and resources from the bottom of their hearts.

what are the reasons for these kinds of disasters?

who has the answers?

who is responsible for such disasters? 

Development plans?

Unauthorized building constructions?

Cutting down trees?

land mining


what are those?

is it not possible to seek a permanent solution for the issue, flood?

is it a global issue? 

so seek global help.

Thank you for reading. 

i think that we must not use our VOTES for those who unable to provide permanent solutions for such issues, because it is a matter of lives of human beings , their safer living. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

'56 ; an incomplete note.

Some days, some numbers, some years are important for people in many ways; personally or otherwise. some do not care about some numbers other than the birthdays of their loved ones and near ones. Some do not like to think of some days such as sad days but the days that brought them happiness. 

What comes into your mind when you think of the number 56? the house number of the address you live, the value or importance that the numerologists see in the number '56'?, the importance events or incidents happened in 1956 here in Sri Lanka and around the world? the decision to use Sinhalese Language as the official language? 

There are days that you can easily forget or cannot be forgotten easily. It depends on the closeness of the day,the importance of the dates to your personal or professional life. 

some days are socially, politically or culturally important for every nation across globe

Since August 1956, then government of Sri Lanka decided to use Sinhalese Language as official language. Therefore the year 1956 is marked  as a significant year in the political timeline of the country. The decision lead to change the overall Socio-cultural, Education, Political segments of the country that was already practiced in the mentioned segments. It was truly a very decisive factor according to my personal knowledge. Even today people here and there discuss things such as 'how it affected or affects the lives of the citizens of the country', including the uses , benefits, disadvantages of the decision. 

The Inaugural of the new parliament was held on 20 April 1956.  

On 4th February 1956, the report prepared on the 'situation of Buddhists / Buddhism in the country 'was submitted and released to the public. The report was submitted by the 'The Buddhist Commission' assigned by the all Island Buddhist Association (?) and was consisted of 192 pages.

i thought of reading the world calendar in 1956 to get a view on the incidents happened globally. Following information i copy pasted from the internet.

In 1956,    Jan 1, A new year event causes panic and stampedes at Yahiko Shrine, Yahiko, central Niigata, Japan, killing at least 124 people.

Jan 3, A fire damages the top part of the Eiffel Tower.

Jan 8, Operation Auca: Five U.S. missionaries are killed by the Huaorani of Ecuador shortly after making contact with them.

Jan 18, German Democratic Republic (East Germany) forms own army (National People's Army)

Jan 22, 30 people died in a train crash in Los Angeles.

Feb 14, Indonesia withdraws from Neth Indonesian Union 

Today morning i over heard a conversation of two females discussing something about T 56 and about a gun fire happened in the Eastern Part of the country (?) The conversation of two females directed my thoughts towards searching some information about number '56'. 

who has the official rights to use T 56?  Is it something that anyone can use? those questions came into my mind this morning. What else comes into your mind when you think of 56? other than A rifle? 

source; internet

Let us discuss more about number 56 in the future, the owner of the internet cafe is waiting to close his shop. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017


I always like to write about something ‘fresh but sometimes nothing (fresh)comes into my mind other than rubbish. Yesterday, I went to the library and on my way back home I stopped at the Bargain Bookshop / Nugegoda, to see whether I can find any books written on ‘cinnamon. I couldn’t find anything as such. But I found another book seemed interesting, instead. I like the way the author named the book. Nirad C. Chaudhuri’sThe Autobiography of an unknown Indian, Compiled by Dr. RaghukulTilak.

I was thinking who is an unknown or a known, really?

Am I a person to known someone/ some people? If yes, in what way?

Can you say that you know your co-worker?  And is he/she a known to you?

Can you say that you know the person you dined with some weeks ago, yesterday, the day before yesterday? And say that he/she is a known to me?

Can you say that you know the person you sleep with every day?Perhaps yes. 
You may say yes or no to my questions above asked.

What about this question; what is knowing really?

What answer can you possibly give?

What do you mean by knowing, knowing someone by his / her name, her / his place of living, age, carrier, the amount of money in the bank? Is that what you mean by ‘knowing’ an unknown?

‘Knowing is knowledge’, do you think that knowledgeable would agree with me? If I say that ‘knowing is learning something better nothing else’ does it sound odd? does it sound like an answer given by a foolish?

But is your lifetime enough for this or that knowing or learning, studying what you should learn or know the unknown better?

Does Sandikaknowherself(better) other than the others outside of her life?
NO, for sure because knowing SELF is never easy.

