Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Monday, March 28, 2016

i saw some dark clouds today .......................

Power cut, this isn't a pleasing news for us. since about two , three weeks , the news we hear about 'power / 'electricity supply' was not that good. i read today, the council of engineers has suggested the board to go for a power cut solution, if not rains, at least an hour a day.

what can you do without electricity in this modern tech world we live?

i guess almost all the offices , institutions, companies have stopped working manually but electronically. The Bankers stopped using customer detail cards long before others have started electronic machines to provide an efficient service for their customers. The garment factory industry, any export processing businesses, every and any enterprise , government (?) and non- governmental organizations follow this ''using electronic device - mechanism' in almost all of their 'every day working schedules'.

i do not know about the 'total computer population in action / function in this country , today? i do not know how many of them using ( in total) electronic mail system to communicate with each other with regard to 'active business'?

i do not know how many machines are in action around the country, within the zones of garment factories & other , if choose 'power cut option as an alternative, that may or may not directly or indirectly get affected?

it is sad that we have to depend on 'water powered electricity system' when rest of the world searching or have found other solutions to deal with the issue. i have no idea about today's situation of the 'norochchole' power plant?

we heard some news about 'norochchole coal power plant', little before (couple of months?) the presidential election that was regarding some money dismissing during the period of former minister of energy etc. of former government.

i think to find a solution for the power cut (?) if any in the near future, it is nothing else but expect 'RAIN' near Victoria, Randenigala , Rantambe etc. i think we need not just few drops of rain, (obviously no) but cats and dogs.

i guess we need more 'norochchole type projects in the near future'.  

it is little hard to believe that Asia is poorer than other parts of the world, compared to the 'forest resources' the region owns.

The compound outside our house is slightly wet, after it rained for few seconds, today. i think that it is a good sign and a hope of 'no power cut'.

wish you all 'rainy months ahead! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

On 'Stealing Bread from the poor' & 'Hi fi massive rally @ hyde' tenderly

The cost of bread just went up by another 7.5 per cent or thereabouts from Monday. Consumer price hikes are masquerading as VAT, profits taxes and what-have-you. This followed Prima pushing up the price of a kilo of wheat flour by Rs 7.20 to pass on the government imposed tax on wheat grain imports last week. We're playing around with phrases to do with Value Added Tax, profits taxes here.-from the editorial of Ceylon Today (23 March 2016)

bread is a very near and a dear term to poor , yes it is true and i accept it. who hasn't heard about bread ? The kings ,the queens , the princesses the marketers , economists , the commercial analysts, can you think of a single man who has not heard about bread? 

i do not know whether Queen Victoria was fully or partially aware about bread i thought, after reading her advise to her people 'if you have got no bread eat cake'.

the recent tax and bread talks remind me of queen Victoria's then economic policy over 'poor's consumption patterns' and their choices over bread and butter or about cake. 

i do not know how fare is it to compare the economic policy of queen Victoria with the Policy of the current government of the country, thinking of 'today's people's perceptions over humanitarian needs of the people, today or even then' 

if you cannot eat (find) bread, eat ham with bacon ' is this the policy of the present government over ' survival of the poor of the country'. No wonder why World food programme is hanging around the streets of the Colombo. 

any agreements? 

now tell us how are we going to address this issue? i am not asking the present government because there is no point asking them, they've already shown their abilities and policies over ' prices of consumption items through the taxes fixed, twice read, but the strong joint opposition' 

think of a solution

Why the bribing solution tried with the former defense secretary failed? 


i read that there was some discussions over giving him some positions within the SLFP (?) now received court notification? 

what is this dual game? 

expect more price hikes along with many arrestments ( members of rajapakse family)

that is the difference , the present government was talking about and has proved.   

for some bread is apolitical term but for some it is an easily taxable component. the editorial title revels how the present government treated the poor while giving big talks about 'welfare of the poor'. i think it is no point talking about who said what about welfare of the people of this country, during election and thereafter.

And the question that this government asked from the people of this country, during the election campaign who has forgotten? paan kanawada bath kanawada? bread or rice?

what is the true situation now?

