Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Congratulations !!!!!

I believe that without trying to understand the ‘Pre - Socio, Economic, Political situations of the country that is before any leader/s were selected to lead the country, you cannot analyze any period of any ruler with regard to their Presidentships, ruling strategies or steps taken to develop or to solve socio, cultural, political and economic issues.   

Here I refrain from discussing the situations before UNP ruling period for some of the practical reasons 

But before that let me remind you all that I am a leaner not an expert so please keep that in your mind when reading this essay I wrote. 

I like to divide recent past in to three segments for analyzing purposes
01)The Ruling Period of Madame CBK ( Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumaranathunge)
02)              President Mahinda Rajapakse
03)              President Maithreepala Sirisena

Let me take Madam CBK’s period first

According to my knowledge she was selected as the President, by the people of this country, voting against then ruling party, UNP (United National Party) that ruled this country for 17 years.

The significant political changes, struggles faced not only by the UNP Party but also by the people of the country in particular, during the ruling period of them ( UNP), I can categorize as follows, in order to not only to understand the challenges faced by Madame CBK , first and foremost and also to express my views with this regard to the topic chosen today to discuss.

During UNP Period, the situations or incidents faced by the People of the country , and by the part themselves, were as follows ( according to my level of understanding)   
‘The JVP Movement’ arose against socio economical or political situation at that time

-       Riots ( example ‘83 July)

-      Some Workers Strikes

-      The LTTE situation began back beginning of 1976(?) , slowly and slowly

According to my view I can say that do not forget that some took the advantage of the difficult situations, struggling situation, uncertain situations of the country, from time to time, that is a different matter to be discussed or analyzed , considering the situations of past, history.
Even now, what you need to be careful of is ‘the people with ill willed minds.   Do not let such or keep any space to take advantage or make use of any unstable or no unity situations even for a shorter period of time.  
So those mentioned above, were some of the challenges faced by the Former President CBK.

People expected solutions for the issues that were not solved during UNP period.

If you memorize the list of promises that were kept before the people before the Presidential Election , that was by Madame CBK, ( Rea read if possible), such I can say were the things that were missing or were not solved during the period of UNP

I am not an expert therefore I can only ask questions from the experts, that know the subject that I discuss here, while expressing my personal ideas of the topic, rather fully trying to write what I feel personally of the changes occurred in the Political side, admin system or of the rights or wrongs of the implemented , established

What were the reasons for such, mentioned situations to arise? This student believes that answer can be framed or structured under following categories or segments; socio, economic, cultural and political situations

This student likes to share her views as well

According to my personal view, if you find no unity among various ethnic groups, between each and every ethnic group and if they misread each other, suspect each other (for what ever reasons), you cannot find unity in any of the communities you can think of.

Or else one can say that ‘there may be actual reasons for them to behave ‘mistrusting, disbelieving each other’. The Economists, Sociologists, Politicians and the other experts can think of the reasons

If by any chance, in any of the society or in any of the community arises, whom should they trust in solutions, who are the people that should handle such situations, effectively and accurately?

Is it the ‘People of the country’ in particular or ‘The Heads of State’ (government)

Who should take the responsibility of such situations?
Is it the people who live near sooriya kanda or in Pamankada?

I do not know. That is why I am asking this question from you.

Also please take 83 riots for example, analyze the situations , the reasons  

All what I am trying to convince here, before we pointing finger at any Leader for not changing the Admin System – old, or for unmet targets  or the constitutions that have been practicing since 78 or any of the existing Constitutions that were in practice even before, we should take some time off from our traditional ways of thinking or thinking habits, without really sticking, limiting our thinking in ‘narrow minded view points’, before, totally praising or criticizing any of the existed parties , governments for not taking actions to do so.

And think of the LTTE situation at that time before she was selected as head of Country.

How old was the issue back then?
Can you calculate?

She was handed over the big Chair, with LTTE issue, unsolved

Within the content of her list of strategies, She tried various ‘Negotiations’ (Refer Negotiating Peace in Sri Lanka)
With regard to that this Student refrain from asking question all the time but likes to say that she was cheated by some of the ‘Peace Talkers’, Mediators (my personal view) that she trusted

And the LTTE often broke the rules or promises during the ‘cessations’

Am I right the experts?

Some of the groups, The Mediators (Peace) that she selected or her government selected (some of them) , contributed to strengthen the situation by giving financial Aids (as well as ‘ Weaponry support?) and some countries kept space for them to grow financially, so it was difficult to defeat them , by using that strategy that you all very well aware, called ‘Peace Talks .
But what LTTE did was providing a different picture of the parties involved as peace talkers

So during Peace Talks, they became fatter, in their activities and expanded their net work all over the world.

So considering all such facts we can say she failed to achieve Peace in a sustainable manner, eliminating the LTTE fear totally.

But compared to earlier situations People were happy of the other socio, economic, political situations of the country to a certain extent, I can say.

I think during her period or little before the JVPiers decided to contest for the parliament without going in to any armed strategies. Am I right?

In what year they decided to contest for the parliament for the first time?
I believe that she leaded the country, with a good assisting Minister, Including the Prime Minister at that time. 

She too didn’t think of changing the ‘Existed Constitution’

Were there any suggestions or requests from the sides of the People or to abolish it, back then?

Yes, to some extent, I guess?

