Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Saturday, January 2, 2016

This essay is not about Hanuman Bridge

Government is looking forward to get the views of the public on the ‘New Constitution planning (?) to be implemented in the future, abolishing the Executive Presidency, the Baby of The Former Executive President J R Jayawardena, born in 1978. 

It is no bad to get the views of the public on what ever ‘constitutional change the government is expected to be implemented yet how you are planning to collect the views, opinions of the public is highly important here. 

You need to know from what categories of people, group, key informants; you are planning to get information from beforehand. The government is planning to appointed 24 members to handle the task. It is a huge responsibility.  

Just because India has a system where the Prime Minister plays the Major role of governing there country we cannot say that it suits to any other country. There are things to be considered before getting something established within this geographically independent land, such as  Socio, Political, economical, inner geographical situations.  

I am not fully aware of the reasons that why President Jayawardene introduced such a system against the existing system back then.  

I am not politically aware of the facts that he kept before the public back then, before when introducing the ‘Executive Presidency’ in 1978. According to what I have heard there were no such system to get the views of the public and that was decided dominantly and solely by the President Jayawardena.  

If he explained the reasons to abolish then system welcoming the executive presidency mechanism in the country, what were they?

 What were the weaknesses of then system, he mentioned? What are the differences of the system that is going to be implemented in the near future (?) compared to the system existed before 1978? 

What are the weaknesses that the experts, today can pointed out? 

What were the things expected from introducing such a system back then, that were not there before? 

What weight you can give to the new constitutional package to be introduced, if the government gets the support of the Majority? 

What if Majority do not support? How do you plan to establish the system that you are talking about? 

How do you plan to transparent the information you gather?

What is the weight of the Decision Making Power of the Current President, after cutting and chopping the wings of the baby, executive presidency, to introduce changed version of the constitution, even if the majority disagree? 

Who has the main decision making power, within the system to be implemented, the cabinet that is asking Rs. 20, 000 for each the meeting they have to participate ( 20 x 8 meetings annually = 160 000/=) to report to the authorities, to discuss what ever personal matters arises when dealing with public, citizens etc, any other parliament groups, the commissions full of officials , any civil organizations that represent the each and every citizen of the country?  

What are the general views of the public on current ‘Commission system’? 

Do they think or take it as an exceptional decision taken by the government and don’t think or suggest any changes? 

Do they take it as a sort of a ‘dominant, authoritarian system’ or as a very corporative, human friendly system or a user friendly, ‘justice’ friendly system? 

Before designing and introducing the new constitutional package to govern the country in the future as an independent, no dependent admin structure, the designing and decision making authorities need to study and try to identify each and every plus point, positive points, in addition to the negatives, weakness of each and every system practiced so far, specifically considering all socio, economic situations, facts, the ruling patterns of all Samagi Peramnu, Podu Peramunu, Sammuthivadi allies. 

For example, let me categorize for easy explanation purposes;  1948 – 1972 , 1972 – 1978, 1978 – 2015 

How useful it is to have a sammuthivadee aanduwak  or a government that exist today since January 9th onward, other than a single party ruling a country, like history explains?
 What are the challenges you see in this and that of constitutions practiced in the country so far and in the system you have already drafted?

 Any attitudinal or ways of working, attending to matters, addresses the matters, using coping strategies, budgetary introductions clashes with each others styles?
If so, how do you all deal/t with such issues? Is it easy or difficult?

What type of governing structure suits this country specially when a sammuthivadee or samagi peraunuvadee or nidahas sandaanavaadee anduwak ruling this country?

Is it something that should be designed considering the type of party, aanduwa , that rules the country, the nature or the type of the parliament system exists in the country, ( including total number of ministers for example) in the parliament or IS IT A SET OF LAW, (RULES AND REGULATIONS) THAT SHOULD BE DESIGNED PARTIUCLARY AND SPECIFICALLY CONSIDERING THE SOCIO, CULTURAL, ECONOMICAL NEEDS AND WANTS OF THE PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY in its all aspects, or else is it something that should be practiced for easy human management , easy provincial and district managerial purposes ? (This includes my answer as well)

What is the current situation of the sammuthivaadee anduwa, any quitted or chased away (?) from their departments, ministries? 

According to the Sources ( ada paper 22/ 12/ 2015) since 21st December new state minister for Provincial council and its administration , Deputy minister to handle the ministry of Buddha Sasana

Are these new ministries or the ministries already existed in the system?
If not what happened to the ministers managing the above departments.
Is that all?

Any new ministers to be arrived ? 

If so what are the reasons that the government can give the people, for ‘not having the originally appointed set of politicians up to date, until today? Is it a problem with ‘faith or loyalty?

President is  focusing on having a ‘SLFP government in 2020, I read? 

Is the Deal made between the UNP and other parties, before establishing the sammuthivadee aanduwa’ going to be finished or expired in 2020?

I read that some representatives challenge their opposition parties to show their singular winning capacities of forth coming election or any election in the future
It is little sad to hear they challenge others especially because we have seen how they struggled to win an election until 2015 Presidential Election, after the peramuna electorally defeated the 17 years of period. Since then , how many years it took for you all to join a ruling team? 

