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Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The dignity, the Prestige of white house, # 10 Downing street and THE ARALIYAGAHA MANDIRAYA

Because you always take example and fond of taking examples from west and east of this world and their political plans and economic plans to justify or clarify things internal, local though it is not right because we all belong to different socio, economic, geographical and political historical backgrounds in this world map, i thought it is good to take some examples from the west this time to clarify what i m trying to say thinking that you would understand it better.  'Insulting a place, good things done, initiated by the present government, will not add any good to the political agendas or policies or thinking of the opposition candidate.  it is a cheap way to earn votes i like to say. 

I guess it is easy to understand and it is totally relevant if you try to understand the idea, the political policy hidden in the following things expressed by the opposition candidate Mr. maithripala Sirisena. He emphasized that by any chance if he wins what would happen to the araliyagaha mandiraya. He said that it will be a place where the creatures such as cockroaches, rats will be living in the future if he wins. 

The Araliyagaha Mandiraya is not just a place or an ordinary residence it is a place where a lot of historical decisions taken, memorable political discussions took place, and incidents happened. 

And it is the official residence of officially allocated for the Prime minister of the country but currently that is the official residence of the current president but he didn't let the official residence of  that is there for presidents to live to abandon or ruin.  knowing that taking care of such place is not just something ignored or neglected that should not be a place where cockroaches or rats should be leading therefore i believe justice should be happened to such places and such should be protected. 

My goodness who should give such people vote? those are not just buildings am i right? and those are not just buildings

If any candidate of America says ' i will let rats and cockroaches to live in white house i am not going to use it' who will vote for such a person that does not understand the value or the dignity such places hold? white house is a place where Lincolns thought slavery should be vanished from this world map, it is also place good hearted president Kennedy lived, and some expanded the house adding some areas to the house.  one of the west politicians, Mr. Tony Blair is one of my favorite politicians mainly because of his labour attitudes he didn't say just before he departing the place , # 10 dowining Street ' i will not let any other candidate to use the place i will ruin it before i leave. he didn't say anything like that.     
such things were said not because of anything but because of cruelness anger hate and political inability of the opposition candidate 

rdcH ks< ksjdihla wr,sh .y ukaosrh jeks wh;k ;uka n,hg m;a jqjfyd;a lerfmd;a;ka óhka rc lrk ;ekla njg m;a lrk nj mjik wfhl=f.ka Tng rdcH foam< fyda wfkl=;a foam< j, wdralaIdj fyda fjk hula n,dfmdfrd;a;= úh yelso ñ;=rks tfia mjikakg fhÿfka wfkll= fkdj ffu;%s vvuqhs lshd Tn bosrsfha m%ldY lrk ffu;%Smd, uy;d nj ud u;la l, hq;= kE fkdfõo  

tfia t;=uka m%ldY lrkqfha ffjrfhka To jevqkq is;ska nj ud lsj hq;=o tys we;s foaYmd,k ksmqk;djhla flfia fj;;a bka fmkajkqfha fjk lsj hq;= hula ;uka i;=j fkdue;s nj fkdfjhso  

What do you know about Decentralization?
ldraHhka úuOH.; lsrsu ms<snoj Tng we;s jegySu fln÷o tys we;s jdis wjdis ms<snoj Tng we;s ;lafiarej l=ulao

Like some ex ministers says for example like getting relevant loans for any particular authorities, where they have plans to be implemented, any projects to be enhanced, improved, in order to provide a better service applying for loans should be done by the main government but according to what the Ex minister power and energy says government has given such responsibilities to the relevant authorities government not appearing as the loan taker, borrower. I believe that is excellent I don’t think that every task should be shouldered by the head of the state and if any head of state does everything himself or using dictatorship using the power of executive presidency that is very bad. Even in decision making that is something that we should be feared of if others say every such thing should be done by the main government without really letting the other responsible heads to shoulder the responsibility if do so that will lead to malfunction of any institution even if you think of the load of the work it is a practically inappropriate decision.  but according to the ex minster P.C.Ranawaka such responsibilities were given to the authorities and according to him that is bad. What is good he suggests is that like a dictator even in taking loans , applying loan for instances relevant decision should be done by the main authority, the government.  I say that is dangerous when the authorities or departments don’t have liberty or not given responsibility to towards the inner or outer plans of the ministries, for example. It is not something like you see the main administration is staying away from the responsibility or handing over the weight of the work for instance getting a loan, to the departments , ministries what you forget here is any main admin system cannot be stayed way from the responsibilities of MONITORING part of the work and they should be responsible before the public that is mainly one of the main duties and responsibility of the top admin position, the president. so there is no logic in what ex minster says.

