Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Friday, October 19, 2012

Potatoes and Tomatoes – ‘a way to be a ‘tomatolionaire’ ...................

From sauce to ketchups, chutney, Jam and cordial, cook if like the way you like or eat as it is. The appearance after sliced in to nice pieces, and decorating the salads and curries layering them on top or around the plates or on dishes – make you feel happy. You can try plenty of innovations dishes and businesses on ‘TOMATOES AND POTATOES. What do you say? Am I wrong?

Potato Farmer and the tomato farmer ‘ should know’ if the next friend is growing tomatoes plus the next and the next and the next and all are growing tomatoes ‘ the prices’ may decrease ‘ the demand may go down’ not go up. Nature. ‘Traditions are good’ and must respect yet old ways are not always good or applicable for everything.

Cultivating things ‘old ways’ or ‘friendly ways’ is alright but doing something better from the outcome or from the harvest ‘old ways’ are not good always this has to change in to ‘modern ways’ adding colours of ‘technologized’ marketing.   

Surely when thinking of the growing population ‘the number of suppliers of goods and food has to increase, locally if not have to import lets not import. The total number of things produce – currently from the things we grow better change or must see some ‘difference’, it is true that numberwise we need and like to see  big ‘numbers’in the processes of ,manufacturing or producing things but at the same time there are must think of things ‘the quantities plus qualities’ have to be good friends or mango friends even in the future for a ‘better tomato and potato future’ we know all these. The mango season is yet to come- what plans you have ‘the owners of mango trees in Dambulla, Anuradhapura or in Polonnaruwa , and small scale – Rata amba and Karaththakolamaban growers. We will in the future talk about ‘How to be a Mangolianiare’ no we should not forget ‘ Amba Pere’ ‘attitude’ – when the season goes faster than we can expect ‘ the ‘amba pere’ has to go and settle in a ‘different place’ comes out with a new technologized look.  

No I must not talk too much about Magolians today but about Potatolians and Tomatolians’ ‘the farmers and the customers’ the sauces and the ketchups and jams and cordial lovers and manufactures. I will try.

 This is year – 2012 (19th October)

 ‘We still think that ‘if my neighbor is going to start a little kade near the main road I also should start the same’ then the next is also sometimes thinking of the same. ‘If others can do why can’t I do the same’ and ‘if they can grow banana or papaya why can’t I grow’? If ‘MD’ can do all these in a very professional ways ‘do you think that I will not be able to do the same’?
We need to change this mentality I suppose. ‘we can do anything everything is possible’ no doubt ‘but ‘we need to have the relevant knowledge’ ‘ just having a thought in mind will not help you to become ‘ a tomatolian or potatolian’ ‘ read and learn the book of ‘technology’, the book of how to take care of’ ‘ how to touch the market’, how to touch the heart of the customer’, how to catch the mind of the dealer’ how to love the soil of the earth’, ‘what to do when all grow same’ or ‘love the same’ ‘ how to face competition’ ‘ how to go away from hazels’ ‘ the pests and pesticides not to use when feel commit suicide but to safe guard the ‘Tomatolians and potatolians’.  

If my neighbor is cultivating tomatoes can’t I buy the stuff from him and take them to the market or what if I start a little business like ‘making jam- tomatoes’ or chutney’- @‘home end’. May be your somebody or my somebody else can start a little outlet near a ‘no one is visiting ‘footpaths’ or kandak langa punchi kadayak daagena pelak hadagena kind of a place’. Stupid that is OLD WAYS of starting businesses ‘ Paalu paarawal wala driving igena gena wedak thiyenawaye’ ‘ must have a plan to start something in ‘PROPER PLACE OR @ a ‘ APPROPRIATE PLACE’ ‘ game kopi kade kind of a place is alright – at least in the mornings and evenings people gather there to talk about ‘townies’. All kopi kada and thea kada can start selling tomatoes- ketchups and jams I make at home plus chips – potatoes, as a side business. Agree?  A cup of coffee with some chips- Potatoes how about that?