Do the others know her well other than her knowledge of ‘herSELF’?

Even if you watch your face through a mirror every day, you cannot learn about ‘who you are’. If that is difficult, how is it possible to know someone that you don’t see every day or live far from your vicinity?

Some normally ask when they meet someone / a stranger for the first time in their life or at an unexpected moment, ‘who are you?’

I used to say, even now I say, ah! I know him, he studied with me in the same class up to grade ten, naming one of my classmates. But I do not know where my friends live at this moment. Can I say that I know him/them?  I do not know what they think about me or about my profession? So do I know them?

Is above my questions a good criterion to measure or weigh the difference between the known and the unknown or are the facts enough to know an unknown?

‘Knowing ‘yourSELF’ better’ is totally different to trying to known an ‘unknown’ better. I feel.

Every SELF is SELFish and does not want to admit most the things they do, their lack of knowledge on certain things/subjects / about KNOWNs and UNKNOWNs
But in this world that we live, according to what I realise so far, almost every person think that they know each other they associate than the one’s known as or labelled as ‘unknown’. 

You think that you know members of your party very well other than the one’s you know as ‘political enemies’ or carrier enemies, vice versa, better.

Can we say we know Indians better than French just because we live close to each other?  Can I say I know every Indian just because I admire or respect Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Abdul Kalam?

Can Indians say they know ‘Sri Lankans better than theChinese just because they are very old ‘trade mates’ exchanged Porcelain with linen, since ages?

Knowing the term knowing is no easy like I mentioned earlier. I do not know who hacks my personal life, who listens to my telephone conversations but it seemed to me that most of the others outside of my life circle know. Is that what you mean by knowing or are those the ways to know someone unknown or less known to you?
No. I think that it is not what you mean by ‘knowing’.

According to Buddhism what knowing is ‘knowing’ the temporariness of every living thing we associate, creatures breath or not breath, things material or immaterial? 

Who wants to know about the ‘UNKNOWNs’ that I am talking about through this essay and for what purposes, I thought.

In this world we live you know that you can use CCTV facilities, fix hidden cams where ever you please but following that methodology can you say that you can know a person better unless you can use such for other purposes to please ones ‘hunger, the thirst of human beings? 

Have you watched IT (a movie), watch IT if yourself, if you have not watched it.
Archeologists, historians do their excavations and studies to learn about ‘how ancients lived, what they ate, what cemetery rituals they followed in the past, what social and cultural habits they used etc. have they stopped their experiments in the past, studying ‘past’, thinking that they have found out everything and know everything about ‘our people’s past or people of the world?

Knowing past or current is not easy; I can say what I said earlier in a different way.  Why?
Human nature, the human mind is something ‘subject to change’ every moment, every minute, and every hour you live, more than you can imagine. That is why knowing is no easy, even for the world’s best psychiatrists.
You cannot scan one’s inner mind.

Can you say that you know the‘God’, ‘Lord Buddha’ and every Religious Leader better unless you try to read at least half of their teachings?

Therefore I say you meet no KNOWNsbut UNKNOWNs every day, even if you live decades and decades from your date of birth.

You may meet a known (according to your own measurements of knowing or known) not known about many things.

You may meet unknown(according to your own measurements of knowing or known) know of few things.

I guess writing about or thinking about KNOWNs or about UNKNOWNs too is an endless process and is a difficult task because though you think that you meet /met someone ‘known at least by name or address of residing there may be plenty you will be meeting unknown to many or to you, according to our own measurements/judgments.

May you and me gain wisdom!

Monday, May 8, 2017

‘The Gossip Girls’

I was thinking of something fresh to write. The spice girls came into my mind, all of a sudden. Perhaps that is because it is raining outside, in Nugegoda, Sri Lanka. Rain often brings spicy feelings mixed with wet thoughts.  The spice girls; they are music lovers. One of them fell in love with football, right? Spice and music, isn’t that a good mixture supports a healthy life?

What do you think about ‘music and gossip’? I like music but I hate gossip.

I am a Barbie girl
In the Barbie world

Above is one of the famous songs sung by the spice girls.
Here is my version,

Listen! Dear ones,
Listen! near ones,
Listen! dear friends,

I am a human being
In the human world
Made of flesh and blood

Respect human beings ……
send this message across the globe

There are groups of girls famous but I assume not fond of gossip.

