Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Friday, April 5, 2013

YESTERDAY and day BEFORE YESTERDAY ....................................................

I do not like to compare days or moments or days with moments that is Silly. Like people the moments and days are not equal or similar. They are different, different in every way .Exactly like the seasons, hot or cool weathers you can not compare summer with winter both with spring. i have come passing many yesterdays and many day before yesterday before i reach this very yesterday and the very recent day before yesterday.

yesterdays and day before yesterdays will sharpen and shape up my 'today' and 'tomorrows' i have no doubts.  

I am happy the way that I spent my DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY though the reason is not very specific. one particular meeting i can name  I could speak to a ‘Knowledgeable’ ‘Historically heavier’, know well the language that our near neighbour ( India) speaks Hindi ( The master who compiled the HINDI SINHALA DICTIONARY) and knowledge  about the subject they engage in day today to qualitify the lives of their followers  talk or discuss, help people who come seek for various help to solve dhamma related issues, personal, educational , etc. a Dhamma centric personality of Siri Perakum pirivena.

I was planning to visit ‘PIRIVEN’ s of the country to get a different views of different educators on ‘ EDUCATION’ not just sticking to one formal side of education and its applicabilities or uses.

Education ( E – education and other on and off line education) brings people in to people this connects people  also lets not forget the other facets of education it is true that education people use for the benefit of the people man kind as a whole. some use the same  to defeat people (people use their levels of education for many purposes I truly believe) take the knowledge or the brilliances of making a bomb or weaponizing the world with the weapons manufacture ( who brought this bombing minds ideas in to people’s mind? i just do not want to categorize people in to two specific categories 

- the ones who innovated ‘non violence lanes  

- the  territories which manufacture weapons that has no limit in manufacturing them or ‘no rules specifically applicable  for the number of weapons or the people who manufactures such things that a one particular factory can made ( What is the position in US ‘ Dear  Avaaz please re remind the group you talk to will you. 

following i received from a group member of the Avaaze good to talk about such things i thought and it is not the whole message. 

Dear Avaazers,

Every minute of every day, guns kill someone's mother, child, or dear friend. Right now our governments are in final talks to agree on a global treaty to ban selling weapons to those that commit genocide. But with just 24 hours to go, the US is blocking the deal.

We have trade treaties on everything from apples to ipods, but unbelievably there are no global regulations on arms deals. Most countries are pushing for a strong agreement right now to keep guns from despots, child soldiers and drug mafias. But behind closed doors the US is trying to slip crazy loopholes into the deal, putting arms dealers' profits before saving lives! If we flood the US with messages from around the world now, we will expose their deadly dealings and could convince President Obama to back down.

We only have 24 hours until the negotiations wrap up. Click to take action -- let's flood the US with emails, facebook messages, tweets and phone calls now and tell them to stop the killing trade:


US first stop supporting such things then come to seek other resolutions ‘ human ‘ or man rights in outside to your community.  WHY WEAPONS for self safeness? SELF DEfENCE, to cut bread or cake and apply butter or icing, to write something on blood in peoples chests ? hope we can read  a good report on such findings first before that let people to research America, 

Nuclear weapons are a different topic a topic that some communities so loved to talk or discuss what is the way that people can nuclear weapons for the sake of MAN KIND ? who can educate me on that please i ask this because i have a very little knowledge on that side of nuclear weapons. 

learning sciences 

Scientific education for the sake of MANKIND any man can go wrong no when it comes to making weaponries ?  I have no knowledge on science do you use O2 ( Oxygen) to make or blast bombs or make weapons. To blast something you need nothing except the brain of how to kill or harm people. what rate the manufacturers can earn ( very profitable busniess no this weaponry making OH for a good sale what is the neccesarsy thing to exist or have r sustain 

can you answer i am asking the world community. 

the weapon manufactures ( 99.9) needs  WARS , terror, fights all over in every single premises, they hate peace, they want thugs to survive in the areas they are powerful, they want to view bloodsheddings all over, in short they want violence among ones own people , people fight with people, hate they want to see on peoples face all the time they encourage people kids to take not pens or pencils or artistic tools but weapons

 what so ever person needs in manufacturing such idiotic things ‘ nitrogen or hydrogen or sulfate or what so ever needs for such things we have the enough of knowledge THING IS WE HATE SUCH MANUFACTURING OUR PEOPLE WANT A GOOD GARMENT TO SEW, ONE GOOD THING TO INNOVATE, SOMETHING GOOD FOR HUMAN  our big sisters and big brothers , little masters and we have all types of masters who got enough of brains but most of our people ( our is a big word not classtrics or castestrics or any ethnictrics here ) know how to use when to use knowledge usefully, thankfully.  