i.hsks rcfha ysgmq weu;sjrfhla jk mdG,s pïml uy;df.a we;eï m%ldYhka ;=<ska udyg jegfykqfha rdcH wdh;khla hkak rgl wdKavqjlska tys mrsmd,kuh jHqyfhka msgia;rj mj;skafk flfiao hk j.hs

rgl m%Odk mrsmd,kuh ;k;=r jk ckm;s ;k;=r;a w.ue;s ue;s f,alï ( wud;HdxY wdos úúO uÜgfï mrsmd,k ;k;=re;a osia;%sla f,alus wdos jHqyhka jeks ;k;=re;a ta wxY wud;HdxY ;=, ls%hd;aul jk ks,n, Oqrdj,ska  ms<snoj hï wjfndaOhla we;af;l= yg ta ish,a, tlsfkl neÿkq oïje,l mqrela wldrhg mj;skakla f,i f;areï fkdhdu mqÿuhls

tfia kï hï rdcH wdh;khla tys lghq;=;a tys by< m%Okshdg j.lSug neos isgsk nejs wmyg wu;l l, fkdfya jdraIsl jdra:d wdosh iemhSu WodyrK tys ish,q whjeh jdra:do bosrsm;a l, hq;=hs th hus wdldrhl .%ka:hla f,i wfhl=g mrsYS,kh l, yele whqrska wud;HdxY ugsgfuka mj;ajdf.k hkq ,nhs 

tfia fyhska lsisoq wfhl=g WodyrK jYfhka hus wxYhl wud;HdYhl uQ,H lghq;= ms,snoj jqj tys wxy m%Odkska tys uq,slhd jk m%Odk weu;sjrhdg j.lfuka je,lS isgsu l, fkdyelsh  tfiau ish,q lghq;= ksis f,i wOSlaIKh tu by< n,Orhdf.a j.lSuo fjhs

tfiau tu weu;sjrhd rgl m%Odk jHqyhg ;ukag mejrs we;e wud;HdxYho wh;a jk w;ru th rfgys wfkl=;a wud;HxY f.dkafkka tllg njg jegySula ;snsh hq;=h tfiau tys hus fkdlghq;a;la isoqjkafka kus jqj by< j.lsj hq;a;kag jdra:d lsrsu meyer fkdyer l, hq;a;la jkafkah rgl m%Odksfhl= tkus ckm;sjrfhl=g mejrS we;s j.lSus yd ieioSfusos wud;Hjrfhl=g mejfrk j.lSus w,am jkafka tu tfgys m%Odkshdg tu ish,q wud;HdxY wdh;k j, ldraHhkays wjika uqLH j.lSu;a ck;djg j.lsj hq;a;d;a t;=uka jk fyhsks tfia kus ;ukg mejfrk ish,q ldraHhka ksis f,i bgq fkdlrkakka fj;akus wdh;k wud;HdxY Tjqka mrsmd,kuh jYfhka oqraj,hka nj wmf.a idukH ms<s.ekSuo jkafkah

