Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Maname way, Ekaadhipathi way ,Abudassakolama way,Wrushabharaaja way & jasaya saha lenchina ways of saying things

Premayen mana ranjitha we nanditha we
Pushpayen vana  sundara we lankrutha we

I like to see things in a maname way. I love that style. Some has the ability to say things in a maname way. This method of saying things is about 56 years old still this style and way of saying things is so new, always young and attractive valid even for today and I have no doubt even after another many decades or so from today, the moment that I write this explaining my views about this maname way of saying things.

This maname way is so young look same, hasn’t changed I like to think more here the ‘validity of the way of saying things of this particular way. The thoughts and things says using this role model – maname way valid for all years, all ages, many purposes, all stages of life.

There are also other ways of saying things that I do not like to use or hear others say.

‘Sandika you are definitely going to die tomorrow exactly at  9.20 in the morning’

i am human made of flesh blood bones I may die even before that is the reality even though no one can predict the exact date and time for such happenings -‘cannot predict’

People have their own ways of saying ,expressing feelings towards any subject they like or about other general things such as life and the things in life.

‘you can also say things in Makaraakshaya way or ekaadhipathi way, some have such ability to say things that methodical way.

To say things that one may holds within or people have to express I guess always one has to remember to use appropriate way in appropriate moments. Sometimes saying things in maname way may becomes inappropriate and ekadhipathi way may suits the moments or incidents, situations.

 One might disagree to what I am saying and may come and tell me ‘see lady we do not like any of the ways that you have mentioned here I only follow Kabuki way and Haiku way.  That is another way of saying things. Some ways are short and focused only on the subject no ‘other frills, ribbons, laces there to be seen or to  highlighted or to give it an extra ordinary look or exaggerate- full look, unmatch look, unnecessary look in to the things that they explain and that  is there way.
The ways of saying things always shows one’s maturity in thinking, analyzing, and how good they are in explaining things to the others what ever method they may use to explain things.

 As long as any of those ways do not hurt any hearts I think I do not mind’   

Some use many ways in their ways of analyzing or explaining ‘DWITHWA’ way is also a way that some use.

Some of course say things in MS ways (Mahagama Sekera, Malinda Seneviratne,) and MW ways Martin wickremasinghe‘s way,  KD’s way  ( Karunaratne Diwulgane) RH ‘s way ( Rohana Weerasinghe)

‘On eggs tenderly’ ( an article written by Mr. Malinda Seneviratne)  is one of the examples from MS style of saying things.

I do not mind using ‘Hans Christian Anderson way to explain things’ no harm no.  J. K. Roling’s way is a different way.  Jayantha Rukmani, Tharuka wasalamudali aarachchi follows her own ways to say things.  I use English my way I know that this disturbs sometimes in understanding things I say. ( I apologize)  

Gadafi or Musaloni or Hitler had their own ways of saying things or ruling states.

Though it is sometimes difficult to understand these and those ways ‘that is  a way that some says things or explains things’. We can not change things by force we really can’t go and say people ‘hey stop using your way use my way’ etc.

People can say things in any of the ways they like we can’t forget that there is another party always attached with this many ways of saying things.  Who are they?  They are the ‘readers, listeners, watches, viewers. We all belongs to one of the categories I mentioned here I hope you ‘ll agree? see when you are reading something you become a reader ‘listeners does not attached only with ‘Fm channels’ ‘sister sister discussions, parents, parents, friends friends, peers, peers all these conversations has something to do with ‘ways of saying things plus ways of understanding things.
Finally these other parties have saying things in return or in response to what we elaborate. This comes as a circle or in circulation mode. They might say or react completely different ways to the way used to say things. If you use the maname way to explain things one might react or response to the same ‘in a same manner or in a different manner like ‘wrushabha raja way’

Sense of humor is important sometimes in life. These things bring some change for life. Adds aliveness plus what is important here is that the ‘things behind this ways of saying this’ – there has to be always something to rethink, analyze, weigh or measure. Just saying something adding some double meaning in to it won’t be successful or not an accepted way I think personally and I think you also might agree with this idea.

There are standard ways like in using ‘international languages to explain things’ I know and I trust and I like to follow with no hesitations. I respect all those from the bottom of my heart.

But when some person comes and say ‘sandika you are definitely going to die tomorrow exactly at 9.20’ hurts no obviously. Aiyoooooo mama heta mareida aiyooo mama heta merunoth mokada wenne’ these thoughts might come and dominate my mind.

There is always a way that generally the doctors – medical says things to their patients. I remember how my father’s doctor explained things to him very slowly and I also never forgets how he exchanged those things with his daughter – me. He took a decade to explain that to me.

Therefore I think it is so good that if people try to say things in a non harmful way. If one is interesting to know ‘with out harming one’s mind.

Why not some always like follow ‘Abuddassa kolama’ way, Kapuwa kapothi way,

One might think that ‘Pura handa kaluwara way’ is the best way to say things some might disagree and might say No ‘Akasa Kusum way’ is the brilliant way to say things.

One can not always follow ‘Guru Gedara’ way to say things I know. 

As you know if one understands the ‘korner maana’ of life we live one can lead a good life or a successful life one might argue. According to what I understood Maanaya is ellaya ilakkaya aim for life vision, targets. Maanaya is totally different to maannaya and Abhimanaya is far distance from maannaya. 

