Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Monday, November 12, 2012

Budget 2013 – from an ordinary citizen point of view …………………….

I am an ordinary citizen. I can weigh things without putting them in to any political weighing machines. If one can weigh things putting something in to an apolitical weighing or measuring machines I believe we can see many facets or sides of something in many different ways. This world is full of ‘uncountable’ ‘things and people with uncountable number of desires and needs and wants. The nature of ‘humankind’ is that ‘there is no limit in the things they require or plans to acquire.  If you think of just general ‘subjects’ forgetting the sub lanes or sub topics or the minor wants that we derive from the major needs and wants ‘we can just have a clue or an idea’ of our never ending needs and wants  – take education for instance.  After our school ‘education’ we plan our next step of higher education this higher has no end or limit. There is no ‘wrong’ in these things I am just trying to think of this taking this sector of hopes personal as an example of our never ending needs and wants. I like to think that ‘our needs and wants sometimes go in parallel to the acceptance or standards statuses that ‘society’ gives for something
In what ever achievements that we aimed at in our personal lives - professional or otherwise ‘ it is very rare that we satisfy with what we have or what we get/GAIN in general’   

People’s never ending needs and wants will lead them to ‘un restful life’ I am thinking.
I can look at this in a sister point of view, I can analyze this as ‘a relative of a farmer’ point of view, a can support this as a ‘friend’- point of view, certain things.    
I am not going to touch the whole big pages of budget details – 2013 but few of the things only that caught my eye.

I have come to a conclusion after listening to the Budget – 2013 details that ‘ this will help to uplift / improve the MENTAL HEALTH OF PEOPLE’ to some level and also my idea is that we must find  a way as to ‘how to limit the big allocations we allocate for sector of health’ and redirect those money or invest them in some other sectors we all can think of such things as to what sectors or how we should do that. 

We will face no issues in future the government price decider/controller the lak sathosa will be reaching its 1000 outlets countrywide in 2013 that is a good news when it comes to food plus thinking of ‘good/better quality’.  If you set up more outlets people do not have to go to ‘privately maintain retail or whole sale shops’ if people doubt or think that there is no price control over consuming products or they charge the amount they want -in the sector of privately maintain outlets. They have the ‘Sathosa’ choice then.  And ‘corporative shops’ – there should not be any delays in getting the loads of food stuff or other stuff in reaching  the outlets – the loads that you send these outlets quickly finishing may be because more people depend on such places. 

And it is a very healthier decision that the Budget 2013 has taken this time to increase the allocations for health sector 125 billion rupees. But I guess we need to think of how to reduce the amount allocate and how to be invested the saved amount from health sector allocations in the sector of some other ‘development procedures.  How can we think of limiting the ‘budgetary allocations for ‘health sector’ that you keep to solve the health hazards, controllable or avoidable that we face (I am NOT talking of limiting the money for other investment or allocations to uplift the ‘health level of a person’ for instance – awareness, improve the services provide, better internal system of all health centers that government maintains, better or more seating facilities, more beds for wards  if they think that there is some issues in the very rural sectors/ areas.  
If you think of ‘ CHRONIC HEALTH ISSUES that we suffer in general, if you think of other health hazards MAJOR that we suffer, if you think of ‘UNPLANNED UNEXPECTED health issues that can be TOTALLY CONTROLLABLE OR REDUCED ‘ ACCIDENTS’ – ROADS OR OTHER WISE, if you think of the health hazards that we face due to lack of knowledge on general health issues like HIV or other hazards/issues that  lead ones life towards LONG SUFFERABLE LIFE  -dangerous DRUGs, if one can think of CONTROLABLE OR REDUCIBLE health hazards by ‘ MAKE PEOPLE AWARE OF MORE ON SUCH AREA. WE CAN SAVE A LOT OF MONEY.  We do not want to spend money on buying more beds for wards if the number of patients come and admit in the hospital reduces each year.

I heard that minister Maithripala Sirisena told that the ministry has decided to notify the patients as to how much they allocate annually or in generally per person for their health issues also he indicated that ‘for some health issues the government pay amounts like Rs. 140 000 per person am I right sir is this amount right?  I am thinking of how to improve their health without them stepping in to the premises of hospitals or the ways of improving their health in other ways’.

I am thinking how much money that a family spends in general for their health issues annually or monthly because some do not come to government facilities. If a member suffers from a chronic condition/s the situation is different I believe.  I do not know how much money we spend to buy ‘medicines’ generally from outside drugs manufacturing companies ( from India or from any other countries) do we manufacture any medicines we need locally apart from paracetamol or other vitamin stuff.  If the number of patience the doctors see daily in the government hospitals comes down that is certainly a good news when think of the ‘development of health sector’ –personal lives or development of personal health situations. The Rajya osusla is certainly a relief when thinking of the ‘good heart theory of Dr. Senaka Bibile.