;ukg mejrek wud;HdxYfha uq,H lghq;= isoqjk wldrh ms<snoj wjfndaOhla tys j.lsjhq;a;dg ke;akus fyda tys wNHka;rfha isoqjk lghq;= isoqjkafka flf,iloehs fkdokakd fyda wjfndaOh w,am wfhl= flfij;a uQ,H lghq;= iusnkaOfhka oekuq;af;l= jkafka ke;s j.h udf.a woyi

tjka uq,H lghq;= ksisf,i md,kh lr .; fkdyels jq oqraj, mrsmd,lfhl=g wOSlaIlfhl= yg wka wud;HdxYhl isoaOjk lsisjlg fyda we.s,s .eiSfus iodpdrd;aul whs;sh ke;s jkafkah

hul ksis l%shdldrlula Bg wod, mrsmd,kuh jHqyh ;=< isg fufyh jk jsfgl ta wvq,qyqvqlus f,i wmydifhka W,qmamd fmkajd oSug wfhl=g we;s uq,sl iodpdrd;aul whs;sho bka ke;sjkafkah tfiau tjka wh uyckhdf.a m%Yak lsrsug k;=jkqfka ksrdhdifhks

tfia kus ysgmq weu;sjrhdf. wud;HdxYh jk úÿ,sn, yd n,Yla;s wud;HdxYh ;=< isoqjq uq,H wlghq;a;la ms<snoj .re mú;%d jkakswdrÉÑ ue;sKsh fmkajd fok ;=re;a ta .ek ;uka fkdokakd nj ye.ùu fyda fkdoek isàu hkq Th fldhs lrK ;=<ska jqjo u;=jkafka wfklla fkdj t;=ukaf.a wdra:sl kHdhka m%fhda.slj l%shd;aul lsrsug t;=udg we;s fkdyelshdjh tfia kus wmg t;=uka bosrsm;a lrk lsisoq wdra:sl kHdhl fyda jsia;rhl we;s wod,;ajh fyda we;s;ajh ms<snoj tlla fkdj jsYd, f,i m%Yak u;=jkafkah tfia jqj;a hulska lr werSfus kHh;a tu m%;sm;a;sh;a kus t;=uka fydoska okakd nj uf.a u;hhs

tfia jqjo hus rdcH wdh;khla jsiska .kakd ,o Khla fj;akus th wh;kh Kh jkjd tys j.lSfuka hus wdKavqjla usfokd nj mjikafka kus th w;sYfhka uqidjla nj t;=ukag fkdjegySu mqoquhg lreKla fkdjkafkah tjka lsioq j.lSulska rgl m%Odk mrsmd,kuh fyda j.lSfus neosfuka wdKavqjla ñfokafka ke; th tfia jSo ke; 

when the ex minister of Power of Energy, P.C. Ranawake describes or explains things attached to other main or sub admin  units, ministries its activities, or governing activities of the overall admin  structure called ‘ government’ he should be easily questioned of the activities and the mis functions of his ministry assigned responsibility. Example; he was the overall responsible person naturally of following tasks. Only some tasks and responsibilities are mentioned below. He was responsible like any other minister or governing body is responsible of their institutions responsible, its acts or actions, plans, very including the financial activities, financial management, maintaining its funds, allocations, what ever money, its accurate handling, expenses and profits earned, things saved for the ministry for its future sustainability he must answer as to ‘how was it possible if you are a that genius who knows to provide data of this and that, the reasons to for some money to disappear in to some other persons pocket or in to account (?), as the over all responsible person of the ministry you must know all those accurately.

So he explained that he was unaware of it right? If that is true, What is the worth of the economic rules and theories that he explained through his book alapalu if he himself was unable to looked after the financial matters of his ministry and if he says that he did not aware of the money misplaced or stolen or taken. How practical is what he discussed when he was failed to practiced the same when he was the responsible person.

Every single department or the ministries minor provincial or district admin bodies other than the private sector institutions entities every other known as government entity admin division institution is administered by the main structure, the main administration structure that is called a ‘government’.  State institutions cannot be lawfully excluded from the main administration unit called government or state. Correct me if I am wrong here. 

So the main government is not exclude from its responsibilities overall and nothing has happened that sort. Therefore what he said with regard to government institutions taking loans, without government's direct involvements become useless point. what he forgets is that finally it is the overall the responsibility of the government and that is happening.  And government is not mute in issuing any details attached to loans taken even though the people of this country very well aware that to start any development projects the ministers or any head cannot provide money from their own salaries or from their own pocket but the government has to find ways to repair, res begin, establish new projects roads , infra structure, or any massive projects 

If you say that the government is not appearing as the borrower or the applicant of the loan but the departments or state institutions does it what logic you are trying to prove? 

