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Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Financial Attitudes of the Government – Current


I am thinking of the age of the new government though I know that the government is not new anymore.  According to my memory now the baby is almost three months +old.

Any baby to become mature 'financially' it takes time yet it is different when matured ones are planning things or implementing things. 

It is very important for any government to maintain ‘financial fitness’ that is not only to maintain or continue any of the government’s activities, to pay salaries, increments but also to 'maintain the economic moral of the country and its people'

There are ways that a government can earn profit or save money exclusive to 'credit or loans', donations, funds

But there is one thing that any person should remember, that is; you cannot safe your money without really investing them. or you cannot increase the 'number' if you only guarding what you earn or have.

Sometimes for the money you invest you cannot expect instant ‘profit’ but takes little time to earn them in return, plus profit

For example, if you invest any amount of money to build a road’ how can you directly expect to earn the money invest or to show a number ($or Rs.) as direct profit from the investment, I am thinking

But such things surely yet indirectly benefit the ‘economic segment or the economic sector of any country

I know that my essays normally read by ‘educated’ set of people therefore I believe there is no reason for me to write the ‘indirect ways that some of the investment uplifts, helps to ‘increase the quality of its sector or to improve the ‘financial sector’ of any country in numbers.

But I like to name few of the areas that you don’t earn some profit directly or instantly

‘If the government is planning to build any building for a school, I do not think that you can earn any profit instantly but that may indicate some other things. Namely, few, ‘the financial abilities of the government, quality of the investments (material or otherwise) plans of the government, appropriateness of the activities, how they cooperate or manage things within the sector, how they take care of the segment or sector etc.

If you build a road ‘that may welcome new investors, that may bridge or connect the villages with the towns , cities and such helps to move the money in hand accurately, or currencies without really stagnating them at one place, goods or products from here to there , there to here.   

The bus owners can become financially fit and fat. perhaps this is an old example that everyone may aware of but you can think of any new examples

Sometimes if you want to maintain the quality of education for instance, you may have to invest more money on the ‘documents’ or the text books etc considering the ‘rapidly increasing population(?)’, in order to give the children of the country a better, qualitily high education’. Such cannot expect instant ‘profit’.

Yet, no government can only survive ‘doing or engage in such activities’ that doesn't bring any direct profit, needs to think of earning some direct profit from other investments - accurate not only to maintain the ‘health or the fitness of the financial segment of the country’ again also to maintain the economic moral of the country

For any government to move ahead with ‘no disputes facing in the economic sector, and to continue what ever financial activities they have implemented or the former government have implemented, ‘a proper financial plan’ is necessary.

It is the governments’ financial planners who knows well’ how they planned (for example, the financial planners of the former government) how they planned to continue or how they planned to borrow money when necessary. 

So if the new government is not fit or do not agree with the former plans they should have a new plan and without really pointing finger at others or continuously showing errors, complaining all the time, they should show the people of the country, how they are going to continue, how they are going to earn some profit and manage the financial sector’, sustain or survive without facing constraints in any sub sector related

whether they get any further chance to survive or to continue or not, as a government, even after the election that is to be held ‘soon’(?) they must keep their plans before people

Three months atraction is over now, i recon.

it is highly essential for the 'yaha palanaya' ( good governance) to learn how to practice 'chodana - palanaya' (control their behaviours of unending 'complaining attitude)

I guess if the new government spending a lot of money on ‘savaries, the trips, they should control it a bit, if possible or can be avoided.

We (the people) do not want excuses

The people will not expect any government to always provide ‘lists of excuses to its people,if failiuers are visible in any sector or segment of the country.

And people do not want debates all the time.  Need solutions only.

They should know, when they plan their ‘lists of promises’,during (presidential or other) an election for example, it is highly necessary for them to think of the ‘possibilities of implementing them with no difficulty', without any aftermath struggling.

I guess, some given clarifications, analysis on ‘how much money the government needs to spend monthly or annually ‘on the salaries of the government workers’ if they think of implementing the planned (one of the promises during election campaign- presidential) ‘salary increments’

Sometimes you need to raise or uplift things ‘gradually’ or slowly and parallel to that you need to run a ‘good financial plan’ to cope up with the money you invest especially if you are investing a big number without really thinking of the post results of the plans, all of a sudden, against any existing plan.

Sometimes people think ‘individually’, think of their 'personal wallets', family income, human nature,but a government or financial planners of any state should know ‘their abilities of implementing what the people expect from government. 

Perhaps you may not get any chances to know 'the fatness or the fitness of the treasury of the government.

During the election campaign - presidential, ‘you targeted ‘votes’ picturing a big $, Rs. before the workers of the ‘government’ 

People got attracted to that, no wonder, 10 000 is a big thing. if you find two government workers in a single family think of the 'sum' they get  monthly in addition to what they have been earning.