How can we find a solution for CARELESSNESS OF TAKING CARE OF ONES OWN HEALTH LEVELS that is also another issue to be addressed but I have no idea how to start such PROGRAMS. I do not know whether we can start or initiated this at ‘SCHOOLS ‘( I know that this is currently happening because they are educated on the subjects like ‘HEALTH SCIENCE  any other we can do? Can we think of such things?   We need to think of each and every single unit of this our society and focus the issues that generally face due to lack of awareness on these things or carelessness, or ‘only focused on PROFIT SOMEHOW nothing else minded people no think of health of a person when it comes to ‘drug manufacturing’ (think of the recent incidents we face o do not have to name)   if we can non stoppingly rate the ‘food selling or cooking places small or big food manufacturing places to find out whether they ‘follow the standard or the accepted ways to manufacture or cook the stuff they sell- because majority of the people today due to their rest less life or due to very busyness or ‘ laziness’’ ‘people think of going out and eat’ or many depend on the ‘take away’ – outlets. Constant checking the places is it  mainly the duty of P.H.I officers (public health inspectors)?  

Again the other controllable issues such as Dengue barawa what ever health related issues or what ever way you name these issues – we can save a lot of money. Why pay then to import ‘this and that of bacteria’ from Cuba or from another place we can think of export our things we locally manufacture here – good stuff than importing such things.  CAN SAVE SOME MONEY’

School development societies here have a major and responsible role to play.
Yes, yes I agree that ‘home department also has a huge responsibility over most of the things. The wife or the mother ‘ who generally take care of the ‘kitchen department can think of ‘HOW TO COOK THE MEAL OF THE DAY’ protecting the health ingredients nutrients from  the things cook doing cut and chopping the way they like. This cutting and chopping I guess allows you t o protect the nutrients at the very beginning point of cooking. There are veggies that ‘you should not cut ‘heen heeniyata’ in to very tiny and tiny pieces, if you think of cooking them under the authority of controllable but do not think of sometimes controlling ‘fire/heat – flame of the cooking stove’ you will not be able to protect the ‘values of vegies’ – if you do not think of such things you will have to face such issues I believe. This is how we can think of ‘eradicating the ‘MALNUTRITION’ issues. Agree?  You do not have to intake such vitamins that we destroy in the process of cooking from the outside department or from the government health departments – this SAVEs MONEY.

Yes farmers you need to think about ‘using as much as possible organic non harmful fertilizers to cultivate what ever you think of cultivating this season or in next season Paddy or Potatoes or other veggies in a organic way please. See you will be getting FOURTY rupees ( Rs. 40/=) per 1 KILO OF PADDY YOU CULTIVATE ORGANIC WAY – you will be rewarding such a way giving a highest price for paddy if you think of such things , cultivate such a way.  This SAVES OUR MONEY that we have to allocate to solve health issues that we face – annually or every budget reading year. And please follow the instructed ways, the instructions given to transport the veggies or other food stuffs you cultivate – your yield my friends in a safer way to Dambulla or to Colombo Pettah markets or to the ‘Arthika welanda madhyasthaana’  . Saves money in an indirect way reduces health hazards the chances of getting spoiling your sent harvest to the towns until they reach our kitchen love department.

Even if you follow the non organic way at least try to have the patience to ‘use the eye/face protecting equipment’ hand glows  etc when using pesticides or fertilizer that the government issues you for a bearable price via the FO’s. Do not come to the hospital seeking treatment if you do not thinking of following the necessary guidance – they might charge you a ‘FINE.

I am not aware of the current situation are you still charging any fines from the ones who comes seeking treatment taking too much alcohol or for alcohol related health issues. Is it still the 10 bags of cements you charge or has it change?

AND the 25/% charge of tax or Vat for ALCOHOL OR CIGARRET import ( sorry friends who engage in such business selling cigarettes and alcohol we have no choice than thinking of every possible alternative as to how we can save money without  investing too much of money for the health sector. I am a happy sister I do not know whether my I doubt they use them regularly but even if they use them once in a way that is harmful.  Not good for their health. I do not know whether they will control the uses of such things at least there will be some changes in the home fronts I like to believe. 

So all these above discussed things IF FOLLOW or can be followed will BRING PEACE OF MIND TO ALL not just good but VERY GOOD TO MAINTAIN THE MENTAL HEALTH of all IN A VERY GOOD CONDITIONS.

Let me come to that little later or may be now.
Now according to the budget 2013 YOU WILL BE GETTING Fairly A HEAVY ‘TAKE HOME PACK – YOUR SALARY or more than what you getting now and this will support better MENTAL HEALTH.

These things SAVES MONEY in the long run from the sector of the health let’s think of allocating that saved big money for something else may be much more in development activities outside Colombo. Please do not touch the little, little gravel roads along the ‘weva’s – the tanks. They look good and healthy with an adjoining gravel road. I mean do not think of concreting them as well. So these things will motivate the hearts and minds of all at home fronts & all other fronts and saves money at the same time.

The Strikers of JULY 80,  age over 65 will be receiving Rs. 5000 monthly I guess this decision has already added uncountable smiles to their faces. Peace of mind. Thinking of health of our people this is a good investment. 