The poor cannot eat either bread or rice these days. the prices of both bread and rice gone up like a speedy rocket. 

the other side of the story is that the farmers face difficulties in cultivating paddy due to 'stealing the bags of fertilizers given for a welfare price for all farmers via the FO's  Farmer organizations)it was a project of a former government)

you can see how the farmers, the spine, the back bone of the country's economy  currently are complaining about it and protesting against it. they are handing over petitions to the former president at every rally and every meeting opportunity. 

what they are asking is 'not free fertilizer but to continue what they were given with ease and peace of mind to the door step of their paddy lands. do not take revenge from the farmers. please remember , the rice mills too cannot survive any longer if you continue to follow this proceedure.  if you do not stop that , the dominating mill owners have to depend on their own paddy harvests , what if the farmers stop supplying or selling their rice to big mills?

how long can you survive?

i know , i can talk about bread endlessly yet i must wind up my essay just noting that the hi fi hyde ground was river full on the day that the joint opposition held their rally. and it was amazing to see how people reacted to the procedures and policies of the present government towards taxes, the farmer's and the poor etc.

i will share all what i have recorded during the rally on the 17th of this month at Hyde Park Ground ASAP ...................

and expect more about bread in the near future

thanks so much for reading 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Life in brief

I know that I do not read or hear news these days like in the past . That is no helpful for a learner.  A learner should be updated and be informed about all ‘latest and current’ happenings of the world. Often your carrier, your other work unimportant or perhaps important or very important steals your time more than you think or expect. For a carrier woman or for a man it is highly important and the yield before you or the result you have gained indicates the amount of time you have invested to it and in what percentages. But the results always don’t accurately indicate or provide pictures of the things you have invested or things that you have not invested, the things that you missed or forgot to input. 

There are peaks and off peaks of ones life.  But that doesn’t say or mean, what you have earned through out your life go in vain or useless. You cannot expect life to be ‘fair’, always, every time. And similarly, what you shouldn’t forget is ‘self’ is not a creature who lives in this world houseful, isolating or alienating from the other parts of the universe, or its people.

Often the decisions, that others take affects your life, whether you like it or not, whether you expect or not, directly or indirectly. Also, often the decisions taken by the people around you or directly or indirectly connected to you, affects, influence your life in percentages, often it is 50% , 50% sometimes it is Twenty 20 or in hundreds. You cannot expect the ball to spin or hits the wicket as you planned. You cannot always stop others earning high scores or earn no marks. True, there are Dushras in life, that others like to question about or suspect about, or try take discipline actions after investigations, analyzing the ways ‘how your hands worked towards the wicket, or towards the player/s.

Very often or most often the aims and objectives of your life fly over to the pavilion and bring sixes or more sixes or fours as a result of your hits or dashes.

Some newspapers today, reported that ‘Malinga is thrown out (?) from the 20, 20 games’, or from the leadership of the team?

Achievements or result of life do not always accurately shows ‘the inside stories of ones performances’.  I do not think that the ‘fate’ plays a major role in ones life either. What not only you but also others expect from managements is ‘fair cutting’ and fair ‘teaming’ nothing else. Cricket is often a game of taking advantages in grounds. When you are ill or not well, taken leave and out of business, there are people to take advantages or take, I do not say to steal your position.  Professions can be created but positions are something should be earned. There is a huge difference between a profession and a position and a position equals to experiences, do you agree? Positions cannot be replaced but yes the professions. Therefore I say, the profession is a way to earn your position in life or in your company.

Cricket could be your life, but ground cannot be your residence, am I right?
As a carrier cricketer, Malinga has already earned a position but there is more he can earn from it , by investing his unending skills.  He is a spring of skills and accurate speed. He is a sportsman with an aim and strength of arms. He shouldn’t be in rest room or stay @ home watching TV, while others are fielding and when the opposition is playing their game of cricket.   

Wish you all a strength full life

life in brief is to be continued ....................

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Are 'Telones', the most hatred officials of the communiites then and now?

Telones (in Greek) & Publicanus, means the Tax gatherers. That is the core word of my essay, today. 

Tax has become the most famous or the key word mostly used amongst the business community, mass, small, or medium in this modern era we live. I felt that some of the entrepreneurs do not really please with the ‘taxations’ or it’s collecting methodologies. 