No not potato bites I have no such plans. The Bars – Beer the most popular are closing and Milk bars are opening these days so I do not want to be a ‘failure – businesswoman ’ don’t you feel that this can be a ‘healthy’ start ‘collating tomatoes to catch the market of ketchups’ ?

‘Oh Corex’- Why these stupidlionaires adding something else hiding behind the ‘shelves of pharmaceuticals and kill people ‘ for god sake add some tomato or potato juice if have no choice’ ‘who has issued them the licenses Sir?

May be ‘Mr. or Ms. Whoever’ ‘old like me or young like you’ ‘Mary Or John’ ‘Kamala or ‘Wimala or Dotty’ ‘Boralu’ or ‘Galaya’ can start an outlet to sell my ‘home made ketchups’ & should try and keep a side of the table of jams and cordial some carrots and Salad leaves, additionally ‘just to give the lovers of home made stuff a little hint on ‘a healthy salad can do wonders for a  glowing mind forget the face, glowing –outerly.

May be ‘Ben 10’ can buy the whole stuff that the ‘Tin Tin grows in Nuwara or in Nuwara eliya’. I can suggest ‘Incredible Hulk’ to come and take all if like and start a little side business in his country in an incredible way’. ‘He can change the name or ‘add some advertising’ if like ‘ Incredible Potatolians or Tomatolians for a healthy life’.

Boralu you are so lazy sometimes just eat the fish Dotty cooks and do not think of growing some potatoes in the garden –home. I will ask Tom and Jerry to come and buy ‘I will design a little ‘leaf-let for you to go and distribute ‘only among friends’. Wimala will you call me if Galaya agrees to help Boralu. ‘ STOP thinking of trophies always and keeping them near your refrigerator’ ‘ how about refrigerating some fresh tomatoes darling dotty’  
Mr Patrick I have a little question to ask you. No actually it is a big question like selling potatoes. ‘Why we really have to IMPORT NOT EXPORT TOMATOES’ – I know that you have a ‘kade a huge’ in Panadura’. Sorry for using the word ‘kade’ now you run a big business how can I call it a kade’ ‘can I use the word ‘Supermarket’

Tony still loves tomatoes, Patrick I hope you still remember these things. Tony is from Spain. Hey Tony I saw you on Aljazeera this morning you were so happily fighting with Tomatoes not fighting for tomatoes.

See brother if you this fond of fighting with tomatoes we can send you some tomatoes that we do not want to sell here but do not mind selling in Spain. Not that we can not sell them here ‘we love tomatoes + Salad leaves+ green chilly+ lime (few drops)+ salt mixing with so gorgeously decorated with artistically carved ‘tomatoes’ served in a Ceramic plate made in Sri Lanka.

I am sure that the Hotel I like Taj Samudra’ so much only once visited  ‘one of the main menus ‘ SALADS’ – OF YOUR CHOICE ‘ do you mind dear Manager buying ‘all stuff tomatoes from ‘Weerasekera of ‘Bandarawela’. Just give me a ring if like I know weerasekera he is a man with a very brave heart’. I am sure that he will find a way to send tomatoes to your door step.

Mr Weerasekera’s brother, Mr Dimo is a good LORRY MUDALALI may be he will take the responsibility of transporting them to Colombo - Taj. He is such a cute man though people call him ‘batta’. (batta or batti we only call when we really feel so much of affection towards a girl or a boy’). There was one ‘batta’ that we EVEN HATE TO USE or HEAR THE WORD  ‘Thank goodness’ that we do not hear that word anymore.

Hello dear Manager ‘Ella – Wellawaya’’ Restaurant’ from where do you buy Tomatoes and Potatoes when the season of ‘tourists let you become so busy and busy and busier’’ You go to nearby shop or kade no ‘that’s bad’ why can’t you just ring mr weerasekara when his friend ‘Mr Baduraliya comes ‘that way’ he can ‘send and drop’ some potatoes there and go.’ Why not some tomatoes as well?

Why some say, always ‘no option’ AlJazeera ? Can’t we ask the ‘Guy’ and the ‘girl’ who says ‘I have no option’ while applying more blusher on her right cheek’ ( my words) can’t you just suggest them to grow some Tomatoes and send them to Spain. Don’t know whether the Spanish’s allows ‘or not allows outside tomatoes and take them ‘in’ for  girls and pals ‘in and out of Spain’ to fight with tomatoes. AlJazeera please convey this message to the girl ‘outdoor’ you spoke with.