LET ME COME TO OUR FUTURE, the future of our country- CHILDREN. How this decision might change or the uplift the ‘health of minds of all’ – the parents will be happy to receive a pair of shoes for free. Another set of uniform material in the middle of the year apart from – what they get at the beginning of the year’ – THESE THINGS SUPPORT THE DEVELOPMENT OF A MIND OF A SCHOOL CHILD’ – improving health in a indirect way or one can say direct way -a better investment. In addition to that ‘ the free grains, milk, eggs’ for children this will no doubt eradicate all the early childhood health hazards if they face any issues currently – I AM NOT AWARE OF SUCH THINGS BECAUSE I HAVE NO DATA OR HAVE NOT READ ANYTHING RECENTLY but I can see this as a future investment - already.
Again I can note here - ‘The school children will have a ‘smiling education journey – the students of isolated school/s(?) because of the decision taken.

Welaawa nowaradawa
Bethi pem Upadawa
akuru uganiw kumaru sondawa

Please do not forget that I am NO EXPERT I see this as an ordinary citizen point of view. You may have a different view on these compared to the ideas - mine.   

 The decision taken to uplift the ‘Families – Ranaviru by improving and fulfilling their housing needs you have touched the hearts and minds of all I believe. No man or woman can say ‘why doing such a thing’ I believe because that is for ‘Ranaviru Families – the ‘heroes who sacrificed their time and family moment for us to enjoy from our living destinations in a safer environ ’. LET ME SALUTE ONE OF OUR HEROES MAJOR SHAVENDRA SILVA this moment we have not forgotten your efforts and contributions we will not forget the ‘effort and strength you had to invest or contribute recently and even in the past.
Eat right ‘think right and stay right – we can save a lot of money and invest them in another activity –I am thinking of “Osu sala – sections to be installed at laksathosa branches.  
The producers of various Peni hakuru and coconuts food products– (Honey and juggery’) will have a peaceful life that is because of ‘no issues - ‘permits relates’ when engage in the businesses and they need a ‘better market’ too. You should no your limit in using very sugary or very sweet things – thinking of health. This will give some relief for them sure again health improvements indirect way of ONE SIDE.   

HOW CAN I FORGET the relives that the ‘last time drought affected lands of paddy and the farmers with bit of worried face especially the ones who has taken loans from the banks to cultivate – they do not have to pay back the interest – A TOTAL RELEIF and until the next season comes MAHA they can postpone paying back the ‘basic loan’ taken, the promised installments.

And your promise to give the farmers ‘the seed – paddy’ they need for forth coming season and this decision was taken to compensate what was lose due to drought -‘another way to give a relief for them.  ‘Peace of mind’ is so vital in life.

Tea small holders – holds a big place in the big industry of tea I am sure. Any relief that they get is ‘so vital’ tea bring us – foreign currency. When the aadeshaka comes we need to monitor how they use advertisements sometimes – sorry to say what ever who ever gives if that will add some shine or some brightness to our economy there is no harm in absorbing them.  If you find any particular thing or a product a plant etc was introduced by or during colonial periods that is ‘no matter if that brings no harm to our society or to the people of our society’ I am talking about ‘alternatives for tea’ or kind of’. I see no good quality advertising in promoting a product if it harms some other big industry that many lives depend on , workers growers.  ‘Better or good quality advertising never harms a another product they just use their own ways to face the competition or they use or experiments as to how their talents can be used to promote a business or a product or ‘on how to compete with the other products’. They are careful about the words they use. This is my personal idea about I just heard a radio advertisement this morning about a certain product I disliked it. this is my personal view if something is good or that benefits a whole big society do not try to think of his/her ‘petikiriya’ or do not try to go search whether the person who introduced the things is an enemy or a benefactor – what we can do is appreciate.   If we can look at something avoiding putting them in to our ‘individual or personal levels’ frameworks and see them with a wide eye and a mind we face less problems I believe.  

I just tried to see this year Budget details above mentioned way though no one asked me my opinion. I thought what harm sharing my views with you all and I know that teams/groups/individuals/parties may hold different views or views opposing to mine or about the budget details – what ever comments should or will encourage the procedures to be followed in the future I guess better or critical views always brings good not bad.

Wish you all fruitful & discussion full week – era ahead !


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  1. Dear Sandika

    I agree with your whole article about Budget 2013
    it was very important for all of us.

    I think Today's society encourages overconsumption.In their endless struggle to find satisfaction through consuming,a great many people damage their own health and harm others.Drinking alcohol, for instance, satisfies a desire,
    but is a cause of ill-health, unhappy families and fatal accidents.People who eat for taste often overeat and make themselves ill.
    Others give no thought at all to food values and waste money on junk foods.

    People Spending too much money is only one of the smaller effects of drinking alcohol.

    stop drinking, saved a lot of money

    Dear sandika Good luck to you all and I wish you a very fulfilling writing career and lots of happy readers.
    Best wishes,

    Ravi Colombo sri Lanka