Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Monday, May 13, 2013

On 'road side book shops' Affectionately and Tenderly .........................

Some writes books. Some prints books. Some reads books. Some says things about books: about its outer shapes plus looks. Some say more about its contents less about its outer shape and looks. So this some, somehow has something to say or write about books.

The books are a popular subject today than yesterday.


The books are an ‘everyday topic’ not getting old. The subject of ‘books’ are always new.  From manuscripts, write on what ever surface strategies used in all old eras to date ‘the books ‘improved’ from outside plus from its within.  

Size of the book; I do not think that it matters at all for a reader. What is important for a person who is so thirst about information, some new knowledge, new innovations science or related and medical, engineering, humanities or social sciences related information and knowledge plus every category that I mention here and not the volume of information that it holds and that is more important than its size.
The reader sometimes so much concern about the way that the writer or the author have presented the information. So that reader or the learner will not get bored of learning or reading.

The language; Yes it is very much important. I am not that much aware of whether science related knowledge should come to the reader only in sciences way or can the same science information presents in an artistic way ? not sure

I m not lucky I could not meet Mr. Arthur C Clerk. I have not read his books mainly because I have a feeling that I will not be able to understand the sciences that he discussed in a very scientific but in a very popular methodical way. I have read and have heard that he used a very unique way to explain them.   I believe that to understand ‘sciences you need to know the relevant terms of the sciences you want to study.  May be I should try reading one of them it is like ‘you are trying to learn how to swim with out jumping in to a swimming pool or a similar place. I am a fool to say such things without trying to read a good book that he has written.

I do not follow any particular methods here to share what I like to share with you all my friends I may jump in to a totally different thing that I like to talk of books and say about them.

Therefore I apologize you may feel little disturbed in reading.  

For some it is a business within a service. For some it is a service only. For some books are their sources of living nothing else. Some writes and designs the outer pages of them. Some says or defines all these categories of work related to books (?) giving them modern names or define them in a more advanced and grammatically correct or reader like way.

Some use the graphics the way they like for sure applicable way or relevant way. Rarely we find books that have not followed the content and designed the outer shapes and looks. That does not really show the talent of the illustrator, designer – graphic the outer cover plays an important role that basically the first thing that touches the heart and minds and brains too of the reader. It is like love at first sight thing when it comes to selecting a book.  I like stopping near a good outer shaped and designed book for a fee moments and then I decide whether I should buy it or not and I buy them but of course depending on my need only.  

Affordability is a different matter here. So the designers too have a big role that is to try and understand its content and then design it accordingly.
Some Illustrations I love so much.

Some big or small home pages are full of or half full of books authored by different , different writers, 
different, different ways honored books , most selling books, least selling books, most read books.
 Some buy books but do not get chances or time to read them leisurely or totally they keep them on a shelf or a cupboard. At least they buy therefore some others can read them when ever they found them or looking for a good book to read.  Some reads them so rushfully or on their ways to offices or while long journey, back home or towards homes.

In some or most of the reading areas you need to stand and read that are not the books but the books like papers ‘ reading is not a punishment but that says or defines, reminds something ‘ no easy to write, read or understand things’ properly or accurately  I thought.
So home paged libraries or collated shelves are different to the ones at ‘whole  big shelves, labeled categorizing accurately using the right terms – librarically, places.

 Some places are huge like some people, individuals  and they have a different names ‘ they are shops’ book shops’ that is the popular name we are using for a place that sells and keeps books. important. Home or mansions like places some of them are.  Some do not have a big place ‘. The books are kept in order to ‘not to be touched by any bit of dust’ all of them are glassed or shelved so pleasing manner. Feels like buying all of them as I discussed earlier ‘affordability is a different matter or an issue.
The road side small, small outlets hardly have a roof places are different to ‘big mansions like shops – books’.

There are few at least one in every city. Some sell them keeping them on the pavements I do not know whether people go more in to such places or to the big shops depending on the availability of the books and needs I thought later.

