Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The power of ‘POWER TEA’-A Dedication note to the ESTATE WORKER plus all other WOKERS

( This is a belated ( Today, 02, May 2013) MY WISH LIST plus some refreshment ( Tea) served in a bit of cool way ? sorry about that) 

Thea pan dina dina wedi wediye beemen sirurata sepa wedi wei’

What is the best way to start this essay? Though I like to start all my essays in a bit of good way I am not always satisfied about the way I begin to write. This moment I thought of begin this note in a musical way though it is not a naval way because I have tried that way of beginning something.

Sweats of workers are for some, not so musical or classical but 
something that can be celebrated once a year on 01st May. The ways of begin something or end something is always unique to every person or every group, organization, party. Rallies may not always tallies the ‘pure’ ideas of venerating or respecting the truly working workers. But that is one of the ways all these years in the history have taken place or have practiced. There were very little ‘silent ways of respecting or celebrating ‘the day ‘May day’.  I do not know at organizational, institutional or society or state level ‘what number of issues ( are there any to be solved) that they may have touch to solve, or addressed or ‘ found solutions in their hand’ how many or what many ‘worker friendly’ programmes, projects were implemented or began yesterday.  I am not aware of the number of workers who came up with a list of things that needs to be addressed or yet to be addressed having a note in their hand to meet the ‘top authorities’ addressing following way

Dear Sir/Madame these are the problems we have’ or these are the things we did this far’ ‘thank you for taking care of the worker this far’. Did anything similar happened yesterday other than participating or organizing rallies, meeting the women at women’s organizations?  How many of you really met your own worker yesterday and discuss or share ideas or how to improve the organization we are involved in or engaged in. what are the things that can be done to uplift the organization. How many of you really meet the worker and the payee or the employee at least once a month or twice a month? Can we remember what we really discussed at our very last meeting? Where are the minutes of the meeting?     

Please pardon me ‘I am not at all against rallies or any other gatherings’ that too so important and a way to meet the truly working ‘worker’  

People value things their own ways or the ways that their hearts and minds says ‘this is the way our party works or the way we might work or must work’ ‘that is not a good way we should try something different’ ‘such ways are bad’ ‘some or most the ways are so effective’ ‘some ways are accurate’ ‘some ways are somewhat good people analyze things within and then come up with something better or worse. Depends.

I am not talking about the ‘old reports’ that we have already discussed. how many of you really met the ‘the grass root level’ workers I am not talking about one particular organization or a group that represent ‘ mahanuwara weli sangamaya’ or delgoda del sangamaya’ or kosgoda elawalu sangamaya’ in particular.
Again I like to say that I am not criticizing any of the ways practiced so far through out the ‘history of celebrating the May day’ I am just questioning?  

In the past, there were strategies, methods followed with regard to finding solutions for the matters related to workers. We talk of matters that the workers face in general but as WORKERS WHAT DO WE DO APART FROM EXPECTING THINGS FROM RELEANT AUTHORITIES. How many of you, me, they, all are honest to their duties? ‘ I say these things following the rule of ‘ thoppiya hari nam daaganna neththan amathaka karanna’ (if the cap matches wear it otherwise forget or ignore what I am saying) nothing to worry or nothing to argue ‘ what you all can say is that ‘she is very immature in knowing the current ways of working - wholistically all around the world’ again I like to tell I am just questioning.   We truly think only a tiny bit of the things that we ourselves can be done to improve to uplift our own levels in the professions.

We need to think of our part, role as well. it is not fight word to word or event to event. No organization can support just one person, group or a one particular section such things are against organizational ethics. No state can support only their party members ‘the country = all’. I notice some of the posters used have touched some colours and I can understand how and what such things represent. How some things get the individual preferences or become very individualistic. No good a labour have no particular colour other than the organizational or institutional colours. No private colours must blend in the things practice or implement. Personal stuff are totally and wholistically different to ‘common things’ and practices. I do not mix things with my personal confidential ( confidential Excuse me , NO J ) or carrier and other beliefs and perceptions or what ever, you name.   

What are the things that we might follow or currently following in our ‘duty seats’ to smoothen our own work without facing too much hazards in the work fronts what are things to be innovated to work efficiently or not so boringfully.

The team should DISCUSS’ together not alone or with one or two or particular, specific group all ;levels are important.  And who know they might have better or efficient ideas plus instant ‘ or practical list’ to be implemented immediately.

Efficiencies to ‘proficiencies there are things that we might think in order to ‘protect our professions’ AND our institutions. Worker and the institution are not totally or completely two different things they have to depend on one and another. Both the employee and the employer needs to respect each other.

This word RESPECT ‘is a very respectful word to my knowledge
WORKER SHOULD RESPECT THEIR PLACE OF WORK OR INSTITUTION ( EMPLOYER)AND in return THE INSTITUTION ( AUTHORITIES, EMPLOYEE OR PAYEE) SHOULD RESPECT their WORKERs. Employee and employer relationship is different to the worker - worker relationships ( co –workers). We must not try to depend too much on our co – workers, fellow workers or on our seniors or juniors in handling our work loads. Helping is different.

