Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Friday, January 22, 2016

Yes, it is true, there is a way to say 'HELLO!' ......................

Human dealings are all about better communication. You don't really need any specific skills for an effective communication, to lead a better conversation. Telephonning is not just a style it is a passion. Telephonning brings you investments and many things more................... It is easier and faster. Brings instant results. perhaps it is no good to find de tours via telephone conversations , that is for life.

you cannot expect positive feedback or friendly feedback if you don't react to the caller in a more friendly way and similarly it is applicable to the receiver as well. what ever 'caller friendly theories you may know  applicable to both parties, the caller and the receiver. you cannot expect a friendly voice from the other end if you ask or inquire what ever you have in a more arrogant or unfriendly way. And if you are on a sort of a 'polite - line' and do not hear any polite response from the answering side, then there is a problem that needs immediate medication.

i always believe that your customer is the core resource of what ever entity you are engaged in. Take any institute provides Educational needs of people for example, Students are the most important component of such institutes, compared to any other resource personals working or providing services attached to them.  if you receive any calls from any level of students, you certainly need patience other than any skills in human conversations.

perhaps, you are in a very tired mood, working whole day none stop yet that isn't something important for your caller. what the caller needs or wants from you is lets say ' information regarding any of the services you provide for the nation

if you are working attached to any public relations handling space, then you receive various calls from various types , levels of people depending on their needs. often you receive calls from the parties that don't benefit from each  other, from either caller or from receiver. Still, it is a call you receive and it is no good to answer in a unfriendly way.

Do not try to judge the level of education or the level of knowledge of the caller or the status of the caller just by blistering to what he /she says or thinking of how they handle the conversation, the questions they ask. because it doesn't say everything about the caller perhaps it says something about your understanding about human dealings. sometimes one call may brings thousands of other callers plus investments / profit / benefits for the entity you are dealing with, you may never realise. words are the one of the ways that spreads or takes your institute, your service across globe. So it is hihgly important that you deal with your valued customers in a more friendly yet effective ways. It is not just that every business is important it is every customer is important for every business or enterprise we own in this land. What enterprise can sustain without happy customers. If you truly understand or learn this Mantra, i can assure you good sustainable business, enterprise with a satisfied profit. i do not think that you need to go for any voice exerciser to learn this. But it is good if you can learn 'how to communicate with your customers for instance in a more useful way that 'every call brings you something in return' , profit.

Do not think that it is easier to earn a profit without a human friendly, customer friendly conversation. Customer is the heart of the enterprise / business that you handle. Do not unnecessarily  run behind the words , every word has a meaning, inner or hidden, or outer other than what people think or use them as the meaning or for their needs in particular. Yet try to pick the words you know that you think would enhance your conversation and takes you to a better place from the state you are currently in.

I do not know what word is better when it comes to talking about enterprises, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship; whether it is business or enterprise.  i do not know what term entered first, into the enterprise culture of this globe; is it business or enterprise?

All i know is that if you do not think of maintaining a human friendly conversations with your customers, it directly or indirectly affects your business and if you are person depends financially , solely on the money that your customers brings then assuring the sustainability of your business in this competitive globe is only become a dream.
you cannot say, in this conversations are tapped or documents are hacked world, your efforts in maintaining good human contacts with every human you meet become unworthy. Do not think that you are using a 'dese hetiyata waase method' just because you find area differences in languages / dalogues or conversations you hear. Do not use a language thinking of the status or profession of the customer, in telephone conversations, use one language method for all or any type of callers.

Please remember the caller see no face of the receiver , so it is 'your voice' that speaks, represents not only on behalf of you but also of your enterprise / institute even though we all live in a very camera full, cctvised world.

let your voice and words too do some accurate talking and bring some good results to your institute in a conversational mode.

please keep this in your mind, customers is the key word of your success, business not just or only your professional certificates, qualifications you've earned or gained.

hats off for friendly communicators! 

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