So at such places  some books have plentyfull affiliations, relationships, coordinations at least a bit with peck of dusts or lorries full of them. Such books or the owners have no choice.  But I believe that they have no worries relationships with dusty rusty road near places.  The way they have kept books at a certain place along the roads always busy are something to think.  Small shelves, not very expensive ones all in a one shelf not labeled they live in unity in one shelf all religions, all sciences, arts, short stories, naval novels and old ones, they all in one plus the ‘life stories of tall personalities. You can’t just look for a particular label to fetch a book.    No I do not think there are any dusty places selling along ‘super highways’ but only in cites like cities. 
So even while wandering all along cities or any cites you have the chances to visit aaraamayas like ‘araliya mal aaramaya’

So this particular aaranya  ‘ARALIYA MAL AARAAMAYA’ donated to the shasanaya by one of my heroes ‘ JAYASENA JAYAKODI’. His thoughts and imaginations always attached with some or many or any or at least a few of ‘realities – life’. They are unstoppably readable, writable in minds, arguable with self, questionable within. Wandererble where ever like without getting visas people or officers of immigration or migration will say ‘nothing’, no one will irritates  no one says things to face or back ‘ choices of a ones reading is his/her own worlds. Mr.  The reader is the pure decider of the book that they are going to buy. I can not decide the book that my sister should read. But I can gift a book that I like so much or think is good, to read it or avoid it is solely her decision.  Mr. Jayakodi is such a person he allowed me to wander here and there of him owned donated to sasanaya via not only through araliya mal aaraamaya but also  through some of his other books. 

So after so many years I saw this aaramaya have come to the city and reading  the faces and minds of the ones who runs and walks rushes , discussing this and that, watching this and that ‘sets of people’ different or unique to each other.

Some do not notice this aaramaya. Because when  last time I saw this aaramaya it was not so visible or could be seen with some of the other aaramaya , mansions , institutions formal or informal, registered or unregistered under social services act or institutions.  but in a way that the owner or any walker or a wanderer or a visitor can visit the way they like.  We sometimes do not notice these place not surprised people are busy with so many of their own schedules, plans, objectives, aims of lives. Not that they just do not want to visit such places.  I believe that  some may have visited such places more than once or many occasions in the journeys of their sansara.
Such walkings or wanderings in and out of this places aarannya or places of books having a purpose in their minds ‘have no territorial or bordering difference. I noticed. Whether it in Bolivia or in Russia or in France Che or Kastro , no difference. Ways and strategies and the objectives are the only things that show how different they are from places or people.  Different books.

Some, many, so many, majority, from all places of this world  have visited this our  land officially 
diplomatically or in other ways from Vijaya kuweni era to medieval to date. They have things to say each and every one who visited have various or different, different things to say. Their perceptions, their ideas, their observed things, the way they explains, see things differ from person to person. They analyze our people, our places the way they have understood all of them

People can describe things the way they want some do not really care about the real pictures they touch things from surface not within. Some books tells each and everyone who reads about our people a  accurate picture. Good books are like good reports. They contain no false information they are no fictions. They touch realities, real incidents and pic them and share they presents them with good proofs accurate.
The books says a lot about the honesty of the author, writer the understandings of the author or the writer of the situations, incidents, lives of people. no fabrications gets full marks.

People like designing different outfits for different people thinking of their body shapes and appearances same some write books that matches the interests of the readers, people. Some give what reader asks from them. Some gives what they think is good for the reader.  Some bring crowing princesses or prince’s near your mind, heart doors some takes you to meet a war hero of any region or a philosopher or a brilliant minds.
We have met so many of them so far. I am sure.
But how many of them we really remember and stay in our hearts and minds? It is not the talent or a issue of the author or the writer may be it is because the way we read them

Some have different names for their books not just the titles- meaningful. ‘Some teach people ‘criminology’ ‘psychology’ some teaches our people ‘ how to meditate’ how to learn A – Z of alphabet of a different language that we are not familiar with or have not heard about before. They do all these miracles via the books they write. Some teach us things while they learning something. Some know the subject that they talk ‘from a – z’ some know little and try to write only the things that they know. People like me have many things to learn. Therefore book writing is a far aim point for me. may be not in this janma ( birth)
I am wondering sometimes whether these books read us. I thought every time I go passing these places  they all looking at the ones who go passing them ‘facing sun and rain with no difference. These – road side book shops’ ‘paara aine poth kada’ so good places. So near.  

They are open only to the ones who go passing them or come towards them. They are not open to the ones who stays very far to them or distanced ones.  To read closely you need to buy a book no one can read a book while it stays on the shelf.  These road side poth kade poth ( books of road side book shops) I have a feeling although they are not secured among any shelves ‘ air conditioned’ , roofed , coated with preferred paintings places ‘ no huge sign boards or name boards ‘ ‘why need a name’ they have a place no big deal for them. They stay happily. Apparently the place and the provided shelf  is enough for them . What is the point places having names when they have no place among people. So this  ( Not applicable to every place or person ) such places ‘road side book shops’ holds no big name boards but they have that place to live at least before they go with a person whom they get so much respect no insult and try read them understandfully and totally . ‘ I am not sure whether they pay any taxes to the municipal council for using the space their’s.

