Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Friday, November 23, 2012

Reinventing 'LIFE' on the stage of ' excitements' 'rhythms' 'performances'- real or artificial

the legends who performed 'true' 'LIFE' in the stages of human audiences

legends will remain as legends and as ' life' teaching materials 'syllabuses' of teaching and 'learning' of our world of arts and performances.  The task of a true student of true performances is to read and learn 'every necessary step' carefully by referring the 'teaching guides' and ' teaching materials' 'syllabuses' above mentioned - the images. (Mr. Pani Bharatha (top)& Mr. Kulasiri Budawatte ( next image) 'the books of 're inventing' 'transparencies' of real life'. 


I asked. She explained

It is ‘belly dance’ ‘very attractive Tharuka’ who is so fond of that rhythm and the beat of dance explained.

A lovely woman with a well shaped body moving her belly here to there and she is moving her head very systematically towards the audience and next time she quickly changes her movements her hands, her fully shown legs, all that she needs to do according to a rhythm of some music chosen of their own choice. 

The lady who danced in the YouTube video so easily captured my attention
Niyamai ne akki

 “Fantastic no sister”!


Costumes ehema neda?  “And their costumes” she smiles.  She is watching every single movement with a very attentive look on her face. She does not want to waste her time – watching the dance looking at me and asking or answering ‘this and that’ of ‘that’ particular dance she was watching.

I can see and I observed that she is lost in that fantasy world of dancing.

No conversation took place afterwards.

 Yes all that is true and it is truly ok to watch such dancing items. 

She likes something and I like something else. She has the right to do so and I also have the same in selecting or listening to the music I prefer or to watch a dance, do anything I like.

Drama or dance, music, any form of  art our eyes expect to see ‘the best performers’ and ‘best performances’ whom we think that can entertain the world of ‘eyes and minds of artistic desires’ and give people ‘maximum pleasure’ ‘through their performances. And it is needless to say that how these dancers fill our hearts with so much of happiness and joy every time we watch them.

One can not just learn to dance.  Careless people can not learn to dance. I believe that impatient- minds or ‘no concentration- minds’ or ‘no time to dedicate -minds’ can not learn to to be a perfect dancer or a ‘student of this very energetic form of rythem’  these things came in to my mind when thinking of the legendary dancing ideologies/personalities/thinkers of our country. I have read about them, I have watched them on Tv screens what they say or how they express their views on ‘the term dancing’ or the how they became dancer/s true to their subject.  ‘PaniBharatha- the legend’ ‘ the Budawatte – the legend’ so huge and tall who ever want to become or go closer to their ‘height’ or touch the ‘highest’ level they have to practice the term ‘ sacrifice’ , ‘dedication’, ‘eye to capture the sounds and rythms of the surroundings of those who  ‘ around’  them and must listen to the mind beats or heart beats of the ones that surrounds them’. They, those who around you may give hints for ‘you’ – ‘the students’ necessary steps to be followed on right moment or right step ( dancing) to use in right moment’ in a very ‘total- full way’ ‘ all in one’ is rare but there is always a chance ‘if you practice something constantly’ ‘one can try to be a performer with a ‘least’ ‘skills’ at least but that is ‘no dancer’ others can call you no way.  One needs to show your skills – maximum, perform – fullest way’ this is applicable to ‘learning’ of any form of art or subject non – artistic categories.

Some of the world audiences were amazed at ‘ how some of our performers – world known ‘re invent life on stage’  so amazingly. I have read and watched some video clips.
The performer who plays his/her role properly will get the appreciation of the audience. We like watching drama, we enjoy listening to music but real life is not about just ‘music’ or ‘drama’ ‘you need to go search of it in music you hear or the dancing item you watch’.
The real dramas that we all have to play are different sometimes to the dramas that we see on a stage. Some times some of us are so brilliant in acting in the stage of real life. The members of the family, the relatives, the neighbours, the friends generally become the audience. Sometimes you are awarded with trophies for your achievement of your personal life. Then the ‘your family members’ become the happiest group you can think of no other group. They do it with no hesitation or no jealousy. NO I am not insulting the ‘good hearted audience’ please do not mis read me.

The gorgeous ladies who perform and entertain the audiences- world , the music the movements remind me of many things.

The sweat of learning the difficulties, its techniques teach people importance of many things such as ‘learn things slowly’ and sometimes with ‘difficulties’ will reward you with ‘what you deserve’.

Some times they dedicate their whole life for such arts and crafts on stage.
She is still watching the ‘performances of the artist’ – the you tube.  

It is good to watch a different form of dance to understand the best of the best in a better way.   That was the first time that I watched such an item of dance that was the day that we visited her mother. I was thinking that how much we can learn even from a kid, from the ones that very much younger than you.