Hey Girl,

It is sad to hear that you say ‘I have no option’ try and say always ‘I have an option’. I suggest you better try to prosper your life going taking some ‘tuition’ from a recognized ‘institution’ on ‘how I should change my business – ‘current’ that I do because I have no other option’ in to another business –better with a good option of earning dollars or pounds’ ‘ you talked bravely before ‘ Camera’ can’t you try ‘acting’ ‘ you can finally be happy ‘Senasura maaru Unaa’ senasuru Maaruwa’ ‘ Sikura aawa or something’ 

‘We respect you no matter what job you do’- acting is a good job and we respect our heroines and heroes’


Sandika –

And guy M’Juan (not his real name) I have no sympathy for you ‘ if you say ‘I have no option’ hereafter ‘ we will send you to ‘Haiti’ they needed ‘good strong guys in the battle front ‘ ‘ SELL TOMATOES ‘ OR POTATOES ‘for all ‘ ‘SURPRISINGLY EUROPE’ pls tell him Al Jazeera.

Where are these ‘we work for women’ ‘we want a better world for women’ ‘GROUPS’ WHERE ARE THEY HIDING. COME UP WITH SOME WORLD WIDE SOLUTIONS IF YOU REALLY WANT WOMEN TO ‘LIVE GOOD’ ESCAPING FROM THE ‘NON ACCEPTABLE ‘JOBS. ‘ they say ‘I have no option’ how about suggesting an option.

This is ‘no joke’ – seriously we need to think of ‘if all want to grow potatoes’ and ‘nothing else’ ‘ what can we do with them’ ‘ How can we use them without wasting them and not letting our ‘cultivated with tear and sweat’ of farmers and loans’ - ‘dear tomatoes’ allowing just falling and kissing the soil near ‘Tomatoes plants’. Can we do that? No way suggest something good the ‘expertees – Tomatoes and potatoes’

‘ The rule of ‘must use plastic containers for safe transporting of veggies, fruities and tomatoes and beans plus ladies fingers from Dambulla to Kilinochchi or to Paanama can be easily done + ‘stop wastage or do not let them getting spoil on the way’- is that for sure.

Who wants to be a ‘tomatolinonaire’?  

My contestant today is ‘very independent’, very ‘telewised’, so networked’ Madunika Karaputugala

You have already won ’10 000’ ‘are you confident’ or still so nerves
‘I am confident’

Here comes the 1, 25 000 worth question

What is the biggest leaf of the world – old? ‘ world – young’?

(A). Banana
(B). Tomato
(C). Coconut

Answer is ‘D – Karapincha’

So you think it is karapincha

Ok let’s ask ‘my computer’

‘My Computer’ please reveal the answer and confirm

She is right ‘you just now received 125 000

So you have won ‘Potatolian blue express card’

Here comes the 100 000 worth question

Oh I am so nervous

‘Do not worry’ you have come this far and even won a ‘sammanaya’ Madunika coz you are talented.

Just relax and answer the following

Name the God of war

(D)       Capricorn ( friend of Aries)

I think the answer is ‘B – Potato’

‘Not be tomato’

Oh you are so witty

[Laughing and giggling from the audience-back grounds]

Don’t forget if you fail to answer you will lose the moment of embracing ‘100000’ rupees

I will ‘call a friend’

Also you have ‘ask the audience option’

NO I will call a friend

I like to call Asela Bandaranayake

‘AAYUBOWAN’ Asela what is your answer’

I think she is right the answer is potato

Let’s go for a commercial break

I just called to say 7788 I like your program -‘Who wants to be Tomatolionaire’ and wanted to ask you ‘please add tomatolian and potatocrore questions next time’- will you?

I wanted to talk to ‘the guy millionaire’ but Sepalika was at the other end and said ‘I am watching ‘gee sara’ ‘try next how to be a tomatoliannire version’ ‘ how dare you disturb me shall I tell my ‘APPACHCHI’?





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