There is a way that each institutions functions and to understand you need to understand, at least slightly, of the government and its internal admin network system, for example 'how things happen within the framework of  ‘bureaucracy’, you might understand it definitely. Because things you express shows your poor understanding on things of the admin systems (for your perusal;   Head of state > Prime minister > other ministers> secretaries to the ministers > department heads> secretaries >  this is not the end it links up to every grass root level i.e. grama sevaka  > 

The Principal Administrator of the Government is called  (according to the system we follow and practice in the country we don’t have a sort of monarchy here)‘ the President’ 

These days you are entangled with the dream of achieving presidency therefore you have forgotten most the other things.
So that too revels something according to what the ex minister expressed what he expect is to even loan taking should done by the main  government with out really handing over some responsibilities to each ministry or department, admin structure .  he expected every decision making like even the relevant decision ( not possible to handover the overall decision making , are you aware of that?)regarding activities, plans taking loans should not be done by the relevant authorities but by the main government that gives us a picture of sort of dominant features of state administration, But when you see that tasks and responsibilities and freedom and sort of responsibilities are not decentralized and the  sole responsibilities are not handed over to the heads of particular sectors its also proves the same things but what is happening within the present governing strategies of UPFA is different to what he expect and explained.  When you see activities done according to a decentralized methodology you cannot say that is incorrect. That shows how the top level trust the abilities of their sub admin units and heads of such units. And that not only provides fast and efficient working environment the same can satisfy the service gainers of the relevant ministry.   

ñ;%jreks Tng u;lo iuyr wh ;reK Tng fokakg fmdfrdkaÿ jq oE ug kï u;lhs Tng wu;l kï fukak u;la lr .kag r;a;rx ud, fí%ia,Ü u;lo ta hq.h ;reK ;reKhsks ta;a Tng Bg jvd fohla wjYH neõ oek isáfha ljqo ÿkafka ljqo rks,a úl%uisxy ue;s;=ukao kE j;auka ckm;s;=uka Bg Tyq iduh yd ksoyi;a tlaldiq l,d

wdra:sl úfYaI{jreks tod if;di ;a wo if;di;a w;r we;s fjki .ek Tng if;dfia lsj yelafla fudkjdo 

tod Bg wod< weu;sjr .re rú lreKdkhl ysgmq weu;s;=uka .;a l%shdudra.h fya;=fjka Bg fl;rï mdvq isÿjqjdo

meh 24 mqrd wfya;=lj ñksiqka wjosj ke;s fõ,djl ta wf,js ie,a újD;j ;nd .ekSu;a fiajlhskag w;sld, oSukd f,i úYd, f,i uqo,a jehlrkakg isÿùu;a /hla ksosjrd isá fiajlhska osjd l, m%fndaOfhka f;drj fiajh lrkakg ùu;a jeks lreKq;a Bg wu;j tls fulS fkdlS ish,q lrekq yerekqfldg th ,dN fkd,nk wdh;khla f,i we;eï YdLd jid oukakg isÿùu;a Tng u;l we;ehs is;ñ 

tfia jid oukakg jq tla YdLdjla f,i oekg oshjkakd WoHdkh;a miqfldg rdc.srsh fmfoig fldaÜfÜ isg hk úg jï w; me;af;a we;s jid we;s iqúi,a YdLdj Tng u;lo 

ta tod wdra:sl kqjKh ke;akus lreKqh 

tfiau ysgmq ckm;sksh jk pkaøsld nKavdrkdhl ue;sKsh úiska nqÿ wïfuda uu oekx ysáfha kE tÉprla úlsKqjd lsh,d i;a;hs rdcH foam< jslsKsu hus rchla ,dN ,enSu msKsi Ndjs;d lrk ,o wdra:sl kHdhd;aul Wml%uhla f,i .sKsh yelso

rdcH foam< iq/lSu ta jskdYuqLhg hd fkdos /l.ekSu rchl uQ,slhdf.a j.lSu nejs t;=ush fkdoek isgsu cd;sfha wjdikdjls