We can talk about right of workers and at the same time we too have things to think ‘what are the responsibilities attached to our duties then we have the complete right to talk about our ‘rights’.   
Occasionally we like doing things without inquiring or we do not think of learning from others good ways of doing things.  
So is this my note becoming so dull to read shall I pour some tea plus some cookies with some music from background?
 let me try to change my style of discussing things in to some teaful way or not tearful ok.

The power of power tea/tree 
Is that a song that everyone knows or only some generations know?. It is alright my friend to have a good cup of tea careful if you are fighting against sugar alright. (this is a advise to my little handsome brother as well)

Why all generations do not know all the songs and some generations know some songs and new songs but not old songs let me guess the reason for that I think it is because this music world is so huge compared to a single region, territory, community, village, city therefore I think they have to select and then listen. I guess we all my try and taste all flavers before sticking to just ‘coffee or tea’ or ‘pol pala’ ‘ ranawara’ or belimal wathura’. What do you say my friend Senel wanniarachchi the ‘good thought guy’.  

Yesterday, ( the before I started writing this essay) I just sat for few minutes to read the old papers, the writings I missed though I have bought the papers few days ago there I found few writings full of good information in one of them Mr Nimal Gunasekara reputed singer has reveled a lot about his thinking towards ‘current preferences and choices, and the uniqueness of the music of ones own’

This note I actually started  writing few months ago following was one of the ways that I thought of start this note wishing Mr. Holande ( I am sure you can guess the oldness of this note) good luck for his victory against his opposition electors anyways I thought it is alright to keep the sentences though the news has become very old by now

 All the best Mr. Hollande !  And Je t’aime France. I am sure the French love tea, our tea especially

Early morning a tea for some brings good thoughts no matter whether it is a Saturday morning cup of tea with a friend at a little café or a road side kade watching the ones go passing or ones who come to the eye sites alone or with groups or else Sunday morning or evening at a huge place with good name because of the industry Tea plus tourism’.  

Tourism plus tea, hospitality plus tea, friendships plus tea, good poems plus tea, good novel to read plus tea, plus and plus with any or many exciting events or moments, brings some boost or ‘power’ ( a different power) to any or many of here and there of the world. Some arrange peduru (mats ) parties with tea or juices of their choice any ‘ juicy stuff’ liquidized parties yesterday?
Some after winning something gives their friends parties inclusively some tea, some to celebrate an event , some for friendships, some to talk of old memories , to start new friendships or relationships talk about families, events, achievements, Tea can bring this and that of something at least
One should not mixed things with Power of tea with poverty
Tea of a poor may show a bit of difference to a rich not flavourlly or favorably the way of making it sometimes I m thinking of the way they serve it.

A poor may sip some tea sitting in the pila ( seating facility made of concrete or goma meti ( cowdung + clay) talking to his wife/husband/kids taking some sugar in to his/her palm.
Maybe you find no difference in serving poring them to a made in what ever territory or community porcelain or silvering or otherwise. Same tea one can have  at a star classed hotel.   

That is the ‘power of tea’.  It is anywhere everywhere ‘cup of tea’ some give it a personal look some give it a ‘common look’ that is the power of power tea.

Tea is a popular word especially in the Asian region I believe. Ours is a tea loving country. ‘Sri Lankan tea is popular globally. The world can easily recognize the flavor of our tea.

Power tree is different than this power tea. I don’t know whether it is good to talk about ‘POVERTY’ here especially after me deciding to talk about the power of ‘power tea’. Poverty is not a bad term thinking of the ‘power of the word’ ‘poverty’ it is popular than this powerful tea. ( ? am I right ?) Because that is an internationally known term or an issue for some part of the world it is sores in some part of the world, everything is comparative in this world. Yes I truly believe that it has so much power and some generally can come to power only if this exists (poverty) I strongly believing that.

Some of the power lovers generally celebrate their victories organizing powerful tea parties. (Liquor parties No! I doubt because the present GO is the implementer of ‘mathata thitha’ program.

‘This is not just an election’ this is the slogan of many or any power lovers who wish to enter in to the zone of power. I respect and venerate the ones who truly want to put fullstop to matha of any type (here matha is NOT the opinions )  
One can easily sell the essence of both ‘Power tea’ and ‘poverty’ I like to believe.

‘The tea leaves’ are so lighter but so powerful sure has the power of earning good money.  Anyone who has the adequate or required knowledge on ‘how to grow tea and sell’ tea as a business I guess can move out of poverty.   

Ceylon tea is very popular amongst all the tourists who visit Ceylon then and now Sri Lanka.