We have the knowledge, technology our brains will teach you back ask them any do not think that we can not manufacture Mahindras or Toyotas ( we respect BOTH including other business and innovative minds) here we have the knowledge what we lack sometimes is the places for factories think of the population, all need shelters to live, places of education, places for other needs of people service providing entities, places for bus depots ( many uses public bus services still) how are we going to celebrate this new year I have no bonuses how about they ( Bus depot and departments friends of all levels will they get their salary in advance or little later. I know the practical issues as departments, as ministries, as sub ministries, sectors boards sometimes PEOPLE FACE ( people they too ) 

some things are very natural ups and downs in life is so acceptable how can one avoid such things but what we need is a long term firm plans ‘ how can a public bus services can be improved,  earn good profit how to compete with private sector ( important) it is not just the bus fare that is important the expenditure attached with the service ‘ fuel’ ‘maintenance costs’ ( all layers) human to machine, fuel we have to buy because we have no wells here other than water wells, rivers and tanks ah yes waterfalls.  Are we really wasting things within? How come profits are less or low and expenditures are high. What are the solutions for such things? Can we limit the ‘uniforms we issue’? Can we stop exporting extra buses for a while?   Can we educate everyone ‘do not harm any public properties (No! now burning things are not happening all over thankfully this is not year 1983, 87 or 89 this is 2013 (Thankfully)

What is the opinion of the experts? ( Unbiased unpartial, no ill will parties) 

for any industry ‘PROFIT’ is important not only for employees or employers how about the service receivers - core of an any industry. An industry is not just a ‘ one man or one sided ‘factory’ or an idea the machines too part of it other than the human machines and devises. And it is not just a responsibility of a palitha or palaka or sevaka ‘an industry, factory, company is a responsibility of ‘all’ involved. including citizens who love to see their people go up and up in the fields and areas that they are engaged in.

We need to think of the ways to improve the profit of this transport system – public sector.  These are not the things that you never knew or do not know but I am not trying to share my personal views how we can pay a pay pack on time avoiding some practical issues that generally any entity may face (public or private or world) remember some banks and other commercial entities had to shut their doors permanently because of the ‘economic crisis’ of the world faced recently but we survived. 

·         Focus more on busy roads ( think of the routes that more people are using public transport service and take the buses that just runs and replace them there
·         We can use old buses for non busy roads why because we do not have to go more turns on roads  when there is less people to use public transport  this is to minimize wastage ‘not only of the physical body of the bus’ also extra or additional things.
·         ‘who uses public services without really paying for the services ‘fines can be charged even a tiny amount that is from rule breakers  and then that amounts can be used for the benefit of protectors of the same service

·         I know that this is little expensive but some people prefers air conditioned services for long distances trips or destinations , journeys because people always like comfortableness in life from such things can we as a public service provider earn more profit ? I guess ‘yes ‘ is the answer.

I Can’t think of any other things at this moment because I am not an expert who is very knowledgeable about business or management. people should learn from people. 

Let me come back to ‘how to invest knowledge that one owns or have ‘educationally or institutionally very applicably.

Lets use the brains of bomb makers (you can use music makers to heal them) for the benefit of human in a meaningful way I am thinking of the ‘world knowledge because we have no such factories here and we have not given or allowed any space for such things.
‘How to handle or face enemies’, for such things too people need a bit of education not only booked or printed knowledge. All technological and Scientifically acclaimed (sciences of understanding human mind and brains) the physics of dealing right with them the chemistry of using right quantity of chemicals (for cleansing purposes only) or essences and flavours  as required.

They must know all the relevant ingredients or essence need micro to macro when it comes to knowledge, how to make use of them , important. lets kill the knowledge that harms people and give birth to the brains who always ready to help mankind. People do not need to own specific knowledge on ‘how to blast a bomb’ that is easy one thing that one needs is a terror brain and heartless mind. 

Kill all such things and let live ‘peace and useful knowledge’

that is the minimum requirement (qualifications) that one needs to be a ‘ good blaster ruthless mind and heartless brain or a brain without a heart ‘ –

learn how to be  a MASTER BLASTER not during IPL though , because we should not disturb them they need to have peace of mind to play a good game gentleman play at TAMILNADU? ( we can watch you via TV only you promise to give us CLEAN AND CLEAR PICTURES OR VIEWS WITHOUT ANY DISTURBANCES OR NO CUTS OR EDITS OF PICS  

for an amateur to be a master blaster it is not that difficult our masters are always ready to share knowledge they will teach you the importance of careful learning of the techniques and the strategies as to how to be a ‘ MASTER BLASTER’ ( Sanath Jayasuriya) Suriya is a good name and when JAYA adds at the beginning of the word suriya ( HIRU_ SUN) everything flow fully comes JAYA is nothing else it is ‘the VICTORY’ . 
I do not think that I can win if my mind always get entangled with ‘ weta uda ideas’ you know the weta is the fence one can not steadily stands on a  fence though it is highly possible to stand always firm on  a concreted wall /Bemma because we know for a wall we need cement , matals ( pieces of kalu gal ) water ( very essential  but we know right quantity and right quality is the most important thing in creating what so ever not only walls but also in building any building.