The tax is not really a modern term invented by the modern entrepreneur communities, government tax departments, revenue officers; the age of this component is really ancient & is not something that entered into the modern day world recently. The Shape and size of this term, ‘tax’, actually has changed over years. In the very ancient days, the kings, the emperor used this method to collect some income from their peasants, farmers but the face and features of this term then was very different compared to the features and most importantly its practices, procedures.

During the colonization, the face of it and the practices were again different to the practices used in the ancient societies. This is not something very significant or applicable only to the societies, communities, countries of this region, but is something, applicable to all the ‘colonies’ of then, recent past and it was something that the imperials used to earn income, their plates of ham and bacon, fill their treasuries, to cover all their inland living & other expenses, other than what they earned from the resources avail at that time. The percentages of tax payments that the peasants, farmers should pay to the rulers were decided by them, the rulers, and the imperials. Some of the practices introduced during the colonization were further continued and practiced even after gaining independence.

The rebels arose against every type of taxation was something very prominent and was significant in the histories worldwide, not only in Sri Lanka. That is the draft, summarized history of this component ‘tax’, tax payees, tax gathers.

What are the stories we hear, today, regarding taxes & Enterprise / Businesses?
What are the differences the citizens can think of this term, compared the days, ancient and modern, here and there of this world?

I think this is something the communities of enterprises fear of.  The Reason is apparent, sometimes.

I do not think that the tax departments wait till the enterprise grows to collect taxes. The Tax is something very heavily discussed, during budgetary readings and even after.

The amount, Income Tax that a person, company, group should pay vary according to the type & the size of the business, the laws describe things clearly. Yet, are those laws ‘human friendly’? ‘Business friendly’, entrepreneur friendly OR is it government Tax department friendly? This is something that needs to be discussed at every level.

Heavy taxes needless to say is something which slower the growth of enterprises. Some of the modes of taxes are very clearly defined and mostly, is it very clear to the tax payee and aware of what amount they are paying and for what? For instances ‘VAT, all and every import and export taxes.  Compared to those days of the country, today there is a group that shows their interests to set up, implement business of their own but fear of these taxes. How are we going to address this issue, especially if the government wants likes to promote local businesses other than the businesses of others? For instance CEPA.

I do not know that whether ‘high taxes’ are a myth that the modern governments indulge in ‘thinking ‘it is the only way to earn income for the government’, or is it a tradition they want to continue, practice, looking at any model outside to country?

Needless to say ‘even a tiny enterprise implemented by any individual , group / s is a helps not only for the governments, economies of countries, job seekers , by providing jobs for seekers, linking other business communities global, bringing in foreign currencies , but what some of these groups or individuals get in return other tax receipt as punishments?  

What some question is ‘why the governments do not support the communities with business interests but always come behind them after implementing a business using  the loans they have taken facing series of ‘ability to pay back tests’ of the banks / money lenders?

What are the indirect taxes they pay?

Stamp fees, the ‘interest rates’ they pay for the loans they have taken from the banks, (capital) the rates they pay for their ‘ commodities’ equipment, products, materials , machines, office equipment, they purchase or need before begin an enterprise, before establish a factory, office, etc , other than the amounts they should allocate for the rents, salaries of the human resources etc.

So, if you calculate the total amount of money they, the business communities pay as direct taxes and indirect taxes you would aware that it is not just a tiny amount but is a huge amount. This directly or indirectly affects the business communities, small, medium or large or massive.
According to some (surveyed / researched) the labor here is cheap and the availability of some of the resources, entity spaces, is cheaper here, so I guess naturally the foreign investors show interests to base here.  Yes, it is true that there are benefits that the countries can get by following such systems within, but how does it affect the local business communities, small & medium entrepreneurs?

What relief that the tax departments, relevant officials, policy makers could think of giving the business communities other than coming to their premises to collate taxes and with fine lists
Let’s help the already established business entities, the entities to be established in the future, for the sustainability of their businesses by reducing or adjusting the rates of the taxes they needs to pay and by moderating the laws already in books.

To be continued ………………