Che  is not a unfamiliar name’ Knox may little strange to the new or young teens because he was very old when he stepped out of this land.  It is not a name that comes with A – Z of sciences sutras or do not come under any mathematics

Some were born in Germany, Madagaskar, or Italy and visited here and agreed to baptized in our local language ‘Sinhalese .

I did not meet English Che I am these days trying to understand ‘the Sinhalese Che’ I have met this Sinhalese Che several times.  This time he was carrying his diary and I am thinking how to understand the fights and contributions of him to his ‘Bolivians out side Bolivians battles. The ones he has associated through out his battles there or everywhere against inhuman not familiar to me may be that is because I m not a Bolivian but a Sri Lankan.  It is good to understand them and apply it to the societies that we live their experiences we must try and learn and understand and apply when ever needs them.

Che is different to the father of Hamlet ‘ Shakespeare’ or to the God of small things. Che’s media involvements with people was different to Shakespere’s how to compare. No use.
The books taught me all these.

Discounts given or give for books for the books to be sold from this number to that number but never felt like bargaining. Why they are books not garments that are wearable and throw it away when torn.
These books empowered me, still empowering me, taking me through Pasdun korale to Hath korale, to the guards of forests territories who were not holding any weaponry but the orders of the King. Voice was so powerful than any weapons. Robert Knox witnessed. Weapons along can not stop anyone at any point that is no point trying. Humanitarian wars are extremely different to the bloodshed other foolish battles some fights so idiot ways why fight when you guys have the total liberty to solve what so ever in four walls or within your private rooms or homes, officers, territories. Fighting bring nothing that ‘empty our minds’ .  it is like viral fevers spreads so easily. I thought looking at different , different lined this way and to the other way ‘ ribboned and leads with OOOOOphs very handsome riders in front J going away? Or coming home? That was little difficult for me to decide because I am not aware of their home site. Fortunately.
Some faces of books so attractive they are not mirroring enough of their inner lanes though. I thought looking at the faces facing me sitting at pare potha kade (road side book shop)

I am thinking how to write profiles of others accurately. But it is an exercise I am not sure whether it is a deal between the author, writer or the person who is willing to share his/her life histories to be written on pages for others to view, or agreed to sell later. no books are there under the categories or labels ‘take any we do not charge’. Every book has a price tag fortunately or unfortunately. Some sells personalities but that can be done only after agreeing with the personalities.  

Some sells ‘letters’ love and some are confidential so they decide to sell them for a huge currencies that is an exercise that sometimes the person does not know or that happen generally after the death of the person but getting the ‘ official or unofficial permission of the living relatives, close ones.   For instance person’s wife or husband.

Why ?

is it just because people are so curious about how they loved each other ( legends lets assume) or is it because they provide quotes love or any other for them to live healthily.
I do not know

May be it is because such things are easily sellable than life quotes.

Love quotes are sellable than any other things I thought reason not easily define or note here.
How and what Diana wrote to his last fiancé or to the ones before took away her life permanently ‘ a death too is a sellable thing often such thoughts too comes in to my mind with out any second thoughts.
 Who is the only qualified person to write ‘profiles’? Things may not accurately compiling when someone else take the responsibility to write. No one can compile my profile so accurately adding a – z of my life events the way that I feel. Can write because later proof readings can be done but I am thinking how to give it an emotionally or psychologically valid weight. 

The books of personalities: some are politically tall some are spiritually tallest, some are apolitically very nourished, some are so fat in ideologies. That is how the appearances of the personalities who were sitting facing towards faces plus once in a way reading the bus route numbers and the passengers.  They all are comparatively shows difference to each other. You meet short ones and malnourished ones too.
Zoology to biology of creatures of this big universe they tell you or teach you. Senses and understandings of animals to humans, their shapes and sizes one can learn from viewing pages but before that it is good to read the contents that save your valued time. Amazing isn’t it.

The page enclose of contents gives you a hint of the number of the page that has the things or the information that you are looking for you so after visiting the content page one can accurately locate the correct page number without visiting wrong pages.  Even they are paragraphed for the easiness of the ones who view them. Such things we called ‘books’ nothing else.

Year of first published and after versions all one can read because they are printed.  Fonts of author‘s choice titles of authors choice ‘we read ‘

Introduction, to last page comment give you a little hint of the content or of the inner pages but I like reading them without reading or listening to the ideas of others to get a thorough understanding of the content.  It is sometimes good to read last page last.

What is the book that you read these days? 

These days ………………..  I am reading ‘Che’s Diary’ translated by Ms. Malini Gowinnage.




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