Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Monday, June 16, 2014

Fathima and Nazliya are good friends of Dharmasena, Shiva and Mary

(Following essay was first posted on footpath on 1st June 2012)

Shiva lives in Batticaloa. He comes all the way to Kochchikade to meet Anthony and then the two of them plan their day intelligently and they proceed to Ragama, Thewatta to meet dear Mary and then to Nallathanni to meet Dharmasena their dear friend who helped them during the time of their difficulties. Actually what they all want is to meet Fathima and Nazliya in Darga town  

What do they really do when they meet each other after a long time missed.  who wants to know? 
i am sure all who loves peace and peace and peace and peace like to know what their plan and why want to move ahead to meet Fathima 

Do you know what they do when they meet? They talk, they laugh together, they share the things they have carried all the way from the areas of their past.  Sometimes they cry but happy at the end. Thinking of the moments they shared before. And they forgive each other for the reasons and eras that they do not meet each other. They also forgive for the mistakes they made together.  Anthony one of the kindest of all explains things to his dear and near friend Mary, Ganesh the son of Shiva, Nazliya and Fathima the old friends of Mary and to all sometimes the importance of having ‘two hands to clap’ ……. They all listen to each other and respect everyone's ideas  i.e. they do not hesitate to respect the ‘ideas’ of shiva. They are good listeners. Thought Anthony. 

Dharmasena is so tender and always generous to  the ones come to his residence and thinks Mary is the most kindest but dear Mary does not agree to Dharmasena thinks Dharmasena is the most kindest of all.

Time flies listening to all these heart felt discussions of all the heartiest group of friends.
Shiva decides things for his friends the meeting days, solves problems of Dharmasena, Anthony and even Mary’s.

Anthony the most  clever in thinker of all thinks that Shiva is always ‘right’ in his decisions. Mary, the beautiful heart loves to hear all these things that the others prefer to discuss all the time and thinks the world is so beautiful like her and even when others bring news about any fight , any sort of she does not believe.  She always says ' we are not born to fight' 'we are born to become friends' we are here to love everyone not to fight with each other' 

All of them respect each other and they never forget to respect all the souls of their other lovely friends who helped them during the initial stage of their life and carrier.  Nazliya, and Fathima the dear neighbors the owner of another very talented friend ‘Luxmi ’ offers kindness and love to the entire world of their friends happily and tenderly. Mary thought quietly but thankfully.

All of them try to read their own images reading the faces of their friends and never forget to thank for the knowledge shared with them, from the bottom of their hearts and minds.
They talk of skies, the rain, trees, oceans, temples ( Purana and new)  churches, mosques mainly because Dharmasena always collects information of the OLDEST SHRINES of the country, because he is a student of history. and Nazliya knows this and always cut the pieces she reads and keeps them for him and give them when they meet for a chat. And Fathima's brother Hakim always likes to help her sister and give what he has collated as a student for his history and Peace and harmony development lessons at school, with no stingy feeling he gives all of them to her sister knowing that Dharmasena gets them. All of them do these having no jealousy or anger, in the hearts and minds of them that they have carried forward from the past they protected within for years, and years. Mr. Abdul Carder was one of the good principals they knew and was a good friend of the Nayaka Thero of the temple of 'Elamuthugama' of Beruwala. 

All these beautiful friends often visit the 'Dawatagaha gama' situated along the 'peace avenue of Aluthgama town and these friends do not have heard the word 'the tyrant' called ‘anger’ always likes to whispers the word ‘love’ to the hearts and minds of their fellow hearts, the never changing friends.

They fight over childish and silly things is normal …………. ‘This is yours’ says Mary…… showing a pen on a table NO! NO that is yours you can keep it………….. Anthony says ‘NO that is ours’ this pen belongs to all of us’ we all can use it. Dahrmasena smiles accepting all these
These are their moments, the memorable moments of sharing good thoughts and ideas together even during the times of their difficulties.

Anger gives nothing’ Dharmasena mutters this all the time …he is handsome and very smart in thoughts this is Shiva’s Judgment about Dharmasena … ……

when ever they get chances all listens to the Prayers of Mary, together when ever they meet each other especially in the nights. 

Shiva thinks the words that Mary speaks are so beautiful and admit that the words have some healing power. Anthony thinks the words that were written for great Vishnu years and years ago by their ancient teachers bring peace of mind to all of them.

Shuklam – baradharam Vishnum
Sashivarnam chathurbhujam
Prasanna vadanam dhyayet
Sarva vignopa shantaye 

Dear Mary understands things better than her other friends  Nazliya thought later listening to her explanation of the Vishnu Gaatha
‘ We really do not need to understand the meaning of the words to understand the things like ‘music’ sloka etc just listen to the tune composed that is enough.  
She is right no doubt thought Dharmasena and he tried to understand few words of ‘Geethanjali’ thinking of the Tagore the great poet of their neighboring vicinity.
Mary tried her best to explain the gatha from Sutta Nipata to Anthony and Shiva, Nazliya and to Fathima and to all of them ………

The future Buddha, Pearl of pearls
For peace and weal is born as man,
A Sakyan in Lumbini,
-      And thence our jubilation  springs ………… 

These are only a few words from the Sutta Nipata i think i need to read them again to recite before you when we all meet again for a chat, explained Mary.

What does the Bible say about ‘freedom from fear in troubled times?
Asked Radha (the dear wife of Shiva) 

Mohomad who joined them during their walk towards the temple answered

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind/'//'/ (2Timothy 1:7).

“How did you really remember all these? Mary was so surprised of his ‘memory’.
Dharmasena smiled and asked Mohomad ……. ‘Shall I tell you what I read recently’?
Ok listen ……

 Nun. By the Pen and what they write down! By the blessing of your Lord, you are not mad. You will have a wage which never-fails. Indeed you are truly vast in character. So you will see and they will see which of you is mad. Your Lord knows best who is misguided from His Way and He knows best those who are guided. (Surat al-Qalam: 1-7)

Shiva smiled at all of them so tenderly and appreciated and thanked all of them for all the contribution they made during the time of his mothers illness, without forgetting to thank them.

And friends do not forget that he also stated the best people are those who are useful to others’ these are not my words my friends ……..

The Prophet (saas) explained all these to me……. Shiva was so happy explaining all these to his friends. 

Every meeting is a life lesson; every shared moment is a lesson unforgettable.  Forgiving and Smiling are the most beautiful words I have ever learned from my friends and parents, thought Ganesha………….

May All beings be Happy!  
Sabbe Satta Bhawatnhu Sukhi Tatta ! 

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