I like to say something before I go on and on saying and interpreting ‘names and places or things’ when trying to explain this mine ideas. ‘do not just try to look at the name I have used from outside and decide things. Do not come to conclusions of the things of what I am trying to say here just looking at the title or name of something that I have written here as examples. As you are aware ‘if you just take the title’ and analyze with out looking in to the deeper side of the ‘content’ or what it contains’ ‘you might take me wrong’.

Here I took some titles to explain something my way. You may think that when I only write the title of something without explaining the content ‘I am not insulting’ there is so much of philosophy of life within and behind the titles that some uses.

‘Thaarawo igelethi’

‘Ibbek ahasin yai’

We also get chances to read ‘Abhawya’ ‘ unrealistic’ ‘illusionary’ sometimes fictions that are far behind the realities of life.  We know that ‘there is no haal or pol in handa’ and there is no any haawas there. Until Neil visits there we as children believed that ‘even you can bring ‘kiri peni’ from handa. But you know there was so much of things as kids we gained through the stories we heard as such. We listened to these stories with very wide open eyes  etc. we learnt things from such recitations.

 The realities hidden behind these unrealistic things are the most important thing to understand or to learn. If you just ignore watching the drama ‘tharawoigelethi’ just by reading the title ‘you might not understand what Mr. Bulath Singahla tried to say or share with his audience – fans.

I just tried to extract some of the lines from the songs that I have been listening to all these years

Thakkita tharikita uda pena natanna hithuna

Wakkada langa diya wetena thaalayata thiththa petaw uda pena netuwa

Nawa deli henaka pewa wendiri ruwa lesa uwamin denuwan rawata maa pem kala janapada kalyaanita himiyani mata kala noheka nigaa

Maa mala pasu sohen kothe duk geeyak liyanu menawi

Taj mahalak thanwanna beha mata (Jothi geeya) obe sehenahasata himi

Me tharam siyumelida kalu gal sithanatawath beri nisaa
Mama giya awukana buduntath des dun minisaa soyaa
Kala weva langa iluk hewanaka meti pidaka pedurak elaa
Ridum pirimadimin balai ohu merena ipadena rala dihaa

Some say things’ directly’ and some others say ‘ indirectly’ so either way is possible but to understand any of these ways one should have the ability or the relevant capacity to its maximum length.  There is always an art in saying things when you unique and different from person to person. There is some attraction in saying things ‘indirectly’.

‘The advertisements’ generally is a very attractive form of art I believe and it get the maximum attention most of the time from their viewers. Sometimes the advertisements that the particular agency make solely depend on the abilities of their ‘creative departments’. I do not have to explain it to anyone I guess some of the ‘advertisements’ that we saw long years back don’t you think that we still remember them? Often we remember both the ad and the product. I still have those things in my mind.

If you have the ability to say things in a very attractive way I think that is definitely a ‘plus’ point. Our ‘eyes’ generally like to see the ‘beautiful’ things. Those things generally catch our eyes than the ugly things. ‘The drawings’ of any kind, the poetry, ‘cinema’ ‘advertisements’ generally have many things to do with ones ‘creativity’ I love the things that will lead us to think about some practical things ‘differently’. The things that say directly do not get my attention that much. One should keep some space for the ‘viewers’, the ‘readers’, ‘fans’ to explore their thinking further at least a little I believe. I like the things that help me to think differently those things certainly adds some shine in to my life and learning.

Sometimes ‘the product’ gets the attention than the person who appears in the advertisement or in the production. As we all know the ‘product’ should get the maximum attention.   I have preferences even about the advertisements that I see or watch. When we the family or the groups of friends watch television or other things, we criticize things that we watch or see that is natural for some we give our maximum marks for some we make faces.

I personally think that anything we ‘create’ finally will reach to the ‘people’ of different generation, people with different abilities, different levels of understandings, different levels of educational background, people with different psychosocial issues.  What I like to say here is that one should try to push them forward to the ‘reality’ not to a dream world. Finally we all will have to live in a ‘real world’ not in dreamy world. When you wakeup sometimes you will not remember the dreams that you dreamt previous night again you will have to deal with the real world. Some advertisements lead us to live in a dreamy world than in a real world but fortunately most of us have the ability to understand the realities to a certain or I like to say to the maximum extent.   
But we should also not forget the value of saying things ‘DIRECTLY’.   You can categorize things if like and think of an appropriate ways of saying things APOLITICAL OR or and POLITICAL if you think of certain things or the issues that we deal with regard to our day today dealings.

Some creative things that we see or hear or watch gives the maximum ‘promotion’ to the product at the same times it conveys some messages. Sometimes about how important it is to ‘respect your elders’, how important it is to respects the rules of the roads etc. 

‘Dreams’ is a very dreamy word but I have a feeling one should not forget that ‘realities’ are generally gives us a different picture and it go beyond our ‘dreams’. 
There is a possibility sometimes we have no clue about whether we say things differently, directly or indirectly. 

I watch television to a certain extent; I have some interest towards reading the ‘posters’ or the ‘banners’ that I see when walking around. Sometimes some advertisements or the banners do not get my attention I just go passing them unnoticed.  For some, certainly I feel like stopping there for a moment and feel like reading them.

I have my personal preferences, I have my own ideas, views about certain things in this world so it is applicable to the things that I read, watch or see. These are my very personal views about things in general and I am sure you all have your own personal views about things I discussed. Let us watch things that we see or like to see with a good conscious mind I know that we sometimes have practical issues when doing things practically than saying things differently but we can try at least. 

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