There are buildings of many types storied, one floor ones, different shaped and sized buildings, some are made of flesh and blood other than the buildings built on concreted pavements or foundations.  Some are unbreakable buildings but there comes a day that we all have to face the temporarility because of the truth called death other than that  when time passes every now things become ‘ruins’ naturally and such happenings are unavoidable. 

 People have the ability to use what ever remaining from the past for the benefit of the present or of the future, future of the children.  People (all categories old and neonates, little older or forever young or young) might or may use the ruins for the purposes they think is good or relevant. 

Some uses old ‘ruins ( can be used) or pillars for better purposes. things exists or avail in present the kids can use for the sake of the living beings whn they become little older than now there is no use for the dead (obviously ) we people have already innovated enough of methodologies to use the past (ruins including ) for the good sake of people’s future . it is very natural that some do not have a single clue as to ‘how to use past for the sake of not only the present but also for the sake of the future’  i am not saying that everyone do not have any clues but some ‘some have ‘ ‘some do not have’ ‘some have  no clues’  or lost in all existing or many clues  do not know how to use them or when to use ( including me ) how to use what and when,  or what is the best way to use past for a better future  whether it is to keep still just respecting the past or whether one should release the knowledge they have to or for the outer world for a different parampara ( generation)allowing young parampara to carry them forward to write a different page of history

( future definitely become history one day, any future become history any young becomes old, any new becomes used or thrown away, any present become old days of present of  same past) newness is there it is just the young become old theory this theory  works regularly or permanently or definitely.

my yesterday and my day before yesterday is my history of my today.

CHANGE IS A DEFINITE FACTOR, inevitable factor OF ANY life of HUMAN BEING in relation to any improvements or successes of ones life. It is same for the opposite of success. One needs to have a very steady firm objective to reach success.  Pleasing is different than aiming or achieving.  But for any pleasing, aiming achieving one has to concrete them with honesty. world is no longer valid when it comes to ones ‘private or personal lives’ I do what ever I think is good for my life personal and carrier or common ( there comes a time that a man has to think of common life every human is a part of public life, society) no one deals alone with issues or things in life, reason any human is part of a big society, community, or of a country, finally the world. Decision making abilities comes tagged with power sometimes but that is only applicable to out side personal agendas or territories’

‘SIRI PERAKUM PIRIWENA that is located in the heart of ‘ATHUL KOTTE  this is not only historically valued place institution, treasure. In the present we live, and every single kid, person, individual born in to this world has the every right to get ‘education’  WHETHER THE PERSON IS A CLERGY, PRIEST, MONK what ever name that one can use to describe the personalities that have dedicated their life to achieve spiritual ‘life’ or attainment  NIBBANA or swargaya – HEAVEN such things they too need good education to take religion from place to place from heart to heart, mind to mind, brain to brain. 

Ah eccentric is a totally different word compared to the word ‘centric’ I learnt today from the poetic encyclopedia.  When it comes to education and the uses of education it is the same. One can apply the learnt or learning’s for better not for any other unuseful things which has no use for self or others.

All the actions or any action or practice taken or follows by people around or centric to us affects one’s life such things are inevitable. And the results of our any action or practice return to self. The results of actions implementations, monitoring affects only a little to the public or to the people around us it is more affecting to the self.  
After talking to the venerable Madiwela Chandawimala thero I gained not only some insights but also some ‘things to be explored’ in future. I will come to that later. I will not write down any of the findings of my ‘day before yesterday.
Let me come to my yesterday for a while.

I met Ariyawathie who brings hopes and fortune to people an ( change)  agent of lotteries board (actually her brother is the agent she supports her brother there are ways to help siblings sometimes it is wiser to staying away from their personal lives but help them to come to a good level in their personal and carrier lives. she earns something from her brother I am sure and she said that she won a lottery ten lakhs and has now savings of 6 in her savings book good for a better future.

So she sells not sea shelves at any sea shores but SWEEP TICKETS  to people asking them to try their lucks or fortunes sitting in a little hut close to the rail way gate ( Nugegoda Junction ) the train went so fast passing me stopping me there at the hut of lotteries board for  a while giving me a chance to talk to her and I got an opportunity to share few words with her. Made a new contact ,‘a friend’ new one.  We need people for people that is the only politics I know that is ‘for people by people’.  Even the close ones siblings or relatives come later when you need any help on road. People on road the first ones to come and give their hand of help. 

I was looking for Somalatha Yesterday but met a different lady.  Somalatha works for KMC (Kotte Municipal council) she was absent yesterday. she was present in another place I was told not in her usual place.

That is all for now though I talked a bit ( a lot ?) about my day before yesterday and about my yesterday YET I am have not forgotten my long spent days or I will not forget tomorrow and my today.

Have a good day and a busy day!  




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