I am not going in to say anything any further or trying to analyze it very deeper here about her period of ruling
I guess what I pointed out is fairly enough to understand what I m trying to say here

Then, after her ruling period The Former President MR (Mahinda Rajapakse) was selected very respectfully by the people of this country as the President of the country, after Madame CBK

How old was the LTTE issue back then (2005)?

How widened the net work?

How strong they were?, Needless to say.

The Chair and the responsibilities of LTTE, unsolved were handed over to the hands of the President MR in 2005

Other than some of the socio economic , and political expectations of the people of the country back then, what people expected from the President MR was to solve and defeat ‘the LTTE fully and totally ’ and bring sustainable ‘peace and harmony’

It was a challenge, do you agree, People?

So during that time, the LTTE was getting massive support world wide, they became fatter not only financially but also in other ways.

He, using the previous lessons learned by the leaders – ex, changed his strategy of facing the LTTE issue in order to solve it fully and totally.

He knew what to do, when to do in order to solve the issue.

Who is disagreeing to what I am saying here?

He used his executive Power when he had to decide ‘whether to continue with the same strategy used by the ex leaders (Peace Talks for example) or else whether to move on to ‘humanitarian War’ until defeating and solving the problem

He as a leader gave fullest liberty for each and every party involved as members of Armed forces or as Civil Supporters

He took the decision to continue to use his Forces ( at that time apart from the Leaders of armed Forces, was he the chief of the ministry of Defense as well? (if I am not mistaken)

All I know is he as a leader of the country, didn’t interfere with the things of the battle fronts and provide all what they needed, weaponry including  
His Government, his group, All Forces, Civilians succeeded in that effort of winning the war against terror, do not forget that was under his LEAEDERSHIP

Without trying to be cruel, give him the credit for what he did.
He fulfilled the Desires or expectations of the people of the country, with regard to ‘bringing sustainable Peace in to this country by defeating the LTTE

Yet, still there were challenges and threats that were faced by the Government (SLFP), that were the external threats such as ‘Diaspora, The LTTE supporters as well as the Political enemies of MR

Every Group that was supporting the LTTE became an enemy of MR and his government.

His pictures were burnt by the LTTE supporters in some parts of the globe. Yes, some supported MR world wide we should acknowledge and appreciate every single person supported

Yes, according to some ‘The Issue was solved internally but not internationally or globally. Some of the big chairs of the big organizations, I fear not to tell, supported such net works existed directly and indirectly and in public.

Most expected MR to leave the position and go home. 

And at the same time, some groups tried their best to remove the banned label from the list of terror groups considered as threat to world peace situations

I believe the LTTE also got the support from the groups that had similar aim or an objective like the LTTE

They tried various tack ticks to remove the label , like mentioned earlier as well as some challenged the Peace we won after 30 + years of suffering period lived in fear, facing unstable socio economic situations arose due to terror activities of LTTE.

Now the country is peaceful (2009) and then the SLFP government started the next phase, ‘Development activities, High ways for example, various development plans.

I think about 90% of the issues of roads of the country are solved.
Though this is a tiny country, I do not think that the Government received 100% support from every provincial leader to full fill the objectives of building roads for example, internally. But, Yes Compared to past what they initiated and implemented was a massive achievement.

I guess , he didn’t received support from some of the leaders of the world due to their admin or dreams with regard to governance or political desires when implementing certain projects such as Chinese contracted ‘Trade island’

Earlier it was appeared as ‘any environmental issues but something politically or regionally significant

So every supporter of LTTE is even today (2015)still thinks that MR is a tyrant. Understandable

I say, if there are any disputes or issues faced in handling things, it is so dear to accept them but not for the things undone. You need to explain everything to the people of the country, specially because I can say and see that some of the things are totally a POLITICAL DRAMA

Or else Please clear everything and let people understand you’ erasing misunderstandings in their minds. Prove them what ever necessary.
Alright, President MR didn’t change the constitution like some expected.
Until President MR decided to go for an election, considering what so ever situations everything was peaceful.

The Ministers were with him, engaged in their duties. NO signs of them moving out or stepping out from the Party, happily enjoying all VIP facilities.

Am I wrong?

Then the President MR was good otherwise they should have thought of moving out of the party no?

Alright what happened next?

After choosing Ex Health Minister as Presidential Candidate by who ever, The Battle began.

Though the President himself earned 58 lakhs of votes individually ( the majority of the MP’s supported the SWORN candidate), Candidate Maithripala Sirisena became the Next ( current)Executive President of the country.

He was handed over a country with NO TERROR Fear and with massive percentage of roads developed along with some of the implemented projects.

He does not have to worry, do not have to think sleeplessly of the things that other ex leaders had to think or worry , such as ‘how to solve the LTTE fear or terror

Am I wrong?

Therefore, He can totally and fully engaged in changing the constitution’ with a peace of mind, a mind free from any fear of any terror attacks during sleep or when conducting a meeting in the parliament.
I can see that his strategies are different to both Madame CBK and President Rajapakse.

No point to trying to read them physically or from facial expressions, that is very idiotic.

Alright, Now the 19 A is in progress

Congratulations!!!!!! let me congratulate the President for handling the situations using his power so smoothly

And then the challenge is ‘how these Commissions acts before people keeping their personal agendas at home before coming in to the commissions offices

They should be highly MONITORED; otherwise people may get in to other issues.

Please make sure you do not keep any space for such situations to arise
So I believe ‘Without really trying to understand socio, economic, political and cultural situations of the periods of various leaders, you cannot provide a total picture of any socio, economic, political situations and keep them before the public.

This note is to be continued ……………………


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