ta kej; .ekSug hdfusos th mska ;ld lsisfjl=;a wdmiq fkdfok nj fkdokafkao ys;j;=ks ta kej; .ekSu wmf.a jdikdjls ta j;auka ckm;s;=uka jsiska bgq lrk ,oafoah

let me mention a few things to understand the economic policies and theories  of then Governments first and foremost let me remind some of the government properties that Ex President Chandrika Bandaranayake sold out total in number about nearly 10 government properties. Why? because the government was unable to manage such  properties properly (managing any entity includes everything) due to not only poor  economic strategies of then government also of inabilities, further that provides us a picture of their inefficiency with regard to economic policies.

And it is a sole duty of any head of any state to protect such institutions properties that is not because such things initially were built using the financial earnings of the country, such are people’s money. No head of state have ethical not executive right to sell any of such entities of any country therefore the same governing rules applicable to this country as well. 

Did she use her executive power to sold out such government properties? 

And when the present government had to win them back it was not easy because they had to pay more than the amount they were given when the things were sold out to get it back. 

I don’t know whether the ex minister P.C.ranawake knows whether the money from selling such entities went to any state account of any state banks or in to accounts ( personal?) else where? Any ideas?  

Can she justify her decision to sell the government properties not her own belongings?

furg ñksiqfka Tn wjosfhka kï Tng u;l kï rdcH foam< 10 g wdikak m%udKhla ish fm!oa,sl nqo,hla hehs is;d jsl+Kd oukakg lghq;= l, ysgmq ckm;sksf.ka wm wiuq Bg wjYH n,h wE ,nd .;af;a wef.a ;k;=rska wEg ,nd oS ;snq úOdhl n,;, Ndú;fhkao lshd 

th ;ukg ;snq n,;, wksis f,i Ndjs;d lsrsula hehs ud lshkj 

fjdagraia tca .Kqfokq .ek fjk wh lshmqfoka ta yeufoau u;la lrk tl ta whf.a j.lSula ug oeka we;s fj,d fï .ek ys;, lsh, ta ;rug ;j foaj,a b;srshs lshkag th furg jeisfhl= yegshg j.lSula f,i i,ld ud jsiska lrkakla  

Sathosa was one of the establishments that showed no significant improvements when the ex minister Ravi Karunanayake was responsible of its sustainability.

But the result was something different the institution lost in its profits due to the inappropriate decision taken by the then responsible minist er Ravi Karunanayake. 

For example he decided to keep the outlets open 24 hours due to this a lot of money was needed to allocate to pay the salaries of the workers, for example over time payments. Normal working hours of government offices is 8 hours but normally these outlets are open till 9.00 but when you expect them to work until morning the efficiency of workers get disturbs, they get bored not only about the payments but also to maintain the buildings 24 hours with all the facilities electricity workers refreshments, when not a single penny is earning is huge. those were definitely the reasons of its lost in profit then. I believe though I am not an economist I guess using proper economic plans, implementation plans is essential and it shows a lot about abilities, accuracy, applicability of the economic policies of then government the sathosa today is doing his job satisfactorily. I am right. The economists can say if I am wrong.

iqNidOkhla .ek wjfndaOfhka l:d l, hq;=hs

mska mä oSukd ÿmam;a hehs Tnj yxjvq .y,d tu f,an,h w,j, wfmka hefmk Wka WU,d lsh,d fmkak,d wmsg ta yskaod Pkaoh oSm,a,d lsh, lshk m%;sm;a;shla Tjqkag mj;ajdf.k hkag wjYH ksid tfyu fmdÿ wfmalaIl lKavdhfï Woúh hï hï m%ldY lrkjd bka ye.fjk foa fukak

b;sydifha tfyu ckijsh jeks oSukd oqkafka WU,d fmdai;a keye WU<g fjk lkag fndkag l%uhla ke;ehs lsh, ;SrKh fldrmq yskaod yrs tfyu isoaO jqk yskao lshuq fus rfgs W.% mx;s tfyu ke;a;x rdcldrs l%fus ;snqk yskaod tfyu WU,g jqkf lshuqflda lulakE 

