Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Lets View the Protest against Mr. Al Hussain Visiting Sri Lanka

The Protest began at the ‘Lipton roundabout’ and it lead towards the UN office at Baudhhaloka Mawatha, passing the university of Colombo.

I will let you all view some of the moments i captured through the lens of my phone , while reading what i have gathered .......................

The objective of organizing the protest was to oppose the ‘visit and related reasons of Mr. Al Hussain. 

The Protest was organized by Mr. Wimal Weerawansa’s Party together with Mr. Udaya Gammanpila. 

The Protest was peacefully organized.  Many hundreds of people from various parts of the country, including Polonnaruwa participated for the protest. 

They were raising many questions not only from the Human Rights commissioner of the UN but also the government supporting that. 


They were asking the government whether they don’t feel ashamed of begging and kneeling down before them and to send the war heroes (ranawairuwan) to a war crime court by betraying the Ranawiruwan (the War Heroes) who fought to protect the country.

Further, they asked Mr. Al Hussain to listen to what they were insisting and asked ‘his reasons to represent (going shopping / kade yanne) the LTTE.

Also, the people gathered there were asking Mr. Al Hussain to return to his country. 

need no international war crime courts here

Marching towards the UN office

The People were gathered before the UN office

Do not take revenge from the Ranawiruwan , Do not want international War Crime Courts

Al Hussain is a shameless kuleekaaraya
Listen to this video though it doesn't provide a clear pictures

The Protest concluded after delivering a speech by Mr. Wimal Weerawansa on behalf of the people gathered and joined the Protest. 

Following are from the speech of Mr. Wimal Weerawansa delivered before the UN office. Following is not the whole speech delivered by him. 

“He has not set his foot on this country for nothing”. 

“He asked to visit this country during President Rajapakse’s period, in the decisive period, a week before winning the war.”

“They did what ever nasty thing they could to stop the war. Failing to do so, to be redivisioned this country united by the heroes, Al Hussain has set his foot on this country to implement a war crime court.”

“We have a court in this country”

“We can hear any cases here, for that, we do not need any courts of whites with white judges, white lawyers, white examiners / supervisors, the courts that give decision the way that the West expects.

"We cannot let them to establish any war crime courts in this country”

“What case they are going to be examined?”

“That is to investigate whether the war heroes have committed any crimes?

“What is the crime that the war heroes have committed, to take them to such courts?

“Only thing that they did was protecting this country by sacrificing their lives. The heroes won the war, widening the eyes of the west, who thought winning it was impossible”  
“We do not need such fraud courts in here.”  

We say, Mr. Hussain this is Lanka, not a country that has the sariya law is practicing.
If you want to investigate any war crimes, you must begin that from your country. Not only that go to Libya, go to Iraq, the powerful of the west, imperialists killing people.

Why cannot you investigate such? 

If you want to investigate any human rights violations go to such places

Today, they are here, this is a country won a war.

All three forces, civil forces, police sacrificed their lives to protect this country. 

Dear brothers, we say, your ones sacrificed your lives to protect this country. You have done so, not to establish any war crime courts here, 6 years after winning the war. 

Wikileaks was arrested. The UN has asked them to release him indicating that the facts against were not accurate, did they listen?

Are the west countries accepting that?

Did you inquire them about it?  

the speech continued ..................

The rally , the protest was a peaceful one

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