How fast they have forgotten the history of them trying to win the elections alone, and how they struggled?  It is no politically ethical to say so? 

What ethics no! when it comes to POLITICS , Perhaps it is politically alright though it is not otherwise. 

To go for any changes, the current government needs to earn and maintain the ‘trust of the public’, civil community. Yes, it is difficult for any government to do so, specially when they work as an ally and you have a very strong politically confidence and fit opposition to boost you very often. For any government, regular ‘strikes’, worker’s strikes brings little hardships and also it indicates how much they preferred what they have been getting or perhaps something lacking? 

‘ Kappaduwa’ is something you cut off what is already in who ever’s hand. Good governance includes ‘winning all categories, group of people, not specifically the workers or workers only. When people say they are against that the government ( water for example) deducted or removed some of the earnings or benefits given to them from their pay sheets. 

 Minister Kiriella ethically cannot challenge, the Estate Authorities asking the authorities to ‘handover the estates (their properties privately or grouply owned?) to the government, if cannot increase the wages of the workers, estate, unless you tell them the differences between increments and kappaduwa’ (ada / 22/12/2015)

It is true that every worker is a worker and they should be treated equally.
What I am talking about here is not that but their ways of approaching the issue.
It is not satisfactory.  

What if you find many others who are little or a lot hesitant to increase their wages as prescribed by the government, according to the labor laws, and if you find out that the employees are not paying for over time hours they work, or no money added to their provident funds accurately without really giving fraud informations though it is rear now in this Island? Can the government response to all of them like the way minister responded?

No, it is not practical  

You cannot ask the privately owned entities to handover their properties just because they do  not pay the ‘right pay’ to their workers, you need to have  a very strong mechanism to tackle and handle such situations lawfully.

Before saying so, the relevant authority first needs to study the difficulties they (Estate Sector) face or learn facts as to why they refrain from increasing wages?

Is it fair or unfair, the reasons they give

Is it an issue related the profit they earn, is it because of any sort of ignorance, carelessness, intention, any issues related to Market , other benefits provided by the government, etc, the government has to have facts with them? 

If the government thinks (according to the Minister) that they can take care of the Estate worker, why not try and pay the due amount of the worker without really taking the whole trouble of taking in charge of the sector into their shoulders. 

I read that in the future, the government is planning to limit the number of people seeking jobs as House Maids (?) and have planned to be appointed lawyers to solve issues related to such oversea employments.

Good. It is no bad but first of all the government needs to have a steady local plan to provide them earn a living. If you appoint a group of experts on ‘introducing jobs for such groups’, income generating plans for the groups that will be in house doing nothing, perhaps.

If you limit the number send for overseas jobs, the currency they bring in also stops. If you stop them going for over seas jobs, their household financial plans would most possibly collapse. If that collapses , it directly affect whole family, their income, the education of the Children. 

Then the government has to increase the funds allocate for the ‘welfare mainly of such group of people, charity etc. 

So they automatically become dependent which is not so pleasing to see or not economically accepted as a country but socially somewhat yes because that may minimize the issues they face as a ‘group of foreign labor force’.

So, thinking all those, how are we going to address the issue if you are going to keep that set of labor within the country? Is it the solution that we can think of?

If you cannot think of any other plans sustainable, suitable, you have no choice other than prohibiting them seeking over seas jobs.

Not only that, if you do so, the total number engage in organizing such jobs, working as job agents would be decreased another issue that may arise as a result of that, including all other teeny weeny jobs functioning around ‘foreign employment agencies / agents.
I am not talking about the money that the immigration and migration department loses , if it is not a lot, no big harm? 

I guess, from my immature point of view , it is good to a make a steady policy for not only local but also for international labor /worker dealers, agencies to secure the worker where ever in this globe. 

Specially when registering the employment agencies, what ever manpower name you give it to. It is very necessary to have a written agreement between the Government and employment agency. 

Further, it should reach the employment agent over seas and a signed copy must reach back the authorities, relevant.  

The agreement should enclose, all important things related to workers , their job security, life security, no matter who the employee , employer is?  They need to totally assure the protection of the workers highly including the humanitarian rights of the human.
I take this opportunity to thank the Saudi Government for stopping the punishment already fixed for the lady worker of ours recently decided to be punished for she having or maintaining an affair with a man known to her (?) and taking the decision to imprison her for three years, at least.  

At the same time I suggest, your Royal Highness, please think of adjusting or re-structurazing the ways of punishing people or try giving it a more humanitarian face cut.  I have no intention to disrespect your ways of governing your people but I guess there is no harm to respect what others practice globally. At the same time I fully agree that your set of laws should similarly respect the socio cultural needs of its people yet more importantly human rights.   
Your majesty, I believe that the time has arrived for you to re write the books of laws and ways of punishing people for their mistakes or what ever.

Thank you, your majesty for your kindness! 

My thanking also goes to all who took part in solving the issue on behalf of the lady and her family, country.

Private or public, the worker is the back borne of the country, protecting their rights is not a duty but is a sole responsibility of the government.

 Let me wish entire universe a respectfull, rightfull , meaningful new year ahead!

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