Three sisters, Indraniperera and her two sisters, became very famous not because they engaged in searching what others are doing, with whom others (men or women) sleep, but they searched about and learned music and sang good songs lasts for generations. Even young generations of today, do not ignore their music but wholeheartedly embracing their music quotes, melodies and songs.

Gossip very, very rarely saves lives of human beings such helps warn human beings to stay away from hazards, various. But gossip has the ability to ruin lives of most human beings.  The danger is that some nothing about the person they talk of this and that but pick and choose something from this corner and that corner of someone and spread gossip without thinking too much or taking it as something that brings them joy and happiness. Gossip seekers, gossip spreaders are oppressors. They use it as a tool to torture men and women they hate or do not like.

Today, searching for gossip and using them as they please has become an earn a living for some. such brings them some rupees, packet of food items etc.

Interesting thing is that they, the gossip seekers know nothing about what is happening inside their households until an issue become massive or unsolvable.  They spend their time to get information via various sources, via various modern tools, currently using around the world and try interfering human lives. My question is who has given them right to use such tools to monitor lives of others and enter privacy lives of them. Now, I can assure the world that I do not break or violate any rules because I do not hack the computers of others, do not have tapped the telephone lines of others, I do not monitor the lives of others using modern technology. Then, what should I do? I have been thinking about this matter, since about half a decade. I do not know who has the power to do so and who doesn’t have that power? Who has given it a legalise shape? Searching for gossip and throw whatever they have towards the faces of the innocent is the power tool some own. 
some Seeking for Gossips, using them to tarnish or harm one's life. I am sure that they too are aware of the side affects such things. Gossips, directly and indirectly, affects the mental health of human beings. Do you agree? psychiatrists, doctors? 

Who is willing to compensate for the damages done?

Can you rehabilitate the damages, harm done to brains and mental health of a person by using gossip, facts related to someone to insult a person or to torture someone? 
Who is willing to investigate such things? Who is ready to estimate the damage, the harm is done to brains and minds of someone because of gossips they, whoever spreads? Dear doctors, Can you, implant brain cells damaged by gossipers? What if something happens to hearts of someone, if face threat of heart failures, heart attacks because of such gossippers, due to unbearable torture?

So beware of gossip girls, good girls, this is my advice for you.

Gossip has no gender difference. ‘Gossip boys’ have the same characteristics discussed above. That is why I didn’t talk about them.

It is still raining outside. No clouds or stars to be seen. The  Wesak full moon poya day, yet to be arrived in the country and in the world. The International Wesak Festival to be held in Sri Lanka. I think everything is ready for the festival.

May all beings be healthy! and happy! that is my wesak wishes for the entire world!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Five days after the international ‘LABOUR DAY’ and A COMPUTER FOR EVERY GN

The international labour day was celebrated five days back and we read the ‘results’, saw the pictures of the meetings through the front pages of the Newspapers. Those were massive meetings. A lot of people were gathered at the meetings. I can say that politically that was an achievement. And according to the sources there were about 18 main rallies/meetings organized by different political parties and other social, workers’ councils or labour organizations. Let me send some applause for all the achievers and the organizers of the meetings. 

And about four days after the meetings i got an opportunity to travel by Train from Nugegoda to Pinnawala for my daily business/ trade purposes. And the Train i traveled is almost abandoned though you can still use it for the purpose. That is one thing i noticed.

And dear friends and colleagues, i read today in order to purchase vehicles for six (06) ministers of certain ministries the estimated allocated (?) amount is 100 lakhs x 33. 

The above, train is a property of people of Sri Lanka and is using for the daily travel purposes of the PUBLIC / PEOPLE. I do not know how much money requires purchasing a new ‘train’ from the neighbours or from somewhere else. According to statements released by the government from time to time, they have no money for various development projects.

I like to ask the President of the country, Sir, why the ministers of the government need that much of vehicles with luxury facilities to serve their people? Haven’t they given any official vehicles to travel from home to Parliament and from parliament to home, to their zones of electoral, to and from ministries?

And the other question i have for you all sirs and madams of political and otherwise parties is that ‘how much money did you really spend on ‘organizing the labour day meetings’? How much money did you really spend for the sake of the labourers (other than for the meeting)? Do you honestly think that you did something for the labouers on that particular day other than addressing them, sharing your views with them? Did you at least give them a cup of tea with a piece of cake for coming for the meetings from far away places, spending their own money, spending their day offs?

i am sure by now , you have calculated the money you all have spent for the occasion? In total how much? (If you get the amount each spent and multiply by 18 (rallies) you can get the total money / amount spent in Sri Lanka for the international Labor Day celebrations.