‘I do not know whether she understands how a belly of a poor child reacts to the rhythm of hunger. It is not a dance. Sometimes arts and crafts teach us ‘life’. We all know that. It is not an artificial rhythm that comes within of a child this rhythm tells you something so different. You need to listen to that rhythm of a child very quietly but you can’t be quite when a child is crying of hunger.  Did you feed your child this morning or have you forgotten?  ‘ NO’ - mothers never forget such things. I know I just asked. ‘you need to maintain a healthy mind to be good in every thing you get engage in ‘art’ ‘science’ or craft’. For some, 'art and crafts' etc is 'all what they own' and earned in their whole lives /life and moments of happiness/es' nothing else i like to believe

‘The hunger’ one who fails to understand the rhythm of a hungry child no way can win the world of audience - art.  One should not limit his/her desires of improving skills or learning  to listen to the music of inner heartbeat of a child, but also of a man, a woman, a poor, ‘very bad’ ( some use this word with out knowing or forgetting very idiotically ‘how bad they are/were for some sometime back  or of yesterday’s things). That is the rhythm that one should learn to hear so closely to our ears and to our minds. Those not artificial beats are so painful and so useful in a way because that teach us the true feelings attached to ones ‘inner rhythmic expressions’ -true. 

Some dance to earn a living not just to fill the hearts of the audiences with joy but to full fill the desire of eating an ice cream of a little child, a frock or a shoe to his/her sibling relative/parent etc pay the rent sometimes, save some money for a house to built, buy a land, plan a business etc.

Kandyan, Indian, African, or Arabian, you can think of many forms of art and its originality they all are so unique and have developed their own identities these long years of human existence.

I am thinking sometimes ‘the uniqueness of using colours and costumes in such performances’  - some use relevant or accurate ‘colour’ to express the things that they can not show on the stage due to lack of time or to say something extra or to convince life in a better way. The titles of the posters, the fonts or the colours use in the posters they use – ‘says a billions of things’ – one needs to have a close a look at such things or have a close thinking of the artist perform on stage or the script writer – drama. They are very much conscious about such things. ‘the audience must read such things very closely to their heart I suggest’. I know that they do.

Nothing is identical when it comes to arts and crafts, dance or music. They are different but there is a possibility of showing some similarities for sure.

It is so interesting sometimes to know the stories behind some of those performers and forms of art.  Some happy building their kingdoms of dance and that become their whole world sometimes they name them or write them on stage for or ‘on behalf their children’, parents, and in the name of their beloved lovers let me not forget them here. That is a so rewardful thing to do. Dancing truly is an entertaining and mind-blowing field in the fields of other forms of art I believe. 

The dancers and the dancing items teach you things that you really can not imagine learning at a school or at a university etc.

You need to watch any item with a very conscious mind. Also I think we should not forget brilliant forms of art that we perform in the stages of our own lives One needs to think about the costumes ( above discussed) they wear, the music, the beat of the drums, the stories that they are trying to tell us. It is good to think of such things while we enjoy the drama that we watch or the dancing items that we see.  
Some dance not because they actually like to dance this is rare though. Not because they respect the traditions, not because they love the job that they inherited from their own ancestors, but because of money and sometimes because of ‘name’ and the ‘popularity’. Don’t forget that I here used the word ‘some’ not ‘all’.

Our country owns the legendary dancers’. I like to say that some of them are worth a country, a nation. That is one’s identity. Sometimes a country is so huge than it s people but when it comes to ‘art and craft or dance or music’ every other thing becomes ‘small’ before their talents I like to think right this moment I am re writing the essay I wrote some time back thinking of ‘both of you my little friend ‘where are you these days’? Forgotten your nadee akka alright that you have forgotten ‘me’ -understandable.  

The immeasurable values attached to these ‘sacred’ arts and performances/performers (this is also rare), think of the things they carry forward or  carries now, think of the burdens that it bears when it comes to ‘trying to be a dancer /performer- true to their heart and to the society they live/ not cheating the ‘ gurunnnanse who taught you ‘every step’ of such things . Think of the inheritances do not always think of the attraction you get from these things, I was thinking of the amateurs not the ‘tall and big, wide legends arts.

It is ok to watch ‘belly dance’.  One has to have the choice or preferences over ‘their selections on many things not only –dancing or music.  Ballet, Bharatha Naatyam, Udarata pahatha rata, or sabaragamuwa, ball room, one has to have the choice. And even in learning such things ‘ what is important is that ‘you have to be very true to your subject’ whether it is dancing or music, science, or maths – or other wise.  
I will and I should and at the same time I like to request let us not forget to pay respect to the dancers who died in the name of their traditions, cultures.

It is a good feeling that what these things add in to our lives, they help ‘all – human’ keep our/their/all lives alive.  I do not like to disrespect them, the legends saying ‘thank you’ for their contributions to the world of hearts and minds full of desires towards listening and watching learning good ‘performance of art’.   

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  1. Dear, Sandika

    Dance is the most immediate and accessible of the arts because it involves
    our own body. When we learn to move our body on a note of music, it's exciting.

    take care


    ravi ..