b;sx tal yeuodu;a fokag fjkjd kus fldhs WU, ta lshk ÿmam;a lfuka t,shg .sysk

tfyu kï fldfyduo lgla wer, lshkafka taflka ÿmam;a;u ;=rka fj,d lsh, yeu jirla mdidu fok m%udKh wvq fkdjS jevs fjkjd kx ldrsh ta;a ;ula kE tfla hus idOdrK ;ralhla fy;=jla ;sfhkjd kus
t;a w;s;fha tal fndfyduhla whg Pkao iy;slhla tal oek .kag Tsk WU, 

b;sx tfyu ta .ek ys;kafka ke;sj osrsfhka ke.sákag wjldY yo,d oS,d miafia rcfha hemqï oSukdj fkdoS ysáhu ldg;a wudre wehs t;fldg WU, oSukdj,ska hefmkafka ke;s tl Wkag osrjkafka ke;s yskaod

yenehs tl riaidjlg udre fj, hus jevla ldrshla lr, .dkla w;g .kag ;ekg jev isoaO jqkdu tal fmakafka ke;af;a fudk wkaO;djh ksido lshkag uu okakE 

uu lshkafka iuDoaOs ks,Odrska jf.a ;K;=re .ek;a ys;,d 

tfyu ke;sj hemqus oSukd oS,d yrshg yd,a fmd;a jf.a ta ldf,a jdf.a ck;dj ysr lrkag wehs ks;ru hï Woúhla lshkafka o;lkafka wkak us;%jreks ta whf.a wdra:sl kHdh

b;sx yeuodu Tn ldg fyda hg;a wdKavqfjka hefmk Woú lrkakghs tfyu lshk Woúhg ´kE lrkafka

ta ksid Tn ta lshk yeu fohlau nqoaOsfhka ys;kag TSkE nj uu lshkjd b;sx ms%h ñ;=re ñ;=rshks fus ish,q lreKq  Tnf.a Pkaoh ,nd .eku flfrys fufyh jk tfiau fp!r /csk f,i ish foaYmd,k prs;h .;a pkaøsld ue;sKsh we;=¨ wef.a i.hkaf.a lKavdhfukqhs ffu;%smd, isrsfiak uy;dj ckm;s wfmalaIlfhl= f,i bosrsm;a lr we;af;a tfiau ta Khg .; prs;hla nj Tng lsj hq;= ke;ehs ud is;ñ

if any group , the common opposition says that government has reduce providing government charity allowances, remittances upto what so ever percentage that gives a good picture of the government

 what was the reasons that any government issuing such remittances that is to eliminate poverty situation of a country. If the number the beneficiary receivers increased annually that means expected target, eliminating poverty was not achieved. If it is continuing that provides a picture of economic dependency of family units. But now the picture is different because the government, with no difficulty could reduce issuing such dependency allowances to a fairly reasonable extent, after giving and establishing a better methodology for the earlier beneficiary receivers. That provides them economic stability than before.  
Without really depending on the stick of allowances provides by governments by following an introduced  strategy 'earn save strategy’. 

And choosing some groups, individuals they are appointed as samurdhi development officers and its a permanent position not like those days. They are trained officers and are from the same areas so that they can easily deal with the groups because they understand their socio economic backgrounds, skills, abilities and can identify their areas that can be improved and convert in to financial plans.  

They are given chances to earn economic independence. Then government should cut off the amount given as no profit earn in return allowances, for them the dependency allowance. the money saved through such mechanism can be invested in elsewhere obviously. 

And why some want to maintain the same list is understandable what they indirectly say is ‘ look you depend on us’ we pay money for your food and beverages so vote for us’ This government thought beyond that traditional thinking. 

They could have easily raised the total number of allowances or remittances charity gainers receivers just to get the votes. but they refrained from following such mechanism

For your perusal So the common candidate is introduced to contest as a presidential candidate is from such a group my dear friends that make faces because of the amount of money allocate to given as charity allowances, remittance because of fare reasons 

have a insightful day ahead! 

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