In addition to the existing salary of the worker the increased amount of money is 10 000/= x total number of government workers of the country = monthly expenditure ( total amount of money spend on salaries of the government)

Scholarship schemes are one of the best ‘educational welfare system’ that any country maintains. (Mahapola, bursary if you take example from Sri Lankan society) 

I am mentioning to show how some things affect directly or indirectly for the sustainability of ‘economic sector’ of any government, otherwise do not misread me ‘I am not against such plans or activities or the amount of scholarship that the government is planning to give.

calculate, to pay Rs. 5000/ = x total number of students eligible = total money that the government should allocate monthly  

According to new government’s promises ‘they promised to increased the ‘welfare sector of the country’

If you take ‘Welfare’ you are spending but not gaining anything in return as profit. Hope all know it.

Welfare ‘charity allowances (no profit)

Any government can say or share such plans but similarly ‘no group’ says how they earn money for activities.

All such can be identified as 'spendings' not as 'earnings'

And I know certain things are ‘people friendly’ if you glance or scan through the lists of promises from the people’s point of view. Yet, ‘what is important for a government is to think of ‘how they implement what are promised, how to sustain after implementing, how to compensate or earn them in return, via what sources etc. 

They should show the abilities to maintain such ‘plans’, decided or shown to people.

There is a big difference between maintaining, sustaining and suggesting things.

including boasting , read them through papers, read them through the words of the people, i associate, through what i hear, 'pre and post periods of 'establishing the new government'

‘Banks’: - big part of economy, commercially valued and valid entity, institution that brings currencies in to country from here and there, within or from outside. This is like an essential bone of the human creature.

If the government thinks that ‘Closing a bank’ would help them to save money, would benefit from such actions, the government can continue doing so. 

And later on they can weigh the difference. 

And similarly they needs to think of ‘how they are planning to look after the employees they sacked’ or sent home. Am I right?

workmen compensation? why needs to think?

If it is something very costly perhaps they can set up something in kites Island? How about that, finically intelligent or idiotic?

And they ‘cut off ‘‘some taxes – custom’ ( i do not know what that tax is called)  in order to reduce the ‘prices of the milk powder’

What percentage of money they lose per month or annually by doing so

Is it an intelligent Strategy you activated?

And on the other hand ‘you raised some of the taxes of the products of enterprises from the  ‘entrepreneurs’ (?) am I right

If you do not give some space for the ‘entrepreneurs or big enterprises to sustain, or give relief without really ‘taxing them in a roketary way, or jetting attitude’ that side too may collapse, indirectly or lately would affect 'people'

Both state and private sector investments are equally important and necessary to sustain, this shows the ‘financial fitness’ of the entire nation. 

If the ‘private sector’ has to pay high taxes they may have to increase the prices of their products’ would affect ‘the people’. 

Then in what percentage the people can really enjoy what ever sahana you are giving,  though you have reduced some of the prices of some daily needs, prices of milk powder for instance. 

Would it make or create any difference or big difference compared to before in the wallets of families?
Am I right?

If the government is financially unwell or unfit, what strategy would help them to earn some money?

What are the ‘financial strategies’ that the governments economists suggest and think should be implemented?  

Thought of limiting any unnecessary spending like mentioned above?

Compared to previous government, do you have less ‘members’ in the parliament – current or have you reduced the number or increased?

now get ready to pay them 'their pensions' as well, after completion of five years (?).

I am thinking whether you have the ability to pay the ‘increased amount’ of the salaries of the government workers without struggling as some of the project officers of your government boasted?

I guess it is no point asking whether the Private sector is willing to pay the ‘suggested’ amount of money for their workers.

I am not against of anything you have given or suggested but what is important here is how you function your government without facing any failures, that is what you called ‘the financial abilities of the government’, continuity or sustainability , stability of country’s economy.

If you are retiring people for what so ever reason, similarly you need to employ same number (?)  


how many programmes you have already conducted to aware people on the 19th amendments. as a person of this country i believe that it is essential though you think 'janamatha wicharanaya' is not necessary

unless people have an accurate picture of what is happening in the sector or on the side of the president they have elected 'you may get chances to view the results after the election. 
I like to state few of my views on ‘appointing the position of opposition leader’.

I believe you shouldn’t take too much time to appoint or name the leader of the opposition, specially because they needs to plan or change their ‘election campaigns, strategies, activities, plans based on your decision’, 'self motivation' can we name it that way?
I am sure you have studied the situation already : - )

And, if the government is planning to imprison the MR Brothers and their families?) , let the people of this country decide your future analyzing the ‘yaha palanaya’

You should know that people analyze things in many ways. But we, people of this country can analyze ‘current situation’ under few categories

Pre - Presidential Election situation

Post - Presidential election situation

I am not always ‘political’, like wise people have other lives too. People do not always expect to live a political life 

give your people also to enjoy 'apolitical sides of life as well'  

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