Poverty is a huge topic now and then not only for poor but also for others. Some think poverty is lack of Kaema bema saha salli ( drinkables and eatables and money) or no shelter , no big vehicle or no friends around all the time, no parties is a sign of poverty or outer shape of poor. Wrong it is not always true. It has a something different too a different facet I am talking about here.
I am poor in many, many ways or some ways not just in currencies or measurable materialistic stuff ‘ I am poor compared to the knowledge of the world, knowledge of people around me and before me. I am very poor compared to the book I read (half) today ‘ poem tree’ , I am very poor compared to the loads of word owners ( all languages) of this existing world.

I am a Buddhist that too is a balaya for me because that provides me spiritually and logically required and adequate ‘day today essence of power to live’   That is truly a balaya but I am a single person and I know that balaya (power) is not a matter of ‘how many people are there in the group’? What is the real objective of the group/or the singulars or the plurals , what is the real objective of a general organization forget tea for a moment. Tea small holders are one of the big groups we have though the group or the set of people we name putting the word ‘small’ at the very beginning.
Power Tea is totally different to coffee power or to Collin Powel am I right. My sister’s little friend chef also believes that it is sometimes good to mix bit of coffee when you make ‘milk tea’ to give it a different flavor. 

Let me talk a bit of something different but relates to everyway ‘I love the idea of estate bungalows’ the architecture, and the hugeness of stories attached to this historically introduced plant from the tea respecters, inspectors, innovators – the growers
Poverty is a kind of a sellable topic thankfully for NOT ALL who like touching this subject. It is researchable too non profit organizational way.
‘Tea’ is a not too small or not too tall plant but this needs so much care and attention.

Houses for Tea pluckers to every person who work at the lower level of the process was not so eye pleasing now the situation has changed a lot. Who hold the power of tea in the early stages of the planting since introducing? The big growers, the small ones were little neglected by who ever responsible. The labourers were not taken care of that much initially. Their houses were lined. It does not matter unless they provided with all the necessary facilities other than the ‘small dispensaries or the clinics within, 
The youngsters of the earlier paramparas/generations were little ‘we do not want to work as labouers though my father, mother, my grand parents and their parents worked here for years and years’ they had such perceptions, why? Because of the place that the outside society given to their roles played as a worker not just the comfyness of the places they lived.

I could not visit an estate since about three years but I would love to. I like believe that the situation there all the places must have changed for the good, better? I guess they had a minster who understood their hearts and minds I like to believe that the son of the ex – minister Thondaman still follow his father’s lane and help maximizingly to the estate worker not state level.  Talking is not always good practicing is the best medicine for any or many things also to work for them’ totally not occasionally. I don’t doubt just saying.   
Manual labour is more important at every initial stage of this TEA planting to final process of breaking them in to tiny tiny pieces and nicely packing them in to so marvelously designed outer covers and most of them are to be established locally at the shops of this and that type, hotels of star class motels to hotels, luxuriest - five stars what else the super outlets local of all owners – reputed, avanhal/restaurants, small or big outlets maintained by places belongs to corporations, what is the favmous place on the way to Matara ? Dunhinda to ella , ella wellawaya, Anurapura to Polonnaru, Dambulla to dimbulagala, Hambantota to Jaffna, Batticalos, vavunia, oooophs how can I forget my game kade ( village boutique)  and kade aiya’s kade, the place that Latha akka goes to buy tea, pare kade, weva langa kade, the kade which situated in Kumarigama, hitha Honda kade, ada nayata heta mudalata kade Ohhhhh sorryyyy ada mudalata heta nayata kade, kotuwe kade they do not sell tea ( Mathara kotuwe kade, there is one branch in kandy) I doubt they have any other household goods to be sold and then finally this so elegantly packed tea bags ( so tiny and so embraceable) plus tiny to small and big or all or small all or most like a cup of tea - sized tea packs ready to reach the ships that are always ready to bring this and that of any and many things from outside territories and take away the things demands from outside to our borders, territories - overseas to reach the markets international, Bengal to London, France to Spain, Alaska to Nigeria, hello Japan, How are you china how are the Islanders work these days – all is fine there no? FRIENDS no you two JAPAN & CHINA.

What will remain at the end friends? Honda hith( good minds)
So that is friendship that tea brings in to people’s dining and relaxing area, reading rooms, lunch rooms etc BUT exporting is something very different. 

Tea is generally a hospitality partner of all- world.
Hey! Coffee ‘what do you think’? Do you think that I have forgotten you? No buddy coffee too bring not only financially currencies emotionally some perfectionalisms in to our lives.
In may be few weeks time from now

I will try to coffee the world in a cup of coffee way hopefully with some elegantly layered chocolate in the middle - biscuits a side or with some Hawaian cookies munchi oh crunchy. 

Bunty or bubbly- Rani and Abhishek are you ready? Ohhhhps that is a film no it is alright are there any tea scenes in the movie can not remember better than a cigar scenes plus alcohol no the dear directors – all, world include tea scenes as much as possible J

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