How about you world?

How did you use your international labour day funds?

Did you think of buying some face masks for those who work in the ‘cleaning sectors’? Eye pads, gloves?

Sorry to say sir,Prime Minister, i saw you wearing a face mask when you visit the meethotamulla garbage mountain, do you know sirs, madams that most of the workers or no workers using face masks when they attend their duties. When they come to collect garbage or when taking Lorries to dump garbage?  (Both government and otherwise)

Do you interview a single labouerer to ask what they need? What they need to enhance their segments, areas of work, improve their quality of work, profession, and any other requirements?
Who interviewed them? Newspapers for sure.

And have you ever thought of providing a computer for your Grama Niladaries?

In this digital world we live, what can you do with ‘a no computer and a no internet connections’? We like to talk big but often we forget small things. There are small things that we can do to raise the level of efficiency in the sectors; grassroots level administration systems such as to improve the services provide by ‘Grama Niladari’s. 
I think it is a rule that they must meet the Divisional secretary or the District secretary ‘once a week’ (Wednesdays) or once a month (?) and to gain or to collate information from the District offices or from the provincial offices they have to visit the office, Divisional secretariat or District Secretariat. Perhaps, they may use the telephone facilities to get certain information from their authorities / secretariats but other than that there is no system established that they can use ‘computers in their offices to communicate with upper level offices /authorities and who ever require their service must personally visit them and no other way to inform anything or receive any information, send any documents for example. Imagine a worker who lives and works in an area outside to his /her village and do not have time to visit them on a day that the GN is available? What other ways available for people like them to fulfill their requirements, official needs?

Imagine an organization is trying to do a survey on a certain matter that needs immediate attention or thinking of implementing a mechanism to solve an issue or to improve people’s lives, something that affects people’s lives. And if the relevant groups or officials (GN ‘s for examples) are busy with something else, is there a way that such groups like i mentioned earlier or any group outside to them can contact them easily other than through phones? Id there a way such groups can hand over / send any important documents to fasten process or to start their work on time?

Digital system or a computer system, a computer with an internet connection might help, is a solution for such, barriers or obstacles in providing a better service for the needy?

And if you think that you can sacrifice your car dreams for the sake of public, people invest or allocate that money estimated to buy vehicles for ministers either to purchase a train for us or to buy some computers for your Grama Niladaries. Foot path like to suggest.

If you do not try to minimize expenses or limit or stop unnecessary expenses you cannot achieve your targets.

Standing Ovation for those who used their funds and talents for the sake of the Labourers here and world wide. 

May You Gain Wisdom! 

Friday, May 5, 2017


I guess dengue has become an illness that needs a load of attention unlike in the past.  This is a dry season and you find less (?) dengue affected people in the seasons that you get no rain. We are a country managed to control the issue; children affecting from polio and other illnesses that often ruins or collapse, paralyze children’s life at the early stages of their lives and latter stages of their lives. The areas that most affected by such illnesses, diseases; physical and mental health, education of a child, and at the latter stages of their lives carrier and marriages for example.

Accurate vaccination, vaccination on right stages that child should get vaccine helped us to control or to prevent such diseases. Vaccination can play an important role in totally preventing and protecting children and their lives from diseases that are known still as an issue in some of the regions of the world. Am I right?

I was wondering whether we can use same methodology that we have been using to totally stop or prevent the diseases such as dengue, malaria by introducing a course of vaccination at the early stages of a child. And even if possible for adults as well.

For that we need to do some research, right? Have you already started any research on that?I know that some doing their own research isolately and the most difficult task is not doing research but getting the acceptance from the authorities and motivate others to use or follow such medications. Changing attitudes of human beings is no easy. What you must do first and foremost is ‘change yourself’. Meaning, if someone brings something after doing series of research, you must give total attention to such researchers, medical. if you don’t follow any such mechanisms ‘you cannot motivate or promote, improve the segment of medical research. I am sure you have some programmes already introduced by relevant departments or ministries if so, what you must do is give such a solid attention to sustain such programmes.  

Do you have any scholarship pogarmmes introduced for such medical research to encourage medical research in the health sector?  And I do not know whether our members have taken any membership from any existing medical research institutes of the world? And I do not know whether any institutions or doctors, medical researchers, pharmacists have already introduced any vaccination for such diseases?

I insist that it is something that you, every global person must pay a lot of attention to.